The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 12, 1948 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, July 12, 1948
Page 8
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tl» Mm, Ft*4trtek. MA, MMter, Jmlj- It, ET"tV* SOCK *!NI«H V07JT A3* tore A'OW.' VOT*- /vow.' r sesr MAM we've ON'-' VOTE Kff U. S. Writer H* Barttta ! MB. AKD Inter-Racial Tennis Game Is Broken Up t _ _ _ . . 16 **««* food HORIZONTAL 1.8 Pictured U.S. writer 14 Supervise Baltimore. July 11 (;--Twenty- j jg ghow four whites and negroes were lift- ) ed and carried off in patrol wagons | today when they defied police or- ! ders to break up mn inter-racial } tennis outing by sitting or lyins ' down on the courts in a city park. I The outing was sponsored by the f Young Progressives of Maryland, j 23 Three (prefix) a branch of Kenry A. Wallace's! 24 Heredity unit third party. The sponsors announ- ; 25 Parent cec the mixed matches beforehand as a test of the park board's seg- : regation rtties. j More than 500 spectators jeered I 29 She is a in defiance as the police picked t author up the prostrate men and women; 31 Enticed and placed them under arrest. The I 33 Finish crowd started singing the national '_ 34 Eucharistic anthtrn as the patrol wagons pulled away. j The 13 negroes and 11 whites : were booked on charges of refus- '. ing to obey park police. Seven also ' were charged with disorderly con; duct. All were released on bail for ' hearings tomorrow. Police Order Ignored Capt. Gordon Gaeng of the park police said he twice ordered the matches stopped and was ignored. *9 watch face 20 Supply with weapons 21 Ethics 26 Exclamation 28 Tellurium (symbol". VEKTICAL 1 Realm 2 Exaggerate 3 Paper measure 4 Worthless scrap 5 Till sale (ab.) 6 Demigod 27 Her writings 7 Time measure a 'e 8 Pare distinguished 9 Average (ab.) for their j Safety Play Assures I This Slam Contract 12 Card game 13 Depended 18 Sun god 21 Dements 22 Comforts 25 English coins 45 Afresh 47 Go by 48 Exists 49 Conduct 50 Burden 51 Church recess A Q J 6 S ¥ 1 0 3 4 « A * 9 7 6 3 3 4 9 7 4 3 *32 · J-1098 !*KJ3 30 Beverage 32 Male sheep 35 Playing cards 53 Compass point! 36 Civil officers 55 Courtesy title ! 38 She is now 57 Not (prefix) writing for 53 Yicc- the President 39 Improves (ab.) ! ·wine vessel 35 Interval 37 Punctuation mark 40 Italian river 41 Half an cm 42.Comparative suffix 43 Mystic ejaculation 44Winglike part 46 Runs out It. 2 He then called the city police and I 51 Prayer about 20 responded. Harold Buchman, state director \ 52 Eat 54 BeWildered of the Progressive Party, and Dr. ; 55 Whirl .John E. T. Camper, party co-chair- j gg.Plant ' adjustment 61 Loxver Carnival man and Congressional candidate. were present at the activities. They ! 58 Coun seled joined in issuing a statement which ; declared: \ "The arrests were a flagrant i violation of t h e constitutional rights of these well-mannered, orderly players. The- city officials and Uit police who are responsible for t'je arrests have exposed them- selves to suits for false arrests and . violation of federal and civil '.rights statutes." Stanley Akin, director of t h e Young Progressives, said the organization vefused to "recognize any color lice. Discrimination against the neg,-o people means discrimination against Jews. Cathol- i ics and all minorities." ! Park officials said they had made ! E: it clear when permits for the! ! ~ courts were issued to whites that I fl mixed playing would not be permitted. to HI S? m 57 15 '58 31 37 .'3 23 12 13 Mahoney A A K V A K Q 8 · Tournament -- Neither vuL South West Pass 3 * Pass 6N..T. Pass Opening -- North 3 · 4 4k Pass 38 f « 3T 12 Broad Rim Sets Pace Broad Run continued to set the pace in Heart of Maryland Baseball League play. Sunda;': tripping visiting Thurmont 6-4. Myersville entertained -Florence by* administering a 17-0 coat of whitewash; and Mt. Airy took Day into the borne camp on the short end of a 7-1 count. Leaders Hard Pressed Visiting Thurmont barelv missed knocking Broad Hun out of first place position yesterday, but a late rally and tightened defense saved the home club's prestige, in the eighth stanza. Trailing a 4-3 count going into -the last of the eighth. Broad Run · pulled three runs and a 'victory out of the hat, leaving them a cer- tainity of nothing worse than another tie for top position in the league had New Windsor been re- i turned a winner o v e r visiting Pickett's Comer. The score: B. H. E Thunnoat . 4 8 2 Broad Run _. 6 10 4 Sorrell and Milan; Beachlev and Buffer- Swatfest At Myersville Blanking visiting Florence. 17-0. Myersville swatsmiths had a field day with 18 hits off P - i t c h e r Mayne's deliveries although the losing hurier had little support from his defensive players I who allowed a half-dozen errors to get through them. The score: R. fi. Florence _ o 5 Mayne and Poole: Shank and Grove. Mt Airy Beats Day Solicay smacking Dav's Pitcher GartrelTs o^erings f o r a dozen safeties. Mi. Airy had little trouble in defeating their visitors 7-3. des- i pite locse-Seldiug by the home ^ dab. Lare's fast ball was working i perfectly asd he turned in a spec- j tacular performance, fanning" 17 j while allowing a lone hit = The score: · R. K. E ! Dav j i o i Mt: Airy T"Z""TM""" 7 12 *; Gartreli and Mullinix: L=r° and ' GosnelL · I : By WILLIAM E. McKENNEY ; America's Card Authority ; Written for NEA Service i A person laid up in a hospital ap- I preciates flowers and books, but a { columnist also appreciates material ; for his column. Just before I came I out of Memorial Hospital in New! York City recently, my former staff i of Use American Contract Bridge | I League sent me six unusual bridge I I hands, the first of which I am giv- j : ing you today. It was contributed ] by Dan Mahoney. an official scorer ; of the league, and a j player. : Mahoney. a witty Irishman, said, j "After setting into six no trump. ; I had to make it. because I was ; nlaying in a mixed pair event." j . Unfortunately r_-r him. the open- i i ing lead of the jack of diamonds knocked · out his apparent entry into dummy. Now the question was. should he take the club finesse immediately? We can see that if he did. it would not work. Mahoney. however, saw a simple safety play that would assure him of his contract He led a spade from dummy, cashed the king and ace of spades. | then led the six of hearts, putting i on dummy's nine-spot. j East saw that if he took the jack of hearts, the ten would be an entry into dummy for Mahoney. If he refused the heart, declarer would discard his two losing clubs | on the queen and jack of spade?. · and make seven-odd. "Stop ringin* th* doorbell! Cantcha see madam ain't home? Hau nted E 6 FIREMEN'S CARNIVAL An interesting and varied pro- pram, including everything from vaudeville acts to a big street parade, is being arranged for the 21st j annual Firemen's Carnival at Mt Airy which gets under way at Wild wood Park on Mondav, July 26^for a full week. emphasis is being laid on the Thursday afternoon parade scheduled to move from the high school at 6 o'clock. The following prizes are being offered: Best appearing company xvith band or drum corps, with marching uniformed unit and apparatus. $50: best appearing company with marching unirormeC unit and apparatus, without band or drum corps. S20: best appearing fire apparatus. S10: best appearing ambulance. S15: company coming the longest distance. S15: best appearing Ladies' Auxiliary. S25: best trimmed float $10: best trimmed car. So; best trimmed bicycle. 55. ! AT CONVENTION James H. Grove. Jr.. a Maryland delegate, and Mrs. Hazel Lewis, an alternate, left Sunday for Philadelphia to attend the Democratic national conx-enticii . They and j other members of the Maryland ! delegation are at the Ben Franklin I Hotel. Radio Program WOR WMAt, WBAL WF.MD %*$^M^* /r#*£^k ^ u ^pf ^ i^eTr ^^ K^^ m /**?'* cbs Windsor Defeated In a -battle at New which was not decided until after ten innings of neck and neck base- bail, the home club v.-as knocked out of a tie for first place in the loop by Pickett's Corner ekeing out a 9-8 win. Early in the two iCatoctin Golfers WiRd£ ^ Hold First Place Golfers of the Catoctin Country Club, held on to their first place j Martinsburg. in Tri-State C. C. tourney ; 238'-: Puree Sunday, at Purcellville. Va": ' gained yesterday hom f ; the Frederick divoters eked out tinsburg in iourriarr.e-t compilat- \ ions thus far in the scasor.. ' The country cTub contenders are currently rsnkcd. Frederic!.. 238; 290: Winchester, ille, 207 and Front: Royal. I66 : i. Skipping t h e cornins; Sunday, the golf teams move on to Front Royal. Va.. for piay July 25. The · August 15. Th TT third i rington. 9U : Carl Snook. ?'--; Earl ! points in front of - j ick, 4. Evening ws Report. 15 Mlc. -- nbo cast livery i}ay -- cbs ork Silent Hour -- aic-east Kiddies Hcer (repeat! -- abc--west Network Silent i! hr.) -- rnbs-east Kiddies Ho-jr (repeat)-- mbs-west 6:*; -- 5pjr;s: Music Time -- nbc In My Opir.ior. -- cbs 6:30-- Music Time-- cbs-east 6:43 -- Xewscast by Three -- ribc Lo^ve"! T-otr.aS (repeat 31) -7:00 -- Siipr^r Ci-.ib -- ^bc-bas;c Tae Lo^is ?no-- -- cbs X**^? and Coznineritan- -- abc Fu'.ton i.c-K~:?i Jr.-- rnr-s 7:15 -- News and Comment -- abo Paity C-rTr.rner::ary -- abc Xe'K?: Date -- -- .b» 7:30 -- Van Ear:;rr.s Qair.:?:-- =bc Jerry "\Vayr:*! Shn-w^-cbs I-or.e Kar.pfr Drarra -- abc Her.ry J. Taylor -- rabs 7:-;= -- Xair«7:borri Com-- .er.t -- abe Xeirs Broadcast-- cbs Sports Comment -- mbs S:DO -- Cavalcade o* America -- r.bc Ir;r;er S.i-ct;:rs. Mystery.-- cbs Wa-- vw's Sou-dofT -- abe Th? jra'cors Adverst-jre -- S:3D-- Howard Bsr'.o^ Concert -- nbc Oab:rt B-13 P'ra-- 3 -- cbs Rex STa-jp'.Tj Music-- abc Grecory Hood Drama -- rrsbs S:55-- B:"y Rcse -- rrrbj 5:00 -- VVrrhees Concert. Guest -- rjbc T« B? Ar.r!o-,:r:c?3 -- cbs Marco Whitman Show -- abc Gabric! Keatter. rcbs 9:1; -- Xews Broadcast-- 9:SO -- Dr. T. Q. Q'jir. Shntc-- r:bc TS^ Trcasur- Band -- abc . Quiet Please Drarr.a-- 9:=5-- Bi'I Henry Xewscast -- mbs 10:00 -- Contented Concert-- nbc Vav.chn Monroe Shorc-- cbs N»WS Commeriiar«- -- abc Fish and Hunt CiuJi -- rnbs 10:15 -- Earl Godwin-- abc 10:30 -- Fred Warins Music -- nbc Komance Drnrnas -- cbs To Be Announced -- abc Dar.ce Band Show-- 11:00 -- Xews. Variety. I hrs. -- cbs Xe^rs an'J Dane* Band -- abc Netvs. Pance Bar.d 2 hrs. -- mbl 11:15-- News .t Variety to 3 -- nbr 12:00 -- Daocinc Continued-- abc-vreit T~HEtE ARE. * LOT OF \ * MUST HAVE HAD ) GLUfffc A PAStT/AT LUiTw UPSTicic; AEE MOT. veay SIMPLE m CKAtCTYES I SfTJTT AND JEF According To Rules--Ten Is Out: GWAKI/ MY POP HE IS TOO/ AM' TRAT MAKES « \ I TEULVOU TO \ POP SAYS I'lA ASMA55T KID BUT HE WAS BUT I WAKT ) AROOMD! I OLD MAN is A DUMBBELL.' CAUSE YOU COUKTlMG.' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES .TO O TO SCVOOV KEt RYDER Signal Receiv ROUND U? TV- SOY5, SUT HAVE ONE CrT THEM sW IKE TRAVELING WHO WAS LUCKY AT rAR0 BUYS A STAGE COACH TICKET, WHEN PINKY RAISES Tr= SHADE IT = STAGE IS k WOI^TH HUH? OFF Tri=. GL'A BS=ORE -THE TOO SiGNALS JAKE. THE FRECKLES ANB HIS FRIEMJS Diggers Needed NO WOMDER, WITH --tf£ PLACF VACAMT SO I euss rr MUST HAVE j OR A SWIM- BEEN A. FISH POMO oe. 1 MING, POOL MAYBE A OSIERN/ ^\ SWIMMING POOLj HEY/ A SWIMMING- POOL JUST' FOR THE JOUY PRUNES, 1 WHAT A SET-UP A LETS SACS rr--- .AND WHAT A LOT OF CX6SING, WlTM ONLY THREE jouy, PRUNES 1b 00 (T/ TO MAVE TO Be A LITTLE LESS EXCLUSIVE// ix* «y MCA ssivict- me. T. m BBX a. i. P*T. oft.' Ltbby With Reinforcement* K£ NEEDN'T ' " ot my voice beiiind t KONE l hi:n, 5ilk whirled and ffred. [THAT'S MISSGSILANTRK'S, UB5Y. i WE FOUND IT ON THE SlDSWALK KAVE BrBJ UAEY IM TODAY'S F1J EDITIONS. HOW CM EARTH PISTOL MDU LEFT IT CAR/ SUT OP COURSE/I HRD SILK UP W!TH IT, BUT He KICKED IT OUT OF AW HAND.' PRISCILL.VS POI Ah, thsrik you, Ive $ot 3 V t 710 ks S30 ke 1690 ke - iiO ke t ; ;.^ ODB BOARDING HOUSE ; orrr OTTR WAY ·**· - iNEWSPA'FERr A G U E S T 6 £ T H I S SOUL \MRUS tlSVia J\ TftS CAR PSS PAH$riKf/ WiLL S£ WmitM^ \vJlLL FIRST soo A\ILES=

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