The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 27, 1956 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 27, 1956
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

Television Glances ~ Bv WiUJAM i:\VAl.n NEW YORK — I."P— The lurpvM 'j'hrfif.'' in. i\v~ history of ielevi- ifji will ]Xf.'k in Ar.pust <>;i MIKE FRANSSEJT STATE RESERVE LIFE "See Me Before You Die" DRIVE THE BIG NEW Studebaker Today J. B. HOLLAWAY MTR CO. 'he most complete event 1 ever un- delta ken by Hie TV networks. The oc-caf;ion will bc> ihe bai'-k- io-i).':<k DemotTHtk' and Republi- cr'.n national r-onvontion.«. This Aiifjiisl the na'uon is i>.\- jvoti-i.! to have some .% million T\" homes. H'? estimnieii that four out of every five (if those homes will be turned in !o the convention.* during the hi.ah pom is. This compare? v.-nh the san;e fciur-«i.:t-of-five aver^se m '195^ wh<'n This TU'.iou lioasteJ only 19 million hoines with T\' sets. " What will m.ikc thi« convention yesr so difncjijt to televise is the * !o.<ene« of the two convrniions. The I'K'ivu'i.'r; 5 .;*' kick off theif eisiiibako in Chicago on Aug. ~i". The ?1ep';bjie:<n.~ ojwn in San Fnincisco exaeUy one week later. If the Demoeratic convention ?-ar,.-- for more ilian one week, the networks are m trouble. CBS and NRC both say. however, thai thev will attempt to eover both ar She same time. ABC had no statement on the matter, but presumably vni\ follow suit. DAILY ACROSS 1. A kilogram (.short.) 5. Jump 9. Nobleman 10. Came in 12. Degrade J3. Giri's namo 14. Unadorned 15, Single unit HV Music note J 7. Warns of attack F\ill of solemn wonder Soak 23 Exclamation 26. Land- 28. 3fi. 37. 39. CROSSWORD 19 21. 2. Sultan's decree 3. Those who fail to win 4. Single unit 5. Thin 6. To make dear 7. Consumed S. Little balls of medicine P..A thousand- armed giant (Hindu Myth.) 31. English author (poss.) 15. Long- legged bird 20. IS. Variety of Dutch (Union of South Africa ) Woe ( var.) dial.) 22. Employer 23. Agree 24. Chorus girls or dancers (slang) 25. Wiiie receptacle 29. European flatfish Ye. vn 'tprUay'ii Answrr oO. Generator 33. Of the pole* 34. Banal ' 35. Secure 3S. Blemish •4.1. Spigot 42. Part of a locomotive Try Sun Classified Ad*—Dial $301 A9 ' TOMORROW JS STRAW HAT DAY Stetson AND Pedigree Newesl Styles and Colors a 98 «ir * Panamas * Leghorns * Milans Select Yours Now! KATRIBES 3321 MARKET. DIAL 4385 43. •44. 45. 46. 1. . S-shaped worm . Conformed . Fuel . Subterranean vaults . Fronv Tree Character in "The Doll's House'' Tip again Title for hea«i of Moslem state (var.) Northern constellation To daunt farchaic) Small barracuda (Eur.) Caliber DOWN Capital of Afghanistan tz 14- n % l~i Zfe 'ife 40 43 2* 4S V". 41 V) ife 2b IS 10 19 "io 6 Jb Zl Contract Bridge By Jos MOST players e.i'r on the side of giving- too many signals in the play, thus helping- declarer more than they help their partners, but of course there, art times when a definite signal is vital, and this certainly applies to the situation the defenders faced in the following deal. East dealer. Both sides vulnerable. A 1C J S $75 • K 10 84 3 + 042 4 10 5 4 2 ¥8 « 9 7 6 5 * + K9 6 Tuesday. March 27, 1956 House Jewelry To Give Its 4nnuo/ Picnic For Seniors ANCHOR FENCE Gafeway to a Secure Home Anchor Fences Are Built to Withstand the Elements installed by Builders of Fences for Over 50 Years FREE ESTIMATES 3« MONTHS TO I'AY Thad P. Fenelon Phone 3-3 A 100 Gresham How'd You Like To Sign This Name? LOS ANGELES —IT— The Occidental Life Insurance Co. or' California reported Tuesday it hits signet! up a poiiey lioUk'r who is "the chief who is 1'onu of traveling amojigst Ihe fragrrance of the white iiala blossoms of the widens oi Puna." Tnri'.'s the tr.'insia'.ion of the 41- Iflter name of the sxiiicyholder. Richsnl Kriliipujiikailanikflal.-nva- ihinahoxvaliineopuna Papa of Hono- Chwd.'se Get Slow Bum TOKYO —UP- A Shanghai iac T tor.' has i>ro(iueed a match tha; v>-iii continuf bnining for )0 sec- on<:s in a stiff breor.e from an clcctnr: inn. Peinim: Raviio T.ile vmiversity has supplied the Uniteil States with ono President and five secretaries of state. 4Q J 10 3 The bidding: East South West North 1 ^ 4^ Pass Pass Dble. Pass Pass Pass West's leave-in of his partner's four-heart double was an extremely questionable action in view of his own four cards in East's spade suit, his singleton heart and his club king. As it happened, however, West's acceptance of the double (in lieu of bidding four spades) should iiave' turned out luckily, since East couldn't have made four spades, and the four-heart contract could (and should) hava been beatc.i. West opened the deuce of spades, the jack was played from iummy, and East won with the queen. East's best return, based }n the bidding ar.d his own holding 1 , was a low club, but (.as he said later) East feared that South might have K-Q-X of rlubs. so .East chose a safer- seeming' return, a trump. South ,von, drew trumps (while West discarded two spades), and then led the diamond queen. East did riot like this play! Should he take the trick, or should he wait? Naturally, he was afraid that South had one more diamond, at least, and that the entire suit would run. So East held up the diamond ace in the hope that South had started with exactly two diamonds—anil after that there was no defense. West did not give his partner much help in this deal. If he had properly signalled with the nine of clubs on the second trump lead, East would have been in no doubt as to how to conduct the defense. After all. West might have suspected that his partner would be rather interested in knowing that he could look to West for a club trick. W. ?if. Jewelry will sponsor its annual old fashioned pionit: for Kobert K. high school .seniors Thursday ut San Jtichuo Park. Highlights of the afternoon will bo a pie eating contest, cracker eating contest, sack racing, bubble blowing contest, throe-legged racing and other cveuta planned' by Bobby Sanders, cluiirmnti of the game committee. During the afternoon then- will he a if rawing for a boys'. $71,50 Elgin wntch and a girls' S7.1.50 Elgin watch, given by W. M. House Jewelry. •Working with Bill Housr for the outing are Sammy C'nskey, senior class president'; Bill Parrish. class R. E. Smith Is Named Civil Defense Aids WASHINGTON—UP— Robert "E. Smith of Houston will serve the Civil Defense Administration as an unpaid con.soiuuit, the organization announced Tuesday. -Smith served as civil defense di- ieckn- tor Houston and Harris county from 1953 until Jnmiarv of this year. He will consult "with Civil Defense Administrator Val Peterson in his new post. vice president: ''Patches Flowers, chuis treasurer.: John Ga.rter. class chaplain, and Nancy Mensleiv Food and refreshments will be served. John Carter will be in charge of transportation. The firs I commercial television license was issued to station WNBT on Julv 1. 10«. BUY A NEW 1956 FORD BEFORE LICENSE TIME (April 1st) Thad Felton's MOVIIN STORAGE PACKING HASTY TRANSFER & STORAGE A. 0. COKEJR. Ovvjier "13 K. Texas .Ph. 205« A telttr Mov» All Way, OPERATOR! OPERATOR! WHAT ARE THOSE EXPLOSIONS?" . . . WHY, MADAM, THAT'S CHEVROLET and BUCK TURNER STEALING THE THUNDER FROM ALL THE HIGH-PRICED CARS!" That's Right! The Advantages Of f e r ed by the Sensational New Chevrolet for 1 9 5 6 - - P L U S the Tremendous Savings You Get from Buck Turner Combine to Give You the Best Deal of Your Life! L CHEVROLET'S NATION - WIDE LEADERSHIP PROVES THE CAR! 2. BUCK TURNER'S TREMENDOUS VOLUME PROVES THE POPULARITY OF THE DEAL YOU'LL GET! BUCK TURNER CHEVROLET CO. 115 NORTH MAIN PHONE 8207 10 EAST TEXAS REGISTER :! Ktvstpr Hunnics ^^"ill Given Awn.v KriUny, Murch ,W Beall's QUALITY MERCHANDISE IS JUST AHEAD! PROVE TO YOURSELF As Thousands Of Texans Have Done, That Beallpark Is Your Best Dollar For Dollar Buy! NEW FABRICS-NEW COLORS ARE THE NEWS IN Beallpark Suits • Wool & Dacron • Tropical Weights • Splash Weaves • New 2 Button Models In Chorcod, Navy, Grey and Ton 39 75 Others. 29 75 It costs so little to look your best In clothirvg from Beall's! Come in, choose your Easter suit and save plenty! WEDNESDAY IS STRAW HAT DAY See All The New Colors And Styles At Beall's! Z and v WESTERN STYLE STRAWS 2" PUN HOW TO ATTEND f ASTIR SUNRISE SERVICES

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