The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 20, 1924 · Page 13
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 13

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1924
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE THIRTEEN. On)er« to cmrngo or dMcunllnue mlvorlliomcnta for thu current rt''y» I SBUO cantiol bo accepted latoi than }i a.m. for Tho News and 6 p.m fm 'J ho Herald. All channeii and Kills' recived artcr tho»e hotira will lake effeot th roletowfng day. Th Uutchlnaun News-Herald la a member or The Association of N>"*« I *a tier Clniwflefl Ailvcrtlaina Manaara which Includes reading nnW«(i»u.'r« throughout the country and Una tot Its aim the elimination of fraudulent and mlalartinK classified advertumg. Tli* Hutchfnaan News-Herald as wel «» evory other member of tho association, endoavort to win! only iruilitu/ Want Ads and will appreciate bavin* Its attention called to any ndvt>ri'i«p mom not conforming to tho highest standards c.t honesty. All classified nda will be Inse'tcd both morning and evening issu,,* or tho paper. An ad which n accenleii for a single Insertion will appear In bo Av T rVf New » fl hd The Herald Classified adverllslng terms are «asn. I'hone orders are accented ro. convenience, hut with the understand, ing that hills will be paid on piesen- tnllrm * » CARD OF THANKS CAltD OK THANKS. Wo desire to express our nearttelt thanks to our friends In Hutclitnsnn for the many kind words of sympathy und for the inuny beautiful flowers received during our recent beroavo- Inent, Mrs. L. K. Musse'.miin. and Hurl and HUHL; Mrs. A. Mussclnmn and family. Mr*. Sarah Freuh unit family. CAltD OF THANKS. We wish to thank our m:uty fi-lemis »nd neighbors fur their sympathy t"i|it kind aid during the lllncas and death of oitnoeloed husband and falher; also for the beautiful floral offerings. Mits. a. ii. OUICTIS, Mr. and Mrs. Kd Duncan and daughter, Junnlla; G. K. Curtis ami lam- lly; O. H. Curtla and family. tTAVUitU'' THANKS. Wo wish to tliapk the friends and roighbors for thoir kind assistance •ml also for the many floral offerings during the recent llnoss and death ol eur dear father. Mr. antl Mrs. fhas. A. bnoun. Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Green. LODGE NOTICCS Annual homo-coming 'r.iv tonight, Ueno 111) A.f'.&A. M. -ooon program ami refreshments. All sojourners Invited to bo present. A. It. lloBers, W. M.; O. 1* Itateman. Sec. 3 SPECIAL NOTICES ' 3 DEAD stock removed free of chaige. Phone 4SI I WILL not be responsible, for any bills contracted byte.' .Nov. 15. Mrs. J. K. Morton at- Hnrloii. Guarantee!! repairing. Nelllo M. wti- liams, 21li A, west. DOLL Hospital. Call 33"*. JFire« Examination of any stove giving trouble. Will buy stoves and acconti- liamt furniture. Klovo repairing specially. I'hone f.37W jlAiiA/.lNi: suhsciipliuns at redu*.mj Prices. Mrs. \V. II. Mower. Flton ~AltY ALMA tlll'F Ai'HO.S SUOI" l-'nneyworb .'xchange. A.ND Rast tltn REPAIRING, MX KINDS (Cont.) t^oi^fMtViU—klvat cin»»" work". Phono 27H13. .1. }!. ItiiR-lnntl. 15 LAUNDRY WORK 15 CURTAINS laundered. Phone 19SSJ. HOUSEHOLO GOOOS (Cont.) UUAUTIFTJL Peninsular baseburner. siso tC. Used one season. L'none 1372. WANTED—Washing and ironing, wash In soft water. Call at West Bill. I'hone 2S90W. 15LKOTKIC WASHER: also barrel hauilnerifss shot gun. ir.12,1. ^SERVICES OFFERED 18 KOU SAL11—Ulark Jewel tlas COOK stove; Lorain oven, heat retrulator; iwcd only short time, perfect condition; also Radiant gas heater, like . Phone 3r,72M. PAINTING, estimate cement work; building free. 2IS K. D.Hn .Jllis.1. TIIAHII hauling, nil kinds 17 RADIO EQUIPMENT U DUTCH RADIO TUB ICS—is timbers 103, 12, 201-A, 2(10; guaranteed equal to any tubes on tho market: $2.25 each Call Curtis, phone 2715; 301 M. Van Hui-en. HIIUI'JST cash prices pukl lor mi kinds of used furniture. Nothing ton good: nothing to poor. Crook l-'urnl- ure Exchange Co., phon,. 911. I KONOItA HA I HO m (With thfi concf-aloil Horn) "C-MSAU AS A UKLL" Tana rtmnUy . unoxcellod, becauso all wood, t Same inloo ns others. Phone ana drmonntintlon. NKW aiul used Kurniture, heating stoves, ranfftfs and gns rnnsfis- Our irlcos are rlijht. "-Wo nro In the mnt- -:ct fnr ROO' I furnlttiro nnd stoves. liny Workman. 202& N. Maple. Phono !tS4i—1574J. ' WANTED—Furniture, men, aiovoa; highest pr'cea. Johnaun Furtilturc Co., Phone 304. 19 MALE HELP WANTED 19 WANTED—Salesman and rniiecior with car; rapid advancement tor the ritfht party; app'.y 'Monday incrnUiK !> uVlork at SlnKor So wing Aku'limo Co., 1 tJU Kiist Shernm n. 20 FEMALE HELP WAN'TEO 20 KXPEttlKNCKD woman for general houHt .'WrM 'fc- Mrs. I'*rank Knrf?tit. 32 TYPEWRITER SUPPLIES HEP AIRBD—R13NTE O, hOVGUT—SOlaU 60S N. Main Phone 7S'< WANTED—An experienced girt iov Pi-neral houso wnvk. Mrs. K. J'J. ScntiK-y. r.ll K. Slu'nnan. WANTED—Expertunci ernl lujn?e work; K rl (Tflrl for t?en- I west 14th. WOMEN to assist with house wont; for her board and room. Phone 77). 22 SALESMEN OR SALESWOMEN SALESMEN wanted for Iteno, Barton, Stafford and Pratt counties to «en Blanche's automatic carburetor control fnr Eord cars and trucks, (t is ft success and a wood Keller. .1. D. HIP- l )i y, Starford, Kan. .SITUATION WANTED, MALE 24 WANTED—Position .by experienced young man In gentlemen or ladies ftiriifshins clepni-tnu-nt. Carf fnrnisn dxci'llcnt ivti.Tcnei'S. Pluine 1-15. 25 SITUATION WANTED. FEMALE at WORK hv nour. Phnne 2!HH WANTED by young lady—Clerking position or salcawurk, any kind, grocery preferred: experienced; In or out of city. Address P-ll. enrn News, IiADY with dauyhler 15, wianea to kt-ep house for bachelor or.widower. Write SuKle Miller, Staffoiif Kan, MISCELLANEOUS FOft SALE"APil loi air work; all klnus lot'k and key work guaranteed. AI C.iadv. HI E. First. Ph. Vhjs. - - a<J0S Til.' 'i'iCAL. nurses registering. OI.YMI'lA Svncupator's- Call at , N. Main or )»hnne uo^.w. \ve mr dances, parties. Mn -ials, en. ...mmfuis and private parties- l !:uiks A llarrisun. T i : iti : ru <7M E 'S ; rf~ii'. : l'j7 -V"V ':orps will hold ;i i ,ii :»;«ar and t'o«>d aaU> at the HiHiB- land Cuihinc Ston*, Dec '"'th "Vill.L I'i'cn rnv n'iil and apreni »hop UL 1> West 8t1i, Nov- 3Ulh, Mrs. J. Ahhby. 3A BEAUTY CULTURE lU^AV^PTwOtitic all ktn .iM, any time, your lu'ine <>r mine. Phone .iHtwl. W/ Mh. Viwtu! biz for mipolntmetit. ilAUCELLlNO. day or E,;ivilt Sl!0 VM#* 4th- fvt-mng Mr* Phono •MAHCEl.ElNtl ;,(»(• Phnnt* S'iti.l ilARCELLlNt-i, ;» 5d~A llCElA-i N(.i. also facial ti«:ai. Mrd, J. H. Katnary. IL'I North E"»tnil 1,1 MAU^ELLINO—Day t Talhott. _SW K. JUji 5 <AiTCKLLlN "t "r''JiJJi- V!lh - Ph ST A TT CELIJN 1 ' • fvcnint; AU'b Phone it'»i_J. Photirt fi77\V. "N ELLPMELLO BEAUT X bHUl 'VJl:. Paper cur' « Bijeclalty. 4Jt> ti-a«t First. I'hone UlfiO. LOST GOLD color foot hall on football "Wert. betwt't -Ji '2 and 4 p. in. ••• K. McGiunls. 1U1D. L- Tackle" on ball. ja reward. Leayi: at New.t ofHet?. i,O.S T—Sinn 11 brown "poek ct book - tween Pennv'a and Shermnn antl •Washington. llcturn 310 West A- FOR Buff Leghorn pulleta 5ti Buff Orpington pullets; (ij liuff Orpington h*ns; oiiii 4U0 egg (jueen ln<:tihator; one r<00 ehick colony braod- er; onu ga.sullne. i-nglnl* and pump Jack; ono set of .sing)" work harness and collar; one 10-ineh plow. Phono 47P2. 11. M. Oambl.v b\m SALE—New Klnger iu-wlng machine; oak davenport. Phone 84 or 471. after 0 P. m., npt. V2. Wi-i SAEi;-«iirrs •x Eighth. bicycle. Call I'it b'OH SALE—Ueal nt disi-nnnt —asl (Ktate S7o contract MrNii irhten! ECJt SALK—JJedinnu Cluck Writer, regular prlcn $40.00. See Clifford 'lVfiter. News Office, FOJt SALE—Eh* chines. Tin* " infton liondrd Kerond ptreet. :til»: A pox Washing Ma " for ono-iittir ii*? at the inuun- reTiotiac—710 Eitat EOlt SALE —t desk and on. Rt iHO East S it.* Mahogany Library Mahogany chair. Call 'M-mau liciore noon. FOU .SALE—.1 b'avy duty wagon; gasoline garar.e tank; galvlmzed water tank with faucet and cover. White Lumber Co., 101 W. Sherman. Phone. 65. fr'O H SALE—7% real estate Ural movtgapeb. —rask McNagluen; Phone POK SALE— Miluuro 3.SI0.I. for fawns. Cat MACA/.IN'E subscriptions. ICiii**. 817 E .IH L Eourth- Mta. Ina UNE NEAl'tLY new butcher's relrig . crator; Euffnlo Silent cutter; cutting tiibifi und meat bluck: John Hog. gatt. Dodge City. Kurts.. PJ»4 ami Ave TIKE Uargalns— y«x8; J3.PJ. 30x3% $C29. 3 and in. tubed SL10 Du vail Tiro Co.. 112 E. Sherman. YOPNCi Eat tie Phony aainj. 27 LOST—New Keiley-Sprtngrield i-annc tire, 30x3H, with rim; finder pieaw yhone 36D4W i,OST—Goodrich halloing tire to y;t*x4u, im and c;ov«ri Hewurd upon return 114 K. Blgffer. toST— Ilemlntfion Ford tiro witn ^ tube on rim, 55 reward. Can M. *i. Btreet, phone 145. ijOST—In UorabauBli-WJley 'B. J5.UU. Call 3123J; reward. FOUND FOUND—Pockatbook containing money and other articles. Owner can have aamo hy paying for ad and ue- •crlblng coii tan is. 449 S. Jnatife. i'OUND- East. Auto tlr«, Inqulro *J^0 *j MISCELLANEOUS FOR 1 SALE OR TRADE 27 EXCHANGE- lapo cutter make. Addn-s •Fresh cows for ensi Xante size, npo and ; T-.IL care News. To TUADE—A 4-room house tur ten in, wafton and harnosa. inquire 106 l-:aat Campbell. 28 MISCELLANEOUS WANTED 28 WANTED—All klnda or used rurni ture; one piece or an entire, house 1 ful. Crook Furniture Exchange Co., phone '.Mi. 29 WEARING APPAREL 2U Mrs. Ina ICllcs, phone 2723, 317 East Eonrth. EOU SALE—tHrl-i 12 years; cheap. winter Phone ati »7J. 8 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES ti drsrsftml ISaS* For all aches and pains. Special ladles' treatment. Prices reasonable Call 437 IlH Wast Sherman, CHAS. I. WILSON, chironractor, 11 Mr North Main. Phone 2735. _^ V'E specialize In fitting b'lasse'a Shipman Bros., Masonic Didtr.. Room_ 7. CARPENTERING CARPENTKUINO; furnlturo repatr- Ing. Phone 18883. • •f'O TRADE—2 lots on East Sth. lav carpenter work. Prank souitner. 9 S945W COO WenUjUth. -• — *•? prices for men'i :s. Phono nns .i. USED CLoTMIMJ and fancy worK o.vchanwe. OlET & TH111KT Shop, 21a Weal 5th. Phone 175'_'-\v. 30 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS SQ A SPECIAL Price on a beautiful Con hole Vletrola, Period style, ma hoi; any. Jenkins Music. Co., W'Jl N. Main FOK SALE—New piano, count If sold soon. Tel. liberal 41* 2o78. PIANOS. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, Star Piano $i!35; Whiting ?l.".u; Vos- $'J0, r >; Brunswick ?9-"i; Victor $UU; Co lumbla $ CD ; Violin Sl'>; Banjo 4!. Easy' tcrma. Uorabaugh-Wlloy Musi Dcpartnu-nt, dou Pie Phone •'Oil SAEE—Uaseburner In fine condition; also Rood buffet. Call 4744W. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES (Cont.) DO'*VO T ? , '"WAN^^ RETAIL CLOTHING BUSINESS'*— One of tho big clothing manufacturers with. a tnmous nationally advertised brand, la desirous nf having Its propo- lllon handled by live-wlro men \»it» a following ami an ambition to succeed, backed hy proper ability and experience, Many young men over - the country bav'e gnnfc Into tho remit clolfifng tmsdiess with fhfs propofli- lon and have made great successes, oung men of this type are invited to address Pox Q-)l care Nows-Heralci, giving full details. Large eaptita' nee ssnry._ IDMEMADE rnniftirts Phone 2217 FOil SALIC, iriirterbr, good cate doing nlco bnsin*'s.s. Uenson, otiier business. Xlllman's* Cafe No. I, Elkhart, Kan, 45 TRADE vmir old furniture for new. Phono .Shaffers,, 496. Plenty of ready money to buy, build, repair, or* pay off present loan; will loan tip to r>0% of value, you pay back principal and Interest at 51:1 .33 per month for each 51 ,000 borrowed; wo want to talk with you about It. Coe- Thomson Improvement Co., Masonic li'.dg,, Phone 752. CITY LOAN'S—Straight loans; Nowlln Manning I^onn Co., 11 Va N. Main. GET 7% on first mortgage real estate security, —ask McNaghten' IstNat'l MONEY to loanl Wp.lfnre Tionn Co.. TYPEWim'EK HtlAlJQUAH'l 'KUS," All makes of Slightly used and rebuilt typewriters sold OIT E-Z payments; exclusive ngetiSi for Royal and Corona Typewriters; rentals, repair work and supplies; reasonable, RENO TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE, 405 N. Main. Phone asay. 35 GOOD THINGS TO EAT 35 CALL 20F.1 for pears, and pumpkins. Wo represt:iit 'loan com panics with millions available to place on goon Central Kansas farms, 6% with morf- te commission, 5^ To with small commission, or G% with no commission. Annual Interest. Consult us now, THE COE-THOMSON IMPROVEMENT CO. Loans and Insurance. apples, honey CHILE, Hot Tomalea, Hamburgers. The best In Hutohinson. Try UHMTI. C. and E. Lunch, 20-A East 1st. J one 312. GOOD Pumpkin and Mince Pies, c; and popenrn balls. Phone 1144- inni) home itsklng. Ph. U44J. HOME-MAI>E Dread, cookie: Ity, mlnce-meat. Phono Mrs. Sherman Ploughs. , divin- 2507-W. 37 SHRUBBERY,^SEEOS PEONIE roots ready. Now la time to plant, 40c each, J4 per -doz. under­ wood Greenhouse Co. 38 LIVE STOCK, SUPPLIES 38 FOR SALE—Big- type Poland China boars. Somo extra good boars siren by Premier by Promoter by Criterion. Dnm Is .lade by Nortside Kit by Pick- tts. Orphan. These boars are outstanding breeding prospects alt have been vaccinated and aro priced right. Por frther Information, address Seth .lones. Box 61. Hutchinson. Kansas. '"OR SALE—Two. iresh cowsj 5 stein heifer calves. Phone 120O-J. t. Cmw. FOR SALE—Choice Duroc males, T'honn 1B-K-12. C. W. Danrnrd. PUESH Holsteln cows, inquire wai tr-r C. Pelrce, Darlow. 39 PUBLIC AUCTIONS 39 AUCTIONEER—Peto Powelson, phone Midland hotel 04, Hutchinson. 1 can please yon. WILL at'll HI public auction, 4 southwest of Partridge, Nov. 25th, fj brad high grade Jeraey cattle coupling of cows and heifers. Some fresh, others fresh soon. N, A. Cas- sldy. PUBLIC SALE HOUSEHOLD GOODS At 2 o'clock P. M., Saturday, Nov. 22, tit residence No. 129 West 14th Street in the City of Hutchinson, the household goods of the late Louisa M. L'lsh will be sold at publU; auction. t\niong tho articles to bo sold are the following: Upright piano, bed steads, springs and mattresses, couch, dining room table, china cupboard, kitchen cabinet. Ice chest, kjtchen range, sew Ing machine, kitchen table, rockers and other chair.", oil stove, three rugs, and numerous other nrticles. G. W. NORRIS. DANIEL CARET, Executors. Pete Powelson, Auctioneer. ; 40 PET STOCK 40 BEAUTIFUL Canary, one tor Xiua .s. gift. all • colors; buy Phone 74tiW DR. O. B. MORGAN VETERINARIAN Specializing In dogs and cats, '21 East Fift .H -nth. Plume 7 'ii.Ai .Nr .u setter, $50. fine looker. Wiro C. C. Jones, 2SS Lewis St.. Memphis, Tenn. • 41 POULTRY & SUPPLIES 41 FOR SALE—Bronsse Turkeys; reason nblp; Phono 1100—Darlow. fc'OK SfVLE— White W'yamiotto and WhlH), Leghorn Cockfivls. 37Si)«J. KC »R b:tE SAJJi—21 WhJtfi J Leghorn pui- May hutched. Phone 'joafij. FDR SALE—Barred Rock cockerels, standard mating from heavy laying strain. W H Ward. NIckersnn. Kan, Live and LucsHed Poultry HENN1NGSEN PRODUCE CO Phone 770. \V<? deliver. FOR SALE—Some fine Buff urpmg ton and Buff Rock Cockerels; a pen of about 50 laying Rock hen.*. Mrs, Frlnln, Silica, Kans. VOH SALE—Turkeys. Phone ll'Ti l.tarh^r. A. M. Wowser, SINGLE COMB Rhode Island Red Cockerels. Phone 9N3; John A. Morgan, -i 42 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES INVESTMENT—Offer $10,000 7% pre ferred slock in amounts of $1,000 or more. Dividends payable semi-annual ly. Established concern. For further Information, address J-11. care News H'-rald. MONEY TO LOAN 45 AUTOS AND TRUCKS (Cont.) FOR SALE—Or trade, 1922 Ford tour- inR oar. Phone 11412. FOU SALE- 5th west. •Ford car, cheap; call 121 Phonp 2078. NOW wrecking K-4I> Bulck; 37 Olds- m.'bi 'L-; Fords und ntliefs. A. K. Jfth- "i . is South Washington. C8I 1 Ford Touring, 1 Hudson Touring, 1 Reo Touring. 1SOBTGN mEB CAfZB 107-111 West 2nd. Phone 125 small amuiinta. 15H North Mam. MONW TO LOAN Improved v'fly property or —ii .sk McNaghten. Cash available now to repay the loan you now have and reduce your monthly pay men tg by placing your loan In the Salt City Building Loan lb Savings Association. From an investment standpoint,' our stock is sare, solid and secure; whip your lazy dollars Into producing a guaranteed b*A dividend. Let us call and explain Building nnd Loan to you. E, CAREY, LLOYD 11ROWN, Prefldf-nt. Secretary. 503 N. Main. • Phono y72. WSllSH ? When will you need our service^'/ Tou may not nefld a loan today, but tomorrow may be different. Keep us In mind as— LOAN SPECIALISTS. J. ». BffiQl©^ & Sam J.i^v Sherman St. Phone SK24. Established 18HS. 2 Dortffd Sedans 2 Fovrl RoRrtstvrs 2 Hulck TouriiiKS 1 Dorlpo Tourlni? 1 Cadlllnc Tonrhiff 2 Kuril Tomiiius N 1 Chevrolet Koadstor Lot ua know your nood«—Wa But It. 'DIE VSEV CAR MARKET SflSiWs !5 East A. Phono aeu« 47 MOTOR SUPPLIES REPAIRS HOUSES UNFURNISHED (Cont.J F"01t HKNT—fi-roiim new, modern luincalow lo adulls. Phnno VOH UKN'l'—Modern cottage. Ill and C2II. 1'IVE ItOt'M cottage and parage HDUSKKEEI'INO rooms with private entrance, proupd floor. Kast O. PAY off tho loan on your home on easy monthly payments. —aid* Mc- N'achliMi! Klr.'t Niit'l. Illdg. RKNTALS 420 Oahor.n, small family, $12. 413 A East. strlv".ly modern, 2 baths. 215 ltlh West, 7 rooms. garnKO, $30. 514 C Kaat, 6 rooms, chicken house, $12. 92S 4th East, garage, chicken house, $25. 510 7lh East. 6 rooma, irarawe, 130. HIIEHM REALTY CO. SHOES MEN'S SHOES 50c • Week FOR BOYS and GIRLS—PART PAYMENT DOWN, BALANCE 50c A WEEK Clothing ant) Shoes for Ladies Clothing and Shoes [or Girls Clothing and Shoes for Boys Clothing and Shoes for Men PART PAYMENT DOWN, BALANCE $1 A WE#K LADIES' SHOES 50c a Week SIX ROOM house close to business district; modem, garage lor 2 cars; chicken house, Phono 2o;;S. 410 West loth; modern except furnace; S20.00. Call 1107 "North Monroe. FOR RENT—14 East 15th, strictly niodorn. Phone 3M. A. Ft. Dull, we wrecked 24 cars. Windshield glass fitted. Tlrca and batteries. Bsraiss Atnto Sa&vaigo C<s>. 22. 24. 26. 28 West Sherman. 50 ROOMS WITHOUT BOARD 6U aiODKltN sleeping rooms. Zlb .East Sherman. MotJKRN sleeplnK rooms. 204 W. 6. ^leBuIni; rooms Ph. 2211.1. NICK IJAKOB ltOUDI For Kent in private homo; well located; per month Phone 770. N1CU sleeping rooms close In. Jfhone 12(ilW. 112 East 4th. SI.KKPINQ rooms. 227 Kast SheTman. Sl.HKI'IXO rooms. 213 West l-'inn. TWO NICBliY ha til; 300 \V. furnished rooms with 1st. Phono 1768-J. TWO sleeping rooms for r«nt, furnace heat; ladles preferred. Phone 61 ROOMS WITH BOARD 61 BOAKDand room; ' Kast Sherman. furnace heat. 120 MOUKUN rooms. Board. 31IQ w. 2na. *SICli sleeping rooms. Furnace heut. hi Sherman. Phono M7H. lltlo.U and board for two, 20ti A, east. I'hnno 252SW. ROOM and East A. board; modern home, 523 MOUKUN furnished 2-room suite close In. Board If desired. S4 Kast 6th. Phono 37. 52 ROOMS FOR HOUSEKEEPING ITOITSBKEEPINO rooms. SOS W. 2nd HoUMWKKEPINO rooms 21 1 w. din HOl.'MHKtaSPJNG room, UlKR'^r. No objections lUb West o chtldren. lilGIIT HOUSE KeeplnR rooms; also sleeping rooms from $2 and up. 203 East 11. rn L Itajs id hsht h^usekeep- 'So FAUM loans, Anderson investment Co..- Phone 5US. 27^ s Main. 46 AUTOS AND TRUCKS 4B AT PREC1ES 1920 Bulck Tourlnr; 1321 h'ord lloadstor 1 'Jlli Tord 'J'ourins 1916 Four cyl. Slutlebakor 11120 .Jordan Touring lypl Studebaker J-'lg fi Touring r.:i Cadillac Touring. 1910 Marmon Redan J 1)23 Studebaker Special Six 1918 Hulclt 6 Touring 1919 Willys C Touring tkirlk M®(tPir C® Phf>n*» 4R0 110-112 W. S «'Conr Ford Sedart Chevrolet Coupa Buick Coup« These Aro Priced Klgnt IFAHKHM!2 & I! SEEN PJirtni* 20 120-122 West First FOit SAEE—Ford Touring; class A Karate; ^0 West Sherman. FOIL W A EE— Dodfe'o Sedan, cheap, o will trade body for good roadstu body. Phone il4. Ono i*'ord Tourmg 1324 Olds Sedan Chandler Snort Touring, li^u Hup Koadster. MODERN fumisi' (nc roortifi. ;-fit East C. 3Si rniKr 7~" Last nipltt, howover, an nnd . ta .l ^r.wJio. was einbalramc tho Win TWO turnwhed iiuus^kcuplng rooms, t-» V"-:- v/i^k. 313 East B. RENTALS. 1 Ro. Chemical* i rooms I S.IM! 3 So. Chemical. 4 rooms S.Ou 1st & Palaoo, * rooms i-.W &U West fith, < room K -w I'M East Third, r» rooroa 13-0« 1D00 East fith, 5 rooms ljj.vjo 600 East "F," 7 rooms 422 N. Chemfcftl, 8 rooms io.o» 512 East Campbell, 4 roomfl 1&.W0 5:i East 4th, 5 rooma '^^2 til7 Went 7th, 5 rooms Mrn S7.5U 724 Eas tShnrman, 8 rooms mod. .40.00 204 East "A." rooma mod-.... 4h.tJU 14 West 4th. Storeroom J £W> 100 West Sherman, ptoreroohi.. li'O.uo oil Wont 7Un 5 rooms..., *0-»0 624 \\>at "B", 4 rooms Steam heated office rooma. —ask McNAOUTESi Realtors. Phone 855. lot Nut'J «W«Call X685*J evening". 57 HOUSES FURNISHED 9/ Furninlied, 5 rooms modern, except heat. 517 Sherman W. $25.00 Furnished, 6 rooms modern, except heat, 120-10 K. 36.00 8 rooms, modern except heat, A East 17-00 9 rooms, modern except heat, 412 N. Washington HO.UO 8 rooms, modern except heat, 29 West la^h. ft rooms strictly modern, 305 B, East 40.oo 7 rooma strfctly modern except heat. 215 11th west y6.0u 1 room 25x100 abova Morrison Hard wore. 6 rooms modern except heat, 510 7th East n ao.oo FUllNlSHED—Three room housu and pnraffo Phon*» 334. KU KN'ISH E D—Four room cottage I lights and Ras'only. Phone 204. FUKMSIIED : quire 221 Wt or B-room cottage, in- st First. SIX HOOM CottaRe. Phone 1U64. KOH HEXT—Furnished or unfurnished. 6 room cottage. Call aiuy or 1022J. 59 BUSINESS PLACES FOR RENT 69 NICE private office room; heat: furn- iHhed; central location; cheap, Hoe Healty Co. 60 FARMS FOR RENT FOR KENT—Well improved farm close to Hutchinson. 2S West 7th, Phone J0:i3J. TWO he-... L-jty furnished :eOI>!ng r uahed modf: modern ilpht WMl 18t. 53 WANTED TO RENT WANTED—To rent, WP II improved place, close In. Address U-ll, care 64 APARTMENTS. UNFURNISHED APARTMENT unfurnished. closo In, fur n la hod or Call 20tiCW or Mil. FOU JtEiNT—Fivpi room unfurni-shed apartment, 4 blocks from K. W. Bldp. Phone 2317. MOUJ:HtN ground apartment, cozy lire place, gas * rango, Hoiuionablej East Sherman. TWO llOO.M -Apartment, uown town; 522, 1st Enst. 55 APARTMENTS FURNISHED 55 FURNISHED—Two room apartment, connecting bath, private entrance; 11* Ea-st Sth. Phone WJ w. FOU It-room apartment. 15 East fith. HEATED Apartment; 122 East First. MODERN ams and rooms. n.O 1st. MODE UN miartmuni and rooma, 100 East Fourth. MODERN furnished apartment. 5:ty East. MOI.»EKN Furnished Apartment, 7th. west. SOMETHING new in a 3 room l'urn- Ished apartment at 211 Fi rstEa s t. STltlCTEY miidem urlvaio ui>t 2510\\ THREE HOOM, modern apartment . down stairs; 200 i) West. Phone 2047W. THREE ROOM, modern, down stairi furnished apartment; 223 E. 2nd. TWO HOOM Apartment furnished; private; $5,00 per weok. Phone 770. WORK by, hour. Phone aitiUJ. WIDOW has $10,000 lift, insurance money to invest. Investment must hu safe and returns absolutely ^uaran-! for it. teed. State nature of Investment. For interview. Address box S-ll caru News-Herald. . 1 Ford sedan, good mechanical con dltioii, extra tirt-a, for $\i>0. 1 Ford roadster, 2 new tires, 140. 1320 Ford touring, starter, demount­ able rims, new lop, $110. 1021 Ford touring, first class condition, starter, demountable rims, $125. lOiil Chevrolet tuuriiiK,* 5 good tires, good condition, 1125. IJrand new Ford sedan, balloon tires. N-iw Ford tourluu, a real bargain. 1 new Ford coupe, extra llrcs. ivssrx I'oaeh. looks liku ntw, eom- pli-ie \v!lh i» tin's. Moon Chummy roadster, this car is a bargain at fhu price we are finking ©JDIpfflTDlMr M 106-10S-110 West iHt. 56 HOUSES UNFURNISHED 5o FOR RENT—10 rooms strictly modern except furnace; excellent condi- Hon. Phono 2255 or 150". 53 BUSINESS PROPERTY FOR RENT—Rooming house; Bunte Coal Co. Plume OS. ' FOR RENT—-Room 25x125 ft., 4iy ii. Main. Inquire at 417 S. Main. 8 -apartment property^ with "modern conveniences, lVj blocks of Christian church. Owner reserveu 4 rooms and receives ?'J5 per month on balance, Sell on ensy terms or trade for first- class Wichita property. Drehm Kealty Co., Itealtors, No. 0 East Sherman 54 HOUSES FOR SALE 54 A GOOD FURNACE will make your homo fee! t;ood these days; we have a new 5 room completely modern bun gulow that you can move Into TODAY and own by a payment of J500 down Two nice bedrooms with closets aJ'U hath between them. Good cabinets built-in kitchen. Pack porch enclosed, light, nlry basement with Garland furnace and ijas, hot water heater, cement floor. Only 6 blocks from 5th and Main. We believe this is the most complete homo and biggest value the city for $3300.00. Phone 655 or 399DW Evening*. First National Building. FOR SALE—Small equity In five room bungalow, will trade for car; 6!" West 12th. FOR SALE u Ond 301 D Geneseo, Kan. t bargain—217 East. Write F East Box 22, FIVE ROOM semi-modern house: close to car line; bargain price. Anderson Investment Co., 27'^ S. Main. Ptione 533. \ IffeyS Comer Commerce Co. 17-19 North Walnut fit. HOUSES FOB SALE (Cont.) . Corner location West 11th, ntw five room bungalow, modern except furnace; $3400. . Six ronm strfctly modern bungalow, East 13th near Mnin. One of the largest and best bungalows In Hutchinson, $6300. . Five room shlnglo bungalow, East 15th one hundred block, completely modvrn t fine condition. Price, ?K250. will take In building »uo and make term.*. . Two story, six room house, strictly modern, sleeping porch, fine location, paved street, price $4000, extra good terms. . Six voom, strictly modern bungalow, fireplace; double garage, extra building nlte. paved on both sides. Price 14500. Al linen of Insurance, Troy U« Markle solicitor. fficnticfccasaiE Raw* C®. ^jX Phone 400. LOW rate loans on business property. McNaRhten! 1st Nnt'l itt I K. FOR SALE—Nleo four room outtage with furnace, $1400. Small payment. Bennett ft Benscoter. Plume lOM. Practically new 8 room (5 bedrooms) and sleeping porch, strictly modern home, closo to 13th and Main, rn.n enslly make two apartments; consider cottage as part pay; liberal terms. BREHM REALTY CO. Realtors. Phono 43. 67 TRACTS FOR SAL' B7 FINE Chk:ktn ranch; c'oso to city; easy terms. Anderson inv. Co., tf7'*i S. Mum Phon» . SUBURBAN tract, well improved, equipped for ral.'ims and habiting Nat* Neul tte;il fclstau, chick 'Phone 171! 3 ACRE tract, close In, 2 acres In alfalfa. 5 room house, Ushts ana gao, loigtt pnrn. Can bf bought like paying rent. SM H. Plum. Kcsjirtilh MaiSffi Trancil 8-A unimproved North Main a:. Exceptionally attractive; sacrifice price. HUTCHINSON INVEST. CO. Realtors. Phone 100. Buys ThUi Home. Easy terms can be arranged. Tlie price Is below value. 8 life elv-e rooms strictly modern, fine shade trees and very desirable location. It will pay you to Investigate this offering. It Is real bargain. Caroy Real EftWe & Bow. Co. Insurer—Lloyd Brown—Realtor Salesmen; Sanders, Schoonover, Buchanan. New north end 5 room bungalows; solid oak floors, breakfast room. Can make good prices and easy terms on each. Built-in features; garage. Brehm Realty Co.. Real turn, phone 4-. WE want residence loans, straight or monthly payments, ask McNaghten! 15.Year city loans. 65 LOT FOR SALE FOR BALE—Vacant lots In nusine-ss dlsti . Havlland, Kan. Phone 815W Dr. W. F. Schoor. Hutchinson, Kftn Building si to for sain by o\vn?r, trade for good closed car. Phone W'AA'O dnytiw 1 . 66 FARMS FOR 8ALE 55 If Do® SM* Jnibrr C®HH<eg<& May Locate at Nlnkerson. We liave 7S acres adjoining Nlcker- sfin on the north, close to good schools, eluse to paved road, 20 minutes' drive from Hutchinson; bottom land, good soil, sandy enough lo work (,'ood, all In cultivation, alfalfa, sweet c.lov fruit, shade, fair improvements, city water and lights at house and ham; price $10,000, inc. $4,000; will trade for improved farm of more aer W<s Bisffl Fair ITonn 2 fto§ Acir« IFrsid* Do you want ^ FUihurban tract of 1-t to i\ acres, with 3—4 or n room house on It.' We have the tracts, well located, near edue of Hutchinson, and will build on any of them 3—3—I to !^ room house, garage and chicken house, and sell tha completed property to you on reasonable terms; Or, will s**ll you tho land on ea.«y payments, you to put up such buddings as you require, lo suit yourself; Or, will soli you the land without any down payment, you to use your money to put onto the land enough bulldlnRH for your own u.*«e. then pay the land out In easy payments. Let na talk to you »no«t a suburban home on any of th earth rea plans. "Tho Horn* Builders' CcSU 63 REAL ESTATE EXCHANGES 08 FOR SALE OR TRADE, Small Block, Northwest part of City, Four Buntnesa Lots, a -25 ft. One hit ft. six residence lots. Four Room huuse, and summer Kitrhoii, Barn, and chicken house, Will sen or tram- all or any part. What hsve Telephone 20*58. jroii •: FOR TRADE—Nice flva room house oloae in for a snappy six rooms in north end; pay cash difference. Bennett A- Benseoter. Phone 1054. FOR SALE or trade—10 room strictly modern home In excellent condition, good location, reasonable terms Phone 21M5 or 160.1. Tradle IT©? Caur No. I—Five room semi-modern cottage. Corner lot, Gf'ixltj.'i fe*t. Room for two more houses; two blocks off Main. All varieties of fine fruit; the entli" place Is enclosed with a good wov *ri wire fence; dandy shade, and bhu- grnss, lawn around tho hotm*. Price ?2?fju.00, firm niortgag* fl300.oit, win takm car and sumo cash for equity. No. 2—lfJO am.-*, Stevens county farm. 80 acres in wheat. On th** nrifr highway between Satanta »nri Mo? cow. Owner will exchange for hon- In 1 (utchinrccn. Phone evenings 1!'-?W, 307 First Nationctl Bank BuiMln Trad!* Tctarr Z Good 37>i ft. building site on v 1th. Owner will trade for Foiq ^ Phone G 'I S or 3^r.;; evenlnBa. First National Bulirfing. less price; will go west; we will be glad to furnish you with details, Improved 360 acre farm In Finney Co, will consider good lotsjn Huteb- Inson. Also 100 arroa In Kearny Co. for Hutchinson lots. 804 1st Natl. Phone 2278. WELL improved td) acres, especial adapted for dairy and summer n sort; 3 miles from Plevna; win e.\ change for ^ood 1 lutehlnson resident- of equal ' well located. Address O. IL i« Sylvia. Kan 70 W\NTED TO BU> WANTED-—A few hundred feu-' posts. S"o me at Rock Island the Shop, 317 S. Main. WA N TE D—To buy white rage cleaning. Fanning & i-sern. Sfcirvk© W5(llhi®nnft €®sd: By Insuring your automobile with mo I can glv« you a sen-ic* whn no other agent can give. I will w\„u- your policy In one of the larger automobile writing companies in tha United .States. In a company thu pay« claims promptly. In a company that will cov.*.r fire, theft, collision property danuige and lialtillty ail on one policy, fn a cnmp:mv that h;.: nearly 50,000 satisfied policy holders, who know how to get R.-Vvico gn«> ( *. insurance and no pay extra, for tho same, da no other reliable company h.-- lower rates. Ed MOOES B -31@aI!!l(ji)ir end Insurer. 12 Kael auermau Street. Over 50 rears to Huli-fimeoa. FRANK PILE. Mjrr. Real Estate. *>hon« I10S—After I p. m. ohon* 129. FOR SALE by owner, a six room houses, 708 nnd 710 East Third, inquire 7i0 East Third. FOK RENT—Five rooih hous«, mou- ern except furnace, l'*0 month. Call 27RS.I. FOR RENT—Ilouso at 1 'iionp :: TI;IW. -li N. Starr. FOU RENT—D roum huusu in iiutch- inson, newly papered, vnrnisbeil, all in first class shape. Modern t-xcepi tmnauo. Douhlu gura^H, $2-.5i) mo. Claude Pachus, Abbyv 111e. Kan^ yok RENT—Ciood modern 5 room cottaKO garage closo in. Phone XJ»u, Surely someone who reads our ad asking for an offer on thixllift feet, close In on A East, house arranged for two complete apartments or for single family dwelling of 8 rooms and n hatha, parage, fine shade: auraly they realize that should they buy this place they would buy at their own price. Just the name as .If it were knocked down to you in un auction. It's a golden opportunity for some one. Lets go. Will make terms on nyreed price or might take nomr. g(#od lots. Abtb have 2 J /-j Weiu improved traft on which we want an offer. These places must sell—will sell—so sou us at once. I.AMBORN-MAYFIELD CO. Realtors. Phone 1785 8 N. Sfafn. F®IF Sail® or Mm& MY HOME, 1911 NORTH MAIN Two story, heavy tile construction, stucco. Two fire places. Standing oak downstairs; upstairs white enamel. Oak floors throughout. Sleeping porch, breakfast room. Various built-in features. Beautiful light fixtures. Full basement and fruit room. Stucco garage. Should be seen to be appreciated. Phone 63—Evenings 3364. 10 DRESSMAKING—• MILLINERY 10 Al.TUitATlONS, suits and dreBsmali- I IIK . iv.modelin, pleating, turner M-s. nirhiirila, phone -'SflaJ. 1'lilST CLASS ilrcaa makins. I'riues ri;a«onal)lu. Phona , 8»4jVV; \VA NTl ; lD— Drt:H9 innUlhti ItuuratifiMl. Mrs. 1 lays. ; satisfiitlon ni-l N. Miiln 12 PAINTING PAPERH ANGING 12 JAS W1UTK wall papfr store, mis s Mnin. phnno il'JII Itpslilftuci' 4'Jl 1 a WANTED- BV7W . -I'aper liangltut. 14 REPAIRING, ALL KINDS 11 C F. PRICE, tipholaterlng. phono 1124. WLF.C'VlllC tnoioj'. armaturn icwlnu- InK, repairing. Wo buy, Bell, reni used motors. HUTCHINSON AllMATUUK WORKS Phone '202. 7 South Walnut. v utt fc'lueg and i-'uniaocj* call 34tii-W. \V. M, BALL, Piano Tuner, Phone 41WJ RIOAL bargain In new piano, beautiful Instrument, fully guaranteed, l'lioue M37J. VICTHOLAS repairetl, any malii;. I'll. BOS. Mayfleld Muelv Co.. II] K. lsl. wii AHt; several about the N. Main. ntKklng a special price, on slightly used rolls. Ask se. Jenltins .Mualu Co., 1^^' WANTICD t ptanod tot' l^lione tilf*. buy—Si fas!]. II. il used J'nillpD, SV'I'l J1AVK BOIllt! c.-tldtit tj,-. 'i' at lb* prices v,"o Co.. 132 N. Main. bargain:! in rycoro v.'ill not long ask. Jenkln? . M UKIC- WI'J ilAVK a tew Ktbi*ond, Sonoi'a ann 1-irunswiei: phonoglapli.s to trada ror sopd used pianos; Veatch Bro»., l-ti N. Mnin. 31 HOUSEHOLD GOODS 31 "Apex" Kleelric Wabhlng .Machines at one.half the retail d-'Mlers price. They are to h.y F,.eu ami bi'.d at The lUueiiUwoti ltondeil \VmihoUde -~7ef hlasl Hneund t.l.rgel- FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS—Starving Him Into It. By Blosser 1

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