The Wellington Leader from Wellington, Texas on April 23, 1964 · Page 7
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The Wellington Leader from Wellington, Texas · Page 7

Wellington, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1964
Page 7
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DIDACTICS —By Dmkins Wells Officials of the Farmers Coop ,GHn in Wellington Went to the hearing on a restraining* order in Wheeler April 16; but the plaintiff and his attorneys did not show. The restraining order and application for a per- marfent injunction .was dismissed and the gin officials promptly issued orders for the rebate checks to be put in the mail. So the rebate checks from both Wellington and Dodson are now circulating. More than one person has challenged my remark of last week about the money from the rebate checks changing hands four times in two months. They claim new money ...introduced into the channels of trade changes hand five times in thirty ; days, I believe that the figures they are thinking about refer to payroll money, which does change hands rapidly?- in a few days. Some of these big farm operators with money in the bank may keep most of theirs for weeks or months; but eventually it will go for gasoline, insecticides, fertilizer, new farm equipment, etc. Money does change hands faster than you think. The big news/aTtouti Go-ops this week is the Greenbelt Electric Cooperative which will be observing its., Silver Anniversary, at -the annual meeting an 1&e Community Building Friday, April 24. It does not seem like it has been that long since THEY SERVICE GREENBELT LINES Greenbelt Electric Co-operative, Inc. has two service men located in each of three towns, Wellington, Wheeler and Clarendon. Here ready to load a regulator are Donald White, center, and Dick Pendleton, right. Looking on is Paul Baker, in charge of building and ground maintenance. Fifth for WHS Tennis Team Wins District 2-A Title Orval Couch at the suggestion of Harry Patterson was out rounding up members for the proposed co-op. Orval had some lively tales about the year he spent in getting it started'. His biggest bust was in going to see the Hollis Chamber of Commerce — they (promptly started organizing one of their own. Another tale <was that he went without salary for over a year and at one time owed 01- a year's grocery 'lie Raburn bill. If you want a vivid picture of the changes the Electric Cooperatives have brought to farm and ranch living turn over to another part of the paper and read the advertisement of The City State Bank. The idea is that of Zook Thomas, who once worked for this newspaper., Even the suggestion for the type of illustrations he wanted came from Mr. Thomas. This is root something he read in a book or a magazine — Zook was there when the water was carried from the well. George Henry and his associates have done a splendid job in carrying on this work and we extend our best wishes. Their work is important to our community and their members appreciate the way .they get out after tornadoes, bl&zards, and freezing rain. It is a service that deserves commendation. The service work of all the utilities after storms and in times of danger is something that stirs the imagination and the courage and hardihood of the men who climb the poles and fix the mains whether it be gas or water or electricity is something that we should esteem beyond the more glamorous activities of The Wellington high school tennis team won the District 2-A championship Friday, April 17, the fifth district tjitle in athletics for this season, Coach E. W. Clement announced. Betty Courtney won the girls singles and Bfll Spill-man tfie senior (boys singles and will compete in the regional Inter- soholastic League contest; - at Luibbock Thursday, April 23. Joe Wood won the junior boys singles, but junior winners complete no higher than district. Wellington made 46 points to win first place, whle Memphis was second with 35 and Clarendon third with 13, and ILefors fourth .with 10, Clement said. Betty drew a bye in the first round, then defeated her opponent from Clarendon. She won the finals from Memphis 6-4 and 6-2 for the best two out of three. Six teams were entered. Beverly Singley and Carol Blain, the doubles team, Jost out to Clarendon in the first round 6-3 and 6-2. Six t^eams were entered in this division also. Spillman won over his opponent from Canadian Thursday, then returned Friday to defeat his Lefors opponent 6-4 in the first round of the (best three out) of five. Bill lost the next two 2-6 and 5-7, then came back and won 6-2 and 6-3. Phillip Hughey and Mike Hughs won over Clarendon an the first round and then lost to Memphis in the finals 6-0, 6-0 and 6-1. Five school's were entered in each of the 'boys events. In the junior division, Joe Wood defeated his Clarendon opponent to win first place, while Neal Roberto and Lewis Watkins lost to Clarendon and received second. Only two teams were entered in each. Becky Brewer, junior girls single, was defeated by a Memphis/ player in the first round and in the gdrls doubles Nancy Holton and Regina Ferguson won their first match with Lefors, then 'lost to Clarendon.. Band Trio •our super athletes. Lying in our warm beds we take their work for granted; but as a former city official I have been there as they went to fight fires or repair damaged lines after a storm and I have a vivid recollection of their ordeals. These are strong and able men and deserve our thanks. There will ibe a meeting in the County Court room next Tuesday, April 28 at 8 p. m. to explain the new wheat and cotton program. :Since the new program ds fairly' complex and 1 there is more than one option on the cotton program it might be a good idea to make your plans to attend the meeting. New School Honors Walker Dedication of the new $175,000 Merle Walker Junior High School at Idalou was held Sunday, April 19. The building is named.for the school system's late superintendent Merle Walker, a native of the .Samnorwood community and former school head there. A portrait of the late Mr. Walker was unveiled during the dedication ceremonies. Walker was superintendent) of the. school 17 years .until his death in January. The school will have 'am enrollment of 330 students <in the sixtih through ninth grades. Mrs. Barney Walker attended the dedication and visited with Mrs. Merle Walker and children. Garden Club — from page one projects. Presentation of the awards was made at the banquet on the closing night of the convention. The certificate, which accom- -from page one panied the $80 check received rij* n r>i°^ enT T In i co .™ 6 ^ Solo: I ^ the Wellington Garden Club ^ ..., ^. reads: "In recognition of your club's activities in. planting the seeds of civic development amd improvement for present and future generations to harvest. This citation is presented to Wellington Garden Club as a participant in the Civtic Beau- itification Program sponsored by Texas Garden Cluibs, Inc., and Sears, Roebuck & Co," Cairol Blain David Groves TO THE VOTERS OF PRECINCT 3 I take this means of soliciting your vote, for your Commissioner in the May second Democratic primary election. Due to my duties, and the death of my brother, which was such a shock to me, I haven't been able to see you personally. I want you to know that I will appreciate your vote. If you see fit to elect me as your Commissioner for another term. I will endeavor to serve you to the best of my ability. I have certainly enjoyed working for the precinct and county for the past three and one-halt years, have appreciated your cooperation. There h*y* been problems to solve, but I have enjoyed working with the other members of the court. ej Emmert (Paid political advertisement) II; Bryant Harris II; Clarinet trio, Kathy Davis, Cheryl Needhom and Jan Bowen II; saxophone quartet, Jane Orr, Sammie Thompson, Graham Bowen and Linda Moore, HI; bass sextet: Nancy Crawley, Raymond' Horton, Tommy Thomas, Charles Black, Dan Warrick and Jackie Barton, III. In the concert and sight reading contest, the Wellington 1>and received an "Excellent" or second division rating, one of only 13 given among tihe 52 bands entered. The three contest numbers were "Rifle Rangers," "Panis Angelicus" and "Praeludium." The judges' comments included such remarks as "Many nice things about .this group," "rich sounding," "plays with enthusiasm," and "you have the makings of a really fine group. With better style, etc., you should make it," and "better control of dynamics and balance could make you outstanding next year." Sixty-four boys and girls made up the band for the contest trip. in 5-B; Down Mobeetie 13-3 The Quail Quails moved to first place in the District 5-B baseball race by downing Mobeetie 13-3 at Quail Tuesday, April 14. Dale Morris gave up 6 hits and was the winning pitcher. Cudgel of Mobeetie allowed the Quails 8 hits and was the loser. Joe Harris, Smokey Mitchell and Don Morris led the Quafils' hitting attack. The Quails committed 3 errors while the Mobeetie .team made 5 mistakes. _^ Score by innings: ""•Mobeetie'""" 0 1 002 Quail 00 6 5 2 Mobeetie: 3 runs, 5 hits and 5 errors*; Quail: 13 runs, 8 hits, and 1 3 errors. District 5-B Standings Team W L GB % Quail 200 1.000 •Samn'rwood 11 1 .500 Hedley 1 1 i .500 Molbeetie 0 2 2 .000 Singing at Memphis Sat. The singing school that has been in progress, for two weeks in Memphis will close Friday night. Rev. Cook has been the instructor. To climax this school, there will be a Saturday night get- together, starting at 7:30 p.m. at the First Christian Church in Memphis'. Attending will ;be quartets and singers from Amarillo, Plainview, Vernon and, Hollis. The public is invited. Track — from page one principal, is also tennis .team coach and ., will take the two entries. Betty Courtney will represent WHS in the girls singles and Bill Spillman in the boys singles. This is Betty's second year to play in the regional. Chorus — from page one have not been received. Members of the Booker T. Washington choir are: Sopranos: Nellie Sue Sango, Dorothy Thomas, Lou Helen Moore, Sally Meadowsi, Carolyn Kilgore, Velma Jane Bess, Christine Wiggins and Thelma Armstrong. Altos: Marie Kilgore, Mae Frances Moore, Altie Marie Patterson, Edina Sango, Lillie Sango, Alice Williams, Mary Ingram, (Betty Rose Moore, Irene Dawkins, and Rose Sterling. Tenors: Jesse Cuipepper Jr., James A. Smith, CaJvin Culpep- COOLING * OU fife a! New Way To Be Suddenly Slim, Comfortable, Too Los Angeles: Are you a woman whose figure is on the good! side but might look perfect? You'll be thrilled by .the new easy way science has discovered for you to become Suddenly Sldm and yet more comfortable. If you're more than 15 pounds overweight, then this idea is not for you. If your weight problem falls within this range, then you can realize a new, smoother figure today, without diet or exercise. Suddenly Slim is an all-new kind of 4-oz. girdle constructed of science fibers.'One startling innovation is the shear nylon, front panel. This is permanently stiffened by a science process and ,cannot give or , sag. It's surrounded by a slimming action border* A featherstitched panel down each side of this girdle will contour your hips if they are a problem. The girdle itself is of a "wonder" Lycra spandex Wend. It's a new power net consisting of nylon, acetate and spandex. Itl is so comfortable, but has l such slimming strength, it gives your figure everything that's possi- iWe ,.w:ith a. foundation, "Suddenly Slim," Sn 'both girdle and/ panty versions,, is the peak achievement of the California designer-genius, Oliga, They're available in our area at Saiied's Department Store, phone 447-6747. ••¥• WINDOW AIR COOLERS With an Arctic Circle V-Series Air Cooler you can adjust the cooling to meet changes in outside temperature. Increase the volume and speed of air delivery on hottest days and reduce volume and speed in milder weather. The beautiful grille has patented ball-bearing suspended louvers that can be easily moved to direct air flow wherever you want it. Come in and see how easy it is to have cooling as you like it. We Carry a Complete supply of . . . PUMPS • PADS MOTORS •TUBING • FITTINGS See us for Air Conditioning Supplies and Service HARDWARE & FURNITURE per,. George Washington, Harold Ray Jones,- Willie Lawson and Ronald Barr. Bass: Calvin Roland, Terry Jones, Robert Barber, John Price, Claude Barber, Jimmie Barber, Bobby Powell, Calvin Thomas and Bowdin Jones, RITZ Thurs.-Fri.-Sar. GA A TOWN IN DANGERI ...and a young girl matches fear with courage! WALT DISNEY resents Sun.-Mon.-Tues. GA MAGNIFICENT NEW TRIUMPH .FROM THE MAKER OF 'EL CID'! SAMUEL BRONSTON 55 DAYS AT PEKING SUPER TECHNIRAMA TECHNICOLOR Wed., April 29rh Bargain Hire ?/ RUN f OFTHE [ARROW THE WELLINGTON (TEXAS) LEADER ; April 23fl 9*4^ — The feinale octopus may pro- in one spawning, Romans invaded Britain main- f. **V i*.^*Jtf *«*B1* WVW£T — M mmfvrj AWVB>«»»«a0 *•* V **UVU ,_ JJH, A VCvlll Til HI Tl — duce as "many 06- 326,000 eggs ly to-tap the island's mineral wealth. VOTE TO ELECT Charles L Reynolds District Judge 100th Judicial District Subject to Democratic Primary, May 2, 1964 • LEGALLY TRAINED • LEGALLY QUALIFIED • LEGALLY EXPERIENCED in all District Court Proceedings • The Only Candidate who is a Law School Graduate Being "Acceptable" or proposed by an outdated irrelevant 10-year-old petition is Not Sufficient for this Office If you are not acquainted with my legal ability, character and integrity, consult your own personal attorney, or those who know me, before you cast your vote for this important judicial position. (Political advertisement paid for by Charles L. Reynolds) Your Assessor-Collector Must Know the Property As well as the People I Solicit Your Vote for the Tax Office In the May 2 Democratic Primary I have lived in Collingsworth for more than 40 years. I know most of you and I am familiar with your property here. I worked in the office of the collector and assessor several years and later you elected me to fill the office, a total of 6 years experience. If you select me to continue as your tax assessor and collector, I will make every effort to see that all property of every person is equitably rendered and I assure you that no favoritism will be shown. I will personally contact every property owner for the purpose of making a rendition. I will appreciate your vote. In return I promise hard work, every courtesy, honesty and equitable renditions for all, and no favoritism. SINCERELY Hubert Mauldin (Paid political advertisement)

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