The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 20, 1924 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1924
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1924 The Utile coastiiiK-sli.'iimi'r Ilau- fall. Dutch nwni-il, matin IciHiirf- ]y for llio imti-h of Ki'oi'ti which showed on tlie l](iri:'.()!t>llk(! n judo sou of Inpin-lnziili. The flM Inirty. nlin fountl herself comparing 111 In man with the ImsbliiKl she wna ROIIIR hnclt to, "TI IH prlmltlvn woman In mo called aloud for nil that was prim- itlvo In man," she said simply, "and found It. I'm infinitely grateful to you. Mr. f.'orrlgan." She held I out n-KlIm hand and (.'orrlRun, step' ping forward Impetuously, took It In his brown paw. , , , "Are you going ashore? ho In°"*/„ e -:''L llum, ! m ? J 1 ,'" w V al ... , ' hP ' ,l !'IMlrw1. letting his bluo eyes rest for a moment on hers. by EDMUND SNELL C' i'i* $y MA >£fnivc .TJ-C. CORRIG AN'S WAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE until It resounded like a drum "I'm captain here, Mr. ," h-3 shouted. "CorrlRan 'H my name," put In the ntlurr calmly. "When I see male, u truculent, brigand In dirty j man lilt a woman, black or whllt whiles rnd canrns shoes broken ul the sides was netting a motley collect ion of dark skinned n;i- lives below batches; protesting Malays with strange bundles; Japanese girls, brond-fenlured and gU'gling; Chinese coolies, some with flimsy boxes resembling violin-cases, others with nolhlng at nil. because they had gambled away everything they hud started with except a strip of rag at the loins; a lull Sikh with curling heard arid effeminate swagger, Tamils, coal-black and wearing gob] ornaments in their lips, noses and ears; chattering like u monkey colony. (Mulching their enliro worldly possessions, they swarmed below decks to remain, wedged like sweltering sardines, until the vessel ehose to put to sea again the niceties of marine etiquette are lost on me. I seeded. However, ns it nnpo.'trs I /wo you an ajology—1 give It; but I give no guarantee not to repeat, my action in a similar case of brutality." The skipper choked down his wrath. "I see," he said thickly. "You will also apologize to Mr. Vanop." He jerked his head toward tho mgte who kept tin feeling nt his face as if to make sure his chin were still where Nature had originally placed It. ".Not on your life, my dear l,om- burg," ('orrigan assured him, turn. "If you will take me," she replied, looking down . lie found her ten mtnmcs later, talking to the brown girl on the forodeek. As ho approach:*.! theia, he saw that a paper parasol iiau \ appeared from somewhere, and the scaicely perceptible breeze which blew from the shore brought to him the unmistakable scent, of linu de Cologne. They crossed the gangwny together on to the somewhat rickety landing-stage. He called back to a stooping figure in the ship's deck; "How long wo got here?" "Twenty-four hours, at least, sir," was tho reply. "Thanks." They had got beyond a group of prosperous Chinese merchants ^SORRVTO dEAR rAA'JOR, 1V\A-<SCll AU'-tU' MI<3S0<5 HAD A SCRlMNAAere M£9f£RDAV, AlJ' 9tfE IWREVO sod FOP AfEkWARTJUOsS! \<i> rrifeoe -rvu-r VOLS PLAki lb BRUSA -TW' OL PLUG A AT" A^GO-TO S\AM Mj'cTTWER TFAR EASIteRki SUBURB 'S 2 • AUA9 BOSIfef? M'UADO I ^AR-fflE MADAM Aktt) I WMZ COME To -THE. PARTING- OF TIAE \0AV<5.! — I AM UMT>Eot>E.r> ve -f Asib PERSIA APPEAXSTO ME,~AKVD I HAVE A CHAkicE-ToSV^PTo _ PATACJOCUA vdrfiA M JF] OLD ^RIE^D,CAP"fAI»J VJALPOLE! waj£r- WHALE OIL!HE'LL vJEvev? GET H\<5 KjOSE. OUT OF 9Ml^FlM(3 WSTAkiCE OF WAFFLE IROkJ ue's OK I L V GevflUG SET FOR A WEEK EtJt> vyisrTTo "TVV CORK PULLER^. O.UBJ MLlU' MEMBERS ARE REASONS U1MV WIVES GO "To •3^- logon his heel to 'indicate that tho ! J*" 1 ' 011 , Ilrst male looked up. The Dutch mate, tho stump of u ! you my-word! r'f-iir was finished. "That's my way. In Peralt, where I came from, they call it Corrlgan's . way—and you can't, beat It, Captain, I give black cheroot, stuck in the corner of his great month, hastened their movements with none too delicate' prods of an Iron bar. Irene Malheson, reclining In a long cane chair on the narrow fir-d class deck under n patched awning, raised her eyes from the book she hod been reading. There was n weullh of pity In her soul for these helpless creatures, formed | like men and women, yet herded i together like beasts of the field. ( Suddenly she gasped and leaned forward. Something that the ship's officer had done sent a shudder through her slender frame. In dumb protest, she loked at the broad while back of a man who stood by the rail. She rould not. nee Ms face, but she thought that his sun-burned neck vicis unusually red and that the big brown liands which gripped the rope barrier had lightened their hold. II was as if a chord of sympathy had passed between Ihese two. The slim girl in the chair fell that the silent message her brown eyes had flashed into space had come to rest in n highly sensitive receiving station encased in a suit of Immaculate duck. The shoulders of the lunn she knew as Corrigan twitched. I let* eyes widening with suppressed excitement, her tiny hands clutching at (lie sides of her chair. fln' 1 saw him vault with the ease of an athlete on the deck below. Half-a-dozen strides sufficed 'o cover the distance between him and the mate. She .;aw the Iron bar descend pltlb'ssly on the head of n native woman who had tried to secure a portion of her personal cfferiH that, had fallen as she staggered throui'h that gaping hide, and then—Corrigan's great fist shot out and the first, mate fell lmivlly. the bar rolling Into the scuppers. Keeling like a ralr spectator in Homan arena. Mrs. Math- cson clapped her liands. The mate, crawling painfully to Ills feet, heard It and threw a malevolent glance in her direction. Swearing horribly, he renched out. for the helaying-pin, Corrigan. who was bending over the injured woman, caught his eve. The fat fingers that groped for the bar ceased their fumbling and tho little pig eyes of the Dutchman quailed beneath a steady gaze that spoke volumes. Mrs. Malhe­ son had never heard C'orriaan's voice. During tho whole of the three days from Singapore, he had gazing ceaslessly out to sea lik n ^ u weighed down by a hroding sorrow. Vnder this sudden call to action, the spell was broken. "Leave that alone, my friend advised Corrigan In nu-asured tones. "You've gone a bit too far for my llklnu." The mate gulped down something In his throat, shrugged bis shoulders and remembered his position on the. boat. 1'erhaps jt. was that he caught, sight of th 1 caplain on his way from the bridge, (or he stooped and picked up the bar, and C'orrlgun hit him again. The skipper, his fven ablaze, confronted the master o" Die situation. "What does tills mean?" he demanded in very good Knglish. Corrigan, square jawed and (dean- shaven, lose to his full height. He stood like a colossus, hu hands resting easily on his hips, between the fat mate holding his bruised Jaw and the Dusuii girl, the white man's handkerchief knotted round her head, on which showed an ever-Increasing patch of blood. "1 regret having to interfere with the discipline of your ship. Caplain l.emburg," he said He dropped on one knee hy the side of the native wtiuian, and the j skipper, with n look at the braod back that suggested that it presented an enigma which to, Oiiiu. nt least, was absolutely insoluble, ordered the first mate aft. He clapped down the hatches himself, leaving tho injured woman and Corrigan the sole occupants of that part of tho ship, and went back to the. brld,;e to bring the llru-fali safely Into the still waters of I.abuan. Corrigan came to the firstlelnss dick, slipping something into his pocket, and disappeared Into tho cool recesses of the corridor in search of a (dean handkerchief. Irene Matheson met. him at the door of her cabin. The tune that he had been whistling broke off abruptly nt sight of her. His face assumed that mask-like expression It had worn throughout tho trip. Mrs. Matheson hesitated. "Mr. Corrigan," she said, the words forming themselves with an effort. "Hullo?" He started as If something had struck him, as if tho sound of a woman's voice jarred o;i his nerves. "Oh—I just wanted to say—to Ho shook his fist after them and swore, venomously. Presently he aimed a kick at a native hand, and chuckled hoarsely to himself. He surveyed an enormous watch with a rusted nickel case and cracked dial on vhich the sun and luoou played an important part. He stuffed It back in his pocket and looked anxiously up at the bridge. The skipper was engaged In earnest conversation with tho Chinese super-cargo. (To Be Continued.) NEWTON MAN BUYS THE SPANGLER CLOTHING STORE The H. W. Spnngler clothing store nt Id South Main street, has been purchased by ,T. ,T. Steele of Newton, the terms of the deal being closed yesterday. Mr. Span gler has been in business in this city for about, a year but other interests have called him to Los Angeles, Calif., where he and his family will leave soon to make their homo. Mr. Steele, the new proprietor, has been here for the past week and will take over tho management of th store at once. IIla family will move hero some time next week. SENIOR Hl-Y TO CONDUCT THE ASSEMBLY, The Senior Hl-Y club will have charge of the Thanksgiving assembly at the senior high school next Wednesday morning. The program Is being nrranged by the cabinet members. Vane Meador, president, will talk and musical numbers will be played by Robert Fertile, of the Lloyd Holiday orchestra. Headings and other musical selections will also be on thl program. I WANTED! 15,009 SUFFERERS FROM DEAFNESS HEAD NOISES Or Nasal Catarrh TO ATTEND STATE MEETING OF VETERANS. conniciAN's FIRST SHOT OUT AND TUB MATE FELL. ane man the situation explains self." The captain, broad and bearded, his white-topped cap cocked over thank you—for what you did. 1 think it was absolutely splendid." He crimsoned beneath his tun, "Oh!—That!" He relaxed somewhat and faced her squarely. I've been so wrapped up in myself you know, that. 1 forgot for the moment you were there. Women haven't treated me too kindly In this world; 1 suppose I've been out in the wilds too long; I've lust polish—and women-folk haven't a lot of uso for the unfinished article. But, there are some things 1 can't stand—and that was one or 'em." "I know," said Mrs. -Matheson sympathetically. "Perhaps some women are exacting, but there are limes, Mr. Corrigan, when they look round for a man; times when there are wrongs that, only a real man can right. 1 wanted you to hit that man." Corrigan gasped. "You wanted me to?" he stammered, "l'vo forgotten a lot of things In these weary years, Mrs. Matheson; but 1 Bort of remembered when 1 was halfway throng! with it, that 1 was guilty of i breach of etiquette; I felt I wa 'but to a hum-1 doing something that isn't done. Dr. \V. Is*. Mundell will go to Topeka Monday to attend Hie state meeting of the 40 and S of which ho is grand chef de guerre. In conjunction with this meeting the post commanders and adlutants of the American Legion will meet there also. The national commander of the American Legion, Major dames A. Drain, will be present at the meeting and will give an address at a banquet. I want the names of 15.000 people who are Buffering from cartarrhal deafness, cluHness of hearing or head noises. I have an original home trpitnipnt for these cMstrmlnji conditions which I want yoti to try wluiiiiil cn-a or espciw. I turti-.Td t«r mam- years with catarrh. dfium-jS and head noises, trtrd many dlilercnt treat- menu, md IKU Kun:!«-nl onerntlnna all r>! which tailed to Rlv<j OR. W. O. COFFEE. H«Ud C«UirtlP erm f* oe111 1 , * , ' K " n "evrlmentuiK on ruvael! an.l Ilnally • n* O.a I net. SpiclJlUt • <?»»»<•'« "'"l.-ll completely healed niy eaurrb. r.i . . J T. stored ray hear na and stopped the terrlnlft head noises I want you to try this splendid treatment entirely at my own expense. ' m 15,000 TREATMENTS TO (STOIC IT I BE GIVEN THIS MONTH • Ktt« -rh .-^t i^m i?.,* ,th t ? w * fneK ". heart nolws or lly by cnurrh «>t the li-ad and air IW I MMI:^. I «W.f-' > i^&U-ry 1 n>"»r t '"'l>e<XA& , ,rrt>&- •nr-Mf- <uhrrs *tate that ctiuurh causeo indication 00<?r6.75; cows and hoifors dull. ^ o£eni«^?Su«nJ he fltouiach « d 75^1.25; calves steady *5.00<&> 1 1 « Lot*"* or nasnl catarrh. The rrsnltM "ar«"qulrV arid roiJvinciriK. You feel the dinprnire the tint 0 »r. Thla Lrealmrnt COSM you uottilmi whatever. Him- PlV wnt« ana sav that you are suiTeriiiH wtth d»f- . 1 flon 1 M * r ou 10 ODB p«iny tor thla or nea.<] nuLwa or catarrh I wtU gladly •end treatmrnt. . 1 " frw) to you prciwld withIht: free treatment. It U the heat troatmtmt I havu out co " 1 - *. *»> «lolnit thla ».o quickly luirotlure ever foun.l lit over 40 years daily practice as eye m ? «rtjrlnal noma treatment to emrrtera of tbr nosoand throatnp*cla|lst. I want^vrrynuflerer c*'"Thal deafnesfl, head aotim or catarrh. I with dcarn«»sa, dullntras at bearing, head HU I KI or t*"''*- -4 '* r tna.t more caaea of deafneaa. head natsea catarrh to try It true. » n< > "tftrrh Unn mv uhVBiplftn tn rhu llntn»,i Don't Neglect Deafness Catarrhal tleafBWi. head nolscji ar.d catarrh when ne»tlect<d gradually grow^orrte. ^uthwlUw DR. W. O. COFFEE, Suite 282, St. Jame» Hotel Bldg., Davenport, Iowa if Hutchinson invited $25 For the man who likes to pay around $25 for a suit or overcoat, our stock offers an unequaled selection. Good all-wool fabrics made up in stylish well-fitting, garments. You haven't seen such values in years, at $25 NUSSBAUM'S Established 1887 Try It Free and catarrh than any physician In the United ftateB. 1 know thU treatmpnt is the best I havn <-ver \u*i\. p«nd your name and address today. Slate whether ynu have drafneiM or head nolaen or Just have catarrh. Thla notice may not ap* near strain so write me at once. -$ c yr YorK. "I Cured My Rupture" Thus Said Capt. Coltlngs After Doctors Said "Operation the Only Hope" Hli Discovery and Book Sent Free Colllnps sustained a bad d(ml>]t> rupturi) that soon kept hi in l.t'ilnrjflen for years. ][« tried doctor r.fter doctor and truss aft^r truss. No results; Finally, h« was assured that ho nni.-t hiiltndt to ovx-rntion. He did*] not, H'? cured h.m.«<*lf Instead. ColHiifc 4 '' Rreat discovery la mailed ft*(;t; to all people who are ruptured. If you will fend tho coupon below you can test It on your own cane. This costs yen nothing and you are sure to be benefited. .So mail the coupon now. FREE TREATMENT COUPON. CapL. W, A. CoIIIngs, Inc. llo\ lir:-]. p Wau-rtftwn, N. T. I 'l'^i.".- M -inl me One Week 's Tent TrKittn .-nt for liuptun*. This test Is t 'i l»e KHIOi". 1 will commence using it at ones. Name .., Address Town.... ARE YOUR KIDNEYS WEAK? Thousands of Men and Women Have Kidney Trouble and Never Suspect It. Now Make Appointments for Xmas Photograph* MclNTURFF STUDIO F. M. JOHNSON t-1 mtan, I Biipiioso 1 ouRlit to hav checked my prtmlivo impulses u. t!l you had retired to your oaliin Irene Matheson Hushed. Unwlll- Butter-Knist [DoesNot Crumble-/] try it / ' Most people do not realize the alarming increase and remarkable prevalency of kidney (Unease. 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You had better see me before placing your loan. D: A. MOORE Phone 246S. First Nat'l Bldg. COAL BUTLER eV SONS 51S So. Main Phone 280 Read the Classified Ads in The News^Herald. PALMER DENTAL CO. Popular'Priced Dentitt 28} N. Main Phone 2659 GAS FOR EXTRACTION Hutchinson THE GU M P S —GOOD-BY, SORROW; HELLO, JOY! HERE COMA'S ~WtCY WWW \ HOVJ V WMfc. TO Hll\A COKA^; "S0Ur4t> CHEERFUL. Jv^3 TV\t CRA.CK t>OOM - WZ. VJALKS VP UMVSiTUNOi UV<B N VVDCK OV TUMv* suvptMt COURT OT= \5MvWRUVTCS- \T St SMS LAKE N^M^S S\NC£ \ ovEvrefe AAA ENMEVWe. VM\TH A. CHfcCK IN VT- EVSRM LtTTtU \ NEfcREtt THt TOOfc-VAOO-S^- \N>TH «k CWECK VOR tS", OOOiS FROlvl UNCLE ^>A- I VU*> ^ HONCH \ %t*H TWNT MNtV.^javMft .N THAT WE \NP,« %\M- AM UNCLE \1 L\KE "WNT \S HIGH CLASS CLEANSING IS A COMPLICATED PROCESS, IT CAN HE DONE PROPERLY ONLY BY HIGHLY SKILLED PEOPLE WITH COSTLY MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT; PLEATERS - HATTERS Out of Town Customers 8erved by Parcel Post Phone 133S Lewis Bldg Worn Out With Backache? 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