Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 10, 1965 · Page 2
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 2

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, May 10, 1965
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

raWs40t)ftyAt, Mcmtfay, May 10, 1965 StLVEtt CITY (tJPl) - West* •ffl Wtw Mexico tffthftftfty has '«» a 221,IW9 grant f«f research a "populauon densities of East stffeiB aflftnna" «* a Wfd e«n* dfc award was made by the Iftl Science Foundation, the announced. — The Lighter Sldo - Ducks And Zip Cede Chonqe In Course Of History Seen Reporter In Santo Domingo ^*te »l AI it \r iirll^t fk* *tn Wn4»n n...« M i n« I. _ ^ » ,1 . t* — _._.!_ . _ ^ • •*. _ t m .. By JACK V. FOX United Press International SANTO DOMINGO (UP1)- or paratrooper tanks and nia-i O CU Foreigners Kvacuatel (the one overseas telephone cir- ; of them would like to know, Those days brought terror cuit to Miami. Taxicabs are go; Why such a tremendous buildup in this little country? The main feeling here Is that President Johnson, once hav- the — - - - — —,~ — .„,..,,. v t^kiu* v\»»vwi.ti»«Mii. j a AIL. a us a' C sector. 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Wealthy -families live most- tarv h'rieW-< admirals an *^« :progress of the zip code pro- course of history in all Latin;ing out is a different matter, ly in the Marine-protected in-UeneraU arTa<ked that ques 'White conceding that there 1 ' BuI'The "big picture" is farlSe baT* woSed SSav SKt ZL7 T^T ,1" r't ?"'' '^ hav ° n % We , a . may still be "pocket of reisl- away in this blazingly hot city; b y Marine guS? when theiV Xbe"inn nJ, r JS ' „ M "'' ^ra roopors and the Domingo ance," he said the public thus where rest the bone/of Chrii!driver panickedI as he ap- are not IZ ?o ? ' '' * ° E ' ""*• mosttsarne far "has taken to the zip codejopher Columbus. Iproached the checkpoint on the are beginning to like ducks to water." ^Let me tell you who it is.waterfront while snipers were their shell But for a This is a city of 300,000 — ' - • e z e. .ie> \\ere targets of my conduct in been very duck-like. ( Caribbean, but it is a wonder- sufficient* now to w-inn out "th P ^ „, Having already been assigned ful offbeat town that is becom- -eSl Mctnr in » P L?fi £ f?*™', „ more numbers than I can pos- Ing increasingly attractive to ^ But L wo^lrt in K/ h V thp . ^eat ironies has sibly keep track, of. I automat- Americans. ? Prr iL ^t i ,T 5*" ' pf|;ltlon of the IVS " ically tend to resist anvthing v , . f 'l ernb!e bl ° odb f th( So their or- Peace Corps. These young men that smacks of digitization ' Number Increases « er s are to shoot back when and women have born hr e At the same time, however I U now has more Americans fired upon and only with li-h' about a >ear aiuJ one- - halt also try to keep an open mind : P resent tnan eve r before—some weapons. Tanks with multiple and p>: {., know the norniaiH and so'l resolved to put the zip 22 ' 000 Marine s and paratroop- rocket launchers stand silent at fncndiv Dominican iamili.-> on code to a little test. jers. and 8,000 sailors floating checkpoints Ian in'inialo ha-is Father Mailed Letter in 28 sni P s on tne horizon. Show Restraint , A!nv»t unanimi->u?l> thrv or- American paratroops have^, ^ ne ''cbels in recent days'pose American iniervent < he outcomesanto will never be tht I had my father, who lives in 1 IfcXU it I V icLLfJCl , W IlO lIVCS 111 f *•« *• ** wy j lia r c ~ " '•• J v *• *• '' * v ' l «.' -' t v - ^ • * ' ' * ^ • ' ' L ll '' <«111. i * t . i i (' ' ! Texas, ma'il to my home in the lcut a corrjc lor across the top have a!s ° shown restraint, and when y-m ask them ui;at Virginia suburbs of Washington^ the cit y ' six enveloes — three with air-- American It goes from the' w 'sely so in view of what faces the alternative to a six envelopes — three with"air- !American Embassy to the t - hern - takeover they have no mail and three with first class ibridge over tlie Ozama River There was a tragic incident They ha\e stayed in postage. heading to San Isidro Air Base, Thursday when an American < One of each variety had my where the American men and Marine medical convo zip code on the address; one su PP ] tes are pouring in at an ' ee P and o" c 'ruck ma had no zip code, and one hadl unbclievab!c tempo. i wrong turn from the en; the wrong zip code. In the third Thp ,-nrriHn . land headed straight down 3fi"- ; ine corna °r runs east and O f March Street They were on" 1 across Santo Domingo. At block from rebel headquarter, H SS M 1C <m thP Plaza IndtM-ondonci;. and Marines when incredulous rebels blamed loaalng down to :a \vav waterfront. Inside that area Three Marines were killed ami wounded. The rebels imiiK-- .iatelv returned tliem to m,. iv. i is i!, category, I used the zip code of some place in Florida. My father dropped them all into a mail box on a Sunday afternoon, and I marked down their arrival time as thev were „-„ fho . ,, , .. , . delivered. On the basis of this L tP J ^ ^°L •'r S ' est1 ' experiment. I am now willing to;^ ated ,. at }2 - wo clv ^^ wth admit that the zip code pro- ! atomalic weapons, and 300 Dogram really works imimcan rebel soldiers. Also a :ternationa! zone for hosnitah/a The airmail envelope with the^ 1 ? 0 " 58 ^ men - women, and:''' 1 " The two uninjured an <i c;,;, correct zip code was delivered chlldren not actively engaged , ( " r ed wre returned to the Mato my house on Tueday. Which ; in the revolt | nnes that ni « ht is pretty zippy. Considering the| The Dominican militarv f 0 rc- nrls^n'VnMM • ?n°• ^ im " '' " M " distance, you could hardly ask lCS of General Flins V \v«.«in pre , hMon tllat ll ls a!I .swo^'ne^ for better service than that. 'rto started ev^tbuo f"}^ ^l ^ ^\ ^ . The zip coded envelope bear- opposed it are most v at the I % ^.^ *™ ^?' 0 s ^ , r ing regular postage arrived on <?a I-'H ' loriure and .suppression r if lii" Thursday. Which isn't bad eith- are 1 t°r ri*' • ma " y nonimican Ht>fi Cr oss estimate -o M) n- er, considering how little you rebel 3 sector 3 abngsid" 1 \ th6 1 ' 00 ° Wt " e kii!ofi " nd ' -! ' Xl h '' ri ' get for a nickel nowadays. | can {orces af ,,,^ ni^oT"^ w° unded in the ^ays before iho M- f -^ " 5 Marines helicoptered in T!i:s n-'h was in bomliinu' and (r_;!!:me !)••• ^',,••• tween Dominican milit.w ia•• "•-'' f: secti'irs working in !i-,of one me! distributing lootl- Th if p'ip'.ilar wilii tiie Man ira',n>"p«.':> and vue \e: An'i';:er- grvat ir^ny i- The I'ni'ed ion in a an' f : < in It takes more than a Pya* to pay off bills (Get the roomy yon need - right now - X Assocutut) Too many bills for your budget? Sea Associates! You can get the cash you need to pay your hills in full. Select your own monthly payments from the schedule below. *In Burma, a pya it S/]OtHt of a ctnt P4YMtHT SCHfDUlft WOHTMIT r«T»i»T V •' . ' ' '' i ~~ $ '•.:• .M fl-t ':-., S.sf •••••• I_J M ''* f * ; -• I ' ron i» — •OtltMl ' i/!'* .'_.j »<'!! i $ '•-') ! i -t , p i r ,ii| .. f .., ,, H ' \i~~ 46 MO 4 < CASM YOU KICIIVI " ro» 11 IKXfTMt J.K.W) '«' J4,' ' 10 $SV V<> "i tb-.o ';'<> ; .r,;vi .'•.«... iv;;- 1 ;" •OMTMI $ 3«6 04 f Mf> 97 J 710/Sfl ~~VS7;".43 $1 000*00 •V..v»mf IV' MKMRKK AUDIT HIiKEAO OP CIKCUI^ITION BY LtTTI.E MER(?HANT CARRIER 1.75 monthly In «(lv»nr«. By mall in Curry and lurrounrilng countlei Jl^.fW fo- ont year; W.OO (or .<ix monthi: $4.25 for three months: J1.50 for one month. By null outald* Clo. vu trart* territory. JJS.OO fnr on<? ypiir: SS50 for six mcTiths: JSOO fnr three month«: JT.75 for on* month AIX SUKSCRlpriONS PAY- AKI.F. LN AHVANCK. S«ro n rt clasi t»)*taf; paid »t Oovu N<-w M^vlro. Pi!hti«f'^(1 dallv erret't Saturdiv r, v the ClWVtS NEWf^JOURNAl. Sixth * Pile, Oovis, New Mexico. Ph. 76.V3431. can forces at such places the presidential palace. People Move Freely There was a time in the first few days when walking city streets was an invitation to death. Today, people are moving freely on both the "international zone" protected bv Marines, and inside the rebel sector, where most of the shops are If you are not in uniform, you can drive or walk past Marine A ri*mael»i Pltn for tmr ASSOCIATES CON9UMIR FtNANCI CO. (NSL) 317 Main Street, CLOVIS FO 2-2937 M <! ion.- No down payment at all. No monthly payment till July. ...AND 5 OTHER REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD INSTALL GAS CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING NOW! I 1. LASTS LONGER. Because there are no moving parts in the cooling cycle. And the cooling cycle is about 90% of the whole system! So there's practically no friction anywhere. 2. NEVER LOSES COOLING POWER. Unlike the other kind, gas air conditioning maintains constant efficiency. Pours out as much cooling after JO years as it does when new. 3. YOUR GAS COMPANY'S DCHllMD IT. 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