The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 26, 1931 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1931
Page 4
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FOUS DAILY HEWS. ntEDXlXCnC, MD., fATTODAY. PgQBMBBK 16, 198L lliii i AJUL* ·T--- vtes-Pos*. £TIU«US« Coart SSntt. , ^ S^LTKEiw PKDrHKO AND » JJEJl£BE3v OP ASSOCIATE; PJ THE INQUIRING REPORTER Aaks Five Person* m Quefttoa. The Question. How do you lUe the 1932 license «·(·' The Aaswen. JOHN M. RCSSEi: "Fine. TbeyTJ .»« better after tie flr»'. of ti* year SOCIETY Social acttrtty !s FSedertck U stag- Terstty, where Mr. Suite fe eio en- · Amoa Stirgoe and family, sear Baltt- r » reel "oottetoack," after many roUed. 'mare, ani Mr. P H. Bearers. Wasb- of taac"rtr acd tedK»*^r«« ' -nr-on. Mrs. Bargee. Sr. and ilj* Miss Margaret Sager *13 fire a eras* Burgee v_ttec Mr. and Mrs. Bo- seheon today In honor of her sister, =er. J Waliea and Mrs NorrJ*. Union The annual danoe of the Mlas Elizabeth Sager. of Philadelph'a. i Br.dg*. one day last week. Frederick cotOion CSub oa Monday , j " - " Ool William P. Lane and Messrs j Miss Helen Pearson, county horn* anaounc- Or.wsfcbt and Maddox Laae. Hagert- | demonstra: on agsnt. left Saturday G K HOFFMAN ' I do not think they nljflt !* expected to be the largest held *-" i'-sie ij as well TlLi year's by the club for years. It --zi '"re eas'e- to -*ad~" ed today *ben 70 out-of-town gueaU ' town, spent Christmas with Mr. aad i 5prC i the CnrLtmas to-day at her skBSL£Y ' I ^;B Ue tac» are mere ateady listed for the erect, and i Mrs. Charles 6. Lane, in. East Second home la Madison, Wss. Tber can be «een »*" a larje number of members eypected to street. , ,n= are better than U year**" attend. ~ j R RICE "Kasen'*. taken a Music Jor the dance will be furn'abed j The Contemporary Club win meet oi at tnem yet " · by 1/wa Beckert Urd Baltimore hotel January 4 at the residence of M^s MR. ROGERS LOOKS INTO FUTURE OF TWO NATIONS O F T H E F A R 4 .NLGLECTED RESOLUTION". t We ^-'ie no · to preaca and ar» *'- i*~are good resolutions ccnsti- t tjie a tender su:;ect--seeing how j -,._-; ;.. : -J cii are broken W-Jim i trc ^rit i. - *t.._s c! each new jear | N; cleis we er.:ure a wjp of ad- j ·. ce tc t! OK "ho are about to greet the tit cay c! 1?32 *:thout deSmtely · cic'd-r? **iat --.· are or are net go- J .r.g to d" Tc-s y_ssev.i:n of ours Is not ne' To the Editor of The N Pe^?inj. Dec. 26--Had a talk with the (younj marshal) Cr^r^ Si Lang. He was the War Lord o! Mar.chvirii arid aU Man- c.-.uria s?o£.t EnjlSih and wa» a very ar:; young JeZlow -Js^ig -ou go: to say about ',h-iw C.-Jneie They are good -JM-S There !s no japping of excuses He thinks that China wiH erea- t^s'.ly ahiora the Js-»ne« the «am« sjs they absorbed the Mongolians who csp:-red China so much they jorchertra and a buffet ten**""" wll! be Keaoor Johason. East Second street. | served at midcifhi. Patron* and pa- j tron«tea will be. Mr and M». Eoiaaes! Lieut. Commander Allen O. Qaynn, ' D Baker. Mr. and Mrs. Tbema* B. P- S. N . who has been stationed at :h- _ ! Hayward Mr. and Mrs. John R. Boston Navy Yard, Beaton. Mass, has SHeraaey 'MT. and Mrs. W. Harry Hal-!°*a ipe=:i,j several days with Mrs , ! tar Mr. aad Mrs. Robert L. WarSeM. I Quynn and rii family is this city, but i aad Mr. aad Mrs. R. B. Town. The jpSanaed to return to Beaton today, event win be held between the hours of Miss Anna D Veraon, of Baltimore. ^^.5.^ Mr and Mrs. W. R. DeLash- ,,,.,^ Cpper coiijge Terrace. Mr. CarroU Jamee, of Schenectady. ; Y , is apsrnd^x tne holidays with his :ts. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cnurch street. i 10 and 2 o'clock. About 120 member* aad tue«t» attended the «"rm»i Christmas dance o f ' Mr. Quycn, of the faculty of Duke University. Duham. N. C. Is spending the Christmas vacation with : D. Mrs Clayton O Keedy. West Church ' street, left Wednesday to spend Chr Or 1 inas hsr nephew. Dr. Cusds. In Waeh.ngton. Cpper College Terrace. the Otortfji Country Club Chrlatma* nlthi In the club bouse from 9JSO to 11 JO o'clock. An attractive Christmas Itree. laurel and de-oraUooB about the 'open flrepice were features of the wieel'-z w Vs *-·' f*.,. ~*-^v J1-.V..C.J. u» w.icc--i:£, rv va , an-. event, during «htch inuslc ^ir^ed fcy Zd Bnsith'fi «h! ' Mis Sars rr-iinder of the holidays. Miss Kath- itreet e M.tcheJ. of Wrieellng. W n^ ner quests for oier the Georgianna S. GItilnger. of the of St. Katharines School. Davenport, la. Is spending the Christmas vacation with her parent*. Mr. and was orehrstra. numbers. Refreshments *erc served at l 130 ,^-,-.- Le""!"- Char'es Ou-de-'rio-' o'cixk The dance-was planned by aad "K'nneth"pro-to' "Bilt'so-e "MJS WLU. ROGERS ,Mr. Francis M. Prlrot:. Patrons and ! ^.,,. n Ra . »^1 alM *a\* a «u~ - o ; , | patronesses were l!r. and Mrs. W. y. Jf " t "ts l"-'ud'c» Me^J'-j Gor*O" LeV« j Clinton Mt-Sherry. Mr and Mrs. Wil- T v e p " '^ · \A M , L.^ " v ^dl O A rpj TT r\ A V" PT-J A T I li * OJ B Lei 51 * 11 - Mrs B O Thomas. ,,/.% «!'«··«·-...- -.-% r,"- w ^"v,., w. o A I U r C i J A I L/JtlAl IMW. Ransom R. Le»^ aad Mrs. Pe- M- ana Mrs Alfred W. this '·· s r«nt C'lristrras w.-h r^^ In Bj THE GIXL ABOCT TOWN 931--a Christmas wi trott. oa: fc'ca-ise it is cot much used, may | be" as scod as new It does not | re;.i-re anv jps^!^' preparation such as i thrc».r.s a«rs" ash-trays or smashing '- ncw ^ even wis ;ry weather has now fcc!d Tuesday night at the school. cockta.l glasses. It does not even In- -piij*d JSM eternity." but galty of vDlv- £ufToca;!on of a habit, harmful or hearth ani horns and social activity i Haser^tcwn Tae 1! |a buffet supper Monday eitning prior the Cotillon dance. Mr and Mrs CarroU P Null and _uK.:t*r, Rejina. l^is c::y. Jet- oa .'a:."-caj 'cr Sojtii Orange. N. J. .-»--e 'hcv A::I s--r.(I thi. holidas · '--r scn-in-'aw aid ciaug ver. Mr and ^, Dcr^Id Wo'fe I Miss Marian Spinning. Summit. N J . u.J arr-.e Eur.--y .^gh: to spend n-c t n;e »l:h }!L--B Krlen Srn.-h. Mc- extraiagsn- and can be quietly c*noe«. luncheons and sup- SJJ:lne , ,. 3lght without arrscting ipcclal nctjce from . Jje anaaa: Christmas dance of the ~,y one--until It gets ir. good working Country ClJb begin the round o' events sched-iled for nearly every night till order. Then " may become a matter for comment, but only of the most prals- ,_.,.,. ca .. T f-jj sort In the Diet onary of Desirable Traits It is defined as tending to your crsrn business And It comes In assorted sizes, to St even t-~.ose who have little busnica to attend to. The annual dance of the Frederick [ High School Alumni Association w'llbe | Miss Mildred Sander, Baltimore, i th- :rc *· ^ * 1:h Ilsa Kr: «" jr-ieit of Mr ar.d Mrs Ellis B Harrj- --»^-J apartments. · iurz. Rork'xell Terrace, during the hoi- Cresap's RlHes will hold Its annual :i«y season -'- rs Elizabeth Ritchie. ChrifUnaa dance la the State Armory, i December 30. tc tho The { Mrs. Albert Frost and Mr - I Frost.ol Worcester. Mass . are the guests Neir Year's eve dsane of of Mr. and Mrs. Holmea D Biier, Wav- ··4'"^ " I " s J. Karry Brarsdsnfcurg. Montoaqiut rad's mother. Mrs. Harriett Pahmey, j ' " T! \. enue. j and h?r unrle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs \ CAN YOU BEAT JT Bal'imore, I seek olBosion. Mass, are visiting Mrs Con- Year: Christmas !s being observed . at till nighi. holiday t!mr F^ederlclc Is the best t.rce of alii * * * tho Catoctln Club, place December 31. hotel. 1 1 Inc.. will take · :rley Farms. at the Francis ! Mr and Mrs A B Collrfis and ch:l- -- dr^n. Co.'cje Park a- speni.rig: a n« i The court wh'ch awarded heavy damages to the man who lost his memory. 23, ! Mr_ Theroa Greene, of Columbus ·· :i Mrs Ccl^' sister, Mra Theror. SO. 's UK guest of Mr. and Mrs. R. E Owen, Norfolk. \ j I Town. Rockwell Terrace. ' ·- j | Misj Man belle Poole. st^o;rt n^rs; reminiscent of the 5,j r , nd jjj, xhonuu B Hayward ' it ' -.· Mar and Gereral Has^.-a:. Bi:West Indies Instead of Frederick, are with an j MJ.J E^zabeth ouF Tyler, spent .T-._CO. spent Car-tmii da. v.tir. h;r us and ths Christmas sp-rH is slight!;/ cft^imas day ittn Mr Haj-waros su- ;irert« Mr. ar.u Mrs Gr.'.nt Po"li- Mrs. B-'ydca. in Baltimore- Eact Char;h E'.rcet ! C. H. Rhoderisk at 127 East Thjrd Dr. and Mrs Dv.'.ght S Lee. of Wor- ' street. Mrs Fahrcey will acrorcpany j i--:.r Mass. :--vc arr.-el i^ Frederick =?r daugater. the- former Miss Grace i ., -. s : Mrs L-e *, Mr. ana ; Fahmey. and her son-in-law on the^- j 'I.-' .V.:.-arr- A Sr -.*-., 107 West rstum » Boston, where she wlE re- Foir'h 5're^' Mr O'i'-er M. Shioley, 1 n:a^i for a short while, Acrxsrapanyin^ ·-' t"-; Dccc.rtrr.cnt of Agriculture Lib- i Mr- m Mrs - Conrad on their \_s-t r-r.-. \Va3h:ngto" D C. f HI also spend j » Frederlok was Mr. Claiaujh Leitch, .. * ii~ i »»\*o^ ) " 1 ni5 ps,r^? r its * ~ -*·**"·- * · bright lighted ·»hen struci by a tap dancer's shoe , candles and "the cup that warms and which Hew off to ft Paris theater, prob- ! ccsers"_ proSably_ were ^jff^f^PJ- atly knows -svhat Parisian memories arc worth. j feeling of the religious slsniflcanc* of ' the time, entertainments and benefits are beln; corap'eted f-r the an- Mr. and Mrs. Reese Cassard. and' children, of Baltimore, are visit'ng Mrs Caisard's uncle, Mr Edwto C. Markell, ty Hod Club will he r.eld De- and her brother. Mr John Usher Mar- , camber 29 at Hotel Frcderi:^. The ( kell West Patrick street 1 = v «nt. whi:h will also be attended by · Mr ' members o.' the Cumberland Valle;. K' · hotel, sp, --- . Among those who will ectend th= H ^ c:jb * l - '^ Sc P'«« at : o'clock " Sedford. A scientist discovers that the slowest for the poor and needy made more ital- ' ,, ance to ^ g ven ^ Q,. ^^ j^ Oae Or 2Td Mrs T C y^c Routson. and ' «Y3.iln;t!n Mr Fjjt'o-2. xho is a stu- !' er.; ar We^'orn Ma-v'and College, i A. Rice. West Third street, z^ding ssverol cays wita Mr and A R!re ' Jr r ' Court street. Mr O F. Amick. of the Franca Scoti ,,. , ,. ., j thlckers hve longest. Tfaats the kind aspects, early services heralded Christmas with the features of the b^iine=s ' C. Perry. Bethesda, In honor . mse'.lng to be held in ccnne:t-cn with of their daughter. M-ss Isabelle Tracey tfce ' 730 i eers - w.l: be an elert.on of oHi- 's spenc Present officers are Miss Mar- ~vnt home , . »»··« ** TM - -- -- -- yj fclicli UaUKHtCr. ill ot a proposition that caanoi be proved , tia y iag ^ orgBn notes . ajjd ttcm then p^^. thto ^.cm^ _ af s busy mtersectlon. j on Christmas will be enjoyed, both truly . O . cl ^ , n ^ e Mayflower hotel Wash- i =:ene K c :a 'J T «". president; Mrs Ear! E ' """" e- MR,. Francis H. Mar- 2« ! S'-e-'- vlce-pr^'d-n-. M-3 Earl H --Ir- Prank V Anders, of Kent. Conn. Another fairly hopeless task Js undertaking to convince a fore'gn visitor that the American dollar buys only half as : as it once did. Kunkel Danlell. Mrs. 1 H:)ward - se-retory; M.SS Grace I^ujh Mr Weitzc!, who VK been , Ox Fibre Brusn Company, San- · ford, fla, h2s assumed charge of fc*.«; ' i duties as superintendent of the loca: { ^. 7~. ,, . ' Ox F.bre plant and had been fa Fred- Ma- N .snacurs. of the lacultj erfcjs . but jj now -^th his family IE ' A-^-t-a-jn - ^i~rt C--:vVt ,e a f hpr- _ t s A=napo_ is at her * * * If there was any business transacted j this week taad there was. of course), who wishes tc hear about It--except the opening of the Commercial Bank of So live your life that If you arc elect- Maryland and the mailing of checks ed to congress, it won't make much dif j to shareholders in the Central Building ference hw hard the stevedore drops ' and Loan Association' Thoses two "items," interested vitally hundreds of your trunk. I ·p-»rf» r r i r T^n!ins and were most wel- Wlncbrcnner. Mrs. Charles . treasurer. ths holidsvs Mr E R Sa?er, manager of the Fort ~ ojt is iSteubcn hotel, Stsuie-r. 1 !e. O. is Mrs H T. Lewis, of Brooklyn. N. Y , ' spe , n ^ n « Ul « T^f ^^ **'* Sa£ " s visiting her daughter, Mrs. T. Stuart 1 · ind to falni!r Ln this ' " on N'ortn Market s:reet curing j venaoat. Xe.;hjjurs his been Cnester Turfcer. Annapolis, at his home in tria city- Aboui all we can see In this business older Is 1 corcie signs ol Christmas, but other than that, isn't everyone forgetting prac- 1 I Mrs Paul Rhcadas. East Patrick street, entertainer at an en'ovaK? children, of York. Pa, and Major and ^SeS^f ^*^^ Huth Gs.e. student at Nsw York I Lr.-.err.ry, nos retu-r.ea to Frederick ' DC the Cnrstrrao -.acat.on. ' Miss Lorraine Cuoitc. of Philadelphia. ^ visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs George Cubitt, taU c:ty. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Davidson anl een ' Misses Katherice and Margaret Web!- ' the e r are spending Cans.ans wita their 1 Mrs. Matthew C Fenton and children. of Baltimore, are guests of Mrs. Chas. were 12 guests Dorothy nenaann. who has been ' - -;h.n; s.'. Dur;dalk, ^ s-^ndn-s the e r are spending .-- iays her parents. Rev anc parents. Rev. Dr. aad Mrs. Charles E V s E A G Hermann, Xortn Market wehler K the manse, on West Second street. B Trail. Court Squarc. Merrbcrs o: one of tre 'ocal card M- Eu-sna Tharaas. -ear Fredarick, world echoes the time ! suest of honor at a dinner to be given Miss The:ma Culler. Eave i equal r^ husbands yet? Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Brown. Jr.. Keswick Road, Baltmiore. are receiving congratulations upon the b!r"_h daughter at the South Bait more General hospital- Mother and daugh- are getbng alocg nicely. RBS-U S.PAT.OrT. O 1931 3Y MEA SERVICt INC. Another dl^l failure is man's effort t * n £ -^ ^^ ^K^ to look mocest while admitting he was , ^ _ M A W V ESTHER cry. ' out the old! Ring In by her cousins. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore ' . , ____ .. __ x- -- f. VA^T- r#nu'r? nr?nr fn tVw* fVrflP'rvr* ^T!e« C Few ihings are more useless than a ^ tsr Daily Lesson English Bible Thought Year Gould, prior I Dennis has been studying at the Ne^ c xhicr Pi "idc"3 v ii York School of Fine and AppLed Arts. p ar er.ts ' M- and Mr; i ind later In the year plans to sail for RoViwen Terracer Pari-; to study at the Paris branch of the j "_! school She plans to spend Easter i n ' Coa^t- and Mrs Arr.- rras no'.di ! England. G Os:ar Rhcads. East Second j President Joseph H. Apple and Mrs D- \ V Larcpe, oi Ph.^,' Apple, Hood College. w.U attend the The boy who asked Santa to bring; htm a dog. Today In History {more famous for their composers a. Mr Wal'rer Carty of Straw-bridge and crother o' M-3 R-C3CS was tne latter's Christmas dinner of the Hamsburg is vis.t-g cis :-est -'or part o: Cnr^trcas Day I Hood Club Monday nght, after whjch ( J Dr. Apple win remain in Hamsburg ( Today's Anniversaries* Mrs J C and da^.ii-ar Ruth -jatil the following day xraen he will be . 1"1B--Thomas Gray, famous English' of Cur^:J3rl2rc. are s^cnl^s i.:e Chnst- 'guest of honor at the Washington. D. ! poet. bom. D.ed July 30. 1771. .:-. M-J Junes'daughter, i c_ Hood Club event. Later he will be 17S3--Mary F. SorcerviUe, Englsb as- on B--SCC. hear Frc_-r.:k. 1-ad as Vrs G:crr? H A:e\a-=er, 255 East | hor . or gyest at a number of other Hood ' '""' * --Alma Gltsck, opera satgeri * * * Wlisn liberty dies, history win ! the.r r:es_«. CVis' DJT Mr and S-:?r.d s'rcct And Bsa'n. -ahoin should I ^_ re? Mrs IsabeUe Kunkell Danlell has re- M-S C do E B :r^e o: 3u: r.e' 1 Tr..turn=d to Frederick, after spending rcrsltv ' LCTUSU-S. P2 . Mr ^r.c! Mrs Waldorf-Astoria ' J_ _ Mr and Mrs Dnv.d O Consrd. of Thsv serve God «e»' rr.-c-"KZ-'.'J'."city of any cresrurrs--?.Irs Xortoa. S. - :'. z .1 ha : .e fvn " . Iron Pro- ~~ v . sene Rs HaHer and Mr W. . have as therr , r ir Admit Fart In Kidnappin face. pr- -ce ^:TOC ,:'.cri V.'.-a S*_J:T - ~:E a ~ ord Cr:oun\, pre- hree t^r:es o-r ; y Y Aso Today The Itercs trcrn the columns e) s. IXCTr.bcr 26. 1S11 ) tant c.ty in Flapper Fanny spite overcast SKX-S and a pcn- etra-ins damn. Chr-jt-rnas cay was f _.,_ c{ . ar Ji i-£e v ce'earated The cav :eL o= Mmcav. douOjr.5 the cr.urches t v -ous;h~:- the anJ Sa'-.atice Arm; fcr. -a loQ rsx: r^r- for the Cotillion Club daace. M-s:rs Frances Morton and Eleanor ] Baltimore: Mirs Helen iMcPhcrs^n, Masters. CoL, and Messrs. I Ccpeland Monon. Jr^ Bait more: i Robon Adanis Sel'.ery. Chicago; Otis Wlngo and W^ham DuBoIse Sheldon. | Washington. George Hendenon. Cum- : oer^nd: Jarni5 Donr^Uy. Philadelphia: ' ar.d H »rtl- D;"ard. Charl-ottesville. Va. ' all o' whom will be guests at the resi- ! Jcrrc --r Mr. rr.u Mrs W. Harry Hal- I XT. I KA--SO-- - Mstr-osist Epjrcpal Mrs R.criard ivxts. Court Square, : TS rcmrr"xJ from a recent tr.p to Mr* E*y--vrd L-rs acd Mvss Mai"~-. of Pryn-cV-.n. Pa . are ih" «r:ests -f J.!r ar-d Mrr C'-^tcc MrS^erry. ! re*' Mrs tr-vy a-.d -rr.t? of V-» %tc- C r_^ - -s-.;;- ^?r ecus- I ~ De-re- of Bi-tasr*. | had as rx-r g-,:«rts Mr. ! rr; Rioderick D-rser.' Ts ~K Tao. n. Esws. C urch as K °* guesu iurlns te of ^--." v ard Mesrrs. H,-li:nd y^-i. Frank Masrer and Harrtstarg Pa Mr. rupriew of Mrs. Robert S T-« - A ·c-ffft supper tt-H bf at ·*- 7^-5-s res.i!fT:c« rrirr to Cot., .c- dsnce, Mr a- \:-*. Robert Watfon. cf A-"* i Abo .t r^r*v ·^'-·rnoers of J.i^curs , te Mr ·- C--rvn2ndery N'o. . Kr'r t^ TVrcr"^* r-ar'-c a tc-v?t at *·· r ^ s ^ r W.I ^m Br TT.TV, M»'is i. a ? 'he fas' was -"~r;xi r-t Err..r?r.i ;er A LeRoy McCardell K-rt-rcc^r Pa, are the poests of Mr 2-d 5:-« .TV a s Hershey. Frstr.rts Soc't Ktv :-.;:*! M-s. Watson Is U33 s_'Vr cf M-' Hcrshey. club festivities in other cities. Misa Em'ly G Apple, returned to Washington today after spending Christmas at her home in this city Miss Apple, who holds a secretarial po- tronomsr and scientist, "the most learned trcrnan Died Norcmber 1019--Krr-Tna. D. E. N. Southworth, ' noted Americsn auincr of her day. j bcra in Washicgtcn, D. C. Died i there. June 29. 1S99- of St Paul's, ·» * * Ttaes of stress brln^ people I wanted to become a piano tmj 1 because my father ·sr^s a do:tor arns sition at George Washington Dnlversty. 1322--Eion Boucicault. noted Araericaa ta: , to {o " :o Xotra Miss Alice Crotcers. student nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital Balt^nore. spent Thursday and part of Christmas day with her mother, Mrs. WJ, am Orcthers, College Park. Mr. aad Mrs. Lawrence Gcrorley. of Wash~.ctca. D. C. ?-·· th° g--:ssts of Mrs. Gourley's aunt. ?.:js Mary C. Ramsburgh, East Second street. rural, hero cf the Sjxintsh-Arrie-ican War. bem at Mcatpe^er. Vt. a , January 16. 1917. Todsy In History. 177--Wt3h_nston surprtssd and de- fea-ed the Br.ti.-h at Trcntcn, X J. 1805--First Odd Fe^c-- IxxJge in A--cnca crcar:.7-= ortb, mo~e ca The Labor Part" c^ss r.ot sell ?· ·--Ccontecs or T"ar~.:k, Ssgian- --President HOONT- Mr end Mrs. David Mulllnix and d'ugrter Th-lms. and Miss Edi-n Rad c_C --ere guests today of Rev frc ?:-= A. E Snecegar, W«* C- jrch Luf s Stuff On. Tes. There Was A War! 7vlr 3-d Mrs H«rtert L, S'ra-vsc-urs rr r3-°r;t!: Mr asd Mr? H-ls S. 245 So-th CarroL street crd Mrs Rei;o s Harp Jr cc s^ of W»5I Rivr arc V*.- Today's Birthdays. Isa ah BoTrrnan, nof^d Xe~ Tcri. c"-r"a-~cr, prss.ient cf the Ir*-crr.a- ' -3.- o C^-c^a. 53 year? 253 toclav. fcr^'ed C^'.-sb^i Univers T.T professor sre s'·-..i .r ."f Eriglsn Ltcrar^rE born at Houltor =-1 f:r a tlrre theT've s'.rcpcd beh rj \Iavti5. 6^ y^^rs a«o *ocay -^r Chrtct-mas h^s ccen on otir mincL Hcn-v I. iiarrjrrar noted B^stDn r^-.i-.cncr. fc^-n in Brxvslyn, X. Y , 59 *~ trZs go-c s-asc- cf the y-^ar, -ears a?o fiiy ~-"« t~ rs --; *- o" _T and cresr, 57 --.'-= c.c. --ca- "^tr arid Mrs Stc-n_r S. Crarjer. P-r cin. ac-± r-rx TX- e*«r ITJ thess da: --X A. Z.VF3C3SOW ·r. Z.J'j Ad- -r:e i- 3- -h- T-^.--- C- Kos~ Sticklers _ Mr K^.r^3^ C.'~ Bureau Paul Sc v .e;(!t .fft. ar.d Lacv 3 vvnir.? both shOTn SD-V-. r^s-» co-fes.-^ Smith. Court pariiclpi'.cc-. ir p'ans wh.*h rs\-u:-«d .r. -he k.dr.*.??!-; o: Mrs X" Uc-n-.c v h-s r«:eftx last week Mr m.: ior.a.-e rf-^w rein .f^-ture.. a' Ksr-as C.'r ar. J . a d'-rard fs- $75 COO rariora II -f Cumberland. Mr i haj»e. ir.cW ; 3 student at Princeton Uni- , pr^oner. SLe v, a* a ".cfnay u. released t v .? SS hcurs Mrs. D:zr;e..y was held ^S tne ransom. Sold. O-i- -i H. M-roer an5 Son. res! es- ?.i^i V^w farm, '-ocated s«sr Lcag Co-r:er, in Howard cotir:~. con'a--^:g 13S a~es of :asd. iaprotee with seTer rc-n frarr* clwell-rg, ncc.vja-- c«utjujdlag5, 'o ?xlr and Mrv Walker L Hc^·3 of S_-Tv-j;ie, Va. Irr is g.vcn. Quotations -k^rs a-e ti; ·sv"I--c-do. ir re sre as rrizj sjlss as ^ 2-. Co'.-rrbji U I -an": 5" ^..A and · ' still. H:;s article says that ug^- --Robert Mostj^rcery, fl.m actor i * * * ' It is ?:vss'.:: e thi: noise atatsrcent is the only tains s"es,ary to pat America ' oa a m-osxcal par wiUi otaer gauaas Hutb romaa make tie test W fe- Do r^u mean to insinuate tha' Net la toe i-as:--Pathfinder. 2 B. 4 5 6 SCCUT P A N E L C*n vou s~l r he ^'oti, between jconl fflo pa.-»l «ro L-igLsh »onk changmg or.t ·cries to ton «ch ne* word? oe tcuta go iast

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