Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 5, 1975 · Page 7
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 7

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1975
Page 7
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t2.A-LU»iOCK ^VALANCHE-JOURNAL-Safurday Morning. April 5, 1975 Tribal Religion Convert Visits Lubbock Church By MARY AUCK DIKUS Avalanche-Journal Staff Although the faint sr.ars of tribal marks on his checks call to mind the customs of pagan religions, tlio Rev. David Windi- foiziri actually is a minister of the Lutheran Church in Africa. A native of Nigeria, the clcr- cyman is in the United States to participate in the Visitation of International Churchmen Program of the American Lutheran Church. His travels brought him to Lubbock- this past week to visit the congregation of Shepherd King Lutheran Church. The lU-v. Windibiziri is the only surviving son of a pagan farm and hunting family. His father was a hunter and chief mnker (one of those designated to choose a chief) in the Longu- da tribe of northern Nigera. Through the concern of an evangelist uncle and the intercession of his mother to overcome his father's belief that all Christians are lazy because they don't work on Sunday, the minister became a part of a Lutheran catechism class in 1947 and was baptized in 194Q. He had been raised in the animist religion, whose supporters believe in Uie reincarnation of many little gods on earth. "My father wanted me to remain and take care of these little sods," the Rev. Windihi- ziri said. Although he received specialized training and served as an agricultural assistant for several years, an early desire to become a pastor persisted. In February. 1967, 'he entered the Theological College of Northern Nigeria. Upon his ordination in 1972, the Rev. Windibiziri became the pastor of Majami'ar Almasihu (Messiah Churcti)in Jos. Approximately 200 persons make Church Of Christ Plans Seminar A seminar designed for (•hurch staff members, supervisors, teachers, elders and ministers will he conducted from 0 n.m. lo 7 p.m. today at Broad- U'rty Church of Clirisl. Ray Ftilcnwider. education director at the cliurch, has coordinated the seminar, which i.s expected to brinj? participants from Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas. Dr. Joe Barnelt, minister of tlie church, will present "An Overview of the Broadway Program" at 9 a.m. In the auditorium. Fulenwider will discuss "The Christian Education Program" and show slides at 10 a.m. in Fellowship Hall. Group tours of Ihe church are slated at 11 a.m., and lunch will he served at noon in Fellowship Hall. Puppet Workshop Carol Cope will conduct a .puppet workshop at 1^:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall. Following the workshop. Boh Mizc, associate minister, will discuss "The Personal Work Program." John Paul Blankenship, youth minister, and Carol Cope will speak on "The Youthreach Pro- pram" at. 2 p.m. in the Youth- reach Center. Training sessions are planned from :i p.m. to 4 p.m. in the various departments. Dr. Barnett Mize and Horace Coffman will speak at at .'! p.m. in Room M2 of the Kducation Building. Their topic Sunset Preacher To See Ireland Nat Cooper, preacher and instructor in Sunset Church of Christ School of Preaching and Jvlissions. left this week for a two-week inspection tour of the church's Adventures in Missions program in Dublin. Ireland. The program involves sending c.ollcgc-ngc youth into mission work around the world to aid missionaries already in the firld. The youth workers slay (AVO years in a foreign nation, living on subsistence pay and learning what it is like to work in missions. Cooper will be in Ireland about two weeks and will inspect prospective areas to expand the program. Pat Branson, ex-student in the school of preaching and director of personal evangelism with Hie Church of Christ in TViona, leaves this week for one monih of work with the young people in Ireland. He will Income the full-time coordinator ciF the program in Ireland this summer. Methodist Church Sets Pancake Breakfast WOODROW (Special) --- The annual meeting of the Lubbock District of United Mehoclist U'omen will he conducted Sunday at Cooper United Methodist Church here. Registration wil} begin at 2 p.m., and the meeting will at 2::iO p.m. Theme of t!ie meeting will be "Ministry and United .Methodist Women." A nursery will be provided. More Church. Pace 15, Sec A Ex-Mao Associate To Be Featured At Chinese Fete A Chinese cultural exhibition featuring an appearance by Lord Michael Lindsay, a onetime personal friend of Mao Tsc-TunR. will be held today. Lindscy, who became acquainted with Mao and other Chinese leaders during several visits to the country, will speak During a Chinese dinner set for (> p.m. in Ihe Education Building of First Presbyterian Church. A program of Chinese cultural exhibits is slated before the dinner beginning at 4' p.m. Included on the program is a demonstration of Kung-Fu. a Chiese method of self defense; an exhibit of paintings and sculptures from the National Palace Museum of Taiwan; a Chinese costume show; a demonstration of Chinese music and a folk dance dmonstration. Tlie program is sponsored by the Chinese Students Association of Texas Tech University. Ike's 'Kennedy' 1 Letter Auctioned NEW YORK (AP) — A letter m which former President Dwisht D. Eisenhower described Robert F. Kennedy as ''shallow, vain and untrustworthy" was sold at auction Thursday night for 53,500. The March 2G. 1968 letter, signed "Ike." received the highest price ever paid for a document signed by a modem ^resident according to a spokesman for auctioneer Charles Hamilton. A letter from former President John F. Kennedy went for $3,000 10 years ago. The Scriptorium of Beverly Hills, Calif., purchased the typewritten Eisenhower letter, addressed to Robert Cutler, an old friend who served as a special assistant in the Eisenhower administration. will h c "Phases of Local Church Work." Training sessions will be held from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. During the same time period, Fulenwider, Ralph Bumpass Ron Bailey, Edgar Chance. James Baker and Furman Kcarley will discuss "The Adult Education Program" in Room 142. A dinner wil be sewed from 5 p.m. to 7. p.m. in Fellowship Hall. A slide presentation on "America's Largest Congregations" will be shown by Fulenwider. Dr. Barnett will discuss "How to Build a Great LocaJ Congregation." Cost of the seminar is $6. up the congregation, and the minister also serves as a pastor for a smaller congregation within the town of 60,000. Serves On Council In addition to his pastoral responsibilities, the Rev. Windi- bixirj servos on the executive council of the Lutheran Church of Christ in the Sudan. According lo the Rev. Windi- biziri, Nigeria is one of the six countries in Hie world with a large supply of oil, gas and other natural resources. "But we don't have the manpower to take it out of the ground." One of the chief needs of the country, the minister said, is medical care. "We have 8,000 people to one doctor," he noted, "f waited in the general hospital from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. ihe other day just to get my daughter treated. "\Ve need our native people to be trained as doctors. We also need more hospital beds in he country." Medical Programs ^lic American Lutheran Church has carried on vigorous medical programs in the Afri- :an nation in the past. In re- ent years, the government has aken over a church-owned hos- Religious Group Slates Service Al Ciiy Church The Lubbock Interim Keu- ncnical Fellowship (UEF) will meet for a joint worship service at 7 p.m. Sunday at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church at 17th Street and Slide Road. In addition to a worship serv- ce in the Lutheran tradition, .he group will hold discussions on the Lutheran faith. A new feature will be a separate discussion group for high school 'outh. LIEF is composed of nine congregations representing seven denominations in the city Its purpose is to foster a better understanding of individual tra ditions and to discover tradi tions churches have in common The group also searches foi ways the different churches can participate together in provid ing service to the community. The worship service is open to the public. Ohio Minister Slates Sermon John Whitley, minister of fount Pleasant Church of Jhrist in Cleveland, Ohio, will peak on the theme, "The Good r ews," during a revival begin- ing Sunday at Vandelia Church f Christ at 2002 GOlh St. A native of Fort Smith, Ark., ,'hitlcy holds a B.A. degree •om George Pepperdine tfni- •crsity and has done graduate 'ork at Abilene Christian Col- :ge. He has served congrega- ions in Waco, Houston ,San Angelo, Abilene and Cleveland. Sunday services are at 8:30 m., 10:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Bi)le study will be at 9:.'jO a.m. Sunday. Monday through Vedncsday services will be rom 6:30-7:30 a.m. for a dutch reat breakfast and devotional and 7:30 p.m. for the evening vorship. Visitors will be welcome at any service, according to Tom ililholland, minister. UNIVERSITY CHRISTIAN CHURCH Meeting Temporarily At YWCA...35th & Flint /JiLfe Sclwal 9:30 a.m. IVorlltifj J^rrvift 10:30 a.m. tLffniny LLorjfiirj 6:00 ft,m. 799-4783 -797-3097 Charles Carman-Minister; CHURCH BRIEFS AS up c United Methodist Church will sponsor a church- wide dinner in Fellowship Hall following the morning worship services Sunday. Price per plate will he <J2 and 51 for children under 6. BOOKBINDING AND BIBLE REPAIR MOISES F. PEREZ, BOOKBINDER 25 YEARS EXPEREINCE SPECIAUZING IN BIG FAMILY BIBUS HUB REIOUHD IN GtNUIHE INGUSH MOIOCCO IUTK« GOU> STAMPING - RESEWING & MENDING All TYPES OF BOOK RESTORATION WE APPRECIATE & CARE FOR THE BOOKS YOU IOVE 3716 - 37th ST. PHONES RES. 795-0846 Lubb«k, Tex a. 79413 SHOP 792-8352 4., "SHARE HIS LOVE" IN REVIVAL L.M\ tltSlTV BAPTIST C1ILHC1I Ten ill A University APRIL 6-J3 ' IlKAlt: Jim Turner I'HIiACII 111:AII: Danny I'cnniiigloii * ,,\C Sunday - Friday 11:.1(> am In J2:.iO jirrt iSiglils - 7 : ;iO pm Cliflon K. Ij-o, 1'aslor "SHARK IMS I.OVR" in WORD and SONG This Week! ,» Jim Turner St. Luke's United Methodist Church INVITES YOU TO EVENING WORSHIP APRIL 6th - 7:00 P.M. DR. EDMUND W. ROBB PREACHING Beginning a Six-Sunday Scries of Sermons From the Life of John Wesley — THIS SUNDAY HEAR: "THE CHRISTIAN HOME - EPWORTH" • Dr. Edmund \C . Kobb Warm Fellowship - Inspired Preaching - Special Music ST. UJKE'S UNITED METHODIST CHURCH — Corner of 44tk & Memphis — pita) and 10 medical dispensaries, but the church has provided additional health care, maternity care and preventive medicine centers, according to the Kov. Windibiziri. "In some instances, Hie government has asked the church to build dispensaries to care for remote areas," he said. Nigerians are becoming more conscious of, education, the minister said. The military government has announced that beginning in 1976 the country will have a free primary school system. < The Rev. Windibiziri will return to Nigeria in May after touring the United States. He is FAITH Assembly of God 5424-50* Leading with Lubbock with a growing <mg relation A TRULY PENTECOSTAL CHURCH Jom«« Afford Poster Introducing ORTHODOX PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH REV. ROBERT CHURCHIU will present o sermon at • 1 7:30 pm, Thurs., April '. 10th in the first floor meeting room of Ihe Plains National Bank, 50)h & University. (Tower Entrance) OPC: 1.Reformed in Doctrine ,3. Faithful lo It's Reformation'Heritage . I. Systematic preaching ond teaching of Scripture Question And Answer Session. OPEN TO PUBLIC 7*24737 or 7W-3MO married and the father of five I "None of my children have I children. 'the tribal marks." hc said. ' ***'SPECIAL**** KFYO 790 "Words of Love" Sunday 9:30 am A Series of Sermons on the Lord's Supper is Now in Progress April 6 Hear - u The Origin of Individual Communion Cups" April 13 Hear - "Objections to the Use of One Cup Answered" Jesus gave spiriluol significance to the cup os well as the fruit of the vine when He said, T his cup is the new testament", Luke 22:20. "He took the CUP" "a drinking vessel", Thayer, page 533; Robinson, page 611. "When He had supped, saying, THIS CUP IS THE NEW TESTAMENT in my blood." "This cups means the new convenant ratified by my blood," — Moffeft's Translation "This cup is the new convenant ratified by my blood." — Williams' Translation "This cup containing wine* an emblem of blood is rendered by the shedding of my blood on emblem of the new covenant" — Thayer, page 15 *"fruif of the vine" (Luke 22:18). "The phrase is nof. 'This is the cop, put for its contents.' It is not 'the contents' but the 'cup' including its contents that is the 'new testament"'. — The Holy Supper (page 163) by H. M. Paynfer. "Poteerion (cup) occurs twice in the passages from Luke 22:20 and 1 Cor. 11:25. The first time it is apparently the literal cup; the second time it is apparently 'the cup with its contents'" — Walter Miller, Dept. of Greek, University of Missouri. "This cup (that is, the cup and its contents) represents the New Covenant which is ratified by my sacrificial death." — F.R. Gay, Professor of Greek, Bethany College. What is a Cup? conveys its lite I receivin rth., D nr 2iE', and th th °"d 'he thing Or >fi 9 ure ' of CU P<- b '• '° thal y ° U ™ nno ! re « Iv * '^content* without r«ceivin£ th. ntS: they ors 3 = i^^tilied, (hot, wilhoul dreaming ot a "eportufB °>* d l»ngwfl« of men giv, the name W both to lha thing con- ined. There „. however, this difference - (hot the thing~dT s ianed to conl'oinVorV e ' ° , . . , erence - o e tng s ane to conlonor cup even when empty, but the thing contained (in a cop) bears the name 'cup' only in °U relations os contained - Th« Conservative Reformation (page 778) by Charles P. Krouth. (Emphasis added) Individual Communion Cups in History Until the late 1800s a single or common cup wos used in the distribution of lh» fruit of the vine in (tie lord's, bupper. At the lime more attention began to be paid to hygiene, and th. use of th. common cup began to be unpopular with communicants. Rev. J.G. Thomas, wha was both a minister and o physician, was the origin- alor of the '"dmdual cups From his medical practice he learned Ihe uncleonliness and danger of the common cup and lelt that the Lord s Supper could be mad. more attractive and beautiful by the use of individual cups. His tirst patent was granted in March 189X. The first individual cup service was held in a little Pulnom County Church in Ohio "Th. Sacrament of th* Lord'* Supper" by Thomas H. Warner, pages 237-238 I tnmkl was the lirst preacher" (in the churches of Christ) "to advocate the use of the individual communion cup and the f.rst church in the state of Tennessee that adopted it was the church for which t was preaching the Centra Church of Christ at Chatlanooga, Tennessee." "Forty Years on th« Firing Line" by G. C Brewer pages 12-13 of Introduction. ' For more information on this subject or your free copy of each radio sermon, please wtile P.O. Box 1018, Lubbock, Texas 79401 Church of Christ Sunday - 10:30 am 3rd & Ave. M 6:00 pm Ltvelland, Texas Wednesday - 7:30 pm Come Worshii Church of Chris I 2012 3rd Lubbock, Texas ,/" Famous Zenilli S\ Quality nnd \ Perlormancc J \i F-'eaturc YOUR CHOICE EARLY AMERICAN $ 498 • 100% Solid-Slote Chassis • Patented Power Sentry Vollage Requlaling System • Chromatic One-Button Tunning • Brilliant Chromacolor Piclufe Tube MEDITERRANEAN SUPER-SHARP PICTURE! COMPACT PERSONAL SIZE! FUU. ZfA/TW QUALITY! ALLEGRO the timed system Exclusive Zenith Allegro tuned port work* in conjunction with the woofer lo produce deep, strong bass.

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