The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 5, 1967 · Page 12
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 12

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1967
Page 12
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Page 14 THE NEWS, Krederitk, Maryland Tuesday, September 5. 1967 World Today By BOB HORTON AP Military Writer nessmen, Vegas. "I'll toll you when I quit being are no quarrels, no antago- a memoer," says Groucho msms." Marx "1 sat down at one of the Differences over the value of dinners, and 1 heard this guy certain targets exist Johnson next to me saying, 'Gee, they're acknowledged, but he added bure getting a strange bunch in these have been blown out of (he club nowaday*.' Then I WASHINGTON ( A P ) -- The proportion. turned to see who was talking, man who challenges his boss At this stage, most officers and u was my barber' In.- next ninny and opemy over the way consider it a matter of principle j a y 1 sent in my resignation " itte Oifice is oeing run takes the that the chiefs' recommenda- »»:K oi getting tired. tions for intensified bombing be _ . _ · .. Yet tne Joint Cniefs of Staff followed since the admmistra- CDlleDSV rOUIIflflllOII can »pcai« out agamst their le- tion's slow, steady escalation gaily established superiors' poll- hasn't shown any great success /·ftordinntor Here cy over the hmited bombing of Military lobbying for a more wwmimiivi ··«·« ^onh Vietnam with little fear stern war posture will continue, rharlp . i ohn , kin assistant .11, uody will get a pink slip. and may escalate t.roiecT coordmatoi of the Epi H ° w s o" U 1S Considered quite proper ^^lounda wn of Washington me key is the forum the gen- f or the chiefs to ar their dis- \^f yh p g"es soelkeV for he erals and admirals use in order putes with McNamara-the '" faii^eetme of the Fred to be biunt, even critical, about President's man in charge of l^ k f-iiiZ rhaoter for Eoi national policy. the military-in either of 'wo «"« w edn esday 7 30 p m in the case of the air w a r , the ways: going before the Chief T ^ fi meeting w ' iu ^ he i d ' in chiefs' platform was the Senate Executive himself or by re- lhe winchester Room of Win . utfcnse preparedness subcom- spondmg lo congressional H .'oo- cnester Ha j| according to Mrs mittee which has been examin- ing. Marvin F Spencer, president of .ng c.viuan limitations on the James Marlow, who usually t ( e ]oca , chapter bombing. writes this column, is on vaca- J o n n a k i n j s assistant project ihe chiefs' testimony in tion. L-oordmator for the Three Cities closed session led Chairman " Demonstration Project, which is jonn C. Stennis, D-Miss , to con- . sponsored by the Epilepsy elude "a clear and direct con- tf)*Cr*Qin/T)Gnf l-ounda'ion under contract with" existed between them ana the U.S Department of Labor. ^e»ense Secretary Robert S HOLLYWOOD ( A P ) -- Janet ^^ Thr^ riH P « nrniprt in- S. HOLLYWUU1J ( A f ) - Janci ^ Tnree c;ties pro j ect in . ..- .amara. Leigh turned the first spadeful vo lves San Antonio, Tex., Chi- While little is known about of soil for the start of building C ago and Atlanta, Ga. and is a ,,.ai was said in secret, the tne $75000 riars Club a revolutionary new concept in chiefs' public statements offer , ' _, ,, , , . the creation of specialized serv- good clues as to the tenor. ffew vears a 8° Geor 8 e Jessel of ' ice centers for the potentially On the surface, Gen. John P. fered the benediction: employable people with medic- tor, and the field activities Prior to this position, Johna- MtConnell, Air orce Chief of "May this be a good place al'y controllable epilepsy, staff was the most outspoken, \vhere men will laugh and drink The project was launched last i i ' stated in effect that the and dine and tell a story and cut se ar with a grant of $302,100 bombing has been worth an ad- * card-all in goodwill." f f 0 m the U.S. Department of diuanal 800,000 U.S. troops and t ^ ie \V a u s 8 rand J" rv th . ast Labor to the national Epilepsy $75 billion in additional spending heen looking into reports that proup for creation of the cen- ±_r Southeast Asia some of tne card-cutting has not ters. Conflict- McNamara has said teen Performed with complete To date. 54 per cent of the repeatedly there is no way to i°°dwill. T °«y Martin, P^ Sl participants in the centers have accurately assess the value of vers shoe millionaire Harry been placed in jobs or paid the bombing although he ac- Karl and others have been call- training. knowledges it has hurt the ene- ed to testify of gin rummy loss- Johnakin served as oroject mv and should continue «* at the Friars Club. George director for the program m r ,, u \A v "i»h n c An th» rtaft told the J urv last week that Chicago before being named as- Gen. Harold K. Johnson, the hg neyer , d cardg at the coordinator with offices soft-spoken Army chief of staff dub Qthers including garn bli ng in Washington, emerged from a subcommittee f es of Las Vegas and Mi . He currently serves in the session to say--m answer to a m j have been asked about al . demonstration headquarters act- questions- that he told the sen- |eged insta n ation of electronic j n g as liaison between Donald ators the military considers equipment to cheat players of s Frank the project coordina- Haiphong Port a valuable facih- ^^ as hi h as $1( £ ^ y for the North Vietnamese and The disc i os ures have given el it should be bombed. . ise to cracks from Hollywood's St. M 7. c 7. amara main ' comedians, most of whom are ... : the North Vietnamese use Inembers of the Friars. Milton port primarily as a matter Berle has his own designation convenience and that knock- for arl a {ormer president of - it out would not halt sea- the c , ub and one of the report ed ne imports of war supplies^ , osers: ., Friar Took ... \dm. U.S. Grant Sharp, Pa- But the , nv estigation isn't fun- fi commander in chief, said to those wno have tr ied to -assure should be increased - huild t:ie Friars C lub into a .he best way to persuade the place of Companionship ana · element in North Vie,d works Said Phil silvers: n m to stop the aggression is It - s despicable. It's sickening to make the consequences of not to find two or three scamps topping readily and painfully around and to know it'll take ipparent." years for the club to recover." Confl.ct: McNamara says he jhe history of the Friars Club sses no evidence "that would _ oes back ear ii er j n this century I ad me to believe that a less when a grou p of New York elective bombing campaign | ne atrical personalities banded vould change the resolve of together for fun and fraternity. "on.h Vietnam's leaders." Victor Herbert, who supplied How can such seemingly up- Qne . jf tne car i y members was start performances be tolerated the club - s an them. 'jv a firm-handed defense chief In 1946 George Jessel led a and a President often depicted carn paign to establish a West as sensitive to criticism? - oast branch of the Friars Club. First, the disagreements }] e enlisted such members as aren't as deep and dramatic as j^ o b Hope, Bing Crosby, Jack nvght appear-- and further- Benny and George Burns as of- more they aren't new ficers. The site of the first club Second, the chiefs have been headquarters was significant, it making their case for broad- v ,as the old Clover Club, a Sun- ened bombing in accepted, s et Strip night spot whare Hoi ·-.emiofficial fashion 'vwood's stars and had gambled The debate over the value of during the mad '30s hitting certain targets -- Hai- The clubhouse maintained a phong among them--began al- restaurant, steam room and most with the inreption of the c ard room and sponsored din- bTnbing against the North in rers and programs which have 1965 Even then the chiefs want- raised $3 million for charity ed to n°utralize the port by The Friars moved to the old bombardment or mining Romanoff's restaurant in Bever- McNamara maintains his dif- { v Hills, then decided to build its ferences with the military are O w n luxury clubhouse :n Santa "very, ver narrow" and deal \ionica Boulevard. Some mem- p.imarily with operating de- bers sav that was the start of tails, not over-all strategy the club's troubles Many of ihe President Johnson denied in a .,how business Friars were too news conference last Fnda\ busy to devote much time to there is any ma;or civilian mil- .supporting the club The mem- itary split over the bombing -- horship was widened 10 include "there's no deep division Th.-rs.- professional people and busi- Department Demonstration in Baltimoie under the auspices of t:ie Health and Welfare Council of Baltimore His duties were assisting the pioject director in the coordination of eight job clinics located in various packets of unem- y'oyment throughout Baltimore ('ity and County. Damascus Wins Hook-Up Contest GAITHKRSBl'HG Tin- Damascus Volunteer Fire Depai i- ment took top honors in the "hook-up" contest Labor Day a* the Agricultural Center On e uf the featured events of the 29th annual I abor Da Parade sponsored by the Gait't- ersburg-Washington Grove Fire Department, the contest w a s wn by the Damascus department in both classes Damascus f u s t won the undtr 750 gallon class in 14 seconds and later, in 13 5 seconds broke a tie w i t h Upper Montgomery County and Sandy Spi ings department in the over 7M galhn class. Other events, a ladi"s h «i'- up contest, a tug-o-war, a first aid contest and dnim "a' ·· · tes competition drill followed a two hour parade In the parade were fire and rescue equipment and marching bands which began their display at Washington Grove and paraded through the downtown streets of Gaithersburg False TV«'th Stolen ROSEMEXD, Calif ^ P Burglars who entered Dr He'- ber* Finley's office are :. pared now to put the bite on somebody else. They absconded with 51'' .;·'' of porcelain false teeth, wo: - ih about $1,800, police said t'xir.v HELP WANTED Part Time-- Preferabl\ Retired Business Man For Inside Work MAAS OPTICIANS G l . V M O R I Z K V O I R GLASSES WITH M O D K K N sn I.K FRAMKS \Vi- Are Equipped To Fill Any E\ et.'lax'- Pri'rription i E N I T H H E A R I N G A I D S - E 1 E S E X A M I N F D R E F ' MRS \ \ H l l , E YOl WAI I C O N T A C T LENSES ills Scorit Siqhts-- Bauich A Lorl.o Blnecul*r« Save The Pieces 5 West Second St. MO 2-1151 COAL and FUEL OIL Hillside Coal Oil Co. Water St. MO 2-3K11 V/LLEY VARIETY SHOP Annual September Sale 10"'r TO 20 r/ r OFF REGULAR PRICKS Call S15-8430 FOft APPOINTMENT AT YOUM C O N V B N I B N C e D A Y OK EVENING Rt. 191 arroM from Mt. Hop*- f em^Ury WIGS * HAIR PIECES Al DISCOUNT PRICES Woodsboro, Md. Mr*. IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD! BUILDER OF WORLD FAMOUS partan STBEL. POOL FREE POOL COVER w i t h each pool purchase from now until Christmas. "Come in and SOP our Pool -Show room'' Located On Rt. 27 CEDAR GROVE M A R Y L A N D 207»i7 Phone Day or Night :toi-2::i-2*7: SERVING YOl SIM F. 1942 ' J.isminp," an Egyptian per- fu i'e is the w o r l d ' s c o s t l i e s t . 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