Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 5, 1942 · Page 2
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 2

Lubbock, Texas
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Thursday, March 5, 1942
Page 2
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^CUR—THE MORNING AVALANCHE &•' ' : I' _lubbock, Texas. Thursday, March S, 1942 >By Margaret Turner Tech Faculty Women Entertain With Tea Evidence of the nearness of St. Patrick's day were the motifs featured in decorations and re•—-.**,, ,, , ,, „. . freshincnts at various club meet' PROM the program of the Shal- jngs Wednesday aftei . noon . £^ •«- lowater High School Ex-Stu- W as given by Tech Faculty Wo- dents home coming banquet v/e men 's club and other "rouns met quote the following quotation:. '— ••-* --• - - - "It's not ihe mpmi that makes LIPPO said: "No woman is . to.blame for not being biauti- ful'at 16; but she has only herself to felarrie if she is not beautiful at 40." -'•;; ' • * « CLEVER IDEA St. Patrick's Day MotiTFcatufcd Dial 4343 For Th« AvaJonche-Journgl Off feet n Decorations For Club Women : It's not the menu that makes a good dinner. It's the men u sit next to." * * t CONTRASTS /COLUMN by column in Wednes^ day's issue of a Dallas paper are two stories that presented an interesting contrast to The Woman's Angle, although when she showed them to one of the editors down here she was awarded with an indifferent "Humph." "The one was given the headline, "Women Talkative" and concerned a survey made by Eastern New Mexico College students that showed "women are more talkative than men and argue more." . The other story was "Blabbing Navy Secrets Leads to Jail Cells" and told of the arrests made on the West coast of civilians and enlisted men to halt the careless blabbing of secret naval information in barrooms and other public places. When we first noticed the stories we were amused but after thinking'it over we've decided •that, anyone who talks too much and who talks out of turn, no matter who he is, is too talkative. * * * RATION, ETC W ES YOUNGBLOOD, KFYO's ace newscaster who spends much time in research on correct pronunciation of words, says he uses the short "a" in pronouncing ."ration" because that appears to be the accepted one. Ration pro- jounced with a short "a" is ac- icepted by the national guard and 'other army units, he said. And derivatives of the word, such as "rational," "rationalism" and "rationalization" are all short "a's." * * * IK THE MAIL T-VEAR MISS TURNER: .J-' Your comment in today's .column on people's carriages was .quite interesting to me. I think your column thought provoking. I have often felt much the same .way when I watched people pass- NeW tinder-arm Cream Deodorant safely Stops Perspiration 1- Does not roc dresses or men's , shirts. Does not irritate skin. 2. No -waiting to dry. On be used light after sharing. 3. Instantly stops perspiration for 1 to 3 days. Removes odor from perspiration. 4. A pure, white, gteaseless, stainless vanishing cream. *. Arrid has been awarded the Approval Seal ofthe American Institute of Laundering for being .harmless to fabrics. Anid is tha LARGEST SELLING DEODORANT. Try a jar today! ARRID . At*llfttorei telling loile! Dr. A. E. Gesell DENTIST 234 Lubbock National Bldg. DiaJ 2-2631 for informal social hours, games and sewing. Faculty Women's Tea With decorations featuring a St. George McCarthy Is Guest Speaker At H-D Club Meet If Texas reaches her goal for egg »*jin UCI_LFJ.«IU<.,115 icaiuring a ol. T ., ....~* b .*jn 0 +-**.,, nt^ n ui-iaiiicai hirssion pre- Patrick's day mctif, Tech Faculty Vi. J!lol ' e Bought to the care sided over by Mrs. E. L. McCrory, Women's club entertained with a . . , s m order to Set more eggs chapter president, Miss Evelyn tea from 3 to 5 o'clock in Wo- .— - _ — o-- —.v. ^ 0 5,o x..iujL»n_i fn-oiuiniv, niiss j^veiyn tea rrom 3 to 5 o'clock in Wo- ?. er ne " per '"o"" 1 - Probably the Jones, a teacher at George M men's Dormitory No. 2 on the V con siaeration ls f eec j. with Hunt school, was elected delegate 'campus. " 10 ° Pounds of concentrate, 200 to the ACE national convention in The table was laid with a cream j^nds of* IraTwh^t 'fh/t^ ™ """ Ywk ApH1 4 " lace cloth and centered with £=n make £ ILrt fn** £/ ° Famll y Is stro "S Tie green vases and white carnations, hens and%row?^ «•„£ •!^ «n'S 8 In China ' Dr " Lin S Pointed out JWS'S "•?• G0 ^" and Sund™ M g r:°McC fia r S th 0 y C "sa?d. Can ** ^ **'&»*&*«* W»g . . Clifford B. Jones poured tea. ^iniora K. jones poured tea. Guests werp M>7Hnn-,7<T c: TT loice> raun s next to their country Mrs. S. S. McKay was chair- RobS, H. P! Ragan A A Gre« m lm P° rtancef for ^ **«*?• « man of hostesses. Assisting her and Miss Lois Van Sta™ nf Rh,u ?" e p , e 5J™ * e . ts . ln ^ ouble his «>: were Mesdames J. H. Rush, G. N. Atkinson, Archie J. Bahm, Ray Chappelle, Henry Clay, Esten Day, W. B. Gates, Leo V. Nothstine, Goodwin, H. L. .Kipp, Leroy Patton, W. M. Pearce, Mart G. Pederson, H. C. Fender, E.-H. Plank, Ralph Underwood and H. A. Fink. Misses Gertrude Brandes, Bonnie K. Dysart, Doris Hittle, Vivian Johnson, Ella Mae Lyle, Gussie Lee Teague and Margaret Weeks. Mrs. C. M. Trout'was a special guest at the Miscellaneous club meeting held with Mrs. Howard Hunt, 2005 Twenty-ninth street. Members present were Mesdames H. W. Scsrbrcush, M. H. Adkisson, J. W. Gray,"c! R. Cagle, Stewart and J. K. Cawthron. . Mrs. Scarbrough will be hostess March 18. Mrs. Reid Hostess- Mrs. J. W. Reid, 2415 Fifteenth street, was hostess to members of the Fit and Fashion club. Mrs. Dixie White will entertain'March 18 in the home of Mrs. J. G. Keyes, 2217 Thirty-first street. Those attending were Mesdames M. E. Witt, Rogers Orr, White, G. E. Dawson, Sam Leifeste, C. C. Cox, C. S. Eskridge, E. M. Barnett, O. O. Williams, Henry Elder and R. W. Matthews. Mrs. Clay Randolph, mother of Mrs. Elder, was a guest. Eight members and five visitors were present lor the Pla - Mor forty-two club meeting held with Mrs. B. E. Needles, 1811 Eighth street. Mrs. J. D. Nelson, 1905 ing and on a leaf of my notebook I had expressed it like this: Bugs I've often watched and wondered why -When I see a crowd of passers-by In stripe and dot and cross effect, Some stooping, slouching, some erect With hurrying stride, sprinting gait Or creeping, dragging, .moping rate, Some short, some tall, some in between, Some so well groomed and some I ween Use neither soap, nor bath nor comb, But on the ground must make their home; Some faces, pinched, some broad and grim It's all a part of her or him. One nose turns up, another down, One face in smiles, frown, and one a Some fat, some odd, such funny mugs, They look so like a bunch of bugs. Sincerely, Mrs. J. W. Wallace. * * * STUDENT SCOOP .TfiROM thte Toreador, Tech stu- •*- dent newspaper: "When asked which he preferred, Texas grapefruit or Georgia peaches, Dr. John D. Lee of Atlanta, candidly admitted that he likes them- both." .* * * In other words, you aren't go- tree limb. UDY S CINDERELLA SHOP 1105 BROADWAY PLAN NOW FOR NEXT SEASON AND SAVE AS MUCH AS 50%1 FUR COATS Invest IfOW in »ne of thue iplrndld Ian. In plain • or joVc-bark stj-Je*. \ Well tailerr.-i of rich, *J/ nr.n't raist (his dunce to •trn a tnrtlj fur »ni money. USE OUR POPULAR LAV-A-WAY PLAN . . . AND SAVEI Dr. Ling Speaks On "Youth Of China" One hundred members and guests of the Association of Childhood Education heard an address „ , ... _ _.^,. J , v , i . on "The Youth of China" given specialist in poultry, told mem- b V Dr - B. C. Ling at Seaman hall bers and guests of the Broadview Tuesday night. Dr. Ling, a native Home Demonstration club at the o£ China, is research assistant in home of Mrs. Porter Garrett Tues- tn ° nursery department at Texas day afternoon. Technological college. ;lt will Miean the farmer giving During a business session pre- production this year it mep.nF. 1,800 car'oads of eggs, more than was produced la:;t year, George McCarthy, Texas A. and M. extension ZFZ-33SS-J&S? S J* -< S "Zk-SSt S Mesdames F. M. Roberson, G)en Williams, E. B. Shipp, O. R. Hines of the Broadview club. Ko Shari Alumnae To Entertain Members Meeting in the home of Mrs. John Harding, 2610 Twenty-first street, Tech Ko Shari social club alumnae made plans for entertaining club members sometime in the spring. Those present were Mesdames Brunette Harper, T. M. Chesser, J. B. Prewitt, Lewis Kerr, Reginald Jordan, W. C. Holder;, E L- N'°" James Huffman, Dexy Sudduth' Misses Ruby Nell Smith, Frances Wilson, Dorothy Rylander and I-'erreliine Tucker. The alumnae society will meet Tuesday, April 1, with Mrs. Kerr. Eighteenth street, will entertain March 18. Sewing Diversion Sewing was a diversion at the Dozen and One club meeting with Mrs. G. G. Stringer, 702 Avenue O. Members were Mesdames R L. McClure, V. C. Walden, Elmo Duke and Si Schoolcraft. Mrs. Carl Reese was a visitor. Mrs. Walden, 1714 Thirteenth street, will be club hostess March 18. Meeting in the B. R. Brady home, 2510 Twenty-sixth street, members of the Adelpha club did Red Cross sewing. Attendin^ were Mesdames A. M. Hall, jr., Frank Skinner, M. S. Johnson and L. E. Huggins. Mrs. Steve A. Clay, 1305 Avenue R, will entertain for members March 18 at 2 o'clock. During an election of officers held in her home, Mrs. Morris Cox was chosen president of the Sew-On club. Mrs. Gene Leftwich was elected secretary-treasurer; Mrs. Eugene Knox, social chairman and Mrs. Arthur Maxcy, reporter. Sewing for the Red Cross was done by the above members and Mesdames J. V. Jones, Wesley Witt, Lee York, , Ben Jenkins, Grady Davis, M. S. Craig, W. E Morris and W. I. Pittman. Mrs! Craig will entertain for the club March 13. All-Day Meet For an all-day meeting, The Timely Ten Needle club met in the home of Mrs. Paul Warren, 2116 Twenty-seventh street. Members present were Mesdames C. C. Camp, L. C. Cooper, H. H. Perin- inger, C. B. Lively, Levi Duncan arid C. R. Duncan. Members of the S. O. W. club met in the home of Mrs. E. G. Moore, 1601 Twenty-third street, for a luncheon. Mrs. E. C. Pool will be.hostess next Wednesday. -Those present for the luncheon were Mesdames Marvin McDaniel, J.. B. Mack, J. D. Badiey, Melvin Robinson and Cecil Chance. ^ Hostess to members of the So and Such club was Mrs. Otis FeHy, 2106 Sixth street. Those present were Mesdames H. A Padgett, S. A. Hamilton, C. H. Hamilton, Herman Fink, W. G. Alderson and Thomas E. Pirtle. Mrs. Crai*Bond, 2207 Avenue JLU oiuer woras, you aren t go- •*«»*• «~i«is—JUUMU, ^^ui Avenue ing-to get Dr. Lee out on a fruit ^' was nostess to members of the Irw l?mK - - S(^\v-A-\Vhilf» rlnK Aftoi- -i <.^ n ;->f Sew-A-While club. After a social hour and an exchange of gifts, refreshments were served to Mesdames Homer Wright, Cliff Dale, Lyman' Adair, Raymond Land, John Truly, Steve Sutter, and Cliff Elliott. Mrs. Elliott, 1630 Seventh street, will be hostess at 2:30 o'clock on the afternoon of March 18. Jusi More Good Used Furniture Values DINETTE—An extra good used Dinette Suit LIVING ROOM SUIT — Five good used living £*% A fti room suit's v«4*3V up BE.OROOM SUITS—We. have Iwo cxlra good £•) r m used Suit, _. vij*.?" TABLE TOP GAS RANGE 10 New Slightly Damaged Porcelain TOP TABLES— $3.95 $4.95 $6.95 HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE COMPANY 1212 AVENUE H. tire family feels disgraced and , said. A child is not christened until he is 6 years old she said and then he is given a name of three syllables: the first, a family name; second, the number of generations his family has been in existence and third, an individual name: He is called first brother or second brother or first sister or second sister and never by his first name, she said. Speaking of the way a vocation is chosen, Dr. Ling said a child is placed on a table when he is about a year old and is surrounded with articles of various natures ™i < ,. seems to ap- *""""' tA *' vv *»**•» *^> Jt*i_v.i,uti ao 5 gill tit as to what he shall make of his life. She said a mother is disappointed when the baby chooses a box of face powder, since that means he will likely be fond of women. The public" school system in China which was started just a few years before the war has been disrupted Dr. Ling said. Prior to that time the local group had taken care of primary work; the province, the elementary work and the state, the colleges. Miss Janet Wilson Luncheon Honoree Miss Janet Wilson, bride-elect of Travis Ferguson of Slaton, was honored by Mrs. Howard Swanner and Mrs. Gus Robertson of Slaton with a luncheon in the Hilton hotel L-nimayo room at 1 o'clock Tuesday. A color scheme of gold and white was carried out in details The table was centered with a colorful arrangement of yellow roses and pale blue iris. Miss Wilson was presented with a gift of linen. Guests were the honoree and her mother, Mrs. S. G. Wilson; Mesdames Fred England, J. S Edwards, W. F. Ferguson and Sug Robertson of Slaton; Mesdames Forrest L. Lindsey, James G Baker and Henry Roberts of Lubbock; Mrs. Bryan Williams jr of Post and Miss Vondee Lev/is of Brownfield. Farewell Party Honor To Mrs. M. .M. Meek Honoring Mrs. M. M. Meek who is moving to El Paso, Mrs! W. B Lamb entertained with a farewell party in the home of. Mrs.-S H Elliott, 1909 Avenue J, Thursday afternoon. A red and white color scheme was carried out. Refreshments of sandwiches and cookies were served to Mesdames Harry D. Bell W L. Stephens, V. M. Voegeli, Audie Low, Mattie Holly, A. J. Allcon Ernest Exum, W. L. Atkins, Jack Medley, W. R. Dean, Ralph Thompson, Pete Hubbard, R. C. Holton, Earl Atkins, Jimmy Fisher, Joe Cox and W. M. Boldin. St. Patrick's Theme Is Used At Meeting A St. Patrick's motif was carried out at the meeting of the Friendship club Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. R. C. Pratt, 2210 Thirtieth street. Sewing was the diversion. The club will meet March 22 at 3 p. m. with Mrs. J. A. Peel, 2203 Twenty-second street. Guests were Mesdames Jack Breland, O. O. Williams, B. L. Akers, Peel, Troy Womack, O. R. Justiss and Howard H. Hughes. Tech Colleguim Club Hears Guest Speaker Guest speaker of the Collegium club, organization composed of girls at Texas Technological college, was. Miss Margaret Turner, woman's editor of The Avalanche- Journal. The program was presented Wednesday night at 7:30 o'clock in the Chemistry building. r If you suffer MONTHLY •> FEMALE PAIN Which makes you Nervous— If at such times you're annoyed by cramps, headaches, backache, distress —-•...»»««« of ••irreguUriUes." a bloated feeling, periods of the blues —due to functional monthly cUsturbancw — try Lydla E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. This famous liquid not only helps relieve monthly pain but also tired, nervous feelings of such days y/hen due to this causs. Lydia. Pinkhaia's Compound is one medicine you can buy today made especially for women-taken reguisrly it helps build up resistance against such symptoms. FoT- .o«r laljel directions. Worth truing I Today's Events «*, Bud to BJoiiom club, 3:30 p. EV. Mn E3t*H mndrix, .1512 25lh S!. Lubbtick Bird and Pet club. 3 p. m Mrs. H. A. To-n-ery, 2S08 2Ut St. Kltnr Kraft KJub. 3 p. in., Mrs. Gordon FJeuniker., 2211 15th St. Double. Six forty-tiro club. 3 p. m J.frt J. G. Oslin, 1820 Avc. O. St. John's Methodist W. S. C. B. 9 to n a. m., singer Sewing Machine company Red Crcrs jewing. •» VFW auxlllarj-. 7:3u p. m., K-P hall. Rf be!t*h. lodge, 8 p. m., IOOF h«IL hote! lrUS * Inl "' i * Uona '' IJ '"on. Hilton m K. Csrltr P-TA, 3 p. m., school. South Plains Dahlia ioc'.ety 7:30 n m Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Knight. 2218 27th St! First Aid course, jpocsored by Dupre P-TA: 7 p. m.. school; Cyril B»tton, instructor. Typographical tuxUUry, 7:30 p. m., Wn Herman Patterson, 1515 18th St. Lubbock Junior Garden tlub, 3pm Tech En E ineering auditorium. First Baptist Mary Martha class 2-30 Mrs™"* P"'K°'I A ' GU ? n ' 18H Av '- ' R : .iirs. A. t. Herring, co-hostess. tel with Mrs. J. T. Hutchinson as hoste3°s" Red Cross Home Nursing course, 9 to 11 a. m sponsored by Georee M. Hunt P-TA school; Mrs. Don Reeder, Instructor. Home Nursing course, sponsored by George R. Bean P-TA; 1 to 3 p ra school: Mrs. C. J,. Adams. Instructor. " Home Nursinz course, snnnsorpd hv George R. Bean P-TA; 7:30 to 9:30 p. m" school: Mrs. Robert McBurney. Instructor'. Southside Bible Studv class 3 D m Mrs. W. R. Dean. 1301 33rd St. Garden Club Members Will See Two Films Two films, "Throughout the Year with Bulbs" and "The Art of Table Arrangements" will be shown this afternoon at 3 o'clock for members of the Lubbock Junior Garden club. The films will be shown in the Engineering auditorium on Texas Technological college campus. Arnett-Benson Club Will Meet Today Members of the Arnett-Benson Home Demonstration club will meet at 2 o'clock this afternoon with Mrs. C. O. White, 2615 Locust street. * Marionette Show To Be Presented Here Rufus and Margo Rose, producers of the Rufus Rose Marionettes will present "Rip Van Winkle" and "Snow White" in performances at 3:30 o'clock this afternoon and 8 o'clock tonight in Senior High school auditorium Tinder sponsorship of the Association for Childhood Education. Admission charge will be 25 cents for adults and 15 cents for children. Tickets are available at the principal's office and at Logan's stores. The Roses have been called masters of the marionette craft, having had more than 12 years experience in the art. CHILD DIES OF BURNS GAINESVILLE, March 4. (/P)— Johnnie Ruth Kammerdiener, 2-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Kammerdiener, died at a hospital last night of burns suffered when she overturned a pot of beans which were. cooking at her home Monday. First Aid Course Is Completed By Women Final meeting of the First Aid course, sponsored by the Roscoe Wilson Parent-Teacher association was held Wednesday afternoon af; the school at which time 21 women completed requirements for graduation from the course. Mrs. Ivy Savage, instructor, was presented with National Defense stamps. Those completing the course were Mesdames Clarence Whiteside, C. P. Hilstad, Mae V/?.tson Rem Thomson, E. F. Hebrank, O. L. Byrd, J. B. Morrisset, E. L. Mader, T. W. Camp, W. D. Massey, O. A. Woody, L. C. Cooper! Dewey George, R. C. Johnson, M L. Shepherd, C. F. Litton, Bode Adams, B. B. Williams, E. C. Henley, G. R. Kennedy and C. S. Rogers. Official Visit Made By Mrs. M. Lawson An official visit to the Lubbock chapter of 1h e Order of the Eastern Star was paid by Mrs. Mary Lawson of Post, deputy grand matron Tuesday night at the Masonic hall Fifty members and seven visitors were present. Mrs. Lawson gave instructions and discussed the School of Instruction to be held here May .7 She appointed Mrs. Rafe Nabors registration chairman and Mrs L. D. Thomas as publicity chairman for the school. It was announced that the LeveJland Rainbow girls, only organization of its kind in district 2, will give a drill the evening of May 7. Mrs. Lawson said .the motto of Mrs. Viva Huffman, worthy grand matron of Texas, is "Love" and the quotation is from 1st. John: 4:12; "If we love one another God dwelleth in us, and His love is perfected in us." . Mrs. T. H. Barnard, associate grand conductress, and Mrs. Nabors, grand representative from South Dakota to Texas, wez-e introduced. tt, & K S u ?S? V ' Smith «"u,uujii;t;u that the OES Study club will meet at her home, 2120 Twenty-seventh street, Thursday night at 8 o'clock Bond Buying Programs At Schools Planned Plans were launched Wednesday afternoon by a committee for educational and entertaining programs to be conducted in the six rural high school districts of Lubbock county to promote sales of defense stamps and bonds. Charles Bacon, chairman, and Harry Morris discussed the nlans v.'ith George E. Hc^scn •*• 6 Ti rt chairman, and J. D.^McPhaul." ' First of the meetings is scheduled for Roosevelt Rural High school auditorium Friday night when former State Sen. G. H. Nelson will be the principal speaker Hop Halsey and his Drugstore Cowboys will entertain with music and ihe team of Dr C C Craig, Dr. F. G. Harbaugh and Dr. Marshall Harvey with comedy. Starting t ime will be 8-30 o'clock. Speakers and entertainers' will vary in each of-the communities, the committee announced. Other dates are: Frenship, March 10' Idalou, March 13; Cooper, March 17; New Deal, March 19, 'and Shallowater, March 24. The program at Idalou -will be presented in the community clubhouse. People living in'Tokyo Road in Ipswich, England, have asked the town council to .give their street another name. Prayer Week Program Conducted By Group For a program on "God'.* Channels of Blessings," members 'of the Slide ^ Women's Missionary Society met Wednesday with Mrs. W. O. Rieger. A covered dish lunch was served. The program was a continuation of the March Week of Prayer. "Whatsoever Things an: Just" was topic of discussion Monday afternoon at the church. Three Entertain At Courtesy Shower As a courtesy to Mrs. Tony Fan-is, Mesdames Mike Aura, Joe Miller and R. K. VandeWater gave a bridge party and shower in the Chimayo room of the Hilton hotel Monday afternoon. Pink gladioli and white candles were mantel decorations and vases of sweetpeas were presented as favors at each table. Mesdames J. H. Stiles and Raymond PainUr scored high in the games. Other guests were Mesdames Milton Hackett, Elmo Arnold, Morns Levine, Joe Shirley, C. E. Davis, Don Mitchell, Wright Kerr, H. J. Bingham, L. E. Hugging, C. B. Lawrence, Morris Howells, Maple Wilson, Jim Bragg, Mary Miller, Sam Rosenthal, J. L. Rosamond, W. D. Harvey. Mesdames John T. Lokey, G. C. Turner, C. A. Lasky, Jerry Brooks, G. W. Cochran, W.-Q. Harbison, L. A. Whiteside, Hugh Dunlao, J> c ,, D;^J«I •c-« t «_ ,-„„.„„ T „, - ' *.**,j 4.n«m_,, i_.,-,.v,i Cannes, i.ou:c Freed, R. D. McKinney, Milt Jones, W. H, Melton, J. Lipshey and G. P. Cunningham. Alathean Class Meets In Home Of Teacher -Members of the First Baptist Alathean class met with their teacher, Mrs. Eula Draper, at 2201 Twenty-third "street, Monday. Those attending were Mesdames Mark Day, J. W. Chapman, J. E. Reid, Jessie Rick, J. A. Lee, Fred Rogers, B. R. Chapman, L. Vannoy and A. L. Harris. Fidelis Culture Club To Meet At Church The Fidelis Culture club will meet Friday afternoon at 3:15 o'clock- in the First Methodist church parlor, instead of with Mrs. C. R. Duncan as formerly planned. Buy A Defense Bond TODAYI First Baptist Class Attends Luncheon Twenty-five members and three visitors attended the First Baptist TEL class luncheon held in the activities center Wednesday. Mrs. H. P. Baker led the devotion, and Mrs. J. K. Miller gave the closing prayer. Committee reports were heard. Panama fears a food shortage. GRACIE ALLEN'S Swan's the soap For silks and you And baby, dishes, Woodwork, too. • Well, my suds, and so forth, -want a soap that's 8 ways better than old- style floaties? Want a floatie that suds twice as fast? Try SWANJ Tun« in every week: GRACIE AUEN «OK« BURNS . PAIR WHITEMAN NEW WH/T£ FLOATING SOAP LCVtH BKOTHCn> COMPAHr. CAK.Rimjt. HA»». 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