The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 7, 1970 · Page 16
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May 7, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 16

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1970
Page 16
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HOGS UNEVEN, STEERS HIGHER CHICAGO- WEDNESDAY , stiKk teeeiofs at principal Wedne esday : (API-Live- il markets Produce Market Iowa Produce Iowa egg ana.poulti esday's reoar! en markets as reported 'S~—"ine'eh'fiv*' A Tara* moitfy 1e lower; incentive A Medium mostly un• to ic lowsrf artier egos on- changed to ic lowefr artier egos " d to 4c lower; buyer senti, price per dozen paid Producers 8' ... ., cases exchanged; 24 hours ended c/yj! n a.m. today; eggs .priced under buyer --• au»niy and volume incentive; incentive A large 22-2sc, mostly 24-2«c; A medium 12- 22c, mostly 14-20c; other A larae er better 19-24C, mostly 21-23t; A tedium 12-19C, mostly 12-17C, B larae 12-19C, mostly 12 mosny i^-i/c, D larae u-»yc, moa t7c; C dirties and cheeks 10-14C, io-i2c; smiiis _ snd peewees Mv£t«^i ^v6 POULtRY -\ Prices ifa'v »r*'30DV*ni» 9 500 'rade very ITflhT/ .jrtcS BSI3 BfTsaoceri *K A f fhrt?, * M "*' '• 50 ° farms 24 hours ended 11 a.m. today; e , Ib paid for No. 1 Quality llqhf-fyo* hens truck tots or more 7-9C, mostly 8Vi-9c; li stly 1W«; steady"? si trt /ir>\ ti-- ruc s or more -, m< ILL. (AP) — Hog than truck lot 3-6C, mostly priced Were very uneven here Wednesday, with butchers under 250 pounds steady to 25 stly 8 4-ic. less tREND YO " Month AflO 190.6V Year Ago 174.34. - HlOh 192.40 185.80 166.72 166.40 LeW A , 185.59 166.29 159.62, 160.30 . . (1926 averaoe equals 1001 Chicago Produce CHICAGO (WEDNESDAY) (AP) -Chicago Mercantile Exchange — BUTTER Steady; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 score AA 69VjC> 92 A 69'^C; EGGS '— Weak; wholesale buying prices 1/9 to 2c lower; 80 per cent or better qrade A whites 31c; mediums 25c; standards pbTos'- Arrivals 74 cirsj on track 122; total U.S. shipments 396i old - dema ufflel cents higher and instances up 50 cents. Heavier weights were' steady to 50 cents lower. . Mixed grade 200 to 240 pound butchers sold for $25.50 toj $26.25 with the top to $26.50. The cattle market was §i mostly 25 cents higher for slaughter steers with some sales up 50 cents. Heifers were steady to cents higher with choice going for $29.50 to $30.25. Choice steers moved at $29.75 to $31 j with prime to $32. There were not enough sheep j offered to test market. supplies for russets moderate, demand slow; market dull; .round reds Insufficient: to quote; too few carlot track sales to establish market; new — supplies llflhi demand moderate; market steady; track sales: Texas round reds In sacks »3.50. Produce Futures CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY (AP) - Futures trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Wednesday: _ f^, , Jun Aua !pet Dec Fob Apr Jun Sales: June Dec 55; Feb 7; WrtSF cfose $ oc 'Jun 25! Jul Dec Sales . 0; Dec. 5. 25.95 22.72 22.60 22.70 22.65 : Juno 60; June 100; Aug 39; Oct. 27.40 27.17 SHELL Midwest Stocks CHI (AP)-Followinq Is an of stocks traded on the Exchange Wednesday breviated iiifof" stocks traded oh. the Mid- Exchi nir"chahg»i"ffom"lhe previous close: , EGGS May 32.25 31.5" Jun 32.15 'Jul 33.00 Auq 33.50 , Sen 34.90 Oct 33.90 Nov 35.00 Doc 35.05 i Jan . 34.01 l Sales: May 995; J... , .... . |l; Sep 197; Oct. 23; Nov. 9; Dec. 61 ab- 1. 31.1 32.TO 33,50 34.00 33.15 34.55 34.51 34.0' 31.65 31.55 . 33.40 35.00 34.80 34.50 33.25 33.50 34.45 GRAINS WEAK, WHEAT OFF THE TIDE Wednesday Prices Pnradoxi Talk Discount Cut With Money Rates Up CHICAGO(AP) May Jul Dec T.-..r-T.45-Mi -Wednesday: . - Prev. •ligh LOW Close Close :9V< 1.50'! 1.46 1.46 iM 1.387's 1.3W« 1.36% Mi 1.41 ' •" Mar May CORN .65 1.38V4 1.38W .46 1.43** 1.4r" .48V» U_6_ .28 1.27% UW4 .2844 l.!8'-i 1,2811. .27** 1.27, ' " US'* 1!25 .07 1.0734 1.06"s I.07V4 .07 Vj 1.07Vj 1.07V4 1.07'/! .09'4 1.10W 1.07'/4 l.lOVj " l.U'A l.ll'/j 1.12'/< !.63V< 2.62'* 2. '.«7i* 2.66'/4 2, Wire to f he Register Rumors in New York-Wednesday that the Federal Reserve Board is about to reduce the 6 per cent discount fate came at a time when notes sold by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) were up sharply, and when some proposed bond issues were being cancelled or postponed. The New York rumor on the .65 2.63% 2.63 2.63V4 2, 2.67'/« 2.66% 2.66% 2.< 2.66 2.65 2.65 2.1 n .60 2.60 2.61 Vt ,57'A 2.57V3 2.58% "" "I.62H 2.63% • 2.67% 11.15 10.68 10.45 10.19 pec Jan Mar '."."."." 9.46 9i« SOYBEAN MEAL May 72.70 73.00 Jul 73.50 73.80 Aug 73.20 73.30 ep 72.00 72.00 let 69.90 69.90 3ec 69.00 69.00 68.30 69.00 69.00 68.90 72.30 73.40 73.OQ Mar 69,75 69.85 iTEER? CHOICE Jun 30.25 Aua 30.37 Oct 29.8J Dec discount rate was ignored.-by the Federal Reserve B o a r d, which tievef^ comments^ on spec- ulaflofflregaMn ^ rate. Housing Some observers believed it is unlikely the board would reduce the rale, which has been at the present 6 per..cent, level since April, 1969,< because a reduction would- put the rate out of line with other market interest rates, and-possibly risk a sharp, revival in the nation's inflationary psychology, It was pointed out also that any lowering of the rate to aid banks would be sharply opposed by the housing industry, 30.25 30.201 since the board has been unwill- 11.17 10.72 10.47 10.20 9.95 9.6B 9.44 9.36 72.70 73.50 73.05 11.47 11.03 10.73 10.41 10.10 9.80 72.90 73.70 .. 7... . 872.10 69.80 69.H5 a70.00 . . 71.75 371.85 872 i8.90 69.00 -8.JO S69.05 69.70 A69.85 369.80 May Jun Jul SCO ICED BROILERS 28.f %.% m 8:8 f9'. 7 9o!ing to pump more money into .-=.^- a"-'" J'.U thn Viofrl.n^nccnrl hnmo mnf» 27.85 26.95 2540 -.00 28.47 28.87 26.97 25.40 27.82 27.85 27.80 »'1? 85 25.40 a25l50 . 28.30 28.70 76.85 25.40 V/.13 V/.H 28.30 28:2 28.70 28.7 26.85 26.8 June 382; July 5; Aug Jan. west Stock" . sales.^ nlqhs,. Jows... closins prices with und 7H+ % 8"x— Vi 13'A ..... 5% 4- Vi 6V« + Vt 500.000 Oct FROZEN WHOLE EGGS. 531051 ° Cl rD°AHO POTATOES May 14.75 24.75 b—Bid; a—Asked; n—Nominal. CHICAGO. ILL. (AP) . Wheat futures declined more than 2 cents a bushel on the board of trade Wednesday and! the hard-pressed home mortgage field.. However, some observers, say a case could be made for reducing the rate in an attempt to counteract a return to rapidly rising interest rates. High interest rates have marked the fifth straight losing j for c ef i t he cancellation or post- Iponement of more than $300' 6.;?r 6.05 6.05 PORK BELLIES Aufl Feb M 42.05 36.05 41.50 35.65 6.17 44.22 44.15 41.85 35.80 Sales: May 3^660; July 4,505;"Aug. 17096; F O b pen 4f ln M e a r r e C s h t:°'M.y 3,895; July 8,330; Aug, 4.60)1 Feb 618; March ISO. b—Bid; a—Offered; n—Nominal. Butter Market Following Is Wednesday's report on lowa-Mlnnesota-Wlsconsin dairy bulk butter as alven by the Federal-State Market Prfces er steady; demand light; suoolles "ora'de AA (93 score) 68%-70c. mostly IVjC. 69VjC. Potato Futures Other grain futures closed lower. Selling in wheat was attribut- of corporate and tax-exempt bonds, Grain Trade CHICAGO. WEDNESDAY (AP)-Graln futures purchases Wednesday: Prev. session Year a Wheat 9,920,C Corn 19,260,i" ..... . 5,000 1,960,000 135.000 21,060,000 72.620,000 )ats Rye Soybeans Open Interest In wheaTfutures'thY'pre" vlous session totaled 77,010,000 bushels; corn 149,480.000; oats 12.930,000; rye 1.575,000; soybeans 181i320,000; total 422,315,000. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY (AP) — , . . . . . Potato futures: Maine closed 9c lower to ed to an easing in the cash Ic higher, saes 1,728 contracts, May J3.97; . ...•„,, , Nov. J2.48; Mar. S2.82; Apr. J3.05. baSIS in the Southwest. of Bethlehem Steel Corp. and a $75 million issue of the Signal Companies were amongjhe offerings postponed. Meanwhile, HUD auctioned $443.5 million of tax-exempt renewal notes' at an average annual net interest cost of 5.2739 per cent, up sharply from the 4.228 per cent rate obtained at a similar sale last month. bid down to a recent bid of $5.75, where .the value of the 37,000 shares is $212, i ?50. Hampton Company A new company, Uni-Service, Inc., has been formed at Hampton to specialize injiesign and construction of bank and savings and loan institution buildings. It is constructing new facilities now for the Kerndt Bros. Savings Bank, of Lansing. Officers of the new firm are Spencer Mulford, Iowa Falls, president.; Dean C. Schwestka, Waterloo, executive vice-president; Roney Mulford, Bradford, secretary-treasurer; and Jacob Mulford, Hampton, director. Spencer and Jacob Mulford have specialized for many years in the type construction the- new firm will follow. Schwestka has been assistant general manager of Kirk Gross Co., Waterloo. AMK^United Fruit The Federal Trade Commission, as expected, issued a proposed complaint : challenging AMK Corp.'s acquisition of United Fruit. Co., charging the acquisition would lessen competition in the sale of bananas and other food products. 2 TOTS HIT BY TAXIS UNHURT Two Des Moines girls * caped serious "Injury Wednesday when they were struck by tajticabs in separate, accidents, police said. Roxsnna Warden, 23-month•old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Warden, 1602 Sixteenth st,, was struck by a Yellow.Cab Co. vehicte.driven by James G, Gamble 6f Iridjaitola, police said. Police said the taxi was backing'out of a driveway at 1611 College ave. about 2:20 p.m. when the child crossed the driveway while, walking on a sidewalk. She was, treated lor bruises and was released from Broadlawns Polk County Hospital. Camble was charged with failure to stop prior to crossing a sidewalk, police said. An 8-year-old girl was struck by a Yellow Cab Co. taxi oh Forty-second street near Crocker street about 4 p.m., police said. Cheryle Critelli, daughter of Vfr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Critelli, of 4032 Kingman blvd., was treated for bruises and was released from Mercy Hospital. ' Police said a taxi driven by Greg Fuqua of Carlisle was traveling north on Forty-second street when the girl ran from a sidewalk into its path. No charges were filed. The FTC seeks divest its United Fruit. /. /. Cose J. I. Case Co., to require interest in which has American Stocks NEW YORK {API-Following is an abbreviated list of stocks traded Wednesday on the American Stock Exchange with sales, closing prices •and net changes. AMEX SALES Total stock sales 5,250,i ,9 Selling In corn was linked to-continuing good'-prospects for the 1970 crop which will be in the ground very soon. New Treasury i reasury sources lowa plants at Bettendorf and Burlington, had a loss of $5,054,928 in the first quarter of 1970> com P a r e <i with net profit Sales year ago , Total bond sales t 4,36i B906,i . 4,360,L Sales year ago S 4,987,000 Aberdn Mfg 6 Aberdn Pet 7 Aero Flow 25 Elect Comp Elect Resch Electronic Electrosp El Tronics Emery. Ind quily Corp qultv Fnd ro Indust sqro Inc spey Mtq SQ Rad El ssex Ch Is Hokln ablen Cp alrfld Nob alcon Sbd 3 20}«— Vi xford Elec 15 3Vj— v§ xlord Fst 43 zarirAii—t—IT— Airlift Intl Alax.Magne Alaska Airl Alleg Alrl AllegAlrl-wt Allen EL Eq Fed Resrces Felmont Oil ac Indust ark Elect arvln Doh Id ns >EPI Inc 'hi Fllmwavs man Gem Fischer Por 47 : rankl Mnt iranks Nur •resnlllo Co : rontler Air Gayld Nat 5" Gen Cinema Jen. Plvwd len pis B Gluckln Wm Pubco Pet urlt Fash L at g m Ind as Pet u L Chem "row Chem ruen Ind Gull Sta Ld Royal Amer- 149 ranAlrw A rascan Ltd reeze Cp Brody Seat HC me MC Mag mper Oil ndlanHd wt ght ru Controls nt Cent wt Int Stretch Canav.lnt Canoga Ind Iroguois Ind Jeff Lk Pet rg Paper td Dredg td Metals tanley Avi tanrock Ur 4511M6+.1-1 tar Supmkt 4 8*« Ing Radio nort Hotel Superscop Susguehan .a polnle .ee Enterpr .erner Sir .ernerSt wt .evln Town . berty Fab omodore ompu D.yn omput A omput Ea omput Inst Computes! Ullll Ann Cp Ling TV wt h Tennecoiwt Tenney Eng Term Hud^_ Texstar Cp Textron wt LTV Ling LIVLing wt La DailCtrC D Oamon Cp )ejur Am»c Del Labs Miller Wohl Mllo Elect Metals NEW YORK WEDNEDAY (AP) - Spot luuteij gus u»la1-pricesr-coppef--*i>-fcfeit- i |p.,~<omiee«icut ValTey; lead 16'Ac a b.. New V«*;zkic li'.ic alb.. East ll^W^P'&Vw^ gold J36.45 per tray ounce. New York;, •»¥«/. Jl JO _«r.!«W OUfXt. New York;! yq- ji'jp per troy ounce. New York; i NEW • ndwlTyer. «5.00 M r flask. New York, j ( A P5 Serap »f«l No. 1 heavy $42.00-43.00 a ton, change of « b«slt Pittsburgh. < traded on toe INDEX NEW YORK' (AP) - Ameriwn Stock Exchange Index: High .u>w "-- ••21.98 21.41 American Leaders TbR(f, N.Y. (WEDN Tales, closlnn Price an. .... .active stock* J(f, N.Y. (WEDNESDAY) les. closing price and net te ten. most acfive stock* • Equity Fnd AM K nerican : wt :Miloo Elect NEW YORK, N.Y. (WEDNESDAY.) I Saxon Ino (AP) — Copper futures closed 60 lo BO ' DlQital Eq oinfs higner, S4l<» 543 contracts, Mav Ecoloaic sci An poi n. .90f. July 0.4k, Dec. .2ic, Jan. Sect. 7i.pOc. Oct. Jan. 68.6SC, May H4B Asa.rnera Oil Solitron AuloDala P Some easiness oil and meal in the edible markets in- of J845.396 or 7 cents a share a the same period a year ago. in Outstanding Ad Woman Named Celia S. Wright has been named 1970 Des Moines Advertising Woman of the Year by t h e Women's A d v e r Using Club of Des Moines, Inc. The award presented luncheon that wore per cent of 7% per cent priced to yield 7.79 lo maturity in 18 luenced the soy- >ean complex. At the close, wheat was 2'/s to 3% cents a bushel lower; corn Vs to 3 ,i cent lower; oats Vs cent ower to V\ cent higher, rye unchanged- to-1- eent-lower-and soybeans unchanged to l'/4 cents lower. • Des Moines Grain Des Moines prices has less than carlot Wednesday: Receipts — Corn, 19 cars; soybeans, 69. Wheat - Farmer No. 1, S1.22" 4 . Feed prices are sublect to wide varl- itlons in different sections of the state due o transportation, handling and storage ost. Pure bran — S3.00-3.70. Soybean meal — S5.45-6.lo. ' • Linseed meal - i5.40-5.70. MlddS - $2.87-3.70. Tankage — $6.30. Central Iowa Market . County elevator bids on corn, oats, soybeans in area near Des Moines show the "ollowlng Wednesday: Oats — No. 1 white 50c-60c. Corn — No. 2 yellow Jl.13-1.14. Soybeans — No. 2 modified, 13 moisture, $2.46-2.50. Chicago Cash months to apparent support of the market Tuesday by the Treasury and the Federal Reserve system. It was reported that Federal Reserve traders purchased large quantities of "Treasury bills in trig open ^market early Tuesday in an 'attempt to~'push prices up, thus forcing yields to decline./' Federal Reserve officials don't comment on their market operations as a matter of policy, but late Tuesday one-year bills wereitrading at a level to yield about 7.50 per cent, or about 0.29 per centage points below the yield at which the new 7 3 4 per cent notes were offered. i ' James L Ketelsen - President, said income was a-dveTsely afl fected by a 16.4 per cent decline in sales during the first quarter and the accompanying reduced production schedules including the necessity of closing down two major plants for two weeks. First quarter sales dropped 16.4 per cent to $86,125,878 vs. $103,018,915 a year earlier. The company's -stock, traded on the New York Stock Exr change, has a 1970 range of $9.25 to $13 and closed Wednesday at $10.37. The present 6 per cent level on the" discount rate represented a doubling of the rate during the }960S) although it was at 4 per cent for a -short period in b ¥iW' l Sigfit?r l 6«!li tl Jfflher? t rec.ipi* 2 B ! 1959-60. In the immediate -post- lts 'nominally unchanged,- basis un-iwar years the rate was only 1 ange oybe W alter Kidde Walter Kidde & Co., Inc., Soybeans receipts were 6 cars including j P^ r ,1 car tor Commodity Credit Corp. ._.Wheat...->= Nq..2__ha«l yellow J1.48V 3 n; -• Oelwein Campaign I .... No. 2 soft red S1.52'/i n. Corn—No. 2 yellow si .31V:; No 3 yellow S1.29V:; No. 4 yellow SI ,27V?. Oats — No 2 extra heavy white 68 3 ic n. Soybeans No 1 yellow $2.66V< n. Soybean oil 11.55C n. • GREASE — Choice white grease was 8w-9c a Ib Wednesday; bleachable fancy tallow 8>/<c; and 8V«c. 'B" white special tallow Minneapolis MINNEAPOLIS, WEDNESDAY (AP) Wheat receipts today 96, year ago 79; spring wheat cash trading basis unchanged; prices unchanged to IVzc lower; No. 1 dark northern 11-17 protein $1.654*- 2.02H; test weight premiums: one cent each, pound 58 to 61 IDS; Ic discount each Vi Ib under 58 Ibs; protein prices: 11 per cent Sl.65tt-l,69Vi; ]2, S1.66tt-l.7lH; 13, Jl.72H-l.73Vi; 14, il.75.4i-l.74H; 15, $1.64%. 1.87H; 16, J1.90Wi-l.94Mi; 17, W.98<i-2.02^; No. 1 hard Monfana winter ii.49VB-i.84}i; Mlnn-S.D. No. 1 hard winter si.484B-1.83M; No. 1 hard amber durum, $1.63-1.67; discounts, amber 2-3c; durum 5-7c. Corn No. 2 yellow H.21%-1.23%. Oats Barle .14; ft N«.' &r&'W«efen 97c: i S1.15-l.18. i Nominal..... —^ Rye No. 1 and Flax No. 1 $2.96 Soybeans No. 1 vel .—__ RANGi OF PRICES - ' °WHEAT i9h LW 1.71'i 1.72'/4 .WO'/j 1.66 ] .4 .166 7 /« .165?* Close t.70*i Standard bran 50c lower, S42.00; standard middlings 50c lower, $43.00. Kansas City KANSAS CITY, WEDNESDAY (AP) Wheat. U&ni unchanged..!?. Ic.lower; o. 2 hard and, dark hard tl.4J-1.70n; No. , S1.41-1.69n; No. 2 red wheat S1.43-1.4Sn; 0* 3. J1.41-1.44n. anged to Vtc higher; n; No. 3, Jl.23-l.64n; ed »1.30Vi-1.31',i; No. V. «l« 4I.^I-|,^«II. Corn 50 cars; unchani No. Zwhtfe $1.57-U5n; No. 2 yellow and mixed 3, S1.29V3. Oats none; unchanged; No. 2 white 65 J .<- 76cn; No. 3. 63^-75cn. Milo malze.«.OQ cwt. SacRed"fran ttt.'SM/la a ton. "acked shorts $43.00-43.75 a ton.. ''heat futures closed from llj-Hi WH £AT FUTURES Open . .High . Low May Mar. i 7 '" l.'3S*J l,38Vj 1.40H . 1.31VJ 1.34'i 1.37 1.39 Close 1.37'i 1.31U 1.34VI 1.37 U9 EARNINGS Leased Wire to The Register . (For period ended March 31 unless otherwise Indicated.) '-- • Latest Year A campaign to raise $225,000 in cash to help finance establishment of a $500,000 plant at Oelwein for Gulf States Paper Corp., Tuscaloosa, La., . has been successfully completed by the Oelwein Industrial Development Corp. This was announced Wednesday at a dinner in that community, at which it was 'revealed that the cash was raised in a matter of weeks from 1,088 in- .1 dividuals and firms in the community. Gulf States, which selected the Iowa site after looking at locations in 30 cities in four states, will build a new plastics plant that is scheduled to start production about Nov. 1. The-plant constructed on a portion of the Oelwein In dustrial Development Corp.'s 35-acre site. The new funds, raised by 75 committee members, will be used with private ly-generated funds to construct frtre~plam7 . H is being leased to Gulf States on a lease-purchase plan that will amortize the cost over a 20 year period. Development corporation offi- c i a 1 s announced also thai Prairie :Road Builders, headed by Senator Clifford Lamborn, Maquoketa, a' contracting firm, is setting up a regional office at Oelwein to serve an area in a 50-mile radius. Clear Lake Firm Clear Lake Aluminum Co., Clear Lake manufacturer ol doors aad windows for recrea tiona] vehicles, has been ac A than Net Income S»les 1.02 4,733.000 55,043.000 »—Restated for cooling of inter GfiUMMAN CORP^guarter: -*mf*r-- « ,™x« » 8UV«T AMERICAN MARKET OlAAY *J.Y. (WEDNESDAY) ; ~ Wednesday" lures clpseei 1/0 to 200 Advances - 4>55 contracts. Ms/ Decfines :. July ITB.OOc. Sept. Unchanged 18 Jan. I79JOC. Mar.. TataJ JWUK 1.0S6 Jul? m«0c. SePt. r We* KM h4oh» 1 : '19.l ecrg'-- i .w 13,920,000 _ _. 168.i22.000 163.8^5,000 lng_«f Interests. .76 12,499.009 quired by ADM Industries, of Elkhaxt, Ind., in exchange for 37,000 shares of ADM stock, the two firms announced. AD.M produces a wide line of 5,527.627 j products for mobile homes and 268,176,579 j recre atj ona j vehicles. Boy Han- 391.589 s»5,72; i son, who has been general " D - 1 * lc -.S2 ua * er ' —•manager of Clear Lak 6.w.'ll become its new divisional Tues, Hide Market NEW YORK. N.Y. (WEDNESDAY) .(AP) — Riw hide fulurei closed quiet, no • ADM's stock, di^ traded in market, the native cownidu 'ranged this year from |14.75 which has an Iowa subsidiary — LeFebure Corp. -- in Cedar Rapids, had an 8.5 per cent gain in first-quarter earnings as sales and revenues rose 6.6 per cent compared with a year ago. Net income was $6,292,000 or 58 cents a share vs. $5,799,000 or 53 cents a share a year ago. Per share net was on a fully diluted basis. Sales and revenues in the latest three months were $186,996,000 vs. $175,258,000 -a year ago. was at a Wednesday Colette D o w n- e y , 1969 Woman. Miss Wright, an account executive with Lessing-Flynn Advertising Co., received the award for her "outstanding achievement in the "field of advertising." Currently a member of the board of the Women's Ad Club oTDes Moines, Tvirs"s"Wrighrwill be installed- in May as first vice-president of the club. She has been active in the. Greater Des Moines Crime Alert program, and is a member of the Hawkey e-Iowa Chapter of American Women in Radio and Television, Women's Division of the Greater Des Moines Chamber of Commerce, and the Young Republicans. Iowa Mostly Clear and Mild Data from U.J. WMTHf* lUDCAU «l SSow High T«mpltolunl fipitlttl Thundtiy All but extreme western Iowa had cloudless skies Wednesday but slightly cooler temperatures than Tuesday's readings. By mid-afternoon temperatures ranged from near 60 in the extreme east to the upper 70s along the state's western border. Iowa was in the path of warm air surging north around a high-pressure center located over the Great Lakes. Mostly fair skies and warming temperatures arc expected to continue today, the Weather Bureau said. Forecasts , _„ FOR THURSDAY, MAY 7, 1970 LOCAL-Partly cloudy and-.warmer today and tonight with highs today In low 80s. lows tonight In upper 50s. Considerable cloudiness with clfance ot showers or thunderstorms and continued .mild Friday "-• * — iniiu r~i iuay • »iun if\ QU3, IOWA — Parflv cloudy-throuqi high today Tils'— --'- ' west; low hJnlqti high IL .._. -' idv-through Friday; ....theast to 80s south.... —Jht 50s northeasti 60 to 65 southwest; hp Friday In 80s. OWA EXTENDED FORBCAST-Mlld Saturday, cooler Sunday and Monday. Highs 70s Saturday, 50s and Ms Sunday nd Monday. Lows SOS and " " ..... --...— .. 60s Saturday, 40s and low 50s Sunday and Monday. _ —jKena. ;ISi — Mostly sunny today, warm- Igh 60s north, 68 to 74 south; fair warmer today; thunderstorms tonight; cooler over state Friday; hlqh today 68 northeast to 86 southwest; low ay. Lows SOS »n< ...j low 50s Sunday Chance of showers or thunderstorms . , d W. l .B9, w ** l < e nd. LLINOIS — Most ,.,.„-„,, „„,,.,- er; high 60s north, 68 to 74 south; fair tonight, warmer, with lows In 40s) Fri- sunny and warmer; high — Fair to partly dloudy and lav; chance of showers and ms tonight and Friday; warmer easj, cooler extreme, BT OV6T SiBifi F Iheast to 86 r 30s northw --, ..lah Frlfim, , west to near 80 soutl MISSOURI — Partly cloudy today and warm; high generally In 80s; partly cloudy and warm tonlaht end FMay; chance of showers and thunderstorms tonight or Friday; lov •--••••'"--• high Frldiy around 90. ifRASKA (EAST AND CENTRAL) - f«rtly cloudy and warmer today; high today In 80S; partly cloudy tonight and Friday; cooler, chance of showers or thunderstorms extreme west tonight, central and extreme north Friday; low «o'« nl ?«, t1 th 4 2i., e . xl i!:£, m * En R. rmwe . lt to » "> 60s southeast; .hlsh Friday 60s extreme southeast. night, upper . southeast; high _ northwest to low 50s Friday low 60s north- heaM-. SOUTH DAkOTA-1 today, ehanc ' ' west; varlal showers and mostly "onlght . OTA —Increasing cloudiness nee of Isolated thunderstorms •lable cloudlnew, chance -of •'"j 'hunderslorms east and "oudv, chance of raFn v5est and Friday; high Jodav •"'•upper 30$ extreme west; hlqh Frl- exIremeVast extrtm * west to ' ow 70 » l( 5S?J! S ilf < K- Mo ^ llv ; w ,!! nv » M warmer today) high mostly In 60s; partly cloudy «nd warmer tonight; low In 40sT Friday partly cloudy and warmer; high 66 to .DES MOINES WEATHER DATA FOR WEDNESDAY, MAY t. 1»7» BY U.S. WEATHER BUREAU Des Molnes Airport Station HOURLY TEMPERATURES: 1 ».mi 2 a.m. ....;;.47. 46 44 43 44 48 51 :# Temperatures The following list of cities shows (H) highest lemoeratures occurrlno be- 'ween 6 a.m. and « p.m. Wednesday, May 6, [Lj lowest temoeratures occurring between 6 a.m. Wednesday and 6 D.m. Wednesday, and (P) cipitallon In inches occurr no bei 6 «.m. and 6 p.m. Wednesday. IOWA eiween Burlington „ Cedar Rapids <« Council Bluffs 78 Davenport A; Dccorah i 62 Des Molnes 69 Dubuque 61 Iowa City 77 Lamonl ' 69 Maplelon ;s Mason City «; Oltumwa < 66 Sioux Clly 80 .Spencer 79 Waterloo 63 UNITED STATES I H). (L) (P) (H) (L) Abany, N.Y 49 37 . Albuouerque 86 50 — Anchoraqe 53 37 _ Asheviiie :::.:: n % - (p) 10 3 a.m. 4 a.m. 5 a.m. 6 a.m. 7 a.m. 8 a.m. 9. a.m. 10 a.m. 11 a.m. 12 noon 1 p.m. 62 63 2 p.m. 3 p.m; 4 p.m. 5 p.m 6 p.m. 7 p.m. B p.m. 9 p.m. to p.m. ..........It 11 o.m ........... 57 12 mid ........... 55 •1 a.m ........... 53 2 a.m ........... J| Atlanta ..rt 80 gllllngs •. 79 Birmingham 84 Bismarck 82 Boise 61 Boston 54 Brownsville 82 Buffalo 45 Burlington, Vi 36 Casper 74 Charleston 84 Charleston, W.Va 59 Charlotte, N.C 77 Chicago n Cincinnati l 60 Cleveland 46 Columbus, Ohio 54 Oallas 82 Jenver /a Jetrolt 53 >uluth 58 :l,Paso 91 •airbanks 62 Farqo 74 Great Falls 71 Helena , 77 Houston 82 Indianapolis 60 Jackson, Miss g& Jacksonville 86 Juneau 44 Kansas City 89 Las Vesas . Little Sock „., Los Angeles -35 Louisville 63 Memphis.. 80 Miami Beach en Midland, Tex »... IJ2 86 53 83 52 52 8 52 44 6J. 41 48 37 42 M 36 56 56 — .05 II Lowest at 6 a.m.' Mean Normal- ::::::§ 58 Bfitt SB?"., PRECIPITATION For Wednesday non . To a this month to date ............. n °7 Total since-Jan. 1 .!.....«24 Normal since Jan. 1 to date .764 Deficiency since Jan. 1 ..". Il So MISCELLANEOUS Barometer In Inches Relative- Humidity' V. Wind Direction F * Gives View on Health Facilities "Health care is a community affair and health facilities are community service institutions," Dr. C. Rufus Rorem, New York, N.Y'.',' health economist, told the Health Planning Council of Iowa The company said the 1969 ^Wednesday night at Holiday Inn results were restated to include operation of companies subsequently acquired as poolings of interests. The company's stock, traded P lained the nationally. known on the New York Stock Ex- authority in the hospital and change, has a 1970 range of health field - "America already $28.25 to $46.75 and closed Wednesday at $29.25 where the yield on" the $1.20 stock divi- o il per cent, Pepsico Herman W. Lay, chairman of Pepsico, Inc., said he expects second quarter net income to improve about the same 10 per cent rate that first quarter net gained over a year earlier. He said the company is "reasonably optimistic about a new formulation soft drink" which replaced its cyclamate soft drinks. firm-expects-4a has rationalized the financing of health service through insurance and taxation." Emphasizing that a health care facility should; be~'established, modernized or expanded jiolely in response to "proven community need, not merely the desires of the institution," Dr. Rorem declared: \ "Each health facility should assume responsibility for public understanding of its various programs of patient care, education and research." go into the new money about June 30 with a $50 million issue to refund a note the company gave its 74 per cent-owned subsidiary, Wilson Sporting Goods Co. Following the company's annual meeting, Donald M. Kendall, president, said that test- marketing of a plastic bottle for Pepsi Cola has been "very successful/ 1 but thatH&ere ^a?e technical problems with the machinery- that makes the bottle. Home Sales Drop -Sales of new ODOfamily homes in March were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 342,000 units, down 8 per cent from the 372,000 pace in February and 24 per cent below the 451,000 unit rate a year earlier, the Commerce Department re^ ported. The number of new one-family homes sold in March was an unadjusted 33,000 or 14 per cent ahead of February but 23 per cent below a y§jir earlier. "General hospitals now are comprehensive . health-service centers for everyone," ex- Iowa Tot Hurt (The Register's Iowa News Service) COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA. - A 16-month-old Elk Horn boy. was in good condition at Jennie Edm u n d s o n Memorial Hospital here Wednesday after a power lawn mower cut off half of his right foot and nearly severed bis right leg. Doctors said they will not know until Monday or Tuesda; if they will have to amputate Paul Christian Forde's right leg below the knee. The bone in th? boy's leg was severed, but his calf muscle was left intact. The boy's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stan Forde. said his brothers, Sco& 8, and Joji^ J,. started the family's riding'trac- tor mower f while Paul was playing in the grass behind it. fhey-said the mowe/ slipped into reverse and ran over the boy's leg. TRADE TREATY TOKYO, JAPAN (AP) -Bed China and Pakistan have signed a trade agreement, the New China News Agency announced. Sunrise today 6:04 a.m'. Sunset 8:18 Memorial Service For Kent Victims A memorial service for the four Kent State University students slain. Monday by Ohio national guardsmen during an anti-war demonstration at Kent Ohio, will be held at 1 *a.m. Thursday at Luther Memorial Church, E. Thirteenth street and Grandview avenue. .. The service is open to the . public. It is sponsored by "Concerned Students and Faculty" of Grand View. College. Milwaukee . New Orleans New York .. North Platte »j Olc ahoma City 80 Philadelphia 57 Phoenix 93 Pittsburgh 51 Portland, Maine 59 Portland, Ore 62 Ralelah 66 RapldClly 84 Reno 62 Richmond 65 St. Louis 66 Salt Lake Clly 79 San Antonio 82 San Diego 62 San Francisco 54 Sault Salnte Marie 47 i? 59 Hfr'E:::::::::::: II CANADA Calgary 60 Edmonton 63 41 76 45 59 PAN'AMER'ICA Acapulco , Hi Bermuda 72 Havana 79 Kingston 9o Mexico City 79 61 61 54 46 62 I 53 Ottawa . Regina ... Toronto .. Vancouver Winnipeg . 34 41 40 47 53 51 51 48 53 47 56 48 24 47 55 44 51 38 42 27 42 31 38 38 77 M 7 7 ? M 3 76 .15 .01 57 Nassau 88 San Juan 88 Veracruz v ,;....M WORLD Berlin (7 p.m.) 75 Casablanca (6 p.m.) 64 Geneva (7 p.m.) S7 Madrid (7 p.m.) 66 Moscow (9 o.m.l 79 Rome (7 p.m.) 59 Saigon (7 a.m. today) 86 Warsaw (7 p.m.). 75 (M — missing. T — trace) A YEAR AGO temperature .in Den'Momes Low temperature In Moines ......61 Dividends Wednesday's Final Dividends Declared GtAmer Mtgelri' elroleum CpA ...... There was .69 inch of precipitation. Moon This schedule of moon's rising and setting Is provided bv Prof. Phillip Rlggs and the Drake University Astronomy Department. New moon Ma.v. 5; first gu»r- IS. 1 ter moon May 13. Moon rises 6:58 a m. Moon sets 11:12 p.m. Planets Mercury: W, dusk; fairly bright. V«nus: W. dusk; father dim, reddish. Mars: SW. dusk, rather dim. reddish. Jupiter: E, dusk, ouite bright. Silurn: W. dusk; rather dim. AC-U-|LAR'°.i P M S r: and •Crocker st, a son; Wi HotDital. =NDER - A Pleasantvflle, Molnes Ge STUART - v .1875 PAm .30 quart Allied MaintenarKB Tio Amer Sterilizer ....12 Armstrong ATO, Inc Bayuk Cigars llss&Laugh undy ; r.. ;.-.;;. •;» annon Mill* ...... .90 Fllntkole 25 Q Gen Foods .........65 Q • 20 Q erber Prod .......30 Q rocery Str Pds ..375 ~ roller 275 uyck • 10 ngersoll_ Rand keniii PfcC ......,.3\5 Mays JW 125 Monarch Mch Tool .30 Muruhy Oil elps _ _ Plttway / : ..... l Premier Indusll "i THE DAY'S RECORD Santa Fe Intl 'chiller 'nd lOuthland Royal superior Oil l — Raymond, 73, of 1125 Tenth < Wednesday at Veterans Hosol- ayji — Charles E., 75. of Davis , died Wednesday at Veterans Hpsoi- Where's the Fire? A.M. 1-9:30 - S.E. Fourth and Market streets," — US Industries 125 LAND BANK BONDS NEW ypRK JAP) - Closing Federal Land B ,nK Bond,: ....... :..... •1970 1970 1970 1970 1970 i ii; ....197 .-;»7 Lit |T.1« Coifee N€W YORK, N.Y. (WEDNESDAY )AP) Coffee futures were inactive Wodnes- I oTarket was firm, owl ex-dock closed • •oKer said. * ""' *!*,3 f !£ lnfl » '?• «t H.SOc «nd 5i — untos "future closed owltt. no sales. Des Moines Births BRAYTON -Mr. and Mrs. Robert C., of "ranger, a., daughter, Wednesday at Mrs. James. 6484 'ednesdav at Mercv Mr. and — .,— j, a son, Wednesday pines General Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. irt. west Des 1 at Des Molne Mrs. Mearle Norman. 3001 „«' Des ... Mofnes, a son. olnes General Hos- lenny court, ednesday , L^UGHTON — Mr. <nd Mrs. Charles. 8412 Rldgemount drive, a daughter, Wednesday at Northwest Hosplta.1, Des Moines Deaths - 3428 S.W. Thirtv-f r» St.. n,, vestiaatlon. 11 •18 — 605 Grandvlew i P.M. 12:12 — 12:21 — ' hom ' ave.. garage. y-fitth St., dwelling, irlve and Pavton avenue. 17 County Line road. coffee « i . 3:49 — 1610 S.E"; Scott ave.. trash. unl^ FourTeenth si. rescue ~~' K unit* 10 E- Tw » nty - (ourtl ' «*- r « st:u » Sentence Man in Grocer's Murder (The Beoltler't Iowa Nays JCrVlrf) _____ EMMETSBURG, IA. - Elvin Gilroy, 21, of St. Cloud, Minn., was sentenced to two life terms of imprisonment Wednesday for the murder of an Algona grocer. Distric^ Court Joseph P. Hand alsojs^nlenced GUjtoy to .a A>! W _ 3SS>Xft. 9 t TK-fte term on a charge of armed robbery with aggravation. Gilroy was convicted in District Court Saturday for his part in the shooting of Melvin Bay during a robbery of Bay's store in June, 1969. The two JiferTe3!s were imposed fc^separate charges of myrder and murder ctomjtted during the per- pf tranon of a robbery.

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