Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 10, 1965 · Page 3
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 3

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, May 10, 1965
Page 3
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Steers, Heifers, Hogs, Steady and Higher Bv llnltcd l*rP« tnfpf-nntlnnal c,f nn f.* A t, •<• n •> *^ Closing prices for slaughter for ho« IPW h^o! 9 -^^ Sf markels ' hlgh ? r in ^P 3 ^ with a high- price paid for several loads . —. augnici iui nu{,» wtit mgner ai major S]atierMf>r efnoro Q«^ v, n ;r/.» er dressed beef trnrlA. Twelve Worinoerfau ««ri it.* ui^u»«i _. direct marketings In Inter ^ Iowa and southern Minnesota totaled around 520,000 coti "What a joy it is to hear EVERYTHING!" Hear every sound with the new Siemens 324 body-worn hearing aid... all with hi-fi clarity and powerful 6 transistor reception. The Siemens 324 has proven effective with even the most severe hearing deficiencies. For more information mail the coupon below today. No obligation of course. S1KMKNS 008 I.OMAS. N.W. AT.BllQLEKQtE, N.M. Slaughter steers and heifers were steady to 1.50 higher. Cows were very uneven with the hulk steady to 50 higher. Major exceptions were Omaha and Kansas City which reported steady to 50 lower cow trends. Bulls were generally steady to 1.00 lower although Sioux City and St. Paul recorded steady to 50 higher prices. Vealers were steady while feeder cattle and calves sold mostly steady to 50 higher. Fed cattle generally worked higher in sympathy with a higher dressed beef trade. Twelve market receipts were slightly lower, due in part to flooding along the Mississippi which made livestock movement difficult in some areas. Producers also were busy at cultivation, diverting their attention from livestock. Twelve market receipts of around 198,000 cattle were slightly below both a week and a year ago. In the wholesale carlot dressed beef trade choice steer beef was 1 to 1V 2 cents a pound higher while good grade sold from Vz to 2 up. Good and choice heifer beef was 1 to I 1 /*cents higher while cow beef was mostly steady. At Chicago, prime steers brought. 28.25-29.25; the latter price paid for several loads on Wednesday and the highest paid in Chicago since January, 1963. High choice and prime 11501400 Ib steers sold from 27.5028.50, with mostly choice 10001375 Ib beeves clearing from 25.50-27.50; good grades brought 22.50 - 25.00; elsewhere high choice and prime 1100-1300 Ib steers sold from 26.00 - 27.25, while choice 1000-1300 Ib beeves moved from 24.50 up; good grades brought from 21.00-25.00. Hogs were 50-1.50 higher for the week while sows were 501.25 up. Barrows and gilts sold to their highest levels since September of 1958, helped in part by somewhat smaller receipts and a higher dressed pork trade. Hog receipts for the five day period at the 12 markets plus films PUTBACKTH£TA$TE OTHERS TAKEAWAY L&MF.I AND LUCKVS FLAVOR TIP CHANGES THE TASTE ^— _ \m*mmmmmnmfmfmfm»^_ .aMgc JJ - • •- - , .. mf« CLOYIS' MERCHANTS BUSINESS AND INDUSTRIAL REVIEW THE SUCCESS OF THESE MERCHANTS HAS BEEN SERVICE SSAB In 42nd Year As Transportation Forum the necessary freight See SIEREN INSURANCE FOR ALL RISK TRIP ACCIDENT INSURANCE BEFORE YOU TAKE YOUR FAMILY ON VACATION. plan can Back in the early years of the!provide j roaring 20's when the economy | cars. j was adjusting with the return of; These shippers have waged a 1 World War 1 doughboys. Ameri- constant battle against freight' lean factories and foundries and l oss and damage through im- Ifanns were humming with approvements in packaging brae-1 I world's greatest productiveness, ing. loading, unloading and other 1 IHierc was, however, confusion in factors. In this, the railroads' commerce |, avc j 0 j nec ] with e f, orts promo t.. ! At that time, the nation's great mg careful handling, low coup- 1 .'output of goods and foods was ling speeds and specialized equip- 1 one thing. : ment. Moving those products to the The goal of Perfect Shipping marketplaces throughout t h e always sought, is highlighted' .country was something c 1 s e. Pa eh April in an annual cam-! (Transportation's major reliance,'paign by the shippers and the I more so then than now, was on'railroads. jihe American railroads . . . and The Southwest Shippers Ad- the railroads were still hard hit visorv Board's territory covers i from the effect of government the entire state of Texas- east •'•'irtro! and operation during orn N 7 ew Mexico, from El Paso ; World War I. to Raton: OkLihoma and Arkan- The phvsical plant of the rail sas south and west of the Ar- •linev built to its peak strength kansns rivo,-. nnd that portion of' bv prnate ownership, had run T ouisiana we«t of the Mississip- 'dnwn by Uncle Sam's manage-ni mr-nt and an exhaustive war ef- short- Thc B °ard meets three times each year at different cities in Southwest. Its January 19651 sn:ui:\ U. Ti' !':•; ••!'.•. ivstmxn: :.:h Street. i- repto. ;,!ati\e jrnt Ir AfiFN- A Hag-rage Insurance tin.- an- a!s<> be included, for all t red:! (''aid Insurance, to in* .sur.'ii.v e sure a;,'.urM loss or theft of your faimh cred;! *«sion - the 12Cth regular meet-; fort. There was a severe : ace of freight cars of all types. ! There were other mounting prob llems. As a consequence, com --„ INSURANCE AGENCY will in- mcreo lagged; shippers suffered mo - " was npld in Beaumont. Its sun 1 >o:ir inlnard or outboaid business losses and the rails 4 ~ IK ' annual meeting will be !)u,,t on an Outboard Boat l-'o- much needed revenue staged in Amarillo. May 27-2R. iicv : In that hectic period on June uii ! :dcs Medical I''a\ men's Insurance are now avail- ;ih).' to people covered hv Home i>«ner<, Policies Also. SlEUEX Wall Street Chatter is now a l.i\e Insurance Repre- M',Mtati\e for 3 ue!l known Life lii-.ur.uiee fniiipar.ies, see them rinw fur the j,,-,iic> that will suit yiur nwds and your budget Let Newt's Motor Machine Help You ing and ( v There now are a dozen other Is. and Depositors For- SIEREN" INSURANCE AGENCY 12 1023 was created the South- Shippers Advisory Boards cover-! west Shippers Advisorv Board ing the various regions of con-' i; was an association of shipper: tinental U.S.A. In 1937. the Na- \EWTS MOTOR MACHINE •\ sole objective was to de- tional Shippers Advisory Board SHOP, 4200 Mahry Drive, facili- \o1op greater and more efficient was created Thus, in effect, the t jc s to repair any internal com- ailroad freight service hv n> shippers^ throughout Jthe nation bustion engine, including Irriga- a common " ' '" tv ~" '" """ to favored mar I!,;! t i -••'}- ScU-etiVi'V rr.pii:!;i<-rt;»nL i of H .:n:,,.r NT.,-, s.i f..T.,,..•/ V ;'•, of a r thtV... ad\ a pl.Mre .t,\e i/: -•.i! la': \u!l b< a! thi broad of time is market i;;:.- 'A 1 ;- e as tion. Auto. Truck and Tractor i engines The largest they have " lived in Clovis ,V U recent d !;,i- upside selcc- CO I.O M AL Gulf S K K V I C K EXPERT For«igon & American ear TUNE-UPS and CAB REPAIR^ 1400 PRINCE 763-9759 SI ItMI.KSAULI-: I'i MI'S J.M.S P. B. BRAGG WELL SERVICE Grudv IIIw. ?6S-9S:>H cat inn and s-;-ec KC4 Sieren is a member of th« National Independent Insurance As- Midi's of the United States and is a local independent agent who se:-\e> (Mo assured not a corn- Call TiL'Oltfi or 7f'£ 12! 1 TI iD\Y—' don't lx> sorry tomorrow ." Market Hits Hiqh Level the F E Sicivn. owner of SIE- forming a common meetine coordinate their efforts just REN INSURANCE AGENCY. Around between shippers a n d do the American railroads lias been in the Insurance Husi- . :11 i m:il |s for mutual understand- While railroaders cannot be worked on has beerTa 12uo"ciTirr ness- for i;< vears- at the same Jo. \ n « O f transportation require- members of the Southwest Ship- engine, the smallest about 1 cu. •rents <2i promoting operating ners Advisory Board, they are [ n •ffu-iencv in handling of freight invited to attend its general ses- \ cw t \V h 11 f i e 1 d. owner of hv both shippers and rail- sions anrf to participate in the \EWTS MOTOR MACHINE <^ studvin- production discussions This has been of SHOP, came to Clovis, with his markets and distribution of com- major importance through the family, in 1941. and was employ- moditics. 141 securing an under- years with the railroad officers c d in machine shop work until -landing hv rnilmads of transportation needs of shippers i i' H-'iiiaintin 1 ..' shippers and rail roads of the seasonal require- Clovis Man Attends insurance Meet and the shipping public - their 1947 when he went into business Customers - sitting in confer-' f,, r himself They moved to their ••nee and discussing mutual prob- , u » w location on Texico Highway Kast. Scjitemlx-r 1. I'.H'A This NEW YuHK H;:i:>,f' .c ed to r.-v ••' e\:-,i: -: \r DEPENDABLE RADIATOR SERVICE AITIIOKIZKI) H/VKKISON, G\() AM) M< (OU1) KAIUVTOU SKHVltK STOVALL RADIATOR SERVICE It: riumr 76H-1U'!'; ROTHWELL BODY SHOP ISli Wr«.t TUi (B.-hi«<( Oiirf i Halt* <;arasr) t1..»v»«i. N. M. CALL •BS-S.'MiU H)H FUKE KSTIMAIK ON ALL AITO HODV UKPA1H A ALSO GLASS WORK '•UPD - The aside its inter!his week and •ril levels on a '• m volume i-.';j Amt-rican t!:e Dom;r:;rari •Assure on tlie and a!''i.ii!'!i A..- re. o-ded . ments of freight cars, includine Current officers of the South- modern shop enabled Them to PX- .1 forecast of prospective traf- west Shippers Advisory Board pand and improve the facilities fie volume 'TO discussitvj infor- are- General Chairman .John R to meet the needs of their ever- 'iiallv prubloms and difficulties Standlev, regional traffic mana- growing business •insine between shippers and '-«'''. Sears. Roebuck and Co : ••••ilroads and <7) divine the shin. Mternate Chairman D. C Davn •Mtv nublir a direct voice in the traffic manager. Port of Lake •"•'ivities of the car service di Charles; General Secretary. .John • 'sion of the American Raihvav ^ Maxwell, executive officer, Usocritjon on matters of mutual Military Traffic Management & ••(,»cern ; Tei!iiinal Service, and Field Sec Since then and for 42 year* rotary m \\ th" ^mithu'est Shinpers ; \d Ar.v John W Russell, of 21fi West Christopher St. was elected by fellow agents to represent a field force of more than 7.500 fellow agents in the United States and Canada He had been attending a Week, long meeting j n Xew York citv with '22 other elected agents. The group meets with company executives to exchange information and to devise improvements in New York Life's service to its policy owners and the Teneral public. COX'S ! Thornton BODY SHOP • <.i ISS^IN !v N " r " W"i»i « i' »IM I.NI. OJM-II « i,, 5 ,, ,,, N<<1|( .1rU FREK ESTIMATES Thev emnUiy 7 people, incllid, ing John Reeves specializing in crank shaft grinding and block boring. Rut'us Reiner who does the engine building. The Parts Department, managed hv Billy Whrtfit'ld. is stock. th R. O. Nelson of SSAB , ed with crank shafts & bearings. shipper is welcome into values, rings, gaskets, plugs i 'i\ and . M'.M) Thi. .Ij"" of i :o! commerce '_'»> 7t~>_! 'Illl week last itself with Hist about everv thought • of railroad o'v-ratjons ex- enough. group There are no dins or •ssiuents ill t h e Southwest ipi-is Advisory Hoard l! i- I stn,'iK u service orpan/.'ation ^^!li^ | l !ias for so long served the con- I'ublic interest without fanfan LUBRICATION 1.25 CAR WASH 2.00 Tunt-Upt owr Specialty C. K. Castleberry 7th Street Humble Station 7th ft Colhogn PO 3-7059 lunit I >» < >Hii|>lrl- It»i1ljl,. iJ>d Irxlurt McDANlEL AUTO SERVICE lutvt* l4uiil lrui--f Ihalrr Certmle TUe for BatBroooi*, UnUnboarcU, etc. 8 & 12 Ft. linoleum Print* — Otter Fluor ('ou rings Of All Kinds — MARTIN TILE AND MANTEL N. NEW MEXICO ROOFING & SHEET METAL CO. H«a>in9 • Aw Conditioning • $u»p«nd«d Ceiling* PO 3-4115 rr*« EUimoU* U\ W. It) SIEREN raUMCE AGfMCV t Auto • Fire • • lability t Crop-HaU Olfice ISatruoe ttifl E. 5tb Pb PO «4)146 or of acclaim Strangelv from this vital work of Southwest Shippers Advisor\ cd. the general public has been the greatest benefactor foi it is Hie consumer of the pruduc- t<\ itv o f America RKTl'R.V TO FARM P.M.M DFSFRT. Calif Pr-'sitlent and |"''Ot ra1"s Manv o f the im'M-o\-e- 'bi •"'icpts and innovations in freight l' (l services came from ideas spawn "d ;it these shipped sessions Unheralded and virtualK un known in the public e.\ c this Southwest Shipper^ Ad\isor\ I'oaid ion'.' ha- ije'iioiis-ti ated it- .line in «undr\ u a\ s One ol 1! ;'se jt its Forecasts of trans- -ort.ttion trends, issuing propec at (Gettysburg, Pa. Tlie Eisen- 'i\e car loadings lor the ensuing howers have been wintering •matter-year With uncanny ac here for the past seven years curacy, these shippers predict . 'he number of carloads of about A thought for the day Nor- ihree do/en major commodities ue^u;) dramatist Uenri'k Jbsen "iat will be moving in the next said "The spirit ol truth and 'hree months The railroads, ac- 'he spirit of freedom—they are "ordingly. gear their efforts to the pillars of society." M'l'l, Mr-r t> leave Tuesday for tlieu laim points Delco Hatteri. ignition lines- Reinco Pis;ton Rings rebuilt short block assemblies and a complete stm k of parts lor Continextal Uni.Mi|es Thi-y also stock Safety Switches and Ignition Wire Sets specially designed for Irrigation Engines, and do Complete repair work on Irrigation Engines Also associated \\ith then father arc .lack Wlutlield \vho speeiah/cs in \al\e wnrK .lind head X: block milling and .lanice Wb'tlield does tlie bookkeeping See them soon or call 7M-fi|9. r >.'l - Thev the equipment ;|ind t'\'n-'i'leiic-," tn put sour fii!;ino in guaianlccil top corditiuii. Vonr Dealer For Continental Red S ' Crankshaft Grviding • R«»(j Rt-wn • Complete Engine Rebuilding Se'rrire' NEWT'S MOTOR MACHINE 1 Mile East Of Holiday Inn On U.S. 60-70-84 ^OTOR~LA? saw w. 7ti, COMPLETE NACIIIXK SHOP SKRMCK REAR 01 ELIJOTT %l'TO PARTS Phone PO 3-9179 Complete Brake And Bear Front-End Service TIKE WHKKl HAl.ANC I |> 0\IKM»A1) Sl'KIM.x AlU.MiO ftt (Tl( HtllM KS tXniPl.KTK KADUKiK SH!\ II I EOYD'S BRAKE SHOP U Ve*r» in (^uvii Wl W Gruad PO 8-13->6 NOW OPEN Automotive I«nUion Service & Parts •-'HK» \\csf 71h (No\u .1. ' I i,l Sliirlcr. Allcrii;it»r» unit Mamiclo Hepulr an<l I'arls U.iuw Al^so Major Tuut>-up Auio Ule 4 Uelco Part* CONOCO "HOTTBJT BBANU PO S-43ISI Olv* Oil. KOAJU Uiitributor* 117 KHLEM WUDIMGS I Industrial Contractors Phona 782-4413 SPRA.GRO CoBctructloB Co. N. frinc* Clovi*. KM. A.I ALIGNMENT CENTER ( fret t«tlni«tr» ri-i- flct I y * iu« CECIL'S SHELL STATION 300 COMMKRCE WAY (i PMTS Fl\|:|) £ HASH JOBS 9 UUK4SR JOBS FREE PICB-UP ANU UKUVLUV PO S-3G66 Read Classified Ads BITING OR SHXING? USE KEWSJOUBNAL CAUL 7*3-3431 FOR AO TAKE* CLOVIS DIAl PO a-7957

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