The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 27, 1969 · Page 8
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July 27, 1969

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 8

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1969
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

Fifum Sh*w Hl ( h Itmperatuiet f»fO«yt!m« Sunday Des Moines Sunday Register July 27, IW §« G«h«r«l Sscfion Tornadoes Harass Iowa Only 42% oi Americans Have ABM Opinion: Poll STAMPS Landmark Case Ry George Gallup PRINCETON, N..I. — Despite many weeks of heated rlebatej in Washington over the administration's A'BM program, a majority j JjQ Y@arS of American (98 per cent) are either unaware of the program ori have not made up their minds; ! College controversies are not about it. current survey) were (hen : new lo ~ {M Arnerican scenc . In Among the Minority (42 p e r ; afike(l: [h«l«m fr«ll»llaM.n N.I All nf Iowa, with (he exception nf the southeast portion, was under a tornado-watch at one time or another Saturday. A rash of funnel clouds and several tornadoes occurred in northwest Iowa during the afternoon. Hot and very humid weather preceded the outburst of severe weather. Tempera- lures were in the upper 80s to lower 90s in most sections. cent.) who say they have formed an opinion, the vote at present is close, with 23 GAUUP POLL Do you happen to have an fact, one of the most famous opinion about the ABM .pro- [campus events which resulted gram as submitted to Congress \ in a landmark case before the 150 per cent-of the total sample) per cent indicating support for were then asked: the ARM program and 18 per' cent opposed. One per cent do: by President Nixon? 'Supreme Court occurred Al! those answering yes (42 !yMrg ago and jg being com . memorated on a new U.S. stamp to be issued Sept. 22. j The monumental legal dec!-! sion — the Dartmouth College j n.o you javnr or oppose the ABM program as submitted by nrand Romberg hit with Jeanette MicDonald and Nelson Eddy. The schedule: "ftrtgadoon" on Aug. 5, "The Student Prince" on Aug. 12, "Bittersweet" on Aug 19 and "Naughty Marietta" on Aug. 26. President Nixon? Here is the /rend in opinion ' _ ' HE', MOINES WFATMER DATA FOR SATURDAY, JULY J», !»«» BY U.S. WEATHER BUREAU Dos Moinos Airport SMIion HOURLY TEMPERATURES: 1 a.m. 2 fl m .1 a.m. 4 ,i.m. Sam. A a.m. 7 a.m. 5 a. m .) m. If) 11 . 12 noon 1 p.m. 76 ' 1 fl.m. lt\\ 3 pm. ;5 .i o.m U- 5 O.m. n, A P.m. 72' ' o.m. ;j' B |i. m, Tf.' 1 P."V 79 10 p.m. Forecasts • FOR SUNDAY, JULY »7, IMt LOCAL Generally lair today and Monday. Cooler and not so humid lodav and tonight. Continued mild Monday. Hiqh today 83, low tonieht 58. • «'. IOWA Partly cloudy and cooler today ">j with chance of showers southeast. Fair and cooler tonight. Foir and cool Mon- 10s < : . 13 mid : I a.m. 70: 70 71 71 70; 69' J day. High today 70s northeast to low »' southwest. ?! ILLINOIS -- South: Showers ending and y ' ..Mninv inr1*u niilh hiaht in (no flfR; ft)IT TEMPERATURE ACCUMULATION 91; Highest at .1:30 p.m. Lowest at 6:15 p.m. Mean . Normal Excess for day Excess since first of month Deficiency sines first ol vrar PRECIPITATION Pnr Saturday Total this month la date Total since Jan. 1 Normal sine* Jan.H- lo dale Excess *inc.e Jan. 1 MISCELLANEOUS 6 a.m. A o.m. Birometer in inche*. 29.77 79.70 Steady Tdllina Relative Humidity 87 /' Wind Direction S NW TU, % I he Ic. n«.,, is now 77t cooler today with high In the mid 80s; 2 ftiir and cooler tonight and Monday. .. . _._[i. 13 SOUTH DAKOTA - Fair lo partly cloudy , first Strike 11? through Monday wllh) highs loday mostly'. . . in the BOS. cooler tonight. i m he cntica stages of its de- WtSCCMSIN -Fair and cooler today and e .I 8 .! toniaht with highs today around 70i Uni,, nn |hn ,. 31t northwest lo 7i to 82 southeast. Mostly °" u - "" ""'? sunny and pleasant Monday, not take a position. The latest results, ba^sed on a s j ncc | asl March, revealing survey completed in mid-July, little change in awareness and: Webster represent a slight 4-point in- opinions over this nearly four- Court, crease in opposition since (he i month P crind: • previous survey in May. i OPINION ON NIXON'S ABM Persons with college train- ! PROGRAM? ing, young adults in their ! ™ nrch twenties and Democrats are 2S ''" currently the most critical of l f ' avnr 25 % the ABM. iOppose 14 .. ,, r, -, . v 'Undecided .. 1 On Mar. 14, President Nixon 40% Wfc ballistic missile program as a Unaware of program ! or have not made up minds .80% 60% argued by Daniel before the Supreme The new 6-cent stamp will feature a portrait of Webster with Dartmouth Hall in the background. First-day ceremo- May ./»!;/inies will be at Hanover, N.H., PETER PAN For Plaza In Return Engagements A yesteryear Walt Disney cooler today with highs in the 80s; lo partly cloudy and Pleasant tonight and Monday. North: Partly cloudy and turning cooler wnn chance of showers today; fair and cooler tonight; fair and nrn nospd the SafeBUard anti- pleasant Monday; hiqhs today in the up- piwpuseu me odieguaiu ami per 70s no'lhwest to upper 80s south- MISSOURI -- South: Showers ending and, , ., , .. , turning cooler today with hishs in the i VV3V to protect U.S. retaliatory 80s; lair lo portly cloudy and pleasant | J F J < toniaht and Monday... North: Fair _a_ndI m j,;<,jlp baS6S against 3 Soviet 24% U 2 11-14 23%! 18 ! I j 42%! on Sept. 22. The case involved the school's removal of its president by the board of directors. *""> .> sa , '5 K.. NEBRASKA - East and Central: Fair 3 B0 and cooler today and toniaht with hiahs ... . ,, j m IDC aos. Hair and continued cooi Mon- 1 technical nature of the issue, jtion: °' ' Because of the complex and i jn orf)er of frequency of men i the Gallup Poll used two ques- Sunrisp loday rt:0.t a.m A YEAR AOO Hinh temoerature in D^s Moincs [ mv temperature in Des WomPs Thpre was no precipitation Moon ' Pirv nuarlor moon July 2? Ihrounh .lulv 27 , Monn rises fl:0ft p.m. Moon set-, 3-.n a.m. Temperatures the snowing list of cities shows (HijUons to separate .informed _ £ hm " fl,TdT"m ur se»u 0 r"a u y7 i juiy b f«. W (L l )iform "uninformed" opinion. All 5unsetT:J8 p.m.'! lowest' temperatures occurring bctvveen I nprsn nc in thp latest SUrVPV i 6 a.m. Saturday and 6 p.m Saturday, perwinh in Hit lcHtMi ; MIIVC.Y. and (P) precipitation In inches occurring rn nriiiHp'H Inlv 11-14 with 1 B17 ' between 6 a.m. and 6 o.m. Saturday. COnOUUefl .JUiy II-14 Wllll l.iJU; first asked this '• IOWA Planets Mercury: SE. dawn.- lost in solar olare] otlurnwa' Audubon Burlington Cedar Ranids S Union ecorah Des " Dubuque I Iowa City ! Lamoni Mapleton Mason City oines until end ot month. Venus: E. dawn, very bright. Mars: SE. dusk, very bright. Jupiter: S. dusk, quile bright. Saturn: E. dawn, fairly bright. THE DAY'S RECORD Des Moines Deaths (H) (L) 67 68 70 67 61 n 65 69 69 64 63 72 66 {p) i adults, were » question: 10 Have you heard or about the anti-ballistic rend missile program as submitted to Congress by President Nixon? \ Sioux City Spencer i Waterloo . UNITED STATES 1 (H) 'Albany, N.Y 77 i Albuquerque 97 i Amarillo ' 97 ' Anchoraqe 64 Asheville 86 (Atlanta 88 Billings 81 Birmingham 91 7i [ Boise 87 48 B8' 48 10 07 ' 1 32 0 V All those answering in the af-i arms race, affirmative (69 per cent in the 1 *•*•"""••"« ••""••"«:• ™ classic, "Peter Pan," follows a late Disney production, "The I Love Bug," into the Plaza. This full-length, all-cartoon feature makes a return trip Friday to the theater. At Eastgate Cinema I is "Romeo and Juliet" with British teenagers Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting in the Shakespearean tragedy. The S.E. 14th Drive-In has "2001: A Space Odyssey" (Gary Lockwood) and "Charro"; the Plantation Drive-In has "True Grit" (John Wayne) and "Guns of the Magnificent Seven'" (George Kennedy). mns ,! In reprisal, the New Hampshire | n Chiller frequently by those who oppose legislature revoked Dartmouth s> j^Q^ywoOD, CALIF. — lhe i Pl i a t h wmdd cost too much ^tStSn a^namJd the'de^JThorley Walters', an actor who 1. It would cost too miith head , rarely sses appearing in mi „. , , . u iu Hammer horror movies, is now T^J^L^^jS^lc.-! as the bumbling Inspector 58% ! TOTAL .100% 100% 100% The chief reasons given by those in favor of the plan were 1. We need the protection. 2. To keep pace with the Russians. 3. We should trust in Presi- Operettas for Th« Vanity The Varsity is planning to repeat a series of operettas start- The Allocation The Association, widely knoiWi rock group, will be at Veteran* Memorial Auditorium for a con- p.m. showings and the regular [elation made its debut in NO. movie will be presented in the vember, 1965, at a nightclub evenings. "Maytime" is a Sig- tneatcr in Pasadena, Calif., and since has recorded, made tele vision appearances, given concerts. Last year the Association made a European tour. With the Association at the auditorium will be Alzo & Udine. STARTS AT DUSK! HI'S PLANTATION HITS! 6~C4t MLLOUISHf 2. It is unworkable or practical. 3. It would step up urt Brownsville ... : HuilJlO Burlington, VI.. 66 "5 76 70 aa 93 M 90 85 86 MP-RM.I. Hollle Ann, 19, 6405 Cenler Casper M. was dead on arrival Saturday al • Charleston, S.C. - , ^c• , : Charleston, W.Va. RUSCO — Ray, 50. 1820 Jefferson St.. died • Cnarioile, NX. -, n ,mi' ' -• I T ' ' Chicago P"'',M(1DS Mr 1 ;. Joltie, 41, of 2825 ; Cincinnati '. - Fn.irttynth sl " diod Saturday al Clevelano HJ Mercy Hosnilal. , Columnus. Ohio w, WENGERT - Mrs. Nora M., 74, Earl t Denver 1$ • ••11. rued Saturday al Des Moines Gen- Detroit 85 crrtl Hospital. ! Dululh 76 Ei Pa-jO 98 Fairbanks 57 i Fargo . ESiER -Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H., 7403 \ Fort Worth 101 S w Seventeenth St., a son, Salurday at; Great FaJIs 90 Dos Moines General Hospital. I Helena. 84 DCS Moines Births HlV-'P Mr. and Mrs. Larry D.. In- Honolulu . . .. dirinola, a daughter, Saturday al Des Houston S General >tosnital. .,. ,.., ,,^,v. „,,,„,....„,. I Indianapolis 85 WICKER - Mr. and Mrs. Robert D., 1220 Jackson, Miss 87 <'uth Lawn drive, a son. Saturday at Jacksonville 94 DCS Moines General Hospital. i Juneau 53 gnri.RT-- Mr. and Mrs. William F.. 1313 Kansas City 92 Fifty-seventh place, a son, Saturday al' Las Veflas 109 Iowa Methodist Hospital. : Little Rock 84 D.-COOK Mr and Mrv Sleohcn K., 4801 ' LOS Anaeles U v,i!dc. T dr., a son, Saturday at Iowa i Louisville 19 Votncdist Hospital. j Memphis 91 F" RUSH - ivir. and Mrs. Raymond. Miami Beach 93 1326 f. Fifteenth St.. a daughter, Satur- i Midland, Tex 104 <V" al lov/a Methooisl Hosoilal. Milwaukee 77 BA^'ER - Mr. and Mrs. Raloh D., Anke Minneapolis 82 ny, s 50n, Saturday af Iowa Methodist New Orleans 92 HosoiUI i New York 73 WARFORD Mr and Mrs. Bill, Adel, a , iMorth Platte ;on. Saturday at Iowa AAethodist Hosoi- COLEMAN -- Mr. and Mrs. Roger P., 121 Marlou parkway, a dauohter, Saturday ,T Iowa Methodist Hospital. CLEMENT — Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A.. Twenty-picjhth st.. West Des Moines. a '.on, Saturday at towa Methodist Hos. ,ii SCHNEIDER . Mr. and Mrs. Richard. i"R Nineteenth st.. a d»ughler, Sat\ir d^y a) No' hwest Hospital. Where's the Fire? A M. P •-•>- I5W CfDitol ave., mattress. in ••« --4IOO A/lerle Hay road, rescue. P.M. l..'8-.i Sixteenth and Harriet streets, truck. 3:33—2723 Douglas ave, out on arrival. 4:?o-900 E. Fifteenth St., out on arrival. J:2J—E. Fifteenth and Walter streets, unnr-cessarv. ' 5:07-4017 Douglas ave., brush. Iowa Motor Vehicle Deaths, July 18-24 JULY II - Deanna Rubotlom, 2, dauqh- ter of Mr.- and Mrs. Richard Rubottom of Corlinqa. Calif., of injuries suffered July 17 : n an accident involving 2 cars and a truck on U.S. Highway 30 in Cedar Rapids,- Mrs. Harold Schnittbrund, 55, of Le C'aire, in a camper crash off Interstate Hinhwav 80 about 'a-mile east of the V'H- li^ni-^burn interchange; r)*r le "*T* s w "> 1/ ~. 1 ^ rl-iljtintfir ri< \-'."- b\**'" '"'-;,k" o' .1 i. vn- - ' > •> H i.-.irk i-.-a-.h n' |i <;. High- Oklahoma City 95 Philadelphia 80 Phoen ix 96 Pittsburgh 15 Portland, Maine 68 Portland, Ore 89 Raleigh 87 Rapid Citv 80 Reno '• 97 Richmond 89 SI. Louis 94 St. Petersburn 90 Salt Lake City 92 San Antonio 97 San Dleqo 76 San Francisco 59 Sault Salnte Marie 76 Seattle 78 Shreveport '( Spokane »' Tucson Jo Washington 88 Wichita 94 CANADIAN Calqarv 'J Edmonton 75 Montreal 73 Ottawa 76 Regina 66 Toronto « Vancouver 73 Winnipeg 68 WORLD Berlin (7 p.m.) tt 66 50 77 44 66 81 51 52 76 78 65 74 74 SO 74 78 75 64 66 76 81 77 . M 62 74 67 71 72 68 82 63 59 53 6B 61 51 69 69 79 64 77 64 54 47 52 80 42 73 74 71 42 41 61 58 51 59 52 55 the i a charter was a contract, and if so, could the legislature re- ni " n voke a privilege it had not j granted. Webster, a Dartmouth graduate, argued the case successfully before the top court and thereby reasserted the sanctity of contracts. j Collectors desiring first-day; cancellations may send addressed envelopes, together, with remittance to cover thej cos! of the stamps to be af-' fixed, to the Postmaster, Hano- VHT. N.H. 03744. The outside en-i velope to the postmaster should j Frisch in "Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed!", Hammer pro duction for Warner Bros.-Seven Arts starring Peter Gushing and Veronica Carlson. and Coins es oin". ibe endorsed "First-Day Covers!: STAMPS-UNITED STATES ______ >° <"'• U.S." mint 0»M-i»SJ) 7.M Nibr. Q B ' r t s unused— 37 SO per set. The Stamp ° rn( PAINTINGS-WILD ANIMALS-SCOUTS 322 Difl. sfamos only 25cw th approvals. Streft, ->01S Roosevelt, PMja.__P_a^_l»lM GAMBLE • A • BUCK? Selected *" Norstrand Gc Dartmouth College Case Stamp." Cover requests must be postmarked no later than Sept ' 22 ' * * * i Animals and their newborn' J KPP fpaturpri on a new set ofi a re leaiurea on d new s,ei oi ^ four stamps by West Germany provii. vyant ii»ts,tiiied. w. w. Duncan- r j .„.., f j son. West Cornwall, Conn. 06796. _ __ commemorating the 125th anm- ;_ STAMPS^NC w~issu ES_ .. ._ . . . . v'fli-safv of thf Berlin Zoo re- TONGA-S "Banana" shaped stamps and \_iSdiy ui urn ueimi &uy, ic ]3? D1(( m|n) Rwanda & Ma |dlve is ports the World Wide Philatelic | | 2a - m3aqu t np pS vals ' Royal S "" T1B Co " Agency. The zoo, oldest in Ger-; """"'"" many, was opened Aug. 1, 1844. STAMPS— FOREIGN —-.—- .. B asablanca (6 p.m.) ene 1 06 .06 ! .49 .30 i '22' 81: WIREPHOTO (AP) Youth Unrest in Russia Soviet rulers are worried by signs of youthful restlessness in Russia, resulting in juvenile crime annd drinking. Cartoon in "Krokodil," the regime's own satire magazine, shows a young hooligan with vodka bottle, gambling cards and knife ' getting off with a light sentence while his lawyer sheds tears of sympathy for him. Caption says, "He Overdid It." Paper in lawyer's hand says, "Speech of Public Defender." MAGNIFICENT! Capitol Only Today at 2:10, 4:30, 7:10, 9:30 "6" RATING—IN COLOR HILARITY SHIFTS INTO HIGH GEAR Tony Curtis • Terry-Thomas THOSE DARINS YOUNG MEN IN THEIR Jaunty Jalopies In i family car collided with a truck j carrying a forklift on Spooneri I Summit Grade winding up the; ;east side of the Sierra a yean RENO NEV (AP) - Four a ?° June 8 - Killed were Charles j Linder, his wife, two daughters 1 i? Award 73; 82 M I, M . . .... , ,, : surviving children of a Coast gnd & ,,...eva (7 D.m.l Moscow (9 p.m.) Paris (7 p.m.) , Rome (7 p.m.) I Saloon (7 a.m. lodav) ! Tokyo (7p.m.) JULY II — Jonn P. Schroeder. U, of' Warsflw '(V'^Lino T-tracei Rcn-.icn, nf injuries suffered Sunday in «: (M--missing, [_^racej ?-car collision on Iowa Highway 3 in ! " " i Rcmsen; Gerald L. Nicholson, 32, of I «» j it I oWs^lSL^WarS'^.^'o'l ! Kennedy Awards New London. i JULY 22 — James E. Al.bers, 19, ol j Davenport, in a truck-car collision in Dav- «,,~,ii7 T-VITII ui TMI^IA /DEMI enport. Clair E. Vanderwilt. 14, son ot Mr. I NEW DELHI, INDIA (Kt-U- Sv£%S0SS^^^ ThiSp^sSr"^ re gl ' antCd $ll482l00 °- damageS ln: ° f thC f ° rklift ' a " d R ° y CUrtlS Oskaloosi; Jennifer Hoqbin, 2, daughter of tarded Children aatlll Oay 1 C- Mr. and Mrs Theodore Mogbin of Daven- ,, n ;,. n ,i ononinl fitnncc; port, of injuries suffered when she was hit i C'eiVCQ Special Illness by a car in Davenport. j from (he Kennedy To Indian Children JULY 23 — Mrs. Jess Paulev, 69, of Sioux City, in a car-truck collision on Iowa Highway 60 about !'. miles northeast of Senev, 1 Ernest L. Rhodes, 40, of rural Crescent, of injuries suffered Tuesday in a truck crash olf a county gravel road about 2 miles north of Council Bluffs. rosd aBout a mile Iowa motor vehicle deaths through July 74 «»7 Fatalities through same dale a year ago Founda- ; Guard lieutenant killed with his; Defendants in the case were .wife and three other children iEaston & Hess, owners of the iin a 1968 auto crash have been! truck; ABC. Block Co., owners what is called the biggest award I Smith, the truck driver, in a personal injury lawsuit in* tion— the first Indian children, to receive such awards. The! j Nevada _..'.. , , , David Nancy, Anne and .Jon- CULTURAL AGREEMENT AMMAN, JORDAN (REU- foundation was established by; atha " ranging from 8 TERS) — The Soviet Union and U.S, CONCERT TOUR SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA! (AP) - A twin-engine tour! (REUTEHS) - The Melbourne'plane crashed near this tiny Symphony Orchestra will make community Friday killing a a 28-concert tour of the U.S. in i woman passenger and injuring October and November next the 12 other persons aboard, in- in 1946 to'y. ears to 6 monihs old at the! Jordan Saturday signed a cul the mentally retarded ' time nf the cl ' ash ' receive d the: tural co-operation agreement _._: —' award Friday in Washoe County : for 1969. The Soviet Union will Plane District Court. grant 25 Jordanians scholar- -f. t ~. u ••', Thev were injured when their ships under the program. Crashes in Hawaii : i_± KOKEE, KAWAI, HAWAII, year. eluding the pilot and co-pilot. ATTENTION! BUILDERS - DEVELOPERS REALTORS • 3 Bedroom—I'/j Bathi • 24x52, I24» iq. ft. $12,900.00 t 3 Bedroom Split Foyer • Over 2000 sq. ft. $12,400.00 —COMPLETELY FINISHED —DELIVERED AND SET UP (IN 2 DAYS) —ON YOUR FOUNDATION .Thit is without question, the finest pre-constructed home in America. These are not mobile homes or shell homes — but are completely finished and ready to move into. • Long Term Mortgage Financing • All Tiled And Carpeted • Volume Discounts Available 'Write for Free Information or come see them being built. HOMES Old Hiqhwty 30. E*st loone, low* "Finest Home for The Money In America" Back again popular demand! THURSDAY by VETS AUDITORIUM ONE PERFORMANCE ONLY^8:00 P.M. Reserve Section Seating • Tickets at $2-$3-$4 r — Syd Kronish Sunday Special with coupon FAMILY PAR REGULAR $4.15 VALUE PARTY PAK REGULAR DidMnDyke Sally Ai»»»*s lionel Jeffries $5.45 VALUE You'll never know how _ : ;, good it is »i 'til unn ti The Family Pak 15 pieces ot Chicken, potaloei and gravy, rolls. The Party 21 pieces of chicken, CHARROI 3700 S.W. 91h St. i40l Hickman Rd. 5500 Douglas Ave. 2447 Hubbell Av«. 900 Grand Ave., West Des Moines TO: "UP WITH PEOPLE" VETERANS AUDITORIUM, DES MOINES, IOWA 50309 Please rush me tickets at n $2.00 n $3.00 n $4.00 NAME Address . City. State - .Zip L ENCLOSE SELF-ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE '4MOND ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE 3 STAGE SHOWS NIGHTLY AT 8,10 «nd 12 COMING AUG. 4 THE KAY DENNIS SHOW DANCING BETWEEN SHOWS Buffet Every Nit* STEAKS * SEAFOOD Across from the Airport 4007 Fleur Oriv* COCKTAIL NITELY 5-7 NORVA GRAY GROUP FOR DANCING AND SINGALONG Admission by Annual C«rd; To Public by Door Ch«ry« The talked-about 10 page spread in Playboy Magazine clearly shows why IT'S THE ADULT MOVIE EVERYONE WANTS TO SEE!!! t-HOPLl WHY HMAnAMD...SHOULD MOT! tol-HOHl WI1H 'HANG W,..OA*t MOT! litf-PIOfif UHDIR H.. .C4WOT/ HOLIDAY r 1 .

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