The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 27, 1956 · Page 9
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 9

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 27, 1956
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Tuesday, March 27, 1956 Sun Classified \ 51. Female H«lp Wanted Insurance Secretary WRITE P. O. BOX 599 BAYTOWN, TEXAS State 'full experience. If no ^Insurance experience, DETAIL Other employment. PLEASE GIVE REFERENCES ~~A VO N~CO S MET I C "S .-irrt loUfltrn-s can KIV» you unusual enrn- inir npjrartuniiv during the corning va- ration stason. Mr*. Ft. I.. Springfield. 22)3 Ix>u -Ellen Lane. Houston IS. Texas, BAR MAID WANTED--20 10 35. Hour.1 •1:00 to J2:00 p.m. .\1u»t be rtependable. Apply Titll X. Commerce. BEAUTICIANS— I r you want a Rood lu- *,ure. Rood money, powd established rllentel— M«y*r Bro.«. Beytown Brnuty salon has o^enlnea in atylins. r«BUl»r At- inrtmem. Pliant ill»« Betty. 8142. SETTLED WHITE WOMAN — • For hotel mnlii work. Mt:s' live on place. T>hon* 2326. JJJCPERIENCED'SE'A/MSTRESS WANTED — Apttlv in person. Grand Cleaners, 315 Vorth Main Htn-e;, rtnyuwn. 52. Male Help Wanted Established Local Agency Vsr.ts <w« men tor Inieiuive insurance rsintnr program. Promise hard wnrk bin Eoort Income. No collegium.-. Write jivine P.O. Box 3 13 •H"fs~lS - THE SMALLEST AD bu; offers me creatcst noportuaity. Contact "W. S. U.Wr.ron. Room 103. Wood.i Building. PREFERABLY FAMILY MEN WITH RESPONSIBILITY -or KuvUe E«le.« wao need to m«hr g«ot! "1'IK« fo- t7i»lr f»mn>5 and vMlitbbsn i^pi'elven tn s wi.nne." uf thur own. Jn'w' -i a Kimd ll''!* "' '"*•"• u ' :sh an VnMuited n>:npr. r.v viMtii <'xreilent <-om- VRV henffil* fo: veil. If /otl •'•"'' h<tw«a 1 an-1 3f., anil wan! joxetlilnB pe.rtnan- nt in ba!M vour future on -aj-'pr- '.n t raon «o Mr. McCicilan, S a.m. 10 1 p.m. The Carnation Co. <00 S. MAIN 53. Sales Help Wanted Heavily Concentrated i 'urn! mule opea. Mu»t have tar and ROCK! Jrr"fnr*> W«tlcln» liuslii«»» '•• *<«"'• '•«' eve'fn! th'ou»*n.l tlnlUrn pro!:-, ann:i»!Iv. f vou qu»llfv. Also. Rood e'.ty rniitt np«n. V'r'lle Boi 502. r.i.-e of B«.-to*n 5"?;__ •uli or par: time. f,-|iou*e your own Hours. ofl<l' earning trom .«»«. VVnt. Baytown . Televisio ruAMMki t vnAnncL < tvesoAf IStfO Ix)OTlfty OCftwn S:SO Kamnr of Jungle «:00 World At Large 0:10 Todny In Sport i 6:1.1 XCWH; W«nther fi:30 Dinnh Shore 6M5 News Cnravnn 7:00 Marlhn 8:00 Jano Wjtnati Thent«* 8: SO PUywrifrhl '*« »:»0 I L«<l Three Lives 10:0» District Attorney 10:JO News; Weather 10:45 I-e* l'Aul-M«rj- Fort 10:50 Mann About Sport* 11:00 Toni»ht 12:00 Sign Off WBO.VKSUAT fi:4fl .Morniiip Devotion*) (1:45 OeorKe Roc»ncr 7:00 Today B:0fl l)in r "Donit School 8:30 Krnir KOVRC 10:00 Homfs 11:00 TcnneMee Ernie CHANNEL 11 6:00 H Video Lane 5:30 Xe-vs; Weather 5:45 Douf Edwwd» fi:00 1 >Iarried Joan 6:,10 Xamc That Tune 7:00 Phil Silvers 7:S« Xmvy JjOf »:00 Guy Lombartlo «:30 Rr-d Skelton 9:00 $*4,000 Question 9:30 Tnist Your Wife? 10:30 Late Show 13:15 Datelin* Europe U:*5 News; Sirn Off WEDNKSDAT fi:3fl Ruriil R«veill« 7 :00 Get Up Time 7:55 New* 8:00 Captain Kan(f»roo 8:r>5 l.slund Headlines 9:00 Gn.rr\* ^loore fl:30 Arthur Godfrey 10:30 Strike It Rich 11 :00 Valiant Lady CHANNEL 13 TtlESDAV 5:00 Mickey Mouse Club 6:0rt Koy Willinir 6:15 »«•*; Wesrther *:30 Warner Bros. 7:30 Wyatt Earp 8:Wl Danny Thi>inu« 1:30 Stories of CcnturT 9:(Kt Tomorrow'!' Careers »:30 Cavalcade Theater 10:90 Xftrs 10:1,"» Town and Country 10:30 Mystery Ornnihus 11:00 »w.s ! 1:05 To Re Announced 11:20 SI)rn Off Log KPRC-TV u is J2 J 3 8 3 4 4 a r, 6 6 S G :3fl Feather Your Xc»t :00 TV Kitchen 8 8 n n in m 10 .10 11 1.2: :00 NBC Theater :00 Date With Life :15 Modem Korruinces :SO Qiwn For A Day :<W Maiincc :30 Howdy Doody :<M) Hoy Rojters :00 World At Ijirite :10 Today In Sports :15 News; Weather MO Kddie Fisher New* Cnrkvan :00 Screen Director :30 Father Knowg Best :00 GiJUernleeve :30 Waterfront :00 This Is Your Life 30 Draimet :00 Celebrity Playhouse 30 New*; Weathercast 45 Le» Paul-Mary Ford SO Mann About Sports 00 Trmipht 0 Siirn Off KGUL-TV H:15 Lore Of life 11:30 Search For Tomorrow Il:i5 Guidine Lifcht 12:00 Stti Erwin Show 12:30 Love Story 1:00 Robert Q. Lewis 1:30 House Party 2:00 Bi|f Payoff 2:30 Bob Crosby Show S:00 Brighter Day 3:15 Secret Storm S:30 On Your Account *:00 Ray Milland 4:30 Kit Carson 5:00 U Video Lane 5:30 .News; Wenther 5:45 Dotjjf Edward u fi:(X) I Married Joan l!:30 Boston Blackie 7:00 Arthur.Godfrey 8:00 The MillionaJre 8:30 Tve Got A Secret »:fKl r. S. Steel Hour 10:00 Science Fiction 10:30 Late Show 12:15 Dateline Europe 12:45 Xews; Sirn Off KTRK-TV Sun. OLDER MEN ! f -riir«men; nee who Kood year ., muni! income Kult «r oirl-tlme. Avtr- ] i'" V> l>er huur. Vouncer men «T : rt "cor..i!derei!. Write Box 300. care | »r» 55. Work Wanted WKDNTCSDAY 7:45 Anlhem; prayer 7 :5!i Jfrwa; Weather »:00 f'layrunch 8:00 Koinprr Kooiu fl 10 .11 1.2 1 2 4 4 5 5 6 fi 7 8 8 9 B 10 10 10 1 1 11 11 :5o News :00 Hollywood Theater :30 Kitirik Comics :00 Midday- Movie :30 The Rubles :00 Film Festival :00 Adventures :30 Little Rascals :00 Mickey Mouse Club :00 Foy Willing :15 News; Weather :30 Disneyland :30 MGM Parade :00 Masquerade Party :30 Break Thu Bank :00 "Wednesday Fiffhts :55 Sterl SporU :00 »ws :15 Town and Country :30 Myjititry OmniHus :00 News :05 To Be Announced :20 SiR-n Oft U. S. Navy Seeking Talent For Officer Candidate School The Navy Recruiting 1 Service announced today that enrollment in classes at the Navy Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island have been increased to permit enrollment of as many spring college graduates as possible. The increase in vacancies at the Navy DCS was disclosed by a representative of the Chief of Naval Personnel who recently visited the Houston Recruiting District. The Navy stated this increase was created especially for the summer month classes in order that those men desiring to enter the Navy may have an opportunity to get a commission immediately, rather than enlist and wait until a vacancy occured. The course of instruction at Newport is four months and, after successful completion of the course, those men graduating will ' be commissioned in the Naval Re- ! serve as an ensign and required j to serve on active duty for three I years. Also after' graduation, the Navy stated that those -who are qualified may be selected to attend flight training in Pensacola, Fla., and become a Naval Aviator, or some other naval school of their choice if in all respects eligible and a vacancy 'in the school they desire exists. For complete information on the Navy Officer Candidate School, personnel interested should contact the Office of Naval Officer Procurement. 609 Federal Office Building, Houston 2. Texas or their local Navy Recruiter. Ol' Peter Cottontail On His Way "Here comes Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail with the Lakewood Community house 1 as his destination," said Mrs. \V, C. Stewart, entertainment chairman for an Easter party given by the Wooster Baptist kindergarten. Children of the kindergarten class and nursery school will have an Easter egg hunt and picnic Wednesday morning. Miniature Easter baskets with toy hens and 1 candy egfca will be given as favors. Each child attending is to nave his own basket and three colored eggs for the hunt, Mrs. Stewart said. Serving on the food committee for the picnic are Mrs. E. Askey, Mrs. M. R. Bailey. Mrs. H. \V. Meyer Jr. and Mrs. A. Askey. Mrs. W. R. Smith, Mrs. A, Bell, find Mrs. Stewart. 171 he Kchool is under the direction ot Mrs. F. A. Stasney and Mrs. O. J. Lamb. SUPERMAN -4»y Waynt ori PERHAPS, SENOR, SUPERMAN 'WAS MOT IMPRESSED $• SUCH A MAN, MANUEL.' I OFFER HIM MY DAUGHTER'S HAND IN MARRIAGE, AND HE REFUSES.' ME, JOSE RIVERA.' WITH YOUR MILLIONS- BUT HE MIGHT BE IMPRESSED . WITH SEhfoRITA DOLORES ... ONCE HE MEETS HER... YES, MAYBE 1 WAS TOO HASTY AND DIRECT.' BUT ALL IS NOT LO5T- 1 CAN BRING THEM TOGETHER. 1 WHO CAN RESIST DOLORES ? AS SUPERMAN, 1 TOLD SENOR RIVERA I WOULD NOT BE AT HIS DAUGHTERS PARTY -- BUT HE DOESN'T KNOW I'M GOING TO BE TMERE AS CLARK KENT TO INTERVIEW THE GLAMOROUS SENORITA.' \ BUZ SAWYER . BOle, I'M HAYING Tii.lS CIRL 1 RtPOKTJR FIOTN fcSKCRs*TTH£ f DAy/N. MaANWKlLs, YOU'LL HAVE TO ASSIGN KS2TO —by Roy CraiM TKE BRIG'. T3AT5 TKE PROPER PLACE FO? 8!G BEN HOLT —by John Cuflwi i :'• W ; y *S YOU POUSTLaSS KfJOW,! WAVE 7KS A W2CTCKSP 3U5IW5SS H/M, SSJ. 7C> PISPTOVE IWSS7S5 1 XU. Or MO MY MOWBV IfJ -A—4 UZ4NIUU MAT7£?S \ WORSE, I 80BSOWE5 > A— /« SUBSWMTUf i, LONG SAM uri-r xuAttLK HABV" SITTER AVAJ ABL.K ANYTIME. ANYWHERE TJS BOLSTER. PHONE 704^ ""PEST" CONTROL TERillTCS. ROACHV;S ANTS AJI WorX Gu:u»nt«d Tor B»»'. Reiulu PH. 3-«01 Draft Board Clerks Attend Conference McShan's Button Shop Custom B«Ui. tultons, butlonholti. Career P(»rc* tnd S. TWrd- _ Lawns Cut REASONABLE PHONK 3-2u2.1 _ _ "Monroe's Day Nursery TV "-vrii-rt* ctv:'! v. - h«»!tsom* menl.v larK* uli.vl-- f«i-r'«d yiril Suptrvlnri) by rxperl- fncrrt r.-:r«f.' initiTll.m l .!^I'r":ril<e» ««:• rom* 1 N'.-r^rt'\- S1..'i" 'lay. r.-0.% 'vv!^'-on.''in t rhwe :i-:*sv:. __ ^PFrTAI i7,!N(i—in rcp^lrlnir. rtrnoilfllnE. " nrw r.rtdr.lons. roorinK. sldiRK. cablmt vnri; FHA improvcwnt Loans. Free «sti:nntr?. OH U A. Stanrr. ph. 2011, JH14 Nf.v Jcr5ty. ^ MOTHKRSs! for <m<- or two dny» n ivrrk. !ft yn»r prf-srliKOl nsc clulii »li.-.rr In ill :l-,« run at Jack & Jill Day Nursery^ cinv^mmirllnc." rhyt-im Imnd. rost perloil rolor crnyim work. mir.««ry rhylMms nn-1 jion't Hot iunphr? at noon—r-!li.i mlil- n-.orninc sml mlrt-afurnoon rerrcJhmtnt;'. All ("r onf J2 lit I'T ilny. ->" r K "rid Jl " """ v "' WANG. niHKcron Ph. 3-2400 PAPrRUANniNC—AUO small r«moilel- inc ]ob.v Hy th<? hour or job. Tor ln- lormntlnn i-tion» »"31. | Mrs. \V. \V. Fraiior. chief clerk j of the Baytown Draft Board, and ' Mrs. L. F. McGraw, assistant i clerk, attended a Conference for draft board clerke in Houston last week. This meeting wa.s one of the district meetings of a series within the .state. The conference deal with recent changes in Selective Service regulations covering the different order of liability fo r service and regarding ihe nrmed force." reserve program. Fifteen boards from surrounding- towns were represented, plus the seven boards in Houston. Mrs. FraMer .said she'would like to remind men that they are rc- quired to register on their ISth birthday or within five days thereafter. She would also like to point out it is the registrant's responsibility to keep his file up to date. The Bayto\vn. Draft Board is located in Rooms 218. 219 and 220. Kanzali? Bldg., 515 West Texas. Office hours are S a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mtonday through Friday. All-Stars .Sign Ileinsohn | NEW YORK — UP—Tome Hein- i sohn of Holy Cross has signed to play with the College All-Star basketball team that will tour the country ^h '^ e Harlem Globetrotter's. The IS city-series opens in ! .\fadison Square Garden next Mon- j day with day and nifht games. i 1956 FORD BEFORE LICENSE TIME (April 1st) Thod Felton's Al Capp amd Bob BEETLE BAILEY —by Mort Wofktr VES.Slf? THE SSOUNCJS A5£ \ LT. MESSY; WRITE THAT ) FUZZ DOWN.PV THC MEN ARE LATE FOR. RETREAT! WRITE THAT DO.VN! ^ NOWTAXETHA7 EFFICIENCY RSPORT ) /eYES, A :1D.THE CAPTAIN' " - - - •' 805 Pearl 63. Lost and Found rNDC.ARS LOST — 7x10 binorulur? losl'a I nevll'.i Klhow. Will the finder pies*!! rnl 64. Special Notices ALCOHOUCS ANONYMOUS— Trl-Cltles Group -- I'll. S49S. JS32. We»t Bavtnwn Group -- Plv SC""- m«hl.incts ExcnanKf Ph. 2 ' 160 - 2 _ T~vTLT7"S'6T~ HE RESPONSIBLK tor debts miiil" t^v nnynne nlher thnn my- S6II. H. E. Kesil. __ r iNcoME TAX SERVICE" "sDs SKW1NG MACHINK flERVlCR Any mnke ur model - cleantrt . olleJ - .nMii!>l»it • "i your horn*. WORK CUAItANTKKD KI1EHMAN SEWING CENTER IDS W. TEX18 PH. 200< IT'9 NO DISGRACE To Iluve Ronche» ] But It l.i to keep them; »o l«l ! u« K't rid ot them for you. All Work O\i»r*nte.e<1 Ph. ;)-iVll <Ts. Monurnentt-Burial Lots" CEDARCRKRT c E M v. T r. R r. INC.— ; Ferrv Tloart, Cednr Bnyou. A be.MUifvtl eomplettlv "PF.RPF.TUAI. CARS" e?m«- tery In nn ltl«M location. Benutlful trees. weil ilromeJ. J»"l otitnide rliv limttj. Kew ffectiolls tinder development no\t , Bl'V NOW AND SAVK. H. II. Hnrdlson. . Slnnii(te.r. K D. Hay*, ,l'li. ! »M1 or J.JSJT. Stft ; ~tilRKCT — From retnll nion- j iimwnt manuf.irttirer In the work, ^fn^k- j *r«. monuments. mnuHfileittn. (irnnlte. j mirM* or bronie. <5ottM Monument i Wo K5, Hlnnway 14«. Ce.lfir nayoii. | iiirbl». Bronte,. Monument. mnrkeri. cemeiery work. Kasy Terms. No carrylnit e.rmrne». TrI-Oity Mnnumi«nt Co.. Market St. «t Went Main. Vt>. 470J. Lodg* Notices MEM'SERSKIP MEKTINfO of Baywwn Krri- p!oyc«* Ftderdtion wrA l« r.?!i( on Tuitdty, >:&rch '57 IWH (it 7:,W prn. In rr> Fe^er»t(iMY »T*1I 111 to s(- BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH —by Fred Lasswtil VES, YORE HONOR KEERFUL OF TH 1 BUMPS, AISO RUN* DON'T STAND AUNT LOWEEZY-- U.THAR!! RUN UNK SNUFFY AN' \ FIND OUT WHO RIDDLES BARLOW ARE \TM' WINNER IS. DOWN IN TH'SETTLEMENT W-N JUGhAlD- PITCHIN 1 HOSS-SHOES ' TO SEE WHO'S SOIN' 1 TO BE TH 1 MEXT MAVOR =-"''' , g NEVER MIND, 1 HONEY POT- SECRET AGENT X-9 —by Me! Graft & N THIS BLOW: \ / VOU FORGET THAT NO PLANE couuo V •WERE P055I3LV GfT 4 OP AT LSA5T TWtNTV THROUSH! F^if AIIMUTK SvHlLg J^jl^ CENTER 0? TM£ 5TOR.V( " ~K U5! 6TORM 15 A ROTTEN SRt.AK FOR Up ( CORR!GArJ! SY THE TI.HE IT THE 5URGEON5 Will HAVE OPERATED OM PKOPESWR - SUTTON' CONTACT WITH THE MAINLAND• A PlANE 15 CM TH£ WAV! CURLEY KAYO By Sam Lef* I'M TAXING SOME SOU? 7D LIONEL BA3TON, HAPPY.' J HC?; THE 010 SOY 15 FEELING SETTER TOOAY, TESSIE .' /— SORRY, MA'M EL BASTCN VVOcM'T 3£ NEEDING IT... OR ANYTHING ELSE SOME POOR OLD CENT THiS'AMSULANCE ) USED T'3E A FAMOUS FOR, FLEASS: rt J THINK.' TH' OCC'S > THESE NOW, LAOY. FSlEND... I' GOT SOME FOOD FOR N-H.'M:

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