The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on April 9, 1975 · Page 26
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 26

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1975
Page 26
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Page 26 article text (OCR)

Settlers Encounter Slow Going NOBLETON, Ont. (UPI) — A group of tough-talking homesteaders who formed an old- fashioned wagon train and started out a week ago for unpopulated land 3,000 miles to the north have so far traveled six miles. But slow-going has not been the only problem for the 35 pioneers, including 10 children They have been mired in mud, hit by breakdowns, heckled by cynics, harassed by humane society officials and stalled by 16 inches of snow dumped on southern Ontario by a howling spring blizzard. "But nobody is giving up," wagonmaster Gordon Roberts, 46, said Monday as he took a break between feeding horses and repairing a harness. "We are all determined to get there Roberts, a former movie studio manager, conceded the weather has put them behind schedule But he said, they hope to move out again today and "we still count on getting there by late August." The wagonmaster said the storm may have been a blessing in disguise for the hardy travelers. "Basically we are much better prepared now than when we started. We are wearing more suitable clothing and are steadily conditioning ourselves." K Cage 28--THK HKHAU). F'rovn. Utah, Wednesday, April 9. 1975 Chrysler Benefits Will End DETROIT (UPF) - Supplemental unemployment benefits paid to more than 44,600 Chrysler workers will end Friday, chopping their incomes in half, or by an average of $8fl a week. A Chrysler spokesman said last week's payout to the workers eligible for the SUB benefits totaled $3,095,000, leaving a balance of only $4,905,000. "We feel we have enough left to meet our obligations through this week but after that payments definitely will be terminated," a company spokesman said Monday. The workers have been indefinitely laid off since November. The fund last fall stood at almost $80 million prior to the massive layoffs at the No. 3 automaker. The payments, coupled with state unemployment compensation, gave the idled workers up to 95 per cent of their take- home pay. I/oss of SUB will mean that a laid-off employe's income will be cut almost in half. Meanwhile, the company and United Auto Workers officials met to work out final details for using an untapped, special $19 million reserve fund for payment of hospital-medical insurance premiums for the workers whose SUB benefits expire. Can't Call Him a Male Chauvinist RICHMOND, Va. (UPI) - A noted anthropologist says that men are inferior to women, and women lower themselves by demanding equality with men. Ashley Montagu, speaking at Virginia Commonwealth University Monday, said a woman who claims equality with a man "has taken a step down." "Only inferior people tell people they are superior, and this is what men have been doing," said Montagu. He said women discovered their superiority long ago and "have the good sense to be quiet about it." Montagu said women are superior on several different levels. He said they are more intellectual because of their everyday experiences, which differ from those of most men. "Men use their intelligence to get Ph.D.'s and to win the Nobel Prize, but you can get those awards and still be as dumb as an ox," Montagu said. He also said women are constitutionally superior to men because they bear and nurture children, and biologically superior because they have two X chromosomes. ^a» THESE PRICES EFFECTIVE 7 FULL DAYS APRIL 10 THRU 16 WE WELCOME USDA FOOD STAMP SHOPPERS 366 E. 1300 S,, Orem 470 N. 900 E,, Provo GREEN STAMPS •I STAMPS GIANT FOODS CASH SflVinGS GR«n ^* FEATURE ONLY TOP QUALITY MEATS! I f^tfCU" ' i EXTRA STAMPS BLADE CUT POT ROAST FULLY COOKED BONE IN FULL SHANK HALF HAM w SEVEN BONE CHUCK STEAK HIND QUARTER A GRADE TURKEY ROAST COUNTRY STYLE SPARE RIBS FRESH (ANY SIZE PKC.) GROUND BEEF LB. IB. LB. LB. LB. SHOULDER CUT ROUND STEAK I 39 FRESH PORK STEAK CENTER CUT CHUCK ROAST LB. 1 09 ROUND BONE POT ROAST WASTE FREE BONELESS WASTE FREE BUNKUM 4 JLQ RANCH STEAK » I* BONELESS BEEF STEW L. 39 BONELESS BONELESS M 1Q CHUCK STEAK LB 1 BEEF SHORT RIBS LB. CUBE STEAK LB. 1 BEEF *Ai SOUP BONES IB 39' LEAN CHUCK QUALITY A A GROUND BEEF L . 89 RIB STEAK BONELESS WASTE FREE SPENCER STEAK • » ibBi 2 49 CLUB STEAK LB. J89 ACRADE FRYER BREASTS .LB A GRADE FRYER THIGHS .... LB. A GRADE FRYER DRUMS ....LB. 95 A GRADE , A FRYER WINGS « 09' TURKEY — f| CUBE STEAK LB 79 CENTER CUT HAM SLICES en 120Z.HORMELSIZZLER 1 / OZ. HUKMEL 5IZZUK f± jpt SAUSAGES PKC 89 J /4 LB. OSCAR MAYER ROUND OR SQUARE VARIETY PACK ...PKC. 1 29 V4 LB. OSCAR MAYER BOLOGNA PKG. 1 09 QT. CLAUSSEN REG. OR ICICLE PICKLES 09 JAR •& Porcelain FINE CHINA ON SALE THIS WEEK! DESSERT DISHES ONLYQQ C SALT & PEPPER SAVE 50 C NU pun )KIH< rrijuirril BRITANNICA JUNIOR ENCYCLOPAEDIA on sale this week: VOLUME? $999 •KITANNICA 'JUNIOR ENCYCLOPEDIA LARGE SLICING TOMATOES FRESH SLICING m CUCUMBERS 2 LARGE CALIFORNIA m AVOCADOS 5 LARGE CALIFORNIA m ARTICHOKES 4 FRESH TENDER BROCCOLI FOR FOR .LB, FRESH SEMI BLEACHED CELERY it PEARS" 8 LBS CELLO BAG l< NAVEL ORANGES LARGE JUICY CA. GOLDLEN DIMCIOUS APPLES 29 4 PAK M.D. TOILET TISSUE WITH COUPON fflIP 6-PACK DR. PEPPER PEPSI 7-UP HIRES '/a FLAT COUNTY FAIR CHUNK STYLE TUNA WITH COUPON NO LIMIT 3 LB. HILLS BROTHERS REG, ELEC.PERK COFFEE WITH COUPON 12 COUNT MED. OVERNIGHT KIMBIES 50 COUNT KLEENEX DINNER NAPKINS 47 1 28 OZ, 15'OFFLAIEL DYNAMO, 32 OZ. PALMOLIVE 20% OFF LABEL DISH LIQUID 28 OZ. BETTV (ROCKER 05 POTATO BUDS I 59 25 LB COLD MEDAL FLOUR REHY CROCKER ANCEL FOOD CAKE 09 145 «IARI»i« 4 If SPIC&SPAN I 37 KIM SIZE 20-OFF UBEl MR. CLEAN •inn i »i« ^ ^^ COMET CLEANSER 39' KIMS SUE " VAn IAD 155 •MHV »•»"* TOP JOB 80Z. FIDDLE FADDLE 8 OZ. SCREAMING 9 v*» **n»nminw ^^ ^^ YELLOW ZONKERS 73 TRIX CEREAL 99 120Z. COCOA PUFFS 03 LUCKY CHARMS HELPERS HAMBURGER FROZEN FOODS 5-PAK RHODES IBREAD i< 1 US. FOB 10 OZ. CAL TROT STRAWBERRIES lOOLPtCTS'ttH -^ BROCCOLI SPEARS 43' DAIRY DIPT CREAM '0 WEBER BUTTERMILK TATERTOTS 20 01 MORTON MINCE PIE.... 1" 30 QT. (REAM '0 WEBER ICECREAM 16 OZ. WARSHAWS SLICED WHITE & WHEAT BREAD FOR* 2'A SIZE ROSEDALE GREEN BEANS 3™ I °° QUARTS KRAFT MIRACLE WHIP IlLKIHlfRZISUSALTINE CRACKERS CAl. BAKERY DIPT UH-ICED BOILED RAISIN CAKES DOZ, ASSORTED RYE BREAD IN FOIL GERMAN CHOCOLATE CARE ; ASSQRTEPICEP CAKE DONUTS .6 FOR COUPON DOUBLE S&H GREEN STAMPS WITH THIS COUPON AND THE PURCHASE OF $10.00 OR MORE. LIMIT 1 COUPON PER CUSTOMER. GOOD ONLY AT FOOD KING & WARSHAWS. VOID AFTER APRIL 16, 1975. AMOUNT OF PURCHASE WITH $10.00 OR MORE PURCHASE TRIPLE S&H GREEN STAMPS | WITH THIS COUPON AND THE PURCHASE OF $20.00 OR «ft MORI. LIMIT 1 COUPON PER CUSTOMER. GOOD ONLY AT <& FOOD KINC & WARSHAWS. VOID AFTER APRIL 16, * 1975. $ AMOUNT OF PURCHASE 1 WITH $20.00 OR MORE PURCHASE. ^ COUPON 4PAKMD TOILET TISSUE 2 I 15 •• FOR • WITH COUPON LIMIT 2 PER COUPON, 1 COUPON PER CUSTOMER. Good only a\ food king & Wurihawi. VOID AFTER APRIL 16, 1975. i <«, COUPON ::W5W;^F$f&5«y> FRENCH BREAD 100 3 LOAVES LIMIT 3 LOAVES PER COUPON. 1 COUPON PER CUSTOMER PROVO & OREM WARSHAWS ONLY VOID AFTER APRIL 16.1975. '/a FLAT COUNTY FAIR CHUNK STYLE TUNA FISH WITH COUPON LIMIT 3 PER COUPON, 1 COUPON PER CUSTOMER. GOOD i ONLY AT FOOD KING & WARSHAWS. VOPID AFTER * APRIL 16,1975. — * COUPON a tl 3 LB. HILLS BROTHERS ^\ REGULAR &ELEC. PERK ^ COFFEE 2 69 LIMIT 3 PER COUPON, 1 COUPON PER CUSTOMER. GOOD ONLY AT FOOD KING & WARSHAWS. VOPID AFTER APRIL 16,1975. COUPON 4VaOZ. HEINZ STRAINED BABY FOOD 20* VALUABLE COUPON WITH COUPON LIMIT 3 PER COUPON, 1 COUPOH PER CUSTOMER. GOOD ONLY AT FOOD KINC & WARSHAWS. VOID AFTER APRIL 16,1975. COUPON 7 OZ. RIGHT GUARD BRONX DEODORANT WITH COUPON LIMIT 3 PER COUPON, 1 COUPON PER CUSTOMER. GOOD ONLY AT FOOD KING & WARSHAWS. VOPID AFTfR APRIL 16,1975. COUPON 100 TABLETS TYLENOL WITH COUPON \Vedncsckiy. April 9, 1975. THK HERALD. Provo, Utah-Page 29 Solon Asks Repeal of Voting Law By DONALD LAMBRO WASHINGTON (UPI) - Sen. James B. Allen, D-Ala., is urging repeal of two provisions in the voting rights law, charging the> had made states into "conquered provinces." Allen urged the Senate's constitutional rights subcommittee to repeal provisions which set criteria for triggering application of the 1965 act and require federal review and approval of the voting laws and procedures of affected states. Clarence Mitchell, a director of the NAACP, called for retention of the provisions and extension ol the act for an additional 10 years. "To do otherwise," Mitchell testified, "will again open the door for evil practices, the tricky laws and the ruthless killing of citizens, black and white, who want to protect the right to register and vote." Allen said the two provisions were aimed solely at the southern states and that their "justification does not exist in 1975. "At issue is the power in Congress to reduce states to the status of conquered provinces," he said. Allen said the law was written to require federal review and approval of a state's voting laws if a state had a literacy test on its books in 1964 or if its voter registration or turnout in the 1964 election was below 50 per cent. Allen said literacy tests have not been administered in the South in 10 years and added, "There is ample evidence to indicate a significantly greater percentage of minority registration and voter participation in the originally targeted states than in states of other regions of the nation." Mitchell said repeal of the provisions would "emasculate this great legislation." President Ford has proposed a five-year extension of the Voting Rights Act, but Mitchell testified that "if the 10-year extension can be passed it will be a great advantage to the country as well as to the victims of discrimination." The provisions, which authorize a federal review and clearance of delinquent state voting procedures and statutes, will expire Aug. 6 unless Congress votes to extend them. Spy Ship Mission Reported LOS ANGELES (UPI) - The CIA spy ship Glomar Explorer will try to finish retrieving a sunken Soviet submarine this summer because the first effort provided such an intelligence windfall, including atomic warheads and the personal journal of a Russian nuclear weapons expert, the Los Angeles Times has reported. The body of the expert, with a two-inch-thick book of notes, was recovered from the submarine along with two nuclear- tipped torpedoes, the newspaper said. The salvage crew was threatened at one point by radioactivity because the nuclear weapons had leaked and contaminated parts of the sub, the report said. The Times said the Glomar Explorer, the ship built under the cover of being a deep sea mining vessel operated by Howard Hughes, is scheduled to return this July to the site 750 miles north of Hawaii where the Russian sub sank in 1968 to retrieve the rest of it, including a nuclear armed missile. Even before the project's cover was blown, Soviet trawlers kept watch on the site, the Times said, and crewmen described how the Russian ships observed the recovery operation, moving in close enough for the crews to exchange insulting hand gestures. The Times quoted intelligence sources and sources with independent knowledge of the project, including at least one member of the ship's crew. The project —first codenamed "Jennifer" and then "Azorian" and now "Matador" —has been criticized as too expensive at an estimated cost of $400 million, but was actually "a stunning success," the Times quoted an intelligence source as saying. 39 10 I 39 I V FOR • m « 199 »w w SMV \ UMIT 3 PIR COUPON, 1 COUPON PER CUSTOMER. COOP * * A X ONIY AT FOOD KING 6 WARSHAWS. VOPIP AFTfl The Oklahoma Society for Crippled Children was the second statewide organization of its kind ever established in the United States, preceded only by a similar society in Ohio.

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