Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 28, 1961 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, June 28, 1961
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W«JnMliy ( June M, If 61 HOP! iTAl, HOPI, AftlAMIAt Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 ft. M. Cajendar ; Monday, July 10 WMS Royal Service of the First laptist Church will meet Monday !uly 10 (postponed because of the 4th holiday) The business meeting conducted by Mrs. Harold Brents jresident, will begin at 11:30 a.m. A covered dish luncheon will be served at 12:15. The Annie Hoover Cu-cle, with Mrs. Perry Moses :haitj||n, will serve as hostesses Urs.Teonard Ellis is the Social Chairman. The Royal Service Program at 1 p.m. will be .presented by the Hazel Sorrels Missionary Circle, Mrs. Hody Butler chairman. The church nursery will be opened at 11:15 a.m. Duplicate Bridge Club Meets When the Hope Duplicate Bridle Club met at the Diamond on tables of score winners Monday 1 There were players. The high Saenger THEATRE TONIGHT —THURS. JfcpwTime 1:45-7:00-9:00 FOR CHILDREN OVER 12 ...the most frightening motion picture you have ever seen! 1 Friday -- Saturday "Jawboat" and "Shakedown" were Mrs. E. P. Young Jr. and Mrs. Roger Herod of Richardson, Tex. In second place were Miss Troy Hammons and Foy Hammons Jr. of Knoxvillc, Tcnn. Rounding out the winner, circle was Mrs. Bill Wray and Jimmie Jones Jr. Misses Moore and Cote Entertain With Breakfast Miss Sue Moore and Miss Ann Cole entertained with a buffet breakfast Sunday, June 25 at the Cole home for Mrs. Johnny Dealon of Arkadelphia, Miss Elaine Thomason and Miss Brcn- da Hamm, bride-elect of David Rykcr of Little Rock. Mrs. Deaton, attired in a white sheath and Miss Hamm, wearing i pale green sheath, were each ;iven a corsage of pink rosebuds. The hostesses also gave them calling cards engraved with their married names. The serving table was overlaid •with a ycllosv organdy clolh centered with an arrangement of Shasta daisies and ivy. Mothers of the honorccs, Mrs. Dayton Thomason and Mrs. Mary Hamm, served the breakfast rolls and Special Meet Continued from Pate OM A. C. Mowery Jr., who took a federal job. Sadler ^-ill step into the sen temptized by the death of Rep. Clay Brazil during the 1961 session. j In other local elections held in connection with the strffewide bond vote, Miller County's \ electorate approved a 300,000 industrial bond issue and Little River County voted a 1M> mill property tax to DIXIE So. of Hope Hi School TONIGHT-TOMORROW Showtime 7:45 "From the Terrace" The Best-Seller is on the screen with all its intimate emotions intact! with NEWMAN — WOODWARD Cortoon: Stairway to the Stars NOTICE The undersigned Dry Cleaners of Hope be closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, July 3, 4, and 5. Open for business Thursday. LAHA CLEANERS JAMES CLEANERS finance construction of a nursing home. The Miller County vote was 2,452 for the bonds and 899 against. Little River, with 17 of 22 pre- incls reported, showed 513 votes for* the tax and 354 against. In his individual drive to get the bonds approved, Faubus charget that opposiliin was headed by in legralionists who wanted only to cmbarass him, but this contention apparently carried little weigh with voters. The key issue was whether the bonds could be financed withou a new tax. Faubus contended ac cumulating revenue surplusc from current taxes would cover debt service. Opponents said approval of the bonds would mean a new tax or dipping into public school and welfare funds. Bolh sides agreed that there are proven construction needs, particularly at the State Hospital and the institutions of higher learning. But bond opponents wanted a pay-as-you-go plan, using surplus funds freed by invalidation of the omnibus law and future surpluses as they accumulate. Faubus had little comment on the outcome of the election before he retired Tuesday night after returning from a trip lo llunlsvillc where he cast his ballot. "Madison County will carry it," lie said. "They vote for progress up there. That's all I have to say tonight," Faubus said. Arnold Sikes, who took a leave of absence as the governor's administrative assistant to head the pro-bond Arkansas Building Pro gram Committee, conceded defeat early. "One good thing came out of the campaign," Sikes said. "Even the opposition admitted the needs at the Stale Hospital and the institutions of higher learning." Joshua Shepherd, chairman of the Arkansas Committee for Pub- Governors Tackle Aid to Education •y JACK MIL HONOLULU (AP) — The na- ion's governors tackled the school financing problem today with conference speakers attack- ng and defending the Kennedy aid-to-educalion program. Secretary of Health, Education ind Welfare Abraham A. Ribicoff sent a bluntly worded challenge o "slates' rights" opponents of President Kennedy's measure. He asked them to specify which, i any, of existing federal schoo aid programs they would be willing to give up. , Ribicoff, unable to attend, sent Asst. Secretary James M. Quigley to read his remarks. Raymond Milcy, contributing editor of Newsweek magazine, said Kennedy's program of grants for school construction and teachers' salaries is "rooted and nourished in politics." He added it "relies upon the quick but illusory proposition that he federal income tax is inexhaustible." The school aid controversy at scheduled business session pre- DOROTHY DIX Marriage and Work Hours at Sixes and Sevens By HELEN WOROEN ERSKlNE Dear Helen: My husband is in business for himself. If he. feels like working, okay. If he feels like drinking, okay too. 1 work five clays out of seven— up at 4:30 a.m., home by 2:30. When I tell him I sec his car parked every day outside a different bar rj'im, he snarls (hat he has a right to r. few ririnks. If I say another word he grabs his hat and doesn't return till next morn- ng. His peeved customers ring our phone constantly, mad be cause work he promised isn't clone. I have put up with this for II years. Would it be wise for me to take our lhrcc ; children and ceded a stated dinner tonight at which Vice President Lyndon B. vovco. to see someone, they waul to go along. The daughter is 50 years old. If I want to take a friend with us, she blows her lop and declares, there is no room. We own a 1059 four-door car which accomodatcs six people comfortably. What shall we do? — Richard Dear Richard: Your parents are the hosts. It's up lo them, not GENEVA Oum, head . , , , . . .„ .. mv. party. Unless vour parents cr s.rb nntl I went o Washing- hnvc ' a spccin , m , S( ; n fm , „„,,, ton, D.C., on a sightseeing trip. n „ „ , |u * Two sailors, in and 20 (the real „ e ', f • .^ ^ , M home boy type) asked permission bp , , p fl ., cnd »„ of the hotel manager to take us C aslons to the coffee shop. After a cola v ' we sat in the lobby tatking till ' , , 30 n m Send your problems lo Helen '" . '' '.. , ... , ., . , , , Worden Erskine. Be sure lo en- J hcsn ; lo , r !.ll k , C( ! the J )cs . lnsk011 close n stamped, .sc-lf-mldre.ssed Ends Boycott of Geneva Talks (AP)—Prince flotm of the pro-Western Vientiane government of Laos, ended his boycott of the 14-powcr Gcncvn conference at Its 24th session today. Former Premier Phoili Snllntil- konc, representing the five Laos political parties supporting Boiirt Gum, took a scat among the nations discussing his country's futc. Hitherto, Bonn Oum liatl h> fused to approve n Laotian• ctelo' ate to the six-wcek-olcl confer- cnce. leave? I buy all of their clothing than ever. —C.J. Dear C.J.: If a man is happy in his home and work you can't pry him loose from either. Your husband obviously isn't happy else ho wouldn't bar hop. You should bo for n good night (or Rood morning) kiss. 1 said no. He was Iwing shipped to Cuba Ihe following day. We talked about, everything under the sun—it seemed so right, lie gave me his address nnd prom- envelope and address her this this newspaper, newspaper. Ilelpsul Helpful care lenf- lenf- lets available. Write for 'Firm ised to write. I wrote him a letter and most of our groceries. My « ntt Postcard while on our trip staying at home isn't the answer. W«"« don't, say forget him. I had I've tried that, He acts worse « rc »' '">" J" st Inking to him. Before he said goodbye he wins- >ercd in my car, "I'll remember his night." I could have died. We arc both of the same religion. Do you think he will write? — Won- jcring Dreamer Dear Dreamer: Vour sailor cor- Johnson was to review the grave ntcrnational situation that has r urnished an uneasy background '.o this otherwise gay and colorful 53rd annual conference. In conversations with each other and with newsmen many governors made it clear they are apprehensive about new threatening gestures made by Soviet Premier Khrushchev. Gov. David L. Lawrence, Pennsylvania Democrat, proposed the conference go on record as solidly behind Kennedy in any negotiations with Khrushchev. Gov. Mark 0. liatfiekl, Oregon Republican, said his party will unite behind the President on Berlin. But he said the GOP reserves the right "to disagree and to constructively offer criticism." Ribicoff's message told the governors that those who cry out loudest about states' rights invariably "arc quartered in the stales receiving the greatest share of federal funds." home lo see I hat your husband has a nourishing breakfast. It's the most important meal of Ihe . A wholesome, well-balanced breakfast would satisfy your husband's nutritive reciuircments and lessen his craving for alcohol. So, if you must work, look for a job with more normal hours and above all. don't nag! Encourage our husband to do what he en- oys doing, business wise, even hough he makes less money. Juild your man up instead of tear The unsurpassed elegance of Juilliard. poured the coffee for 14 guests. The hostesses were assisted by Ihir mothers, Mrs, Norman Moore and Mrs. Jim Cole. Coming and Going Mrs. Lula Andrews had Mrs. B. A. Courson of Hamburg as a weekend guest. 100% IMPORTED CASHMERE Purest virgin cashmere ..yours for year-round service. the coat of your -earns! Cut with classic grace and flawlessly tailored in ihe loveliest colors imaginable, lilac, white, bone, bahama, red, vicuna, and black. ' Sizes 6 to 16. Leaving Thursday for the Kiwanis International Convention in Toronto, Canada, will be Dr. and Mrs. Sam Strong, Carolyn and Sammy, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kelly and the Dean Murphy family. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Haiisficld spent the past weekend in -Little Rock and attended the MeCul- lough Chain Saw dealers meeting. Mrs. Glen Bowdcn of Little Rock spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Micldlebrooks. Committee Okays Lifting DebtCeiling WASHINGTON (API—The Senate Finance Committee npprovcc today a House-passed bill to raise the national debt limit by $5 billion to a temporary ceiling of $298 billion. The action came after an urgent plea by Secretary of Ihe Treasury Douglas Dillon who said he must lave thai much borrowing power o operate in the year ahead. Action by Congress is required o make sure the government can ils bills next week. Without icw legislation the limit drops Friday to the permanent level of lim clown hotight of and that there'll be no last resort—di- lainly wouldn't have given his address if he had not wanted to see or hear from you again. But don't write him again until he writes you. And, if he shouldn't answer you by return mail, don't lose heart. He's in a troubled spot of the world and could be doing double duty. Dcar Helen: My father and mother and 1, aged .14. arc friendly with a mother and daughter. When these two hear we are taking a trip, visiting a club or plan (Dorothy Dix is a registered 'ra de mnrk. Released by The Bell Syndicate Marked IVce, in I'oinscll anili- ty was a bmlniiirk and fonlinj, place on S 1 . Francis river lout, before lucre was a settlement in the crossing. SAVR ON AUTO TRUCK — FIRE ""•"INSURANCE — Also Life Insurant* — ?. SAM McHENRY, Agent Phone 7-34*1 or 7-217* ' II "FOR EASY PARKING Use our Side Entrance on South Walnut St. THERE IS USUALLY PLENTY OF DIAGONAL PARKING SPACE AVAILABLE. Ward and Son Drug Co. ACROSS FROM POST OFFICE CORNER WALNUT and EAST SECOND ST. OVERTURFS SEMI-ANNUAL SALE NOW GOING ON - BARGAINS GALORE! LADIES SHOES P285 billion and the Treasury figures it will owe $4 billion more than that, on that date. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ambrose Jr. of Tulsa, Okla..were recent visitors of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. K. E. Ambrose. They left Tuesday for Roswell, N.M., accompanied by Mrs.'Jack Ambrose and children, who were returning home after a months visil here with Mr. and Mrs. H. C Texarkana, divide'! by Ihe slate line of Arkfriias and Texas, has separate mii.iicip.il governments and School systems but one chamber of commerce. DRESS SHOES • High & Medium Heels • Values to $11.95 $5 - $6 - $7 CASUALS • Wedgies - Stack Heel • Values to $10.95 $3-$4-$5-$6 • SIZES 5 to 10 • WIDTHSAAtoB • SHOP EARLY Whilworlh and E. Ambrose. Mr. and Mrs. K, Mr. and Mrs. II. N. Mouscr and grandson, Nathan McRae of L.R. have returned to their respective homes after a visit in Ft. Smith with the Buforcl Poe family. Mr. and Mrs. David Pack and Les of Pine Bluff visited Mr. and Mrs. Paul Raley Friday and Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Crutclv field of Camden were the week' end guests of Mr, and Mrs. 11. 0. Kyler. lie Schools and leading spokesman I for bond opponents, issued a conciliatory victory statement. Jle said his side had no intention of crowing about the triumph. Both Shepherds committee and he Arkansas Education Association, another vigorous bond op poncnt, worked against Faubus last fall when he backed a proposal school closing constitutional amendment which was defeated three to one in the general clcc lion. Economy - minded Arkansans now have a three for three average against proposals which might cost them money. Along with the school closing measure last fall they defeated proposed amendment which would have permittee increases in city taxes and salary increases for elected officials. BOY'S SHOES LOAFERS & TIES • Sizes 31 to 6 • Values to 8.95 $5.00 CHILDREN'S SHOES Lots of Good Back-to-School Numbers • Sizes 81 to 3 $1 - $2 - $3 HOME LOANS TITLE 1 (Home Improvement) • Conventional • FHA Build — Buy — Repair — Remodel — Refinance This is a local institution, owned by the nearly 500 people who save their money here, and we're here to help YOU with your savings and loan problems. You are cordially invited to use our many facilities. Fred 0. Ellis, Secretary H«kln| your city • M«w plie* U live, work ind filial family- th. r ,,uit .f « Savings ind loin buiinui MEN'S SHOES Values to 9.95 $5.00 SIZES 6 to 12 Values to 12.95 $8.00 • B-D WIDTHS I Values to 17.95 $11.00 MISSES DRESSY SHOES • White and Patent • Sizes 81 to 3 • Values to 6.99 $3.00 GIRLS FLATS • Sizes 5 to 10 • Values to $8.95 $l-$2-$3-$4 SHOP EARLY FOR BEST SELECTIONS Men's Canvas Shoes $3.00 Sizes 6 to 12 CHILDREN'S CANVAS PLAY SHOES.... 1.99 • Sizes 5-> to 3 OVERTURF FAMILY SHOE STORE 214 SOUTH MAIN ST. HOPE, ARK.

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