The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 22, 1948 · Page 7
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 7

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1948
Page 7
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THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBUBG, ILL-. THURSDAY, JANUARY 22, 1948 PAGE ONE, SECTION TWO IED Vf*i Hoss "Trade" Bv Fred Harmqn VOEU.I III CACHE HERE WHILE OF Priceless Cinnamon Cinnamon, which 400 years ago was In the category of gold and jewels, now can be bought for a few cents a pound. It Is used like other spices by cooks and confectioners, and also in'medicine as a tonic, stomachic and carminative. t 7B x 85 While SHEET Lo . . . Worm, thick, nap . . . Buy several at this Prj/--.' BUY NOW! ncc! ^ z5^ s^^^ia^^P^^^^^^^???SSggS^^^^ Men! There's plenty of winter ahead and to wear these heavy-weight, full- ribbed, long sleeve ankle length union suits. Washington Column By Peler Edson NEA-Register Correspondent Value of Potatoes Potatoes and sweet potatoer cost the average American only 3 per cent of his total food bill, but they contributed 5 per cent of the calories. 3 per cent of the protein, 2 per cent of the calcium, 7 per cent of the iron, 6 per cent of the vitamin A. 8 per cent of the thiamine, 4 per cent of the rlboflavin and 13 per cent of the vitamin C. Discuss Chain of U. S.-British Air Bases In N. Africa LONDON, Jan. ' 22--U.1!--Con- struction of a chain of Anglo- American air basas on the Mediterranean coast of Cyrenaica. the eastern section o£ Libya in North Africa, is under discussion "at a very high level," informed military Sources reported today. Informants said they understood the talks between the American and British governments were initiated by the United Slates. ~They said several bases were contemplated between Benghazi and Tobruk, the port cities that were the scenes of bitter fighting during the North African campaigns. The proposed bases, informants said, would be smaller than the transport base which the United States is reopening at Mellaha, outside Tripoli in western Tripoli- tania, the western part of Libya. They were described as being "more in the nature of tactical bases," IntcrcolicKh (e Billiards Harvard and Ya.'e played the flrst Intercollegiate billiard match at Worcester, Mass., in 1800. Harvard won SCO to 721.^ The game was four- ball English billiards. From where I sk... by Joe Marsh From Sheepskin to Sheep Spectacles Spectacle Repairing (has. S. Boicourl Optometrist 110 N. Vine Harrisburg Phone 459-R There aren't too many college graduates in our tow n. Good honest thinking yes...but most fo^s went from hijjh school into farming. No harm in that! But I admire veterans like Dick Ncwcomb ... who's 23, but tfoing to college under the G.I. Bill of Rights. Intends to be a sheep farmer--but a better- informed, more scientific farmer, with more know-how! And veterans like Dick aren't letting anything interfere. What little relaxation they allow themselves is in the form of needed exercise, or books, or conversation and an occasional «lass of beer with frlfrmls. Seems as if, just by liavinj; their education postponed, they've put a higher value on i t . . . a n d on thinfcs like temperance (that tfass of beer, for instance), understanding, and good citizenship. And from where I sit, when Dick Rets his sheepskin--he won't have lost much time. He'll be an even better farmer than his Dad. (Exactly what Dad wanted 1) a Copyright, 19IS, United States Brewers Foundation WASHINGTON'--(N'EA)--Presi- dent Truman's Air Policy Commission report, "Survival in the Air', Age," makes some of the gloom- est reading in a long time. It says the United States had better get ·eady for a war by Jan. 1, 1943, which is called A-Day. The honorable Commission says we can blunder into a war before .hat time. But the five-year interval between then and now is all the time in which the U. S. may be reasonably sure of having a monopoly on the atomic bomb. If tnis report hattyeen written by a bunch of admirals, generals and representatives of the aircraft industry, it might be discounted as so much propaganda from the militarists and the manufacturers who want a subsidized industry. That the report was written by five distinguished, and presumably disinterested, private citizens after exhaustive investigation is merely evidence of the seriousness of the situation. The five were. Chairman Thomas K Finletter, lawyer and special assistant to the Secretary of State from 1941 to 1944. Vice Chairman George P. Baker was an Air Force colonel during the war, then head of international aviation affairs in the State Department and is no%v with the Harvard business school. The three members were Denver newspaper publisher Palmer Hoyt, Dun and Bradstreefs Authur D. Whiteside and Jahn A. McDone of the Joshua Hendy Iron Works, who replaced Henry Ford. - Couple their forebodings with the heaw preparedness outlays m the President's-budget-' message, and you really get the glooms. The Finletter Commission estimates that, for the past year, military expenditures have been rough- Iv $3,000,000,000 for the Army, 53,000,000,000 for the sea-going Navy, and $4,000.000,000 for tne Air Force plus naval aviation. This $10,000,000,000 total, says the Commission, should be increased to $11,600,000,000 for the calendar year 1948, and $13,200,000 000 for 1949. 0£ this last total, $5,500,000.000 should go for a strong defensive and counterattacking air force. In short, air power must be the future first line of defense, instead of a strong Navv The projected total cost of Armv Navv and Air Force in 1952 would bc"$18,qOO.OOOO,QOO. All this talk of increased mili- Uarv appropriations will probably be'used by the Moscow Radio, 'Henrv Wallace and the American Communists as evidence that the U S is preparing for another war. Such arguments will have to be taken cautiously. £ * * The Finletter Commission apparently appioachuu iu JOD with i t h e idea that it wanted to work 1 for peace. But the farther the 'Commission pursued its studies the more convinced it became that the onlv way to keep the peace was to 'make" the U. S. strong in the air. The outlay it recommends i for building up U. S airpowcr is j therefore the price of keeping the i PC If CC this is correct, it leads to a ! number of sobering thoughts. If '.the U. S. taxpayer is ever to get out from under this . burden of .maintaining huge military establishments, the U. S. S° vcrnm £nt ' must dedicate itself to a number of parallel courses of action. I It must work still harder to- I wards international control of ·atomic energy and the outlawing 'of the atomic bomb. Its ultimate 'coal must be world disarmament, 2d the leaders of both political (parties should be on record to that | Cff Tnere should be stiH_more determined efforts *o TM ke . United Nations work. There should be renewed efforts and constant SeSTto conclude peaceCreat- es with Austria, Germany and Japan And the Marshall Plan for European reconstruction must suc- most valuable contribution of the Finletter Commission, therefore, is something no.*Urtcd ?n IV direction of peace, instead ) of heading for even a defensive, war. New Pasteurization Method Pasteurization by electronics is the latest in milk preservation Ordinary pasJcumar.on holds milk al HO Agrees for 30 m:ni;ts and kills most bactrm but =ot all those_ :. U sour it. The technique shoe « i out radio waves that raise milk to 200 degrees for a tenth of a second, kill virtually all bacteria. 1 Duff's CHOICE MEATS 14 Oz. Pkg. Native Fed Beef Boiling Beef, Ib. . . 39c Roast, Ib 49c Lean Breakfast^-By the Piece Lb. Bacon . . . 69c Tenderized, Half or Whole Lb. Smoked Hams . 65c Lb. Lean Sugar Cured 3 Bacon Squares . 39c Milk Fed Veal Veal Stew, Ib. Veal Roast, fb. . . 35c . . 49c Loin, T-Bone or Round Beef Steak . Lb. Hot Roil Mix 27c Tootsie Cake Icing or 1 Lb. Box Lilly Brand Pink No. 2. Can a 9 o o Mix . 25c El Morro No. 2 Can 35c; No. 2 J /2 Can Borden's Instant 8 Oz. Pkg. Mix 23c Crushed Pineapple . B9c Borden's 13 Oz. Jar Lb. Oioc, Syrup . 25c Hardy's Plain or Iodized 2 Boxes 15c Dining Car · Qt. Jar Fraziers 14 Oz. Veal (hops . . 59c Lb. All Popular Brands Oleomargarine . 45c COFFEE Manhattan, Vacuum Packed 1 Lb. Jar or Can -- 53c 2 Lb. Jar or Can -- $1-05 Sweet Drinking Golden Hour, 3 Lb. Bag $1.15 r Eva p. Fruits Prunes, 50 to 60 Size, Lb 17c Del Monte Fancy Prunes, 2 Ib. 39c Peaches, White Ribbon. 11 oz. 20c Apricots, fancy, 1 Ib. pkg. 35c Farmer Jones Syrup Golden Corn Syrup, 5 Lbs. ,, 49c White Corn Syrup, 5 Lbs 53c Waffle Maple Flavor, 5 Lbs 69c .New 50 Lb. Empty LARD CANS each 49c Texas 8 Lb. Bag Grapefruit . . . 35c Texas Navel, 200 Size Doz. Oranges . . . 25c White. Large Heads Each Cauliflower . . 29c Lb. Ixirge Solid Heads Cabbage . . . . 6c 1 Lb. Box Red Ripe Tomatoes . . . 29c 2 Lbs. Parsnips . . . 25c Golden Red Del.--Bu. $3.25; 3 Lbs. Apples . . . . 25c Moil's Apple 32 Oz. Bottle . . . 23c Borden's Eagle Brand 15 oz. Can Milk . . . 27c Fancy Premium 3 Lb. Pkg. Rice . . . . 49c 50 Ft Sash Cord Clothes Line , . . 39c Del Monte 1 Lb. Jar Radio Standard No. 2 Can £ 0 9 0 Brown Valley II No. 2 Cans--2 For Delgado No. 2 Can Red Devil. 3 Cans Flotill, Heavy Syrup No- 2 '£ Can Peaches and Pear Mix 29c Soap Flakes 2 pk S s Ely-White . . 19e King Karlo 3 Cans California Carrots · . 2 Bunches 19c California 2 Lbs. Dog Food , . -j Libby's 2 Xo - 2 Cans 25c: 46 Oz- Cal1 Juice . » 27c Libby's--All Varieties Can Crapes * . . » 25c Ccbbler 10 Lbs. Potatoes Green Onions . Bunch lOc gep Brown Beans !5c Parplc Top 3 Lbs. Turnips . . . . 25c PET BUTTSR SPREAD Broadcast: January 21. J918 '/;: Ib. but:cr or margarine V* teaspoon salt % cwp Pet MiiSc Cu: butter in small pieces. Put in mixing bowl. Let stand in warm roorr. until soft enough to s::r with a spoon -- as easily, as mayonnaise (sec note). . Let milk stand in warm room also. Butter and m:l' will blend better it they arc the same temperature. ^ _ Stir mi'k into soft butter Rrsduauy, add:ng 2 tablespoons at a t::r.c u«nj; CT -vin C spcon, rotary cs? t^ c - « electric bc.-.tcr at low speed. \Vftcn a.l ai'.k :i adccd. best vigorously I m: ~- ·j;c to blend completely. _ . . Cover bowl and cr.ti'.. or pac «r-'-c soft into straie.nt-s:dcJ cisa. Keep cJi:l!cc ·w' not in use. Sc-vc a$ spread en bread. panf==s, Meal or Crunchcon 2 Lb. Bag 5 Lb. Bag 10 Lb. Bag .. 25 Lb. Bag 3lc 69c S1.20 S2.95 * , , l:tt'.c lew thai 2 cups (I is). .VOTE: i/ *.·'.-*« rr s.«.'V '-. r^:. ','-'· " ' ~' r r "-" '* For This Tall Cans BUTTER Swcei Cream . Or Margarine All Brands .. 93c 45c Pure Iowa Sorghum 5 Lb. Bucket $1.23 ' c-f* S u per Market Products Colgate - Pelmoliye Palmolive Soap. rcg. 10c Super Suds, lg. size 3?c Vcl. Large Box .. 35c I I i t- M li U I SPAPFRI

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