Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 29, 1961 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, June 29, 1961
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To City Subscribers: If you foil to get your Star please telephone 7-3431 by 6:30 p. m, and a special carrier deliver your paper. YEAR: VOL. 62 — NO. 220 Slat •( HOM. 1M». ftMt JM. It, tMt Star For Weather Report See Column at Bottoni 6f This Page HOPC, AKKANSAS,^tllS*fc:JUNE JO; 1961 O Member: Th* AMoclat»4 PMM ft Aurflt •urtaa «f Av. N« Paid Clrt'l S mm. tnrftofl Mcrth II, IMt — I.S11 PRICE 5c COPY Single Rocket Has Orbited Three Satellites By HOWARD BENEDICT CAPE CANAVERAL. Flo. (AP) —Tlio United Slates has hurled the first atomic battery inlo space as part of n spectacular sky-high triple pluy in which one rocket rammed (hree satellites inlo orbit. The successful orbiting of the nuctesyr device in one of the snlcl- litcl^'givcs American scientists n significant lend over the Soviet Union in I he race to harness atomic power for space exploration. A Thor-Able-Slar rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral Wednesday containing the three satellites stacked in its nose Ifke a three- scoop ice cream cone. Both stages of the 50-ton rocket cliejffd with drill-like precision and flung the entire package into orbit. Almost immediately, spring devices kicked the payloads apart and they continued to circle the globe on separate paths nearly COO miles above the earth. Officials reported early today that the atomic battery was functioning and that clear .signals were benig transmitted by till three packages. 'Jwis was Die first time the triple payloatl technique was at tempted. It raised to 43 the ntim her of U.S. satellites placed in orbit since the first went aloft 41 months ago. Another Thor-Ablc- Star pushed two satellites up a year ago. The 4'/i pound nuclear unit was- attached to the base of the largest satellite. This is Transit <1-A Impound forerunner of Die Navy satellite system designed to provide ships, planes and submarines with accurate, all-weather navigation. The other satellites were: A 55-pound sphere nicknamed GHEB which carried two detectors to measure X-ray radiation from the sun, Injury a 40-i-)bund" drUm-sha'pa' •pared ib measure intense radia lj$i in the Van Allen radiation bolts and lo report on aurora phenomena such as the northcrr lights. The instruments were de vised by Dr. James Van Allen of the University of Iowa whose graduates say the U. S. satellites discovered the great bands of radiation. But the starring role went to the grapefruit-sized atomic unit w^osc hot core contained a small Jhnount of plutoniiim 288, a radioisotope which generated heat up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Thermoelectric rods converted the heat to electrical energy which sent 2.5 watts of power to two of four radio transmitters and some instruments in Transit 4-A. The United States thus scored a historic beat over the Soviet Union in sending the first nuclear flavor.unit into space. Once perfected, these atomic batteries will provide satellites with unlimited power supply and permit communication with vehicles fired deep into the universe. Speeches and articles by Soviet seicnl'Hs report they are pushing development of nuclear units as being necessary for future space exploration. Champion Tractor Drivers Monty Okay for j Nashville Housing . The Public Housing Administration has advised us that it has approved a financial aid contract for the construction of 34 new low rent homes in Nashville, Ark. The estimated total development cost is $440,905, advises J. W. Fulbright, U.S. Senator and Oren Harris, Congressman. — Photos by Calvin J. Galdwell • HENRY MOSS ROWE, SON OF MR. AND. MRS. MOSS Rowe, Washington, Arkansas, is the senior winner in. the county 4-H Club tractor driving contest. Henry is a member of the Oian 4-H Club. ••••'. JIMMY ROWE, SON OF MR. AND MRS. CLAIBOURN Rowe, Route 3 Hope, is the Junior winner of the county 4-H Club tractor driving contest. Jimmy is a member of the Victory'4-H Club. This mokes two year* in a. row for-Jimmy to win this honor. .4 • - . , • Washington Observance Program Washington's big annual July 4 celebration will actually begin on July 3. Here is the program for the Iwo day celebration: Monday, July 3: Trail Ride from Arkla Village, Emmet to Washington; Millard McCauley, manager; Joe Booker, sheriff; 12 to 2 — Lunch for Trail Riders served by Foundalion at De- of Trail Riders; (i — Evening meal for Trail Riders served by foundation; Tuesday, July 4 — (Registration from 'J to 12 at The Tavern) 9:30 Easier Terms Bill Is Passed Housing 16 Highway J?ro|ect$ ^ontracfe<l LITTLE ROCK (AP) — The Arkansas Highway Commission Wednesday awarded 10 road and bridge contracts totaling more than $77 million and adopted an operational budget of approximately $22 million for the 1961-62 fiscal year The commission also ordered a study for a possible bridge across planning survey for a proposed highway loop around Tcxarkana The $22 million operational budget adopted by the commission is in addition to a .previously- By ALTON BLAKESLEE By JOE HALL WASHINGTON (AP>— The $5.1! billion omnibus housing bill has cleared Congress, carrying easier lerms for buyers of FHA-insurcd homes. A 53-38 Senate vote followed by a 221-175 House (ally sent the bill to President Kennedy laic Wednesday, giving him another victory on one of his "big five" domestic prpoosals of the 1901 session. The housing bill includes $2 billion foriMuih renewal, by far the largest amount ever voted for the slum clearance and rdcevelop- ment projects. • Under the moderate-income family section, a new administration-devised program, homes that cost, up to $15,000 can be bought oh 35-year mortgages and on up to 40-year mortgages if the buy cr's income is too low for the 35- year |)lan. The 'longer the mortgage, the lower the monthly payment.' The down payment on a $15,000 home would be $450. The bill also extends the maximum mortgage term on FlIA-in- sured loans for all family income levels from 30 lo 35 years, ami raises from $22,500 to $25,000.t mortgage ceiling on one-family homes. Arid tin: jjill.-'Uuts/jiri an icasi do'wn-payrhcnt schedule'under ilie general FIIA program: 3 per cent on the first $15,000 10 per cent on the nc.Nt $5,000, and 25 per cent on the remaining $5,000. Another provision would permit sale of land lo developers in urban renewal areas at lower prices 30 they could build middle-income housing. There have been charges such projects result in homes only for the wealthy and the poor. — Pioneer Parade; 11 — Civil j programed $535 million .construe- War Centennial Celebration. Roll 11'°" hudgct. call and mustering out of the Ilempstead ounly Rifles. Presentation of Flag, and speech which was made by Miss Belly Conway 100 years ago will be made by Miss Iloxie Wright, a niece. jreiit-great Weath er Experiment Station report for 24-hours ending at 7 a. m. Thursday, High 87, Low G4; Total 1901 precipitation through May, 21.2(5 inches; during the same period a year ago, 16.37 inches. 12 — Luncheon served at school gym, $1.50. Box lunches may be purchased on the Tavern lawn for $1.00; 1:30 — Forestry Queen Contcsl in front of Ihe Old Court House; 2:30 — Pilgrimage to historical shrines. Tour tickets for adults $1.00; children, 50 cents. Other attractions will include the grinding of meal on the 96- year-old grisl mill donated by the Goodlcll family of Ozan. A 2 Ib. package of meal will sell for 25e. Hot gingerbread and apple juice will be served on the veranda of Ihe second floor of Ihe Tavern. Arkansas: Clear to partly cloudy a^) warm through Friday with widely scallered thundershowers in north portion. High today mid DCs lo mid UOs, low tonight low tt)s to 70, high Friday mid 80s to mid 90s. Louisiana: Clear lo partly cloudy through Friday. A lew showers near Die coast. No important temperature changes. Low tonight 64-74, high Friday '(J5-00. Super Highway Segment Complete LITTLE ROCK (AP) - More than half of Arkansas' 520-mile Regional Forecast By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Central, southeast and soulli- wesl Arkansas: Clear to partly cloudy and c o n t i nu eel warm through Friday. High today near 00 central, low 90s southeast, low to mid 90s southwest; low tonight jnid 60s central and southeast, mid GOs lo 70 soul Invest. Northeast and northwest ArkanSMJ: Clear lo partly cloudy and continued warm through Friday. High today mid UOs lo low 90s, low tonight low lo mid UOs. segment of the interstate highway system has been completed, is jnow under conlracl or is in Ihc 'advanced planning stage, the Highway Department said today. The announcement came on the fifth anniversary of Ihe huge road building program which will liay u 41,000-mile net of four-lane. | controlled Access roads over the -country. ; The Arkansas routes run from Memphis (o Little Rock, Liltlc .Rock to Tcxarkana, Lillle Rock Highwya Dircclor F. R. Oliver said the department'sifinanccs arc in good shape and said'the state would be in a position to. use all federal aid funds authorized The commission has made no indication that it plans to ask 'Gov. Orval E. Faubus to call a special election to provide any funds lo malch federal aid: The 1961 legislature authorized Faubus to call such an election vole up to $20 million should the Highway Commission request it, Largesl of the 16; contracts awarded Wednesday went lo Foster & Creighton of.. Nashville, Tcnn, which bid $1,983,818 for a iMarkham Street traffic interchange for Little Rock's new third bridge and expressway All bids on a 17th job — a counly road project In Desha Counly — were rejected as being too high The commission also put off awarding a conlracl for the operation of a free ferry across the While River near Calico Rock The apparent low bid of $6,295- a-ycar for five years was sub- mitled by Troy Acheson of Moun- jtain View Second apparent low was $fi,400 annually. Stole Watershed Plan Okayed WASHINGTON IAP> — Tho House Public Works Comtnittco lias approved n development project for Muddy Fork of Ihe Illinois River watershed in Washington County, Ark. > , Cost was placed at $l,55;},75!>, including $7IO,fiO!t in federal money. The project and similar ones are planned to reduce floods by I r a p ping water in the upper reaches of streams by use of small dams and other work. The Arkansas job will be ready for construction without further congressional action if Ihe Senate Public Works C o m m 111 e o also lears it, Legislative Session May Come Aug. 1 LlTTLF, HOCK (AP.)~C!ov. Orval K, Kaubiis said today Hint, legislators willing, lie probably III call the General Assemby Ini special sessioii -'.round Ali(J t. Knubus wauls lo salvage a state mslruction program from defeat REPORTS — ADLAI STEVENSON, U. S. AMBASSADOR TO the U. N., right, chats with Sen. J. W. Folbroiht, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, before reporting to the committee on his recent trip to Latin America. — NEA Telcphoto Newly Named HD Agent in County LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Newly appointed' home demonstration agent- 'for:.iHernpslead, .-County is ;C.. Duncan,,..who-'- will ' Sondra Russell MISS SONDRA SHARRON Russell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Russell, is entered in the Forestry Queens contest which will he held July 4 in connection with the Washington celebration. assume her' ncwj duties at Hope beginning July 1, according to Director C. A. Vines, Agricultural Extension Service, U of A. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Chiklress, • Nashville, Mrs. Duncan recently completed a Muslcrs Degree in Home Economics at the U of A. She has a similar BS degree from Texas Jan and .Prosbyleriiin Cliurcho Union Bible School to Close Friday A Union Vacation Church Sdioo has been conducted by the Christ No Inflation, Motor Firms Tell Union By A. F. MAHAN DETROIT (AP) — Ford Moloi Co. expressed concern today about possible government inlerventioi in contract negotiations. At the ?an*c time Foivl told Ihe U.'iitoc Auto Workers Union that any new wage settlement must be nonin flalionary. As he opened negotiations with Ford, UAW President Walter P. Rcuthcr said his union wanted to make it "very clear that the cost of living escalator and the improvement factor clauses in current contracts are essential and basic parts of our agreements with this industry and we don't intend to tamper with them." Wages rise and fall on Ihe escalator with cost of living cents of Ihe current average hourly wage of $2.HO rode inlo paychecks via the escalator. The annual improvement factor gives an automatic yearly wage increan of six cents hourly or 2 per cent, whichever is greater lo compensate workers for cost-saving technological advances. Wesleynn College in Fort Worth. Previously Mrs. Duncan lias- worked as a HD agent with the Agricultural Extension Service in Texas. She -is Ihe widow of the late John Duncan and is the mother of two daughters, ages five and six. Director Vinces notes, during the past Iwo weeks. The last session of the school will b held Friday with a picnic: Friday evening as a special feature. Closing exercises will be helc in Fellowship Hall of Ihe Presbyterian Church Sunday evening at Disarmament Agency Is Proposed r . at «'«'"• Tllc ' l)(iVS « lul ° ( ln ' J , Mrs-. Duncan 'has had excellent : different departments will preparatory training, both scholastic and in work experience, for her position in Hemp.slcad County. Her capabilities have been well demonslrnlcd in Ihe field of program. Parents and friends will be able lo see some of Ihc work done by Ihe children. Handicraft will be on display after Ihc program. An offering will be the government's index. Seventeen home economics. Her services are m«de to apply on the expenses of u distinct asset to Ihe Extension ; the school. Service which functions as an j educational branch of the U of A' and the county, stale and federal governments Arkansas' Pryi.'iio Forests The l(i,:«!2,000 acres of private! Spring Hill to Hold Revival Spring Hill Methodist Church will hold a revival meeting July commercial forests in Arkansas 1 2 through July 7 with services is owned by J(iO,i)3Y individuals> each night at 7:30 by a former and corporations or businesses, j pastor, the Uev. Noel Cross. By LEWIS GULICK WASHINGTON (API-President Kennedy proposed today the es- nblishment of n permanent U.S. lisarmament agency. It would lave sweeping powers to draw up lisarmamenl plans, negotiate and landle enforcement if any inter- ulional arms-control agreement. s reached. Administration aides contend ho new U.S. agency—first of its dud in Ihe world—would underscore the importance Ihe United Stales attaches-to Ihe disarma- niMit problem. Kennedy sent his proposal lo Congress in the form of n bill to set up a "United Slates disarmament agency for world peace and security." The new, autonomous feder- il bureau would replace tlie 'U.S. Disarmament Adminislrn- ion," which now operates in the Stale Department under John J. McCloy, Kennedy's special adviser on disarmament. The basic idea is lo create a long-term agency lo deal with a long-term cold-war problem: how to check the spiraling arms race. A White House statement said Kennedy's plan would carry out a 191)0 Democratic-• pJalforjn prom isc. The stntemenl said Ihe bill also included elements of a bill for an arms-control research institute Kennedy proposed as senator. The new agency would expand on the disarmament administration thai former President Dwight D. Eisenhower set up lust October. Kennedy wants the new agency to be beaded by a.$22,500-a-ycar, subcabinel-level director, who •would be the presidents disarma ment adviser and would report both to the president and to the secretary of stale. William C. Foster, who has held important, disarmament foreign affairs and defense jobs under Ihc past two administrations and is assisting McCloy now, has beer mentioned lor the top post. McCloy intends to retire. Preliminary plans call for slep- ping up the 110-mnn disarmament staff to some 200 the first year raising its budget from $1)00,000 lo ,$G or 7 million. As a starter, Ihc disarmamen 1 agency would lake on more ex perls from Ihe Slate and Defense Departments and other agencies, such as the Atomic Energy Com mission, All Around Town By The Star Staff At a statewide meeting of Circuit Clerks in Lillle Hock lasl week 'Ilempstead Clerk Jamie Russell was named to Ihe six man j executive board . . . tho clerks retary The UAW moved on to Ford to- i studied over Act 183, the Uniform day from General Motors, where! Commercial Code, which becomes it opened 1961 bargaining Wcdnes- j effective on Jan. 1 and makes duy fol . new c . on t r a c t s to replace I vast changes in Ihe filing of chal- Awardiog of Ihe conlracl was :current three-year pacts expiring i llu mortgages . . . the new code, delayed, the commission said, to .\,,., usl 31 Un j on |,,-u-aincrs were Jamio reports, will make •chultle tyler i aHow a review of' the mailer to I( ,.,° hv riol ,,| 1( ,, !1S lh ev were at, mortgages conditional sales con-"Jain. master Ex-Gangster Free After 27 Years JOL1CT, 111. (AP)—Basil (llu Osvl) Bangharl, once a formidable gangster bul now u whitc-hairec warden . . . Hobert Shirley ! olc i man) wa ik c( ] OU (. (,[ Slalevill Woodrow Parsons, junior warden Denvil Ross, senior deacon . '. . Leroy Vaughn, junior deacon treasurer Harry Shiver, Gordon Tyler, sec- Wayne Bolianan, senior master of ceremonies •Raymond Byers, junior master of ceremonies Mid J. Porter and Dr. F. D. Henry, chap- determine if Acheson 'could live tip to a long-term contract. lerl by Rculhcr as Ihcy were at General Motors. | tracts and pledge agreements obsolete Jan. 1, 11)02 and will replace LITTLE ROCK (AP) — The Arkansas Highway Commission lo- day opened bids 17 road and bridge jobs worth $7,1109,405. Four of the projects were segments of Ihc intcrslale route in them with "fiiiuiicing slalcmenls"i-Russtoii road Penitentiary today u free man. Ban'ghart, 01, slepped oul on pt role after 27 years behind bars. He served time for his part ir the 1933 kidnaping of John (Jak the Barber) Factor, lie and hi pal, Roger Touhy, had claimei Dial the abdduclion was a hoax. Bui today Bangharl had littlL lo say. "The conditions of my parole,' Mr. and Mrs. C. U. Faught of; n u staled, 'prohibit me from be now dig Ihis and "security agreements" dug pol aloes one morning Professor Gets $80,000 Grant LITTLE ROCK (API—Dr. Kcr- i t . ome familiar with Acl 105 of «' 14 inches in diameter. persons wiio work wlih this kind!'his wee); and miu weighed one of inslrunieiils are asked to be- «"»' a fourth pounds and nieasur- ing involved in any publicity of any kind. 1 knosv nothing about uesday and earlier rejection of is companion $14.fi million otnht- us expenditures bill by Hie slate upreiiu 1 Court, He hasn't given any Indication 'hellier his special session call •ill cover other mailers and if so ,'lml I hoy will be. Faubus said a late July or Au- usl dale was contingent on greement of logis-lallvo leaders, 'he session might he put off If ley want more lime to study tho tale's fiscal situation, lie announced the tentative (Into s latest returns from Tuesday's peeinl election showed J;H), li)8 •oles against his constriictlori oiid proposal and 70,(it!5 for it vilh 2,004 ol 2,201 precincts rc- lorli'd. Only 10 of I he stale's 75 counties nvnrcd Die proposal — Craighead, 'onwny C r lite n d e n, Cross, ,awrcnce, Lee, Madison, Missis- ippi, Poinsell and Sharp. Both Fnubus and his opponents f Ihe bond program have ex- ircsscd hope thai, some sort of 'oustruction plan will be worked ml u( a special session of the legislature lo be called Inlu Ibis ummer. Faiibus said Wednesday Unit, he ilanned lo confer with key legis- alors and oilier persons before calling the legislature Inlo session. Dr. Silas 1). Snow, president of Arkansas Stale Teachers College it Coiiway—one of Ihe institutions vliich would have benefited from hi: bond program—said he did not lelieve that. Ihe defeat should be nlorprclcd as disapproval of et- 'orts lo solve building needs of tho stale's colleges, «. ' ' ! ' ''-'"i"'^:' "We know the people of Arkuli" sas are Interested in higher education for the young people of the stale," he said. •IT Housewives Victims of > i Labeling By JOHN CHADWICK ( WASHINGTON (AP)—' Pucka* ng and labeling practices that fii- enlly presume that the consumer is a gullible moron can end upio prove the advertisers to bo t|ie nornn," a researcher said today. He is Ernest Dichter, president !>f Die Institute of Motivational JU'.search, Inc. His remarks were prepared for senators Irying to liiui oul if housewives are being l>aml id/led by packaged goods oil supermarket shelves. Dichler, who makes a specialty • of si inlying Die psychological motivations of the consumer, said I lie consumer's .sophistication was developing "with galloping and often unsuspected speed." "Today, even a 10-year-old knows thai leslimunrals can be bought and I hat no breakfast cereal will really make him fly like •Superman or hil like Mickey Mantle," Dichler said. '. Dichler said he believed deceitful and fraudulent activities in the sale of package consumer goods "will rapidly become unprofitable." Less confidence on this poiiit was expressed by two other wit* ne;v>os called by the Senate Anti» trust and Monopoly Subcommittee —Colston E. VVarne, president o( the Consumers Union, and J. L. Lilllcfielcl, chief of Ihe Foods and Standards Division of Ihc Michigan Agriculture Department, However, Warne saw some hope in what he called "the angry awareness of a growing number of consumers over deceptive pack- |to Fort Smith and Memphis lo Ihe Little Rock area, the Missouri line near Blythevillc. The largest contract — for con- I Arkansas has 44 miles of the struction of the Markham Street system open to traffic—from Lit-ijntcrcahngc serving the Exprcss- rison Juniper Jr., ussislanl fessor of medicine at Ihe University Medical Center, has received my future plans and, il i did, 1 would not say anything them." Lilllcficld said enforcement of- aboul |ficial.s should join throughout the nation lo eliminate deceptive prac- The warden gave Banghart $25 Miss Mary Alice Mosley, Miss'in stale money. Hospitality fur Hope, has receiv-l Bangharl .said he had planned a $80,000 grtuit to finance a fel- i The Uev. Clifton Bell, pastor of ed an invitation to be a guest at; to fee his \vii'? M.io, and hi? lowsliip program for advanced, Ihe local Christian Church and'the- Poach Festival til Nashville daughter and grandchildren soon. training in liastrocnlcrology. i C!MJ-lain 01 l-ic local VI''\V liam- on Saturday, July i itle Hock to south of Bcnton and: way Bridge in Little Rock—got an: Dr. James B. Abraham of Lo- i.sey Cargile Post No. 4f)ll, was the cvuning there will be a fire-!the prison chaplain, and Banghan il'rom West Memphis lo Lake Da-1apparent low bid of $l,UB3,(j]U from nokc and Dr. Tom J. Smith of i unanimously elected Slate Chap-, works display and Mary Alice got into a station wagon and so vid. The Freeway Bridge at Little j Foster and Creighlon of Nashville, -Liberal, Okla., will be the first; lain at Ihe annual VFW Depl. of will twirl a fire baton. joiil lor St. Leonard's House ii THE WEATHER ci-SEW'-IERE By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Pr. Albany, clear «•! til .. Albuquerque, clear UU GO .. fy Continued on x'^e Four l\ock is scheduled lo open lo local'iTcmi. .trainees under the program. Arkansas Convention last week- traffic next month. Arkansas has I \y. K. Fail-child Ltd., of Farm- The gran! came from Ihe Nn- ; end at Little itock . . . eight moni- Beginnini; during! Father Frederick C. Harrison, .irl sol joul for St. Leonard's House in ——— I Chicago. The house, operated by Monday, July o, the;Ihe Episcopal Church, shelters pa !J7 miles under construction and ervillc, La., bid $1,568,821 for sur- tional Institute of Health which bers of the Post, including Thorn-i second session of swimming l«ss-irolees until their future can be l.'il miles under advanced plan ning. National, nearly 11,000 miles of tho .system is complete and an- facing of 11.13 miles of Interstate now has made a total of $300.000 as B. Fcnwick Jr., commander, I ons 40 from the Pulaski Counly line ! available for (raining programs at allended the convention. lo near Lonoke. ithe Medical Center. j ——— at Municipal swim-1 determined. Banghurl's request lo live oul other Machen Const met ion Co.. of Lit- ! Oaslroenlcrology is tin- field of) Whilfield Maxinic Lnd-e 4,700 miles under const He Hock bid $348,269 on construe- j medicine dc.iling with the stum- installed llu- lollowin;: ' Continued frog) Pa£e Turae lien and intestinal tract, I/UTS: Lylc 'ining pool . . . classes offered are -,1'or beginners and advanced be-ibis life in Purl Angeles, Wash., meet at where be ha.s relatives, has beei; new olfic- .') a.m. and the oilier t-kiss at 10 denied by Illinois and Washington woi'bhipiul,u.ju. officials. tices. They should be backed up by whatever legislation may be necessary, lie said. LITTLE LHt Archeology is the science of digging up a past civilisation tf blame things on. ««**

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