The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 27, 1969 · Page 5
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July 27, 1969

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 5

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1969
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

Came from All Sides D»» MelflM Sunday R«<|i»ter July Jt, IW G«n«r*l " KENNEDY police was brief, contained few Continued jrom Pn<r Fn»r of the details he revealed in his n A u- lf , television appearance Friday Krlgartown. HP pulled himself night and gave risc to tr)c were known to have been powerfully concerned over his indulgent drinking habits, his daredevil driving, and his ever- pretty nut of the water and walked w jj d ' c ' st speculations. The sub- r e a rl y eye for .a back unseen, to his room at the; sequcnt performance of Edgar-i fare. . . ." Shiretown Inn. which is only a lnwn authorities raised " block from the waterfront. HI accidental nrdy brooded at his .home on Squaw Island. j siva nnd ielf-ic.ousaf.ory in tone, left certain questions Elaboration!! was 2 a.m. when he arrived. t ' questions . At „ , E | aborat i on s on that theme Saturday morn- 1 became, in the days that fol- He said that he "collapsed !Jng what came to be i^wn asi| owe rt, an obsessive conversa- in his room but from the state- the Roman , holiday of Martha's : tional topic all over the Country men), of the assistant hotel : vineyard began. Two young j as Kennedy sat silent and se- manager, Russell G. Peachey, : fishcrmen returning from East eluded for a full week at his ...... drinking habits was another j Kennedy emerged as a modern was a victim of conversational product of the | playboy. drowning.- c linrfa ,, nio ht HP midnight tragedy. He had no, Another thing that emerged Almost as quickly, Arena and I '«RI Minoay nigru m, reputation for heavy drinking as the depth and eitent of the thp , a , prosocll tor, Waller *3' n0 ,J JLT J P 'JaSLlffM^ """•" ^conchuaanS^ttay, 11 ; , inp wa , K In me ,_ c ,_. be seen B witha'cotcS and wa Tharfeel.ngwrs reflected in that Kennedy was innocent of ;,„ , he unshakeahle MM that quartm? what advi ce did he . .\ . ...j., j .„!.. i-liu. m «it <ha» nnitraft in«n KA. all "neelioenee" in the fieri- life must go on. :opt from Garfian and Mark- wcn t| Had he really made a wrong other j turn onto Dike road? Why did led by | he wait until 10 a.m. to lake stuck i(h 0 Wa |). ( 0 the police head- that must have come later. j Bcach spotte(J the wnee i o{ a For at 2:25 a.m., Kennedy . _ . - . emerged from his room in dry clothes, called out to Peachey, and complained about noise from a party at the Colonial Inn Hotel next door. Peachey submerged car in Poucha Pond — Bob Samuel, 21, and Joseph Cappavella, 15. They hurried to the Malm house, informed Mrs. Malm and she called the Edgartown remembers the time because po ij ce chief Dominick Arena, a Kennedy asked him what time j burly, former state trooper, got home on Squaw Island, 25 miles from Martha's Vineyard. Facts to support all the charges and suspicions that were bruited about were thin. oe seen wiin a scwun aim rrn- mat .^.... B ,>„» i_..~~..,.,. ... ter or a vodka and tonic in the mail that poured into Kd- all "negligence" in the acn- life must go on. hand But ^moderate drinking gartown after the accident. ] dent. The district attorney at , Through the week therejcr« has not been his style in those Chief Arena got more than 200 nearby Ncw Bcdford came ,„.tennis gamps, ou< . o lias situations. On long trips with newsmen he has sometimes put down as many as a half-dozen drinks and on one occasion—• wearying flight back to Washington after a grueling tour in Alaska last spring — Kennedy cut up, appeared decidedly tipsy to others on the plane and was lee- letters got "hate mail," he nearby Ncw Bedford came the same conclusion. But as the days passed and as the Cape filled up with hordes' o)(] iof newsmen, cameramen and commentators, the pres- and a broken Icp for Kind's boys, David. Friends Came Kcnnedv friends came and went in a steady stream B u r k e M a r shall, Robert it was. The senator returned to his room and, apparently, went to sleep. He was up fairly early and at !):10 &.m walked down to the ferry where he was tak- There was, for example, never j lured to by « member of his any evidence of a liaison be- staff > to the^pond at 8:20 a.m., dove tween Kennedy and Miss Ko-| down to the car but could find nothing because he was repeatedly swept away by the tide. He swam ashore and pechne who, from all accounts, | was no "swinger. her friends later said: en back to Cbappaquiridick. Gargan and Markham met; diver. him at the dock. They talked for a while and then Kennedy went into a public phone booth lllll:. lie nwaui rtMiuit: ciuu --- . . . .. . . called the Edgartown fire de- -"She .was modest to the point No Others No other incidents of l *' rl - kind have been recorded, As one of ever. There was at least some tan- partment to send a scuba 1 " f prim anything to call his lawyer, Burke Marshall, in New York. By this time, word of an accident at Poucha Pond had gotten around the community, and the ferryboat operators, Dick Hewitt and his son, went up to Kennedy and his companions and Diver Arrives The diver, John Farrar, ar- ^hat hurts her reputation is fln- necessary and very unfortunate. She was like Ethel (Kennedy) in that she would grimace if anyone said anything that was dirty or tasteless. "You can spot people who are swingers and she was not one of them." Gossip and Rumor Nevertheless, the gossip and rumor turned into a flood, fed by descriptions of her as a chic ........ , and pretty "blonde." In New „„,;„ „ , Farrar attached a rope to herj York, the idea got around that Yes, we know about, it," one ; body and brought it to the sur-JMiss Kopechne was found nude iim mon « Q iH fat'R with Arena's heln. in the car. In Houston and Chi- rived in a few moments, put on his gear and by 9 a.m. had spotted Miss Kopechne's body in the back seat of the overturned car. Her head was on the floor; her sandaled feet were visible through the rear window. She was fully clothed called it — most of them accusing him of "whitewashing" Kennedy or urging him to put the senator behind bars. Vicious Calls The district attorney for the area was flooded with similar mall and the Senate majority . leader, Mike Mansfield, felt the! charges." .....,„ n.i Tuesday Senator Konnn- sting of the same lash after ex-i They also decided, belatedly, i °" MieMia>, .vnHim M nne . pressing sympathy for Kcnne- to seek out witnesses lo the uly pnicrgpcI fromi his seclusion 1 ' • events of that fateful Friday; to attend Mary .lo s funeral in reported, "angry .night on Chappaquidriick. At the the anthracite landscape of and vicious letters and tele- same time the medical exam- northern Pennsylvania. The phone calls" iners were ha vine second crowds that turned out •• In a milder form, the extant -thoufihts about an autopsy on'friendly for the most part I) Ml TVt f» I f 1 I ,T I I H I I 1 !»>•>•• IT sures on ArenS, Steele and oth- Mc . Namarai Tr d Sorensen", Da ers became so great that theyl vjd Ha( ,k,,(t, Lenmyne Billings. speculated aloud about "further Hewitt, the Edgartown ferry boat man. "You tell me," he said to a reporter one day, "is Kennedy finished or are they was put into words by Dick asked if they had heard of the I in a white blouse and black gible evidence that he was no! hostility toward the Kennedys stranger to "dare-devil"' driv- •»" -" f »" <n mnrA<l hv ™" v ing. While studying law at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, he paid four traffic fines between 1957 and 1959 for speeding, reckless driving and running a red light. If there have been any traf- fice citations since then, they lave not come to light, al- Thcir vacillation added fuel; psychologicaMid to the fires of rumor and specu- Mary Jn. failed to pivp him any visible He returned lo Hyantiis as hr lation that swept the country. had come - • a pale, drawn, The Media . lonely figure. •-•-•"' — j --- - * The performance of the, duilty nra going to paper this over with: dja contrlbuted to the samel Within 48 hours he had rip- f>n dn11af< Mile?" ' . accident. slacks. Knew H of the men said. At 9:50 a.m. Kennedy, Gargan and Markham took the ferry to Edgartown and went to the police station to report the bare facts of what had happened nearly 11 hours before. Kennedy's statement to the face with Arena's help. A welter of rumors and allegations about Edward Kennedy's private life came up with it. They were capsulized in a blunt paragraph in Newsweek magazine two days later: ". . . The senator's closest associates in the car. In Houston and Chicago there were calls to newspapers asking if she were pregnant. In desperation, her mother proposed that her body be exhumed for an autopsy to 'clear her name." The matter of Kennedy's $20 dollar bills? This suspicion of preferential treatment was fueled from the , beginning by Kennedy's silence i and by the performance of Are- phenomenon. jrided to plead guilty to the unv^s •!««• -w.«.— -— --p- -1 | HIHI UV lilt- UCI !«• mont.*- though his companions still re-i na and nther authorities, gard him as a fast man at the! wheel. Autopsy Ruling i it iivi i H*II**M« i i ... Editor Henry Beatie Hough I charge he confessed in his oriq- and his Vineyard Gazette were|inal statement to police on the appalled at the "newsmaking"! morning of July 1!> leaving that went on -- the endless, re- the scene of nn accident, petitive interviews of interested His court appearance natives, the lurid innuendoes only 10 minutes ;ind thai before Out'of this fabric and the' Miss Kopechne's body was.that got into print, the boorish hp v, S i range circumstances sur- 1 barely out of the water before-tactics of reporters who he- cameras ,n us f; oundingVhe events at Poucha a local medical examiner, Dr. haved like prosrcutmR at.or- cxp «,n a as . Pond a new folklore was i Donald Mills, ruled . without | neys. pn id at MKIW . mated this^week in whichlmaking an autopsy that she Through it all. 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