The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 26, 1931 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1931
Page 3
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THE DAILY HZWB. FKKDEBIOK. MD, SATURDAY. DECEMBER 26, 1931. IECORA1NSFOR lany Attractive Outdoor Displays Throughout City. (GINE HOUSES TRIMMED DAILY RADIO PROGRAM Honored On Anniversary (CMBptled M TRitt*d FWtnre Bf nrtli It*) SATCBDAT. DCOCMBCK TTT WABC Network ork Kctvwk STASUAM* TEMOE ooe J»cr lor Centrml to Attractive Christinas decoration tie iay of colored lights i siirub and or trees is lavishly cLs- Sayed la various section of the city. lucii of the decorat-on « art^ticaJy rranged and vill attract s great at- ESKOE and favorable comment curing le hohday seasori. Many homes have irge and attract. rely decorated Chrat- :as trees, Thich are vHammated at -EASTCKX STATIOKS WBAL. BALTIMOmE-- S*S-- !·«· k. JZ- 6 C«-« 15 6-33-T Si: 1 «S-« 09: « J*- 9«S S J O l T 10JC-11. "3*t« zim * oe-- Cfcrooleles 11 «9-- S£»siiaermiS«i» BOSTON, mm* . nBu»-a«--w» t 6 4 * 7 30. 7 «-« CC. *.3«-ie.i» Or. 11-flO-- Sports; Or. k- 11 39-U 00 « 30 -- Piaao. Sews: · · oo -- yoreeiKs St»s. Hasibert . I f r BCFTAIO- M - _ M-ll 00 1! 9J- 1 W « so-- DSaner Taseis " O0-V*nettes. Or. MS-iS» k. 30; 1 «-* «« 11 The iH'Jmnia:ed decoraticai is partie- lariy profuse oa North iiarke: street stended. Rociiwell Terrace and Col- ege Park. The tbree engine houses of he City Fire Department. Indepen- e=t. Jun or and Uni'ed Fire CXan- as:es, are decorated The decorators sed a greet deal of taste harmonizing tie colors with the result that all of he engine houses ha\e been made iuj- sually attract:\e. Tnose m charge of he decorations spent much t-rce ar- ! inking them Christina* trees on perches | a West Third street, decorated and iTTftted with colored Lghls, add ef- ectively to the holiday spirit. A very large Chr-strnas tree :s hand- orceJy decora-ed at "Wiverley Farms," he home of Mr. and Mrs Holmes D. Ssier, on the old Nat.oral pike. The ree !s a native pine of great age. On ecottct of its height :^e colored lights an be seen for a long distance. It is ie custom to Llumraate the tree at ivitiiag ajuj during the hoLday sea- OQ and the Lghts attract much at- ^tion. An attractively decorated tree tands In the loofcv cf the Francis cott Key Eotel In addition to private hccces a nurn- er of business houses haie attractive ecoraticos. Wreaths of pine and oily are displayed is the banks A cry large number of trreatis were laced on graves in Mt Olivet cerce- try. The custom of evergreen decora- at the yuletde is time honored nd ancient a^id adds very much to ie hoLday season. Illum'riation with olored lights adds a wonderfal effect t the general scheme of decoration. 11 6 09--Secshiae. CSa«er 7 1»--Ta«»r. Or . foiSta 10 Oo--Kom «: Parefele. "JO 45--Sports. Vaa C«3p 11^0--Doodlesack. Daae* Ors^ w-5? K -« c ^'i^ l ^vibr^/b B : S 15-10 00. »l 15-11 30 8 oo--V:Uis«. ^ort. CoU«*e T 80--Barker " 3»--Maile: It 09--Hoekf 3 . Or 13 00--Recces Or. ^^v^^vg^ rts. Muiie. PlaT*r». Or . Sens* tTASC 7'00-U 09. ifS-JS 00 6 oo--Ke»s. VlJ!»ce. MorB»a Or. jl oo--TVoJJ Twins Or ^^TJB. DETROIT--40«--7» *. wjz e co^ is. -· OO-T is ·: «-« oo. * 309 03. 9 30-10 15: 10 30-10 45. S 15--To*c TaLc T 3O-- Jtr.J 9 00--Lopez " JfllsirSfs'" J PO--Iteace Ors. WWJ. DETKO1T--«6--9» k- ·WEAP « 45-1 00. " «-8 30; 9 00-11 00. ii so-:; oo e . 12-1 PufJ Or*. UBINA FACES NEW YEAR WITHMADERONSOIL {evolution Likely To Start Also In Spring. China's The Associated Press. struggling republic faced eavy odds in 1931 aqf wJl start the Year vita an mvader on her il, isithout a stable central govern- tent and with the prospect of civH ar nert spring. The predictions of IMdame Sun 6 00-- Cede Dan. Sports. Dnec Or. 7-lS-- Go'dK: BKKK-S Or. s 09--s*!BEiJic3T: Bro=3. wxx! ora. 10 15-- snescrels. G'otxr Tretwr i » 03 -- Felton's Wo«i«ort!i Dase« Ors" WEAT. NEW TOBK-- ttS-^SCO k. 6 W -- S=J3lr« Room Or ; HUioailes 6 45 -- M'. Bose Co 7 15 -- Ls*s cf Soci«tT: Ola Haeli 7 45 -- Goldbergs. Concert 8 30-- Council c= Eaccatlon: Prror Or. 9 20 _ vi«2 Clarfc Or.: Dasce Hoar 11 00 -- Marios Harris 11 15 -- Crawloni. Va!!«: SOrberr 12 05-- Cooc-Ssadfrs Or. WJZ. NEW TOKK-- 39S-- 7«0 k. 6 00 -- Raisins Joc-.or. Van Strwten Or 6 30 -- Perkins. Urxt'.l Tio=os 7 01V-- Aznos 's" Aridv; Jesters 7 JO -- Kitr3!m's Or : Hollywood 8 00 -- Sketch. Dance Orcli. 9 CO -- Opera: SonsfflT: Co'icnbo: Skit 30 30 -- Clars-Iji-Era: Esrdlcgs 11 00 -- Slenber Vns!c: SDI-SS «: Patter 11.45-- wmting Bsjler Whltesaa. Or. WABC NEW TOKK-- 319-- 860 k. 6.BO -- Arthur Jirre;c. OrcJi. T 40--WMhtivton Kr«ra: Biac Creebj 7:30--Ban * Dens. Downer * Wou,. Kffif Bndd S IS--*hU». SMcpboCJ 18 OO--TorffiS. Sto« Boat 11 00--OrdL: Miller. Beiaseo On. 11 4S--Oisen Leotbastio OrS- LJ JO--St. Mcnt:. Cob ft Bam On. WCAC, noLAOCxnuA--asc--u» k. WABC C 4S-S OO. 8 IS-ll·«. 11 15-1.88 e OS--Se*s. SpCTti, Bassesi 8 W--PartT 11 OO--A- C. Ores. KOKA. nrrSBVKCB--38C--M k. WJZ: 6 4S-7 30. t 4S-9 00. S.3O-10.Oe; 10 39-11-90 C-80--Nevs. Soccxtt 00--Oironlclcj 18 00--Bam Daicx 1! OO--Teaberrr 11 1$--Mtiii.s« Co Era'orers HTCAE. riTTS»tKCH--S4SJ» 1T*8 k. WKAF. 00-7 !S. 7 30-11 IS. 11 39-11 «O T IS--Ji=iic»le 11 00--Tw»r WHAM. KOCHESTEK--S«t.7--113* k. WJZ- S 45-7 39 7.15-11 OO 7 3o--Jenaea Or. U-*0--Orcb.. CsraSers. Toctai Or. WGT. SCHESECTADT--SS«-.a* k. WKAP. T 3O-S CC. * 10-11 1». 13 60-13.M e 08--Miles Trio T U--Mrfttilnct 11 OO--Kindi! Miles On CKGW. TOKOSTO--S3T--«M k. WJZ 7 00-7 !5 3O-S 3O WEAF. 6 00-« 39 9 JO-10 00 WETLSN STATIONS) (B8T--SCSTRAC1 J Hour lor Octr«!) KTW. CHICAGO--i*4-l--l«e» k. WKAP 8 33-9 30 W J Z . 7 45-9 OO. 9 3O-10 7 00--Or : Sporu C 00--Ors . rtaU. 13 00--I-^rrs. Men. State 61- Or. WMAQ. CHICAGO--MS--(78 k. WJZ. 7 45-8 OO. 6 39-9 00. 10 00-10:19. 11 39-1! 45 WKAP 8 00-8 39; 8 38-'.0 OO 7 00--Sppr. mti.: Bcaulr: Kcvs 10 i--Mexx:? Anas-SaOr. Tbcrr** 11 45--VUU«e Oret- WENK and WLs. CHICAGO--S45--S7* k. TKJZ 6 1-7 «. S OO-9 30 WEAP. « OJ-S 15. 7 00-8 O9. 10 00-11 00 11 00--Amos-Andy 11JO--Orchestra* WCFL. CHICAGO--»--t7» k. 7.09--itesic. V»n«y. Or. PubUc Problem* *.10--Piarjo. Ors-: Rouad-Cp WHA». tOl'lSTUULE--3C6 6 45-- Concert Or : CtoSr * W-- zauesibl* 6ob*J » 45-- Moeocaineers. Varieties Fo«U«ht Beboea. AT. NEW TOBX Or - Jrbery Funk-* Or ' 10 4S_ScU Farcer. SJr 11 SB -- Jeaje Crawford WJZ. SEW · ·00-- RalKEc Junior Wigrms WUllaau ~ » b * r » *'«"»· Stole* Or »«««5 Q t Sjw^: -' SiaaOer Music »!ltebeil-aeJses. Violin MusJ « Soon * Patwx 11 «S-- «erasaa. meU Or . · , 1 JO--cs-sirch or Atr 6 39 -- Daadlec 7 00 -- Julso* Klein: Charge Oscar I X"^ 0 " 5 '* Or · *t««eal Talk 8 SS-- Sraspbonjr. Pairt. Baker i Weeta » 30 -- Sea Romances: Hopper J! ;*-- S.- t; be*on. OaueDca; Melodies « 00 -- IX.CK.I. or · Nocturne WCAC. FHILADELFHIA-- SS«-- UT8 «- WABC- « i JO-7-«0. 7 li-« OO. 8 45-9 Cf. 7 0»-- Rerue » 00-- Trapper* T»TJT. WmLADELFHIA-- 436--568 k. WZAF 8 00-6 39. 7 3O-9 00 * 3O -- Concert or KDK4. rtTTSBCKCB-- 38C-- 9M k. * " e w-e :c. s 10-3 sc. 10 oo-si oo. 1! 15-11 20 WJZ. S OO-S 30 « 3O--p»il Jcrrr. ObJ. Sheltoa Or. '. «5-J^==:y Joy 9 30--Eas*=jble 11 00--Aaes.Aadr: Fe»tarc. Orcht. VfTiU. MILWACKEK--«M--«a k. WEAP T 30-T 15 8 ;a-S 30. lfl-00-11 OO «JZ 8 OO-S 33. S 00-10 00 7 OO--Sport ll 00--Aaos-Jadr 11 15--Orchestras WOW. OMAHA--3C9--SOO k. WKAP 6 30-C ti. ·: 00-7 30. S 30-11.30. n is-i oo 7 M--V c^a. Qtisrw Oreh. KMOX. ST. LOl IS--275.1--1»9« k. WABC 7 00-7 15. t 45-9 45. 10 00-11 15 1 15--Sports. Vartcir s 45--S«!l*a Or 10 43--Or 10 IS--Fijers. Sccss: Orehs : Berue SUXDAT. DECEMBER £7 SfXDAirS BEST FEATCKE5 Sfttt Parker--WEAF Ketzori Birtir» Wmroe--WJZ Network Jeue Crawford--WEAP Ke'.work Charrb of Air--WABC Selwort Sea Kamatc--WABC Network The G»acllM--V.'ABC Network: (EASTERN STATIONS) (SST--SUBTRACT I Hear Sor Central Standard Ttese* WBAL. BALT1HOKE--335-- 7S» k. WJZ- 7-3O-12 00 WBEN. BCKFAtO--333.1--SOO k. WEAP « 30-7 00. 7 15-S 00. 9 15-11 IS 7 00--Part: 9 00--Feature WGB. BUFFALO--545--350 k. WABC « W-S 30. 7 00-10 00. II 00-1.00 10 00--White Cr-scent Q-aarjet WI.W. CINCINNATI--JSS--708 k. WJZ 6 45-7 00. 7 30-10.15 6 00--Cacaployarat Chatter 7 OO--Ores IB-IS--Erp'css- Variety 11.3O--Moon Rlrer 12 OO--Theis Or. WHS. CLEVELAND--ilS-7--1390 k. WABC 7 30-B 15. 8 45-S 00. 9 30-10 30. 11-05-11 CO 6.00--Trappers; Feature 6 00--Sport: PUm. . u .^. WCAE. FtTTSBCKGB--IU.S--12*« k. WEAF C OO-S 00. 10 1S-1J OO 7 !5--Renew » oo--PUno R*c!{al WGT. SCHEXECTADT--3SO-79O k, WEAF S 00-12 00 WHAM. ROCBESTEB--M»7_I1S« k. ) wjz e eo-e 30. i 15-9 is 9 45-11 eo 6 33--Foreia. M«!!ea! 9 15--BaU»iet?r« ^^ IWESTEKN STATIONS) (EST--5OBTRACT 1 Hour tor Central Standard Time) KTW. CHICAGO--291.1--1K9 k. WEAF: 10 45-11 15 WJZ. t 30-10 IS 11.15--State St : Newi: Dance Ors WMAQ. CHICAGO--14«--67* k. WJZ- S 45-7 CO WEAF 7 14-7 » 7 30--Chronicles: Oreii.: SuniiiT CVb 10 15-- Peat. 10 30--Van Horn 10 43--Or : Sandy; Or : Tour H' WEXB and TTLS. CHICAGO--345--«7» k. WJZ 10.45-1! 30. U 00-1 00 WEAF- 8 08-10 15; 11 30-12 00 WCFU CHICAGO--SO9--970 k. '. 80--German Hr . Iruh Hr 9 OO--Feat. M-Jilc: Work'neraen. Orch. WOC. DAVENPORT, and WHO. OES MOINES--3H3 S--1000 k. WEAF « 00-7 00. 7 50-9 00. 9 15-11 15: 11 45-12 OO WHAS. LOUISTttLE--368--SSt k. Household Hints If Boom Has -Blon." If the jrails o! a room in your apart- are painted blue. you'U have to j be especially particular j-ist what col- j orj you pjt la tae room. All cokyrs do i r.ot go with biue. as taey do wltii pa green or cream-colored waUs Tb« rug :u tbe "blue roox" any b* a mixture of many colors, bat be sare that tiae i most predoarnitting colors harmoajse ' *itii tile "alls. So!*., creair.5 -cclo'ed saiars Serrtnt Cauliflower, with the cream poured over it. served irhSe on k platter, makes an attractive dtah. guest can help himself to whatever amount he desires- FEAR SUBSIDES Trend Note* In Months Of 1931. Ctalac Bathroom Colors. You can carry out the co.or scheme of your bathroom by having botts ol txithtai'.s and boxes of bail) powder which msM-» the ilsades soaels or the of t ' New York. Dec. 25.-- The cJoeisg months of 1931 seem 10 hare drrelop- ei a wholesome trend la the subsidence ol lear of the datmic? of a calmer c'V-nmr-atloa to lace actualities. in. :!.e cp n:o2 of CoL AUac M. Pope. Ec-jnom.e e\ents themselves ha^e produced tirs res^t." he said la a vear survey prepared for the Associated Pre5 Cc!. Pope is president of the I-.\c!:mrr.t Barkers' Association of l execute e vice-presidesil Nat.o^al CXd CoJony Cor- shades »hirh are sw »;:h · droop cv»r! v asd smart :: -a! I* Smart. Ponjee curtains are «n*rt In arsj :a- formal room In the hons* The r~»- j u:ral color ol pongee b.ends -*.th a!most e\ erythiiv b' J - ! " Borises 3 all i shades so you can eusi y chvov one \\hlch exactly MI:W \ju Anur.ta ivn v£ ;! i- First ;v^a' on. · We fa^ ^ a::ti th bb ;-i j. a brlel *'.o:-f, but :_!·· er or !i.e r^iss tide o! hoord- i-s AC saw the reassurscg :lde" he explained. "There 'light of gold Jrom our the phenomenon »as i as:ory before its effect was l" ' x x s Conrv-tv the WashlrvKtoa Star .1 h i l t oin'.arv ago as a page In '. 1 cs and his been continuously pho:o?T3?!wd readies i s . and or ^ a .:.?* cier f O". lr:e ,o-";)' '.jr. c'. '.- :. 50 wars '. fen e Mr 5'Jgi- jer\ed as clerk of tile- for :rv PJL.V H \cirs ard :-t\ ?i: -*. i.'c D'-r."-ra _ haie obtained control of the H J.15C, Is empl »\vd as special c ers to !!:· ni.nor.;y. --Underwood Photo Eld-Irk- Cltare There are HttJe vlectr'c i imrct l:s!:t- crs ti'.at are to be leJi PS: li-.e MS k.ri? tabk- ihev JU ttrt . go .., g .,, n- sre\- To B* N»m«J For Kitchk-. C'li-se Park. Md. Dec. 25.-- The $:7o«vx Field Home reoeaUy completed «: -!:e c^aipi-s of the State Crs.- ler^ity here, mill be named In honor .-1 G ··· R-tc!':e at special ceremonies Jiri.irv -t). i" was ar-noucced today T..c Field HJOSC will s«at 6000 at a b-v. 1 s r.-.atch a^id -i 200 at a basket- · or o isr-fts c'lamiiis!; It '.s located en the side of the rear the etper mental station. GUARD REMOVED . WEAP. $ 15-9 00. 9 15-10.15. 10 45-11 15 WJZ 7 30-S !5 8 00--Snoru: Hir=cn!« 9 oo--o-chs 10 15--Krs Quart is ;s--Drfa- Train WTMJ. MILW^rKEE--1»4--S29 k. WEA? 7 li-T 10; 8 15-9 00. 9 33-10 IS. 10 4S-11 -S WJZ 7 00-7 J5. 7.30-8 00 E OG--Songs 9 oo--Chronicle 1C 15--P*»t : Orchestras WOW. OMAHA--509--300 k. WZAT- 2 OO-1I 00 6 3O--Symphony KMOX. ST. LOCTS--tTS.I--1090 fc. WABC S 30-7 OO. 7 15-10 30 ll.OC-11 30 12 30-1 OO ~ 00--Sports g 3O--Concert 1! 30--Filers. Or Hume Of Secretary Mimson Had Been I Protected. | \Vasi-inetor De- "5--Po'ce -a'jo 'ss: 1 fcr se-.era' da'-s i-ca'»5c l..ii-,uar- I "er* I:eari ruriors a crank dcs:rcc! :o harm h::ri have sir.c? been rerr.o.ed ! Tils Secretary. S'aie Depar'.mcn*. e3.c:als sale: toda\. h-d DK recei\ed a l threatening letter r-r had he SI-PH one It -MS evp'.aired ilia: Mr S'lrnson. iue to the Po'ice Dc-n-iTcr-t rcapon- s:b.'i:y for pub'-c offic'n^s. acquiesced to their request to place tr^e gu^rd Fsr several r.-gbts a 531-;. de'a'J of oncers ps:ro:xi tae grounds o! v.'ood- ' lev. the Secretary's spacJcos home No s-iTCt.cious characters were observed and :ne guards v.cre recalled I.ocomoliir Explodes: Two KiUrd. a-irrjrnento. Cal . D?c 25.-- The loco--';\e cf trse Southern Pacific West -ist Lira-ted exploded two milts west ; K.clralc between CMco and Qrovllle if todaj kilitag the engineer and e v ^5 being Koscxlllc. Collarbone Dislocated. Jacob Byerrnaa. 65, Point of Rocks. A balivag straw hat often costs $300 Subscribe for The Nero rushed to the :ri r; Irom ! The fcp'.js.on. occurring a few minutes jiast tlirev o'clock blew the en- p re ^rti ter-der off t.".e track as the tr±!n vas parsing the Federal Rice E\r r.n'TiUil Station two miles south r r t rcpcrti said no one else was ' , L L Da-, is. !n cha'ge of the ex- · staiicn and his trtfe. heart the csp'.osion and were the first to ica-h t!io scene They called thr , EI?gs telephone exchange and sum! mcr.ed help froai Sacramento. A re- · lief train was mshed from Rosevllle. PEARRE'S Modern Pharmacy DRUG AND PRESCRIPTION SERVICE TELEPHONE 208 was admitted to the Frederick City |, hospital about 9.30 o'clock Friday I morning, suffering with a dislocated ! collarbone. 11 Northwest Gales Sweep City And Drive Temperature Down. LOW WAS 29 anpting to control the Nanking gov- rnmem; trU go to battle for power Hen the winter is over was based on er toag experience in. Chinese affairs. The Chinese seldom fight in bad eather, but spring generally brings newed activity alnong the war lords. Strong northwest winds rained the chances of Christmas, 1931. to set an all-tirae maTimnm temperature record. Sweeping into she county early Pnday morning, th« Tnncs whipped away the niurfcy weather of Chnstaxas Eve Japan's seizure of Cheese terr-tory | and "dropped the mercury over 10 de- Manciiuna was t£e ctmas in a year ' disastrous political bickering and ac- lai lighting among opponents ol res.cJent Chiang Kai-shek, assisted by mdits, alleged communists and re- igees from the disastrous floods along rendered grees frccn its abnormally high perch. Considerably colder Breather held sway today, following a low mark of 29 degrees over night. Could the mercury have held the same Tngyrmnm mark on Cmra's desperate situation was fur- ler compLcated by the decline of the hinese silver mosey to the lowest lotation of aU time, in line with the inera! coEapse of silver the Torid xiund. ·ed. Thursday, the lughest registered |-was 57 degrees, one degree above the -ararmest Christmas experienced here .in the last 21 ?eaxs. wilch Tvas in 1915. However, the thermometer slumped to , 45 degrees as the Christmas maximum. __^ · -sranner than in either 1929 or 1930, bnt _ " T ' somewhat colder than 1928, Trhen the Band Tours City h ^ 51 band, under -Jie leadership o f ' rne m^n^m Christmas mars was Gearmger, p^yed TuletaSe se- j ^ ao way comparable to that of the cuons early Cnratmas morning on j past wo y ars It W3S 37 j^t year redencfc street. The band started '^ Iow ^ 16 " ^ d ^ Tea - preceding, ·ound tae c:ty at 4J30 and continued j 14 (j-^grees. The loivest Wednesday aymg until 7 o'clock. The musicians," Ii i gat ^35 45 degress addition to Gearmger. -rere: W/^iam j ^ a white chr^trnas, the cay was a sUer, Rooert Eaton. Walter King.' wjn 3oss _ jn jact, j-o-n ea-^y we atber rank^a Heck, Carl Esterly, Jaraes ! reports, Sasta Class aiade nis visits eannger. Earl Fos. Wade Rice, Charles | OTer ^o^ roa ds only in mountainous earinger and WilJam Xusz. · t:ff . T f nTX i---,, ,,-.!,. ^ f=T pir-/^i*Tnn: The open ng of the oyster season, iih the coming of The "K" months. 5ers employment to about 40.000 rnen with only a few esceptxxns, I raroagrxrat tne United States. Rain i fe2 spasmodically Thursday afternoon j and early evearag but was brushed away by the heavy ·*mds later in tee Free At 83 Rheumatism Neuritis--Lumbago Artherol Tablets will banish oor pains like maeic. Get a box at Thr Peoples Serriec Drug Stares. Take . . . Greenawalt's Dandelion Liver Disks for Your Liver's Sake 25C box $1.00 COMP. SYETTP OF MULLEIN- For Coogbs and Colds 25c At Tour Druggist's or Dealer** - * · · · · · · · · · · · · * · · · · : j Christmas had iltHe effect on the i water in the Pushing Creek reservoir Caretaker Frank Weddle reported that j ir:e level dropped about two inches over | ise last two days, bTirjg^ig it to 24 j feet, 6 inches tms morning. ! i Quarters of a forest ranger at Mam- nioth Springs, Wyo., are sirrroanded by a fence made of elk antlers. cn'T \-3-'»F?l? at Ben. s»fets. kcEabta. Bw/S»»I *T mnecSTS XTEBTTSBB Good Evening Did the Mrs. Say . . . Don't Forget To Order BISER'S CLEAN COAL * PHONE 267 · · · B B B B . l . l H I B H B . i . 1 YOUR GROCER SELLS Garber's Preferred Bread A New Loaf of More Slices .. . 8c -- OR -The Large Family Size lOc · Ask for It By Name The Garber Baking Company We carry only standard coals. Their quality cannot be surpassed. Geo. S. Rodock Son Fifth St. U Pa. B. R. Plum* $M. IBB 3 3 ei 9! Let Us Help You make your dollars go fttrthei and give more satisfaction DYEING A "DaS" VTani S3-v=ar-6:d Lfe- at tr.e TC^LS Szve peri-tenrar? :sT_'.e, i= "ree Gcicrnor Ross terUr.g grar.:«! J_m a fu.! patae as Chr^teas crswr.t after t'ne agPS isa bad oec:': a z^oce! pr^c^er for HE beard has sot been cut Ji ysars, he rays h LADIES' DRESSES AND COATS MSN'S SUITS AND OVERCOATS .,, CLEANING AND PRESSING Ladies' Plain Dresses and Plain Goats, Men's Suits and Overcoats, $2.50 up $3.00 $1.00 QUAKER CITY FREDERICK'S OLDEST BIGGEST AND BEST CLEANERS AND DYERS Invest YOUR CHRISTMAS MONEY In Our AT OUB EXCEPTIONALLY LOW PRICES THE RUG STORE MtXLJNTX BENTZ 4 East Patrick Street * ful! via consoU, ts.-y design. rc*ch«d t.:t lnut pcn«Is c-d iTport«J boxwocxi n'oyj, Ees-o^fal woe J on fh« botrora rsiU ie'd tubes foa STORM Phone 266 c-3 exce'Jen! sc!e«. Tw n power de'ecJion . . . G-c- J Mcker. . . Pen-sxie newer toS* 50 fc-a confro! . . . Sfo*« irsdi. - "c«e3 c si. Truiy, a So* CJ on cmoz-rg y low pics. fierend . ^-- Busy Corner Personnel The SERVICES of a BANK depend on two things--its financial resources and its personnel. In both respects this bank excels; , j for our financial position is unassailable: and the staff is composed of efficient, courteous, conscientious persons. Farmers Mechanics National Bank Frederick, Maryiacd "The Sank o* 1 .,.^; ;c o"s Service' K f l " l I V t « "2-18-itf

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