The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 28, 1956 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 28, 1956
Page 2
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laHlunm ftun He'll Lead Drive- BARKLEY SEES DEMOCRATS HANGING ON TO CONGRESS WASHINGTON — UP—Sen. Albert ,W. Barkley said Wednesday the Democrats should hang on to"control of the Senate next November but that no political party dares to take an election for granted. The Kentucky Democrat, a party patriarch and wheelhorse, has agreed at the ?£re of 78 1o head the 1856 Democratic campaign to keep a Democratic majority in the Senate. Because of the lineup o£ the Senate scats at stake this year, the Democrats have been highly optimistic about their chances of retaining Senate control whatever the outcome of the presidential and House elections. "I never take any election for a certainty," BarWey told a reporter, "but in aij probability I think we'll win the Senate." He declined! lo make predictions about specific stales and cautioned that his own party must no: be overconfident about its Senate prospects. "The man who takes an election. 5or granted is apt to slip, up,'' he said, "and that is true o£ a political party, loo." While Barkley concerned himself with his party's efforts to keen control of'the Senate, there were these developments in the fight fo- thc Democratic presidential noia- ir..ition: Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey (D- Mir.n.) said in Los Angeles that unless Adloi E. Stevenson vrins the California primary .Tune 5. his ch-snces of v.-innirijr the presidential nomination v.iil become remote. H-inir-hrey. n Stsvsnsors s;ip- p-"r'nr. Fai:1 h-- vns stickiTis by S'<"TrT;sc:ri cta-rdte his loss in the hnnd-shsfeg campaign to the Los area Monday and was on from dawn "until laic at Angeles tile go night. Stcveason sent a message to a New York meeting of foreign language editors calling for a revi- Interposition (Continued From Paye One) recommended that Texas Democrats at their precinct, county and stale conventions endorse the governor's proposal for a public vote on the issue of interposition. The committee is empowered to place the question on the primary ballot, ana said it would take such affirmative action as a mandate to act, "Interposition is the peopl's objection to amendment of the constitution by the Supreme Court, or others, in any manner other than by the people themselves, as prescribed by Article V of the Constitution," the committee said. "That the present Supreme Court regards" itself as a supreme power, independent of the nation and the Constitution, is clearly demonstrated in several decisions of late, which accomplished results not obtainable by "the federal government from the Congress or the people, or the states—one of the clearest examples being the 'paramount rights' doctrine of the tide-lands J case,' 1 fee committee ssid. "It is our conclusion that in Governor Shivers' interposition proposal lies the power of the people to protect ihr-ir constitu- ! ; on?J right? sjrJrts: the S'rpreme Court and federal encroachment," the statement added. sion of the McCarran-YVnlter immigration, act'and an end to ''unfair discrimination against any of our citizens." Former Democratic National Chairman Frank E. McKinney announced in Indianapolis that he will take an active role in behalf of New York Gov. Averel! Hsrriman if and when Harriman becomes "an avowed candidate" for the Democratic. nomination. The Missouri state Democratic committee unanimously endorsed Sen. Stxiart Symingttn "(D-Mo.) as a possible ''dark horse'' candidate for the Democratic nomination. Brother Dies In Accident rra C. Hahn Jr.. 45. former Houston newspaper man and brother of E. L. Hahn of 2305 East James. was killed Tuesday on Highway 251 near Progreso when his car overturned. Highway patrolmen said Hahn, who was traveling alone, apparently lost control of the car. An em- ploye of the Houston Post for 12 years while he lived in Houston, he had beer, in the MeAllen office of the KelJey Manufacturing Co. of Houston since 1345. Survivors are his wife, Mrs. Eunice Hahn; a daughter, Mrs. Dolores Martin of Palestine, and the brother in Bsytown. • George K. Lewis and Co. of Houston v/i'.l announce funeral arrangements. LAST TIMES TODAY! THURSDAY THRU SATURDAY Gffsei on the N^vti by MHJOH LOT7 * by DORE SCH ARY ^ ENDS TONIGHT "TONIGHT IS FAMILY NIGHT 1 BARGAIN PRICE 50' THURSDAY * THRU SAT. WITHOUT *%- ADDED irrr "Last Of Ths Desperado:" JAMES CRAIG JIM DAVIS TONIGHT "NIGHTMARE ALLEY" and "LOVE IS A MANT SPLEKDOEED TH1XG" THURSDAY" ONLY LICENSE NIGHT 2225 2nd HIT—DALE ROBERTSON in "GAMBLER FROM NATCHEZ" Last Times Today "BATTLE STATIONS" "THE DETECTIVE" THURSDAY NIGHT IS FAMILY NIGHT YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY ADMITTED FOR 50c ouim ncwa rvMir SPECIAL W COHEN I Shivers (Continued From Page One) coaxing when Shivers led the slate into the Republican column. "This Skelton-Rayburn proposal now stands revealed for what it was from the beginning. . . not a sincere attempt "to work out a compromise as it was advertised. "But it is a cynical and calculated effort to divide the conservative Democrats of Texas and to maneuver the senior senator (Johnson) into the DAC-PAC (CIO Political Action Committee) camp where he (Joes not belong," Shivers said. "If Johnson did not recognize the pisy in the beginning, I am sure he does now." he said. He added that "I'm for Lyndon Johnson if he is for me"" and called on Johnson to state his position on: Interposition, federal aid to education, restoration of the two- thirds nomination rale in the Democratic national convention, repeal or weaking- of the Taft-Hartley act and Adlai Stevenson as the Democratic presidential nominee. Noon Coll— Stock Quotes (Courtesy Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenn«r & Beane) Alley Ludhini 42 AlHs-Chalmers 72 1 s Aroer Cyan . •. iiv- A T and T 183T4 Anaconda Cop 7S% Ander Pro-card 67?i Beth Steel 162 1S?'S Celotex - v 40% Chrysler Corp 75\i Cities Sen' 6"H Columb Gas 16 Creole Pet S2 Dow Chcm 6S Du Pont Cheih 227?:,' Dresser 63;i Eastman Kodak El Paso Nat'l Gas Fairehilcl Eng Freepori Sulph Ford Gen Electric ;..... Gen Motors Gen Teleph Gen Tire and Rub Gillette Saf Goodyear Tire ........ Greyhound Bus ........ Gulf Oil Gulf Star TJtil Houston Oil H L and P Co ........ Humble Oil Imperial Oil Infl Nickel Infl Ha:v Joses and Laugh Libby McN Liggett arid Myers Loew's Inc La Land Mack Trucks Merrill Petr Monsanto Nat Dairy Prod Ncwo News Ship 59 : -s Ohio" Oil ,.,. 30: ; . Oifn-Math s$v. Stude-Packard ..... S'/i Pacific Pet IB'.it Pac West Oil 48h Pancostal Pet 2 Panhandle P and R im T*ennej"s Inc 95 v, Phillips Petr 94% Pure Oil 47*; Spsrry - Rand 28?s Repub Steel 4SV; Sapphire 3 3/16 Wednesday, March" 28, 1956 . 44% .. 13 Vi .. 96 .. 60'-s . 63 5 i . 46-% ,. 41V- . 604 . 49 Vh . 71 "i . 14 ! i . SD-^s . 41 3 -. .160"-i . 49 Ji .124'; .. 4S ! ; 02^ i . 35^ . 4S7i . 16'i ..6S 1 !' . 22 '--4 .142 . 32 U 63 H 6SU 72 56'vi 102 60V 64 Try Sun Classified Ads—Dial 8302 KREL LISTENING GUIDE 1260 ON YOUR DIAL WEDNESDAY ZVSNIMQ 3:5S—Kcvrs K^aiiincfl 4:00—P.rd Hst z.r.t Blue 6:00—13&0 DriffAjod Drive 6:55—News HtAtlittt 7:00—Nieh: Train 10:00—Slpi Off THURSDAY XOKXTSG 6:00—Studio £bt 6:2S—News S:DO—Etuiio Sli 7:23 —Nevjj 7:30— StuiJio Si* 8:00—Ducalio Show 11:00—Ncwa 11:02—Hnuscwives Holiday THURSDAY AFTEH.VOO« 12:00—News 12:15—Highlands AiseaMj- or Gc-4 12:30—In The PaKic Inwrtst 12:<5—Katlsee 2:00— Club 1350 Sears Shell Sinclair Oil Skelly Oil Socony-Vac Sou Pacif , St. Regris Paper . Stan Oil Calif Stan Oil Ind Stan Oil Ohio .... Stan Oil N.J Sun Oil Sunray-Mid Cent Tennessee Gas ... Texas Co Tex Gulf Sulph .. Texas Eastern ... Tidewater Corp .. Textron Union C and C Union Oil of Calif U.S. Steel United Airlines .. United Carbon ... tVoodley Petr 59'^ Feb. No. Cotton do'-vrt-5 Alum Ltd 11SM Ashland Oil 19 ; s Election -- (Continued From Pape Onn) Baytown councilznen are elected to guide the destiny of the city for terms of two years, for which they receive r.o salary. The citizens who arc urging the record turn out next Tuesday, point out that the time required to cast the ballot is slight by comparison to the tenure of the councilmen, who 131 "- 60 T SS- 43 67 To determine what people will receive an annual mailing of 50 million mail order catalogues and flyers, Montgomery \Vard and Co. is installing an electric brain to determine- which prospects are the likeliest to become buyers. - BIG SPECIAL EASTER SHOW! BOYS AND GIRLS GET YOUR FREE TICKET NOW FROM ASHORE MOTORS, Inc. AND 11 II CAROUSEL TO SEE COURAGE OF LASSIE PLUS 6 CARTOONS 6 FRIDAY MORNING AT 10 O'CLOCK AT THE BAY AND BRUNSON Candidates Scarce I July County Primary Not a single cnnclichilc has filed nn application for places on the July 2S Democratic primary election ballot. County Democratic Chairman Presley Wcrlcin said lie is ready to receive the applications for district, county and precinct offices. The filing deadline is a\fay 7. Prospective high filing- fees, except for candidates for the legislature, may be discouraging 1 some candidates from filing until the last minute. It is not yet known what the fees for the various offices will be this year. Werlein has predicted that unless Sunrise ihe Oriental influence is reflected in this ftrtpless, waits-length go*-n oi ny on tulle by Mary Carter of Dallas. Wnfte Val lace, in three hori- tiers, is inserted into the flalrin.s skirt Th« midriff is of Ghrom- s^un taff £rs. • - • Television Glances Bt* NEW YORK —UP—There are jobs open right now for girls who want to break into TV-', 'one network personnel director said Tuesday. The oniy hitch—a girl shooting 1 for a glamour career'in TV must be willing to start at the bottom. "We have about 15 jobs for girls right no-.v who nre willing to start as secretaries or clerk - typists," said Marie McWilliams "of the American Broadcasting Co. "And I'd say that we usualfy have that many open. I'm pretty sure it's that, way at the other networks, too." Miss McWilliams. a native of New York's Staten Island, who has chaperoned ABC's personnel department for three years, pointed out that a job in the network cellar had its advantages. "Usually." she said, "when a young- girl just out o£ school conies in to see us. she doesn't know what she wants to do. She may know generally that she wants to be in the creative end rather than say, sales. But that's about all. "Working at a junior level job gives a girl a chance to look around and choose. She can use her secretarial job as a stepping stone to other jobs." Although this may sound like a shopworn formula, " Miss ^IcWilli- •ams can offer case histories at her own network to support'this view. Perhaps the most outstanding is Gerakline Zorbaugh, the general counsel for ABC :>.ntl secretary of the corporation. She started as a secretary at the network, took time out for legal training and then came back to work her way in to her present exalted position." Another gal who worked 3ier way up the ABC trellis is Grace Johnson, who started as a clerk in the personnel department and js now head of the continuity acceptance division which blue"- pencils all scripts. "There nrc dozens of others " said Miss McWilliams. (Continued From I'sitfc One) __ Services will beg-in at 6 p.m. Friday and will include the reading of the Passion, the Veneration of the Cross and* Communion service. Stations of the Cross will be at 3 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. with the latter followed by a Veneration of the Cross. Blessing of the Easter fire, Easter candle, blessing of.the Baptismal^water and the Litany of the Salnts'will bo at 10:30 p.m" Saturday, followed by High Mass at midnight. •Trinity Episcopal church will have a traditional Three Hour service from noon to 3 p.m. Fri_ day. The Rev. P. Walter Henckell, ' pastor, will be assisted by I-ay Readers and will present mediation eon the "Seven JLast Words From The Cross." Grace Methodist chucrh and" St. Paul LutheraTi church will observe the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper at 7:30 p.m. Friday. The Rev. E. F. Lange of, the Redeemer Lutheran church has announced special services at 7:30 p.m. Friday that will include Communion. His sermon for the program will be "Jesus Fulfills His" Purpose." St. John's Methodist church •will he host to two guest ministers, the Rev. Mondrick Gorzycki, a former pastor of St John's, and the Rev. Jim Beauman of Seubrook, for 7:30 p.m. Good Friday services. The Rev. Hooper Haygood of St. John's church will be assisted 1 by the guests for a service with the theme "Seven Last Words." Dr. Wayne McCleskey, pastor of St. Mark's Methodist, has been conducting services at 7 p.m. each night of Holy Week. His topic for Friday will be "I Am The Truth." The church's Junior chinr will sin jr. Highlands Methodist church, with the Rev. T. P. Hendrick preaching, will continue a scr;rs evangelistic services each night some way can be found to red IK the cost of holding the parly pr- m.'iries in July and August, the assessments may amount to about 2:1 pel" cent of one yew's salary. For most offices, this amount is about twice the filing fee in previous election years; however most precinct mid county officials now an: elected to four-year terms instead o£ two-year periods as formerly. Under the law, the county executive committee fixes the assessments on May 14, a week after the filing deadline and the assessments must be paid by May 19. Werlein snid he expects to call •a meeting of the County executive committee within two or three weeks to consider arrangements for places to hold precinct conventions May 5 in the county's 259 voting precincts, • , First Nuclear Reader To Be Built In Japan LOS ANGELES — UP—The fin,t nuclear reactor for the Far East will be built by atomics international, a division of North American Aviation, Inc., for the Atomic Energy Research Institute of Japan, it "was announced Wednesday. A contract calls for completion \vithin one year of a 50-kilowatt nuclear research reactor to be located near Tokyo. Try Sun Classified Ad.*—Dial 830i SAFE PASSAGED In swelling, ypu lake every safety precaution for your own protec- ilon. In moving your household poods, lake the precaution of calling your North American Van Lines agent. Your valued possessions deserve the b«t moving service in town. HASTY TRANSFER & STORAGE CO. A. C. COKEK, Owner 213 E. Texa« Dial 2050 Because 72.6 per cent of U. S. adults carry them, many candidates will advertise 0:1 book matches in this Presidential election year. According to Republic Steel Corporation, llV.- acres of stainless steel were required to sheath completely a 46-store skyscraper. through Easter Sunday on thr "Seven Las: Words from ttu' Cross." ' Central Assembly of God church rind Trinity Tabernacle are also having serx-iccs each night. Central Is having a missionary convention. Trinity is having a revival program. fry San Classified Ad*—Din) 8302 Printed Forms done right! delivered in time! at competitive prices! matherne's in Baytown Sun Bldg. Phone 8090 I For Your Easter Dinner We Will Feature, Shankless - Skinless- Defatted - Pre-Cooked HAMS Also Plenty (NO WASTE) Of For Fryers And Hens FOOD SERVICE 1600 N. MAIN - DIAL 4322 SPECIALS FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SAT. Hormel Dairy Brand Sliced Bacon If). .Lb. 43c ADMIRATION COFFEE 8 5 CUT RITE WAX PAPER GRENNAN ANGEL FOOD CAKE LYONS' QUALITY HEAVY BEEF Shoulder ROAST LYONS' QUALITY HEAVY BEEF SHORT RIBS u.29c OSCAR MAYER BREAKFAST PORK LINKS L ,49c 2 I25FI. Rolls 45c 59c Value 4/C Baker's HAIR TONIC 1Q% RUBBING ALCOHOL BROMO QUININE 1.00 .Size 59c Pin> IOC 16 Tablets 29c KRAFT 2 bars of PERSONAL SIZE IVORY )or only 1( irii/i GIANT CHEER DINNERS 2 10 r 27c Sl'X MAID RAISINS 6 ,r£.19c thccr KRAFT CARAMELS UAIXBO SWEET ."MIXED PJCKLES 12 r TEA .!.i-Lb. Box .1-Lb. Ccilo BUR .303 Can KOSEDALK A PEARS 3 UXCLE WILLIAM'S BLACKEYE PEAS AJAX CLEANSER Can (Net Trice) TOIT,ET ROUT, CLEANSER GLO-BOL PlBl 29c WESSON OIL Knt »c m-o ORANGE DRINK ?1 00 lOc lOc MIJBY'S VIENNA SAUSAGE 2 Can Cans 35c 33c 25c 33c Kentucky Wonder BEANS 10 10 u s 59c CALIFORNIA POTATOES CALIFORNIA CALAVOS w 15c SUNKIST LEMONS

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