Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 20, 1953 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 20, 1953
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Pages 15*26 Mtmbtr of ThrAwatliMd Prni, Se Ptr Copy ALTON, ILL,, MONDAY, APRIL 20, 1953 Bitibtlstitd Jimtiry 15, tWI Hospital Notes 9ft Medical Treatment Sylvester Pascal, 1908 Pleasant. Henry Fullagar, 3714 Aberdeen. Mrs. Sally Mae Gran, 454V4 East •Broadway. Joseph Snyder, 809 Central. Richard Roberts. 834 East Fifth. Mrs. Annie Reed, 1411 Fletcher. Mrs. Majorie Ringering, 977 Whitela\y, Wood River. Mrs. Marian Rose Smith, Kemp* er. Charles Roe, 464 Leslie, Wood River. Mrs. Margaret Hammond, Route 2, Edwardsville. Delbert Hamilton, Route 2, Godfrey. Sterling Canter, 108 East Eleventh. Mrs. Atha Fern Thompson, 903 Acton, Wood River. Joseph Erwin Hellrung, 912 Liberty. Mrs. Florence McFarland, 317 Doris. Surgical Treatment Mrs. Lillian Stroup, 828 East Fifth. Miss Gloria Jones, Edwardsville. John Blasioli, 221 McClure. Mrs. Catherine Hegeman. 47 ACCURACY IS VITAL! In compounding prescriptions, accuracy carried to the most minute measures is essential. Every ingredient we use in your prescription is carefully measured on a standardized .scale. For true reliability, call on us. "Prepared for You" — WARDEIN — PHARMACY B. V. WARDEIN, R.Ph. Free*-Delivery 2510 STATE ST. Dial 3-5313 Hamilton, Wood River. Ralph E. Spurgeon, 409 McCasland, East Alton. Mrs. June Stevens, Grafton. Mrs. Mabel Sanders, 307 Brook side. Herman Smith, 3817 Thomas. Miss iMary Catherine Barrett, 207 West Elm. Miss Lottie Calender, Jerseyville Patrick Barrett, 207 West Elm. Mrs. Ethel Mae Crumpton, 1439 Cyrus. Mrs. Tola Davis and infant son, 2931 Wergess. Mrs. Blanche Fessler, R. R. 2 Godfrey. Joseph Friedel, Hardln. Jackie Graham, 790 Condit. Mrs. Lois Hammond and Infant son. 616 Fifth, Alton. Edward Hanlon, 1722 Alby. ' Mrs. Velva Jouett, 3416 Oak Drive. WesJey Kaiser, 2704 Moore. 'Mrs. Jacqueline Martin and infant son, R. R. 2 Godfrey. Mrs. Laney Phillips, 2524 Clawson. Richard Roglis, 1120 McPhorson. Miss Caroline Tardino, 442 Tipton, Wood River. Mrs. Brookside Walker and Infant daughter, R* R. 1 Oakwood Just Add It to Tour Account Oately Bide. Third St. Alto* MM. Florence Wright, R24to E. Broadway. James Rodgers, 3703 Mom. Mrs. Eariene Plnley, 828 Brown. John Cunningham, 1214 Hampton, i Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Cooper, 729 Park Drive. Mrs. Mary Berghoff, 833 East Fourth. Mrs. Bessie tJancy, 2633 Main. Mrs. Martha Campbell, Godfrey. Miss Mary Jane Tague, 532 Park Drive, Miss Janet RnthRob, Brighton. Rickey Lee Zalsman, 428 Dry East Alton. Robert J. Tolllvcr, 3853 Western. Mrs. Rosemary Surgeon, «nd Infant daughter, Grafton. Mrs. Mary M. Smith. 1000 Main. Mark Wayne Slevers, R. R. 1, Godfrey. Mrs. Virginia 1 Sessions, and infant, daughter, 2717 Vievvlnnd. Mrs. Ettie J. Schoeffel, R. R. 2, Godfrey. Mrs. COPrine Rhoades, 1900 Central. \ Mrs. Anna Mae Patterson, 1214 Florence. Miss Mary Frances McCarthy, 631 Liberty. Mrs. Dorothy Jane Haegele, and infant daughter, 1113 McPherson, Mrs. Katie Elliott. 1426 Rodgers. Mrs. Clara Autenrieb, and infant son, R. R. 3, Edwardsville. John Rainoy, 1906 Piasa. Mrs. Eva Hulchinson, R. R. 3 Jerseyville. Mrs. Blanche McClusky, Jerseyville. Mrs. Harriett Jean Rosack, 2121 Lawton. AlMn Medical Treatment Frank McManus, 230 Whilelaw, East Alton. Edman Hagen, Godfrey. Lois Best, Livingston. DEBTS WORRYING YOU? GET OUT OF DEBT . . . WE PAY THE BILLS! ONE PLACE TO PAY. NOT * LOAN CO. Call or See MR. K. A. KLOOS The Budget Plan OF ALTON Ml West 3rd, 2nd Floor Alton 2-9111 Mrs. Martha Wallbaum, Galesburg. Maurice Jouett. White Hall. Mrs. Theresa Keel, 635 Acton, Wood River. Mrs. Julia McOarrah, 303 Ohio, taxana. Mrs. Ruth Cook, '607 Belle. Mrs. Frances Feltes, West Alton, Mo. Mrs. Pearl Holladay, Godfrey. Mrs. Margaret Conner, Medora. SurRtmt Treatment James Craig, 208 South Ninth Wood River. Margaret Counsll, 459 Sixth, Wood River. Mrs. Mabel Ambrose, 418 E. 14th. Mrs. Alice Mikoff, 2815 Plainview. James Yenger, Bethalto. David Gulp, Bethalto. William Hammock. 60S Porter. Lowell Stephens, 232 Lakeside, East Alton. William Brown, 506 Lamport. Mrs. Pauline Hartman, 2605 Rutledge. Dismissals Mrs. Geraldine Rahn, 3713 Western. Mrs. Rose Schobernd, 226 West Ninth. George Maneke, Godfrey. Mrs. Betty Pen-in, 3004 Fern- ,vood. * Glenn and Gary Jenkins, 802 Condit, Wood River. Mrs. Lena Phalen, Jerseyville. William Lorsbach, Haller, East Alton. Delmar Sales, 450 E. 3rd. Oliver Geil, Jerseyville. William Zoelzer, Moro. Mrs. Bessie Dare, Godfrey. Mrs. Edna Marks, Edwardsville. Mrs. Ruth Bauer, Granite City. Mrs. Bertha Craig, Piasa. Mrs. Emma Pressley, Batchtown Lawrence Daily, 801 E. Drive. Janice Cannon, 2709 Sanford. Eugene Cummins, White Hdll. Mrs. Mary Basden, 692 Fifth. Mrs. f Ann Whitten, 1434 Hamson Mrs. Ray Card and infant daugh ter, Bethalto. Mrs. Harold Schulte and infan son, 761 Oakwood, East Alton. Mrs. Virgil Hook .and infan daughter, Marshall, Mo. Alfred^ Foster, 481 Prospect Wood River. .Mrs. Edith Winchell, 2722 Resi donee. Mrs. Gladys Schoene, Milan, Mo Wood River ^ Township * Surgical Treatment Mrs. Alice Paul, 2610 Salu, Alton Mrs. Willie Iline Speaks, 380 Aubin, Alton. Virginia Ellen Smith, 144 E Hawthorne, Hartford. Robert I. Welch, 545 Acton. Gary Forrester, 578 Whitelaw East Alton. Mrs. Donna Barnes, RR. No. 1 East Alton. Victor Erzeh Jr., Bethalto. Roberta Ann Gross, 920 Acton. Gail Nave, 115 Corbin, Bethalto Merle C. Cole, RR. No. 1, Moro Even In ruts it's easy to steer with DESOTO Full Power Steerm-' Drive a DeSoto before you decide V Try DeSoto Full Power Steering V Try DeSoto Power Braking V Try Driving without Shifting V TVy DeSoto Fluid .Torque Getaway V Try DeSoto for Sifo Come in now jar a demonstration I • 160H.P. FirtDomt V-8 and Pewtrmoiter Six Control is positive! Wheel fight is ended! Strain is gone! ~ And parking is easy is dialing a telephone! DeSoto'g packed with scores more driving advantages, too. Such as a mighty 160 li.p. Fire Dome V-8 engine if you choose . . , lets you pass and climb and maneuver in traffic with greater safer acceleration. Power Brakes . . . make stopping a relaxed operation with no jamming down on the pedal, faster action with half the usual pressure, Beautiful new "low- contour" body design . . . permits closer, safer view of the roaii, Mrs. Helen C. Boren, 204 S. 14th II* Mmflral Treatment Miss Patricia M. Hammond, 616: fawthorne. Mrs. Ruby Wallers, 61 Harnett. Larry Ray Smith, RR. 1, Moro. Judith Shafer, 313 Whitelaw. Gregory Stanford, Box 44, Cot- age Hills. Jont Sue, 67 Dell, East Alon, Rosewood Heights. Mrs. Catherine Baldwin, RR. 1, Bethalto. Mrs. Faye Sanders, 553 S. 12th St. Arthur Hayes Sr., 827 W. Day, Roodhouse. Mrs. Thelma Graham, 522 Or- hard. Dismissals Larry Ray Smith, RR. 1, Moro. Gregory Stanford, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Helen Shercr, 502 Whitelaw. Miss Darla Joy Harvey, 33 W. Dr., East Alton. Mrs. Mary M. Harmon, 118 Seventh St., Roxana. Dennis Bugg, 808 E. Fergusoru Henry Phenlx Lynn, 503 N. Cen- ral, Roxana. George Willis, Rural Route. Roberta Ann Gross, 920 Acton. Russell Stewart, BOO Monroe, East Allon. Gail Nave, 155 Corbin Bethalto. Miss Patricia M. Hammond, 616 Hawthorne. Mrs. Patricia Roe, 177 S. Pence, East Alton. Mervin Becker, 611 S. Eighth St. Mrs. Anna Bell Campbell, 55 W. Penning. * Gotlieb Keber, 1009Vi E. Fourth St., Alton. Mrs. Eleanor Olivia and infant son, 15 S. Main, Wood River. Mrs. Florence Walker, 18 Corbin, Befhalto. Mfs. Florence Joslen, South Roxana. William A. Cooper, 21G Front St., Alton. Mrs. Alice Jaynea, 835 Acton. Mrs. Nettie Brownf 458 Prospect St. Mrs. Audrie Lee Nichols, RR. 1, Granite City. Telegraph Want Ads "Click." Wwir FALSE TEETH WKft Mtert Comfort VASTtKTH, a pleawnt stksflni rnofl- icidt powder, tiotdi filte teeth mor• firmly. To eat and talk tn morecorn- fort, Jtut iprtnkte a little FA8TRRTH on your ptatf>«. No gummy, Booty, pasty taite or feeling. Cheek* "elate odor" (denture breath), Get any drug atore. FA8TEETR It Read Telegraph Want Ads. Orafvfuf uicr wrlffi ANN PINKHAM* "SO NERVOUS FROM 'HOT FLASHES'... I was always bursting into tears!" Mri. N. N., Stonlngton, Mo., then learned hew tueh * wai relieved In ease after ea»e In teiti by doctor* I Those suflocatlng"heat waves," nervous, clammy feelings and restless irritability—are well- known to women suffering the functionally-caused distress of middle life "change"! You want relief from such suffering. And—chances are— you can get it. Thrilling relief I Thanks to Lydia Pink/tarn's/ Thoroughly Medtrn In Acflofll Yes ... in doctors' testvLydta Plnkham's Compound and Tablet* relieved such distress in 63% and 80% (respectively) of the cases tested. Complete or striking relief | HOW IT WORKli Pinkhsm'a »oU through the gjrmp»th»tlo nsrt- otu system to relieve the dl»- treu of those "he*t wave*." Amazing? Not to the thousands Who Know from experience what these Plnkham medicines can dql Their action is modern... scienttf- ically calming, soothing! . Try Plnkham's on the basis of medical evidence! See if you, too. don't gain relief from "hot flashes" and distress of "change of life"! Get Lydta ffi. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound, or the new. improved Tablets (with added iron) T- so easy to carry and to take! Both are wonderful, tbo, for functional pains of menstrual periods I 35 < lOOKUT Httl For a greater understanding of these problem*, read "A Woman'* Guide to Health.'* It simply, eolentlfloally explain* mysteries of female system. Tells why you menstruate, what to expect in change of lite. Hundreds of facial 94 colorful pages, illustrated—with doctors' find* ings on relieving "hot flashes" of middle life efrnnge and menstrual cramps I For free copy Write ANN PINKHAM, Dept. N. Lynn, Maes. Urge Jutef Frankfurter! Natural filling "39c PICNIC HAMS CHILES MOTORS, Inc. • ROBERTS MOTORS, Inc. 112 W. 4th St. ALTON 200 W. Ferguson Ave. WOOD RIVER When yau look for Quality . . lie sure to look at The Feature Lock Designs at Stone Bros, offer you quality of design . . . quality of diamond and quality of style all in one —at low prices that give you the most for your "Diamond Dollar!" American— Ready-to-Eat 4 to 6-lb. Av. 39 ROLLED OR FLAT ^ Anchovies 2 „»„. *V WORCESTERSHIRE 8AUCB Lea & Perrin ST...34" 7UNA-NOODLE DINNER Sror-Kisr ««* PARAMOUNT SWJSET MlBtHST Pickles £;"'., CHUN KING BEBr Chop Suey „„.., .WYMAN-JTNE »OR PtBS _„, Blueberries jr.'*? 1 ' DIAMONDS This .... , Not This... I Feature Lock DIAMOND , SET *83 Fed. Tax Incl. YOU PAY JUST 91.75 A WKIiKt Feature Lock ti DIAMOND SET $ 130 F«»d. Tax liH-l. vor PAY .ir.vr «M.OO A WKKK! Feature Lock TWELVE DIAMONDS 300 Fed. Tax Incl. Y«»r PAY .ir.vr • 7.00 A WW.K! Feature Lock SIX DIAMONDS "100 Fwd. T»* lat'l. VIM PAY aiKT tV.UU A ttW-lit Maple Pecan! TWO'LAYER CAKE Topped with rich nut mcati. Special FROZEN FOODS STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE I Little 6 ' oz - OCfi America ........ pk. t»w w I LEMONADE Realemon 2 ^ 29e Feature Lock 8 DIAMONDS Fed. Tax liu-l. JUST fta.ftO A WKKK! Feature Lock 10 DIAMONDS "200 F«d. Tax IiiH. Jl KT »5.00 A \VF.Kk! INTEREST OR CARRYING CHARGES AT STONE RROS. OAY TMt Sf^Nfc WAY TONE BROS k CREDIT jtwtLtn% J 118 W 3rd St DAIRY PRODUCTS Cheddar Cheese IMPERIAL Pkg. GERBER'S BABY TEETHING Biscuits I.",,. 25° AMERICAN BEAUTY NORTHERN Beans 2 *£* 25° NEW ODORLESS Renuzit „,.. .59° GRAPEFRUIT Florida Seedless 96 Size 10 55c SPINACH 2"»19c Fresh Home Crown THE NEW TEK Toothbrushes Hard—Soft, Medium or junior size 29 FOLGER'S Coffee QQc l-lb. Can Feature Lock 8 III \MOMI in>t.\ uui-v » TO 5 I:M. is ST. unit 6TII 4 1.<M I SI • !t>17 1 tiuiuy » TO a !• M. nui v itiu «T. '.... .'..„':•:.:. ,.:v..:. :...l.;'...v*w.,v.i* 175 ill «f «|.tttt A H

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