The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 26, 1931 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1931
Page 2
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TWO DAILY HEWS, FREDERICK, MD- SATURDAY, DECEMBER 26, 193L in thQ Churches All Saints* Chnrch- R*T Dcuj^ss HooS rerxcr H-ay ".-T---;;?- .!r. 7 SO a a Strr-.ft as; s*nr-orx 11 a m. Caivl s«m:e for the school. 4 p ai Tocsy 3 SC p 21- the b*sin=ers a: And communion at midnight. SPREAD OF CHRISTIANITY Union Gospel Wsnon. Siixi»T sch-co.. 3 p m st.-r.c« 7 30 o'clock IB chirfc na o' par. St. Barnabas Chapel. Rev. Doig^i! Koo2. recta.. Cnurch school S 30 a re Tsesdiy, 7 30 p s, Sunday school St. TUnotlsT'i chapel Rer W-Hia= Of^ss Stone, vicar Hc^ly" a~d sermon, l l a m Ch-irch scscel. 945 a m. Harry H_debrar.i e-ezoer 29 chnsuca* *emee Sn A'c^ Wjntr Superjiendent, 7 SO p ST. . aidre« bj R«r John W. Pti he r V a_ters _J« Cs*p*. prit-er nict'^ij December 31, 7.3C r at -- charge of Rer M A- th« «ub- tht r«ra- Cbratiaa Scicixe. ·Chrjs'yii: Sc.esce' «^. t .*.- Sunday Korr.,r.t lerrtc* of the S:irr.c* Group of Frtderfek. aeli » ' - ' . : » tn .r. th* lodge room of Prtrun CiJ'..« or. Court street. G«U(B TMt «*r. 11:15. ; The Intematkiiial Uniform 6unl»y i School Le«*oa far December 71- Th* ' Spread of ChrfstUnity la Europe. Ooid- en Text Rer. 11 15. * * * BY H-M. E. G1LKOT, D. O. Editor of The C«nct*ta.(i«nattsC The lettocj for the final quarter of th« Jy«ar hare costiaued the ttory o! the j spread of CnrUtianity j do nun call aad the story ot ho* Paul f began hi» eventful pretchlng in Europe iin respooM W the rjicn that be had KLY SUKDA* SCHOOL LESSON Methodist Lpwcopai Church. West Sersr-i s'.reet *t Meir-ona. Park Ch-^n schocl. 9 « a K . Casper E. Ci^ie. su?er^:tend*r;t · The Record of 1S31 ' Spurcrtr; L^ar^e. 6 30 EC ward J Da^shert-. v Be Dcr.- " Christmas m_iical seme*. 7 30 p m. Senior choir w... be ass^ted by Junior T*st*d cr.oir B-.ef New Y*«rs medi- tatios :y ntini5tr, · A Ixwi Inuj the Future " Ka.-ly ic the quarter we hare ttudied ! the st-rrtnr erenu at Phlllppi. where , «t oudnight in the darkneu of the | ianer dungeon. Paul and SUas prayed j and *ane hymn* of praise to God and : an «*rthq-j«i« opened the doora of the ' Sffcnth Day .\dvcnU»t»- Serr^rea Sal-rda Saabath tchool., *^ : p m . s«r.T..-r.. 3 p as. j ^"y^ e^^n^^ o ; yje PhUlppian S_sday service, 7 30 o clock; i-jo.'sc- The Thre* A.-ifels' Mesoaces I l a n: p 21 l»sdT p^: Thy Wl.l c' Re'.ela'lon 14" by J Washington S Washbura. er. Thursday. S Yojaif People's s». COUNTY CHURCHES St Paul's Cpiseopal Parish. Rf? \\' S'^r,e. rector Hoi-. Tr;n"y Pcuil oJ Rocks -- Evening pra-er »r.d sem-.or. 3 ? m Xext we see Paul in TMMlonic* aad Berea: th* course ol his Journey «hap«d by persecution. ' We have observed something of hu i nuaUtry in Corinth, where he w*» j j deatlced to spead one of the longest i i periods that he epeat hi any one piaoe ! We see Paul in Ephesus. the cen'^r of a tremendous uproar. He and his com- joumej fraugnt Ai'.n grxat danger and panion are assailed by those whose basl- privation ar.d ·!.? To Rome. th»rffcre, he maies tae fs.f rr_i--..lo-_sly prtser.ea ard :reas- , Adicutown--Ex-ening ness of making sliver shrines for the «rci In Rcrr.e 6ocia:.. 11 p n--. W»tca N.gnt *erv:ce prs i*r ani wr.-nsn. tn charge o' 30 p ' goddess Diana was seriously endangered, course of one lesson, a pr-sorer, b_'. ' Front Theae scenes of excitement and ' living in hj oaii house -ntn a *«Tr- Doabs Lutheran Pmstontt. Rev. C. H Snull, Ph. D. paster ni Trinity Southern Methodist. Rev. Nat G Bamhrt. psstor Ch.irch scnool. 9 45 a n: Worship service sermon paswr. 11 a m : «jb.'ect. "Dare FcCow the Prir.ce of Peace?" , Worship servile ar.d sermon. 7JO p. ' poir.t of Rocis--Sunday school. 10 a ss. 01 : Luther League. 7 p m 'danger Paul bids farewell to the elders ' ier-keejwr and accorded large l/oer..^ ·( of the church of Ephesus and makes his j by the a.i:nar.: ei v.ho e\i- n ay to Jerusalem There »n Jerusalem oer/'v *ere stron?lv improsie^ a.-h the j. e'is arrested at th instance of cer- J prestige and (-.larac'er of *ie a^DcS'l- '.tn gra-icejr ilr. hostile Jeifs, and on a strange During t its pe-.od -Jie see Pan.o a ft :\"? 'p-ritua. fa:t; r«;d :r:a- co^n' ^-s -.v-iar-o, may ear _itc :nsp.ra:.on nd bta-w,ty of _i: Is^t cie«asj »ui-. ; From tr.jsiphant life and rrin- .rv o' Pjs^l ne ha.e :»r!ied t3 tne ond- rf-1 »is.oa of tne Boo£ of the c^ g.'itn -o the -Acrid ^n das t"a££(i/ and p^rbc^:u», co^c»ec ·icejr ana aeau:. o: moral and lisociited with this ·e 1 a'.e naa -*je prac'.-al message of Evangelical Reformed. R«v. Dr. Henrt Lv G Kieffer, pastor Rev. Charles D. Shaffer, officiating. Rer. E. A. G. Hermarn. vjsSting minister. Sunday School, 9.45 a. m. Morning worship. 11 o'clock. Christian Endeavor. 630 p ai Eliz- »!eth Rebert will lead in discussion of "What the Bible Teaches About Mis- Biocs" (Musical sen-ice. 7 30 o'clock: solo. a ay to Jerusalem [Christmas sermon and communion. 10 ' he "T « m ; Sundav sr"sx)l Christmas pro- ta__- . _ _ ^e-sran-. 7 30 p rr. charge that he U disloyal to Caesar. , Ir the wrs'ing cf ti»» ep^'ts , D-auhs--Sur-dav a-hocl. 9 a a | Paul might ha-.e found release had he ' known as · tr.e epj; ··£ of t .e^- | had to d«al only with the Roman au- ' onmer.t " ! thorities In despair of getting Justice j Then we have had Paal's list :-i'.:i in Judea he appeals, as it was his prlr- r mony transmitted in a let'.er to Tim- -:_ner of tne Cor^t.-ni, stor;. in liege as a Roman citizen, to Rome. 'othy. *hom he called h j son in the -present daily re-atlonships of men. GRACE REFORMED WHITE GIF T SERVICE IS HELD ' Offering Of $435.91 For Hoffman Orphanage, At Lrttlestown The annual White Gift service was held 13 Grace Reformed church an fri- dav e\enir.g at 7 o'clock. The offering for tn^ Hoffman Orphanage at Lit :lei town. Pa, amo^E'^i So $435.91.- The following program las readesed Organ prelude. "The Hoiy Xight." Miss l^en^ra. Rudj. ^i.oeation by the pastor. Rev. Ralph E. Harrnin; hymn. "O, Come All Ye Faithful"; responsive scripture rvadiag led by th* superiatenoen: o: the Cnurch school. Lester W Boyer; recitation. Jack Wood; ex- er£LX Lilian Bazzell, George Pbebus; rec.tatioE, Sara Catherine Thossas; solo, M-r-aia Haugh. r*citati«i. Margaret Nusz: recitation. Biily Miller. exercise, Elizabeth Smith. George Shaff, Ken- seta Hooirr. Shirley Ann Mi^er. Margaret Green, Betty Roberts, Kenneth song and presentation or gilt from beglnnera department; song, primary department; recitation. Beuy Axander; exercise, Virginia Gubiscfc. Gloria Smith, Frances Grore; duet. Bartara Haj-aard. Betty Stultz; recitation. Grorer Michael. Jr; solo, Ann Thomas; recitation. Thomas Smith; son?, girls ol primary department: exercise. Bct: Bidctnger, Charlotte Swojuley. Mildred Cruin, Helen Crist. Doris Stone. Barabara Hayward. Frances Grote. presentation of gifs from primary ccpartment. exercise, group of )us«r girls, solo, Miriam Scultz; presentation of gilt from junior department. Robert Rothenhoefer; presentation of gifts from other departments. organized classes and organizations; ofTeror;.: quartette. "O Conie, AU Ye Faithful," Mjises Effie Moore and Era Thomas. Homer Simpson and A. R. Rentsbur^: hvain. "Joy to the World"; r "f s-fts: dosology. Mt. Pleasant Reformed Charge. Rev. George K. Ely. pftstor. Mt. Pleasant--Church school, ».30. m.: service. 10.30 a. in i Grace Trinity--Charch school. 10 ». m ; Intermediate c. E. 11 a. m. - i Lewistowa-Liberty M. P. Charge. I Rev. Oaren W Prince, pastor. J Catoctin--Sunday school. 2 p. m.; j-srorship. 3 p m . Levistovn--Sunday school. 9.30 a. m.: "The Night Song of Bethlehem." Buck. Junior C E., 6 30 p m ; worship and Charles Cassel. of Hagerstoixn; can- »Sata, "Manger Thror.c," Manner, by the choir, assisted bv Mr Cassrl. No midweek service. Evangelical Lutheran Church. Rev. Amos John D D. pastor Church school. 9 45 a in j Morning worship. 11. children's ser- ' 7 30 p m. Libert:- u*r.~Sunday school. 930 a. I ni; worship, 10 30 » m : Junior C S., -30 p. jn . Senior C E. 630 p m; prayer sen Ice, Wednesday, 7 p m . .·cflcrson Lutheran Charge. Ke\ George H. Seller, pastor. r . ._. Mt Zioa--Church school, 9.30 a. m. ffioa. "Too Bujy.'* Seraicn. Rev Prof. ' worship. !0 30 a m Adanutown Trinity Reformed. Rev. Harvey S. Shue. pastor. Sunday school 9.1S a. m. Worship 10 30 a. m. Intermediate C. E. 6 45 p. m. Senior C. E 7.30 p. m. InsUDa- Uon of officers. Women's Missionary Society. Tuesday 7 30 p m. at home of Mrs. B. F. Bowings. * Sunday School Association Wednesday 7 30 p. m No Junior C. E. Saturday. St. John G Traver. Ixither Leagues, 6 15 p m Vesper service. T 30. sermon, ifohn, the Erangelist J vmon C E. 6 30 p m ; candlelight *er- Monday, T 30, Lutheran Mothers' j vice of Young People's Missionary 60- St Lake's--Church school, 1 30 p m : worship. 2 30 p m St Paul's--Church school. 9 15 a m ; League Grace Reformed Church. Second street, east o: Market . Rer. Xalph E. Hartman. pastor j Church, school. 9.45 a. n». in Morning TrorshSp, 11 o'clock; sermon p theme, "The Difference Christmas Has Made: Junior sermon ^heme, "Keeping 730 p m Woodsboro Lutheran Charge. Rev. J. Frank Fife, pastor Woodsboro--Sunday school, 9 30 a . ·worship. 10 30 a. m ; C E.. 6 30 Chapel--Christmas services. 1.30 p. m. Haughs--Sunday school. 9.30 a. m.: · 30 p m R ;:.y H-ll--Sunday school. 9 30 a m Christmas;" Dr. A. R Reatsbsrg and . Endeavor. 6 30 p. m.; vespers. Homer R Stepson win sing duet. "The I -Message ' \ Christmas v«s7er service at 4 o'clock j in the afternoon. At tnis service choir j of 30 voices w^: sing cantata, "The ; Greatest Gift" by ?e:ne j Reformed Charge. Rev Scward R Kresgc. minister. Zion. Charlesville--Worship. 9 a. a 1 Miss Rudy's organ numbers' "In ' Sunday school. 10 a. ai; Christmas ffleihieheai's Town" by Mueller: "Ho- ' service. 7 3Q p ». eannah" by Wauche: "Vox Arisel.c*" by ' s^. Paul's. Ut!ca--Sunday schoo!. 9 30 Henrici, Ha'.lelj.-ah Chorus ' by Han- *_ m ; worsh.p and installation of officers. 10 45 a. za. First Baptist Church. Hev. W. C. Royal, pastor. Bible school. 9 45 a m. \V3lkcTjviUe United Brethren Charge. Rev John W. Fisher, minister. Wa-kersville--Sur.dav school. 9 30 a Man'ng worship, 11 o'clock: pastor n-. . worship and preaching. 7 p m ; " " preacn cs "A World Bam '" : j^r..or and Sea .or C E.. Wednesday. Erssing -worsh-p 7 30 o'clock; Christ- T 30 p a:; O G ar.d W M A meeting snas music Trill be repeated: baptism Ft.da-. T 30 p si. in the ch-ircfe; Koly TrfZ be performed ,Conin:ja.on. Januarv 3. 10 30 a » Young People's Societies. 6 30 p. m. j Mi Verr.on--Sanaar school. 9 30 a j in . preachir« and -worsh.p, 10 30 a. us: Presbyterian Church. Holy Communicn. Januar-r 3, 230 p. m. Rev Charles E. Wehler. D D. pastor , Sunday scnool. 9 45 a. m. Momin; Tr-orsh-p and sermon. 11 o'clock Mr Rhoad-es Trill 51115. "Ring Oat Wile Bells " by Gounod Is trie evening at T.30 o cloci the dra- 3iatic clua of tne church Trill present an or.g-.ria par.torc-me taten from the v story ' Why the Chores Har.g ' T.ic presentst-cr. f^ be accox.paniec by Mt. Tabor Lutheran (Union) Chnrch. Miss Miriam P-ncais -o^ the orsan and ?., T ? K Wl-l.ams. pastor chirces. KocXv H.age--S-r.saT school S 3 a. The children of the school 3-. : preach.r.g. 10 30 a re . cat echo; Krai ·Kt^ giPe t-ie-r cr.'crtaino^r.t c'a-w if»»r ca-rch Wa:. .1 N.jr-.t scr- Mondsy e%e^nj at 7 o'c.ock in the -,.;es Ic»rri3--r 31 S p m lerr-re rsocr. Tile jj-_al treat ·sUl be Utica Lutheran Parish. Rev. F. R. S«bel, pastor. Bethel Christmas service, Saturday, 7.30 p m. Creagerstown Sunday School. 9.30 a. m. Worship. 10 30 a. » WaikersvUle Sunday School. 930 * m Christmas sen Ice, 730 p. m. Glade Reformed Charge. Rev Frank A Rosenberger. pastor. Glaae church, Walkersville Sunday School. 9 30 a m Divine worship, 10 30 a. m. Sermon theme, "The Messianic Mission." St. John's church. Woodsboro. Sunday School, 9 15 a. m Divine worship. 7 p m . Woodsboro And Edjewood Church Of God. Rev. Wm Jackson, pastor. Edgewood church Christmas gram, Sunday. 1 30 p m. Woodsboro church Christmas gram. Wednesday evening. 7 30. pro- pro- Our Lady Of Mt. Cartael Church. Rev Joseph L. Curran. pastor. Mass, sermon and benediction, followed by Sunday school. 9 a. m. Mass dally, 8 a. m. Charch Of The Brethren, Tharmcnt. Elder T. S. Fike. minister. Sunday school. 10 a m. Preaching, 11 a ai St John"* Ev. Lnthrran, Thtmnont. Re-, Charles H Cortwtt, pastor. Sjnday school. 9 30 a. m. Worship. 10 45 a. m. MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP is BLACK, WHEW wwte owis Program Of Christinas Music Calvary Methodist Episcopal church. this city. Rev. Dr. G. Ellis Williams, minister, will have a servic* on Sunday evening when Caristmas music will be , given by the Senior vested choir assisted by the Junior choir from the 'balcony, and Rev. Dr. Williams will give a brief New Years' meditation on "A Look Into the Future." The Sunday morning sermon will be, "The Record of 1931" and will be a review of events during the year. locally nationally, aad internationally. Specia. music will fcs-by the vested choir under the direction of James Heonlem Hams, M^ss Alice Coblentz at the craan. Watch night service will be held on Th-rsday evening from 11 to 12 o'clock with the minister in charge From 9 HISTORIC ENGLISH R ULERS ECHO IN CARLISLE CHURCH CATHEDRAL AT CARLISLE, ENGLA NT) ... O\'ER EIGHT CENTURU OF RELIGION. By XEA Serriee I to be governed until 1835. Henry vm. Queen' Tradifon says that the Scots « aad Charles I might echo through the ancient structure of tne cathedral at Carlisle. England. This old church was built hundreds of years before they were born, figured in their lives, and still stands today as an Interesting event in their tempestuous careers. Precisely when it was started perhaps is not definitely known. But the house of Augustinian canons was founded hi dral in 1545. The surviving two b= of the nave are plain and somewJgt humble Norman work of the twe'.ll century. I The Norman nave was built jj Aette'wold, «ho was the first prior£b bishop. ·^ ·* jf, Experts who discovered the foun^ s tion of the original apse to be of nji masonry say that this indicates nat 1102. and Henry I created the bishopric no - Norman, workmanship, of Carlisle in 1133. j Tne cholr .5 Q-^te aj, d beaatifuLcf Once it was the church of the Augas- The beautiful east window, with - j tinlan monastery. Now it is unique as gee tracery, is said to be one of " being the only ancient Augustinian j finest iu existence. The tracery lig' church hi England, prior to the Reformation, which was also the seat of a bishop. * * * ha\e glass representing part of the Judgment. ; Below the window is a monument^ Archdeacon Paley. This arch-deac! Queen Elizabeth issued the first | hved from 1743 to 1805 and was ~ charter of incorporation of the town of Carlisle in 1566. for the cathedral-though one of the smallest in all England--had already gained great Importance by that time. Henry V1U endowed a grammar school, influenced by the cathedral, years before this. And la 1638 Charles I issued another | ean trip, visited Carlisle, which, was , charter under which Carlisle continued | mother's girlhood home. l - author of "Evidences of Christianiti a highly prized work. He is huried| the north aisle. Interesting legendary scenes from 1 lives of SE. Anthony and St. Cutbb and St. Augustine are painted on t backs of the stalls. » President Wilson, during Ms Eur! People's social under the direction of the Ep-^orta League. Guy C. Kelly, president, with Young People's organizations co-operating. Sunday. January 3, presentation of :he old hymns w ill be resumed. The .ivmn to be used a: this tiree will be. "Nearer My God To Thee." Merry-land Tract Clnb. The Merry"and Traci Woman's Club met Tnursoay afternoon at tne home o'. Miss Gertrude Arnold with Miss Helen Pearson, fifteen members and one .liitor presen-t. The meeting opened · sons: "Kari: Tae Herald fltigeis Sms." followed by the roll can. The response to tne roll call was, "An In- expensiv e Cnristmas Gift." The club ordered a potted Sower sent to a sick member. At tne conclusion of the bus- .ness session Miss Pearson took charge and ga\e a leccure on styles of sleeves, aaron and Christinas saggestiOns. She also ga^e patterns for them. The recre- at.on Tras in charge of M-ss Mary Souder. Del.CiOUS refreshments were served by ;he hostess. The next meeting wS! oe held on January 14 at the home of Mrs. H. C. Erdman. U. B. Christmas Serrice. The annual Christmas service of the church school of the United Brethren church will be held on Sunday evening P m. The program wUl be presented br tne beginners' department, under the direction of Mrs. Bessie Dubel; the primary department under the direction of Mrs. Esther Steiner, and the young people's department, directed by Mrs. C. Thomas Summers and Mrs. i "WS1; P. Zuse. The oSering to be : ce-ved a: this sen-ice will be gtren the Qimcy Qrphanage and Home! Qumcy, Pa. i Annual Cntistmas Program. j The nrnnn' chnstaias program TJ held in tne Flint H31 Ifetiiodis; chu£ Chnstmas night with a large audiei; in attendance. The pageant was tied a -Great Gift." .'I 5 1931 BT NIA SCRVlCt tit 12-pj M. E. Church. i fie-. T W L.eya. pastor ! Worship. 10 30 a m ; sernion theme. [ The New Year ar.d Oppar.unity " I Mt P.Cisar.t M E Cnurch--At 730 C~r_st:r^s paccar.t 'At the i w.U oe ' Gracchara Moravian Chnrch. Re-.. E. D Bender, pistor. S-inday school. 9 30 a. m. Liturgy and sernion. 10 30 a. m. E-.emag norshjp. 730 o'clock December 31, 8 p m : memorial ser- ' ire Watrh X.ffht serr.ce. 1140 p rn January 3 Ne-v. Year's Lo^«reast and -.-n^on at 1030 a us \/T* ' ^ T T * * T T ^ j - f T\ ·, -i' (Missiiig rleiress And r atlier Reunited Jerry: You used to boast that your lo\e for pretty girls was just a passing fancy. And JK. you get married. Jim- Yes. I lingered too long in pass eg the las; one --Answers. Methodist Episcopal Charch. Thormont. Rc^ Earj S Koxter. pastor. S-rida-r school. S 30 a m. At 10 30 a IT. . Dr Baxrer, of Bloc R.dge College. w.U preach the sermon Preparajory serr.:^ or. v=r^r-S at 7 3C Tie Koly 13S T*~~ be a^m^^ste-e!; r MC Hope Charch Of God. J^v it t-ist^r Bev Church Of The Brethren. Re- M. G. VT^sor.. paitcr Ca-rci sciocl. 9*5 a, s, 30 a er dec'.ng T.i-r*da Thurmont Refonnrd ^T r^ T) ^r.^rt P^stoi r.i--or:--S-r.Sar s.^: Prcf I.7nn S^;^2r^. C.^r^^:as sc^cc -.Itn clasj.csl -^.r« an; fas' -- ar carols ' 30 p m m . 1 31 Bethany-- Flint Hill. j Nat G Barn paster i schoo" 1 30 p m I Anr.^ai sermon by the pas- | ;rr : 30 p rr. . sul;ec:. ' Follow -zg the) G tarr. Thanucnt B- CKarjre Centennial Mctnonal U. B, Church. Hev DeW.-: ?. Z^sc. rc.r_ster Cr-- r:c £:::jO.. 5 ZZ a =. IVcrsa^s c,cr..:e 1C 45 a. = C^rj*3tas prrjrair. by cii-lirsr. and C'-Tv T'O".' 7 p 21 T-_e^CiT 7 -is - m ^Si^l :irci Vffi^i ^2.-. 645 ? r^.. cirxr.5 c^ii^ -J5 w s: prsrer a^ifi S.c.-c st-^r Eithel Tascrnade. N ____ r. itreit. r.c^.7 ilar«.ct. - -'*-*-- 730 ·? rr. E-.-r,- Va -- G.--J: rr^rraar. COLORED CHURCHES Qainn A. M. E. Chnrch. n.wr 5^r^.,c .0 a~ m. --T" j^ . _ 2 c t..cme." A u£ C -- C E,. C30 ? rr. r_x'.-^s p'ar ST s:hool. 8 ay S p z · 3 p rr. Btcr. and , S-ZCU.T ^^^'al 5 -i5 a m .£- tz fee c-oss. star and «rrrsr y- paster. ".-.MT, 7 45 p 31 5-r-da? sc ".rj,T^i ser. ^ T-^;_a ~. $-s p -- 3-1 er ana pr Reformed Chnrch, SabiUasnBe. £t~* C rin s, SAc*_S5vlljC*TM~"Ct«TCfl * 1 ,, CO a. r* Jacob's. H.'.roa-j.i's Valley--Worship , ar:cl serrcon. 2 p m . Chr,stm»s \ C.---?-~as «r.:cr.a.-.nxrt wi.. be if ; a: 2 Xi Rslor--edcr.-rc.-. -.,,,£· or. e-tn^ic ai 7 S) o'c-ock. i A c^r ^-^i ·*_. be rer-iTec by trx; S,in-a~ *-i-'^' a ?$' c5 33 sfosbers tai- .r.j par er _' KI Santa Sates the Da-. O -er evr-c.5es are a^o ~ the for. St. Mark'* Lnthrran. S pra-s H.. c-i-" -' H CJ-D'" oastar ' ^r o- E- i..i-.j,t 3-i ;r Be'- cay 8 3Q a rr. ,^g;oi:, recepiioa ol meiaoers] Suaoay scioo.. S 30 a. SL To Prewrit Christmas Projratn. j he C -.-j;--r^s exercises ^s lieChvirca ' ' of the Burk.twJle. wQ be ' ! iield on S..:.cav rr.ornir^ at 10 o'clock | She: You are an incorrigible flirt i Today I saw you a. woman I ha\e ! never seen you with before. | Ke: That must hare been my wife.-i Answers SUNDAY, EVENING 7:30 O'CLOCK Christmas ilusical Service Brief New Tear's ^Meditation by the Minister ''A LOOK INTO THE FUTUKE" Beautiful Decorations 11.00 A.3L--''THE RECORD OF 19-31." (A review of the year Nationally and Internationally.) 9.45 A. 31.--CHURCH SCHOOL. 3Ir. Casper E. Cline, Superintendent. Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church West Second Street at Memorial Park G. ELLIS WILLIAMS, D. D. Minister ANNA M. SCHAUTZ, Assistant Services that help you, prepared mth you ancl your problem in aiind. If you want CLOSE FIGUEES on PRINTING of a quality you are pleased to present to your public . . . better let us PLAN and FIGURE with you, Fresno c MV ·*:'« l.kes corlce for r*a*ri.s i v .,- I tea \ou.lsoongetusedtocoSee from a r. fc-ru -s. a c- -- , -- 02, STir--. K -- P T. e .-r* rcp-srt-cc :o we 3«-c^ NEWS-POST JOB DEPARTMENT Join Our Christmas Club The Family's Christmas Problem Solved! Have Money When Wanted. Club Now Penning Start Now and Have Money When Wanted Most. Clubs to fit Everybody's Pocketbook. Start with 25e, 50c, Sl.OO, S2.00, $5.00 or more- THE FREDERICK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK No. 1 North Market Street Where Banting is a PJeasnrt " V^ioiv jJIO 'E*cor"

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