The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 12, 1918 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 12, 1918
Page 2
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PAriT') TWO. Get Ready for Winter! Buy your slovcs now and have them ready when winter comes. See our new and secondhand heaters and cook slovcs. Furniture for the home, both new and secondhand. We can supply your needs for Fair Week. Snyder Furniture Co. 13 and 107 South Main JUST A HALF CROP. This Is All That Missouri Is to Have This Year in Corn. Jefferson City, Me, Sept. 12.—Missouri s corn • ro|> this year will lie otie- hair of :i crop, according to rt purt of Uu.- SI all- Hoard ot Agriculture. The sumo report shown Dial next year's wheat ncrt 'itgo will bo a lvum'-breuk- er in the state, The corn crop, It Is estimated, will t>0 13l>.ii00,tioo bushels, as compared Willi the 2.v_',noO,(H»! bushels this year, an nvonigo ot IS bushels to ilie acre as compared to 3iJ bushels List year. The condition of the corn Is .It'., fourth to lowest year since ISMi. in 1 SS 1 . the condition WMR vi-orled as .1-; in J UU t it was. and in WIS, It was -11. Drouth and hot wins areendited with bringing havoc to the fine corn prospects. The wheal acreage next year is estimated at ."..1177. Set) acres as compared with 2,S7j,«oo acres this year. The report estimates the hay yield at 2,7O0,«.it)O tons, us against .:t.'li,'.7,IXi(l tons last year. Vegetables are scarce, tomatoes hnv. lng survived the drouth (ho best. The indicated yield of potatoes is C.4GS,P0'J bushels on a basis of a condition of Mi. 1'aMures are 4t per cent. mm., stock being fed. Although much cnt- Ue nnd many pigs were disposed of on account of the drouth, reports show an increase of 12 percent of hogs In farmers' hand for fattening. Sheep increased wool production l"> per cent, over last year, the clip l>o- Itip seven pounds per head, the wool crop bring estimated at lii,250,»O0 pounds. To prevent discoloration in hard boiled eggs plunge them immediately in cold water when done. Lima beans can ho used for a salad as well as any other beans. HAD PICNIC TOGETHER Board ot Directors of V. W. C. A. Varied Monthly Meetiog. MliT AT SUMMER CAMP Various Activities of the Asso« ciation Reported and Action Taken. Varying thoir usual practice ot having the moaibly^board meeting in the director's ITKIIII at tho Y. W. I'. A, building, the board of directors had a picnic lunch at tho summer camp on Kleventh avenue west yesterday. After dinner reports from the various committees and departments of the work were heard. The finance committee, told or the purchasing ot a hnjidsdlue American flag for the living room of tho V. W. C. A. nnd of the Intention ot placing upon it the blue triangle representing Miss emoval Notice! Owing to lack of floor space due to our rapidly increasing volume of business, we have moved from 129 Sherman East to 122-124 Sherman East, in the building formerly occupied by the 0. J. Watson Motor Co. We will continue to sell Maxwell cars and trucks and Pennsylvania tires. We have also added the Vesta storage battery, famous for its indestructible insolatofs which it will tigate pay you to mves- panion to PORTAGE tires. 5000 jMiles The DftJsy Tread is an effective norn-' ' ekid feature added to the regular plain tread, M Portage treads anGrey-*, the true nnd natural color,0/ jough, ~ jvear-resUting fuoper.; ^ . " -Vi Wichita Double Tire Co. \05 S, Main, Hutcuittsop, j{a.s|. DISTRIBUTORS ^NEW PHYSICAL DIRECTOR IroiWES TO THE I W. C. A. Miss Helen Rippcrton, Wichita Younjr Lady, Hns Finest of Recommendations.. We thank you for your patronage and interest which has made this move possible and expect to be able, to" serve you better in our new. quarters. 1-Howard Motor Co. 122-124 Sherman East, Hutchinson, Kansas. IMIth Klnnafton. a member who has left for overseas-duty in War Service wodk, .The membership fees are now due and (lie'thousand or more mem- tors aro being notiried to please pay nil 'RB fiobtf as possible. Mrs. H.'.M. Stewart has cbnrgelof tbe nicmbor- shlp drive. \ A new department, the. Rooms committee,- headed by Mrs. AlleVi Winchester, reported their activity. She told of the finding ot suitable rooms tor eighteen applicants and of the placing of thu. rooms listed with U .c committee on a graduated list so that the, girls can tell Just what can be secured in «ach class. These rooms are personally Inspected by the committee before they are classified. Miss Cobb, the local general secretary told of lier visits to I he Association buildings Los Angr-lcs, Calif.,.and Colorado Springs, Colo., and how in both of these places that practically nil ot the work of the Y. w. C. A. is being laid aside for war work. The great need of room In the cafeteria wns discussed and It was decided to place more tables to assist in taking care of the increasing demand of tho patrons. Mrs. J. Jj. Oarmack w^is named to have charge ot the- exhibit at the State Kalr grounds and u board mem- ben volunteered to be in charge on a day bf the week. Mrs. H. C. Ballard will be there on Monday; Mrs. J. U Carmnck on Tuesday; Mrs. M. '13. Hinnion Wednesday and Mrs-. A. IS. Asher, Friday. Fart of thu exhibit will be the model hostess house/which is being shown at the big gathering all over the country. This shows the great work which the Young Women's Christhin Association has been doing at the cantonments and camps for the visiting women who come to see the loved ones sometimes for the last time. RAISED LARGE SON OF' ~ MONEY DURING PAST YEAR THe Wi C. T. V. Had Splendid •• Reports Given Yesterday Afternoon at Meeting. The W. V. T. U. had their first meeting of the year yesterday afternoon at the home ot Mrs. Oeorge Feridley. Mrs. D. O. Scott had charge of the devotlonals and during the business meeting, (ho local treasurer, Mrs. A. Uradbrldgc gave a- splendid yearly report, for the local work here. Tho local union here have raised $728 above their regular dues. This money will be used moslly for the Rest Collage at the Fair Grounds, for the", field kltchcns'in France, and for throe French orphans. " v The flower reporter; -Mrs. George Fendley also gave a fine yearly report, 'them having been 2,000 boquets given during the last year. Final arrangements were, made, by Mrs. C'hloo Smith, who ha* charge of tho Itest Cottage, about taking care of the babies during the fair, nnd also affording a resting place for tired mothers. The delegates to the slate convention ' at Wichita, September 24th to 27th were elected. Those to go are the local president, Mrs. 15. V. Derry, Mrs. M. C. Gillette, Mrs. A. C, Cllcnrr-- all,' Mrs. S. McClasson, Mrs. A. llrad- bridge, Mrs. Chas. Peterson, and Miss Kmmrt Newberry. The alternates were also elected, they are: Mrs. Chas. Sweet. Mrs. U Ardcry. Mrs. Ida Hcstis Hall. Mrs. Taylor and Mrs, C. T. Brashear. The.union gave a vole of thanks to the Zion Lutheran church for the use ot the church during their county meeting last week, and also for their help during the meeting. BIG LOSS TO FARMERS. , , Miss Helen Ripperton, tho physical director at the Young Women's Christian Association, Is u Wichita young lady who has been spending the past year as assistant director at the Springfield, O. She comes to the local association with the finest recommendations and the Springfield Association was very loathe to let her go offering her more salary but the opportunity to get near home outweighed their offers. Today Miss Ripperton has been meeting •with the local secretaries and members of the board" and tomorrow goes to Camp Funston to attend a meeting of the physical directors of the state. She will come October 1st to take active charge. AMERICAN ARTISTS BRAVING SHELLS ;GAS AND BOMBS Eight of:Them Are Now at the Front, Suffering- All the Inconveniences. "IPbRTAGE" Straight-side Bead cort* j 'sists of 10 cables of 19 strands each—? 1 190 strands of fine high-carbon wireV Each strand is in contact,with firm! i' 'adhesivejrubbcr making a rigjdj I base.of_unec^ualled-.«'trcngthj PORTAGE \aa pure gum laminated j tube, thick and strong—a fit com- j ,,4 r _ . PORTAGE carcass contains ono more layer of fabric than standard.; construction and this fabric averages •425 lb?, breaking strength,one-third more than standard. This means - that the PORTAGE carcass hajfi almost djoqblp Strength,/' "^^' PORTAGE "pure~gum cushion 1 , - stock extends from bead to bead, giving mi unusual degree of prc-r tcction |o the carcass. Over this cushion extends 'a protecting layer of tough tread rubber. PORTAGE Broker strip »f», fording additiMi|l strcngtit to'.'-fw, «de wall and dis$l*wt4»g m tim&jtom ever a greater area. (By George T. Dye.) - American Headquarters. France- Braving German shells, gas, bombs and machine guns—suffering all the Inconveniences of life at thu front— are eight well-known American artists, Tbey rank as captains of the engineers, hut are generally known as the official A. E. P. artists. Their names, which are well known to every American magazine reader, are: Wallace Morgan, Krnest l J oix- otte, Harvey Dunn, W. J. Duncan, Harvey Towusend, J. Andre Smith, W. J. Ayhvard, and Ceorge Harding. "Are you having any difficulty getting a man to hold a .position long enough for a sketch'/" I asked AVal- luce Morgan today. "That's the (rouble with these battles," be answered, "and particularly with our Yank6," he added, ''They are poor subjects. They want action, and that's what they get. If we could only come to an agreement with our men and the enemy • to stop still In their fighting attitudes every time we call 'Hold it!'—well, we could turn out better pictures. But they insist on fighting all the time." However, the artists are now being equipped with small cameras so that they may. lake snap-shots of battles, using their pencils for sketch notes, Tho artists work,in various mediums —pencil, pen and ink, crayons, water colors and oils. Their pictures are being sent to Washington for exhibition all over America. SENT OUT 7 MEN. Local Draft Board Fille In Vacancies In County's Quota. Seven men 'were sent yeBtorday by the local draft board to Ft. Riley, to fill In the In tho Reno cdun- ty quota caused by tbat many, - men being turned down on overBOfts ^examination. The men sent were_ Alonao Edward Schwartz; MUtop Henry Bin- gor, Rudy Heller, 'Jaipes Warrejo 'f89- ler from the county's registrants 'and Roy It, Wallace transferred from I^os Angeles, Calif., and Frank Brlce-Nash from Osceola, Fla. U. B. Co£et Packets Over There. (By Reciprocal News Service.) London.—Tics concocting England and America have a'how loop in tho udtlitlon to the fleet ot cjianael craft o£ American coast packets. s Theso packets, with ppworful tu)'- binu' engines, ma^a' swift trips between England and, Franco carrying Yank troops from rest camps to training areas. There, Is niucli' trattlc both ways for then*,- ' ^ : It 1B now possible tor transports. - tlon officers of the American' B. E, t9 route Yanks on special ratttelons over all-American railways Hn Franco up to the railway connections in Great Britain. Tho British, railways have- proved adequate for the greatly. Increased traffic. Jn -frylpg griddle cokes wipe the griddle oyor with a slice ot raw turnip and it will hot have lo. be greased. Drouth In the State Hurt Them a Quarter of a Billion Dollars. TopoUa, Kan., Sept. 12.—Secretary J. C. Mohlcr of the State board of agriculture has figured li out, that In the .curtailment of five of the state's greatest crops alone, the drouth cut down the financial returns to the farmers, in Kansas, an aggregate of $220 ,OUO.OOO —or close to a quarter billion dollars,—this year. Secretary Mohler made a summary ot the effect of the drouth for Senator Gore of Oklahoma, who, frilm Washington, wrote Mr. Mohlcr requesting data on which to base an agricultural bill. Since then Senator Gore has introduced" the bill In the senate, it provided for 1150,000,000 to be loaned to farmers to augnient. food production. • ' The drouth toll as estimated by Secretary 'MolileTT follows: 4,000,000 bushels of wheat 74,000.000 bushels of corn. 10,000,000 bushels of oats. 050,000 tons of alfalfa. 04,000 tons prairie hay. The quarter billion loss is figured on' the basis of a normal yield. What the farmers actually did lose In wheat was,;the seeding of 3,138,800 acres— seed, and labor. , ,, t • ... * Senator Gore wariteit, also. In know the most fensablo way to get the government funds Into the hands of the farmers. The recent seed wheat benefit -fund, now being loaned to farmers who have been hard hit by drouth, encountered a rough road for a while, the various methods devised whereby the money was to be loaned, did not meet with the approval of federal government departments and officials. A method, however, finally was adopted by distributing the loans through tho banks of the slate after Ute loans have been approved by tbe Fedej-al Farm bank at Wichita, tho bankers' to be refunded on the farmers' notes as soon as the wheat is planted. Secretary Jlohler in his reply to Senator Gore proposed that the most simple method for the government to make loans to farmers would bo to make it possible to distribute the funds to the bankers and let them make the loans direct, tho bankers assuming responsibility to the government for the funds and likewise that of collecting on the notes. It would be impossible, Mr. Mohler pointed out, for the banker to accept a note and pass it along to the government as security for the government loan, because by that method tho bank would retain no security for the loan, as Is required by tho banking laws. ALLIED COURTESIES. To the Belgians and Their Families Is Very Noticeable. (By Reciprocal News Service.) Paris (via Ixmdou)—'Belgians and their families got bargains in American and Italian foodstuffs, thanks to the courteous waiver of duties by France and Britain. Tho Belgians have an official shop, known as the llagazln Alimentation Troupes Arriere, where tho goods ore sold. There are several of these shops. The Belgians call them, "M. A. T. A.'a". M „ <jj*Sf It Is possible to got Italian Olive Oil in these M. A. T. A.'s when it is not easily procurable elsewhere. Canned asparagus from America costs 1 franc 50 centimes/about 27 cents. The price in French shops Is 4 francs, with a very Irregular supply. Canned California peacheB are Tfranc 60 centimes, compared with the same - 4 francs elsowhere. American clgaretteB, with no sign of an American internal revenue stamp upon thorn, sell as low aa 4 francs 30 centimes—close to 70 cents a hundred. You couldn't get tb,e same thing in any tobacco Bhop In Franco for 10 francs, But you couldn't "get them at ftfly price. Cigarettes are very B<*rqe.*jp.Friinco,. • ••.—:—^-J'-'icV 1 . - : , Black Eagle for Lutheran,. -. AniBterdam, Sept 18.—Emperor William haa conferred ,tap ; order of the Black EaeJe 'op- It^kutberan court explain, Dr, %pryajj(Jer, who Mow boepnies automallinlly'ygn Pry- auder, and as the order carries with it tho patent of hereditary Prussian nobility. This Is believed to bo the first tttuo that a J^ttueran clergyman has been, raised, tfl'tho Prussian no- Mlity. r ' v Milk, cheese and eggs ..Are among the most wholesome forms of protein, Approaching the Earth's Interior Fires Weather Report Knni.n: Fair tonloht and Friday, illght. ly warmer In north portion Frldny nnd In north central portion tonight, One of the intftrcBtlng records J<ept In drilling (lie deepest Well lii the world, hew dilllliiB In Jfrvst Virginia, haa been Unit Of tfcinpfcralurcfl At different depths. At 1D0 fopt do '-p (lie tomporatlrv was M.B deKrerw,- -ut 7,aio feet tin* lempernliirp was 158.8 degrees , Foaowlmj iu -u t-jnipeiatures at different depths: 100 foot 1.000 feet 8,000 feet a .OOD feet E.WiO font «,0«0 foot ?,000 fcot ' Rr,.fi tlea-ree .1. 06.11 dtirrei'S 7*.9 degreea H7.0 degrees 114.B rtweee 113.1 deirrfea 183.2 decrees wieirrrA NATITIIAI, CAS CO. UNLOADING TODAY Car Load Moore's Stoves Iucludmg combination coal and gas ranges and heaters. This will be the last car load of stoves wc will receive this year. We have left a very limited number of Moore's Famous Three Way Heaters. If you will need 1 either a heater or a combination Coal and Gas Range this winter, wc advise an immediate purchase; many have heeded our advice to buy stoves now and they will not regret it. Graber Furniture Co. Corner A and Main Phone 110 ODD PIECE OF CURRENCY FOUND BY LESLIE JOLLY $5. Bill Issued In 1871 by the City of Leavenworth—May be Collected. Leslie Jolly, who has been collecting rare coins for some time, obtained an odd piece of currency yesterday from V. II. Stallman, Jr. It Is a $5 bill Issued rrom the city of Leavenworth May 16, 1871. It Is Issued in Uic same form as regular currency, but the bill is a trifle smaller. It-Is of good paper as the bill Is worn thin. The bill is signed by the mayor and city clerk and has the number 262. Mr. Jolly.-tbok It to the American National Hank this morning for' collection. 11. K. McLcod says that in his twenty years of banking business he has never known of currency being issued by a city. The bill has Modern Bread Has always conformed to all regulations of the Food Administration. Does that nioan; anything to YOU? Ask your grocer for it. been sent to Washington to Hud if collection Is possible. Marriage Licenses. Licenses to marry wore Issued »y Probate Judge Charles F\ilton since noon yesterday: John P. Relmer 77 and Emma It. Noose, 6'i of Aldeu. John 13. MoKcen . r j2, and Mrs. Kosa Johnson, 411 both of Wichita. Carlos Ortiz 21 and Tfolores Sepnbe- da, 21 both of Hutchinson. Some of the velvet hats for winter are poke-shaped. I T'S easy to own that piano, Pianola or Player Piano you are longing for. Not only low'price, but surprisingly easy terms, are offered so you may take advantage of these prices. $525 A STEIN WAY UPRIOHTCRAN D—Used ,_could not be duplicated, un- dJir IW, condition, Jpst lllto now. A, wonderful bargain. Our Special Price •'. ....................• • (Easy Terms.) gMERSON UPRIGHT ORA'NP—Used, largest Bfyle, beautiful Witlnut case; perfoct condition;• •* a very special valu,e *.,....... tpA&u (Very Easy Terms.) ELBUHe) IJPBIGHT'GBANP In rich mahogany case'i relumed from y rent.'Condition absolutely like Aew. A big saving 7 - (Easy Terms.) $245 KBOEGER UPRIQHTGRAN D—Mahogany case/rebuilt like now; perfect condition. A/real bargain? (MDC •/• «4? •• •••• ...V > 190 (Easf Terms.) . ".''•. Come and. see these splendid Planp Bargains we aro offering In the ; last day.s of our greatest Midsummer Sale. CALL OR WRJTE Call F. LIUU, Manager -

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