The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 26, 1931 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Saturday, December 26, 1931
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4 Last Edition WKATRKB ffOBKAR FOR MARYLAND: Fair «nd continued coM toolcbt. Sunday parUy cloudy. Slowly rising temperature in afternoon. Fresh north FREDERICK. MD-, SATURDAY. DECEMBER 26, 193L * * * .«« TEN PAGES PKICK-TWO com Birdie Shooter (AND PU12 IN JAIL iert Coffman, Hancock, And Jliver Disney, Frederick Negro, Jailed. ITHESDA MAN OUT ON $500 FOR LATER TRIAL Illision On North Market ptreet This Morning Ends In Dismissal. :o motoTists who mixed holiday infants with their driving were today sT.S the dreary prospect of sixty days h 21 the Frederick lail as a new year They were Robert Coffman. acock, arid Oliver Disney, colored, Kast ChtiTCh street, y'??!* city. Kach it to jail for laci of his fine of $200. Jisney was arrested at 6 o'clock Fri- nigit by State Officer Rist after Washington motorist, J. W. Myers, i brought to - the State sub-station e a description of a car that forced i from the road a short while before. irnirig that the machine in question E reached Frederick. OSicer Rist pro- oed to West Patrick and Jefferson 'is, where Disney was attempting in uncertain manner to start his car, ch had drifted against a telephone t 'he car was identified by Myers .ts license plates. Disney told [tice Bowers this morning he had drinking some wine a: a Christ- party, and admitted his car had ja wobbling, but tried to blame the 'tee on a Sat tire. The officer said (staggered badiy. In addition to the or 60 days, Discey was fined $5 .ve days for reckless driving. tofftnan pleaded guilty to the charges inst '-VT- and in addition to the nken and reckless driving terms, w SIO or ten days for having no lice. Justice Bowers took into consid- nis plea, and made the sen- ces concurrent, 'state OSicer Rod- BacSvronh had arrested CoSman day afternoon sz 3.30 near the post- ce. Albert H. Session, Hagerstorsrn, i a. passenger in the Hancock man's Kipkins, Bethesda, was releas- on S500 bond for a hearing January on a charge of drunken driving-. ikins was arrested m Bethesda by tstable Charles W. Smith after he 1 been identified as the driver of the which upset Sunday afternoon on Montevue pike, injuring a second upant. Officer Rist investigated the oseph L. Dyer, Chevy Chase, for- ed 55 on each chaTge of failing to at a boulevard and failing to have name endorsed on his license card. : charges were made by Officer Dry- i. A charge of passing with the -way ;ad not clear was dismissed against -. F. R. Seibel. Jr., Waikersville- It ; brought by Corporal Bloom. Car And Motorcycle Collide. collision at 9.30 this morning in , 300 block of North "Market street aired in court, and charges in con- tioa with it were dismissed. City icers ShaS and Crum, investigating, i charged Oliver Turaer, this city, h failing to signal or give right of as he -was preparing to drive into Moanta-n City Garage, and Luda ches. a soldier from Fort Eustis, Va., h reckless driving as his motorcycle .iced with Turner's car. The motor- le was upse; and Parches and a Bpanion thrown to the street when -ches failed to divine Turner's Inten- i. Die motorcycle was badly damaged, i Porches' arm and leg were braised. H. Adams and Sherwood Smiih. who ;nesses to the accident, testified. Assaults Are Charged, rwo assault and battery cases are on? the Palice Court charges for iring tonight. John Harper, old of- der. was arrested Friday night at o'clock by Constable Smith after rper's sister had told police head- irters he had gone on a rampage 5. was beating her. James Posey, ored. was arrested fey OSicer Brust, beating his wife. m mm to 'PARENTS REUNITED BY KIDNAPPING OF CHILD Marian McLean's Father And Mother At Funeral. WASHINGTON LETTER BV BODVET DCTCBEK XEA Serrk* Writer WmSsJag{oo ^ ^.-o^ * Discussed International Loans First Test Of Filtration System And Pumping Station To Be Made. 'iscimati. Dec. 26 (AP 1 *.--Funeral were held today m St. Patrick's Catholic church, Cov^igton. Ky., for Marian McLean, six, kidnapped and .-liiu se-.eral days ego by a degenerate. T=e crime remains un^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ p ^ t ^ ?nt Hoo\er called Jor ! year debt moratorium and \ Congressman MoKacdec of . vania c.rect«"d those the one- Us* day IVruisyl- STREAM NOW FLOWING 10,000,000 GALS. DAILY j Work On Seventh Street Pipe i Line To Be Resumed Monday Morning. i Among the many , «rvK«s were Mr and Mrs. Joseph Mc; Lean, parents of Marian, reunited by i ] sorrow o^er her deals after a year and a · half of separation. ; The mass was solercniaed by ReV. i · Thoccas J. McCaflre-y. who said it was j "in honor" of Marian and not "'or ; . her" Sjc Uttle girls. Marian's play: faates. were the pallbearers. Burial . %as at Latonia. Ky. A house to house search oJ the . · neighborhood where the body '»»* \ foand lost Tuesday and quesuoning of . a suaiber of suspects has failed to pro- du-e the man who kidnapped her "sold out" tbe country. McFadden is generally regarded with cold disapproval, but the things that happened to the moratorium in Cocssress demonstrated again that ofwn w« Bet ov«r-excjt«i or that things do j change. Who doesn't remember th* world's hosannas last June"" Did orte hear the faintest note of protest amid tbe common assurance that the world had been saved and that the depression vas as good as over? What seems especially odd in retrospect was the \ery definite feeline among both Republicans and Democrats that th* bold, statesmanlike the outcome of chemical tests of the contents of her i J stomach and of foreign sustarsces mp- ] . ort the clathes of both Manan j and one of the suspects. The first complete operation of the Llnganore creek filtration plant will ; ' take place Monday as current extend- i , N T E N S E PARTICIPATION ' 1 the fact that Hoover last summer ob- | E KILLED AS THEY RETURN FROM PARTY Five Men, Two Children And Two Women Lose Life As Auto Is Hit By Train. : HOTEL FIRE TAKES FIYE OTHER LIVES EARLY TODAY Only 3O Of 48 Occupants Of Building Accounted For. Pretty sharp--and Quite a shooter, too! That's Helen Hicks, aboie. queen of America's golfers. Helen likes to 1 shoot the elusive birdie on the trap- er a -! shooting range as well as on the golf course. i strolled I ed from Frederick *ill sec the machin- ' erv in motion throughout the plant. ; Simultaneous with the loosing of water through the passages and chambers j of the ne^ purification un-t. the new- ' aarticrpa'.ion of banks in the securities Thrf of the principal figures !ri foreisn debt discussions *t sessions of the ' tamed advance assurances o! support senate Fisiam'e Com.-r.:t:«v here arc sho.\Ti together in Washington Charies E. · from large majorities in both branches Mitciwll, :e:t. chairman of the board of the National C.:\ Ban's of New York. , of Congress, i ^ pictured «:th Senator Krd Srnoot of Utah, center, and Thoaias W. Lamont. IN SECURITIES MARKETS | 1= both House and Senate, members ^ht. i have actually asserted that the mora- Dec. 26 (AP).-Intensive j TM"u* not only did no good, but that la the nature of a -· parts of the plant are found in sat- l torium promptly and a ' routine named ! *? "fusing the mora- matt*r of MERRY CHRISTMAS HAD CANTATA AT CHRISTMAS AT HOME FOR THE AGED VESPER SERVICE SUNDAY act until after the mean- fhe :ers UNION OF PROTESTANTS AND Exchange Of Gifts One Of Feat- Thirty Voices To Sing In Grace ures Of Day. Reformed Church. The exchange of numerous gifts, ac- Sunday afternoon at four o'clock, a. comparued by !.iusht?r and merriment. Cnristmas vesprr service will be held featured Christmas morning at the house Horn? for the Aged, Record street :n Grace Reformed church. Rev. Ralph E Hartman. pastor, at which time an flimiJATTflO TroPIMi BV Tjnnf ·· s * a * M * s OI ~e roaeric* iron ana armation to tne view mas, TMe D-.J.U ,-"~T",J^ i." ' " H " , " " . r f , TM - Promptly at 7.45 o'clock. In pursuance ^u K mcnted choir of thirty voices will CATHOLICS URGED BY POPE ; ^^^^-^^ :^"- ^ i «««-« *"·**«** *TM***** \ If^f -^±,^^"0^^ ^ * ** -! «=··»'«». ·« ««*»«* «^ ** *** ^ c»UU. "Tl,e Greatest GUt," - -!*---·--- -wV--.-J*»*»._T -- ^.«. .-*. ..Aujjw**-_«*u ·· "*«. i ...B-V»-.-*· i. r~~* ---«--fTM~---- ·--_- i - . . ^» t i,;ic U_5U:ti CuAiUi:! IIil iColUC.ll-5 i U1C !er Softener Company in inspecting each; banks in the capital markets exas- to ooteui^ nis »PP°«- O«»«. ^ Home assembled in the beautiful sun section while it Is in operation. All j zerate Snanc'ial" and business situa- j Hoover he had better stand on his own ^ ' ..-- --a --i ,«~ **.*. v »«w;itf«. «f i feet and not those of Congress. NO · · by PtHrie. The choir, under the dlrec- Asks Former To Invoke Protec- · the filter equipment }*$-· been installed i tions and undermine the stability of .. _ , ... . ., j acd the incotniajr water can be sent ' the economic organization of the coun- tion Of Virgin Mary. j a} , ea(i tar0 u gix th various processes 1 try. one knew the story at the time and there was no discord in the paeans J Vatican City, Dec. 26 (AP).--A for the union of Protestants and Catho- , ,. ,,. . ,, , _ , . Lmganore creek, Mr. Maxwell stated. lies the world over was issued by Pope | sh owed tha: it is running 10.000.000 Pius XI today in an encyclical entiles ' entiried "Vox Verfcatis." aseaa tnrouga tne various processes trv. nwie V.M "u ^.j^u.u ^ v^v K =.^.-^» . broken bv thp ·qinsriiir o' -Jimrie which changer, from its raw to purified '"The further participation by the ! which were only exceeded in their · 5* TM[°TMTM *p*^ s f *j*^ *£** _ - » * _ I . . ? ^ » 11.^. _ _ T _ _ * _ A^__.._l. , .«.* n *m«nr« R»T * njkii* iiTionlrr^r ft" Tl'tt t f *-'-··* ****** t .*v ut 4 ^ · ti4 v^» kt**UlhA Xs»ah*O tion of Dr. A. R. Remsberg. have pre- ducted by the matron. Mrs. Otis Kepler, pared this cantata of high standard. after which the sti'.Inoss of early morn- i an d it »"ill be Charlotte. N C. Dee. M (AP).--A par: of nine returning to their homed after a. Christmas celebration fc«re wms ·A:pcd out early today when their »uto- mobile was struck by a Southern passenger train in the out*kirt of Charlotte. Five men. two children and » woman were instantly killed, and ti.a other passenger. Mrs. Loma. Coi. died About t»o hours after she was taken to a hospital. Besides Mr. Cox the identified dead ·A ere Joan Love. R. H. Sharpe, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Kolton and C. E. Cox. Mrs. Cox Is believed to have been th« mother of two children. ; state. ' banks Sn the security markets through · joyotisncss 8y their unanimity. But it In solo parts. w ' aUs duet. trio, qiiar'cttc and five fall chorus | ^^ numbers. The guest soloists will be ^e most recent measurement of | ^:y\^S^ ^^ l geS , ^^ame ^ G^r^ .^ · effect." The encyclical meaning the "Light of Truth"' and dated on Christmas commemorates ibe 1500th anniversary of the Council of Ephesus which condemned the doctrines of Nestorins, patriarch .of Constantinople. The rKmttfT-^ddressed the Protestants a paternal exhortation to lollow the example of Catholics in invoking the protection of Virgin Marv as a mediator gallons per day. This is about five to eight times thejSaily w*er consump- i TO SEEK IMPEACHMENT tion ° f Jfhl/work prosLe*. ' j OF SECRETARY MELLON Other city ^ork. including the re- | - surfacirjg of the road leading to the j Washington. Dec. 26 t'APK-- Repre- . . plant from the county road near the 'jsntative Patman. Democrat, Texas. notice that the House wouldn't to voting on the moratorium by December 15, as everyone had anticipated. Congress has been looking so much askance at the moratorium because it is opposed to extending it or to doing- Carrying on "his" back a huge stock- .ng and a large pack of presents. · Santa" was welcomed by those present and from the park removed gifts for residents of the Home While the pack contained presents for the residents, the Harris and J. Homer Remsbcnj. Miss Lcnora Rudy will be at the ,.rgan. The choir will consist of Miss Kath- erlne Rldenour, Miss Geraldlr.c Kreh. Mrs. Elmer F. Munslwaer. Mrs. Harry HoUer. Miss Sale Moore. Mrs. anSh ng 7l«T£r» lead eventu^ . ^ *« long stocki^ contained r .R, Bl:tcher . J r . ^ 3arto , sta , cy . **** J * *. --~ j -~ /.,,.__ +Krtc« fit intr «· *hfc VifwnA frt tH*. . . . __ Unganore creek to debt auction. .is progress- , sa jji today he intended to _ Workmen win return Monday to the °" the pipe line on Seventh and Intercessor with God and said that street. About 400 feet of ditch have if it was believed Jesus Christ was God ! oeea . nu * aafi tce ~ e ^ pipe laid as the she who bore him must be called the | Mother of God. j If Mary is the mother of God, he f continued, she must SH every grace and j I be adopted with every privilege. There- 1 fore, he said, those who venerate her 1 life, must imitate her. The objection S which Protestants bring forth against i the federation of men, he said, is thus j very clearly answered. The section is uncov- oTJer the reconvening of Congress. Patman contends Mellon holds office in violation of a statute of 1789. cancellation or further re- But there is also a group now from those at the home to the bold enough to describe the moratorium City Trees Lighted. The two perma-ens Christmas trees in Baker Park have been decorator. as a flop in answer to the administration contention that it saved Germany from bankruptcy. * * * "It was a perfect failure as far as fD-biddlng a Secretarv of the Treasury i aiding Germany was concerned." ^ays to cnrace Li commerce. | Senator Kenneth McKellar of Ten~ " . nessee. j "It did not help Germany," says Xovel Christmas Tree An3 Yard. | Senator Henrik Shipstead of Mlnne- Jack P. Emmert, 202 East Church -sota. "In fact, it increased a run on rtreet, again has an attractive Christ- her banks. I do not know of any .rcm urose i^ins a- i-ne n«ne 10 uie . Jessle Webster, Mrs. Forrest matron. Placing the paci at the foot ' and AUs5 Virginia Dlller of gaily lighted tree. "Santa" wished -. . everyone a "Merry Christmas" and re- jjr?ttcd "ills** inbiMty to ir£7C ft t h*ff- jpst.in31-iop witn tcindccr sct snow, stating that an airplane was better j %££^ H^is, R° Haugh. sopranos: Mrs. Simon Koogle. Mrs. Raymond Ford. Mrs. Arthur Remsburg. Mrs. E. Five Die In Hotel Fire. Springfield. Mass., Dec. 26 (AP).-Five persons were killed early today in a flre that swept the flve story New Court hotel. Only 30 of the 48 known occupants have been accounted for. however, and police expressed the belief others also lost their lives. Search for more bodies was slownS the fears of collapse of floors and image may reach $100,000. weeks batoy and two unidentified roomers. The blaze had gained headway when the fire was discovered and roomers oa the upper floors were trapped by flr» and smoke. Some of the guests managed to reach flre escapes but others were assisted down ladders. c of the 31 residents to Mrs Kepler, the matron. The head nurse, Mrs. EflTie Mealey, distributed the other gifts from the pack, o! wiuc'a she was the donor. Stacked beneath and around the tree. *ere boxes of candy, attractively wrapped. These were the gifts of the ma- | Remsberg, Arthur R. Remsberg. 'J. Homer Remsberg, Harry T. Ho'.ter, i Homer R. Simson. Lincoln D. Engei- ! brecht. George A. Webster, Paul Geis- i bcrt, Meredith McBrlde basses. TWO KILLED IN AUTO ' CRASH NEAR COMBERLAD Youths Were Returning From Christmas Calls. . C.CCL, ogam AJOO Qii ^v^^.-ui.t ^^»«v -- - -- - . . .. pea. rnese were me guts 01 tne ma- · coc:ur»lJiimi mas tree ar.d yard with its mountains valid reason for the legislation now. , ^^ who prewn:ed lhenl persona!Iv to F R E N C H M A N ,,! ziaivKr .ruizs. nave Deeri ceco~a ^~ -*»^ ^.^^ «.»« ,·«*« ... fc .. -- u . vuu »--- - - - iron, wno prestiiteu uitiiii ptr5i/iia.iiv tu again this vear with va7i-co!ored ele-- " nd running streams, church with or- All lines o, German credit were very ; member5 and cn , p:oyes of the - nomc . . .... - _ . ...... «_±i. u ^_ i:.i.».j n ii,.,... ^iti^ /irf»~rfa.«:An hv announcement ' _ . _. RECEIVER APPOINTED tric lights. The one tree is near College Avenue and the other nesr West Second street- They were plaster! several years ago and are annual'- trimmed at the order of the city. Tr- large stars, electrically illuminated, have ?n music, railroads, lighted village. r.d vater falls. This year he has added rn elevated railroad and an exact re- much decreased by the announcement of the moratorium. My information is that it drove Germany much nearer An original Christmas greeting poem by Mrs. Roberta D. Hcndrickson. placed at tae top of the stocking, was read FOR SLAYING JEWELER production of a Gulf sen-ice station. . to collapse than she would have been matron and the composer con- . _ . f it T.-- J V,_» n _«. ***ni-«*'\t*4:m* TT*»»" . ·* ~ " - s , » . -- i . . -- -- ·- r Tie entire eouipment operated. Is electrically , ^ there had been no moratorium. Her . ^.^ ' banks did not close until a long time j Takes Charge Of Bine Ridge Orchards slso been erected in Baker Parkin West Virginia. ' Charles Town, W. Va., December 25. --A petition for a voluntary receiver] ship for Bine Ridge Orchards. lac.. operating extensive orchards in this ', county, was allowed by Judge D. H. Rodgers in a. special session cf Circuit · i Court here. J. Eenry Dutrow of j Charles Town was named special re- ' , ceiver and was authorized* to carry on i the business. j The petition was presented by four j stockholders, Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. | Warden, of Berryville, Va^ and Mr. and : ! Mrs. J. Ashby Sprint, of -Winchester, ' i Va. Liabilities are listed at $85.000, i including 857,000 in bonds secured by · I a deed of trust. | The company's property Is a 597 acre tract In Kabletown district in this ; county, with 285 acres in orchard at . various stages of growth. It was for- j | merly the Avon Bend Orchard Co_ · and was taken over by the Warden and I Sprint group in 1928. It had an author! ized capital stock of S100.000. The fifth ] incorporator Is George H. Levi, Berry- i ville, Va. The home team was playing a Tery r^or game of basketball. "Shoot, Joe!" shouted one of the spectators. '·Why pick on Joe?" said the fed-up fan. "Why na; shoot the ~ho:s darned lot."--Winnipeg Diamond In The Shadow Of Death "How Is my daughter getting on' i o f Europe over the moratorium was n.~ you thins she will make a great I based upon the idea that this was the -~er?" ! opening wedge for the concellation of · It is very hard to say." j the debts to the United States." "But surely she possesses some of j And over in the House, Representative :-e quaLfications?" j D. D. Glover of Arkansas saysi "The proposed moratorium Is one of the things that hurt business conditions in the United States. "At the time the moratorium was upon the sentiment ex- after the moratorium was Pn^almed. ; P S rating the season s greetings. Over 90 per cent, of the entbnsnsm .g^.. ^ dlsappcared , but wturaed "Well--er--she's got a mouth, certainly!"--Til-Bits. to partake o! a delicious breakfast, snd later, a likewise delicious dinner. Among the favors at each place were envelopes containing bank notes of substantial denominations, the latter being given by the Home, Mrs. Joseph D. Baker and the Stout Fund Santa was impersonated by Mrs. Laura. Winebrener. Special Young Peoples Serrice- Tne Dramatic Club of tie Presby- ian Church will present an original ntomime. taken from ' Why The imss Sar.g." in the auditorium of the ar:h on Sunday evening at 7.30 lock. Mas Margaret Dear., who has r^e of th^: s67T.ce. will read the .ry" ar.c ?.;iss M.riara Rhoads, or- -,-jjt of ~r." church Till accompany prsser.tat.:.n on fne organ a=d About fifteen of the ytrar? pl-e and children of the cr.urch will e part fc ths servire. ~hich will :lt3fie a special so'.o and quartet by mbers D: the cr.oir. THE WEATHER TODAY Prec:p.t2tic-n for 24 hoars endaig at i. m.. toc;y--r.otie. Preci=.tat.c_. December to date-3 inch. Xorrcal December precipitation. 3.11 ; ar.ual December, 1930. 3.54 "nes. Tiu -ear's deficiency to December -217 ir.chcs. Iigh terj'.r-rature y^terSay--45 ·"· t^rr. c.ature laf n.eht--29 ..i -»;= -c^r.v--434 n. m. f-:r. ri-'-« f *ro~--728 a. rn. r-=--s ·:i". - .rra~--748 p m. ooa sets tDrnorrow--9 52 a. m. ! Bethel Christmas Service. Bethel L-jtheran church. Rev. F. H. : Siebel, Jr., pastor, -in hold its annual I ; Christmas service on Saturday evening j at 7 30 o'clock. The program follows: Opening song, "On to Bethlehem"; re' reading, prayer, singing. "Songs Df Christmas Day,"* recitation. "A PJC- 1 ture in a Frame,"' Pauline Compher; exercise. "If I could Be," five boys; song. "Sirsging of a Saviour": recita- tian. "Bethiehem." Margaret Stup: ex- · "rcise, "God is a Kisd Loving Father." thre* girls: song, "Light of Use Christmas Morning": recitation. "Tbe Litt^ Caro-er." Charles StuH. Jr.: recitation. , "What Makes Christmas." Mildred Clem: duet and chorus. "His Lowly Birthplace": recitation "Giv^ie." Dorothy CJem: exercise, "The Christmas Star," five girls: song. "March With 'Men of Olden"; recitation, "First Christmas." Carrie Sis!!: primary song, ' Merry BeTls of Christmas"; recitation, "Chr-stmas Is a Spell-rjg Time." Merhle Powell: exercise. 'Shovel a Path for Christmas," four boys; so5o. "Cncer tbe S'37 " Mrs. Leslie StuH: reci^ron, j ··Wicco-3- Shopping." Helen St-np: song. We Have Fo-orsd Him"; playlet. "Gift ar.d Givers." five girls; address. Rev. ; S.eoel: offering, duet. "Light of All the ' Ages":;olog"-e. "Christmas Shop- I ping," Virginia. Cornpher: recitation. "Our Wish." Paulin-e Compher; closing or.s, ' Come and Adore." t as gone down to 5 and 6 cents, where .t is now. Wheat wag worth around 40 cents and it went down to 25 cents." XMAS ENTERTAINMENT Cumberland. Md., Dec. 28 (AP).-i Returning from a round of Christmaa calls Daniel Morgan, 23. and Irvtn Weagh. 19, were killed early today when their automobile -went out of oon- i trol on the Green Ridge road near Paris, Dec. 26 (AP).-George Gau- j here - Reed AWerson, the third maa chet. who refused to make a plea for »».the _partr. escaped injury, clemency, died on the guillotine at dawn today for the slaying of an aged jeweler. He was 25. "It would take a miracle to save me." lie told his lawyer. "I deserve to die." He refused sacraments, confession and communion but attended mass before ·he knife fell. A crowd attempted in | f to witness the execution. !" . . , .... . . ., . turned roadster was lifted from Alderson and he with the bodies of Marj gan and Weagh were brought to Cum- I berland. Officials said the accident was caused by locking of the steermc appatata*. As the car, a roadster, belonging to Morgan, left the road at a curve, id turned over, catapulting Morgan and Wcagh from their seats. Alderaon was pinned underneath the machine, but was not hurt. The accident was discovered br .a ARMY'S FOOTBALL CARD FOR NEXT FALL ARRANGED CHRISTMAS WEDDINGS Seven Licenses Issued In One Day At Clerk's Office, Cupid, after taking things tjuietly during the first half of December, busied himself during Christmas week. and even with the holiday closing of the clerk's office for iwo days, did a bigger marriage license business than for an average week. On Wednesday alone seven licenses Interesting Proirrain By Lutheran Primary And Junior Dcpts. An interesting program was given Christmas night by the primary and junior departments of the E-. angelical j Lutheran Sunday School at 6.30 o'clock s^j-jj^ and was well attended. The music ' was led by the jumsr vested choir composed of 52 -.oices* directed by Mrs. Webster Whitehill. The program wa.- as follows i Processional, Corne H.ther. Ye Faithful; prayer by the pastor. Rev. Dr. A . J. Traver: hymn. Away in the Manger; Scripture reading Dorothy Hahn, ex- West Point. N. Y.. Dec. 26.--Army's 1932 foocbal! schedule listing nine games ·aith opponents from the south, east ar.d middle west was announced today by Major Fleming, graduate manager of athletics. The climax game with Notre Dame is listed for November 26 In the Yankee NEAR DEATH AFTER HE TRIED TO MAKE PEACE "ork. No merit: of the possible renewal ;at;ons with the Navy on a oasis December 3 oa was of re- regular SENATE COMMITTEE TO HEAR DRY LAW BILLS were Issued and on other days ine »rcise by Primary department. "Child mark was above the a-.erage. making up for last week, when two days Divine." ant-hem. Junior choir. "There Were Snepherds"; recitation, "Why We | by the calendar without a single mar- Have Christmas." Mary Frances Mct- "nag8 license applicant. " " ~~ " ~ Wednesday's line of seven applicants has been twice tied this year, on June 6 and August 28. High figures for single days were August 15. with eleven : permits issued, and June 27. with j Several days of the last week in May , were above the average. TWO WEEKS TRAINING COURSE IN HORSEMANSHIP ±alfe: hyrnn. "O Come Little Children"; erercise by Primary department. "I wish I had been a Shepherd"; remarks by S'jper.rr^ncient. John S. Renr. remarks bv pastor offor.njr. amr.ere. Junior -.1517, "And There W«re S.iepherds"; ^y.o. R-jth Eln 3rihar:. "Christmas", chorus oy ur..'-'rs. ' Caro:, Ch^- drtn, Carl": ^x^rcisc by Pr^r.ary cc- partnent, "Christ-nas T.-.c-^5h:". hymn. · O Chr-_r, Tr»^".'iori. re- cess'onal, ' Hark :3 Herald Ar.gels rtnr.. De- 2C fAF).--Senate Judiciary .«-jb-c^nmi:tee was created today to hold hearings OTJ measures for the repeal and ir.ociSratiOn of pro- hioitmn. Cnairman No-rt^ chose five members headed b;, Se-a-tor Blaino. republican. Wisconsin, to hold h^ar.r.c.- shortly after Chr^tmas on the various proh.bit.on o-j:s before his csmm.f^?. Balt-more. Dec. 25 (AP).--A special two weeks trainine course in horsemanship will be cor:d.;:«:d t:-~ the ?.Iary- land State Police for the cijix: mounted members of the organization early rsr: month, i; was announced "oy Capt. Edward McK. Johnsor.. commanding ofScer. The coarse will be heM at the HCtri Fe;d Art.:iery armory at Pike5Ti"e and will Kart January 4 under instrurt.on of the regular army ofScers afachcd to the national guard unit. The eight officers wil: be ins'--cted alor.g ths most modern methods of horse handii-g and usage. Lynch Lodse Elects. The annual ^lectxHi of officers of Lic«:. N D 163 A. F. ar.d A. M. was held at the re~j'.ar corr.rr.ur.i-ca- v.on of '.he ^^dsrs Thursday night at 7 30 o'-look at M?-=OTIIC Tfrnulc. Those -:e~a nere. Worshipful Master, Go^rje W.".am Stultz: Senior Warders. T. R Warkey: Junior Warder,. C'.3-jde F. Cj.:cr; j^retarr. El: G. Hauz.i, treis^rcr Allen G Q-jyriri: tyl^r, Len.s 3ayr. Three trustees to repre- ^er,: Lrn.-h ly5ge in tne Masonic Temple Asfx:ia*xri were ele - ;»J as fol- IO-R-SI jTg*ph W L. Carty, A. LeRoy McCardel. ar.c Thomas H Haller. To Attend Chnrch. ^^···n·,^»rs of CV.j-no-.a L'^cj". No 58. f.r.S Lyr.-h Loose. No 153 A. F. and A \T . -rt" atter.d se--ires Surday -5rht at "he EvaKi« Lu'lvrar. ch"rch. The .^mion -sr:r. be prearhed by Rev. D* Arr.i? John Tra-rer. O^luaibia. ar.d 7,yr..-h looses w.l! rnc«t at 7 o'clock In cDecial r--mrr.iar..c^'..or. ar.d T .11 march. .7; a lx5v to the church for the serv- jces at 730. Frostburg. Dec. 26 (AP).--AJoysins Cullen. 29, was near death in a hos- ·' pital here today as a result of wounds sustained yesterday when be attempted the role of peacemaker in a Christ; mas quarrel. j Harry Shnver. 27. was held in tae i Cumberland jail charged with the j shooting. He was captured b? police i after he had held them at bay nearly half an hour barricaded in an automobile. Shnver. police said, has been Briny at the home of Mrs. Emms Vltzi at SJtilaiac, near here. A son of the woman protested attentions paid hex by ' Shriver and the latter left the house threatening to return and shoot the i boy. When he reappeared, authorities said, Cullcn attempted to make peace and sas shot in the abdomen. l Shnver then procured a rifle and ' pistol to augment his armory and barricaded hi.-r.self in tlie automobi only to s-arrender later. TRIED WRONG DOOR, MAN DRUNK, SHOT FOR BURGLAR It -yas a jaur.'y sTnillng. cocksure Jack "L-e??" Diamo-d "rirh: Tho p7oudly marched bvfsre the ca-nera. -arxh h.= atwrr.ev. -3-hen "hl= picture -sas taser.. The Ne^r Y-ck gar.; ".eacerV '.v;.-: T^ZS fi". high K*- had ;u.*l beer, accrjitied .=; 23-".-i Vi-tOT; T: ty t r a l rr.jostcrs had Itealcd Wrather OallooK for TTeek- TT' i-ryr "/.rl-xik '-r :r.« --«k r.: z M-.-ii-r :r. Nor-li ar.d Middle At:ar.;.- ^'tafs- Hair, over south and rain ir JT-.OT o-«r r.o~h rv-ti--- abo-^t Wed- -°«i3y ancl again Friday or Saturday. Warmer ar.d Tuesday." colder W":!-.o,;day r.i-'^i or Thursday. Warmer Friday; colder at end of Yes. would a deep lake on Haute Isle, in the Bay , Bu"c- -3;r._ -f.."--c '-,.« of Pundy. to recover the faba.oii? treas- K;~. .-.£ d -?a ·" : - - rap ' ure of Capta-.n Side, believed to be A 12^ ".-.-j-.-s la.*-- tri" er.rn fate o! :n-»-t cf his iik had o-.ertaken him. He ' r-:dden under the waters of the lake. i ?.as :«sJ m-jrdered m ha beJ a a cheap rooausg house in Albany. K, Y. Released On Bail. Bennett Kemp, colored, of Hasers- T5. was released on $300 bond Thursday for his appearance at the February itrrm of court on a charge of bastardy. He was srrp^ted b-r Kagerstoisn police on a Frederick county charge and was brought here by Deputy SheriS Earl 8 Killed at Peshawar. Peshaw?.-, In^ Dec. 26 (AP).-- Z.jrht rr.*-r: c^cr.:d as "red shirts" -·ere 5t^d ar.d .70 ·Bounded o;;ts:de the Xonat car.'.or.mer.t r.ear rwre Then ?3ld.ers f.rec n a notous crowd of 5^0 pi.r.'-or.s t-xi^-. occurred afer police armed wth la;ais (loag , Dr. Melville Dewey Dead. Lake Placd, Fla., Dec. 28 (AP^.-Dr. Me:r.l!e Dewev. ir.t^rnationany :riOWTi educator and inventor of the rc.mal clarification system used in ..brsnet. difd here t^ay of a cerebral hemorrhage. He celcbi^ted his 30ta Cr^fk'.d. M d . Dsc. 26 (A?).--Mistaken for a would-be btnrlac 1 . Shade Green. 30-year-old fanner of Falr- m-ousi 3337 be-e, T^as shot aad probably fatally wounaed late last nigiri by Mrs Lydia Hoover. G7«n was In ths 1-oso.ta.l here today sr.d phT5.;-_ins sa.d he had little chaace :o survive a b-Het ~cj-d in the head. Sheriff Ltither Dauzherty saxi Green, .nto-ccatec, was -a?.s;ag ins way to his ho7j» but by Tinstaie sots^- So eater the Hoove7 TesKJencs which was near his oxn. The woman, beltevmg him a burglar, shot through the COOT when Green refused t-o hall his efforts to writer. i sticks), charged tae crowd, , ri ,.^ i birtaday December 10. Mistress: Svelyn. yoc were entertaia- ir.g a atari ut the fctchea last night, were you not? Ma.c: That's r.ot for ir.e to say. m».*-

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