The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 23, 1932 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1932
Page 10
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TEH THE DAILY NEWS, FBEDEIIIOK, HD.. MONDAY. MAY 23, 1932. 4 IOBEHELOHERE The Odds Are Eight To One! Blue Mountain, Presbyterian And Reformed To Meet. HELD AT HOOD COLLEGE Peer eiarch conferences and a U- tesry Insslr^te. eipe«ed to bring together beyiws 900 and :.000 de«Kei mad Ttsitors, r£l be held t Hood College, dariag ihe susiaser. ber-snla* Jua 13 and cori':Ti:;'ig until tie ·mMirfi. of Juiy. Tbe diCereat sroups ··IS imsed^t/eiy follow each other, an of which have asseniblec at the college In prrrisxis years and because ol the Ideal location, accoc^codat^ons and other advantages, -soil return this year Jte a3 likelihood T.:h ^creased reyli- The different groups are as foli Baltimore Synod and Woman s ifcs- ttorary Society of the Presbyterian church, June 13 to 17. Toms Peopl-e's conference of the Presbywrisr: church, June :« 10 26. Bitie Mountain conference of the Episcopal church. June 27 to July 8. A iibnry institute, under the auspice* oj the Maryland Public Library Coai- epnninj June 27 and con- 10 days. People's Missionary conference 0* the Reformed church, July 9 to It. About 300 persona are expected to attend the Blue Mountain conference, from :50 :o 300 each, the other church conferences and approximately 25 the library meei^nc- Annouricenient was m»de Sunday of the program of the Blue Mountain conference the largest of the croups. The purpose of this conference is to help people who are already active in the ltf« and work of the church to prepare themselves for more efficient service While the conference welcomes young people. Jt requires that they shall have bees out of high school at ieast one year or have had the equivalent In experience. It will be the seventh annual conference Tor thte body and a new feature thl» year will be a school o'. music under the direction of Rev Walter Wil- T*m* Canon Precentor Cathedral of St. John, o! Providence. R. I., and rector of St Dunstan's College The course ·wifl Include liturgical music of the church, choir and discussions on problems of church music. Herbert J. Austin, choirmaster and organist, St. David's church, Baltimore, will assist R*T Williams. The clergy mid-week conference for ministers and the layman's week-end conferences and approximately 25 again be held. The governing board of the confer- eae* Ss; President. Rev Nathaniel B. Groton. Whitemarsh. Pa ; treasurer. Maixjeilin C. Adams. Pittsburgh. Pa : secretary. Rev. Rodney Brace. Lebanon. Pa., and register. Charles E. McCoy, WUltomaport. Pa. The honorary vice- prssident* are: Right RCT. Brown, Karrisburg. Pa.. Re\. William L, DeVries. B. D., Ph D.. Washington: Right Rer. Edward T. Helfenstcln. Baltimore, bishop of Maryland. Right Her. Robert E. L. Stnder. Wheeling, bishop-coadjutor of West Virginia, and Right Rev. Hugh L. Burleson. New York city, X. Y. There are also honorary vice-presidents from Delaware. Pennsylvania. Massachusetts. New York, Virginia. West Virginia, Maryland and Washington. D C. among those from Maryland being Her. Douglass HooET. rector of All Saznts church, this c:ty. The courses and instructors ir.clude: Christian Doctrine. Rev. Dr. Frame S B. Gavin, professor of Ecclesiastical History. General Theological Seminary. New York city; Rev. Leicester C. Lewis, chaplain of the Episcopal Academy. Pa., and d^ector ol the School of Religion, S;. James' church. Philadelolua: Ber. Charles W. Sheerm. rector of Grace and Holy Trinity church. Richmond, and Harwood B Catlm. Wal- linsford. Pa- The Bibie: Rev. Charles I-. Taylor. Jr.. Episcopal Theological School Cambridge, Mass.t Re-.. George R Wood, dean of Si. Matthew's Cathedral. Dallas. Teias: R-5hi Rev. Frank W Creighion. b:sho? of and exec- utiTt secretary of the Department of Domestic Mission of the National Council; Rev. James Thayer Adlison, D. D_ Episcopal Theological S:hool. C*snbrid£e, Mass, and Mrs Marcellin C. Adams, member of the Department of Foreign ifisslor-s of the Natlo-al Council Social serncet Dr. Jeffrey H. Braci- ett. Diocese of Massachusetts. Miss Marguerite March, executive secretary of the Church Mission of Help. diocese of New Tork. Reliaious education- Miss Mildred Ee~ti, secretary for church schoo. de- partaert of Helij.ous Education of the Hational CouiicJ; Miss Atir.:e H. Brown, member Ch-ld Studv Cotr:niission of the Department of Religious Stfjcatl-on of the National Counc-. The school of rel.ri3us drama' Miss Jay Hig-nris. 3-:st-or. ar.d New York School of music: Rer Walter Wil- liass, Washinjtc-r:, and Keroert J. Aus- Th» clerry tn.ti-we^k- H«T. Frank Ga- oz. Carrb--cge. Mass. FUNERAL TUESDAY REV. FR. COOLAHAN Look For Rum Runner As Being i Pastor Of St. John's Catholic Able To Give Clue. ; Church Died Saturday Afternoon WEEK-END COOL Temperature Here Sunday 39 Decrees. thundersbotrere. which fatally passed around the c:ty Saturday nigit without brining ra;n had coo] nines in tneir wai? and temperatures Sunday ·!! 11 degrees trvza Saturdays overnight mark vac still man ! significant, us ttie temperature feU t« | 7 degrees above trernng. It TU tin 1 coolest rush: ol May r.hvt year. | Saturday was one of rte Tannest I days of lie year and the mercury *Up- i ped upirsrd to 83 degrees. The mln! I mtim was 55. The cooling breeze* cut , the maximum temperature to 72 on Sunday and served to bring hundred* .' of KKirisis so :he h^sTay-. Thlch «rer« I crowded. JPEACOCK "INSIGNIFICANT"!CAME TO CITY IN 1929 Hopewe-U, N. J.. May 22.--Tbe Llnd- oergh murder invest^ators took ad- ·.anta?e of the Sunday to unwind n tangled skein of cljes today and t/o ] dismiss Dean H. Doban-Peacoci as · _TV'J-q-a-r" in their mam quest. An official po"-ie bulletin so classifying the SorfoUc. V a . clergyman, was regarded as an indication tne combmeu sta'je and federal forces now are determined to press the pursu.t ol tse kilters without permir_mz side- j to occupy a moment ol thetr ! .£--·' ""- ^f^K\ '« ' ' '?"* \ Desire Not Abandoned. Tr.e statement aas not regarded as AUTOMOBILE WRECKED AS IT CRASHES INTO POLE Albert Main's Machine Smashed At Lime Kiln Crossing:. ~ ! Two persons were slightly injured ir. automobile accidents Sunday in the c.'.- snd county, but both were discr.a.-Rcd from the Frederick City hosp.'.al a f t e r treatment, well on the way to re-covery In one accident, an automoo;le vias almost completely demolished, while in the other, a boy on a "scooter' co'lidx! with an automobile. Albert Man this city, escaped lacerations anu bruLvs uhen the Plymouth automobile he was operating crashed into a pole nt ihv Lirce Klin crossing on the BJlti.-nore and Ohio railroad early Sunday morning. It was stated '.hat Mai:;. -A:.O was alone, was en a ^isit to relatis ·*! at Buckcystown when the accident Happened. The Frederlcktonisn evidently !-«t control of the automobile a f t e r cr.iss.r.-; the railroad tracks. ah:ch are at tr.c top of an incline The car careened to the side of the road and struck ihc pole. The automobile was almost completely demolished and was iater hauled into .1 local trarapf Pacing automobiluts brcrjght Main to Frederick, where he wns treated for lacerations about the face and fo.-v.vncl and bruises abou; the body He -s recovering at his home The boy injured :n the Frederick ac-' cident -was Harry Smith. Jr . so:i of M." and Mrs. Harry C, Eos: F\)-.r:h street. It was stated t h a t he was r.d.Ms 3. "scooter" car anc!. .n some w a v n ^ - iidea w.ih an automobile occupied b. Robert L. Gro-.e and Miss El.2ab.-ti: Falk. The automobile stopped anci the occupants rendered a I p,^:-.- ble assistance The accident orcu-rrii on East Fourth street about 11 30 o'clock Sunday morning and tne j o - i t h was rushed to the hosp.tal by Ev-.v.Tr. 1 . Myers, who lives nearby and s.i* '..-.accident Se'.eral st.tchos -ere r.'. 1 .-?^- sary to close a wour.d in ·'.-.-· b-. s f.i-o after which he was uncharged and TL- tumed to his horr.e It. was reported t h a t there ^is «-. accident near Brariciork Ke!::.;^. Si'- urday night or early S inday bjt no'li- ing couid be learned .' State police reported no ace cl.".. - _s v : a serious nature. A sl-cnt acr.cicr.' ··.-- curred st Bentz and Patrick str«'tj= S,. - urday afterr.oor. but ii? or.e v,.t;.:-.. jroJ 3 KILLED, 2 SMOOT THREATENS TO INVOKE CLOTURE RULE Would Halt 500 Tariff Amendments By Tydings. One Of Victims Related To Former Residents Of FredericK. ACCIDENT NEAR YORK. PA. York. P a . May "?--Thre»- n-.on were ;j"r'rd to b-- c!'»tth '.r. !'-r.V: !:r.'?:- t.iL'! as t:io rr^ lit of a tr.p!e :ie.i\!-on vollulon l.r.e S'-turia'. .ifioni'" 11 !! cr. thr S;ri!i? Gro\.--Har.o-.t- r 1,.;!:.-.ay. a^nit i -i\ nuliv wst of her« Mrrj^pj-. C3. of Spr.-!? Gr3- e brother of for::i-r Coiisrc.ssnjan Fraiirili:: Menses H-:iry D.\\ Rl. of Vork S:'ri:x=. arid Johr. Cl-'ax;r. G9. al^o ot Former County CosimLwionT Kiiss'.cr. 7- of Spr;n? Gro-.e, drive.- of the ma- L h i n e in w h i c h Menws. D-»y and Clea\- er aer,? pas*enstrs. ar.d F X Woaicr j of McS'ii-rrystoan. father of K.rliard i d r u e r of ?.:,other m ichme. ·sere ri.-»;)c for t.-.eir rivover;. T'lTse k.llod a::d ter.ivi·;.·.- !v:rt «uf- r-xi*^ of fi'-.r s . L-. a.Cv'rc- . 1:15 to Cor^nc'- I. L" Zo.:h. A .10. \\.tii Sutr H!^h,n\ Patmm.-in J.'h:; K.:r.-.c Onr Is Arreslcil La uhn:.«:i. 3'.). of Xx«i\..le :t.MT o.' the th.rd car A l i x l i :i;;:rcc -: t.;c *.r."i5p.. ».us arrr^ ixi :it nis T..JT; | sli r-:\ a:.,-,Hards on a teriirtcjl ! -; an acc-df-nt wit.-.ou*. r^tid-'rirt: a.'' V'^fhinetcn. M.i.' 22.--The grimly rVtcr:r..ried S^n.'.to lead'.rs met threat v .'.h :'::ri?at ' xiav as thrv gathered to p;ish ihrcush use ·. ral ballon dolLu rf.cnuc 5..1 to balance the buds' 1 !. The continuous d^y ar.d night, ses- .-.T.S ind :hv use of (Irast.c clo'.ure rule . hiiltirv off debate "as th-,- answer to- iiv of i'f.f \ot' l ran. Sen Smcxjt. Re- ;j' Utah, in Charge nf the lav :ii«?j.ure to the challenge of Sen Ty- (.i!i2=. D'T.'j~rat Ma: lind. to seek 500 'nr.ff n:r.-::tlmcnts E" .ri^s the rc'.e.'i;^ b:!l are the al! inino'tant economy ar.d unemployment r.-licf ir-a'uri^ and all are going to br pa-v^-d ixfi-re ·_!*.-- Senate quits, an- ;i-_i-.-od ·;:-- Ser.V.e cl-.-cfta-jis sire of the state police :o confront John Hughes Curtis, jailed "hoax negotiator." with the clergyman, wso was associated »ith him in :he faie activities Plans for the prosecution of Curia were in the hands of Prosecutor A. M Hauck. with Piosecuior Erwin E. Marshall, conce/ntratmg on the murder inquiry itself. The intensified attempt to track down the actual kidi^apper, now that the mythical negotiations have been swept from the picture, centered in a hunt for a rum-runner. -*ho described two days before Charles Augustus Lindbergh. J r . was found dead, how the rr.ild had been killed and where th* body had been secreted. Col H. Norman Srhwankop:. chief of the investigation, said the search was still goins on. Already the New Jersey state troopers put on the gangster's trail had picked up several underworld characters believed to ha\e been fugitives, but the rum-runner who boasted of nis "inside" knowledge of the case Ls still at large Still Looking At Pictures. Dr John S. Condon, the "Jafsie." iho paid the 550 OCO ransom, abandoned for the day his attempt to find in some rogue's gallery the likeness of the ransom receiver. Tne police bulletin also contained a denial of a wild rumor tnat had spread far and aide during the last week. "There is no truth to the statement that Betty Cow has confessed or has admitted any implication in the crime," ;he bulletin said. TAGGED FOR PARKING WHEN that the t?,.\ b ·! m.qV, be finished this v.ock and an adjournment brought be- ; lire '.he Republican national conven- :.or. opens on Juno 14. Ho^e%cr. President. Horn erf has railed upon the Re- j IMibl.cans U fore?} the convention to! f:r.:sh ilia job and they haie thrown | ·:r plans for attcn-linp !he meeting j Iho b i t e - tariff dispute, which has, :n-!c.i !.h · :,i.\- bil! for ixre than Uiree. dav.s -\..l t" rrs.':mcd tomorrotr ? ith the f'.Oisel-.-k::.t tariff cc?-l.t".or. prepared; ; '^ecp .he Jun-.b'.r sp.d cc-pper import' a"-- p ; in th" together ^Hh the oil | .'.r.rl cr-;l rut.05 j-, cuccessfullv d"fcnd- Ox! List AICJ: Middletown Residents Each Post Collateral For Hearing. ?.Ir M"rgo« ^ a - a causi-i of ! P.i-.i S:!-..'".;, of Frodc-- ...-S.3-T.2. a m.r.--'I-: 1 . :s forniir:\ of acJvtr-.^lng pa-rs D'.:; d:-,..-lends invest Sn i-- ; Tlisrovrrrd Chlorsnr ; C!:\-r,:f c.^ was c-j.-o\?r-d ^ 17 ' \p~.l 'JJ 19" f. Thrr: ;lic Cfrr.'iii:^ jar.c '-^o.J.'. T4 av Mould Tut The Country First. ; N -w Yo--t M.iy 2J --An appeal to | -'·.-. p.i-:..s ;;-. CC-TCSS to "la;, aside .· -. fern: of narti'si-s.-i-tj" and u n i t e , i sr. ir-c t i e federal b .d;et was made - .b'.c- t-x-l.i. the ^.;^.at^^e of 11 i.or. of r..\ i inal The iet-' : - .-.a.'. .-.;.-:od 3: A..'red E. N.c.'.,.l.T \Ijrr.i. B-.i'..o7 Gov. Wilaur I C.-o,- CJr.noc--.~u-: Gov Joseph B E · \:-_s=j-.--j;.-to A B Houghum ' v^-, Yir-: fi.r-ro- anibissac^r to Great Fr 'i.n; fj-ritt-- Gov Fr-.r.'c O Lowden. r .-- . K^;j ID -a:- W. H. Craci- ,o-. Sir. Fr-.-c^ro R"j_bl.;an. Charles . N-.;-' St !^__5 \!_-^=o..r.. Republican. n-var:,! \Iirr,-. ?.-..:adclt;h:.v Dtmocrat. ' I 1 \;:-. Gr.-r H.j: :-. Pr.r.ceton ar.d Gav .V. J rt C K.;:l-..o Mirylar-d. Demo- Italian V«para?u- vl: °.-"i-a?ii.-. _ v, ono~r'u! son'ec r - " ." · ^n s;-.i^!-.---', J : sauce Top it a :.;t.o srra;cr. It il-ari cheese. : ^^ ^ llell Assassin's Bomb Brought Death cojn S Tsylcr. Gr^ S C A ch-ldrer.'s cc-r..*r»r.?e for o^rvs ini gtrls frcr; the rlrj^ :o tr.e sjf-r. --^1 be '-eli u-dfr :~e ctrect.-cn 5f M ae:"- ? F-ac.^r Uepi-- ,rr?n' of M-=s Heler. C This conlersr-ce ^ _nt«r,dei ^ ily for ci^dren. T'-O a:c-;-ni-3ar... t.-eir parent tx ti* rer.era". cc-tiferer.ce. The grotip T;!: be hcta*d IT. tlie .r.firn-.ary. ^ncer ti» r---:ms o~ of llrs 5 F. BroTrr. Cacst--' H^". Pa_ ar.s Girer:ac-".~ 1'-- »s. cj-cr:or of re-.z-.o-j: edurat.c-, Gra:e r.-.u.-:"_ Pro". -derive. R L j A Great Daily Feiture *' ,_. GLANCES* ·ByGEORGt CLARK w h e n a o^n^b «a-- ·...- a back of a cia;^i-.. T^e co.-j-^.c 1^ A^ j:n.'u:..'.'c. A nap m their automobiles, which happened to be parked on the streets of Frederick early Sunday morning, is ilkely to cos; Lloyd and Clarence Rems- faerg of Micdletown. SI each. Lieut Fred Straley. who passed by in the middle of their slumber, made no effort to awaken them, but tied a neat red tag on the door cf each car. Later, the Remsbergs appeared at Police Headquarters and put up SI collateral each for a hearing tonight- Police sale rr.e automobiles, which were parked on North Market street, aetween Church and Patncs streets, directly interfered with the work of ihe street sweeper, who ias unable to properly clean up Lieut Straley a--ived about 4 o'clock. as:er:a^ied that both men were asieep and made no effort :o anakcn them, since the street sweeper had already passed. The policeman did his best to see that each man receued his dollar's worth of sleep. After soundly cursing all the police. Anna Brown, colored. Adamstown. had her collateral placed at S25 early Sunday morning on charges of drunkenness and disorderly conduct. She went to jail in default, for a hearing tonight. Officer George Layman mace the arrest or. West Fifth street and tne woman subjected the officers at headquarters to a :ongus-]ash!ng when she arrived there. An old offender looked at the world from beh.nd the bars aia.n Sunday afternoon. He was Adrian Make'., colored, who was arrested by Officer Fernando Talbert, on a charge of drunkenness. Collateral was 525 and he went to jail in default. Ray Moore was arrested Sunday morning by Officer Roy on a charge of dncifecnness and went to jail in default of S5 collateral. Charles Jackson, col-ored. accused of drunkenness ar.d diso-^erly conduct by Officer Arthur Hoffman followji;; his arrest Sun-fiav even:ne. default of S3 collateral lat-oiis were charzed Bncge. parkine on the red line and John W. Favorite, late park.r.c. Each DOStec SI collateral for a hear.n; Tr.ey were varied bv Officer Talbert, ar.d Officer Mnrshall Murrav. REV. FR. JOHN T. COOLAHAX. HI since last No-, ember. Rev. f-. John T. CooLihan. pas»r of St. John's Catholic church, this city, ciec Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock in Uci^n Memorial Hospital, aged 56 years. Re\ Fr Cooiahan ass^rieI rie pastorate of St. John's church ir July 1929. succeeding Rev. Fr. F. A. Sohwallenberg. Born in Baltimore, son of the late Malachi F.. acd Ellen Farrell Coolahan, he early in life went to Ireland where he prepared for the priesthood in the famous Irish seminary of Maynooth. Having completed his studies abroad. Rev. Fr. Coolahan returned to this country and was ordained to the priesthood in December. 1902. by the iite James Cardinal Gib ons. His first charge was assistant to the pastor at St. John's church. Baltimore, and later assistant at St. Vincent's church in ;he same city. Leaving St. Vincent's parish. Rev. Fr. Coolanan was made pastor of St. Mari's church. Rockville. which he served for 17 years. It \ias from Rockville that he came to Frederick. He sang his first mass in St. Peter's church. Baltimore, a-d in December. 1927. celebrated his silver jubilee a: Rockville. Possessed or a kindly disposition Rev. Fr. Coolahan rcace friends easily and ur.der his admirustration many improvements were made to the local church- Never endowed with robust health. Rev. Fr. Coolanan entered the hospital November 17. 1931 and his condition gradually grew worse. The affairs of the parish were administered by Rev. Fr. Thadedus L Skrzynski. assLiant pastor. The body was brought to this city about 5 o'clock Sunday afternoon and following a children's mass this mom- ·-zg at 3 o'clock will lie in stare in the church. Funeral will be held Tuesday morning at 10.30 o'clock with a solemn requiem high mass. Members of the Holy Name Society will act as pallbearers and form a guard of honor. Interment will be made in St.. John's cemetery nets to the grave of Rev. Fr. William J Kane, who died in 1924 Rev. Fr. Coslahan is survived by three brothers. Frank A. Coolahan, Pittsburgh: William P. and Harry M Coolahan- Baltimore: and one s:ster, Mrs. O. M. Peters. Baltimore. C. C. 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TRANSPORT SCXK On May 23 131S. the American transport Mo.davia *as torpecoed and j o3 '_ves were tost. j An -official Allied bulletin announced I that 252 German planes had been j |E pre--ous week, ani that more than 1.000 had been brought, down since the j March. i g General Setr,enoff wjs reported to ; §J have quarreled Airr-ral Kolchak j and to have esiab'-s'r.ed an autonomous ' 2? iro-.err.mor.t In the Trans-Baikal reei-en j ^ in Siber.3. Ha forces were opposed to j §ji B-.:i;h tor-res in Palestine cont-ntied ! 5? i S3 flosinc F.\rrci«s Becin. :io5-.-; exi-r-is^s f-or St Ki'iij Hall j er.-.n here Friday wrl-. a f.a; cere- ; Tse Airport At Nieht. j^s. v.ho -scke o':t nf a | .-ound scp early S'ina.-.r rr.crnir.s to rear tlic -h-rrriE rr.ctr." of ar. 3cro- · plarw ptsstrj: ov-^r :lv city, may be ^i! ·a?r«- two c-ff.rsr^ in he National Guard · A^- Corps, who ;r?.-rec her-- 5ait sv.rr.- : wh% r?~ to *rii c'tv fs.rl.rr Saturday i They're Cool... They're Pretty... 1 hey're | Practical... 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