The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 22, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Sunday, July 22, 1934
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- '"-,„ I TODAY'S NEWS WHILE ITS FRESH FOR NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA USE THE ADS BUYING GUIDE Full AMoeiated Pram Leaded Wire Service ( And PmrU Evening New* ) Complete Regional and Local News Coverage j FINAL = SEDITION* VOL. LXVI NO. 24 SIXTEEN PAGES ESTABLISHED IMS Heat Wave Death Toll Reaches 206 X X X X X X Happy Ending Of Strikes Promised Meeting In West Paris Monday Night Will Start Candidates On Last Lap I^aniar county candidates will stajt on the last lap of tlie : 1934 political campaign in the first primary Monday. "With interest in all contested races "Increasing *lailyv the biggest crxyw<j of tlie season is expected to gatljer at Bonhane Street Methodist church Monday even- ingr when a candidates" roundup vrill be held there. There is plenty of room on the church lawn and all candidates arc ex- pectins to address a majority of the ciHjens of 'West Paris there. * Speakers at the roundups include three candidates ..£••«. r county judgtf. four for count}' attorney and six for couaty school superintendent- Speeches at previous roundups have ranged from five to 10 minuter each. Street corner discussions of the qualifications of the various candidates for county and precinct offices are becoming more frequent as thus first primary nears. Supporters of the various office seekers are doin& their best to convince others th—» their choice is sure to he in the second primary, second if not leading. Another developtjrent which indicates an increasing interest ia local politics is the fact that the alleged shortcomings and general unfitness for otfice of nearly all candidates are beinjj aired more openly by supporters of their opponents. Candidates who. at the beginning of the race had a reputation of honesty and sterling character, have become objects of suspicion. However, only one more week w»ll elapse until the candidates are, in the words of a, Lamar county farmer, "ihinrttd lo two in a hill." Then the See MEETING Page 4 Col. S Drouth Loss In Texas Is Into Millions CONVICTS ESCAPE ! THROUGH SEVERS! Men Bra-ve Horrors; Three Reeaptnrcd >Ules A-«vay Survev • ' • "* Huge. Steadily Mounting Damage Total 1 PHILADELPHIA, UP) — Five j convicts made a dramatic escape I from the E^astern State pen; tent! iary Saturday by traveling four I city blocks through a sewer SHOWS I system. Within two, hours three ' of the men were captured and two of them were sent to a hospital with injuries received in dash, A policeman and startled street Fair Dealing Is Promised By McCraw Candidate For Attorney General Speaks In Paris Friday Evening Texa.^ j crowds saw the jaen, one Igmorin^ the candidacy of Clyde nude i Smith of Tyler for the office of at- oC, soon, , A J drouth ruvai, Saturday that Jossscs to 5 and the- others clad only ia under- } torney general 'of Texas, WHIiam iariiter* and stockman stready i wear, emerge from a. raaahole I McCrstw, 3>aBas attorney, iato xiatoM aiiili»w«|iz»^>-rtin ts-scarsl aearfey railroad liny 3i«re" Friday night, told' Paris- tbe damage tsiay increase i Tfc-a policeman gave_the alarm', choose between "*a lawyer or 1 that resulted in the appresensiou! proven ability and a politician* tl^e vaat caxtlc ranses t»r I of the three -severa? miles away, j in selecting their next attoraey B«nS country to the corn = The m » B ' traveled a path of 5 general. Mr. 51 cCraw said he was j Francisco of north T^xa*, *»d from. | hflrr ^ r sw ^ o anse r* in their flight, | ^nancing his own campaign and , trate tie strike on condition long-| at Minneapolis ' Jury Returns Verdict For And Coast Gas Company In Rate Case Rift^ Close Labor Leaders In Minnesota Hold Out Hope For Quick Truce TROOPS ORDERED TO AUSTIN. \jS»j — A reduction of ] A. R. Stoat and WiHisrn FItz-1 twenty per cent in the rate j hugfa, assistant attorney generals charged by the Lone Star Gas {assigned to the litigation. ac- Candidates Swing Into Final Drive Last Three Days Bring 106 Deaths Nineteen States Report Fatalities As Scorching Sun Beats Down PROPERTY DAMAGE IS HIGH IN MILLIONS j Company at the gates of more ; than 250 Texas cities, ordered by f the Texas railroad commission Saiurday was neld unreasonable and unjust by a. Travis county <lis- irict court jury. npunced they •would appeal. Z>is- } triet judge Charl'ss A. Wheeler f pass upon formal motions for j All Seekers For Governor- a. new trial and of the company at- ; _,i,- torneys for jndsm-ent -next day. if tHeir motion for Three days after it begran delib- | trial is overruled, the state's at- erauon, a jury pf three natural! torneys planned to appeal to ihe consumers and nine non-users j third court of civil appeals Active As Campaign End Colorado S Snow While Countrv prngs Has Rest of r i;,*is» ^uu=»u£iid^> fi^*iu iixis-^- .u\^,u.— *i-=«ii.*= t j held for the utility company in { Austin. Portland Harbor. For Ten Weeks. Is clared Open Again By THE ASSOCIATBJ> PRESS the second rate case trie< | a. jury in Texas- Trial of the case Closed ! started June 111 The sta-te broushi. the suit in | district court to compel the gas company to abide by a reduction from 40 cents to 32 cents per 1,000 cubit feet ai city gaies, ordered by the commission Sep- Kope for speedv settlements 01 two most troublesome walk-! ten!ber . 13 - 1»33. Enforcement of the c-raer stipulating the reduced the two most troublesome walkouts brought, a cheerful conclusion 1 Saturday to one of the most event- ] ful weeks in the nation's recent j strike History- ! Possible termination of the track ! . m federal jourt Anqing rnal in a state court, The company contended the Several Candidates Take Their Messages to Deep East Texas on a valuation by the state of properties at $46.245.515 -would | have yielded a return of 5.37 per ( cent during' 1S32 and t.ll per; cent for the 12 months ending > _ ~~~ June 30. 1933. The comoany con- j ABILENE, Texas, tended Its properties were worth j Senator Clint Small, inviting TVest | 579.000,000, The commission had"* Texans to investigate his record; set six per cent as the rate of I an <* s — "°r themselves whether I h'e has made them a good repre- I See JURY Page Col, held 3 2 to Attend Short Course the v^-heat fields ef the -fan Handle-j tsf truck farms alon? the Rio | Grande th« prolonged period of | dry* hot -weather has caused a| costly slump in crop production | auwi denuded the grazing areas of; adequate- forage. { The conditittn of pasturage -was | about 30 p«r cent of normal, caus- | Stig: heavy livestock Josses before} th« FERA stepped in to estab-j •lisla '.cmerjtency canneries arid re- \ horror and dans were am.on:; the ss Se-e STRUCS Page 12 Co! 2 Date Set For Road Meeting when elected would owe allegi-j shoremen would agree f ance to no special interests and j — —— —| would he able to serve the people | I of Texas as their lawyer fairly j i and impartially, j j In^-oduced by O. B. Fisher, | ! Paris attorney. 3Ir_ McCraw point- | ed out that the attorney general j is responsible for the protection of the interests of the people. He said that It is the most important ! office in the stale in point of re- drivers strike by Monday out by labor leaders at polls, where on Friday 65 persons j were -wounded or Injured In a. clash. \ between police and strikers- 'Path- I er Francis 3. Haas, federal media- j tor. said employes had agreed, to f a peace plan which -Bras'to be put ; before employers. ."•'-'-''' I Gen Hlugb &. Johnson, national ' recovery administrator, said he lieved the-settlement of the loagr- saorem.en.'s strike at Sa.: on the of vfie city hourk in the ***** ^ ^ roarter °* Thirty-two Lamar county citl- Tv"aterfront employers in San | Z9IJZ ,: are expecting: to attend the said they would arbi- 1 1S34 annual Farmers Short Course College Station this year, in- Local Police Rescue Oil Sy the Associated Press Another assault from a persist- death toll of three blistering days to calamity proportions and; bum- ed more havoc in the natiO'r«"!= fields- One hundred and six deaths were reported as thermometers climb- I e<i far past normal July marks In I 13 states. The toll for the *?uper- State, heated three days stood at 2&S, Only the northern border and th*? west escaped Saturday's sie^rc. Nexv York City, comfortable at 77 <i-:-grees on Friday, sweltered in a. temperature of 34. In. >! 100-plus readings w~rc "While the rest of the nation simmered, snow fell in Colorado Colo., "for several minutes But the sun blazed most £Iere«-ly - he drouth-bligrhted rniddle- ^t where the heat wr»-re was 7 4 Trip to College Station to Be Made Bv Car This to submit Allied Is In Clarksville eluding- County Agent A. I*. Ed- mlaston a.nd Miss Betilah Black- weD. nome demonstration agent, ; Others may decide to go between - and Sunday July 29, -when i.the 1-a.mar count:-- party expects to j leave, Mr. Edmiaston and Miss Black- •wreil said Saturday the trip ••ill be sentativ- in the Texas senate, pre- ' ( sented a list 'of his accomplish-; j ments to a crowd gathered to hear • j him speak here Saturday night. j "Those of you -who know me do | not need to be informed again j after th*» first rain since July 4, i about my efforts in your behalf; * as a Texas legislator/* he said. I •} "Bat I want everybody to acquaint j | himself with my rec-ord and then 5 on -5" a hotter interlude in a } vote his convictions a treek from ! da -" siege fc* which weather "todav." ;. contain no pa,r-allel this side f SKiall said that he had handled „ reported a nyrhest of- In?f •- .•-- , . t . ^ong: fight and prevented.- Small j year rec < ?rd .A policeman s sixth sense tha^j deelarfcd .- &e Japd ^rabbe^" fr-om ! For 41t? second day it enabled him to leel the prj-ence | takinsr a ^._ v river X^^ and ^ ] desree* in Ottnmwa. la.: 01 an irreg~aiar:ty m a passing- ; r ^^ = -„ r . tn _. T _.._. ^_ _ = ^-___ ; fieI-3, TIL. reported 105: i taking aw iioms in Texas. He said the oil fields of :e helped pass the pink \ ^2 To Convene Here Early In October Tb« wsuer supply fvr cattle, she* 1 ?. • and boss wa^ low In roany : TS and s'.cickrtveri were forced ; »' rstsort to hrtulSTJff -vvater to keep | r\* - -, ^ I Th* first convention v ;s-;r neras ai!^?. • Cotton, com, v-.he^t. oats, fruit j Highway 2T1 Association various other crop* io/ok tii^ ] j,^, 5( j in p ar ij; October I. S and d. blow wttfe varying de^>es of | .. occ^ioa of E> TT.fst of their? refscc " production drops. ja general highway gathering Th« United State's Department [ Chi* P»rt of th« state. | one who owes allegiance to no * special interests. He also pointed out trwtt a. successful attorney ; Stsneral nrust be a man with *ac^~ ^~ | ecutive ability in view of the fact is to be' that a. larjre corps of TeHs Negroes to Room For the made in automobiles this year, as i motor car Saturday night resulted : in the capture of a hijacker and • his taxi driver victim. The sixth' ..... sense belonged to ci-y officer j b * !l ^ or ^ 01 ^' ^«ch appropriat- [ _ Xewt Baker and verification of his t ed money to he.p compensate cot- : -- 1 - "* belief was aided by Grover Tay-1 t0 ^- Showers Jn zones quarantined !or. patrolman Who was with Mr- '; on S-ccouat of pink boll worm in- Baker at the time the arrest was { festation. i±e said he sponsored " the bill sxemptiag motor fuel used for agriculture from the four cent gasoline tax. Pau! the tiiercuri' jumped 10 de- re<=»s over Friday's hlph to IO!L Hottest spot in the corn be ! t was 3.7o., at I OP. In Cincinnati the cay brought a high of I OS decree?: in Jcffersoit City. ?.'o.. 1<>7. and in Topekx. j The ta^i driver victim S, Buchanan of die was J^- rm. of Buchanan and Veal of Giadewater T j Texas, in the heart See. DROUTH Pa-gf * Col. 4 Absentees Set Record | and I ^_.,, addition | to Hiithwjiy "71 the members of * Highway 5 A.ssociat!o-n and of j I iiishwa^' ~4 Association -will also ! be Invited to meet in Paris on Itfeese dates, -; Decision on the convention dates j tva» arrived at following a con'er- l^nc* with Jack £>el.yslc of Fort tn* executive• j-nan-ager of CI-AHSISTTI^LB, Texas. fJP;. — _ _.^. . . assistams I Attorne ^ General James V. Ailred,. and clerks must be supervised at j at-the outset of a campaign speech all He made a the influence of Paris vote well as for their vote, saying that limited means prevented him from plea for) ' or governor on the courthou^ -oters as | Iawn ***« | Snsit-h, | "77 Association who came to Parts I Friday to meet -with other offi- | csrs of the organization. • "Interest along -71 is »rxc«il«TJt | and a trip ov*r tb* route indicates I tnat traffic ha^ already started to With 3TO ab»ntee b»Hot« i^u«d ] c J B ^ te " in Fort ' Smith 27O Ballot* Already sme<^ Total Will Double Auv Previous Vote See FAIR Page 1- CoL 5 Voting Rules Are Studied by County Clerk R.. .V, HaTOmackj snown that hoteij? and wrvlc« sta-jcratic primary election in I^amar S«tord«y. H is probable that t-h« f tions *t that point are direcung [ county assscmbled at th?- court *b*entc* voting this year will dou- ] tra f ft ^ 0iverT 5 Ti1 blc that of any pr^vlows" ,__ \ and rear. Jo* t Paris. It is al?«o shown that Saturday, -asked a group of negroes a ear the speaker's stand to "move back and make room for wh!te Democrats." Ailred, whose ruling that ne- groes could not participate in the Democratic primary July 2S "has; recently been upheld by the Te^cas supreme court., then launches into a fiery two-hour speech, defending his record as attorney genera.! and answering charges of his opponents. I "If Jacob Woiters does not re- Election Judge* of Lamar j SS^,™^£££? .^LU ! I be elected I will court-m^rTial | him to buck private in the r-ear j ranks when I become governor.'" ] AT'red sai-d. S He Isuncncd ir«*o a bitter nt- j tack agairs?^- the present lobby:r;sr | la-ws an<j the fact that 1esrisl«:'->rs work "on the side** for oth^r :rs- terests. naming this issue ns< the Meet to Decide On Uniform Practice rates, L-amar county citizens -who plan to go and who ^rili take some extra, passengers are asked to communicate -with Miss Blacicwell or Mr. Bdrraaston. Several are planning to go -who •will pa.y tiieir snare of Transportation costs Texas, v?*' —Attorney ken, . i speech here Saturday night that it As he described his ordeal of a i is the d " rv of :b * governor to act tVeatrier observers, surprised by iTie heat wave'? duratioTj. blamed It partly upon the drouth, ex-plaln- farmir.~ belt heated easilv anil- held heat like a stone.. They snid hot air from the south-west ->ra.*= flowinir to the cen- unday 100 mile roads at of a .35 pressed j Forty of the 3«) presiding offi- have { cc <r$5 who are to hoM the I>err.o- throach Tlusro. • h<>tr?<* Saturdav afternoon to agree clerk. HiUhou^c. form«T county »«lrf Saturday tn« Isrsest of absentvi! votes to be po»lr<!. w> far a» h* knows, is» ISO, If thene i-i the uK«a? 5a*t-miuutc rush. * the proposed alternate marking of 271 frort Paris to Dallas ts attract- in?: son?« additions! traffic, since Dallas hotels hax-« aprc«d tt> h«lp direct traffic over thi* route, which t . knt>wn a,-* '"The Short Scenic ' I lioute." This ajt*rn:kt.c uiarkir.c. on uniforTti prtX'cdtjrc and bear is probablr ih«r« be 100 ba.1- however, win have no effect on *xplftnation of changes In the ejection tew* rc-s^nrdinc nxak;nsr returns, XV. H. P. And«rso«. chairniar: of the executive commstte*. called Atl^ntioR to tli* opinion «->f the Tox- } tlon pmrrtiee if he as Supremo c->urt r<r.dorod Friday. ; omor. in whSrb that court held that nc- j AT.rcd alluded to the T»Rjor plank of hi* platf«>r.-». :^o then told this dry oour.ty he favored *iibniission of the liquor Uiw. but was *"r»er^or!aliy arsd po*:t:<.~al- ly" dry. He ssid there would be no r»iir- hccn.Trtc crov- if they can find someone The short course begins July 2S and continues August 5. A prograiri including practical instruction in virtually every phase o£ home making and farm manage merit has been announced for the week. An interesting and novel entertainment prosrrar.i will also feature the week..... Among those 4-K club members -wno were awarded free trips are for boy's work. They are Ray I>uff. Xancy Fulfer. being given a trip for girl's work. They are Kay Duff, I Harmon Preston. Silas Ladymon. I X-ee McSwiis. Xancy FuKer. Fay Croslin. Lort^ne Cooper. Vada Hightower. Mabel Cotton and Mary Preston. jLamar county club women ivho were given free trips to the short course include Mrs, Sidney Parsons, Mrs, \V. s. Fric?, Mrs. W. T. See DRIVE Pagre 12 Col. 1 drive over unfamiliar night with the muzzle calibre automate pistol nst the back of his head, Mr. Buchanan was visibly worn by his experience, ""When you fellows (the Paris officers) flashed wour light In my car and he saw it -was the law and he was caught anyhow I tho'^^ht it was my seconc. Suchanan told members of the police force snd a Xews reporter. ;. "He got in rny cab in Glade- f water about 9:30 Saturday night." j Buchanan continued- "He said he! wanted to go out North Main j Street a little piece and would be j back in about iivs minutes. Ke | said he was :n a bit of a h^rry- } "TVhen hs got in the car he j pushed the nicxz'.* of the gun | against the back of my head and ] said "keep dr!v*n&' and do just as j I say and nothing will happen to j ~ ~i_ yo^. : I asked niTn what there was * BISMARCK. N. D- t.-*^-- a. fellow could do with a arun I ^^ j,; s ; -ja:fc.- for the srox-* igen- j tra , ^tates an,-? t-o«lci offer no pros\ »>ect~; for relief" -isiae from scat- ; ler^ir 5=howers wnen iocai :aw en cies fall down. Ke said this statement was in j .^ answer to '-the misleading state-! -cvfna eh arced men.ts of sozn-n of my opponents^ Xehraska. in its !3th conseci*- for the governorship." ; t : V a <iay of temperatures of .ift«> He then eite-d the cases of Gov- \ cesrre-?? or ivorse, reckoned its emor Xeff sending troops to i - rop losses at S15S.OOO.OO&.-. The and the sending of troops j day Intensiff e<! Longer Asks State Trial <m the sreat n'nln^. and farmers frantically s=ank netv wells to keep Plas-300 reniperatures w- e r e sreners.! in Ohio. ars.d In Oolumbus n thermoTneter held at street level boiled up to HI degrees. The lieat literally broke the thermometer at c>"jr!ins:toa. In... where the covernmen' xveather observer's official instrument popped at 20T lature to Investigate Charge* Asainst Him ugh a few ?:S of ?'akiTi'S: hisrhs it». pressed against his head, "All the way up here he talked about Paris and Oklahoma City. Ke seemed to know a lot about j Paris. He also talked about HOUA- I ! from wnicn he was ousted to the i " -i c—^ ^T a • - - »~,2» YV^T'S*"^ Tj>—«<*"^*~ ^2* r_ ' i t i. -^i.1 i i* - t. ** »,SJ^***- l^JS.*.^. ^ * <T<it ' urday told the law makers "I air: still your governor" and appealed me a-ong ute<i t The durinsr th« r*maiTvin«r 271 which abscntcfs votinic | 4S to Beaumont, Tot* thMM* day» jwriod. i R. B. Blanton. manager of ih* i Ballot- 1 * may b« vot«d »t thr; t Paris^^ Chamber of Commerce,, wnof county cS»rk"» office tbroujrb \\>d-j j» jwcriptary of the 271 organi^n-! n*3»«lay, Ju!y -S. -whJt* baUotj« may! tion, wi?l at once start work of I b« maSk-3 through Thur»<5ay T July i notifying: all towns on :71 and | TR, I will also «xt«»d invitations to "4 j county voters who «?x- i «« d 5 organJxaUons to nie^t in \ to b<? out of the county on^ Paris- | July "S. primary elec- | ~--' I I out of Paris were not entitled to vote in a VOTING 4 Col. ~ is the home county of Vicc-Pro<i- ileni Jobn Garner «nd psiti tr>b- ute to State Senator Torn DeBerry. with the TO deaths aftrib- tc-n for three days In Chi- cae<> rose to -?- Missourrs list o£ heat victims struck 5ft. Nebrask-a ^••an-i-eo the xvave for 33 deaths, Kl?'«'wh* > re. totals, were: Kansas !C. Oklahoma 7. Connec- •;c-j?_ ~2. Minnesota 5 . Illinois 33. low;* 12. New York 4. \Vashirtgton. D, O.. -- T>xas to. Pennsylvania -. Ohj--> !•!. Michican ~. one each in Arkansas. Mary Ian**. Mississirpr. Rhode Is-ianU. Kentucky S. CJ^or-:a 2. Mnsjw-rchusetts 5. IndutKJk- 4. jC. M, Does. Harry Bv>ok. [Dockery, John. Koberl fe Albert SteU and Jc^ > S- Boren, tfon day. may cast ab**r.t«* ballots ! EYE-WITNESS TELLS by <;aIHns: st the county WILL ROGERS SAYS: THOUGHTS WHILE FLYING offlc* taic prcwntinc' thfir pol or exemption cert if- Persons now out of th* cowttly who do not <*xp<-ct to r«- turn b«fott« cl'-crtion day m«y obtain l>Hll«tj« hy wrttlns Mr, Mam- taa«;k. sending poll tax reeflpt* or _ Vr T know fe Just what I»fellow, mishty nice, and of course. I had overlooked Ed Ballard, of, one extra> N '<4V~An in the Th* «nu*ual?y larp^ numbrr of vot*r* to ca«t abj*c-nt*«*> ttallot.i thin year i«i thought to b* an Indication of improved bu^ln**!** t-«n<!tlh>nn» many p<"or>l«5 taking vacation* d«r- It i» wlwo an in- more than the usual amount of interest in th* primary - *hj« year. or hewr.! miKhty well Informed * far HS I I I have always txwn a nfarter of ihe | was able t<» judjre>. The reas-*^n I "Time" «v*r since it f happHTied to tbink of him a! this - I try to r«ad a lot of other f v«ry time, I beer; sittin,c v>n th* plarw? r««.dlinsr, and T jast happened to read hU* magazine thn^usr^. You are awful apt to catch soine- PANAMA. account of disaytroas earthquake at Armuellcs. th«? s<?con<l n^ajor} temblor in within a texv <! »> Ev*nt«p Tost T could«-nt liv* day* «** brought h«r^ Swturdftj'N-Sthout. AmJ all the ni^ht by * Panama Canal div«r > I can *«* my m»s»zin*». and the CTI, and a co«n~ who 'saw sworfj* of houses col- upon their Immatea- and injorir** In the disaster still were undeters-nlnnd. both *t Puerto ArmueHes, where th* national wh»rf collapt***<S. and at T>avld City. w^Jch is a mass of ruin* try one*or two, for they art? th« best informed readtnsr of all. Then y«>u want to read both political sides, Well th« other day I met lh» Editor of Tirae". H««r b's flr*t visit to tb« Pacific or Japan* Oc«an, A youn« thing in a weekly that you have missed in a d«;!y. s«hotJld*nt if you read Well the you ally West Ba<J*n. Indiana, who earned his money H, ctrou^s arave a. sewn million dollar hotel to the Jesatts for « college. Thats that beautifiil bi>; botel you have all ^6*11 and stopped at. And be waweiit even a Catholic. I knew a Jesuit was the highest edu-*ated of all rellsious orders, but I dident know !ve had to study 13 years to complete his .• course after higli school, trnafrlne a properly, but you naturally wHi % *teer calf jsret through thv on you «vfr one* in a while. Some of these I ha«l overlooked, some of *jn 1 liad*nt. Maby som« of *m raisht be new to you. f majors decree in five years. v.Or Intetects* a Jesuit* ^hat they call what an ignorant bird be -would he stacked -P agrainst on* of those. Xol>o<Sy has "~er figuiisd oui just wh>- we thought everything cuiild t>e learned txi four years. It juav seamed a s;t.x>^t even number I Di*! you know that one of the yvurtg "Dwiwnts held th« record for distance in a slider, without th* the majority of whose members are friendly to Ti:s cause, that his con- i viction by a federal court on char- I ges -of defraudirTg the United ; States, ^overtimed and b'.s r*mo- . ! va.I by the hicli state eourt f«?r • '< that ronviotioT!. were "political ! The House, obedient to the sum{ mons for a special session Lar.jrer , ' issued sho T "';y before his ouster. I j rt>se and rheere^i hiT;i as he ap~ • peared before it. Earlier with 72 of the 112 members present in the besrsr: impeachment proceedings in defian-c-e of acting 1 governor Ole IT. demon's eartceHatton of La,ng- er s sT»e< tat session proclamation. !:s ;>u: >.>.-:e would be to alit»w 'Lanjser to pres*.ut his ease a?rain "I want tltis legislative as*.emb- lv." "Lander told house members. Kofinrry AUSTIN. <£*- -Ke!srr*;at;o« of crude o":- refineries **y the Texa.* rAi;roa<! corn r:t session .as an adjunct "o en force men-, "f r>; -l cons«?rv;tt«.on statutes t%-as uphe!;! Saturday ibe third ^ourt of Civ'? At*peai b WEATHER Thurs-da;y">i record n'.sh ;iture of !t«r> de-ejrees ^-ii 1 * by .a tlrvp »! five '.ie^'rw tempe Brisk V.'- v t-xe; ivrsd eveninij re lie? to P'.it txiry cJou-ds ^ t'urther re!:*"' Friday's tein Satur»!ay Touch; o aid of sasoline or motor. 155 i«iSes|-"lo Investigate how th« Tr»>m Elmira, N. Y, to risht near j srovernment and offtctal? New York City ? Then be holds th* I TfcX .\S — Katr and c«'«t»i»ii*'«l wamt altitude record of «,500 laid ..-i--. ^ persecuted me with t&e advice and of Senator Gerald P. federal <~*OB d J , "hav«»'<*»>' ***** >*< mil:i >- Moderate »«»«»- erfy wt rKfc* o*» thr ~ ~"~ ROGKHS 4 C«»L * Se* LANUE'R. p*cb»biy

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