Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 22, 1962 · Page 41
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 41

Lake Charles, Louisiana
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Wednesday, August 22, 1962
Page 41
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RAINMAKER? — Homer Berry, retired Air Force major, works on his rain-making apparatus after a Little Rock, Ark., station offered him S500 io make If rain by Sunday. Berry, of North Little Rock, says he uses silver Iodide to seed clouds from this barrel mounted on a pickup truck. He has had rainmaking jobs in New Mexico and Arizona. (AP Wirephoto). Kennedy Predicts U.S. Space Lead in Decade tmtei * t*u§ eo, ftAtUt, fttAS 60HP. Am Pr MSMIS S CENTS LAKE CHARLES. LA., TlttMDAY, AttOPST 23, 1962 2d PAGES KILLERS MISS TRY ON DE GAULLE'S LIFE FOR RED VEHICLES U.S. Insist On Escorts BERLIN (AP( - U.S. military police insisted on escorting three Soviet armored cars into West Berlin today, despite a Soviet threat to put an escort on every American car going into East Berlin or using the highway between West Berlin and West Germany. The Soviet armored cars, taking soldiers to the Soviet war memorial in West Berlin, were held up at Checkpoint Charlie, the entry Electricians Ending Strike At Redstone HUNTSV1LLE, Ala. (AP) Electricians started showing up for work today at the Marshall Space Flight Center—their first work appearance at vital space projects in 10 days. "We've got 27 electricians on the job now," said a spokesman fur 'he center. "We think the ! number will ! day." increase later to- All told, 107 union electricians were employed. on space projects and about 40 on military rocket projects when the strike was called. The projects include the By DOUGLAS B. CORNELL behind^ misleads' -tile American; to talk with him'" and any other C5 Saturn 'booster for the U.S. " ! '' c °P ie - \hcads of government who nv:;hi planned moonshot. InedT«7^nRedtJS'' * U ™ il or RUSSia " S fi 8 urcd in ' L<onic " is pourhi/bUHons 6 of "d'oUars and: 0 " 6 wa - v or another in a wide The President said thai Kussui . ri,!, L. „"!.., :„,„ 1 !!lf" d i "ngc of conference topics. | action in abol'shiim ,t s ,- nmm -. a tremendous effort inlo ovcrlak-, ing Russia in space—"and I think ! " by the end of the decade we will." Kennedy This was a sort of hopeful look meant at long-term prospects in rc-'P 1 ' 1 liir fi e quantities of supplies spouse lo a news conference qucs-j an d 'in increased number of lech- lion Wednesday about Russia's! nicians into Cuba in recent weeks, orbiting of twin cosmonauts. He said there is no similar infor- The appearance of the electricians came on the heels of a fed, ,, ..... --. =- ,- - — •• eral court order lhat they go back dant s office in Berlin lo ,| 1cir jobs . T h e National Labor .-uy said "The B!oc"-he ™ m ° l b >' lLself aff ect I'.S. rights Relations Board had a team of the Communist bloc-has b 1 sed °, n a lour-powor agroi-ment jnvestt^Rlors on hand lo see if ' ! ' ! - ' "--with the Soviets. Britain and lhe order was obeyed. he ;ic said point for West Berlin that is controlled by the U.S. Army. There was a 3%-hour parley. Then tha Soviets started toward the memorial with American sedans preceding and following the armored cars. An American spokesman said the threat against U.S. traffic in East Berlin and on the 110-mile highway running to West Berlin was made by an officer accompanying the Soviet armored cars. SoviQt and American sedans moved back and forth between WEATHER FORECAST Partly cloudy and warm through Friday with scattered mostly daytime thundershowers. Winds mostly southeasterly 5-15 m.p.h. Low tonight, 72; high Friday, 90. Kidnaper Kills Bridegroom; Assaults Bride RENO, Nev. (AP)—A young California man, married here Monday evening, died today after Secret Army Band Sought in France After Plot Fails By RICHARD K. O'MALLEY PARIS (AP) — Police today sought a band of Secret Army Organization killers whose bullets missed President Charles de Gaulle by only inches in an ambush on the outskirts of Paris. An investigation indicated that Wednesday night's assassination attempt was the second planned this month on the 71-year-old French leader. The other failed to come off. Da Gaulle, unruffled but admitting he had "a close shave." rested with his wife at their guarded u«;^ u i i • i i i—, — cu W1UI llls wue ai ineir guaraea being shot twice in the head by a i country home at Colombey les gunman who kidnaped him and his Deux Eglises. bride from their motel room earlv' <n. i- i , East and West Berlin, indicating Wednesday and criminaliv assault- * ,, p -° , e searcb centercd on a lhat for the moment at least there Jed the wife. ' dark-haired man, about 30, who «.-nc nr. rrnno^^i \~i~-t .„•,!. T--i_ « . _- .... ! rented one of the ambush cars .»v.v«>k'<wv< nuMiw-1-wii.v.i.mi r~\ i • i into Cuba in recent weeks. Betting closer to home, Kenne- It was tempered by mention an even dozen times that this country now is behind, second, or late or that the Soviets have a lead. Kennedy said: "Anybody who attempts to suggest that we are not malion about troops. He said lhat if Soviet Premier , . ** '. Senate subcommittee s the? shift s^uc Khrushchev comes to the United; ™* stockp. nig of Nations this fall-and he doesn't i stratcglc matcnals know that Khrushchev will-'T } he President said and repeat- would hope I would have a chance ed that extremely large profits • •>jn mi u uuiituc MiuuuilUil liee S ii_ i . ,• , • i . investigation of profits on Ameri- , Ule memb ^ at a meetmg tonight 1 •••*" " (ft t*nlllv*n f/\ ttrnt*lj> cas stockpiling of $8 billion in 15 Commie Ships En route to Cuba By LEWIS GUL1CK WASHINGTON (AP) - Fifteen Communist ships were reported en route to Cuba today. They are in addition to 16 vessels said to have docked at Cuban ports late last month with an estimated 3,000 to 5,000 Communist bloc technicians plus large quantities of goods including weapons were made by the Hanna Mining Company with very little risk to the firm, lhat he could understand the desire of some witnesses io limit the investigation by cluirsing it is an attack on former Prosidoni Eisenhower, but I think the Congress ought to do its job." Keniiedj spoke ot former Secre, -, . . ,'tary of the Treasury George M. saying 'We are examining it!Humphry as a responsible offi- " w> ; c 'al of tha company. Humphrey Other U.S. authorities Indicated ' has Bended the inquiry is an at- ... . . rrt(V)r>l t f\ r>lnn *. *- TTlJ ——._ 1_-.,- to slap at they do not yet know what the'™"? 1 . 1 ? sIa P R P ds ara un In. lhrou fih himself. Eisenhower Reds are up lo. One speculation is that Moscow wants to strengthen the Communist hold on Cuba by sending in large numbers of "technicians" who will operate in key positions. to return to work. And, added James Haygood, business manager of Local 558 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, "I think maybe a few of them might go back today." U.S. Dist. Judge Clarence W. Allgood gave union leaders a stern lecture Wednesday, telling them to get their men back on the job. The union president, Gordon Freeman, issued a back-to- work order earlier in the day. Jerome Cooper, lawyer for the union, said after Allgood's order: "We've told them they are free to go to work. Now we will tell them in another way." Ha d i d not elaborate. was no general interference with East-West military traffic. A reliable source said an East Berlin official had told Communist reporters that his government does not intend to interfere with Western military traffic—but as the same time insisted that Western Army sedans have no legal basis for going into East Berlin. During the night, U.S. Army cars made Unopposed excursions into East Berlin to test whether Moscow's abolition of the Soviet commandant's office would be followed by efforts to limit Western movements in the Communist part of this divided city. Although East German guards made no attempt to interfere with the American vehicles, U.S. authorities said it was still too early to conclude that harassing measures were not in the offing. One U;S. Army vehicle crossed from West Berlin into the Communist sector just before midnight and returned without difficulty through Checkpoint Charlie, entry point through the Berlin Wall for military personnel. Two more U.S. Army cars followed without meeting any delays. The Russians announced Wednesday they were doing away with the office of city commandant and transferring his duties "temporarily" to Gen. Ivan Yaku- bovsky, the Soviet commander for East Germany, who has headquarters at Potsdam, just west of Berlin. Jack Foster, 23, of Yreka Calif ' taken with two bullet wounds Mrs. Poster, afso 23. of Mo* ''*!* J 5 booby-trapped ' ' garage three truck and Carson-Tahoe Hospital In Car-, son City, Nev. Lester Morford III, 18, of Santa Rosa, Calif., is in jail charged with assault with intent to kill. Larry Fister, Nevada highway palrolman, chased him down and captured him in the Foster car at Silver Springs, east of Reno, School Boards Told Balanced Budget a Must BATON ROUGE (AP) — Tha Legislative Budget Committee j warned Louisiana's 67 local school I boards today lo get in their bal- janced budgets or face the possi« The garage owner, who supplied, bilit y of bein § without funds next the clue, said the same dark- month, haired man rented the same truck The committee headed by {Jen. Do Gaulle's trip to Paris from his country home. He gave a luncheon witYUL wfJiiijgs, cast oi Kcno o^-* 1 - ** »«»•>.•.•*»»**» shortly after Mrs. Foster leaped |Aug< 8 at Elysce Palace for vteit from the vehicle in Carson Ciiv! 1 " 8 Dwi 6 nt D - Eisenhower. from the vehicle in Carson City! and reported the attack. Foster's bride, Patricia, told officers a young man broke Into their room and kidnaped them at De Gaulle had come to the capital Wednesday for a Cabinet meeting to draft stronger measures to stem a wave of terrorism blamed "president Kennedy said at his Another is that the Cuban econ- ncws conference Wednesday the, om> is saving so badly that the I! S covprnmein. has information I Communist hloc has decided mas- thai Red "supplies and techni- i sive airi is needed to revive its Ss oY rather intensive quantity ! Wortorn Hemisphere ally. | By ELTON C FAY in recent weeks" have been land- u ., ^^ a]so ^ lh ! AP Mihtary Affairs Writer iutf on the Caribbean island. Comnnujist lielp-while not of the WASHINGTON (AP) Kennedy gave no figures, but kind f or an y | ar g e sca ] e f orc ig n Two Subs Meef Under Arctic Ice gena. DcGaulle's car was hit by at least 10 bullets -to a heavy cross- fife as it sped along a road to the Viflacoublay airport. _ . : ,., meinoas ot One of the bullets missed him!followed Western officials viewed the ac-! ing rapidly. n« n*. _ /"» *, ff .. .1 * * gun point in their auto. They drove on right-wing extremists from Alto Truckee, Calif., then to Lake """'" Tahoe, then headed east. She said the gmiman shot her husband and dumped him from lha' car, assaulted her twice and drove to Carson City, where she escaped. Passing motorists found Foster and he was rushed to a hospital. Pace of Voting By Absentee Increases Sharply As the deadline , for absentee voting for the September 1 Democratic primary runoff nears, the number of votes cast is incrcas- work subject lo call sometime after Labor Day. The committee issued a statement which said in part: "The legislature, in its last session, for the first time, made direct appropriations for each public school system in Ihe state. The funds thus appropriated amounted to approximately the same amount which each system would have received if all prior methods of distribution had been tion as a Communist effort to cut one more "slice of salami" from Western occupation rights in the campaign to force the allies out of the city. Communist propaganda organs were expected to argue that the Soviets no longer needed a military authority in Berlin and neither did the Allies. From noon Wednesday to noon Thursday, 29 ballots had been cast bringing the total to 117. Balloting will continue until noon Saturday. Absentee ballots may be cast in the bssement of the parish courthouse daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and until noon Saturday. by only two inches. Others broke the rear window and pierced side windows. The president was showered with glass but unhurt. The gunmen—believed numbering at least 10—fired about 150 bullets at the motorcade and hit some of the other cars. No one in De Gaulle's party was "To date, not any budget of these public school systems has been presented to this committee. "The committee urges each public school system in the slate to prepare their budgets in accordance with the funds appropriated and sent same (o the state hurt. A passing motorist was board of education and eventually wounded in the hand. j to the budget committee for ap- Interior Minister Roger Freyiproval and distribution of tha said puncture-proof tires on the president's car and on the police car which followed him were a funds to each system as appropriated by the legislature. . "This committee wishes to re« saving factor. Bullets hit the lires j mind the various parish school but the cars were able to j boards that the law prohibits it speed on. f rom approving deficit budgets. De Gaulle, disdainful of his own therefore all budgets submitted safety, always travels in an ordin- Earlier, Rep. Jerry Ashley said ary French car, but security offi- his legislative committee on cials said an attempt will be made school finances, if asked, would now to get him to use .a car with review spending plans of local bullet-proof glass. 'school systems. said there is nn information that! attack—will augment efforts to Russian soldiers have come to export communism from Cuba to ' Cuba or that Hit; Communist aid other is a buildup for a» invasion of>thnm| A hide- and-seek maneuver by two U.S. Navy atomic submarines under — -...o... „„,.. VM.,U ,v, polar ice points to the way a deep Latin American countries •' and deadly war could be fought subversive moans. another country. The President declined to assess the significance of the stepped-up assistance lo the Communist- linked regime of Fidel Castro, Large Fryers lb. 24c Large Roosters .... lb. 15c '/•j Calf (cut free) . . Ib. 37e 20 Ib. Meat Deal $7.95 7-Steaks 5 Ibs. $2.45 Round Steak .. 5 Ibs. $2.95 Ground Meat .... 3 Ibs. $1 Vienna Sausage . .. can 5c Seaport Coffee .... Ib. 49c Red Potatoes, ..10 Ibs. 29c Licihf Crust Flour 5 Ibs. 29c Grade B Eggs .. 3 doz. 95c Banner Oleo Ib. 15c Pork Roast Ib. 29c Spare Ribs Ib. 29c 5c pk. School Paper, Ic ea. (Limit 6) Fresh Water Catfish, Ib. 59c Whits Med. Shrimp, Ib. 79c Fresh Gar Fish .. 4 Ibs. $1 OPEN 'TIL 8 P.M. DAILY M E L V I N ' S „ «„ Ji'! H & MEAT MARKET 2702 Klrkmon HE < 345/ OPEN ALL DAY SUNDAYS TERMS ON MEATS M E L V I N ' S ™,' , , FI ? H & /* EAT MARKET . 202, West McNeese GR 7-2973 OPEN 'TIU 19 P.M. DAILY . ls WasliingUm ' in the Arctic. '^ 6 " 1 Kenn , edy «''" ol "; ced hitherto secret operation to a , rine operation started July 31 and concluded when the two ships surfaced Aug. 2. Navy experts consider it a major tactical demonstration lhat antisubmarine warfare in the hostile and weird environment of the Ice-capped Arclie Ocean seems feasible in the event of hostilities. Another phase of submarine iiiv mint i lu auvici uuci aiiuil IU a tiuwtiii,* }juaao UL DUUIUCUUJI are unclear as to the nationality 'news conference Wednesday, say-i warfare, rocket-firing by submer- of technicians who have lu-en ar- ing that the submarines Skate and !sibles> creates urgent requirement llVin*? II I'Pf'Cn \\'C<'ks V./>/i/lr-:x»u> lio/ ,.,.,r)n '•}-, i.t,-,,. ,n ° ^ riving in recent had made "historic NOTICE Robichaux Draperies 505 W. Sallier will be closed from noon Friday, Aug. 24, until Tucs., September 4. SPECIAL FOR FRIDAY NOON 11 a.m. — 2:30 p.m. SEAFOOD PLATE Creole Slvle Shrimp ond Okra Gumbo Hot Potato Salad Fried Filet of Calfish Crab Meat Roll Fried Shrimps Stuffed Shrlmu Hot Peach Cobbler Hot Cornbread Coffee or Iced Tea ALL FOR ONLY 89c Whole Broiled Speckled Trout (1 Ib, or over) With F.F. Potatoes qnd Cole Slaw 69c FRED'S CAFETERIA 1501 Broad 'Tyrn to Paoe 1« for Friday Niaht Special for counter-measures Russia is rendezvous" under the ice, then surfaced through an opening at beginning to build and send to sea the North Pole. atomic submarines. One of the -This." said Kennedy, "is the lo » ical launching points for any first time th;it two oi our sub- ^viel submarine rocket attack on i marines have worked together in the "J 111 ?. S ' at f s nand Canada tins manner undo, the arctic ice would be the An '" c Ocean ' | pack and I want lo congratulate The U.S. Navy maintains a bar- all of those involved in this excup- Her uatrol across HIP route for Russian submarine." into the Atlantic That barriei extends eastward from Greenland lo Iceland and Ihe Faroe Islands. But the tional technical feat." The submarine versus subtna- FREE 10 LB. BAG CHARCOAL BRIQUETS OR SIX PACK OF PEPSI COLA Wilh purchase of 8 gallons or more of CONOCO GASOLINE SATURDAY, THE 25T11 HAZARDS CONOCO Corner Rvon d prlto Ukt Road Arctic Ocean, on which Russia borders, is wide open, CALLOURA'S PET CENTER Grand Opening Friday and Saturday August 24 anri 25 Troolcgl Fish Aauoriumj & Parakeets Canaries Finches Pigeons & Rabbiti Also Food (or Abov» Pets Dog Food - All types of Cqaei Cot Food & Swpolles 708 N. Lyon* St. HE 6-7036 MEET AT NORTH POLE — Members ot Jhe crews of the nuclear submarines USS Skaio and USS Seadragon exchange colon and memorial plaques on !ne ice at the North Pole after an under* ice meeting following trips from New London, Conn., and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Comdr. Joseph L. Skoog Jr., commander of Jhe Skate (lift), and Comdr. Charles D. Summit!, the S«adragon com* minder, make the exchange. President Kennedy announced their exploit it his news conference Wednesday, (U. S, Navy Photo via Af» Wfrtphoto), FINAL CLOSB OUT Dinette Chairs J3.95 4 Drawer Ocs! .....ill,88 Extra Large 4 Pltr« Bedroom Suites S!? .95 S-P'ece Danish Modern Living Room Suit* $79.95 I-Pl»c« Sola Sets «9.9S FACTORY OUTLET 19QO KlrKmon St. LAURA'S Wwloolnt Shooolno Centsr, Sulchyr Thyrj., Frl., & Sot. Only '/i PRICE Ros* Marie Reed Swim Suits Whit* Stog Skirts, Blouses & Shorts 1 Grow T*en $fclri» , « Ooen Thursday Until |:QO P.M. LOST Large Seal Point Siamese Male Cat. Reward. $20 Contact HE 9-8978 DRY CLEAN INO «ALB , Wed., Thuri., M,T5iBt. Sullj and Plato Ol-fs»« Pantl

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