Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 1, 1968 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1968
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAV, fflW 1,1988 berry Festival Ice Cream-Y By IDA BAILEY ALLEN STRAWBERRIES and ice cream are always, a treat. Today we have strawberry parfait, followed with Minted Pears Helene. TOMORROW'S DINNER Beet and Zucchini Saladettes - Fillets of Fish Baked in Milk — French Fries (homemade or frozen) — Buttered New Cab* bage — Strawberry Parfait — Hot or Iced Coffee or Tea —? Milk. Measurements leyel; recipes for'«'->•' ' _,••;;<" STRAWBERRY PARFAIT lie. slicedhulled fresh /strawberries (or 1 c. , \ partially thawed frozen ; strawberries) ; ', -, ; 2 tbsp. orange juice % tsp. grated orange rind 1 qt. vanilla ice cream Hue,, together strawberries, orange juicei and rind. (If using frozen berries, do not completely, thaw them; they should remain in frosty chunks:) Into Parfait glasses, or tan tumblers, spoon alternate layers of ice cream and strawberries, beginning and ending with ice cream. Top with one strawberry half and curls of orange rind. Place in freezer until ready to serve. SUNDAY DINNER Tomato Halves Filled with Cold Rice Salad — Hot Bake- Fried Chicken with Crisp Sausages, Whipped Potato, Green Beans Parmesan — Minted Pears Helene' — Hot or Iced Coffee of Tea.' Milk. > v THE CHEF'S MINTED PEARS HELENE 6 small fresh pears 1%' c. sugar% crwater, \ % to % tsp./green food coloring, If'desired ; 1 tsp; mint extract 1 qt. vanilla ice cream , 'Chocolate Sauce K Peel pears,\ half length wtte and core. Make a syrup-by combining sugar, water and green coloring in large suace- pan. Bring to a boll slowly, stirring until sugar is dissolved. Add pear halves and cook gently just until' tender, .5 ;'tp 8 min. Remove a refrigerator dish, ^tir injnCv wtbract' into syrup and pjwfc ">qver pears; chin, to serve,' drain pears and arrange 2 halves and a: portion of ice cream in each serving dish. Pour warm . or chilled chocolate sauce, as desired, over ice cream and pears. CHOCOLAESAUCE Ingredients: % c. light corn syrup, % c. sugar, 2 tbsp. water, 1-16'tsp: salt, 2 sq. (2 oz.) semi-sweet chocolate, % c. light cream, 1 tbsp. butted, % tsp. vanilla/.. .-'• •.**,•' '-V-^.. $:• To Make: Combine' and heat com syrup, sugar^; water and salt until sugar dissolves, stirring constantly. Bring to. full, rolling-boil; boil 3 rain. Remove from heat Add chocolate and stir until melted. Stir in cream, butter and vanilla. Beat with a rotary beater until smooth/ Makes l% : c. sauce. Refreshing Tuna Is fops In Our Summer Salads By ALICE DENHOFF TUNA SALADS are ideal for summer meals. The crisp and colorful vegetables of the season harmonize with the flavorful tuna. Right from the can, tuna is so easy you can sit down to a deHdous meal, hot or cold, only/ minutes after you retain from a swim or a set of tennis. Here is the first recipe: TROPICAL TUNA SALAD 2 cans (6% or 7 oz. each) tuna in vegetable oil 1 c. diced celery % c. mayonnaise 1 tsp. prepared mustard 1 tbsp. lemon or lime juice % tsp. Tabasco Toss together tuna and celery. • Combine remaining ingredients. Add half of the dressing to tuna-celery mixture; toss lightly. Serve with remaining dressing. Serves 4. For a novel touch, cut 2 tomatoes into sixths, "petal fashion"; fill centers with tuna. Or cut 2 avocados in halves; remove pits and fill with tuna salad. Or peel 4 bananas and cut in lengthwise halves. Dh> in lemon Juice. Place halves side- by-side on salad greens. Fill with tuna salad. TUNA BUFFEJ SALAD 2 cans (9% to 7 «z. each) tuna in vegetable oil I cucumber, scored and sliced 8 celery stalks, cut In 2" 2 green peppers, cut io '• flogs.' '' ' •> radiabeg, eilml Mnut i^i^BjiBwj i. AJN A chop- and relish to separate crisp salad Now for a hot tuna treat: TUNA SHORTCAKES T > 2 c.-all-purpose biscuit mix '' mushroom soup 2 cans (6% or 1 Oz/ each) tuna in vegetable oil . ^ c. sliced pitted ripe olives 1 can (1 ft.) peas, un- drained Add milk to biscuit mix; stir to make a soft dough. Knead IS strokes. Roll out on lightly floured board, or pastry cloth, thick. Cut into 12 biscuits with 2" round scalloped cutter. Place on ungreased baking sheet Bake 10 to 15 min. at 425 degrees F. While biscuits are baking, combine remaining ingredients; heat to serving temperature. Place baked biscuits in ring on warm-serving platter. Spoon tuna mixture in center. Serves 4. TUNA STBOGANOFF DE LUXE y+ c. butter % c. minced onion 1 can (6 oz.) sliced mushroom % c. enricjied flour 1 tsp. sugar 1 c. milk 1 c. dairy sour cream 1 medium tomato, peeled, seeded and diced .2 cans (7 of ea.) tuna, drained and coarse-flaked Salt and pepper to taste Melt butter in heavy'sauce- pan. Add onion and mushrooms; cook-stir until onion is transparent, but not brown. Mix in flour and sugar. Sjtir to milk. Cook-stir untti smooth and thick. Gradually stir in sour cream. Add tomato, and tuna. Season to taste wtth salt and pepper. Heat only to serving temperature, Serve with pars* y-Duttered rice. Serves e to 8. ; Cooking Cuet Freebeo drop cooWes by beet- log them in a covered casserole Io 0 slow oven for 20 minutes, cookies we best freshened • tihjro on s ' aheet wid leaving thfiro in Blowoww/orJOminutw, yweeare- WE RAN THIS AD LAST YEAR, WE THINK ITS WORTH REPEATING. WE STILL THINK OURS IS A ORE AT COUNTRY, If it is>.. then, by gofly,ire*rc square. ^ ..: Because we're proud of our American heritage... grateful fbr the free enterprise system that has afforded us the privilege of serving the American people for ttore than a century. The United States is today. and has been since its founding, the land of opportunity. We've been first-hand witnesses to this fact for a long tame. In our business, we've sew good, sound competition grow and protpfe We welcome it It keeps us on our toes. As July 4th approaches, we want to go on record as spying: '* We're proud of being Americans." As we said: 'TftbJs be square, then we're square." i ' . COPYRIGHT 6 1967. THE CHEAT ATLANTIC * PACIHC TEA CO.. IHC. A SHANK PORTION Sandwich Rolls \-JJ5ffiSr St 30e Angel Food Cake &Wfi fc 49c Sandwich Br^id £& * Potato Chips J S».fcS- l £ 59e MILD AND MELLOW EIGHT O'CLOCK Mb. Baf SAVE EVEN MORE - 34*. Baf $1.75 Shoeitring Potatoes £*3 PdckVlBeaiw 39c Longhorn Cheese • Seneca Urnon Juica Luncheon Meal Meal for lunches er 12-Oz. snacks... Sem en Ambassador Saltine Crackers. Tin HaKan^Drassing •&£*: V-49* KasCornies Strawberry Preserves ftj 2 j*r 79c Real Whip Sultana Bund. * Wend of fhre delicious fruHi O-Oi. Sum owar ice enarn, as a dessert or as is... Tin Chicken Chew Main Beef Chop Suey *ri^ 85c Big Top Peanut Butter 79e Sego W F«od ^.fuSf Hi Listerine SAVE EVIN MORI... 14 BUY THI BIO ONI... ***** Read's Potato Salad VSfSff l ^ 33c Maxway House Coffee « ^ 78e Yuban Instant Coffee •» *& $1.?? Clorox Uquid Bleach tb., yA 56c Patio Frozen Beef Tacos -%g? 59c Nabisco Sa©raham* B« 38c Patio Frozen Beef Enchilados "g- 59«) Hydrox Cookies Whole Ham Butt Portion of Ham Butt Half of Ham Lb49c Boneless Hims ,49c Wafer£ Ham u SSe Canned Hams fr tl iO-Lb,A*f. Ik. 79c 4ft Skinless Franks ' .-• . v^tiiMau^.. ~'i'^rtllfcakl* ^ 1 All,Melt "Super- Righr Max German, Armour Star or Mayrosft.:,. Chuck Steaks CTNtMCUT UM MM I QAMf BMf • Lb. Fresh Fryer Legs £ . 49c FreshFryerBreasts'Z', 55c Small Spareribs 1^ * 69c Pork Loin Chuck Roast "Super-Right" lb. Avg. Sliced Into Chops 9 to 11 Per Pkg. Lb. Sliced Bacon i^Vesc 2 Fancy Sliced Bacon cdahy Boneless Beef GrouHdChqckv!; 69c^^ Beefsteaks Sliced Bologna PorkSaiisage Amts., Lb. "Super-WiM" Frozen Chopped Lb. "Super-Right" . , or Max German Lb. n • ~. "Super-Right" Brannschweiger *«» *».,»,•> <»« Fish Sticks ':XXtt% Shrimp Cocktail £ lt : 89c 20- to 22-Lb. Umafa Red Ript at Your Neighborhood UP Stem...Halves and Quarters An Abo Nvaflabto... Each California Grown Jumbo 27-Size Sweet, Juicy Cantaloupes California Plums California Nectarines Bing Cherries WashingtoB Juice Lemons Grown El 49c Seedless Grapes ^^490 u. 39c Golden Ripe Bananas u, 15c u, 39c Florida Fresh Limes 1st 290 u, (9c California l £ l Lettice S 35c ] £ 39c Fancy Yellow Corn 5 « . ^h. ^ MB ' ^^ • BBBk • M ^ .A. UUlCC LCHlPlla TSroWl •-« SB**WW .r;•••• MHWJ • w»«w* wwi • w ,UM» w«w California Strawberries T 69c New Red Potatoes 10 £ 99o Realemon Fndgsicles French Fries 2 S 45c A&P Charcoal Lifhteiv. g 69c A&P's WONDERFOIL Gayety Soft Napkins Canned Soda Sweet Mixed Peas ^r'nec 8e A&P ^T fiolden Con t 125 COUNT Ground Black Pepper 2 T. 29c ^Dreams QmeTrue AT A&P WIH," 0r $1140.60... Chef Boy-Ar-Dee <A:"% 85c ^WNP FREE... IT'f IA5Y... •PW •Lb. Daytime Pampers D»il lam R«|»I«C Nil Jill Qnrt li Berber °ST Cereal '1- 37o Crisco Shortening 3 m 83e Totino's Frozen Pizza , Brook'i Barbecue Saiee llaii>u»»> fl^tosil' . !•!». jM'a ,•<< Mtirgirine - • • Prr -- —• *™"' Beef-O-Betti Liquid Bleaoh''SSP' ^48« CHEERI-AID Soft Drink Mixes Ctitl Nw ll AiPI .III

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