The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 11, 1918 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1918
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

fttK HtftCttlHSOX NKW8. - PAGE NINE. GRAIN MARKETS fiAN'ofe Of QPflONs At cHtcAbb, (Holiday Toddy.) RANGE OF OPtlONs AT KANSAS CITY —Closed— Open • High tow Today Yday Oats. Sep.. .7054 . .76 .70 .71H Oct.. .72 .72 .11 .11 -n Nov.. 73'A ,73> .7J5l~~.»M4 .73 1 )* oerh, Sep.. 1.62J4 IM 'A 1.61W l.MH '6** Oct.. ].to£ JlSoS .1.69 l.BS l .COft Nov.. l.BU 1 .59 1.6794 l .r.7% l.M>!4 KANSAS CITV RECEIPTS,' Today Tew Ago Wheat . 1M 40 Corn ., 19 II Oats . ., lOH K Kafir ..-1. ft II Kansas City Cash Price*. Kansas Glty, Kept. 11.—WHEAT— Unchanged; No. 1 hard *2.18U@2.1IL- No. 2. $a.lD(S'2.1G; No. 1 red, »J.«f> No. 8, $2.15. CORN—Unchanged; No. 2 mixed $1,700)1.73; No. 3 nominal; No. 3 white $1.8B«3il.91; No. 3 nominal; No. 2 yellow $1.74@1.75; No. 3 nominal. OATS—Steady to Ho lower; No. 2 white 71Hc; No. 2 mixed 71@%c. HYB—$1.70(0)1.72. KAKFIll and MUX) MAIZE—$3.42 03.45. HAY—Unchanged, SHOKTS—$1.G2©1.60. BllA'N—$].I2@1.50. IlECBIITS—Wheat. 165 cars. Kansas City Closing Prices. Kansas City, Mo., Sept. 11.—COltN —September $l.fil%; October $1.50',4; November $1.57 ! )i. New York Produce. ' New York, Sept. 11.— UUTTEn— Steady; Vcreamoiy higher tha nextras E3M,«I>54. Btias —Unsettled; fresh gathered extras 61iffi2c. CHJiESiE—iFirm; state fresh specials 27'/,«})%e. 1-JVE POULTRY—Firm;| chickens 32ff37c; others unchanged; dressed qulot; prices unchanged. Chicago Produce., Chicago, Sept. 11 .—BUTTER— higher; creamery 454i>52e. E11GS—Higher; receipts 8.S21 cases; firsts 42043c; ordinary firsts 30@4lc; at mark cases Included 3Stfj) 42c. I'OTATOES—Receipts 28 cars; unchanged. POUl /rRY— Allvo unchanged. Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Mo., Sept. 11.—BUTTER—Creamery 4»c; firsts 47%c; seconds 46%e; packing 37c. EGGS—First 41c; seconds 36c. IWJUL.TRY—Hens 23#2Bo; roosters lg'/fcc; broilers 2!>c. • • • LOCAL MAhKET PRICES. • • . s ' •• • • LOCAL GRAIN MARKET. (Furnished t>y th» Huioninson Flour lUlla Co., and are wholesale prices.) .WHEAT—OaBh, No. 1 hard, $2.0Bv CORN—Cash, $1.60. FEEC. ' BRAN—$1.4714 per 100. CHOP—$3.70 pey 100. ,, FLOUR—$G.G6 per 100. HAY, (Prifes given by the Heat Feed Company.) Alfalfa hay—$20 a ton, HIDES. (Furnished by J. F. Jttohleder, bides and furs.) GREEN SALT HIDES—No. 1, 190. GREEN SALT HIDES—No. 2 180. HORSE HIDES—$8.00 to $6.00. SHEEP PKLTS—25c 10 $2.00. OREhiN HIDES—3c ICBB than cured. HAUt\ i CURED—l%o leesa than fUUSBN. BAA.Tr OLUE— 10c. UUbJEN ,BAt/J'- BULL HIDES—No. 1, I6c," .JREEN SALT BULL HlDltt*—Ntf. i, 15c. HUTCHINSON (»R00t)CE. (Wholesale prices furnished l>r 0 «rl Nelson.) - ^ : HiiNS—21c» BROILERS—1918 hatch, 23c. OLD ROOSTERS—15c. DUCKS—Full feathered, i6c YOUNG TOM TUR1CBYS—12 Ita, and oyer, 22c. TURKEY HENS—1 lbs and over 23c. No. 2 asd small turkeys, halt price, GEESE)—Full feathered, Ue, OLD TOMS—20c. GUINEAS—25c , EGGS—Candle loss off, $0.50. DAIRY. BUTTER FAT—Alamlto, 62c, dellv- tied In Hutchinson. PRIMARY IN ILLINOIS. The People Are Fighting a-'Battle of Ballots. Chicago, Sept. 11.—Loyalty and a fight for control oflho party muchin- ory are the Issues In practically every contost and every faction to be decided at the Illinois state primary election being held-today at which political parties will nominate candidates for United, States senators, TOO LATK TO CLASSIFY. XlTkuidT'oT 'ayive^^ l'OU SALE—l'oixl Btxlan IlHu now, equipped witli electric starter, Yule look una priming device, 17 l^t West. H-II WANTED—To buy. a Ford coupe In good condition. Phon^-'lll. ll-ia GKNDHAL* Merchojidlee stock, Reno County. WO.OOO.QU ? Trade for wheat laml v «-Tliornhlll's Exchange. . u-.ts FOU KENT— 7 room modern bouse. Phono 1710. 1 Vi-n FOR SALjl'3—One extra largo butcher's showcase refrigerator .This Is one we do not need and will sell cheap. Purity Orocery. . . >?f U«t< FOU BAX.E—invalid's odJuatable top table—like new, Qak and enamel. Tele- phono C38. Can beUaCMj at SO First Weet. '*/•! •. 11-8* FOU IJAL .1S— Typewriter, Sjntjb Preinlor, Mu .2; Trl-cUrcimAjflbbun, ia exceiluut condition . For sate cheap. Diamond Hiuiutucturtim. Company. K First -West. VOR UENT— J uiodorn light hoUMkeep- lag Mollis. . Vhono "01. n-« state treasurer,' state stipeHntendent ot .public Instniutlon, cohgresdhlcn, memborE of the general assemhly ana various county officers. — Thft prlrjdlpal contest Is hetween Cohgi-essmaff Mccormick, -Congteas- mah Geo. B. Poss and Mayor ' Wm. Hale Thompson of Chl-cago for the Republican nomination for United States senator «rlth the loyally Issue sharply defined.- MeCormlck and Pots made made their campaign* on their patriotic records -while Mayor Thompson was accused Of numerous ah 11-war activities by his political opponents, Afhong the charges made In the campaign against him are that he opposed this country's entering the war, he criticised the paBage of the\ army draft law and predicted trouble In enforcing It, that he' was against sending American tro6ps to France, that he refused to invite Marshal Joffro to visit Chicago, declaring It might bo resented by German bora citizens, as Chicago Is the sixth German city in the world and that he hesitated sevor- al days before he permitted liberty bond salesmen to canvass the city bujldlng. TROOP 8IIIPWAS SUNK (Continued from Pace 1.) they could hastily lay their hands on Th B water was rushing In nt such a r.ate tlyit It was thought the Btuamer would quickly founder. " r 1 To the surprise of the soldiers the troop shijp did not sink. Some menrua apparently were found to check the inrush of water and sho got near enough to tho shore to be beached: It is hoped that tho vessol ultimately con be saved. Sunk the U-Ooat An inland rest *camp in England, Tuesday, Sept. 10.—(By The Associated Press.)—The, majority of the 2,800 American soldiers from the troop ship which was torpedoed last Friday of the English coast, but was not sunk and upon which Ihero were no casualties, have arrived here none the worse for their thrilling experience. The men are finding Borne consolation for the loss or their vessel in the assurance that the submarine that at talked her suffered a far worse fate at the hands of tho avenging destroyers which were speedily on Hie scone hunting the U-boat with depth charges. - ' ' , To aid in caring for the men here tho American Red Cross rushed in largo quantities of supplies from London. Sims' Report of It Washington, Sept. 11.—Tho navy department announced today the receipt of a dlBpatch from Vice Admiral Sims suiting that a British liner carrylnj! American troops -was torpedoed September 8 off the English coast. All on board wero saved. WALL STREET New York, SepL 11.—Further dras- tlo liquidation of speculative issues due" largely to restrictive loans featured today's Btock market Sales approximated 350,000 shares. -Liberty 4's and 4 V 4' B forfeited ttte-| greater part of thoir gains before mid day, the early advance encountering considerable profit taking. UUerty continued to fall to a slight fraction above par, representing an overnight decline of 1% percent. Aside from the comparative strength of a few specialties mainly equipments and shippings, the stock market foreshadowed tomorrow's hoi iday, dealings greatly dwindling. U S. Steel declined almost a point from its top, rails eased slightly and the motor and distilling groups were mod. crately heavy. The strength of liberty bondB was the conspicuous feature of the early trading on the stock exihange today. In tbotirftt half hour the second 4's roso slightly over 314 per cent to OS, the fc 'sccad convertible i%'e making a similar ..gam •• to ....the same levod, while the third 4% 'B rose 1 l«10;per coot to $97.10. Liberty 3Vt'», formerly the strongest feature of that group, reacted about % oM per cdni to 101. Supporting ordors wero forthcoming in the dull but firm stock market. Stocks recontl/ under the influence of pools recorded extreme losses of 2 to 6 points in tho active selling of the final hour, Investments yielding 1 to 2 points. The closing was weak. Further drastic liquidation or specu lative issuoa due largely to restrictive loans featured today 'B stock market, Bales approximated 360,000 .shares. 'New York Money. New York, fitopt. 11.—Mercantile paper four months (I percent; six months li percent Sterling GO day bills $4.7S%; commercial tiO day bills on ban/s $4.7i:yi; commercial 60 day bills $4.71%:; demand $4,75 7-16; cables $H.76%. Francs, demand $5.47%; cables 6.46H, ' Mexican dollars, 7Sc. Government bonds-Irregular; railroad bonds easy. Time loans strong; 60 days, .6 percent bid; 90 days 6 percent bid; .. 6 months 6 percent bid. Call money Strong; high,.low and ruliag rate 6 percent; closing bid 5% percent; offered i\t 6 percent; last loan 6 percent Bank acceptances 4% porccnt, NewiYork Sugar. 1 , New York, iiept. 11.—Raw sugar steady: centrifugal 7.28; fine granulated-9.00. ' SEND THEM HOME, FOR ftKNT—Mpi East IHh, taw rqpms; Call 309- -t - T»4l WANTHD —Pell boy, board and room. Apply Loc^l Manager, Haryey Hgujo. ^ This Is What th, Government Is to Do With Two^uspe<n)ed Foreigners. New Tork?~Sept. 11.—The bureau ot Immigration announced today it bad formally ordered the deportatiou to France ot Henri De Bevllie.and Count Roports De Clairmont, who had been held iu Ellis .island sines,, last March. At that time tb.ey,>$lmo. Charlotte Nix. wife of a Qsrman army officer! and 'Mmo, DavldOYltch Stgrob, a Turkish' waman,\ were wrested by agents of (he department ot Justice,. Mmo- Slorch died soon, afte|t. she [was eeut to 'EBui Island,. ' TUa im&\- nsratlon SjUthorUlee h§ye teoWed. on she wlU Ve.tteldi.- jft ij^f (JL,M STOCK MARKETS^ Kansas City. Kansas City, Sept. 11.—HOCtS—Re­ ceipts 12,000, 15 to 26c higher; bulk $19.60020^5; heavy $19.60«? | 20.4h; packers and butchers $M.40@>20.f>0; light $19.00@20^0;""plg9 $16.O0#18.50. CATTTJE —Jlecelpts 23,000 Including 400. southerns; stead to 15c lower; prime fed Bteers $17.2r>SJ)18.75; dressed beef steers $11.00@l".pO; western steers $10.00(314.00; southern steers $7,00©M.OO;. -cows $0.00© 12.00; heifers $7.50(fM3.00; stockers and feeders $7.60(3>lG.50i bulls $7.50@9.50; calves $7.00(S>12.?6. • , SlIEliTP—Roc.elpts 10.000 i steady; lambs $15,000)17.26; yearlings $10.50 0113.50; wethers $10.00012.50; ewes $8.00®U.r,0; stockers . and feeders $7.00©17.76. v Chicago. Chicago, Sept. 11.—(U, S. Bureau o) Markets)—HOGS -«- Receipts 9,000; mostly 20 to 26c higher than yesterday's average. Butchers $20,000 20.70: light $20,25 0 20.75; packing $19.1G0'2O.OO; rough ' $18.50019.00; pigs good and choice $18.60019.26. CATTLE—Receipts 9,000; strong to higher: calves firm. SHJ3BP—Receipts 29,000; opening slow but first sales off aj^toclt steady to strong. ' ' " St Joseph.- ( St. Joseph. Mo., Scpt.'ll.—HOOS Receipts 0,500; 16025c higher; top $20.50; bulk $in.C502O.4O. CATTLE—Receipts 2.000; 15 025c higher; steers $9.00018.25; cows and heifors $6.00010.00; calves $6,000 14.50. SH.E13F—Receipts " 6,500; Bteady; lamilis $11.00017.25; ewes $4.50© 11.25. Wichita. Wichita, Kans., Sept. 11.—HOGS— Ri'cellH 1,000;steady; to $20.10;Omlk $19.40020.00. CATTLE—Receipts 1,600; steady: native steers $10.00 017.00; cows and heifers $6.5009.50; Blockers and feeders $7.00013.00; stock cows and heifers $C.OO0fi..76; bulls $6.5008.50; calves $7.50012.00. LA FERE AND III HA TIN STILLJJNOER THREAT (Continued from Page One.l the river Lys dtiring yesterday evening and last night. A heavy min still is falling over the whole area and many of the smaller streams have been flooded. In the Flanders lowlands the ground has become almost impassable. There are no signs of the weather clearing Luckily, in the Sdnme region tho ground made moBt difficult by the fall of heavy rains has been left bc- hin.d by the advancing British. f<$>$><3>^>^.$><$.4>«5><8>$ <5r»4, <j, -•«> <?> IN THE VOSGES. <S> * • « * •<> <£••<$> <J< <?> ^> <!><?> 4>" <^ & With the"' American Troops in France, Tuesday, Sept. 10.- -"(5 p. ! m.)—(By the Associated Press.)—At 5:30 o'clock this morning" the 6er- njans began a heavy artillery action on -the American front lines in the Vosges region, sending over somo 2,000 projectiles from their mine- throwoVs and a thousand heavy cali­ bre shells. At 0:20 o'clock the enemy opened up a strong fire on the com- niunioatiou trenches. Reports from two observation stations were that sixty Germans were observed entering their own lines with wounded but no reports from the American front lines had been received at this hour, it seems possible that the raid which developed after the artillery fire won beaten off with casualties to the enemy. *• * * 4> <i' <?- <S> * * <S> * * * - "•> * BRITISH STATEMENT. . I <?< $> \* * • f ^ * * London; SepL 11.—During iu«t night the llritish line was advanced slightly in the region of Vermand, northwest of St. Quentln, Field Marshal Haig re. ported In his official statement today. The Germans delivered a counter at tack in the region of Bcourl-St.-Quen­ tln. It was repulsed In stiff fighting. There was sharp fighting also at Gonzeaticourt. The Germans were beaten off excopt at one point Where one of the British pouts remained in enemy possession. <£. <|> <|> . •$•4- <S> * <S>-* •$> WITH AMERICAN FORCES. «> > « American Forces on the Alsne Front, Tuesday, Sept. 10.—r(Reu- ter's.)—The Germans this evening were still attacking on the Mont Rouge plateau with desperate determination, The losses of the enemy in the last three days must have been appalling. > The German attaokB, whether dl rected against Narteull, Laffaux and VaUxillon have been for tho recovery of the rldgo line at JHonl De Laffaux. It was captured by General Mangln's troops with whom the Americans are ffghtlng, before the Germans realized of what Immense Importance the ridge was to them or at least' before they wero able to take adequate steps to defend it. Big Bunch of Men. How the German troops have beea hurried here to attempt its recovery Is evidenced by the fact that as many as five German regiments were represented among the prisoners taken yesterday. J Fiila morning two fresh attacks wero launched on either side of Nan- teull- They were beaten, back with sovere losses- All the prisoners taken In this region, although they fought remarkably well, showed complete dospondeocy and more than one when captured remarked: "Thank Cod It's all oyer." -Austrian Statement Vienna, Sept. 10.—Via, London-In the ABalone sector of th,e Aimtro-Ital- \W front whore the Italians had penetrated the AustrorHungarinn. lines, the DttmUoji VflS restored. >e«ter4ay>by ajaj^ out-Tyler. Ko runs, ho hits, ho errors. , Fifth Irinrnfl, second Half. Strunk flew out to Mann, ttblloehef threw.out Whltemfth. Mclnnls beat Austrian counterattack, the war office announced today. German Statement. Berlin, Via London. Sept. 11.—An attempt made by British forces to advance yesterday south of Ypres and north jpf the La Bassee canal, says the official statement Issued by the German war office today, was repulsed. Prisoners were taken by the Germaffe. Sou™ of Gour.enucourt and around Bpehy, British attacks reached the German first lines at a Tew points. The British were driven back, the statement adds, 3,000 prisoners being taken by the Germans. Repulsed by Americans. Washington, Sept. 11.— Repulse, of a strong raid upon American lines in the Woevre sector, undertaken by the enemy to got prisoners for identification purposes Is described in detail In General Pershing's communique for Tuesday. British Raid Austrlans, Rome, Sept. 11.—British troops yesterday raided tho Austro-Hungartnn positions on the Aslago plateau of the mountain front and inflicted consider- j able losses on the enemy according to the ofriclal statement Issued today by the It«llan war office. BOSTON IHHAMPION (Continued from Pago l.j out an Infield hit which Tyler knocked down. The official scorer gave Tyler an error instead of .Meinnls a hit Scott flew to Flack. No, runs, no hits, one error. 81xth Inning, First Half. Flack walked.- Mayes lost control of his submarine delivery momentarily. Mclnnls took Hollocher's grounder and threw to Scott forcing Flack. Mann forced Hollocher, -Mayes to Shean. Mnnn went nut, stealing, Schahg to Shean. No runs, no hits, no errors. Sixth Inning, Second Half. Paskert took Thomas' biKh fly back of the middle bag. Seining walked. Mayes sent a high fly- to Paskert. Schang went out stealing Klllifcr to Pick. No runs, no hits, no errors. Seventh Inning, First Half. Thcfbaml played "My Country 'Tls, of Thee" and the crowd stood with lncovered heads. Mayes threw out Paskert at first. Thomas robbed Merkle of a hit going down back of the bag and making a wonderful stop and equally wonderful throw to first. Mayes tossed out Pick. No runs; no hits; no errors. Seventh Inning, Second Half. •Merkle took Hooper's grounder and touched first. Beal threw out Shean at first. Strunk singled over second. Paskert caught Whitenian's fly, No runs; ; one hit; no errors. Eighth Inning, First Half. Barber batted in place of Deal. Whitemnn.came In fast;and tootf Barber's liner .off the top.', of the gtass 'and made a complete somersault. O'Farrell batted, for Kl[lifer. O'Farrell sent a/high fly to Scott. McCabe'bat­ ted .for Tyler. -Whltemnn wus withdrawn at this point and Ruth was sent to lejt. field" fpr'yBo&ton, /Whiteman hurt his neck in making Uie catch of Barber's drlve.-.McCabo foul- ed-out'to Scott. No runs, no hits, no errors. Eighth Inning, Second Half. Hendrlx and O'Farrell became the battery for Chicago and Zeider went to third base iu place of Deal. Mc­ lnnls flew out to Munn.' Scott lofted to Paskert and Thomas-.flow out to Paskert. No runs; nu hits; no errors. Ninth Inning, First Half. Flack up, ball one. Strike one. Ball two. Foul strike two. Ball three. FJack fouled to Thomas. Hollocher filed out to Ruth. Mann up. Ball one. Strike one. Ball two. Shean threw out Mann at first. No runs, no hits, no errors. SOME CHANGES. Army Is Preparing for Big influx of Men. Washington, Sept. 11.—-Plans for Infantry-replacement camps and cen tniK^flsets*.- training /sc-hopip at <^m^::-j^CTt^'Soidi^jt^i v ^^ Arkansas; MacArthur, Texas;!: and Grant, Illinois, announced to'iay by tho war department, provide for additions at these camps to provide for an aggregate of 46,000 additional men and to cost $18,231,000. \, Tho war department also announced that the tank training school now located ol Gettysburg, Pa., will bo re moved to Raleigh, N. C„ and the infantry school of arms at Fqrt" gill. Oklu .i to Columbus. Ga. . DEFEATS WOMAN IN SENATORIAL RACE ' J)r. C. M. Lajistrum.' Dr. C. M. Lanstrum of Helena, Montana, has won the Republlcau nomination for U. S. Senator from that state. He defeated Miss Rankin who aspired to the same nomination. Miss Rackla Is now a representative from Montana. Look long enough and you will find the we»k snot in tjverjreftB*- Anniversary Sale 4^ We want to make the last days of this sale the BEST—not only in sales but in vaUws;—So we have arranged many Extra Bargains for the closing days;—and customers who attend will secure some of the most remarkable values that have been shown in this truly remarkable sale. , Many Pretty Furs ' Have been received for the Anniversary Sale and priced in accord with this special money saving event. Large cape collars of Coney Fur, sal In lined, comes in brown, gray and black fur, at Silk Plush Scarfs with colored satin lliilngs. loy^ Inches wide; 72- QQ QJJ Inches long; has pocket, and urochet ring fasteners yUitlU Round Mufrs of brown or black.Conoy, silk lined B>C QC with ring holder, at yOitiw Many other pretty Muffs are ?10 EH priced at $6.95, $10.00 and <p I CiOV Women's Bath Robes S5.95 They come In pretty colors and patterns. The collars anil cutis, arc finished with heavy cord and tassels, and the colors, they are made In an blue, rod and gray. Baby Coats $5.00 A dear little babyish coat of white -corduroy. Hah a deep yoke that makes the high walst- ed effect and a little gathered skirt, 0 white pearl buttons down front, snug fitting neck, .sleeve with a turned back stitched cuff, quilled linings. For baby size to 0 years. Blankets and Comforts that will keep you warm and comfortable Just I he kinds you like to cuddle under when it is bll- infi cold outside. Made good and. thick with jur.t enough weight to make them cling to and lean comfortably against you every minute you trust yourself to their protection. Being made of ma- •ftsjUals that are absolulely dependaHie'nifJ '-'.yAlLjSJib a little care, serve you witff ci>mfort and warmth for J many winters. Rubber Club Bags $9.95 A cUib lias itwKle of I'linl; riil)t«c; looltH like leuthiT, but wears botlor, No H '-nrnn to rip. 'JtubU'i-U«d on extra houvy taiiviiH under a heavy i ,| ''' l,HUri "- *" on »i UHl ***'«-' ihtiHc hitgu- to fully appreciate them. \V6 / taku pluawuru In showing same. One Price To All! The store that has has more than one price Is like a grasshopper in the field -YOU CAN'T TELL WHERE IT'S GOING TO JUMP. You simply take a gambler's chance In guessing. There Is no guessing at prices at Tl'e Curtis Store. No discounts to favored customers, no commissions to your dressmakers for bringing you as a customer to our dress goods counter. WE HAVE BUT ONE PRICE AND THAT 15 THE SAME TO ALL. It's the same with every other clement which makes for permanency, QUALITY, SERVICE and COURTESY. Shop where you will of course but when It comes to buying It will be we'll to bear these things In mind SILKOLINE COVERED COMFORTS ' l-'iiricy tup* and pluln linin ^M, flll,-<I wltli MOOII riimllty coltun and mtUHiin weight. $2.qp NICE SILKOLINE COMFORTS AT . .. $3.00 G<K «1 Hi7 .e, yarn knotted; filled with good coLtun and HUtU/aclory weight.' $3.50 ANOTHER FANCY COVERED COMFORT With plain funey Imi dt-rn of pink and Mu<', nwKhipe ,miit -ln>d and yui n Lliulit d. A very He v ;ilu«. ..$4.95 COM FORTS ullne covered; PIB enmifij) . $1.95 GRAY COTTON BLANKETS, PAIR Mi-illiiin slzi', about -I by C fret: pink LARGE GRAY (h A cn AUSTRALIAN BLANKETS ..<P-*.OV (joo.l scrvii-.-iiljIc; HluiiketM, ln;av>- wt-tshl, iM'mlH't clgca. $7.50 PLAID WOOLNAP BLANKETS, PAIR .... Fancy IMaltls In <-olnr« of KCIIII , pink. •Iu,-. inn nnd Kiay. it rinc- hlunkct for liorno uiit.-. ' $5.00 LARGE GRAY BLANKETS, PAIR Kim.- CJxTC, wlik-h miikos « bhink.-l UVfr 5 »ll o .el, tiMl lii»vywci«lil. t»4iej' iKitiuflc. TYNAN IN LEAD. Has Apparently Wpn Democratic Npminatlon In Colorado. ! Denver, Uolo., Sept. 11,—On tho face o( incomplete but wiiielyscattt-ri-d re-^ tunis from yesterday's slate wldo prl- ;imry, Thomas Tynan, wurdi-n of the state penitentiary at Canyon City, had a substantial lead over 'Governor Julius O. Hunter, for Uie Democratic nomination for governor. Two hundred and sixty two pritf-incts out of 1,476 In the state give Tynau, 8,01(4 and (lunter B,R2!I. On tho Republican ticket Oliver Shoup of Colorado Springs apparently has been nominated for governor by a largo majority over-Charles llaller- ich ot Punbio, and Lawrence Philips has won the ltupubllcun nomination for United Stales senutor by a largo voto over Charles Wuteruian of Denver. Senator John K. Shafroth waa unopposed tor the Democratic nomination for senator. EAFFErfS SELF FILLING PEN THE PEN THAT MAKES WRITHES! A PLEASURE THE STUDENTS AND BUSINESS HANS PEN A.. L. WILSON Leading Jeweler 108 N. Main St. PERFORMS WHAT OTHERS PROMIS E Take Care of Minerals. Washington, Sept. II.—With minor aniendmeuLs the bill providing for government stimulation of production and distribution of minerals needed In the prosecution of the w"fcr was passed today by tho senate without a record vote. A similar measure was 'passed by the house and differences now will be adjusted In conference. A delightful suit is made of gray checked wool material, baj a shawl collar of seal and. the coat btt" a narrow hem ol sajite. RAW BONES USED. Glue and Other Adhesive* Shortage in Germany. The Zeitsclielff guer Angewandta Chemle states that raw bones are now being made into glue by treatment with sulphur dioxide, the fat being removed with benzine and the iniuis being boiled iu water under preaaure. The resulting Bubstance is a very' good glue. Gorman papers contain numerous advertisements tor glue and oilier adhesives. Frequently the. advertisements state thut the material iu required for army orders. It is understood that no wore animal gluu is being released for the civilian shoe trade except iu limited quantilten for tie manufacture ot artificial sole leather, bul that this matt-rial ia r<- uerved i<xeludlvely for factories which are working on military orders. Stocks of wax and abellac In CIT- many are understood to be entirely exhausted. When a man owns a building in a town, which won't rent, he blaun-.-i the town even if his properly is in thu shu,ck clasivN Half the vacant build- liigH ought to be vacant.-— AtcblMm Globe. A long waisted basque, light sleeves and long panels are three excellcn'. poiuls fur a dress of navy Uluo sorgo. Furniture Hospital. 106 North Main. Telephone ICS. ll-vt

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