The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 20, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1934
Page 8
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MGCHGHT Uotarians On Club Program How I made nay first dollar,** answered by some fifteen or twenty Itotarisns at the Friday noon meeting of the Gibraltar hotel. Selling pigs, picking cotton. ranniajc stauds, working in the hay meadow, selling newspapers and •parlous other meaus were described by the Rotarians in telling how j they made their first dollar. Miss Dorothy "Webb, whistler. was presented by Mrs. Jean Norman, the club's musician, ) Guests of the day were Don j Antonio Pavia of San Juan. P. R-; j Dr. Reed Wolfe, Hugo; T. !>, jSJil- { livan, Corpus Christi; T, F. £^ar- | hart, Quincy. 111.; Dr, W. C. Lind- } Strom and Capt. C. G. Gabelrnan | of the CCC camp. Honey Grove; [ j>r. Gavin \Vatsor., Clarksville; j Jack DeLysle, Fort Smith. Ark.. and Bob Blasters o? Paris, Capt. ' Roland Billingsley. who lias been away for several months as commanding officer at Camp Crockett, has again taken up membership in "he club. STRIKEBREAKER K. J ""A pretty ketti* of fish." 'tis said, ha* put an end to the strike of worker* at two plants of the Jersey Packing Company. Inc. After the 22 workers at the Bri<3geton plant w<?re calS-ed oa: Wednesday- Herbert Smaliey, ireaserer. invited them on a fishing trip In the Delaware t>ay. 'The. men were so busy pull- n£ in their 150 fish, including some, whopping big bass," said Snialley. "they didn't have time io remember they were on sirik*. Everybody returned to work Thursday." Strike Speaks (Continued rrorn Page One} FUNERAL FOR MRS. GRIFFITHS SUNDAY Funeral services will be held or, Sundav afternoon at 5 o'clock for Mrs. George A. Griffiths of Paris •who lost her life in an automobile accident Tuesday at Roek Springs, "Wye., the body arriving here Sai- trrday night, via Dallas, The service will be held at her late residence. -31 Bo-sham street, concacied by Dr. F. L,. ^Tear, pastor of Central Presbyterian church. Burial will be made ai 3S*ver§rreeTi ceTT-etery by "he side 01 her husband. "SHOOT THE WORKS" •with BEN BERNIE (And All The JACK OAKIE ARLJNE JUDGE DOROTHY DELL SATTJRDAT. SUNDAY, MO>"DAY FROM UTAH" •with JOHN WAYNE Thrilling majority. Kis champions say that i more life terra sentences were j assessed during his tenure- of of- [ fiee than in any c«ther jurisdiction in the Xatioa- Mr. McCra.*- was thr- pr ty Attorney's Association ana helped to shape that organisation's j (.Continued from P*c* set foot on the •waterfront. Eleven hundred guardsmen mobilized hastily Thursday ni«ht on orders of Governor Julio* I*. Meier wjio said citizens of the state, shi?- ers, lumbermen and grain growers urged the action. The Portland strike strategy committee said the order canceled its promise that a. general strike would be held in abeyance pending further negotiations. That was the understanding with Senator Robert F. -TCagmer of Kew Tork, I administration emissary assisting in strike negotiations here. BACK TO WORK SAN FRAKCISCO. (5^ — The danger point of the Pacific coast maritime conflict shifted to Portland. Ore. Friday as the genera) strike relaxed its grip on the San [ Francisco "bay cities. The mass back-to-work movement in the San Francisco bay area was virtually completed Thursday night when, the executive committees of the- Alameda connty Russell <Continued From Pace On** PERSONALS Mr, *nd Sir*. Roy the need of such money* by those) returned from a vacation trip to the offers in their o wn j the Ozarks and Oklahoma points. t private businesses and because of ! the eoEimutmy WAITER JOKES Oscvar Jones former district grov. ernor of Lions clubs of spent Thursday in Paris in. th« interest of the candidacy of his counci's declared the strike ended, j brother, Walter E. Jones of Is Sail Francisco, the major ser- i Gregg county, who is making the needs of the de»- jtiiuie j>eoj>le throughout t±s.e slate. ;1 expressed my appreciation to | these fr-ends at the time the of- I fens were made and 1 desire to ; again earpres: my appreciation and j'thanks for their interest in my be- !ha!f. I "My chief objective in entering ] this race was to serve the people of Texas, and I hope the contribu- jtion X have made to the cause .of good government and the-- frankness and fearlessness with ' which. ,.1 have presented my program, has been of some service. To my mind the big issue before our people today is the rehabilitation of the destitute, the creation . of jobs or the unemployed and affording opportunities for homeless families of becoming home owa- *'In my speeches a. 'demand for law enforcement and respect for .law was not overlooked. I have adx-ocated the adjustment of our i tax burdens, corrective measures in fraternal, civic, church and social affairs. He Is an E!k. an ELasle. a Mason, a Baptist and an Ocd Fellow. Miss Luea HexJrick has returned to Siilphur Bliiff "after visit ins her sister, Mrs. R. T. Sheldon, 44 South Fifth street. Mrs. JT. H. Bills left this week to visit her daughter. Mrs- J. B. JCixon of Snyder and her son, B. M- Bills of Whiteface. Mr, and Mrs. Wilburn Faught are visiting • the • World's Fair in Chicago and Trill be gone about 10 days. Misa Sara. Peyton left Thursday afternoon for Boulder. Colo, to attend the last term, of the University of Colorado summer school. Miss Bernic« Bcaty is here to spend the of ^Dallas week end •4 T*ut*d*y t» tb* kotn* yrmndraother, Mr*. T. W. Mr. aftd Mzv, Wilburn h*ve cone t» Chicago to«nd th« Centurj' of Progress expoci- tion. <>•*» Mr. and J. W_ I>eWeese. j Tyler Thursday tout cloudy prevailed relief under clouds. Friday and =lforde*il 's high reading Thure-l accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. .J. 1 Longview W.. Williams. Jr.. and small daugh- | day was .106, but Friday ter. Dallas, have returned from j ^cooler" visiting Mr- and Bell in Houston. . Spurgeon TO PROBE DEATH CORPtJS CHJUSTJL (a*)—A coroner's verdict was expected Friday In the death of E. O- Twyman. prominent local resident, whose body -was found by a group of young people behind a curtain in the basement of the South Bluff Methodist church. and cloudy It t5 fore noon and heatrfa&ed r**i- dents of th ramistic sta above 100 Friday, There had be«nl no casualties Jjongview A sea breeze alleviated - uation in Brownsville, reaident suffering liitle discomfort although th to S3, one of the highest marks for the season oil citj% took the op- that it might not vo| day, There had b from the heat rain was Jtt »J«ht- »iU| there. World joatlnued From secretary. Cars -were operated on half a dozen of the lines of the system Thursday b"-r were placed in bams [ Thursday night, I The 3,700 teamsters of San f ] Francisco and the eastbay, while ' returning to their trucks generally. still debated the question of whether to move freight to and from the troop-guarded waterfronts. that led him to seek the position to "which he now aspires. France, Russia, aad Japan, ex- } ^ biiilcnig modern ! JT JbJtt;5^i> Alj - perts said, are planes rapicly. There are no international agreements limiting 1 air forces. American military authorities estimate thai Russia France have 3,300 planes: United States 1. SCO; Japan r,500: and Great 1.400. The Sa.ker report also opposes 2. unified air force en the ground it would "weaken the nation's power- It favors the r-resent system of separate army navy s.!r corps. The question of a unified force rscivy iLnd congressional circles since the world iva.r- OF with her cousin. Miss lx>uise Beatie. 372 Lamar avenue. Buddy Moore has returned to Ix>nsrview after visiting his grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bradley. Mrs. I>on Wair who underwent an operation several weeks ago at • Sanitarium of Paris has been resting upon his shoul-[ moved to * er home. 80 North Constitutional reform has j Twentieth- street, likewise, the; ~~~ Mrs. David Robinson, who has been seriously ill for the past four weeks at her home, SO ders. been urged by me. ^-reservation of our prohibition j laws and their enforcement •was sot overlooked. I was the first candidate in this race to openly denounce gambling on horse races and to advocate a repeal of the * «*>*<* ** improved Friday, Mrs. J. HL Conwell. (Coni^nued F e One> Tize agreement proceed that the "strike is hereby called off." and that if wrthln 30 cays 'the strikers do not accept, the proposed settlement and end. the, walk- cut. the company ivil! no; be boucd by those stipulations •which pi~<3g"e it to reenspluy strikers and noz to prosecute cnargres against them. T^'ithin -Dt days afier th-e strikers aT>pro*'$: th^ verms, aud contingent on -heir doing so. the company lo^r hired s-hall be strikers."' Further stipulations provide for continued operation of the plant under the cvd« f->r tha.t industry SATURBAY ONI/E ±-a:r;e and The XH 'a!! Its use." witn,- order of G€-n. Hugh S- Johnson, charged officials of lire company LANE CHANDLER to y~>"T ho^ie GUAB0 YOUB HEALTH KILL FLIES & MOSQUITOES HUGO RESIDENTS HTTGO, Okla.—Mr, and Mrs. Herbert ililler will occupy the home of Mrs. Miller's mother, Mrs, SaIHe Petty, who leaves for an indefinite stay in south Texas. Rev. \V. B. Slack of I^awton was a guest of his sister. Mrs. C, P. Bale-h west of town. An ice cream sapper will be held on the lawn of First Presbyterian church Friday evening:. r>roceeci^ sroing to a fund for sending representatives to the young; people's encampment at Price's Falls. K. V. Posey. former Hugo school superintendent, now with the athletic department of Oklahoma. A «sb 3ti college, was in Sugo. Mrs. Robert Howie and children. Betty and Bobbie, returned to S! Reno Friday after 3. week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. T. A. McKen- Miss Sara Pliinney entertained with an informal dinner "VTednes- day evening: in her home on East The Young People's Union of th^ "Methodist Kpiscopal church meets in Antlers Friday evenirzsr. Rev. A. R. Kuicninstm Trill accompany a group from the Ha TO church Mrs, J- X. Satterfield and daughter Jeannette of St. Zrouis are s-ne-sts of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Mines Cz.~l McCafferty and f/al- ',er Leonard 'eft for Durant to attend the closing: exercises of S.T.C. Mr. and 2vlrs, Don Caylor attended a i-ambernsen's code meeting 1 i~i Oklahoma City Thtirsday- Cominerce Odd Fellows Plan Memorial Service COMMHRCH.—S. G. A. Fiesds. M. "JT. Horn an-5 Simon Swartz, n*-enibers of 'trie Commerce. Odd r"^-I'-O' r -vs locg'e vrno <3ie<J ii^ring' 'he past year will l>g honored at a mernoria.1 service here Sunday ever.insr at First Baptist church, shvn ^ii'CMri^s to t-s dsllv^r**^ 1?**" jD. li*. His** 1 *" Carl 5L Pcrmner^nir"' 5f. J-. Wattenbecrer, all past Dari*rn. at last, "white Indians" tisd. their home •sras in part of the republic of Pana.rr.a- SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY AND MONDAY Misses', Children's and Women's DRESSES Values to SL49 88 . *** A- E. Ball of Mincer, wfao has i statti 1 charge of tagging old cotton, in! '"'ays the county, said Friday he has! of private ownership c more than 50O bales. 1 =-nd believe that legiti i ness of every kind must be kept j :-secure, but that the monopolistic 1 ~ big businesses! M " ^ & ^^ ^^ Aiken, who J advocated I ^ e been here visiting Mrs. t Aiken s sister, Mrs. R. B, Staples, who was igo at the hospital has returned to South Twenty-sixth and is steadily improving. County candkiases are. at Caviness for a roundup afternoon. The nisrht mei .T^ 3 s pz-actices of some bi may P prohibited. sr is- -, scheduled for Sumner. of public ] an effective ! utilities. My platform and my | I speeches over the state ia a*-! have returned Dallas- to their home in, Fire Chief Jodie Moss said Fri-1 , aalati n^ the people with it rep- { day the demand for water from ! ^^r>* j^v sincere convictions. j the east and southeast parts of; * "^ese~ cisctissions have gained | the county is increasing daily. •' .- 0 ^ me a bost Q f friends through- Farmers are hauling water from i ^ ' ta " e 5^^ and at this time I the central station every day. •; ain ^ 0 - Unill indiu1 of the thou-1 • sands ol citizens of Texas who af- j County officers Thursday ar- ;er mv speeches shook njy hand, i rested a man on a charge of lavrfully cutting timber. The i is alleged to have cut timber on '; promised me their sappor land owned t-y a. Paris bank and i deeoly appreciative o: •who CaroE Buster wno was home from l^oagvie'w ill . typhus fever, is at the home I of her I street. 151 East Houston un- expressed confidence in me and be-I ' , ici.n ' iief in the things 1 stand for, and j * ^ hauie-i the ivood away and sold it, thesef friends and they will never be for- j- Mrs. Jerome Simias of Giles, formerly Miss Berta Price of is reported seriously ill at 7 „„ i *he home of her sister in Fort ""'Smith, Ark. progress is beirtff made on cortsu"acnon of the new route for Highway 4S in the east part of the city. Porms are in position almost to the city liniits and • the concrete slab v.-:ll probably be poirre-i Tcithin the next few dsvs. , , , Torn Hairood, gotten. Lasung.aad happy memo.- ^ resulting therefrom will be j Roland Billaigsley. who recently returned to his home here from ' Crockett -where, he had charge v" \ a CCC camp, is again periuanetit-; Iy employed in the Johnson-Bil- i lingsley Hard-ware company ---<_, re ', here. ha%-in:r charge of the sport- } ir.g soods department. • will be . J to mine forever. "Because of the great problems; confronting: our state. I feel • that | 't is but fair, and anything else I would l>e unbecoming of me, that t I permit my •fri i * y sds to have some; voice and expression in determrn- \ ^ ill b' 3 ' the two leading • *^_ in t-se first primary | . _ >. J s ta since my beinsj one of these is in son of Mr. , is reported getting along: nicely after •having two bullets removed from at his Men's STRAWS ALL PRICES FOR QUICK CLEARANCE SAILORS, PANAMAS, TOYOS $1.00 Vahies $1.50 Values $2.00 Values $2.50 Values $3.50 Values $4.00 Values $6.50 Values 79c .' 97c $1.29 $1.49 $2.00 $3.00 $4.00 wh « welfare of Texas comes first and personal aggrandizement thereaf-1 ter. Jiave returned | tiie bedside of their siscer. Mrs. 1 Richard Campbell, -who is seri- ] ously ill there. Miss "Virginia. Black, of Gaines"I -want it definitely understood i ville. trbo has fee-en a patient O ^424—Tine Department of J*aris, Texas s and property owners •j" Fourth -svarci are a.s!-:e«! to have a!! trash and rubbish r^.-idy for collection by city trucks Mv-n- day morning of next week. L":ty Sa_n!tary Officer John Hov.-r'so said Friday that trucks w:31 roi- trict Moadav. City officers arrested t\vo whitei men lat* Thursday on cha.rg=s of» being drunk. Two negroes -were? arrested on charges of affray and I one mar. vras detained for inves- 1 tieatioii. County officers made? one arrc-si for dninkernness Th'jrs- '" day. ; rthat I <tni not •withcrnTring frotri I this race in behalf »* any other j I ••! -inc-=re?^ appreciate the sen- { i erou* 5 pubiic'ty given my catn-1 = paijrn by t'^e press of the states I tOn my v*<?=»<•- throughout the state I I before actively ensrasrtng: iii a! | speak'ljg tcur. 2 had the privilege ] I of making the acquaintance of the? j editors of r.early aH the daily pa- j Ipers an<2 editors of many weekly I ' papers. They are triily gentlemen j I at tie St. Joseph hospltaL return- \ of county be^ati measuring 1 farms covered by cotton acreage redaction contracts Friday. A mee:.:os •=ras held h«re Thursday afternoon when Ccunty A^ent A., 1^. E-.!n-.i;i&ton- instructions supplies to be used. of r.^~- hl^'ies.: type. They are to | be congrratulated for Ihe extreme! efforts th^j have made to fairly; Sand impaj-ts«!Iy present to the j : people thr-'-ugh their columns the j C progratns c-f the respective candt-1 :. dates." " | i candiaate. a.nd T want to urg:« I ' upon the people of Texas to j i of the candidates in this race and i i OTI ejection day vot* their sincere f j -. 4 ? convictions. ~ j I *"I want it farther tsnderstood I ' tnat my convictions as to the i muin Bring fewer uncomfortable hours ELECTRIC FANS to give you Cool Comfort ^"^ ; tJilRjs I Payne; a n "~ • view- have espoused in «ny j are not lessened or 5 d in the Jeast by my with- i vnth much cor.cem the ac-l ^ i tiviti*s of otir state dnrins the next ; an rytro v " I>epoty Sheriff A, TC. Thursday afternoon arresfr< gro man on a ^charge of when he -was found to have assortment of automobile parts in ; his possession. The parts •?.-'--re ? --> j -rrr j T said to hav- been stolen from r«e | RodgerS-\Vade JU>*eS tO car of a Bonhara man, parked on | Sontlierlaild Supply the .street. i CHICAGO GANGSTER IS SHOT IIS BACK CHICAGO. tj?> —Michael "Bub" ? emy, has met hi* fn s-ar^- : A BiT.^ie bulle*. f!r*d !r.*r> hi* I back "by a <!*nb»rat* ;runir.a.Tj, took { his life Thtrrsday night a,- he -a: in 1 a cafe with Thomas Mol>aysh'!«,. * T"^» ^A^.»*»A>? v^^v* 1 ! +&A ft~" » i », *V - rep<eal b«er business. | The slayer, yocthfu! ar^ -K-oiJ. ! dressed, walked to Qa;n!an"s table! and leaned In. front of ilcLa-^s-hHjj. I AJB ^a«Bt« and employes or ajirhsxt, h» wa.l<!, "Thliit double cros«er." aiid fSr*<; Sconng nfne runs b^lilsd the pitching of Tate. the Sotxtlserland Supply cine Thursday the Rodsers-"VTax!« team hit by th- line driv» scored B«» by 9 to 0. The only factory team wa» taken by Arnold. Home rune were Griffin,, Jackson and Ba.tteri ea -we re: Tate and Jackson; Welch. Bailey and The City I>eagne standing now ! P. . Soxit&*r!a.nd . looked f I*arij« Ne^rf? . * fr>r a | *-a. Cream«ry once- 1 Bar»*»t Mkt. . Per. .715 .000 MASTER DRY CLEANING 5OC Men's Suits and Women's Plain Dresses Now . . Call ixs no* fatwr than JO h*oK to m. Saturday «nd well irct your Affcenvxm f I—!* j? house Electric 1 Make Why should any woman have a hot, stuf these summer days aod nights, when an Fan will bring comforting relief? your own breezes these hoc, sweltering day: Give yourself and your famil night and make your home a place ail day. Every home least four fans for adecgt fort during long, h \& est at easant eds at e corn- Texas Electric Fan for Every Need An unfailing breeze from zc electric fan costs so little that no home ia this accdoo of the country should be without an adccjoate number of fans to give cool comfort to the entire family. Visit our store and sec the fans on display there. 8-inch Fans - 10-incK Fans 12-inch Fans 16-inch Fans - • $5.00 to $10.00 • S.45 to 18,45 • 11.55 to 25.00 • 31.00 to 35.00 IT COSTS LESS THAN Ic TO RUN THE AVERAGE ELECTRIC FAN FOR FOUR HOURS! Texas Power & Light Company

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