The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 20, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1934
Page 4
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THE PAMS HEWS. FWDAY. JULY M. The Paris Evening News <AJTI> TKE OtSNEB KOK3t> PARIS. TESLAS Established July 1O. XORTH TEXAS P*?BI«ISHING COMPJLXY Entered a* Second Class Mail Mailer at tli* Poat- •ffice at Paris, Texas, trader Act of ICarch. 1S79- New York Day by Day BY O. O. MclNTYRE Bridge \TEW YOKE; July 20—Thoughts while strol- IN iing: Whenever La Guardia talks I ean*t see anything but his tongue. Does anyone use] those rocking blotters a^y more? Suggestion:! Daily ErceiM Saturday and Scnday j %Vh\ not put aa end to the Nevr York boxing I commission. Or betterr—endj all boadng- Eddie Cantor makes I statements on everything. j One word description of James Montgomery Flagg — || lanky. Most of us wandering aronnd seeking the blue horizon. "vThatever became of the georgette blouse? and water spaniels? They say George Horace Larimer encouraged Bernard Barueh to become a Mcintn* dterary man. Alexander "Wooli- ?oti*s rubbery walk- Add debonaire men about town—Harry Mioa. | Bannister. Freneli dressmakers are flocking SUBSCRIPTION RATES By Mai!. One Tear . . ...................... J5.00 By Mail. Six Months ..................... *2.50 Delivered By Carrier ............. Itc Per Week | By Mail. One Month ......................... 50 s« character. firo o Js* b*Jojc Oroesbt to tts* arteatloa of tb* pnl»li»b*r«. Assy *rr««D«o«i« r«n*crio= «r r*ptrtmt?oe of *o p«bti«b«» a-« =01 Costs Of Relief 'THAT large -adniinisirative expenses are nor A necessary is shown by the work of the R-ed Cross in the processing and distribution of the wheat and cotton given it by the government for relief of the needy- The wheat was ground into Soar and stock feed and the cotton spun and woven and made into garments. Based on the value of the maaerials the cost of handling' and distributing the products was a little score than one-naif of one per cent. Compare this with the administrative costs of reiiei agencies operating wiih Federal and State funds, which in some cases have gone as high as 22 per cent, or more than one-fifth of tbe relief funds, and -one ears readily see ihe difference between politically appointed bodies, staffed vrhh inexperienced and often totally incompetent employes, and an organza!!on such as the Red Cross, which employs competent people on tbe basis of their ability to do ihe work. Dispensing relief is the Bed. Cross business and it is done on a business basis. That is not to say that its work lacks sympathy but the organization does not let its sympathy, either for the object of relief nor for the providing of 'employment in its ranks of applicants for positions, sway its action in meeting needs practically and understandingly- If the Federal and State governments are to continue for long: the relief work—and it now appears it is Paris will come to New York. The sour expression of Western Union messenger boys airing kiyoodles Sroro. smart hotels. > That attractive awning at Pegrgy Hoyt's. Ociavus Roy Cohen is usually just back or starting on a cruise. Nobody can look so tightlipped as Frank Csse. That comes from saying "No 7 ' to actors. Blanche Ring is one of tbe old-time troupers who always has a job. Those every half hour funeral processions over the 59th street bridsre. The skittish brghtness in Queerne Smith's eyes. Major Bowes is always giving parties for widows of old friends. The widows are too often forgot. Xow for a hot grapple with a long, cool lemonade. To.. e a racticall end-ess affair — the reet- might profitably be turned over to the U-ed Cross which would pay no heed to politl- eai TKiIl and Tronic much more effectively vreea out those who are receiving reiiei undeservingly, and thereby leave more for the really needy persons for whom the reiiei is intended. Pleasant Sound OnZy u thins- at least that Clint Small said in Ms address in Paris Monday nigbi. adv-3- .eating his nomination for governor of Texas. was absolutely true and can be depended on— that "was that the candidates who promise tax reduction are ~=romisins something- they win .pot. deliver. This should be evident to the .thinking: voter ™ho be? noted tne campaign 'promises and lack of performance in the past. but hope sprites rrerrza" in tbe human breast. jnd there are yet some who listen only to wnat Is said now. forsrettins: things that have gone before. To reduce taxes there would have 10 be a considerable reduction in the expenses of eonchietingr the state government, asd no one wiio gives the matter serious thought beiie"es that wil] be cose. Ose candidate declares strenuously against any mortr state institutions of higher education., and in the same, breath declares just as strenuously ag-ainst abandoning any we sOvr have. That is a fair example of -the problem, A legislative commission that made careful -investigation of the work and costs of the institutions of higher education— the State colleges—reported that the work was ""being duplicated and overlapping and showed where IUST a^ ezriC;*?T.jt service -^oti-iC oe erven at less com. but nothing vra= done and nothing wil! be done abo~: it. So it is and will be with all departments of the State government. Xor.e will he reduced willing: to take the burden of the affair or able .to withstand the cry that -will ^o up from those who would be <" 1 .:! loose from tee payroll and frets their friends ^nc relatives. Tax reduction s.s a prc":-;s» iv a n;ee sounding- phrase. but given no resuhs. The well seasoned sporting editor is an asiazins: human encyclopedia. Most of them in Xe^ Torrk have come tip from copy-mn- j-ing. ink-stained, secluded and hard-boiled guys, the sort do\vn and onters always find cinchy for the qnek touch. Their capable heads are packed vrith figures and data. Any athlete's record can be spun off as quickly as that- They mostly select and direct but when exigency demands can, benveen the furore of i editions, sit at a typewriter and slam out one i of those upredietsbly robust stories that re- j n:airis lon^ in memory- iEd Frayne. for ex- ! ample. Or Bill Farnsworth. ! Ineidentallv. the top yarn of tbe Camera- Baer bra~vvl s a sjsiparhetic stud of the forlorn Camera on the e^e of the battle that cost him bis crown. The piece was turned out j in the running- fire of a news room by Bill! Cornm and is another reason Boonvilie. Mo. ] sh.o"nld be on the rnai> as Con 'ilo. CHAPTER II OEOFFRET "I raigrit marry you yet," ISIar- . ? sha ss-iii- "Ton*d better be ea_re- He sits on a traffic isle on a broad bonie- rni:- Asyiiiins- ~° c^ar^e nis 'mood- Anything: It ^-as "killing-" vard leading into Forest Hills. On top of his little box in front are a stack of siitnmery beach caps and a inised pile of smoked motor glasses. A srrradgv sign proclaims "25 cents.'* In his 70"s. few who bowl along recognize, him as once owner of "Lonsr Island's most pretentious road house. Ten yeaars ago he Quit and invested his fortune In guaranteed tsort- Jules Brulatonr is New >ack in the Diamond -Jim. aer. nce he has co York's most is a first night- Dolly Sisters 3ay and" has ont-firsi-inghteci many who came Hope Hampton tinned down front on the aisle. He's not on the free list and it's estimated his long period of r-remiereinjr cost h-ix more than SIOO.OOO. th'j> establishing him as the thea- i r;* star sj Helen ~H.&~-~s dr-j mje^ tne DOS omcs. p-pinrr ont or ner nit pla; tae a The week before her exit th- been >2?.000- The first layoff it drowned to $9.000 and the ed until she csn retnm to the cast. \ aitf-r iiiiston 's DOT ounce 'itsg in t&e ••* Trent suddenly- off shortly before his York s:a^e experiment. "Xo reason. 5>o a rw-lldered he eame to New York and his si:eee:is "Dodsworth." 7 This sent the ?vie m.og';ls into nnick huddle and Huston back making a picture a^ais—as a feeler. e 3>th street sidewalk wh*re I w; rave £ sudden lurch. It developed I ;g on trap doors ov^r an elevator that -r^'.r* ::r i s ? i-o entire street seemed. '~~" L *- ^ ^ cs.r "^ "Xo." Sob answered slovrly "you •svon't- Instead I snail go back to Mexico aud there, after I've -worked all day. and after the sun ha-s set., and afier I've eaten dir.ner. I'll look, over th.e old ace. ri! find one story I"'-*e rea-i only tfrice. and I'll read that—" "Don't yoti have things sen: you?" "Tney don't follow vs to camp: can't. Tee males nave all they car. manage Tvith food. Triea a.ter I finish that I'll lay it down, ri! begrin to think of you. because—well, a man can't he'.p -> « eofrrey htr need to see ; tess" -while dealing -srith her *chil- h :::•;. \ dren' — i-ord* And behind the The song <!Sed in a nasal ^hine; I scenes she teaches them tow to obese irren Tc-irJi- fat--wrinkled necks | sirip tlie i>utler-and.-i^5: Rajah- I ipplauded firriously. Sob felt, j don't know -what -we're ctjming to :hroug:h the sodden-dullness -which }—It is so pernlclousiy and assault- had gripped hiro. ever since he had • ingly vulgar." been certain that he -understood, j "You should have seen, bora !a the nausea, that ^ras usually put in j Disraeli's time; you would have him by such a place and such in- I gathered a mean primrose—" ept **enterta.inznent." | drs-r-ed Marsha. She looked, then, ""Doubtless the poor, small thing j quickly toward the piano where needs rnarnrrsy/' he commented ia «. !the child of the farm told a risKjae level, heavy undertone, "but tbe : tale in v.-feat -was called a song. rettsm -would be rather hare on Th^-v *.vere enterins;: Geoffrey; the :nammy. I -K-otild say." S^rir'. Geoffrey must not see h*r The hostess, crov.-ded into a riit- | once srlance his way. Ko-w her tering: seciiin-spang-led gown and I heart pounded! bHlsring- from it, stepped to the i A - man who had been bitterly sni3.ll raised dais by the piano: she | hurt by Marsha had said. "The led a. girl -A-hose smile wras iron [ de-Til s^ave her her beauty- the and -.Those eyes were a. chart of j o* her lovers has £iv«n fur-coat grre-:-cI. = her her cnc?iautin.5 arro^rance: an "Thanks a-vvfully for Likinij my | icefeere has lent a chunk of itself last; she's a .good kid—" the hos- j for the space that is usually reserv- tess-o-prner sang out; "and now. j »d for a heart, and heartless?!ess srive this little grirl a hand. Just off i hss j*tit :::tr> her steady rsand*. a the farm, aren't you. honey? Sa.y | t'-vn-edsred sword.' hello to the big boys and their foa- • _. VDf j perhaps. Bob thought, bies. dearie. Don't be afraid, no- j «s.orr:eth;r.s :n it. Of coarse b« had body eats anything up here; we | forced her; he must be ju^ to •javen't time!" ! her. Heavens, for the chance to Sh-e raised a phantom glass to i ^ct avray from her and to be alone a rink from :t. IsO^d. laughter; the i jr. -v,<v tiarit. Biit she had said she Sir! who could have cut a -srlndo-ar i v, a{ j wanted to dance and -*'ith pane more fta.«ily than could a dta- ! him. and Thus, for him. the matter rrtor.d, rolled her eyes. said. ;rs a | % - a?t inf i->x:bSv arranged- hi^h. near-baby lS«p:r.g voice, | Thfe amber-eoSored. "U<?Ilo, c--" ryoocj"—. ;com"?T rviarsna dowTsed 1 hs-r Marsha turned to Bob to s*» his j q-^^j--^ ari ,2 qnfckly she rc?c. "I cuizzical eyes and to kno^- that his i ^^ '^ rfa -, C e.~ she said smiling: lips woul-3 have.curled if, he had : a t Bob who d : d not an5 - rer her let them. "A srood tini'=.* T h« rour- i BTn i-^_ Geoffrey and the srirl were mured, "chat is ivhat you call 'his. j j5 aRr j n -. isn T t it? I would not so resent ft,]' Bob'*"danc«?d unusually well: if you ^er*r bu«t for ;t. But you're ; : , Jarsha ha<! a <iinUt*d that sh* BACKWARD GLANCES •T A. W. XETOIX That trial and determination of cases on the court docket* can be prompt Jtcd decisive is iilu*- trated every now and then. «om« such instances having been known here in JLamar county—though few. On* of the latest X nave noted is that of a negro man in Grime* ccuaty who on Friday, July 13th, killed an ajred storekeeper in the county, was arrested and was tried on Wednesday, the iSth. and convicted and given the death penalty. Being without funds—he said he killed the old nxaa in an effort to get his money—the negro will probably be executed so soon as the date allowed by law is reached, for it takes money to appeal a verdict and some money at least is said to be necessary TO secure pardon, parole or commutation. Doing away with delays in the procedure of courts is something like Mark Twain said about the weather-r-we talk about it a deal but do little or nothing. Delays In law enforcement are not new by any means*, but sometimes I think perhaps they are more prolonged nowadays than some time agro. yet a record on an old docket of the district court in Lsmar county tends to disproce this idea. It is the case of Toll Dean, charged with murder ,ihe homicide having been committed in a saloon in Paris early in 1SS1. Dean was Indicted by the jrrand jury that spring: and the case vcas calied at the fa.ll term of Jud§:e McCIetlan's court. Dean had employed Jake Hodges and Jack Nichols to defend him and Nat Doak represented The State, being district attorney. The case vras continue,} at request of tbe State because of tlie absence of material -witnesses. "When !t came tip again, the spring t»rm of 1S92. the de- fendant, asked and was given a continuance because one of his vi'iLnesses was .absent. At the Fall term a jury was **cured.- and the case was heard but the jury could not agree and a mistrial was entered- Th« Spring term next year. IS S3. the Stat* was again granted continuance foi absent witnesses and at the Fall term the defendant asked and wat given another continuance, £01 reasons not stated on the docket. In the. meantime one of his bondsmen asked to be relieved from liability and Dean was required to and did give a new bond.. The Spring term 1S94 arrived aa<j the case was again continued! the docket states "by consent" which l think means that ueither side was ready for trial. VTfaea the Fail term arrived however a trial was had but again the jury failed to reach a verdict, and another mistrial was entered. Jack Nichols was elected district attorney that fall acd when the case come up again in the Spring term, 1S95, four years after the homicide. Xichols was unable to appear for the defense but was also unable to prosecute as he had been interested in the case before his election. 1 do not remember certainly but 1 presume B. B. Sturgeon prosecuted the case at this time, as he was the county attorney, and Hodges appeared for the defense —and Dean vvas acquitted. At this same Spring 1595 term TV. 1EL Carter, who was charged with a murder committed in July the year before, in the same saloon in which the Dean homicide had occurred, hac! his first and only trial and he also was ec- Quitted. One case took four years, the other less than a year—-with the same result. es had :U2rh for L*>s Ansreles:' In the News 1 3 Years Ago From the files of The Paris Morning News thirteen years a.go This is a good time, as ^ce look oacs ijsasttr and forward at. better days, to s : ihe vrorld and all that's { triurn T 5n sur^G d-isaistsr •woraaa ed. in a place like tbat- "Anc I'li -nronder, if I had cone this or that, whether it -svcuid hav-s maie any difference, and because it is stilJ. and sriiiness bre-:--' dreams e^en in the minds of the practical. I'll imasine that you die car*, and think of some of the things you never did, and - ne~r€:r cot^io cTo. and J. i.^ oe m ^i^a^ e*^ \jzn*- pers. or a peon ccvrr. in the vaiiey beats his -^roman until her howls rise to carry up the slope to rr.e. "~—tn J*1I thlnrc, 'I've beerj dreaming lies. She ^as only capable of surnrner sts'f -with anyor.c-. And I"! -woader whose cigaret you're ligrhtin^. whose hand touches yours, -srho thinks he is sllppir.^ Heaven only to ^.'ZLk* t;j> ;r. «•--!•" : XM. " I "' =:i - .not. j -wo^ald rather dance with n!m than She made no ass^er and aft-r a i T>ctares have always bored ine - wt , h any o n e else ar.d that their fevr momezits had passed he said j Bob. and I atet plenty at home—" j« t<i j, s were suited. a *hort "Soro-.** that rasped. sae stated. She ^ras watcfcin? — e P"'"Car/t'yju smil'e a iittl« on m*." The tajcicab s'o-wed behind a car entrances. They had not y»t ap- J she asj^i-d" Marsha xne^-; Geotfrey Tarletor/s peared. "What—her heart caught—j ^ don't think I ran" he car. As th*y waited tr.eir r^rr, :o if Geoffrey had decided to so else- \ ^ Tlft » -^.j. K/ ~.~, e <vff or »* halt befor* tbe canopy, she SAT.- T.*here, as he oft^n d'-d atter havlrrar ! Ceo*fr-y Tarleton step Jroirs hi- entered a piac* tc» survey it with elp ^a pretty youngster from . iazy." insolent eye«? "I pat Tny memories !n tins for ; a*e ia Mexico." said Bob. *"I shaH i terlni? th!a cot -when I feel a hur-jr^r | for "cSvliixatlon." Od*J, Trsost of this | l group "wocld dcwlg-e a Btio-way. | thinking it conta.m3na.teiS th^m. | **r>o you stcfrH the bay nirn Mar- } HONEY GROVTE FOLK yisrr ORPHANAGE HONEY GROVS, — Thursday was Honey Grove day at Buckrier Orphans home !n Dallas. a:nd Honey Grove Baptists visiting the institution on this occasion wer« Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Meyers and children, Mr, and Mrs. Slervin Rutherford and son, Mmes Tom Sbope. Edsrar Fulcber. Joe "XVjse. Charlie Eaton and Paige Provide and the latter's son Truraaru R. W. Hoffman is in Tnlsa. CXk., on business, Mrs. TV. D. McDowell and son ot Dallas are grcesis o* Mr, and Mrs. I>el L-yrm. Mr. asd Mrs. John Kulsey Mann of Clarksvflle are visiting Messrs. and Mines- Willie M'ann and Green Shelioa. Mrs. S. P. Kiiisr has returned to Der.isoa after visiting Mrs, S, I*. Mann. Mrs. John P. Allen and daughter Colleen of .Uralde. are.. visiv!as-,..34r— anfl Mrs. Porter Allen. B.O3ser Neilson of Spur has been visittnj: Dr. and Mrs- O. P. Neilson. Messrs and Mmes. l*eonar<3 art3 James VThitlock have returned from visiting E>r. and Mrs. E3Iis TVhitiock at Enloe. Mrs. Sanford Taylor of Clarksville is visiting; Mrs. Ben Bud, The condition of Mrs. Joe Par- rifih \rho has been ill is reported somewhat improved. Byron McConn-U of Uvalde is \ visiting his brother. H. C- McCon- jnell. ( Sam Greenwood of !**>& A&g%les. ' CaL, a.Rd Clcve Greenwood of Bos•a.-ell. Oklaj; aj-e visiting: Mr. and Mrs. Bryan FewelL Ml*ss« Ann A Mack Jones has returned for th« remainder of the summer irora Commerce where she has been attending school: Miss Willie Cobb is? home frora Xorth Texas State Teachers col-' legre at Demon The Tuesday Bridge club met this week with Mrs. H. i.. Ballew le-sc at; her home, high score -won by Mrs. Charles MeCleary- NEWS OF WINDOM CHURCH ACTIVITDES -The revival meet- ins at the Church oi Christ this week has been attended by larg* congregations. Robert CK Cook, of Paris being tbe preacher. A !arg« nnmber from OaJc RIcge and Selfs attended the. service •Sisaday evening -trhen the XeTV'hoi^e Quartet 5a\*e a selection, -= Tne- Metnodist revival -will be- sin here Tuesday evening. JTnly 31, Dr. Clinc. now is a meetins: at Ost3c 1-a.Tvn church in Dallas to be th« evangelist. The R.ev. Lee Miller, SSetJaosiiKt pastor -"here, wil! b^ home to- preach Sunday nioraing. return- ins to Hall cOTnraanltyior th« evening service of s, tne^ettnsf he is I con<5tzctini?. in cooperatian /with the Rev. R- L. Ely. The Methodist Stissionary sto- eiety observed srue«t day -Tuesday' vriib rrtemb^rs present froni th« so^isty at Ector. Mrs. Jchii "Wheeler conducted thf: devt>tioca5 service. ?«I rs. L^e M.Uler recds-rt-d a jsolo; Mrs- Vale ot Ector led ia 1 prayer and Mrs, T. I*. Huffstutlsr I of Bor.ham made the p^^ | talk- Ice cream and cake The planes Pttito travels through e at the rate of i^vo or thre« s a TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE SoSution of Yesterday's PUIZ!C (To Continaed) to his chaaff«x:r and. w;r;-. a debonair swiag- of shoa'clers that Msrsha kn*-w -wel!. tara*d to-ward the door b«yond T»-hfch -waa a pol- ^.^ 'sh*<J floor and 'crgfttfalii'Mrs fcr ^% : such as can find it in din. '"-'* * Marsha, ten**, forgot Bob. S>; I and treat, those TMPOS7ERS j^ist the WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 1921 Arthur Hoover. -1. native Parisian to see Geoffrey. And *e«:-:r sha? And that delicious scent ca' s i- | him she kn«w she co-uld br.r,g h.rri ^<J 'Iliac' that Is so loved by the j barbers and their patron* who i v.-e».r what they call 'flashy p-at- i Tfrrns?" " i banlc clerk, -died . * r > .. »»T ... ater &:: opera j h^ r >M"f^sbzoned bov ^rho os^d to sro r >^ * *^ . fefi'i Ksin tb** circns no\r hss s ^ociift sor< "75"ho for appes- : has to stav hom* ar-d help wash the dishes be| cause his sister has gose off to try out In tbe IterT" i movies.—Border Cities Star. « to heel. Kis only freedorn frosrj her he haxj adnsitted, lay in his i:e*p;ri£ -nd h*r reach. The sir* -.-.•h- him did not "neally matter." Marsha was quite certs;r He Bat h«r life's pattern -was rr;ad«:, ; than &s WJUB Bob'u, by h«r mcietJns "th* ^t wai inane girl who did not ' mat- i or <*<> at east now.-; more at *:a»«s : « had ftv*rr b*en with her. { ov«r; nothing: h* coiild «a.y j :harj|E* h«r m$a<S; «o mattered. H* sat back FYe<ja«?!i; h^aw rs'ns had f^'ed tbs at rhe nevr barsar club \rhicn a* t.h;« time about 55 acres. In PhHad«]phi. a ne«nt d.p of *• ii<rrci';ar;ls reports niany sai^s of fruit Jars i>iid car.ning and preserving of was genera! overr the county. j caused a yorucar raari to lose Hs m.emory. Ia | Texas the ss.n:e effect can be produced at will session of the Grand Jurj r —Florence an*! Bob «Et**r*-<! room wh<sr« the t&biea were crowded ar.*l a «tret? h "I don't quite lik« you tonight- I th*nk. Bob." isbc murmured. "Sorry, I'll try to b* lea* of th« of sleans!n« floor wUd. "dancft/* a I '£>«aJBt, Beauty. I hop* you have bit of something that should hare j pi*n« for f«xv4. My -oy a «.ftd A. B, White's store £ were entered by burglars and some cash articles of merchandise taken. A correspondent asks -what poet he should the posiofSce at; read by tiie seaside. We suggest Browning,— was raiji. Hn! is said to be planning a trip to 5 States. He may be inters <ioi:*r was ea-used bv another tbe code srstecc,—Dallas Times-Herald. r-oI3in« b«- <*yfM«r ,* JmagrlnJLUoa a<*7n* to b*» ov«r- by another variety. One :j£h- tisnny eon^ fc*r n«e«; i *"ori<J ar>c oii<*r at a tsm*. of "Mammy.** i hum ?"* Aft*r th* h*a<3 wa-;t*r hs<J bow- "*' yo« f « «ri v « s»« *• ciRar^t. Bob. ed low to Marsha, whosn he kn*»r "'^ try to rerret oat «oiB«thJn«r we •w-eH, Marsha *«lect*MS her plac* «*•» ^lowa. But I nsc»t *mok* with writ h a coo? nod. and *h* and Bob {«*riou* thinkla«. And I'd ilk* a settled on a padded bench OK*JCCT »M&ahAttan, pi*a»«." th* wall fcnd behind on«s of th*! He ordered th« cocktail from a £e 10 dirl streets and those on which'tbe United States. He mav be interested infrraa-n*,, «ouai utbtea. s hov«ri«» waiter who w&« r«d« to ! - - _.-.__--_--. - «c«sa«d th« «pac« ea«*rlTJ c*rtniJa patron* The sticks is that region where joa get; i;er jritst difference mofiej makes is ;»tr*swl>errie« tb&t eat weU instead of £ moraliry.— Conlctna jSujLiUxat «b,ip" wdL — AtUnt* Constitution* too **rvue to Evidently Geo«r«y and the child j other*. Bob stiffened at M« r*wn- ls*d ltngr*r«4 Ja some corridor to ; I talk «moke,. but th*y woald to relax: «b* most ruard •'H»t« it," »i« clo»« to rfolently, "and yow should: this synthetic of th* Today'* Amu*ement« BANK NIGHT HELL CAT Rotx-rt Arnwtron^r. Ann Sotl»«rn AT THE PLAZA MEN IN WHITE f Pulitzer Prize Play) CT * AT THE LAMAR GUNS FOR HIRE PIRATE TREASURE AT THE GRAND .Vote: Don't Worry About Dry Weather > •• THE NAVY IS COMING D'Rlj IFITJI !NS<3 ^iRiS^lRlS^BoigjAJt-^^^-l^l 3 *- B5 ** r oa * cio!S'M:0!piok.H iTJAJNJltlsiMj S s. jrjow» tt rc.*«r S4 ECfiKl o: <!cck -— Attaca P»rr of a <« Chart «" win* iS. Cr* of a cro t5 2f 35" 3,2 33 •37

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