The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 22, 1948 · Page 10
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 10

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1948
Page 10
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FOUR; SECTION TWO THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBUEG, ILL. THURSDAY, J A N U A R Y 22, 1948 Pally flcgistcr, 20c a week. inif C that makes folks ItWO sleep all night! tUMUuJ* now Bl«*p undlrturbed ("MUM ol jww» that tbctr tolnc ow»ken*d nlcht after kt mtfhftn from WtuUrr tmfahon, not tin n ^a»Uyiu.y°wuLln 24low? Since W»d- tiuuon in no prevalent »nd Foley ill!* to it JKoley PIIIii rount benefit you within 24 i or jSoOOLB YOUR MONEY BACK 124-hour t«t Uet Foley 1'H» 'rom druc- .. Kuil?»tl»"»ction or DOUBLE YOUll iNEY BACK. The diversified list of commodities carried by air express throughout the United States is headed by machinery, clothing, furs, department store merchandise, advertising electro-mats, radio and cut flowers in the order named, according to Railway Express. The Daily Kegistcr, 20c a week, oy carrier boy. w *K * f? Z- te IS THE STORY: Jeff tells nic the police have proof Avis and Ari were poisoned, anil they suspect the poison was given them m m house. This would limit suspicion to the three survivors of the party--Jeff, Liz and me. After Jeff leaves, I remember the packet of poison. I look for it frantically. It is gone. XIX I was in the midst of searching the house for the poison when Marie Maloney turned up. Jeil had talked to her over the telephone after he left my place and when he explained the set-up to her (one woman living alone, not much cooking and not many parties) she had jumped at the chance to work for me. She had piled all her worldly belongings into a taxicab and come right over to my place--not wanting. I suspect, to spend another night in that apartment of Avis Vaughn's. Marie was about thirty with a ALLEY OOP It's All Upside-IDown^ WWA.T'6 broad Irish face. As a girl she must have been very pretty: I read later in the newspaper!, that she had once played in pictures. Bit parts. She still had blue-black hair and eyes of an amazing blue. And a lurid taste in clothes. But any sort of maid was to be regarded" as manna from heaven and so 1 showed her to the maid's room across the patio from the kitchen without any further ado. \Vhcn next I saw her she was turned out neatly in a black uniform with a crisp white apron and cap. Bv that time I had finished searching the house and hadn't i found any trace of the packet oil poison, la the kitchen--where II looked first, in the living room, the guest room, my own room or either of the bathrooms. I'm a- writer. I have the habit The slogan of the Watcrford, Wis. Post !·* "the only newspaper woiUl that care:, about Waterford " ' Cholera Loss Hog « holcra causes a loss of about 2% million dollars each year. Volume of Black The average American u*-cs i\u ounces of black pepper i At least 555 different kinds of fish l i v e in the upper Mississippi KlUT. J. lit « » 1 * A V % * * . , 1 of thinking more clearly NEW... De Laval World's Standard Series Separators operation . . year of use! The new Super-Skunming Bowl . . . supply can . . . covers with new open discharge type spouts -- all are ot gleaming, forever bright and rust-proof stainless steel. These and other new features and improvements make these New De Laval World's Standard Series Separators the best you have ever seen or operated. ·s Home, Form and Auto Supply 22 W. Poplar Harrisburg, 111. Phone 302 when I'm writing things down. That evening I took a blink sheet of paper and a pen and put down m| ?n orderlv fashion everything l| knew about the case, iiy notes. read like this: Avis Vaughn murdered by poison. Art Cleves. ditto.. Motive blank. To be filled in later Number One Suspect, jeff Haverson, husband of the dead worn-, an. Motive-- he admittedly wished, she were dead so ti:at he would bej free to marry again. Opportunity | --he fixed the last drink for her. Motive for murdering Art Cleves --jealously not likely. Ue may ha\e thought poisoning Sieves would complicate the case anu on- scure his motive. Opportunity lor giving poison to Cleves-- biaiu · Jeff did not mix a drink for Art. Number Two Suspect. Liz Leyden. Motive -- unknown. Opportunity-- mixed drinks for every- Number Three Suspect, Holly j Donn. (I thought I might at least j trv to be as objective as the police would be.) Motive for murdering' Avis-- interested in Jeff Haverscn whom Avis would not divorce Opportunity--made coffee, wh.'ch all but Avis drank; and cheese sandwiches which everyone ate. Moth e for murdering Art Cleves-I couldn't off-hand think of any reason why I would want to mur- _ YOUR f Lovely Fringed Hobnail idspread You always save at Mitchell's! *·* . '«·.. Sf ** . I *re-read what I had written^ It was pretty unsatisfactory In disgust I tore the paper to shreds, and went to bed and tossed mseL, to sleep between sheets that were as comfortable as a bed of stinging · nettles. , _ | When I awoke the next morning, the weight of the world had lifted from my shoulders. I felt foolish and relieved. During the night, my subconscious had, figured out what had happened! to that little unmarked packet of, ! ' T °i S hadn't put it back in the dress- 1 ing table after I used some for the cat and Consuelo had found it when she was giving my house a lick and a promise on her last visit and had simply thrown it out with the trash. S S= * My car wouldn't start that day. The starter sang a little song when I put my foot on it ana wouldn't turn the motor over. I 1 happened to think of Jimmy Peters ! and went back into the house and called him. He hadn't started for . the studio and he said he'd stop by J and pick me up. , · It was the first time I nad seen Jimmy since the night of the trag- 1 edy. "He looked fine with a ruddy ( healthy glow of color in his fresh- j l y shaved face and his blue eyes' ' were clear and untroubled. ! \Ve talked a little bit about t the funeral-- and the write-ups in lhe| ! newspapers. "When he let me out! !at the studio parking lot. he said he'd take me home that e\enmg if, I'd wait for him. , Jeff and Ben Morgan were in . conference all morning. Then they J gave Madge Karney a flock of i screen tests and w hen they were ready Jeff called me and asked if I'd like to see them. too. ,· They were swell. The makeup department had done a good job oii Madge. They had left her hair , its natural honey-brown color and , the technicolor camera had picked 1 up the golden glints in it and in her pale brown ecs She was ravishing. And her acting was M .good, one forgot the resemblance cf her face to Ai is Vaughn's. . Jeff was hiahly ' pleased over ; the tests and Morgan nodded hi: 1'tad in cautious approval. I was so happy about Mad^c getting her bi« chance that I burbled about it to Jimmy Peters ; on the way home. 1 ·'She'll be a sensation." 1 said. j,oing Holly w owl. 1 ra\cd on. "She's the most natural, the mo^l unspoiled oung lhin-4 I \ c «cen in this town. And she can act." Jimmj looked it me out of the corner *of his cc. "You don I know her \cry well, do vou?" "No -- wh\ do ou n-.\"" " "\Vcll." Jiinm xiid wr,n a rueful smile, "She's about the most unnatural girl, 1 knoA' He stressed the adjcctr.c. (To Be Continued) Only The kind of bed^rcad that your bedroom a ed" look at trivial It has row on row ot fy lifts.securely anchored to heavy, long-weanng sheeting with a dainty fringe for added- beauty. Practical, too, because it Shesbcantifnlly and needs JT ironing whatever. Get yours now Kroger for Better Values in Well-Known Complete Variety * Lowest Rrices Your Kroger Store brings you all the well-known brands at money-sayfmg prices-- a complete variety of America's best-liked foods including fine meats, fresh fruits and vegetables. Stock-tup. BUY - SERVE - STOCK-UP . . . THESE WELL KNQWN BRANDS Can 6 CANS $1-00 SIFTED PEAS _._. 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ROAST 55c SAUSAGE Vil WASHING POWDER 34c box ». FILLETS-Boneless rslns the Market SojTh St. Paul now leads r.ll Ihc h\-es:ock marl.cts in roll ccipts of live Loss. Pack 39o 75c TOILET SOAP Reg. Size Or.c o-,it of ?ix of Kroner's 23.000 c:r.p:ovec3 is a member of man- nccrr.cnt -- vhich means tna.. Kroner :-.os nearly 4.000 men v. Jr. sunerxiscry jobs. In- :ccd. cjccrptional opportunities for a d v a n c e m e n t contribute preatly to :c 7oyal spirit o* K-oper o-r.p^ycc" NEWSPAPFI

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