The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 12, 1918 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 12, 1918
Page 4
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Till- HUTCHINSON Nl-.WS UFFICIAL PAPER OF RENO COUNTY W. V. MOPOAN, EDITOR. ' ESTABLISHED 1B72. Kntcrod ut the l>n«ioirict In Hutchinson. Kan., tor traiuniiB^iiin through the taaiui aa B*.UUUCI-<4R** matter, TELEPHONES. liualncas oinco ...Ma i AdvtirUAiii* ucpurlmanl Nu. 1 Kriltitnui ituunis Ma, 401 buulfcty bailor Nu. 1140:1 TERMS OP SUBSCRIPTION. Daily Mliiiuii (ielivertMl hy carrier to any )>.xJl ui iluinluiwfuo. ID centa a nana. Hy m.ill, cut' year tl .00 l$y mall, hi* muultw l.hU Lly MiUll. tlllbh UtUltlJUl '00 l'y-iiuiti, una iiiutitb •.* .IB WfiW Nbwa, one year.. ,. .ftp TO OMANQE ADDRESS. In oidum*- tut* addlo&a uf yyur paper clituiiti'u, Btule whether It is Jjajly or \Vee»ty ,Now» uud OIVK VdUlc I U l'os'101-t.'icli; ADUllKSH u well u the cuiuge. AOVEHTlSEMENTt). Tho New» rueurvta tbc vlglil to rcloct any tulvulkaiuit iimltor *.l;.u tt may oeem impiouei und nut *Luir*i:liK to cuntrtwl, ' Tto) New* IK nut re^u-uunuio lur advor- Uaumufu* wu*i»jd w uiaconltnuiMl by Call* lor aoclsty mooting!, cai-da of thinks, ublruary v-ticea, reaolutiuna. W* ck-ty un.J ctturcn tocinla, lecture notices, calls l-Jr clmr;li on-etinKa tenccpt s>uiitluy Ustmun} UJI, t-Miaidered ue advertising fjul will ho rhuiscil lur. 'riio KaHitND ultlctu ut thU paper aro at 16-13 lOuat itilb atretgL. New York City, and ItooiitA UH-iilb Harriit Trust lluildinK, Chicago; nu Wbldhclm Utd«-.. Kanaua city, Mu.. Ka.ii Ad\crlisiiut Agtucy in etmrgii. Attvtirtlslnif rates mnde known on application. Tc'uphuue No K. Teiephuuu liews Horn* to lSdlt-.rlaJ HctrjmF. No. 4<iJ or 3403. hibMDER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Asauclulixt J'reaa 1« caclllalvoly entitled to tho u»o fur republication ut an news crwllud I" It or not ulherwwo credited in Ihl.H papal and IUSJ locAl ne*a ptlbllBlK-il herein. t . , , All rlifbta uf ropubllc.itlnn ot Bpeclal di<sr.aicht.-H hrreln are Mso reserved. i — — iHillnnu tried to Bqnttre IhlngB with tht" HIIIKBI-C liut utterly railed. Tho llulRnm wouldn't Bland for It and In fnct nskrtl ftir B big «llr:« of Sorbin being IIIRO guarantoed to Bulgaria as a part of tlio plann for pp&ce. Turkey and Hnlgarla haro always befcn enerul™. Tlicy arc Btlll "mad" at "each oilier (iver previous wars and are only nllleB In the general war because Oertintny forced Turkey In and Hulgarla had lo follow because slic believed she could get more out of It by Joining I hi; Germans than she could the Knttnte Allies. There Is plenty of reason therefore for the bad feeling between Turkey and Uulgnrla. Germany may be able to keep llicm from fighting over Ihe Spoils at this singe of the game and she may not, II would be tine for the remainder of the world If (liese two nntlmii; should be up and al each other, like a pair of angry dogs. lrft 'em Tight. 18 IT PROPAGANDA? Now and then stories come out of Amsterdam or Zurich of Hern? of the mutiny of a German regiment, but they are a tittle difficult lo believe. If German regiments do mutiny, ns they possibly may, It Is not understood why Germany allows this news to gel ptiBl the border with her system of censoring everythlug. When such tales do leak out there Is always u feeling that Germany Is putting out some news she wants the, world (o know and Immediately the reader thinks "propaganda,." I II in- llliriir -T nl -Miii-iilMn.iltni-r-int 'lT iiriiT .inrrtlld .ii .«t»iin Mmfl The Sidlinger Drug C o PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Telephone M. No. 17 Norm Main Street, Hutchinson VIEWING WITH ALARM, TII-.TI-'K always some tine going 1 around with wtinl promotions, durlc uud grim; ht.s accents have, a t duletul suuud. the future is u fnifl In him. lie wets the Utnd- Kcuw with bin tears, and says ' we 'll never whip the lluu in U'sa than forty -seven years, and we'll In? broke when it is done. Ho 1 Itevirs of vitlury and scow -Is; "Hie worst," he says, "is yet Ui come; your loud hurrahs will change to bonis; Die news will soon be fiersn ami bum." I've seen 111 in wander down the street and queer the town In half an hour, with ' lules of ruin and defeat, and foie- ' easts driveling and dour. No doubt if some one said, "Old Seoul, does Wilbelm pay you for I liis graft ?" lils nigo would turn him inside out—he'd ttct tike souie one going daft. He is a patriot, you bet! For Uncle Sam he'd lose a limb; It's just his way to scold am! fret, and show that things look black to him. In times of pence he used to show how govcrnnienl was slipping cogs,' and pointed oul, in grief and woe, 1 that we were going lo the dogs. In times of peaco ho cut no grass, ills dodderings could work no ill; but now that war has come to pass, he is u help to Raiser BUI. If you're inclined to scold uud mope, just can that stuff a little while, and baud out packages of hope, all decorated wiih n smile. — WAI/r MASON. ***»**«*»•»***»* Pueblo reports that the closing of twenty-three saloons, alone, on the main street In the retail district, two years ago, not only did not hurt bus! IHKS, hut ihat it helped. The rooms were nil shortly filled and the rents have been raised 25 per cent. I'ueblo, which was really saloon-ridden, Is better off financially, and In business, than she ever was before the. dry days arrived- None of the towns nor cities need lo bo afraid of prohibi lion, if the business is legitimate. After all, there !<s no game as honest as orgojiUitl baseball. The players are hones! In their ganie, the one trying to bo otherwise lasting us long as a snowball In Helena, Arkansas, In the good old Buuimer time. This was shown when the players made Chicago win the fifth game when there was no money in it for them. It is just a little more than two weofts away.until trio tima for the. opening or the Fourth Liberty Loan, campaign and we are ail ready for it. It is a grand opportunity for Investment, if that is what one should be looking for,, but it is still more than tuat, a chance to help the country wnen the country needs help. 1': - BRAZIL AND INDEPENDENCE. lirazll has just been celebrating her Independence day, I his being the lime (.be Umpire of Ilnizil threw off Uifi J'orlugese yoke, In September, 3822. It was a long number of years after thut, huwever, v. lien the llnutll- faiis finally vndi-d their enwieeilon with an autocratic government and become n republic, the last nation on tho Western Hemisphere to make the final change in the form of governmental affairs. Briuil is one of our allies In the world war, it is Bottled largely by Portugese, though there is a hly colony or two or Germans, now without any power to bother the lllo government, Nearly all uf South America is settled by I ho Spanish, save Braull, and in all other countries Ihe .Spanish tongue is the official one, save In Urazii, where most of tho people use .the Portugese language. TURKEY AND BULGARIA. To get Bulgaria In the war it slice of Turkey was taken from the Con- Htautluoplu government, already ut wur, and given to tho Sofia government. This has rankled In the breast of the Turk for quite a while and lie doesn't like 1L At the yoiico BetUoment whore Jiumanin was forced to give up the Pobrudjn, llulgarlu was on hand and took it over, before Turkey could get a chance at any thing. And tho Turk iVua again hot under Die collar, v Tho flint slice of land taken from tho Turk included a line drawn through tho middle of the city of Aiirinnoplo, onco the location of the head of the Mohammedan religion *iul pf » big Turkish mosque. Turkey lost this in one of the Balkan wars and thou presumably got it back In ' .iuootlier. 'Then Dutmrls took it over S# lhe nrice lor going into the wur. iftl&wntae "> * 1 » w > the Bulbars managed set Ihe Dourudja front Rumania, .Ja what rankles lu the Turkish breast. . J4e thinks the Bulgur has enough Wltb- lyput keeping Uw slice aj .Jf0 |m»-. ^Ipedan home land. He ban nnid, no The only quarrel in the list of the names of Uun' sub commanders published by the English recently was in the rank of some of the men. There was no denial that the British told the truth when tho names of 150 who had lost their submarines was published. Who remembers when you wuz'n in it If you didn't have a private monogram mug at th' barber shop? Con- stahlo Plum arrester n feller fw gitlin' drunk on a merry-go-round, tday. You know she is rather a superior sort," Oftentimes I catch myself at this trick. There are certain people for whom I huvo unconquerable antagonisms. 1 can coimuer tho manifesto lions but not the feeling down underneath- And every now and then I will find myself resenting or criti­ cising somo llttlo tiling these people have done. And then tho part of me that is forever at odds with my small human weaknesses and my mean­ nesses will suy to me, "if so and so (naming someone ot whom 1 am fond) had done that, you know you would not have thought it anything out of tho way," And 1 have to ad mlt shamefacedly lhal it is so. Moral. I was talking over this subject last night with two or three people (who all admitted, by the way, that they sometimes found tho same peculiarity in themselves). "What's Ihe moral going to be," asked one of them, "that one ought to feel, the same towards everyone's faults?" "That may be the moral," 1 said, "but I'm not going to point it." "Why?" "Because It wouldn't do the leas! good In the world." OVER OUR STATE. This Is the time to take a look at Iho Nlneseiih valley, it scenery is the thing desired in this portion of Kansas. It is some of the nearest landscape that is attractive and different. The Implement men here and there i\ro advertising "new models" of Iractors. It is taking tho place ot automobile publicity. It's the real thing for tho farmer. The Turks have been on tho rampage again, murdering niore._people. The Turks will havo to be locked up, put on bread and water und a guardian appointed. The Germans spilled the beans Brcsf-Lliovsk. Thut peaco treaty was a warning to tho Allies that it wasn't worth the paper on which it was written, <s> « * PEOPLE ALTER CASES. * $ $ «- By Iluth Cameron. * . • How easy it Is to be offended and displeased with anything a person does -if you do not like the person. And how easy it is to forgive and Justify unything u person docs—if you do like tho person. Even when the anything)) done by the two people are exactly the eamo. I had a friend who had a inuld for whom for somo reason (I think it was a matter of antagonistic temper- aiueuts) iho conceived a profound dislike. Whenever 1 visited her house she was full ot complaints of 1MB thing and that thing that the maid had done—or perhaps left undone. She set the table poorly, she didn't sweep out the corners, she itbg- lected'the bathtub—so it ran. ' \uy little thing was enough lo bring the employer's animosity to the surface. Far instance, she seemed to regard it, as utmost u. personal Insult that the maid desired to take Wedpesday instead or Thursday, for her clay off. Lust winter I visited the eatne friend again and she had a different maid, one evidently of a temperament less antipathetic lo hers, for though the latter was, so far as 1 could see, no whK belter in the matter of table Bettine and corner sweeping and bathtub washing, she seemed inclined to gloss over her faults and apologize for them, rattier than resent them. Ond <iay 1 was 'especially ' amused .when she said to mo, complacently, "JliUa iirefeitt to iff put Wodaeeday. '^Summer ended with a rush" is a headline In the Sterling Bulletin. It stopped In a hurry all right The Larncd high school has an enrollment of 207 this year which is about the same as a year ago. • . • Pratt has a circus coming and the folks will .go to. see ; it from far and wftte. Isn't the-circus wonderful? Tho Hock Island company, has been unable to got enough,men to do the work in the shops at Pratt recently. Down at Meade a few days ago the people grew to wondering, not ]i it ever would rain but if it^ever/Would slop. 1 \ '-. • C > The Great Bend Tribune says "if flat feet would keep a man out of war Germany would never have bad any war." • QencBeo has' some souvenirs from, the battlefield of Vimy Ridge, sent to a relative there by a man who was in the fight ' • . . Lots of fine' melonB were grown in the ;sand hills near Garden City this year and Garden City's sweot tooth is properly cared for. i Sylvia has a new rural high school just began tills year and It is a good addition to tho oducational facilities in that part of tho county. A KinBley man Is advertising for on automobile crank loet somewhere on tho highway. There aro so many kinds of automobile cranks that It hardly seems possible to find this particular one. The water company at Great Bend wasn't paid because of poor pressure recently und a few days ago they put the required pressuru on. Pipes were burst and boilers leaked all over town when the demonstration was at an end. {ARMY CASUALTUIST) The. following cauuultlcs are reported by, tho Commanding General ot the American Kxr*dJtlonury Forces: Killecf lu action, 23: missing In action, 111; wounded severely, 17b; dbid or wounds, 12; died from ueclilent and other causes, 1; died of disease, b; wounded, degree undetermined, 6. Total, 338. i . KILLED IN ACTION; Lleutenanti: . James S. D. Jiurns, New York, N. Y. Horry Autruatua Kroeger, AUauta, OS. Sergeant; Carl S. Carlson, liilaiol, Conn. ;'• Corporals; £7riieat A. Deiruuri^, Toronto, Canada. Btanlcy Moroailf, Petrolt, Mich. Morris L. rayne, 'Murlntfo, Vs. William F. Fountain, aiunclieeter, N. II.' Prlvatea: Luciano iBlllamiexa, ilrownavllle, Tex. Henry B. Campbell, Osage, lu. Adplph Oooluca, Providence, u. I. John Doerr, Barnea, Kau. Oliver Hall, Turner, Mich. John Hawks. Snohomish, Wash. Herman J. Kolkana, I'ortluuit, Oro, Joseph II. Mburlus, Dutrolt, Mich. 3 ohu Mavros. lion ton, Muss. Injlo Merlin), South I'orltl, Italy. Nloo'hi Partiaid! Cunipoll, Appcninierlo, CasterUu Italy. \ Elmer L. Parker, Kallefiell. Mont. William Conrad Uchleiavr, New Ilrltsln, Conn. G. shannon, Wilbur, Mich. James Beir, Uenoa, Italy. Fred »f. Tomilnaen. t'oillnml, Ore. Frank l'etor Gleen, Philadelphia,-Pa, Clifford C, Glover, Keonan, W. Va, Huiiaell 8. Moore, Bmaua, Pa. RMDII Oepcn, Chicago, HI- Nlok T. Tasaon, Uelrlght, Mleh. Benedlk Wleha, FttebburB. Mas*. DIED OF WOUNDS: Lleutenanti Harry W. Punelon, Khlnelnr.iler, Wis, Harry C. HtU, PltUt...i, l'a. OorpOraia; John li. JoharuuMD, Danvenpnr;, Iowa- Robert Race, Pittsburgh, Ps. prtvatea: Felix Dlnkin, M«yers Mtlla, B. C. John ,J. Puhllnaklo, Bamuliln. l>u. ttW,?'„ rl ? h « r i Wasting, Neb. Clark 1 Hail. Harlan, Ky. Harry A. Kelts, Latrolw. Pa. : Mwocel KOWBISUI, Cliimpeo. Mai» Howard A. Van Wsgher^Txicust Valley, N. Y, DIED DISEASES . ' ' Prlvatea: , Huph X. cerrodlnn, Borr Oak, Kan, «. John ,T. McCoy, Cumbetlnnd, Md. Orval It. Merrill. Evan l,nke, Id. Krtiwt 1,. ftlmp*m, tlllthrle. Okln, ,7,r»hn W.-Stanley, Hontaic. Va. Walter Nl*. Montlccltn, (In. dlED FROM ACCIDENT AND OTHER CAUSES: Alva P. OIs*p, Hsrtlna-ton, Neb, WOUNDED SEVERELY IN ACTIONl Lleutenanti: 1 Albert W. Kmtnons, Kennebunk, Mo. Harvey C. Ringer, Paola, Kan. Sergeant*: Robert UPtlock, Webb bty, Mo. F.lilon II. Cnykenhnll, Hartford,. Conn. John W. Cumber. Ilugrr, R. C. John J. Fltsfrerald. New York. N. Y, Patrick FltSfrernJd, Kant Orange, N. J. Corporals: Orlnndn U. Achorn, S. Hoston, Maes, Denyse W. Atwater, Orange, N. J, Jacob O. Boone, Spray. N. C. Clachke, fv-lrott, Mich. Frank M. Griffith, llltsfltld, III. August Kju-wnlat, Jr.. Cnlllnavltle,'111. Harry Krueiror, Milwaukee, Wis. RRSrrtuB Olar UnliH<n, Wnrren, Miss. Frank Novnln5-, New York, M. Y, Kilaon Ijoa^Icn, I-^Iffrrton, Wis. John H. rittman, ftouth ttenit. tnd. Bilsar Q. WcsUake, Wnrcgsvlilc, Ky . .. Briar Jj. Cuppa, llutler, Pn. John B. German. Columbiana, Ala. I'aul U. Gladden. Krnlerlcktown, Ta, Tliomna H. Oond, S5ardls, Tenn. Olln MeDanlel, Hiaeivllle, Oa. ' Mcnatoem Stlni, Rrookij-n. N. Y, Thomas II. filronir, Pontotoc, lex. WlnaloW B, Wioton, Wollaston, Ma«s, Prlvatea: James Anderson, Fox, lit. . Vern H. rialilwln. Ulonvlltc. Minn. James TJrackon, whltnoyvllle. Conn. ICdtnu- Carson, Idaho Falls, Idaho, Griit CollenbnUKb, Retail, Wash. Horac* II. Criswell, PiK-utello, Id, Henri De nycke, no nddn»sji i;lven. • Simoon J. Durand, St. Paul, Mtr.n. Klnler D. Flowers, Shelbyvllle. III. John OanSaorowsKl, U:i/.ctli>n, I'.-l. Ralph V. Curlanil, Usine City, Kan, Albert T). Gibson, Maxon, Ky. Howard Griffey. Steele, Ky. William A. Honlon, Dunamulr, Cnllf. James F. Harding, Collate Grove, Ore, Hurry Kennedy, FHjrmmtut, til. Konatanty Kordas. Dulutti, Minn. Alexander l^ihou. Necbe, N II. . John C. Boar, Vndeewooil, ?.'. 11 i Jerry Boucher, Thoinpsonville, Conn. Pave'Chrlatopher, ehlcMO, ill.. 7Icrschel A. Clark, CaiuvlimrB, 3nd. Artie O. Crumb. Kelso, \\ n-in. . •Phllo It. Dunn, Seattle, Wash. •Joseph TSnKlemann, fit. Louis. Mo. Frank TSpcrJeair, Prospect. Tu. John F. Bwnld Clilcairo, IP. lister F*lLs. I'-rlra. Vn. Henry W. Fllnli. Tujinelton. Inil. Herman F, Gnmwald, SI. I.mils. M.v Qulncy V. Glldei-slelve, Severance, Kan Dennis Hngircrty. Pnyonne, N. J. .' Clnrencc Hamman, Hunlhi^ion, Pa. Knoch It, HoltaiHl. i.'lark.itpn, Wash. Hon Johnson,' Knnsns Cltv. Mo. A.loliih Kehschnll, Milwaukee, Wis. Ilenrj- Emll Kuibe. Buffalo. N. Y. IInrr>- Lambert. Wilton. N. D. Jamea V. Lnvellr, Chicago. HI. Karl L,. I^iwts, Tj-ronvlllc, Pa. Anton Lilja, Kviiilnga, Slianu, Sweden. Thomna Charles Malllcy, New York, N, Y. Tom Mnloncy, St. Louis, Mo, Albert J. Martini, San Francisco, Col. Joseph Mnyn, St. Louis, Mo. Jerl B. MeKlnney, Gucda Springs, Kan. Ciirml T>. Miles, l'alr Oek. Intl. ; lrwln C Mor'ent-v, Detroit. Midi. William li Myers. Okenusliee. Okln. Edwln C. North, Red Klnira, Cnllf. Oaenr William Nowlln, For tor) a, Minn. Joex-ph olton, Krle, Piu Jaji^>a Parks. Fnxso, N. D. F. W. Petrello. Merldcn. Conn. William A. Phillips, Olathe, Kan. Delniar A. Poulson, Welser, Id. Joseph Held, Outlook. Mont. Joseph a.'Richmond, Summit Hill, Pa. Louis C. Schacfer, San Fninclsco. Calif. l>r!y!e H. Smock. Payette, Idaho. Dnnllo Vukaaovleh, llersegeulnn, Austria. ' Thomaa B. Walters, Hot Springs, Ark. Jamea N. lA»ombolsi-. Necho. N. P. Wllliiim M. Lyons, Holyoke. Mm. Bugeno H. McCarty, Minneapolis, Minn. I^ouis Maple, Decatur. III. .1 Walter W. Mitchell. Headlnc-, Pa. .Bernard Murphv, KlIteshandre, Ireland. William II. Murniy. Jlorlford, Conn. I Harold A. pun-n,. Drooklyn. : N», Y. Uojoph TnMK 'Wnantncton, Pa £RW-/^ Jesse K.' Thurtier, Fs.lrfleld,'.idt i- - George E. Tlbbelts,- I^xholrtSl* X>. . I Joseph W. Tivmbley, Mompailarttyt '"> .lames J. Tumllly. Roxbui-y, .Mass;•.-*»', lUty Upson, Wlillehull. Wis., v ' • Wilbur It. Utter, Wlarwlck, N. J.' ' Khrick Von Borger. HaHlmorel Md. Howard F. Ward, New York, N. Y. ; Weyranch. Okoboil. la. » , Louie Wldgw. Fablus, N. Y. Clarence R \Vltso, Ixing Prairie, Minn. Joseph Wold, Stiu-buck. Minn. Sidney L. Smith, Aberdeen. S. D. Daniel Jiumes.Hmullen, Sayrcvlile, N J. Joseph Staffy, Derby. Conn. Aaron Taussig, San Fntitclsco, Calif l^>uls Tollifson, Warwick, N. D. Curl It. Trove. Brentford, N. D. Herbert Vlletatul, River Fulls. Wis. Oul A. Welst. Homfrled, Neb. Oscar W. Wright. Columbia, S. D. Tony Yochlni, Newark. N. J. Lynn C. Purwell, Muskegon, Mich. Kdward I). Flacner, Fewienden. N, D, Fred 11. Foreman, OattluiuJ, la. Fdwurd At*. 1'Yllseh, Garner, la. ' Kdwnird II. V^roellch, Foxholm, N- T>. GixirKe Greln, Chicago, 111. David C. Grisgs, Ba-flluumpton, Conn. David Grubti. West Union. 111. George M. Halt, Philadelphia, Pn. David V. H.imlctt, MeClCKur, loiva. John Martls, North Cluirlotle, N. C. Jacob Geoi-Ke I-Ueld, Ueudlng, Pn. Samuel lllrsh, Columbus Junction,.la, Caj-I I.. ItouBhton, Greenfield, Mass. Prlu K. J. Jensen, l'ort Ludlow. Wash, • Herman .lohnson, 1 Portage. Wis. • Wlllluni J. Johnson, lAick. Wis. Ktluo Jones, Ilowee, W. Va. Dorsle ('. Kelly, McIlobcrUj. Ky. John A. Klnir, 'New Haven,.Conn, Otto C, Kochunowokl. La Salle, lit Frank ICotvalskl, Trenton, N. J. Joseph l.aF ( urrlere. AublufiS', Canada. Karl Guwtur Irfiurln. i .'hli'Sgn, 111. Jf»s,;pli 11. i^jary, New Haven, Conn, Charles Lcy !iM ?on, Baltimore, Md. Millard M I.lnilsey, Hupklnst llle, i:y. I'klward Jerome McCourt, New Brunswick N J Clyde'B.McDormott, Clinton. Mhili,' Walter P. McGee, Cou-.;t"»r.l. Tenn. Kenneth Mclvcr, rtlv-tl-.ll In, Ore Otto MarliM-. Piedmont, Mn, James V, Murlow, No* Huven, Conn, Frank Mi*ycr; Janesvilte, AVls. Angelo Michael Molone, Rfllevfllo, N, J, Percy Jamea Mooro, Chle^igo, 111. Albert Mozfcetla, puLnaut, Cunn. MJko Piipplc. St. Louis, Mo. " Charles M. Palclgo, Schenectady, 3v,< Y. Henry 1-^wa Paultor, l^ancaster, N. Y. Patacy Pedlclno, MlodluUiwii.-Conn, Hiulow Perry Kalanuuuo, Mich, q'hotnlas K, Pinder, I'.iDlunond, Calif. Albert Price, Groenflold, Mass. Clinton li. i'l-ovenchjr, llurduor, Wws, Andrew llarl, WorcJlter, Mass. Leroy llaslco. St. Fraucls^ide, 111. Stanley a. Ileuae, Bbonsburg, Pa, Acey HeKik-erb, Baboucla, Miss,. i Henry A. St. Savior, Nawington, Conn, Joseph Schocb, Trcnbon, N, J, Udward M. SebulU, Eureku, Mont, Earl Schureman, Admire, Kan, Jos. S. Samard, Thrall, Texas. Conrad Beller, Hoboken. N. J, WOUNDED: (Degree Undotsrmlned) Major: Harry T. OroswalL Ban Francisco, Pal. Privates: Or>'al Jefferles, Cmtarvllle, O. Virgil L Osborn. Valhalla, Mo. Karl L. Rowlson, Addison, Mich, Arthur Dewey Stewart. Pittsburgh, Pa, MIBSINQ IN ACTION: j Lleutertanta: . > Lyman R Case, Lament, la. ; John P. Gaines, Bay City, To*. Corporals I ' John A. Aulboek; New York, N. •% Ruel M, Bond, Corvallis, Oro. Alphonso F. jjurler, Cantpbollspprt, Wis, Bdwtn liUta, Ileadln«, Pn, • '. Thomas C. Reed, Phltodelphte, Pn, Avch C. Wright, Montevideo, Minn. John J. Dalton, South Boston, Mass. l.uuls P. Nelson,. Philadelphia, Pt William Wayn? M J !xesllVcy, aarrhibura-, P*. . . • James l,yncb. New Haven, CooOi Fi»»k RUBsetl. >felfi, Italy, Wagoner: . Mlojjael Francis Luccy, Philadelphia, PrlvatMi / '" 1 ' VelitUM> Aaron, tloluinblaa, Ky.' Ralph Anderson, Seattle'Wask, . i Jacob li, Baj^r, fia>lmitn t da, , CUHALCIA bf H«adache-« Rub iha forihsatt ahd templaa with :&ur Boavtfu-su-tir ICKSVAPORUB^. NEW PRICES - 10c 60c *1 J» IS t Tobna S. TJartch, Columbia, Pa, Fred Bauer, Hnlnnvttle, Conn. Dsnakl A. Bennett, Idaho Fails, Idaho. Jsjues w. Brntley. Undoden, Ala. Rlchanl H. lllacknurn, Decvllle, Tenn. Vincent Bomente. Bristol, Pn. •peter Bourgett, Seattle, Wash. Htlgene F. Bole, Fargo, N. D. . Walter J, Urown, Irfuasdale, l'a. Mlclincl Chlckn, l.usk, Pa. Chrlstiirn W. Christiansen, Bpplng, N. D. licary Clifton, isreepolnt, Fla. Hermiut L. Criffman, Pcpvldence, S. 0, Tlllett Crawford, Denauil, Fla. Iterschell K. Crosby, Stark',' Fltt\ Reld S. Crump, Bortln ,Wls. Frank Cullen, New Bedrord, Mass, James .1. Daly, Philadelphia, Pa. Paul Molvln DonBon, Carlisle, Pa, Btn.nley N. Dticosky, Motudc, Pa. Josetih C. Dursu, Cambridge, Mass. John leraso, Soulhtngton, Conn. i, Leo J. Adams. Parlshvllte, N. D. El cry II. Barton. New Castle Center, Nnw Brunswick. Canada. Ilenrv L. Beaucheane, fjowotl, Moss, William It .llelluwa, Sacramento, Cnl, Hugn W, Boettchor, Monroe, Wash. David W. Umtpalrum, Seattle, Wash. John J. Collins, New Haven, Conu. Mrlwurd Cemo. Seattle, Wash. Doinlnlck Contl, New York, N. Y. - Howartl .1. Dailcy, Scoltaluirg, Ind. .« Sam Dickinson, Oak Hill, Fla. Albert A. Edwards, Qulncy, Fin, Donald \l. Freejnojt, Mulberry Fin. Gergo Germeraad, Neve, Netherlands- William GokWh; Fort St. Plttston, Pa. • lrf-on L. Hansen, Saletn, Oro. Gmver C. lnlow, luka, Mies, 'etephin Jnna, Jr., Hartford, Coim, Irvln J. Kelser, Louisville, Ky. , John F. Kennedy, South Boston, Mass. Benjamin ¥. KUtinon, Millwood. Ga, John McConcb, MlnersvUlc, Pa. Pntil Jesee M.tnroe. Butler, Pa, Joe Mnrlow. Herrnl, 111. Michael Mnrtnna. New Haven, Conn. Harry Martin Matson, San Francisco, Cal. l-'Yank Maturas, Tarffvllle, Conn. Hurth Meyer, Chicago, III. Augusta A. Mltehon. Sehulenberg, Tex. Lee It, Nabnrs. Cndilo, Okln. Nathan Theodore Nessclson, Bradford, Pa. Klwrtrd M. O'Connor, Lenient Furnuce, ra. Thomas O'Dea, .Boston, Mass. Wllllnin powers, Bcrtrand, Neb. • John Hid,' Walnut Bench, Conn. (Srovar C. Hoot, Clam Fails. Wis. George V.,-Dotrolt, Mich. Russell L Shannon. LanBroril, .Pa, Richard U. Stewart, Brandt, Mich. FYank Slnclnskle, Ciu-bon, Pa, Charles F. Sixer. Deep River,' Conn. Ilonie M. Stacks, College Park, Ui., Alexander C .Stone, Columbia, Pn, Howard lv Sweeney. RU-hnlond, Vt, Edward .1. Weber. Syracuse, N. Y. Lauren \v. Wcller. San l-Yanclsco. Cal. Thomas White. Jr., New Haven. Conn. Abner Q. Mulish, Tallahassee, Fla, ' Thomas R. Fowler, Itiuilcr, Ore. . * Krcell F. Glrord, Seattle, Wash. Augustus C. Ctoodwin. Philadelphia, l'a. Kdw.-trd Hoffman. Haody, Ore. Curl Joseplison, Ambrose, N. D. Wllluril S. King. Iliad, Mont. Ward O. l^twrenee, Carrsvllle, Ky. Wiltliuu J. Menten. McKeesport, Pa. Henry J. Millwood, Flowery Branch, Ga. Kdgar G. Moulton. Conrad, Mont, Joseph Mullen, Marshall, III, Joseph Nasal, Brooklyn, New York, Carl Peterson, 'Rrlggtivllle, WIs- Wllllam O, Nelson, Larned, Kan. Dnvld Illltenburg, Dorchester. .'Mass. Antonio Santlno, New York, N. Y, .Ijuke Scovche, Neskoro, WIS.' Michael Skok. Yonlters, N. Y; Joseph Skworlo, Yonkers, N. Y. Kdwln R. Smith. Brouklvn. N. Y. Cyd« M. Siiodsrass. Opuawka, 111. Hugo Sunatrum. Slockholni.. Sweden. George W, Thomas. Oathlamet, Wash. . Louis Troya, Chicago, 111, Bolleslaw Wlnlmlto, Detroit, Mich. guard; bht thoso who aT6 born color blind are Ignorant ot it and are tall of asturahcQ that their eyesight Is normal. 1 • Color blindness lit persons occupying various positions renders them a menace, particularly on the sea, on tho railroad and In aviation,-arid it is not easy to devise, accurate testa as to the presence and degree ot color blindness in' Individuals. An instrument, however, has been devsed to give such results, • the Eldrldgo Green Lantern, which flashes tildes of specially colored glass and others which Modify tho colors as they are. modified by natural conditions, such as rain, mist, toe and other factors. Tests llko these would obviously bo highly necessary for qualifying aerial obscrvers.'-iMew. York: World. Do Hit Bit Seattle, Wash.—So that he may "do his bit" for his country, JVed Fauquier, an American whoso nearest of kin resides In Sattle, is making a Jour­ ney'of 17,000 mlloR: Frvuquier gairb up his position as manager ot a great rubber estate in tho 'Malay peninsula to come here for enlistment In the United States army, Sour milk grlddlo cakes nre made with 1 cup each of buckwheat and graham flour, 2 cups of sour milk and 1 teaspoonful each of salt and soda. ?• '. ... ,i ' . -.. • * PREVALENCE OF COLOR «. BLINDNESS. «• • i It, 1B stated by Surgeon Collins of \hp United.. States Public Health Service that color blindness is prevalent among, ordinary heal thy. Americans to the extent of S.6 per cent for men and 2.2 per cent, for women. Those w ho have acquired colorblindness are aware In general of their defeot, and are, therefore, ,on their r k, Dainty Maidens Prefer Cotknra To clear the skin and keep it clear. In purity, delicate Cuticura medication, refreshing fragrance, convenience and economy, Cuticura Soap with touches of Ointment now and then as needed meet with the approval of the most discriminating Idcll for every-day toilet uses. •maple XM> rim »j Hail. Addren piat^ud: "C «u««r%, Vfi. MA, iMtM." Boia svnr.-irbertt. Boap &e. OlBUBiot X mod fiflo., Talcum So. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. PHYSICIANS. HS.BREV00RT.Mt). Practice Limited to " , Office Treatment «* Chronic Diseases Exaininatlon and Diagnosis Fraa. •U West. First St..' Hutchtnion. Kan* Kate Williams •;' CITY VISITING NUR8E orrioe with Dr. Louise P. RlehmMKL Bulte • t:i Itorabaugh-Wlloy Building, i Phone 2S53W. TESTING EYES AND FITTiNG SPECTACLES it our specialty. Prices reasenablal accurate service. SHIPMAN BROS. Over Commercial National Bank. Phone 3369, AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY Accessory, Supply and Repair Booses AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY 114-116 Sherman St, East Auto Supplies, Tools and Qaraga Equipment, Distributors: Bosch, Connecticut, Atwater, Kent, Stromberg Carburetor*, and Leak Proof Rings, Phone 3000. -"QUALITY IS ECONOMY 9 '— THE ™VanZandt | " p «» DISTRIBUTORS ! I3-15-10 First Vast 11 . i '. """ REO Automobiles and Trucb HASKARD MOTOR CO., \7 First West - Phone 243 WI6HITA Arnold Auto Go. HUTcmNWN Mannon——liiiynei—Doda^e Brotb«n pt.on» H9r AutomQblljes u E ».» Fir** $% PAT/11? — <( Tlie Molt Beautiful rAlKJli car inAmffiw" Ttie Salt City Motor Car Co, 123 Sherman M*\ Alio StuOe))il<er Parti and Serrts* Electric Mttery S Repair Co, DIST«,BUTQH 9 WILURO ST0RA0£ BATTGSl&SL ' - Ua»<| by *7 Par Csat of All M «atif ««tur«r« LABQMT, BSPAIB »TATI9N IN »SAN»A» 1W 'Mtrmw I M C Pbani Wr rnii IN»PB«TI9W 9f ANY •ATTSHY AT ANY TIWi bOINQ THEIR bUTV. Score*, of Hutchlnton Reidsra af* Learning the Duty of Die Kidneys. • To lliter the blood le the kidney's duty. When they fall to do this, the ( Wd-i,' ncys are weak. Backache and other kidney lllft may follow: IIolp tho klrlnpya dovlhilf work. Vsc Doan's Kidney Ptlln—the tested kidney remedy. llutchlneon people endorse thctr worth, D. II. JartcJa, prop. Bmcery store, 522 n.. St., W„ i llulchlnson,. says: "1 suffered badly with kidney trouble and my efforts to get relief were un? succcsstul until 1 used Doan's Kidney Pills. Doan's cured me anil during the yours that hove since passed 1 have had no further trouble with my kidneys. I cohstiler Doan's Kidney Pllla a fine medicine and If I didn't know they wore offpctlvu I certainly wouldn't recommend them." Price 60e, at nil dealers. Don'l simply ask for a kidney remedy—get Doan's Kidney Pills—the same that Mr. JarviB hail. PosterMllhurn Co,' Mfgrs., Buffalo, N. Y. McVAY LIVERY TAXI—BAGGAGE Phone 86. Opposite Convention Hall. , RAILROAD TIME TABLES. SANTA FE C«<t&eund. I Tha Navajo I Chicago Llmltrd... n Chicago Kxpleaa.., fn^'o^aht 10 Thi, Scout II Kanaaa city J.'|ler M ^aaaeufier j. tu MS Puasetufer " I Jit 608 II. Ik M. I'aiauncer Ar ' I'll 71 Wav KreiKht..*!:....''.^;;? ^ «V4aibound. « I Tho Scout «. M i ' J ,-t e California Limited*, llju 'Ihe Colorado lixpiea*. - -* 7 largo tail U Tho Navajo ' J1 Colorado Kaat Mail.," &C5 I^aaMeiiK^r 667 Paaaengt-r " 1*67 t'aaaeneer 6f)7 II. & ti, l'asaeneer..',' 73 Way I-rulBht (Motn . J7 Way l.-rcl K ht iBraoci •°° «:0» <:M M:st 12:m .. 9:26 ..Il.'wO . 7:41/ . 4:it 6:S6 4.-UU 4:36 a-.m a:06 MISSOURI PACIFIC, araaibound. Wo. 434—I*oca! Paaaenner ... No. <sc—I_ocaJ t-rdiint , „ , VVeawouna, No. 423—I.«cal Paaaunver ... . No. 431—Local Paaaeofer ... No. 49E—Local Freight ( ' p. m. P. Q), IV UT. a. m. a. m. «. m. P. m. p. m. Vf -m. P- m. p. 1U. P. m p. m p. tu. a. In. a. in. p, m. a. a. a. ra. a. m. 10 am 36 pm lu pm 10 Pm am 40 am ROCK ISLAND, Caat Qaund. 14. .Ar. t:3t «. m .. Popart 1:46 No. No. 4 NO. 2 ' No. SO, Local rceijni. , W«t Bound. No. I , No. 3 No. 33..Ar. 8:26 p. m., Depart (isj No, HI, Local Flelsllt ] : <0 11:10 10:10 , 12 .-16 T :2o' 4:10 l>, m. p. in. ARKANSAS VALLEY INTERURBAN. Eastbound. Klec.trlc tr. Ina for Newton, Wichita "and Int^rmedtuta uolnta > leave llutc^'.naua :ac 6:30 A. It. 6:30 A. M., Uinltal: 1M A AT. »,15 A. M.,10-,36 A. M„ 11:60 A. II." Limited; lilt, IV „M,. 2:30 P. M., 3t»9 l'. •».;> Limited; 0:10 ('. Al., 6:36 P. M., 7:65 1'. At., 9:15 p. M., 11:10 P. M. . liVosLvaund. Rlectrlc trains from Wlchlia, Newton and lntermedJato i»lnta arrive at Hutcii- Ivtson at 7:40 A. M„ 8:30 A. M„ Limited; 10:16 A. SI., 11:36 A. M„ 12:65 P. M., 1:611 !\ M., Limited; 3:35 P. M., 4:66 P. M„ 6:60 P. M., Umlted; 7:35 P. M., B:56 P. M„ 10:16 P. M.. 11:35 I". M. 1:30 A. M. Directory > of the Rorabaugh-Wiley BIdg. Elevator service day as* olfftt. ARCHITECTS 9 MANN A CEROW Roomi 7it-12. Phone 116*. ATTORNEYS WM. H. BURNETT Attorney-st.Law tot R.-W. Pldg. DENTISTS I. J. JONM, Otnllat. 8ult« BtJ.1t, Phone sow. paysicx^Ns AND SUUGEONS H. M. STEWART, M. O. •HIM in. Special Attention to Cya, Car, Neat and Threat 6laa»ae Aswranly Fitted. Or. Btla MunHea Dr. W. N, Mua4*U OR8, MUNPELL, •ulte Ml P--W. W«f. Phone miw O. A. RLApDCL PHYSICIAN AND BURGEON •uil* ill. Offloe Phone Wte. Hee. Phona 17 «a PR. LOUISE F. RICHMOND, •ulte Kl. Offlcf Phone 2WW. Reildence J6a »n Q. A. CHICKERINQ, ' Phyelcitn -tMrfion. Ut* Trt. H1W- OBIe, Tto, HUW. v iaite Ml. PR. A, G. HEALL Physician and Surgeon 8pc«W Dlufuoala, Phones:, Office ja »fW, n#a. S551 Pr, H. P. 8TERRETT Practice llrnMed tt) Bye, ear, nose aud throat. It pom 60» Hoiabaufh-WUey BWg, 1'bose WO. iiEAJ, ESTATE AXli

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