The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 28, 1956 · Page 1
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 1

Baytown, Texas
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Wednesday, March 28, 1956
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CoWtr BAYSIIQKK WEATHER—Generally fnir through; Thursday. Colder Wednesday Temperature range, 40-W). . '. GAI-VKSTON' TIDES: High Low For Thursday— 5:12 a.m. 11:07 h.m. 4:18 p.m. 10:49 p.m. YOUR HOME NEWSPAPFR VOL. 36, NO. 249 TODAY'S NEWS TODAY Wednesday, March 28, 1956 BAYTOWN, TEXAS TELEPHONE: 8302. Fiv. C«n4i rV Cofy APPEARANCE BEFORE PILATE—The chief priests and council having condemned Jesus to death for blasphemy, they took Him early in the morning before Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor of Judaea. To Pilate's question, "Art thou the King of the Jews?" Jesus replied, "Thou sayest it," but answered nothing to the accusations of the priests. Passover custom called for Pilate to release a prisoner to the people, so he offered to free either Barabbas, a murderer, or Jesus. The mob demanded freedom for Barabbas and crucifixion for Jesus. Although declaring. "I find no fault in this man," Pilate bowed to the mob's demands arid delivered Jesus to his soldiers for crucifixion. They put on Him a purple robe and a crown of thorns, .spat upon and struck Him, and "mocked Him, saying, Hail. King of the Jews! 1 ' Four Days Left, Half Plates Sold Don Y Get Trampled In Car Tag Rush . . By SUE JOXES Sun Stuff Writer •With only four days remaining until deadline time, approximately one-half the number of license platey to be sold in East Harris county have been purchased by vehicle owners, A. E. Collins, deputy tax " assessor-collector said Wednesday. The last days are hectic and people are "snowing us in," Collins said. As yet, only 12,482 sets o£ plates have been bought in East Harris county, Collins pointed out. In. 1955 the licenses issued totaled 22.626 and this year will surpass that mark, the deputy said. License plates may be purchased from, the tax office in the Harris County Federal Savings and Loan building, Henkc's, Weihgarten's and in La Porte at J. Mark's Chevrolet Co. and Hatcher Motor Co. Collins said that he was expecting notification of special hours for Saturday :r. order to accom- isodate last-minute purchasers. As yet, he has received no word concerning the arrangements but is waiting to hear from Carl Smith, county tax asesssor-collector. Collins said that even though only about half the plates have been sold, the sale is'about normal in East Harris county for this period. Smith, whose office is in. Houston, said" that three : of every four motorists in Harris county will have to line up this,week to obtain their 1956 vehicle licenses. "The;.new wheel tax, which adds one-third to. license costs, has probably caused some people to wait, 1 ' he said. "Anybody who waits, for this reason is kidding himself. Even if the : wheel tax is declared invalid by the Texas Supreme court, "I'll have to go on collecting it - while the Commissioners court petitions for a new hearing. That could take months, and : the deadline for securing new licenses is only; a ;few days away." 'Approximately 116,000 licenses have been eoltf in the county sine* they went on sale Feb. 16 in comparison with U4.500 in the same period in 1955. Smith estimated that more than 400,000 licenses will be issued in the county by the Saturday deadline. The wheel tax, the assessor-collectors feel, are partly responsible for the Jag in sale*. Smith said should the tax tc declared invalid, it will cost the county approximately $50,000 to make necessary refunds. \ news in brief By O'JTED PRESS WASHINGTON _ Senate-House farm hill conferences in another rebuff to administration, vote to boost cotton support price additional 1.4 cents per pound. WICHITA, Kan.—Plane believed E-47 Siartojet explodes in air and crashes. Three bodies recovered. AUSTIX—House investigators in recess after hearing Sen. William Sliiremeu of Corpus Christi admit accepting $3,000 in cash from now bankrupt insurance firm. HONOLULU — President Dave JSeck of powerful Teamsters Union plans to organize South under his personal direction. ALL TEXAS CHOKES IN PALL OF DUST Council Adopted Project In 1948- Laymen To Conduct Eighth Sunrise Rites Surprise!! Yarborough Is Candidate 1.5v BOBBY StTPIlIX Sun Church Editor With the belief that "neither the road to or the gate of Heaven is to narrow to accommodate people of all races and beliefs who worship the Lortf out of doors.' 1 the Kast Harris County Council of Chris: ian Laymrn adopted the Easter sunrise sen-ice in 194S as their special project, said W. C. Davaney. president of the group. This year for the eighth consecutive time, the people of Baytown will have the opportunity to ,'oegin Easter Sunday with a community sen-ice. The service will be at 6 a.m". in Memorial stadium. The Rev. Paul Stephens, pastor of second Baptist church, will present the sermon. Music will be provided by the Baytown Junior High school band under the direction of E. L._Hargis. Leading the audience singing will be Rcvis McGrew. music and educational director of Wooster Baptist Denominational church schedules are full this week, with several churches having services each day and others having: special Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services. .For the first time since about 1650, Catholic churches will hold night services during Koly Week, at the request of the present Pope St. Joseph's church in Baytown will have high Mass at 6 p.m. Thursday. •(See SUN'RISE—Page Two) JP"™*' ' sun spots Eiks Dinner ELKS MEMBERS and their families arc invited to ii fried chicken (!i i i - it 5:30 p.m. Thursday at the Elks lodge. Wives of members arc preparing; the food. Piano Recital MP.S. HAY 5PEAR will present her second pi;mo ;it 7 p.m. Friday in the Community house. The public i.s invited. Saturday Closing JUSTICE OF the Peace Walter Queen announced Wcdnoytiay that, efffctive April 1. his office will be rinsed on Saturduy.s. The office will be open from S a.m. to 5 p.m. Momfny through Friday, he said. Odd Fellows Meet THE BAYTOWN lodge of the I.O. O.F. will be host to the Gulf Coast Association of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows at its :mnu;il convention on April 15. Plans' for the meeting will be discussed at tiio next meeting 1 of the Baytown ledge. Youth Hunted POLICE ARE looking for a 15- year-old boy wiio, they believe, stole a pickup truck and took :\!o:i£ some spare wheels nml hubcaps from a neighbor's cnr. V. P^, Anton of 217 Ave. I told po'.icc that .someone stripped his car of three wheels and four hubcaps. The Dodge pickup belongs to (ho suspected boy's father, 'police said. Tax Men Seize Off ices Daily Worker Out Despite Raid —UP— The Communist Daily Worker published its regular-daily edition in makeshift offices Wednesday with assurance of treasury officials that Tuesday's 1nx raids were not designed to 'interfere with publication of the newspaper. Internal, revenue agents raided and seized the property of tlie Communist publication in .Chicago and Xew York for non payment of income taxes. At the same Utue treasury agents raided and locked offices, of tlie Communist party in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago. Philadelphia and New York for refusing to file a claim for tax exemption and failure to co-operate with tax in- vslipntors.. The tax liens, under which (he ag-onfs seized and scaled tlie eight offices of the newspaper- and the party across tlie country said the party owed S3S9,254.46 in taxes for ADLAI TO CALIFORNIA IN 'DO-OR-DIE' EFFORT T.OS AXGELES—!U"—AdUi Stevenson arrives here A\'eilne^- <lay to in:ip NfrntcfO' for Ills "do or die" ciunpiiigu in the California preMilcntiiil primary. Stovenson ciuioclK-yl a noriila vacivlion to make n threi'-tlny (nHforniii trip to consult with his campaign heads here luuiil ri-ports, of prowing support for Sen. Kstcs Kefauvcr. •1'sml Ziffrcn. California Democratic national committepninn and at Stevenson backer, said live Juno S California primary "is n ilo-or-die election-' for the 1952 Democratic presidential candidate. "Stevenson lia^ cot to win lioro." Zitfren .said. "But there is no question that ho will win." Kcfnuvt-r departed from International Airport here Tuesday niffht aft<T a five-day speech :uul hand-shading tour of southern California. He maintained that the samo'broaUwck pacr "or,- that supporters pluini heliK-<l produce hi s upset victory over JMevcnson in the Minnesota primary. 1951. The-, newspaper, published under the corporate name of Publishers Kc\v Press, Inc., owes SiS.- 049.07 for taxes and penalties for 1951, 1952, and 1953, federal tax officials said. Tiie Daily Worker staff left its offices on tlie eighth floor of a New York building: when agents sealed the door with warning stickers saying the property had been seized for non-payment of internal revenue taxes. •Editorial offices were set up hastily on a lower floor of Uie same building 1 where tlie Worker is printed by the F&D Publishing Co., Inc.. a. job printing- concern r.ot otherwise connected with the Communist publication. John Gates, editor in chief of the Daily Worker, said the newspaper did not owe any taxes because it had never made anv money. "The Worker was founded in 1924. \Ve have had a deficit even' year since then. We have never been out of the red." he said. "the paper lost about $200,000 last year. How can we be accused of failure to pay income taxes when we never have had anv income.' 1 AUSTIN —UP— Austin attorney Ralph Yarborough, twice - unsuccessful opponent of Gov. Allan Shivers, announced Wednesday he will seek tlie Democratic nomination for governor this year. . The 52-year-old former district judge announced his candidacy in a statement in which he called himself the "first Democratic candidate" to announce for governor in 3956. 'Humbly I accept the commission of duty you have giveh me in tens of thoi.tsj.iids of messages, oral and written, during the past nine months, to lead the fight for the good name o£ Texas," Yarborough said. 'The people of Texas want a new state government, free of en-; tangling alliances and -partner- ships'with the outgoing administration. Texas wants a state gov- ^^ eminent free of the,.policies ,of the ^calculated'? past and capable of iriciependent,... : ,;^_ ; :. ,•,.;• action." he'added; ',-.—•,- : . --'';'-.'."I pledge the people of Texas the restoration of honor, integrity, and dignity in their state govern- OL' HARRY HASN'T LOST ANY OF SALTY 'CHARM' DALLAS — iTP — The Jact that Margaret Truman is 'marrying a newspaperman apparently hasn't mellowed her father, former President Harry S. Truman, when it comes to dealing out salty phrases. The Dallas Morninf News reported Wednesday that Thomas Turner, its Central Texas reporter, clipped an editorial Irom the paper and mailed it to Mr. Truman. * • The News hasn't always agreed with Mr. Truman. But the editorial praised Margaret and Turner sent the clipping ae a courteous gesture, the >*ews said. In less than a week, along came ». typewritten note thanking Turner for the "very interesting" editorial, his thbughtfulness, and then, the, Xews reported, it said: "I suppose there has to he a first time for everything." . ' Handwritten under Mr. Truman's famous signature was this crypt'c comment: "That paper has treated me like a, pickpocket." Visibility Cut To Half Mile In Sections year Johnson Plain 'Dupe,' Gov. Shivers Charges HOUSTON —UP— Gov. Allaa Shivers- -Tuesday night accused House . Speaker ' &un JUybnrn of master-minding a ' "cvnical -and political -plot Senate Majority-;Leaflet Lyndon B. Johnson as a pawn. proposed that Jr-iinson at the" By INVITED PRESS The worst duster of the spread a 'heavy pall of brown dust across Texas Wednesday, cutting • visibility .to less 'than half a. mile in some sections. The dust swirled in with a Pacific cold front that had moved through the state by sunup Wednesday. A freeze was predicted for the Panhandle Wednesday night. Visibility in some sections was cut to zero late Tuesday by blowing clouds of dust. High winds up to 67 miles per hour, .kicked -.up .tons' -of dry topsoil Tuesday ,. &$• 'die . front oushed through Kansas. Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and Wyoming. .. Skies were' clear, -for the most part except .for the- dust- Some patches of low clouds and fog- Grand Jury 12-Year-Old Boys 'Earning 9 Gets m ™9 Their Own Spending Money Around Town- COACH D. R. HUGHES of Horace Mtiiin Announcing to cvery- bocfy in shouting distance the birth of his son . . . Revis McGrrrw contributing some IU-WH . . . Virginia Hlanak malting a flying trip to Baytown, then hack to Houston . . . Mr. and Mrs. Horace Robasou anxiously awaiting the arrival of their daughter and son-in-law, Mary Ann and Marion Oalbroith, from central Texas for the Easter holidays. Alton Laird and Clarence Schultz ndvcrtising in the Lee Lantern . . . Judy Dn.vis changing her name to Dudy Jin-is . . . Rose Ann Moody doing well nflcr her trip to the hospital. Valley Fern ZVOIivc nn<j Edna Boycr busy discussing style .show plans and planning publicity . . . Tho Prentis Holders enjoying their nrw car. Daughter Rock.v i.i especially proud . . . .Iran niul Bill Crist and little son, BriU, nrc visiting in Bnytown for the Easier holidays. Two 12-year-old boys, questioned hy police after they were seen picking up pencils in a West Texas, avenue store, revealed Wednesday that shoplifting had provided them with spending money for several weeks. A third 12-year-old was implicated in several of the thefts, they said. The boys said they would "pick up" items in one store and sell thorn at another for less than the wholesale price. They took ballpoint pens from Black's Variety Storo where they were finally caught, and sold them to the Big Chief Grocery, ,$4.9S vaporizers were taken from Brunson Grocery nnd .EddIng's and solo' to Mitchell's Drivo-in nnd Glenn's Grocery; a S4.9o light for vaporizing insocti- Please Note The, Bftylown Sun, trying to KIVO. ihn Iwsl possibly service, to all «i(v<M-ti*cr*, is announcing n new schedule of deadlines for advertising copy, effective April Monday noon for Tuesday. 5 p.m. Monday for Wediwtrtay. i> Tiicwdny for Thursday. 5 p.m. • WednoMtay for Friday. . 5 p.m. .Friday for Monday. 'JVr<x will be no chain*** in for ttajwifirrt cidcs taken from B. C. Littlcficld Grocery was recovered before they , A murder charge, filed 1 against Willie B. Thomas in connection with the death of Robert. Miles Minor i n a AlcNair cafe on March IS. was referred directly to the In announcing that he-will seek the governorship lor the third the number of candidates for governor to six. Tlie field includes Texas' junior U.S. senator, Price Daniel; \V, Lee O'Daniel, former governor and U.S. senator: Reuben Senterfitt, former two-term speaker of the Texas House of Representatives; J. Eve Its Haley, Canyon rancher and histories 1 writer, and J. J. Holmes. Austin contractor. Yarborough waged,, unsuccessful races against Shivers in 1952 and 1954. In 195-1 he rolled up 6S3.132 votes in the run-off primary election to Shivers' 775.0SS, President Heads Back To Capital WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W. Va. —UP— President Eisenhower headed back toward Washington Wednesday after ending the North American "summit" conference in an aura of springlike harmony and goodwill. The President's special train left this mountain resort at S:32 a.m. cst and was scheduled to arrive at the capital in mid-afternoon. Before leaving- Mrs. Eisenhower Democratic Chiefs Okay State-Wide Interposition Vote HOUSTON —UP— The Texas Democratic executive committee a favontc?»on, penitential" nominee and as leaderV the Texas convention delegation. The convention 11 be heldfffi Chicago later this to . Tuesday night Shivers, while professing warm personal "friendship for Johnson, - charged that the state's senior senator was being led tc play the role of a "dupe." Liberal Democrats-'are using him. Shivers said, to split the ranlts of Shivers spoke at a one-day rneet- and back to Arnarillo was covered by dust clouds. Heavy dust clouds were kicked up all across the Southwest late Tuesday by tiie swift-mo ving- front. It also caused scattered thundershowers in- southeastern Oklahoma with some local hail. on the interposition issue. Tlie committee unanimously approved the proposal which " calls for a referendum at the July Democratic primary. The issue actually is whether Texans want to favor an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to curb federal powers. The integration issue was mentioned only as an example of "the •unwarranted invasion by the Supreme Court of the powers of the Congress and tlie states" in a six- pa g-e report by the legal subcommittee. However. Shivers has stressed the states' rights fight goes far beyond segregation and embraces the controversial twilight field of conservation and control of natural resources. Executive committee members (Sec INTERPOSITION—Pirge 2) tive committee, attended by 1,500 He was interrupted'by applause 30 times, and there was whistling: and shouting too. , • "It does not matter to me, whether I carry the flag or the water bucket," Shivers said. "I will be a chief, or an Indian. 1 will be a general, or a private— whatever the Democrats of Texas want me to be." ' Shivers bluntly accused Rayburn of conniving to "take oven the state (Democratic) convention, the Texas delegation to the national, convention, and Lyndon' Johnson." Shivers said Rayburn has been abetted by Byron" Skelton of Temple. Skelton is the chairman of the anti-Shivers Democratic Advisory 1 Council (DAG), the core around which liberal Democrats in Texas have congealed. The DAC was established in 1952 under Rayburn's (S«o SHIVERS—Page Two) Negro Ministers Conduct 'National Day Of Prayer 1 to their statement to the officers. They took a ball-point pencil from Kress Store nnd .sold it back to the same store," they said. The- boys were turned over to Eddie Garrett. probation officer. Thomas' bond was set at S2.000. According to a report filed by Deputy Sheriff Steve Goodnight, Minor was slabbed to death after an argument, with a member of the Thomas family. Laurent and President Adolfo Ruiz Cortincs of Mexico. Mr. Eisenhower decided to return to the capital by train instead of by piano because of expected bad weather. NEW YORK —UP— Negro ministers in major northern cities predicted large church attendance of their congregations Wednesday in observance of a 'national deliverance day of prayer"' in sympathy for the Montgomery, Ala., bus boycott. Lazy Electorate Set All-Time Low Only 860 Voted In Last Year's City Election Hy ED TILLF.TCV Sun .Staff Writer Just 35S dny.s ago today, SfiO qualified-voting Bnytonians in the six districts, straggled to the polls to establish the all-tim* low voting record in a city election since th(> incorporation in 1!MS. Weather was no detornint, nor could inclement weather ho used as an excuse for shame-faced citizens who had noglectcd the double barreled duty and privilege of voting in the 1855" city' election! The weather was clear and mild all that election day on April ,\ l!>;55 when only a .scant 10.21 per cent of the qualified voting strength of 7500 persons, re-elected four incumbents to office. Mayor R. H. Pruett was reelected to head the city with a 606 vote majority ovor his opponent W. B. Rcichar!. Councilman Lacoy Lusk, Position 6, and H. M. Campbell, Position 3, were returned. >su.ic without opposition, and Rufus Bergeron, won a 452-vote decision over his opponent Adrien F. Drouihiet. for councilman from Position 3. Indicative of the majority opinion though the minority vote may have been, the fact remains that voting is a duty as well as a privilege; and should he exorcised. What with the annexation of Cedar Bayou and the. increasing: population in other sections of Baytown during the one-year interval since the last city election, the qualified voting strength has soared to an estimated MOO. A breakdown of the estimated voting strength of the eight individual voting precincts shows approximately 16S0 qualified voters in Procinct 249; approximately ISoO in Precinct 101; approximately I30i> in Precincts US and 99: approximately 1495 in Precinct 103; about HOD in Precinct 100; and an estimated 223 to 230 in each of the voting Precincts 102 and 24S. Assuming that the same meager percentage of voters exercise the voting- privilege in the forthcoming celction, Tuesday April 3, the total votes cast will exceed the record low year by some 200 votes, but that is not the goal of civic minded citizens who are urging voters to cast ballots in the election. A record voting turn-out is being sought for the forthcoming election to elect officials for the period which* could well mark the opening of an era of industrial and economic expansion unparalleled in the history of Bayto w.i. While It Is true that (hive is only one contested position appearing on the ballot, it is equally true that a record vote will constitute a vote of confidence of the people, and could well serve to indicate the interest of citizens in the future of BaytoWn and surrounding areas. City officials emphasize that though only three of the cities eight positions go on the block in the April 3 election, all qualified voters in the corporate limits of Baytown are eligible to vote. ' v While candidates for city council must be residents of the pie cinct in which they seek election, they are elected on the basis of councilmen-at-largc, and voters are eligible to vote for candidates in ail precincts, regardless of the home precinct of the ballot-caster. A very small amount of time is required to pull the lex-ers on the voting machines in the various precincts, and the 12-hour balloting span, from -7 a.m. to 7 p.m., allows ample time for all citizens to conveniently cast ballots (9*6 EIJX?n6X~-I**» Two) Southern clergymen indicated they expected only token or unorganized sen-ices in cities of the South. The day of prayer was called for by a national committee of Negro ministers organized last Feb." 24 after the arrest in Montgomery of 90 Negro leaders, including 23 ministers, for violation of Alabama's 1921 boycott law. The boycott, which began last Dec. 5, has become a desegregation "cause eelebre." Now in its .l~lh waek. it wns touched off by the arrest of Negro seamstress Rosa Parks, who had refused to obey a bus driver's order to move to the rear of the bus, Borrymore Being Fixed Repairs of that part of Barrymore Boulevard which lies between Main and Lindberg began Wednesday, according to C D. Middleton, city manager. In addition to widening the boulevard and mending rough spots in the shell and asphalt street, city workmen will ateo reduce the sharp angle of the aproach to the Missouri Pacifi.} railway crossing. The re-working of the street will not affect the detoured traffic now using the boulevard while repair of the Goose Creek stream bridge js underway. Do you ever ^chuckle at the young moderns? 7 then HI-IOIS will make you laugh at family life in c modern housing development. And their four kids add fo the daily fun. £ Follow Every day starting Monday on the comic page ofth* 3hr laytmmi ihw

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