The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 12, 1948 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, July 12, 1948
Page 9
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Nuns Can Teach In Civilian Dress Bismarck, N. D.. July 11 Clothed ia civilian drejs. Catholic r-uns mty teach in North Dakota Electrical Nerv« To Battle Polio New York. July 11 (*·--A new electrical nerve, that substitutes for paralyzed nerves in infantile public schools next fall despite paralysis, was shown her* today recent passage of * measure in-, at the first international polio contended to stop them. ' ference. T-AO ranking members of the! The nerve is a generator of weak Catholic church in Xorih Dakota , alternating current^ numbering today advised the nuns that the (from two to six thousand a second, church hai no objection to their j t was developed by the General donning "respectable secular dress" j Electric Company and the G-E-X- · to comply with the Senate's new · $·*· Corporation. i iaw - The current replaces one or many I The so-called -An-.i-Garb" Ac:., lost nerves It causes muscled to sponsored by a group of Protest- '· tense TJ,^. sweU and relax _ with acts, including clergymen, pro- , the current, like th- flexing of hibils any public school teacher biceps Stardom Calls from wearing gi-rb denoting membership in a relig.ous order. The act. does not mention Catholic nuns an( j often seemingly by name, but admittedly is aimed chiefly at them. This substitute nerve is used on muscles that are inert. flabb j dead because! .- lack nerves to govern their \ motion*. The electric nerve will' The act was approved at the June . not ie u a po i io victim how to move 29 primary election by a majority . a deadened arm or leg to use it. of some 10000 votes. The total \ote was aDproxi:na:e!v 93.0CO to S3 000 for the act. with abcut 300 not reported piano and Millard E Crum led the group siuging. Dr. H. B. Gross, of Camp Detrick. gave an interesting address on "Science and The Scriptures." One-hundred and six } men were m attendance divided as follows: Reds 52. Blues 50, visitors 4. One new member was received i in the Blue Division. i The annual class picnic u.ill be held on Thursday evening. July 15. in Zimmerjyvan's meadow at Ceres- vine. A male quartet will furnish . music and Rev. W. DeWitt Dickey, of Walkersville. will speak during j the devotional service. The sport ; feature of the evening will be the , annual softbail game between the · Red and Blue Divisions. On next Sunday morning Sherman P. Bowers wil! address the class. But if substitutes for mild exercise. This exercise is at present _. treatments to re- i Eleven-year-old Judy iiukwonago. v/:* one of the few IS Stewart, her itore. or partly restore, limbs wast- Caiholic leaders. Bishop Yin- ej ov infantile paralysis The prin- cenr J. Ryan of Bismarck and c ; p j e Ss ^ie same as that used i" Auxiliary Bishop Leo Bworschak J , he WarTO Spring-. Georgia, water of Fargo, announced the:r proposal exercise*. It is also possible by u*e of prop- tooay s'- cathedra!* regular services in the TWO cities , er!y placed weights on limbs or j arms, to get some of the benefits Grain was the principal crop of of weight-liftins Egypt until the 19th Century, when cotton took first p!?ce Thi* rusty pigtails flying, was getting ' ready today to leave for Hollvwood and a screen test. The bright-eyed eighth-grader "earned from a newspaper picture last night that her photograph had been p-cked from 10.000 entries as an "ideal 4-H girl" for a forthcoming film. Somehow identification of Judy ' had been misplaced when her picture was chosen. The studio an-' creen test awaited the ,, i i . . . , i " »»«rc» M. »;»e could be found. Mrs. · muscles so as to bring them back, clarence Iselev. JudVs 4-H Club Tnwre is so little oiscomfort tnat! leader . saw she picture and j , children sometime* continue olay- j formed the studio it was JudVs. ' ins while connected to the electrical · . nerv*» box · i=^^Jw,s|5Sv3£?S _ who ao pot comDre hend how to; nou nced a «- Returns From Hartford j use wh at l«t!e -s left of weakened "-innerif she Man's Body Recovered. From Tridelphia Lake Silver Spring. Jui\ 11 3--Montgomery County Police used dynamite today to recover the body of 45-year-old Eruesst Monroe Montgomery, a BrookevilSe tenant farmer, from Tridelphia Lake where he. drowned Saturday night. Montgomery's two brothers, who were filing with him. sold police the farmer disappeared while trying to swim across a S00-\ard cove The two brothers :»aid they were unable to swim and ran to s near-' by farm to summon help. Rockville. Kensington and Silver j Spring volunteer re»-cue ;quac^ helped police in an all-night effort to recover Montgomery's body with ,' grappling hooks Dynamite was * employed successfully today. , Doctor Says: \ CAUSES OF ABNORMAL I GROWTH ARE KNOWN, i BIT NOT CT'KES By EDWIN V. J OKU AX. M. D. ; Written for XEA Service There are wn recutd hutu^u g:s:;U of etiornsous Mie Osif gi^:'.: · who was carefully studied v.j^ over eight feet three inches, '..til and his \\eight \\aj- u hii height Many others h,ive been nearly eight fee*, tail and piobjbiv a few have been even larger A: the other 'end of the xrale ate t»u human dwarfs. \\ho na bo \\hon fully grown well under four lee: tall Now the sreai overgrowth which 'eads so hu:nun gun'ivtn and she blunted developn-ent of hu-.un dwarf* are bo!h the lesuH-. of w h a t might be culled dibejbe l:i the case o! the gian! the :n.ubk' l»e« :n the p:iu:t«irv s!j:sd at the b^t; of the I duces a hormone K r m v t h \ h i c h The News. Frederick. Md , Monday. July 12, If4f IfIMB Cause of Uuarfim There aie beveral causes fot stunted giowth but this, aho j- ! caused by diturbaiicc of one or j fioi if of the hormones Dwarfis-n too it. often caused by the pitui- ' twry gland but bv niMiflicient production f the grow'h hormone Hi,\o\e. theie ase other t; yf«. of dwarf-- In cerium case\ of chiki'iood diabete-- g r o w t h i* m- terfe:ea w :'i- so that the adult K -eriou^iv ui'des^ued There ate he r eoitjr\ conditions al-o which lead to ::vjrtU'i%;:it cevelopijseut o! l!e bi-:e a-id jai!u:e to grow to ·io»i:i.»: sue Trie j:s-'!5t ..!ia the d w a z f or i-udge: Me bo'h of great interest to ·"odical "u"'i because t h e y iep:e-«::t t\ pe- of disease caused b\ th«- iu'.--:vnev po::'K wtor.g TivhiifaKx . sj'idKet !*· si:i:p!\ a *:· .ill vi'.v «· f bis! popuhuiy se:-. .m- tiislesentiated from i\wif bn't'i^e then' bodies w h i l e tin\ a s - ·" pejfect proportion Th;- m and trunk, with short legs and arms characteristic of the dwarf. Although the underlying cause ·jf most case.-, of giantism or dwarf- isin are know-n. medical «.eiencc has not yet mastered a -yitisfactory treatment Thfre i- for example, little use in trying to gi\e a dwarf the :r«!^s.i!g hoimone in an effort to i:icreae M/O Incidentally a per- sos who is ii'odeiatel undersized ca»not be ei\?:i a hormone which w i H cause inns to grow- to any appreciable evtent Xote Or Josdan is unable to answer md.iidual questions from readers. However, CMh day h* will answer one of the mort tri+mmOr asked questions in this coluoHL THE DOCTOft AJVSWEM: QX/ESTION: I have been Keaeh- ( ing my hair with peroxide aad oil. 1-, it safe to continue doing thl« i during pregnancv? i ANSWER. So" far t* I know peroxide used for bleachinf the hair could not have any harmful effects during pregnancy. Other substances, however, used on the hair could be dangerous. pe«ecu still. ! School System Foe To Holtl'Meet Toclav j charge that Montgomery schools I have become "wasteful' and "so- i cialistic." are keeping the school; ' question a burning issue. LEADERS TO PICNIC ,, , . . , . _ , . " ' The regular session of the Lead-. Rockville. July 1 I--Parents who iers Bible Class was opened o n ' Sunday morning by C. A. Gilson. teacher, with P. Luther Rice of- ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR TROUBLE? CALL E V S T END GROCERY 1657 ANYTIME Commercial Domestic Franklin (Bud) Stockman 100 E. 6th St. Electrical Appliances Repaired advocate a "return to basic fundamentals" in Montgomery county public schools expect; to complete fering the opening prayer and ; organization of their association at reading of the Scriptures "conduct,a meeting tomorrow. j ^ by Raymond P. Free. Mrs. Ed- An announcement by Robert B. i ward" H." Mantz presided Samuel W. Barrick. has returned from Hartford, Conn., Parke. publicity chairman, called on other patrons and taxpayers to ! ioir the movement for revising ' the educational program. The citi- ' rens were invited to meet with the ' j association at 9 p. m. tomorrow at I the Boulevard Bowling Allevs j "* the where he attended an course at the Trax'elers Insurance Companies. He is associated in H. Stanley Stine. president of the this vicinity with surance Agency. He is a veteran of the U S- Army Air Force and served overseas with the 8th Air Force as a navigator. He was graduated from Frederick High School in 1941. attended Mer- cersbarg Academy. Severn School' and Gettysburg College from i ne was graduated in February of J tnis year. He is a member of the . Sigina Chi Fraternity ana the Phi j Lamaba Sigma and the Iniernation- j al Club. He is also a inetnber of ; the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He ' is the son of Mr. ant* Mrs. Harry ; W. Barrick of Woodsboio. SO FAST..PURE..DEPENDABLE j StJoseph ASPIRIN .VTOfiiDS LARGEST SELLER AT I0« insurance County Board of Education, plans to attend. Mr. Parke said the association blotter In- j would evolve a procedure for obtaining 5.000 signatures to a petition urging the Board of Education to stress "three-R" education Charcoal Briquets 45 souta Market SL MODERN I'll \HM \ Y Successor To Pearre's Drug Store Drug Prescription Service TELEPHONE 208 ELASTIC HOSIERY ca:-ors pr.uur. « s d Ions «t*r «3 fc. obt£?«d only from E l a s t i c Monfr iiut it jc;«BriSc*!: r coastreri.d Troni fr«:h, ln-« rubber tid th« b«rt qg*!i?]r of jnfc »id linen m»f«ria!j. £r«r/ piK* of Barfic Hoji.ry sofd fa c=r xforts n man^fac* tur«d «!ptdaily for aj. tatdtr cur an jpeoSca- *ICRI. and cerrici oar 6uar«c(« of aoaliiy and MrTrf«cfory nryict. Oor cosr-plef. rfock of 5 * a m l « s s cr Star-.ti Kon.ry coniisti of: Anl- !«fl. Knt Capt. Ltggracj *ndSartM-SiocHngi.«!e.. in ift« drfTertor Qradcs of iili ar.d r.cns. EtperF- eaced fiHtrc «a»i en dstr- No char?* *er cea- usifa'Ioi *»d! fittings. ELASTIC NON-SKID S?OT XDOMINAL SUPPORTERS SHOULDSl WILLIAMSON'S Drug Store AJarre Gnatce Monuments *re de ed and sculpmrcd br artists in finest granite--to endure. And Barre Granite Momumcaa pay cr:buce to the things that endure--the faith, IOTC and memories of those ^cho hare passed on. When you are choosing your monument; let us help you. The beauty and permanence of select Barrc Granite make It a suua- I ble choice for your monument, whether it a to be large or small. HEAR KTTERw/fk . SQWHMIC Come In and Find Out What the Amazing New SONOTONE "900" Will Do For You Francis Scott Key Hotel TUESDAY°, JULY 13 FROM 10 A. M. TO S P. M. A demonstration of this wonderful Hearing Aid will convince you it is a marvel in quietness and hearing- qualities -- Verv small hi size. Roy B. Furr SONOTONE Of HAGERSTOWN 109 E. Franklin St. Hagerstown, Don't ask an educated seal Look tie the Yellow Pages--your Classified Telephone Directory-. * for ' General Merchandise House Furnishings Newspapers I cr alcost anything else Want IXtra ^^k3BFl* \ C \SH in a /[ ~ ,4 Ju-t I'hone \Jt I ·,,'·· 'v'i y^ w i t h a few g Mi!)j!' f.K-t^--u-1! u » how f :"U»ls to ^. - ; 3!i- for you. w i l l take you -'. ^ _ _ _ £v §25.00 to ?300.00 LINCOLN L O A N Sf = V : · ' i OS IV Patrick SL Chonr 1270 Now Is The Time For all c-4rprutr work, repiir- i"S. reniodehns. new construction, see · lhomasl'oiislr.Hii£.Co. .')10 Jefferson Street Phone 2144-J Cole's Jewelry Trade in roar *Id watch f»r or recondition watches. All Makes Of Watches And Clocks Repaired WE BUY SELL 323 NORTH MARKET ST. CORN BORER and JAPANESE BEETLE CONTROL AIRPLANE - · SPRAYING 2.75 Protect Tour Crops at Reasonable Prices For Information Call JAMES W. CARMACK. Fred. 232-J AUSTIN D. TROL'T. FRED. 584-J only Insecticide Manufactured bv DUPOXT JULY CLE/ Rensie and Wyler Watches $39.75 Rensie Watch $42.50 Wyler Watch Special '24.75 Special '24.75 $37.50 Rensie Watch $39.75 Wyler Watch Special '19.75 Special '24.75 ALSO OI'UKK WATCHES AT A SPECIAL PRICE IWOADMOOR AND VANITY FAIR PATTERNS Coblcts. Sherbets. Wines. Iced Tea Glasses and Salad Plates Special 29c KEV HOTEL BLDC. iH2SDT( ^mC^ROZINToODS ore giving hundreds of WEAR-EVER HERE'S ALL YOU DO Jus* /ill m th. c*i^«* UU». , MI m fifty (fO) w »frf» «r why T n h'U D«U*y'i Frntii with on* wttpptrfrmm tmj frntn fo+d Nclaf*. lf» (I y »o · ' » . . . ait yatir DuUny 4* t ltr f ...... !l f *" y f ...... ! T fB AH RE 1 HA/AMAKER BROTHERS FREDERICK. MD. HAGERSTOWX. MI? THT-RMOVT. MD. WASHIXGTOX. D. LEARN BEAUTY CULTURE and. varn bitj Finest training in * al! phases of Beauty Culture. Day or evening classrs. In- dn idual instruction. SPECIAL LOW RATES Small Enrollment Fee APPROVED FOR VETS Under G. I. Bill of NEW SUMMER CI. \SSES NOW FORMING Approved for G. I. For Information Phone Frederick 47S-R Or Write Frederick Beauty School, Inc. 12 S. Market St., Fred'ick, Md. Robert E. le Hotfl Bid*. SPAPFRf n Next Month Send a Check! It's safer Much more convenient check on the friendly FARMERS MECHANICS NATIONAL BANK FREDERICK, MD. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. RAND every week! FREDERICK PRODUCE CO., INC. Frederick. Maryland PEKING RENN'S SERVICE CENTER North Market Sixth Sts. JOHN H. DULANY SON, Inc. I lite Dulany Froicn FooJj b*f-*v«a NAME ADDRESS I Nam* and Addr*M of Grocvr G A S O L I N E OIL L U B R I C A T I O N TIRES sa Fuel Oil Shortage f fo ffacxpcrfc ONE-STOP CAR AND REPAIR SERVICE The only place in (own where ;ou can get COMPLETE Al'TOMOBILE SERVICE AND REPAIRS at one btop. Direct connection to RENN PONTIAC CO. * * * Opening Special * * * Complete Lubrication and Car Wash for S 1.75 Souvenir With Each 10 Gallons Of Gas. Monday Thru Thursday, July 12-15 Whq Stick Your Neck Out ? BURN RICE ANTHRACITE COAL IT'S PLENTIFUL and CHEAP «ftJ you c*« fuir* i ^£tectric FUritace:Man INSTALLED IMMEDIATELY if sioles ihe £.-e. r«g---Uf«i iit* a'rafti. r*ffiCY»t the dshtt. Keeps your horn* trtm tint etm foriable, and it barns rie* co«I irfeich it pleriifo! «ntj cftejp. u p t o F u e l S O % o f O i l B H i Investigate today -- «nd your Home Heating Worri« Fof*rtr. CULLER HEFFNER 7th and East St. PHONE 108 "SPAPERJ

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