The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 27, 1969 · Page 7
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July 27, 1969

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 7

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1969
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

Unpack Solar Wind Experiment ASTRONAUTS SET 6 RECORDS I Dei Moines Sunday Register ! July 27, 1949 Jr. General Section MOON- Continued from Page One of the U.S. Geological Survey. Volcanic lava can be one cause ofxbubbles in such rocks. N<fr\did there appear to be chondnHc material, which contains little globules and which makes up most meteorites, said Dr. Elbert King, a space center mineralogist. Varied in Size The rocks varied in size, one large one being judged to be seven inches long, five inches wide, and about 1% to 2 inches thick, said Dr, Clifford Frondel, Harvard University mineralogist. Others ranged down to the size of pebbles, and the box contained fine fragments as well. After the box was unpacked, Dr. Persa Bell, chief of the space agency's lunar and earth resources division, said initial reports from scientists watching the operation were "remarkable and interesting descriptions. "But they say there are bits of dust on the surface making it difficult to see all they would like to see," Bell added. "They did see some reflective crystal surfaces. We haven't yet seen anything like vesticles — lava rock with holes in it. "It was a great day. We've begun the look, but, of course, it will take a great long time." The dark, gloved hands used complex tools in the cramped vacuum cabin to remove first the solar wind experiment which scientists hope will yield information about the makeup of radiation from the sun. Next out were the two core samples. Color of Rocks A running account of the slow, meticulous unpacking was given by scientists standing two feet away from the windows of j the chamber. "It's gray, but it has a brownish tint," a scientist said after the first plastic bag was cut open. Dr. Frondel reported: "There are some 15 or 16 large pieces in view and a considerable amount of fragmentary material." WIREPHOTO (AP) Exposed to Moon Dust Terry Slezak, a photographer at the Manned Spacecraft Center near Houston, Tex., displays smudges of moon dust on his hand. Slezak became exposed to the dust Saturday when he was removing a film magazine which the Apollo 11 astronauts dropped on the lunar surface. Since he was exposed to the dust Slezak will have to remain in quarantine the same as the astronauts to make sure that the dust has not spread lunar germs. WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) The National Aeronautics Association (N.A.A.) said Saturday it has claimed new individual world flight records lor each of the three Apollo 11 astronauts. The N.A.A., which has «s one of its main functions the monitoring of U.S. attempts to set official speed and distance records for flight, has claimed the following marks for the U.S. moon men: 1. Duration In lunar orbit — command module pilot Michael Collins, 59 hours, 27 minutes and 55 seconds. 2. Duration of stay on the lunar surface — Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin, jr., 21 hours, 36 minutes and 16 seconds. .1 Duration of stay on the lunar surface outside a spacecraft — Armstrong, two hours, 21 minutes and 16 seconds. 4. Duration of stay on the lunar surface inside a spacecraft — Aldrin, 19 hours, 45 minutes and 52 seconds. 5. Greatest mass landed on the moon — Armstrong and Aldrin, 7,211 kilograms. A kil- gram is about 2.2 pounds. §. Greatest mass lifted into lunar orbit from the lunar surface — 2,648 kilograms. Kennedy Wife Expecting Child 7n Good Health, 'Astronauts Are Given Hawaii Welcome Trac *° r T it . Slows Traffic Ted Used Words of 'Prof ties' ATTORNEYS NOT LIABLE EDGARTOWN, - Police Chief MASS. (AP) Dominick J. Arena said Saturday that neither Joseph Gargan nor Paul Markham are liable for prosecution because of their knowledge of the auto accident volving Senator Edward Kennedy. Kennedy said Friday night the pair of friends, both lawyers, dove under water in unsuccessful attempts to reach the body of Miss Mary Jo Ko- HYANNIS.PORT, MASS. (AP) — Senator Edward M. Kennedy, in his address to the nation explaining his role in ! a fatal automo- b i 1 e accident, drew upon the words of the late President John F. Kennedy. Without men- t i o n ing the a s s a ssinated P r e s i d e n t's name, the last Kennedy brother quoted almost word-for-word from the concluding sentences of John F. Kennedy's "Profiles in Courage," an award-winning history of lonely heroism in congressional crisis. Senator Kennedy said: "It has been written a man does what he must in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles, and dangers and pressures, and that is the basis Humphrey: No Comment on Ted PARIS, FRANCE (AP) Former U.S. Vice-President Hubert H. Humphrey said Saturday he has no intention of commenting on the problems of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, (Dem., Mass.,) whom he described as "a friend." ELECTRICITY FOR INDIANS NEW DELHI, INDIA (REU- BOSTON, MASS. (AP) Mrs. Joan Kennedy, the 32- year-old wife of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, is expecting her fourth child in February, the Boston Herald Traveler reported Saturday. The senator said in the sav HONOLULU, HAWAII (AP) — America welcomed its three moon explorers back to U.S. soil Saturday. The Apollo 11 astronauts, Home from mankind's moat distant exploration, were welcomed by more than l,Nt Hawaiian* as the recovery ship USS Hornet docked at Pearl Harbor. ; Neil A. Armstrong, Edwin E. Aldrin. jr., and Michael Collins, i pronounced in good health and j rested from their half-million- Imile flight to the moon, i watched from the narrow con: finement of a silver quarantine Ivan as the carrier cruised into the harbor for their first greeting on American soil. Gov. John Burns of Hawaii and Honolulu Mayor Frank S. Fasi stood in the large crowd as the Hornet, a broom attached to its bridge as a sign of success, inched to the pier. .Formal Whites Sailors lining its deck were dressed in dress whites the Navy saves for special occasions. To persons in the crowd, the spacecraft that carried the astronauts to an orbit of the moon and brought them home i again could be seen on the car- i rier's deck. i The cone-shaped flying machine bore scars from its ! blazing re-entry that brought i Armstrong. Aldrin and Coli lins back to earth. During the welcoming ceremonies, Armstrong, addressing a C-141 jet transport plane for of any possibl. FROSTBURG, MD. (AP) A caravan of ?bout 50 tractors and 100 auios moved through western Maryland Saturday as the members of a Midwest farm proup headed for Washington. D.<'., ?nd a meeting with federal officials. Newsmen jcported the mem- i bers of Ihe United Grain Farmers of Anviu a caused consid- (T«i!>ln 'It-lay in heavy weekend ; traffic. : The r;M-; van left Oakland, 111.. July 19. Spokesmen for the 1 C.roup saifl (Key had a meeting I scheduled July 30 in Washington. The farmers say they want tin; right ID vote on legislation :iff eel ing (heir economy. i 3 PATIENTS DIK SALEM. ORE. (AP) - A fire ; that begun in, the kilchen killed I three patients and critically in| jured a fourth Saturday in the J Fairview Hospital for the men- i tally retarded in Salem. WIREPHOTO (AP) Back to U.S. The three Apollo II astronauts returned to United States soil Saturday afternoon when their mobile quarantine van was lowered from the deck of the aircraft carrier Hornet to a dock at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, after the voyage from the Pacific Ocean splashdown area. The trailer unit later was taken to nearby Hickam Air Force Base (or the flight lo the Manned Spacecraft Center south of Houston. Tex. ^/ microbes speech that "reasons of health" prevented his attractive blonde wife from accompanying him last Friday to a party on Chappaquiddick Island, where Kennedy was later involved in an auto accident that killed a 28- year-old woman. The Kennedy's have three children, Kara, 9; Edward Jr., 7; and Patrick, 2. Mrs. Kennedy has lost two the crowd from an intercom a U,800-mile flight to Houston the spacemen.,picked up on the system, said, "I'd just like tO; amj the M anno(1 Spacecraft Ccn- lunar surjatfe. say thank you for being here. |tor whefe ano(her , g dayg of nr/William It's probably the warmest welcome any man's had." Aldrin said he didn't isolation in the Lunar Receivings have! Laboratory await the much to add, but that "I just j men. spaCe- Carpcntier, a space doctor who shares the crew's isolation, said the as- are in excellent TERS) — The U.S. and India | children in miscarriages in signed an agreement Saturday j July 1963, and June, 1964. for an American grant of S139.9! The Kennedys, were married million to provide electricity to' in New York in 1958. Indian villages. wish I could get out behind this glass to shake the hands of all my friends I see out there." The mustachioed Collins said, "I'm sorry we were delivered to you in a box." After the ceremonieSj, quarantine van with t nauts inside Then its on the to nearby Base. I health and there is no sign of QuarantinedlJiince • any lunar contamination. The astronauts were picked I The airplane carrying the as- up by helicopters and taken toUronauts was expected to arrive the<^fornet after their space- at Ellington Air Force Base craft landed on Polynesian wa- near Houston about 1:35 a.m. ters Thursday, just before the Iowa time today and security Pacific dawn. police were braced for thou- They have been quarantined sands of persons to j;nn the since. The elaborate pre- apron of the small landing strip was loaded onto j cautions are to prevent spread for a hero's weicome. Sonotonc's smallest hearing aid is worn all in the -car — ideal for active men and women who need better hearing. The SONET* weighs just one-tenth of an ounce with battery. It slips right into the car — no outside cords, tubes or wires. See for yourself — get FREE non-operating replica. Phone, visit or write — SONOTONE the trusted name In bolter hearina since 1929 Suit* 519 Paramount Th«atr» Bldq. 50<? Grand 244-0475 Des Moines, Iowa in-1 of all human morality. M. "And whatever may be/fh_ sacrifices he faces if he^follows his conscience — the^loss of his friends, his contentment, even the esteem > of/liis fellow men- each man/must decfde for himself the/course he will follow. pechne who drowned in the ac-i '^Rie stories of past courage cident July 18. j cannot supply courage itself. ' OPEN MONDA^ NIGI TlUrl P.M. Furniture Exchange CORNER 3rd and WALNUT SEE US IN OUR NEW LOCATION "There is no, violation on their part of any statute,">the chief said of Gargan,/wno is Kennedy's cousin, and Markham, a former U.S. attorney in Boston. Gargan ,arid Markham were For this each man must look into his own soul." i Those words were the last! sentence of the late President's j book, which the senator did not : identify by any reference. Kennedy's remarks came near the end of his speech as | he announced he was consid- i Kennedy said. j ering resignation from the Sen•"' Bar Association officials said late if the public had lost con-: that because both men are law- i fidence in him because of the ! yers, with the trust of a poten- 1 accident in which Mary Jo Ko- tial client, they were bound by i pechne, a former secretary of legal ethics not to betray a con-] his late brother, Robert F. Ken- fidence. I nedy, was killed. aware ^oT the accident for an undetermined number of hours, Visit San Francisco tonight by long distance. Travel the U.S.A. for For 850 or less you can travel by phone to anywhere In 48 states for 3 minutes any week night after 7, and all weekend. Northwestern Bed @ DIAL DIRECT^ lor UM (Mint rout* Specs appeal. Low as 12.95* Of course, we make sure you can see as well as you look. Morgan guarantees each and every pair to be prescription- perfect. 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