Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 10, 1965 · Page 1
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 1

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, May 10, 1965
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., .. . lCROFILK SERVICE &' SALES CO. TAJM:,-.; "In Riving a hftlplng hand to yonr fellow man, keep In mind — .ton are offen nof forgiven, most times quickly forp;oMrn." — Cole Sweeney "YOUR FREEDOM NEWSPAPER" VOL. 3? NO. 34 NEA, McNaught Features DPI Leased Wires CLOVIS, NEW MEXICO, MONDAY, MAY 10, 1965 u DAILY Otl SUNDAY* tost China' V V (IJPD —Reports of speakers in Viet Cong ranks of the guerrillas if requested byirilla units. " lince, two nearby towns SAIGON "Chinese speaking soldiers" was reported Sunday "by the ; the Viet Cong. There' has been 1 The statement by the South! a7my . outpost "—'all "within among Viet Cong guerrillas to-,commander of a South Viotna- no Jn(lication tlnt surh _ ..„ ! Vietnamese commander was the i miles of Saigon, day heightened speculation lhat'mese army battalion involved '',,»• first on-the-scene report. I The Viet Cong Communist China may have in a series of clashes with Com- qutst nas l)0cn madc bllt in " Guerrillas Raid Towns made good on its threat to send munist forces (luring the week- f() i'!ned American military At least 28 Vietnamese sol' volunteers" to South Viet end in the Saigon area. sources have disclosed persist- diers were killed and 46 others Nam. ' m ' " ' ' The presence * * and 30 of The Peking regime has ent reports of Chinese speaking wounded in guerrilla assaults on Chinese '' l!1(iy(>(1 .1° • sml ni( ' n lo llu ' ' ml nfli( ' (> >' s <™d soldiers with guer- the capital of Hau Nghia Prov- Jets Hit North Viet In Waves Dominican Rebels Use Mortars US Posts Blasted also seized temporary control of Buon Sar village and a nearby strategic SANTO DOMINGO. can Republic (UI'I. Dummi- tar fire to batter down the - Rebel walls of the Ozama fortress in tmops shelled U. S. po-itions downtown Santo Domingo to -with mortar and rifle fire Sun- ovenvrelm 200 police troops re- day nii-'ht, i! was disclosed to- .^istin:^ there. day. \o casualties were re- Tin-re were no casualties in 'Parted. 'he mortar fire attack wh ; •: A U. S. military spokesman '""^ ' )lacc at dusk Slin()n - v and South Vietnam- ; ,lso reported a brief be- n '~ '' -bombers stepped up tween the rival Dominican mil- tree post. in la yards from a sentry The other landed nearby a school yard being used as a U.S. military headquarters. American spokesmen did not indicate Highway 79 miles northeast of Saigon and ambushed the government relief force sent to' drive them out. Guerrillas occupied the village Friday afternoon and collected "taxes" from vehicles passing along Highway 20 for more than 24 hours before a government battalion drove them off. Capt. Vance R. Sutley of San Rafael, Calif., adviser to the Vietnamese battalion, said the Viet Cong laid the ambush 15 miles farther along the high- Weapon Bared At Big Parade R. Malinovsky Soviet defense minister MOSCOW .(VPI)-The Soviet Union trundled out a giant intercontinental missile Sunday and boasted it could deliver a "fantastic" nuclear warhead to any point on earth. The rocket, experts speculated, might carry a warhead the size of the "superbomb" Russia has boasted of in the past. Such a missile, they said, might deliver a nuclear weapon with a yield of 50 megatons (the equivalent of 50 million tons of TNT). The big rocket was unveiled at a Moscow military parade * * * way. One government armored SAlflON il'I'I'-Waves ol an hte war a-ain<t N<>r"! V 'vl.iv with One round knocked over - clock raids a.'ain-t a'hiti targets in Com- > ground. ("••irr.rruinU' killed one \' t ad«'untied '-A :\ < •r.-.-ar: <-< H^ .". <i near!). another '•'. .1; < para'e act; '"'' ~A I*'-' I if ' "'t i'ary bands outside the U. S. "f .security zone but within hearing distance of the American- held Kmbajador Hotel. military IM -'itini:'--! >-.ind:i;. Hai j;r>-.'-:p<;ma Vi.-t ('(.-, Three new airborne casualties were reported durir.g the ni.'.ht were wounded Three 'It' raMialt ie> We:'e re- ;><irti"l, mrhiflir:' op<- Marine : i'!" d!-e!i;i.r;'ed :if'e:denta!!v '!'.','• ina.'i u.'iiiM 1 li.'le went (ill fiufiered a nervi'iti- breakdown and a! - > u a - e\ ,i> i.ated ' >'.',<• airborne troo:»er was re- !>'-r'.ei| to have suffered a p/K- sibly M-!f i-ifi;: ted wound but ;••• m •: iranied atc-lv Front Drops Hail Moisture In Area whether they knew where the mortars were em-1 car and its five-man crew was placed, or whether they plan- destroyed w hen a guerrilla ned any action to knock them j scrambled atop the moving ve- out of action. ! hide and dropped a grenade into the open hatch. Communist gunfire destroyed two other trucks loaded with Vietnamese soldiers. The Viet Cong finally with- _Soft^Landing Planned? Red Moon Craft Mission Secret MOSCOW (UPI)-Luna Five, i*£" ^ £ ^'K:*-- s- —< - on an unspecified mis- Uiown Sunday. Navy Pilot Killed In the air war against North today sion. A cool front which dropped temperatures 3,'i decrees Sunday inch! dumped up to 3 ,'tO indies n! moi.-iture on the Curry fonnty an-a overnight. An official °>7 of an inch was recorded by Karl Kramer. News- Journal weather observer, who reported total mo.-iture for the Experts said the rocket could which was "functioning normally." A terse Tass announcement described Luna Five as an "automatic station" equipped "with various measuring appa- Viet Nam Sunday, the pilot of . ^P eris .sam ine rocKet coma "with various measuring appa- All three reported hail but no a us Navy F8 Crusader iet mvolve either close-up picture!ratus for conducting scientific '"Kigc. , wno HtieH rtnrino a .trnf5« rt i. lakin S or an attempted soft research." It said the launching was killed during a strafing run truck The front moved into the area • about 8 p.m. Sunday with heavy near the town of Cu Duc - •>unu.s gusting up to 45 miles an aour. Crystal said. The officials as news agency It said the launching was "effected by a multi-stage rocket." celebrating the 20th _ _. sary of VE-Day. Hours later, the Soviets announced the use of a multi-stage rocket to send a new scientific probe streaking towards the moon. U.S. Ambassador Foy D. Kohler and most other Western dip-,,. U lomats boycotted the parade fit Red Square. Of the NATO envoys assigned to Paris, only the French and Turkish ambassadors turned out to hear Soviet Defense Minister Rodion Malinovsky lash the United States for "hideous crimes" in Viet Nam. Accused Of Deal / The burly defense chief also accused the United States 'of concluding a "shameful deal' with West Germany aimed at Bonn's nuclear armament. He warned that the Soviet Union? would "rebuff" any aggressor and restated Kremlin determination to give "necessary aid" to North Viet Nam. The May 9 victory commemo/ ration began when three smart- stepping veterans marched across Moscow's historic hub carrying the naming banner they planted on the Reichstag 20 years ago. Malinovsky recalled that jtfst ,""."" —; ' ••"• •"••*•"-— "- "v"i « 6 .-..vj' ..rpup i a<! t ctaffo nf tho T-n^Vn*! 3 mon th after that symbolic act cause of the crash was announced the launching of the ,^^1^^ St^ln^L ° f Vict ° ry ' s - COres of Nazi ban * An in t; Xu i orr. •-'N-M- i niches. no anti-aircraft The U.S. Weather Bureau fore, target. '-'• partly cloudy skies for the j , r t):«.- county at 2.01 remainder of today with a few In unknown. Other pilots reported moon shot Sunday but gave few •"'' "' " fire over the details. The rocket is expected jto reach the vicinity !moon on Wednesday. of the of an artificial satellite of the earth and then, in accordance r,ii:!il. different re- Some fire against «-i.-tio!i: s (iurin..; the t'rysta! i the? mortar of cou another raid Sunday, 52 Air Force planes and 18 If Luna Five does achieve a! on a traectory the soft landing, it would steal yet j moon." 11 Navy Urges Men To Extend Sat'k I". S off;- ;a tve ni abo-.;! . :!-niilr.ary H le I ;>e »••(•.;:',' i I'.it Were '.!a nf!''!iien ') rrvn attacked ';'..{ tr.'Ops O'.lt- /iine a! TiL'a!- • Irivcn n:! !,v and tank '•'••• res Wi-rc ii\all- stiowcrs and possible thunder- U ' S ' Air Force planes and 18 If Luna Five does achieve a! hail also hit scattered slorms t°»iuht. A wannup is due Y^namese planes raided the soft landing, it would steal yetj of the county Aid Phil T»fsilay with a low of 48 and Clty of Vlnh Linh J ust north of, another march from the United) county Ssion 14n 1"^'of 86 predicted. the bwder - Pilots "ported de-j States in the race to land a| lid'-ie stonec- M !r«"it"i; ^ straying or damaging 30 build-1 man on the moon. i PM nn'nVnt d'?m'f . . lhe niercur >' had reached a incs. American space scientists are! - -Mfcuuii "Jmaue nn.'h of «o degrees al.x)ut 2 p.m. In Saigon, South Viet Nam's planning an automated lunar MIMiiay and plummeted to (ho powerful Ruddhkt Tentpr issopHlpxnlnrntinn u-ith tho Surwovni'! with the pre-set program, launched the automatic station toward ners were thrown in anger at the foot of the Lenin mausoleum. stones were light that no apparent damaui -int Hi!!, about 17 miles ist of Clu\i-, i apparently bulk of the rainfall and ' !! '- f -'' e 'flying ings. •- ^^.i»«. i** tlul.ljUn, hjwu n* »*t_i .lu^ii^j i* it*iiniiip, oji auiunid tcu luilcll plummeted to the powerful Buddhist Center issued!exploration with the Surveyor rk about 2 a.m. to- a communique urging the gov-, Project before attempting any reported. ernment to declare a 24-hour manned launchings. 'his front moved into the area' CCaSefire ) nf , h T r *,° f ?l f.^'l ^ "^ °"J y thatuLuna T ive foiknvmg a warm sunny dav ver f a p' of . the blrth ° f Buddha Was ef l l "PP ed Wlth v a rio "s ** "f rain- Sundav Baiter sTurda s chiSy ^ Saturday ' types ° f scientific But on this May 9 the accent the was not on spiteful vindication so much as strength — sleek, ^ •£ mighty, scientific strength contained in the, startling display of rocketry. Shows Off Might Uncovered for the world to note and remember: WASHINGTON Navy tft.i.v, .•-•>•! men \ 1 • • tour* • .:...'• -f I '«*r!'i' < li-a! t)'it 1: heard bv <••orri-s- ie li'i'c: Krnhala- ur:e rict able tn "{ Hurford. if!' H tlin « IT "J Storms Sweep Texas - . --, 1 —•••».» wit-ttiut-i^t j \, I Hi J > ;-m! Ho- temperatures which dropped to icrx'i-tiri; a I, : , A ,,.- 3^ degrees about 8 p.m. >in " ( I- Ki-anier said some ice was re:!> farm a parted in the Oklahoma Lane area late Saturday night. Texas got most of the violent weather overnight with the N>U'!I Plains and Central Texas re'-eiving The brunt of the blow. Dakota's Black Hills Struck By Blizzard Surveyor Moon Shot Planned CAPE KENNEDY (UPIi J) t nilnl Press International IJy I'nited Press International ! and the eastern third of the na- A storm that dumped three lion and the clash between the . - —- .«.. b ... oc- „. feet of snow on South Dakota's, cold and hot air set off numer-! ries f hat P'' oduc ed 17,259 close-i „ _ A t.'inado alert was issued by Black Hills pushed cold rain ous thunderstorms. | U P Pictures of the lunar land-! the r S. Weather Bureau this into North Dakota and Minne-l „. „. , i scape with three successful tele- , , ini.nunc. effective through 1 sola today. j The Weather Bureau issued a!vision craft. cheap and P m today, railing for possible Tl ,,-,,,,, itwnado warning for southeast! The detailed pictures taken bv a " d J 3 "" - ->^ :«, miles either Vide of , 1!u> cuW air that helped pro- New .Mexico and western Texas Rangers 7, 8 and 9 showed thX 'T^ "' :. II-M- -^retchme from 10 miles ? ua ' ^ ' "«f r f ^ndHions through midafternoon. ithe moon - s surface is smoo f hl —' — north of Carl.bad to 20 m i 1 e s ^™.^ rl ^P™ Q ^^™™^ Nearly 2', inches of rain fell! enou g h for A P°»o manned land- -The t Little Hock. Ark., since Sun- ;inRS - K "' " '" "~ '" —The 120-foot, pale green, "Brezhnev Blockbuster" — roughly like America's Titan-88. Commentators said it was similar to the 1.6 million pound .. - -. . thrust rockets which orbited America's next moon shot will Vostok and Voskhod — space- jbe an attempt to soft land a • ships with a payload of up tc [Project Surveyor spacecraft on six tons. Experts speculated 'the lunar surface this fall. [such a rocket might carry £ Russia's new Luna-five moon!warhead of some 50 megatons probe follows by seven weeks or so. tho close of the U.S. ranger se-^ „. ., . ...... _. b —The three-stage 'Little Sis- ir to Americas 59- Minuteman. Powered by reliable" solid fuel, under- t rr according to offi of San Ancelo. Tex. News At a_.C|_ance Senate Leaders Eye Defeat Of Poll Tax Ban i hair >!'f !<;.'! tor- \VASHI\(,T(»\ (I I'D .• i';': ''!>!> ••!,-,iiiii-,1 t.,'!a\ that a !:b.-:'al-b.e •!.- i ar:;. t:;,-nt In ban -late ai:>l l'«al (»•!! 1a\.-^ uit! U- r<-|i-- \-->lin.i; i'i;.'!ii> lull i- opjn^t-1 i.\ |."!h S^niir- [larty i-rs ami b> the adm.iiistrati M "ii ^:i"iuvis M mitjlu mak<- tlu- measure U.S. Won't Keep Relations With Cambodia PIINOM rFMI. C'ainlMMlia (ll'l) — Senviai\ cf Slate l)can Kn-k has intu! ii,---! t'an.lK»i!i i [}•<• 1'!:!'..! '? inte! r^ti'ii in iiMiiit.lining i-'>n>nla! - ri-ia- \1 i ',i • M. \\ -.i-.i a l)can fS i> ii" - \\ith i w ..It- 1 *i-|i;ii'! • •iL'ti r.'!atiiin< ui May •; •; •aiii IP. a h-tti "f!i--i.-.! ii T i'ial!'-l:s U ,!|l \\ .i>h.l!VJtn rontiniuxl ihal IUi--k KdtHl \Vii !; I i'.at >UH'r maintain rcnsuiar i. i.iti 1 -us. as siii'^r^ti-il by ( 'anil". • h i. Riotinq Protests Arrest Of 'Kashmir Lion 1 \KW\UK1JII (I'PI) — l.d.- i'i th.' Ka..luuir «-.,r,i. \MH'k< i n(l nf riotinj* to juntr-t ihr aiii-st \>\ In.lia m Mi4- "li.'.'i of K.'ivhfiiii-." S(n-ik!i AluiM-'ai: Si\ pi-r^iM-v !, ive ii'i'-i ^im-* 1 ihi- sheik \va> ainvtrit r-ul\ S.iHii'M\ •in,) ;KN -ii-t .1 of "'i. ibnohliin-.r uiih ("lima ani C.iki-t •*>: a.'ii'Nt hiiiia " S<vircs lia\c bc<-n imuiv,) anij alniiii IIKI of III- 1 -'-.'ik'i'>s fi']!n\\ci> ha\i- Ipi-cr- an'•.•-.!.'<) Mkiile Unit Being Sent To Europe WASHINGTON (I'H) — Th,. Armv annoiui.v.i t'.- dav that another IVrshintr haUi^tu' missile unit -- the .°«nl Battalj'-n, R-lth Artil!ei-\ nf Ki. Ij-avenvvnilli. Kan. -- will IK> sent in EumtM' tbi>. t" -treimtheti .\.\' ! '') . It will fv the tlu'-d *(}<•}} unit cmployim* the "se<jot «n<l -hf>nt" ni ; -si)c> t,, h«» si-n» t» West Germany. The fu^t de:'ln\e,t there eai-K la>i \>ar S»rvie«s Today P«r C,h<irles R, Spain T,-\- rir- •ilni a ii, ;. .\K \J. \ M I Nrtd.-d !'.•'!; b,lt !; ; i;i>i-ij damage i'lc-i in diamc'e M of ii'ur itii la-'-Bianco rnca i •vt-reiv da ma .'in K.';:i!a!l ID the Curry County ••va rari.'cii frnin Kramer's .37 • ! ! i:'- i'ich to tho .70 figure re' :«1 'J bv Mrs Walter Richard•'•> '-. i: i ivsuii's four miles south ' I ' ' , I '» ! l:i 1'arwell. 'IV.v, about M of '•>'••• i.'n h was recorded, thi- Par- 1! '••!' I'ouniy Slienifs Depart!!!••!•• imported. <'r\~ta! recordeil 40 al his i ---.'ieai r in Clin is while W C 1'auon W | 10 rcsidi-s aliout 10 ':!':,-v west and eiulit miles north '* t'n\n posted a trace C F. '':••'•<!• r-Tiu-ded .40 at his home Vii'vc miK-s north of C!o\is ' This half-inch rain is cvrfain- !' M.-lroiiie. but far from ade- -'!'-.;il ' '' said Crystal. ' Uhaf u,- need is a little more lain a little more often " he added "Scattered and light as these sbowors are" he continued, "the> are not enough to yot the dnland ready for planting. om North Dakota to Nebraska *, sent the temperature to a record low of 31 at North Platte. Neb., this morning. \Vann and humid weather continued over much of Texas WEATHERl Iron Maiden" middl< but it is up to surveyor range rocket, cloaked in i day. Fort Worth, Tex., reported probes to land gently on t'he sheath, mounted atop a dark 1.72 inches lunar surface to see if it is hard tracked vehicle. enough. Temperatures warmed suffi- The first of the d o o ~ A new anti ' tank weapon ; ciently today to melt much of pound Surveyors is tpSatJu^' capable ° f firing six missiles Jhe Black Hills snow Roads scheduled fo> launch i 1 guided by radi ° siRnals ' -• 'w 0 °S C ? g n d ^^ a V n \ Dead ; 1Septemterbyan ^^^ ~ A medium ' ^-silhouettt wood. S D., had 32 inches of.rocket. The shot, however tank. Identified as the T-62. ' ! snow on the ground Sunday and-hinges on the successful test ; some nearby areas up to 36 fli-hi , n j,,i y of an AU ^_ Contaur booster. The first of the Surveyors wil! ; fast THUNDERSTORMS EXPECTED Authorities feared a warmup would trigger flooding. Haind City. S. D., South Dakota'.x second largest city, had Partly cloudy today tonj^ht widespread power and telephone ami Tuesday. A few" showers failures Sunday, and the larg- aiul possible thunderstorms this l ' st television station in the area aiternoon and evening. iiJigtulv vvas forced oif Die air. Elsewhere, residents of Oklahoma, Nebraska, Wisconsin and South Dakota cleaned up damage from a rash of weekend flash be a" engineering test model and will carry only two television cameras — one to photo- landing. Tuesday, 48-86. Sunday's high at 3 p.m 77 degrees. ^Uays low «'' l '*-' s - at 6 am. 41 de- tornadoes Four persons were killed at Primrose. Neb., when a twister struck Saturday. Crashes Reported ....... r\ ei* ii* • British Spies On Slippery Highways SentencePd Eevator Kills Ex-Muleshoe Football Star ALBUQUERQUE (Staff) — A University of New Mexico at) jlete from Tucumcari and former 'ly of Muleshoe, Tex., was killed Sunday when his head was pin- j ned in an elevator shaft. ._~ ! D o n a 1 d Steve Legion, 19, a OCEAN CITY, Md. (UPIi— sophomore who was a fullback Scuba divers sought today to antl linebacker on the universi- recover the bodies of Carole ty' 5 Western Athletic Conference l>lei\ former beauty queen and championship team, stuck h v key figure in the Bobby Baker 'head through a broken wir ' < investigation, and a pilot who !jul elevator shaft. Baker Killed In Plane Crash , te 30 set off a chain n i-ea- ID ;jM ! f'-baI: : >Hiiii.J 1'otei^hur.' - re; M 11 'cii at 1'a I'tnon and in 1!u •! nl l.ubbock From (I'PI Wire) DALLAS, Tex. — Ipmavs and streets were^at f vv raiJJJjaic blamed for hundreds of automo- mailv as 90 vehicles bile accidents in the southern No major injuries were ^ l>art of lexas Sunday, with DaJ- e d. but 15 ambulances Ocean his LONDON (UPI)-Two Britons today were sentenced to long prison terms for selling missile and other military to Russia and Iraq. Tyler ' 2fii .1 for nf M lird'»\' of ft be, ration named tendi-nt r.f <,- | an<) pt- ( R. Si-'iin 'Tf!- Th>~N'^ah P [INS5 DTTwIoy'f N e w$.Journolj Tun ' to tak w-n a*snri,ito <..\. r Tun»-n' \bi»\ 7 10 S 1 b KdiMrial !>idt HIM U'f\ cars Other cars in heavy, late Sunday afternoon traffic were g unable to stop, and were quick« ly caught up in a series of bump w fd pinned . . 'frame, hazel-eyed City, Tenn.,1 Legion had poked his ht^ . aboard an old single - en- through the broken window of V secrets*" 11 ' Wac '° biplane flo *n by j elevator safety door just as tl • Robert H. Davis, 43, of Hunt-elevator approached the ftp r ui^'ton. W Va. Davis was stunt-'from above. Aviation Ministry rockets ex-'Hying when the plane plummet-' , - , ,. . -it Frank Clifton Bossard was ;ed into the sea about MOvardV Ugua!t 8 °° of Mr. «ad l|j *. that the sent to prison for 21 years af- 'off shore from Bakers' Carousel^' *1 , Ugto ?, f u Tu««»eS 1 j j •• "oacis ^<*rouiei moved | rom Mutesho* in )ft . He was considered an out*tar '- Witnesses told poice tat the sent to prison original accident involved four ter he pleaded guilty to selling Motel missile secrets to the Soviets The Coast Guard said the Army Sgt. Peter Sidney Allen wreckage had been located in liflg atW * te 33 married and the father of i water about 23 feet deep Res- fresbm * a City game a w«<& age.

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