Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 28, 1961 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, June 28, 1961
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To City Subscribers: II you fail to get your Star please telephone 7-3431 by 6:30 p. rri. and a special carrier Will deliver your paper. YEAR: VOL. 62 — NO. 219 Bowl* Knit* 1 Star For Weather Report See Column at Bottom of This Page ll.r ef C«nralM«tM JM. NOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28,1961 Mcmfectj Th* AiiotlalMl MM ft Audit •*?**• •» Clf«u1«llen« Av. NO P«U Cltt'l I m»i. tHIftfl March It, 1M1 — l,»31 PRICEScCOPY Probe Ordered of Secret Red Nuclear Tests WASHINGTON 'AP) - President Kennedy today ordered an investigation into whether Russia has been secretly testing nuclear weapons and whether such tests could -be conducted without detention. The order to his Science Advisory ^.Committee indicated clearly thatjjL^nncdy is studying the possibility of a resumption of U.S. nuclear tests, now voluntarily suspended. But Kennedy told his news conference the United States still wants, and will strive for, a controlled and agrccd-on nuclear armament test ban, He will keep the U.S. negotiating team at the stalled lest ban conference in Geneva, he said. KS icdy urged that Soviet Premier "Khrushchev end his nation's "intransigence" and accept a reasonable formula for permanently ending the nuclear testing, The stumbling block has been Soviet rejection of Western demands that an effective policing system be set up along with a ban on tests, and more recent Kremlin demands for moving the nu^ar lest negotiations into the bigger talks on general disarmament. . Junior League to Get Charter Desigi Texas Tower jners Criticized Fy EDWIN B. HAAKINSON WASHINGTON (APU(—A Senate report today sternly criticized the Navy and the designers and-builders of the radar "Texas Tower" lhat collapsed in a blizzard and carried all hands — 28 men — to their deaths. . ' The report — which added that j the Air Force must also shoulder-its share of the blame—bilingly 14 rcjttrrcd lo "buckpassing" ancl "me hodge-podge of indecision." The terrific forces of winds and waves were clearly miscalculated, the report said. The 5,000-ton steel structure, perched like a giant three-legged stool in open sea 80 miles off the New Jersey coast, was battered and driven to ocean bottom last Jan. 15 by gale winds ancl waves, rlier this month, Ihe Air ordered Col. William M. Banks to stand court-martial, charged with being derelict in duty in connection with the tragedy. Banks was in command of the Boston Air Defense center and the tower was part of its radar network. The Air Force said Banks had failed to keep himself appraised of the tower's situation. J$ : ' today's report, Sen. John Stcnnis, D-Miss., chairman of the Defense Preparedness subcommittee, said a careful examination of expert witnesses "reveals that the design criteria, upon which the final structural integrity was to be based, was clearly inadequate." "This inadequacy must be charged to the Navy's Bureau of Yard's ancl Docks ancl the struc- tiaWf design engineers," Stcnnis said in commenting on the com- millec's unanimous report. • JFK Blames Berlin Crisis on Russians Old liberty to Hold Revivol A revival meeting will start, nt Old Liberty Church on July 2 with the Rev. D. L. McCuulcy do- ins the preaching. Services start nightly at 7:30. WASHINGTON 'API - President Kennedy said today that nothing Russia docs cnn affect tlio West's rights in Berlin. Kennedy raid the crisis over Berlin is "Soviet manufactured." Kennedy said the Western Allies formed alliances after World War II that, are wholly defensive in nature. He warned in a statement at his news conference: The Soviets would make a grave mistake if they supposed that Allied unity and determination can be undermined by threats or fresh aggressive acts. "There is peace in Germany and in Berlin. If it is disturbed it will be a direct Soviet responsibility." It was Kennedy's first news conference in nearly eight Washington weeks, and jcned it by reading a statement MRS. JAMES ROBINSON OF LOUISVILLE, MISSISSIPPI President of the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries, .will present to ihe Hope-Chapter a Charter designating it.to beTan Active Chapter of the Association during a luncheon meeting aitht Hope Country Club June 30. Among the honor guests will be Miss Martha Wise, Warren, Arkansas, who is the National Executive Secretary, Mrs. Marion Mabry, President of the Nashville, Arkansas Chapter, which sponsored the, local chapter, and 1* other members of the Nashville Chapter. Mrs. George Wright, president of the Hope Chapter will accept the Charter. V Annual Vote for ASC Committee The annual election of ASC community committee men and delegates to Ihe Hcmpstead ASC County Convention will be held by mail between July 24 and AugT 3, 1961. Petitions signed by 10 or more eligible voters nominating persons for membership on the community committee will be received at the county office at any time not less than 20 days before the dale set for return of ballos by farmers which is July 14. The community committee may make such additional nominations as are required or as it determines are desirable. The names of incumbent com- mitlccmon are as follows: Springhill — Brianl Bobo, War rcn Butler, Marion Morris. Palmos — Lawrence Hollis, W. B. Jones and Gary Formby. Shover Springs - Rocky Mound — Floyd McDowell, J. E. McWilliams, Walter Abbott. Hope — Earl Dudley, Loys J Hampton and Claude Self. Weather Fulton & Guernsey I. E. Native 6f Hope Killed in Germany Airman 1-c "Charles Prcscotl 22, a native of Hope, was killed il an automobile accident in Ger many Sunday morning, June 25 Details of the accident are no available and funeral arrange ments will be announced later. Survivors include his wife, Mrs Carolyn Kay Prcscott; one daugh tcr, Virginia Rac; two step-child rcn, Laurie and Jeff cry; his moth er, Mrs. Virginia Wilder of Shrc' vcporl; his father, J. B. Prcscot of Pasadena, Tex.; one brother James Edward, with the U. S Marines at Camp Pendleton, Calif and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs Ray Kitchens of Hope and Mr and Mrs. W. II. Prcscott of Hous ton, Texas. Oclom, Roy Fry, Herbert Cox. Crossroads & McNab — Wade Gilbert, Oscar Mosicr and W. M. Dillard. Columbus & Washington — Joe Booker, B. C. Webb, R. E. Jackson. Experiment Station report for DeAnn & Bairds Chapel — Jim 24-hours ending at 7 a. m. Wed-1 Faulkner, Jesse Burke and Noel iicsday, High 85, Low 02; Total 1&5V precipitation through -May, 21.26 inches; during the same period a year ago, 16.37 inches. ZArka ns as Regional Forecast .... By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Central, southeast and southwest: Clear to partly cloudy through Thursday. High today near 00, low tonight mid 60s. Northeast and northwest: Clear tojwlly cloudy through Thurs- d;* with a few thunderstorms in north portion this afternoon. High today mid (iOs to low 90s, low to- Cummings. Blevins & Sweet Home — Jack Cromor, Guy Loo, Zack Brooks. McCaskill & Pelton — Dutch Wallers, Clarence Sweat and Bert Scott Jr. Ozan & Sardis — Guy Green, Jeff ToJlell and J. M. Green. Bingen — Fred Epton, C. E. Clingan Jr., and Sim Sanford. D. L Lively, 37, of Washington, Dies Tuesday David Louis Lively, aged 31 a resident of Washington, die last night in a local hospital. H was a member of the Wasbingto Baptist Church and a Mason.- Survivors include his wife, Mrs Ruthie Lively, a son Roger Lou two stepchildren, David and Deb ra Irvin arid his parents, Mr, and Mrs. D. C. Lively, all of Washington; five brothers, Richard of Ft. Smith, Tommy and James of Little Rock, Robert of Washington and W. F. Lively of McNab; three sisters, Patricia Ann and Linda Lively of Washington, Mrs. Margaret McKensie of Gurdon. Services will be held at 10:30 a.m. Thursday at Columbus Bap- administration's on the German cileraling his rong position ty.' Kennedy also announced that ho ad instructed his Science Advi- ory Committee to organize a spe- al study to determine whether ic Russian.s have been or could e engaged in secret testing of uclear weapons. Kennedy said Ihc Soviets' in- slcncc on a vclo over machinery i police a nuclear lest ban is clis- oartcning ancl "raises a serious uestion" about, how long the Jniled States can maintain il* 1 ohmlary ban on such tcsls. Taking note of Soviel Premier Oirushcncv's recent statement lial Russia would be oulproduc- ng the United States by 1070. the 'resident said that could never akc place at any lime in the 20lh Century ancl added: "We invilc Ihc USSR lo engage n this competition which is icaccful ancl which could only re- ult in a better living standard or both of our peoples." •In his statement-on Berlin,'Ken* icdy put quotation marks around he word "crisis" in reference to he city. feaying Khrushchev had threatened to sign a peace treaty with he Communist regime in East e r m a n y, he used quotation marks again around peace treaty. Khrushchev has said this would end Allied rights in West Berlin. "II is clear that such unilateral iction cannot affect these rights, which stem from the surrender of Germany," Kennedy declared. Kennedy showed no signs of his oaek strain or recent virus infcc- ,ion. He replied lo a question about his heallh by saying he was feeling very well." In response to a question, Kennedy said no plan for partial mobilization has bccn placed before him at the present, but that various groups arc considering the problem created by Berlin, ancl "of course we will be considering a whole variety of measures." Prisoners Await on Committee KEY WEST, Fla. (AP)—A delegation of 10 prisoners from Cuba, waited today for the disbanded Tractors for Freedom Committee to decide whether it, would reform and resume blocked negotiations. The prisoners conferred for nearly fo.ur hours Tuesday night with John Hooker Jr., executive secretary of Hie committee, and announced afterwards that nolh- ins had bccn changed in their si- lualion. Hooker said, however, he was hopeful there would be a decision today or Thursday on whether the \commiltee would reconstitute itself to renew the talks. The committee members were Eleanor. Roosevelt, Dr. Milton Eisenhower and Walter Kculher, head of the United Auto Workers. Hooker said he had been in touch with every member of the committee, .including Eisenhower, who had been out of the country. However, another spokesman for Ihe committee, Frank Winn, said in Detroit he knew of no contact between Reulher and Hooker, lie added that he knew of no plans to resume negotiations, and "I'd certainly know about such a development right away." Neither Hooker nor the prisoners would make any statement concerning Ihe conference. The delegation said through a spokesman that they feared a statement "might be misinterpreted by 0110 side or the other" and ' might endanger our companions in Cuba." Arkansas Hands a Smashing Defeat to Faubus' Bond Issue Two Burglaries Reported Here City Police report two burglaries last night, the Plaza Cafe on Highway 67 and the Drive-in theater. Officers said only cigarettes and gum were missing from the theater. However, Police arc puzzled about the Plaza break-in. Seems $46.76 was taken from the cash register while $53.24 was left. All the money was in plain view. Treatment for Lana's Daughter HARTFORD, Conn. fAP — Cheryl Crane, 17-year-old daugh- nighl mid 60s northeast, low to lci . f muvjc s , ar Lana Turnc|1> mid 60s northwest. l lias bccn uc | m i iu .. c i | 0 the Institute psychiatric treatArkansas: Clear to cloudy and continued warm ,, !ol Living •P arUy 'mcnl. for Education Bill Appears on the Rocks By JOHN BECKLER WASHINGTON (AP) — House leaders have just about given up hope that President Kennedy's multibillion-dollar aid to education program can be put to a vote this session. A deep split among Democrats on the Rules Committee over the issue of aid for parochia schools apparently has doomed both Kennedy's $2.5-billion public school bill and a $l.il-billion extension of the National Defense Education Act. The House has a long history of opposition to school bills, having killed three in the last eight years. This time the addition of religious controversy to the normal opposition of conservatives has made the going even tougher. The threatened demise of the bills in the Rules Committee is a blow not only to Kennedy but to Speaker Sam Rayburn, who won a five-vote victory early in tile session over Rep. Howard W. Smith, D-Va., chairman of the Rules Committee, in a bitter fight for its control. When Rayburn won the way seemed open • for Kennedy's program to get to the floor. But events have played into Smith's hands in the school fight and he now appears firmly in control. Smith can nearly always count Continued on Page Two Hempsteadand Nevada Go Against Bonds Hempsfead Comity decisively smashed the proposed $<>0 million bond issue yesterday. The vole was 7>I2 for and l.illll against. Not a single city box voted favorable for the bonds. Six County boxes went, for Ihe bonds and one, Jaka Jones,• split the ballot even. Boxes going for the bonds were McNab, Pinoy Grove, Deanyville, DeAnn, Slephcnson's School Mouse and Friendship. In all the others il was generally no contest. Nevada County went, mudi the same as tlempstead. The final tabulation show !>!!) for 'the bonds and J.OU7 against. Hcmpstcad Co. Vote For Against Absentee ......... 21! 47 Bairds Chapel .... It J« Bingen ........... J2 42 Blevins .......... 40 <>7 Box 5 ............ :»! »7 Box (i ............ 44 75 Columbus ........ 3 25 Cross Roads ..... 14 21 DeAnn ........... 22 12 Deanyville ........ 23 20 Friendship ....... I!) 9 Fulton ........... 12 74 Guernsey ......... 5 24 Jaka Jones ....... 1!! 11! McCaskill ........ 35 30 McNab ........ i. 20.. 12 Own ..... ,• ..... ..•> I'J '.. at) Palmos ...... ..... ]» 23 Piney Grove ..... 17 12 Rocky Mound ..... 1! 23 Saratoga ......... 15 111 Sardis No. 2 ...... 17 20 Sardis No. 1 ...... 12 14 Shover Springy ... 7 211 Spring Hill ....... 10 43 Slephcnson S. II. .. 14 H Ward l-A ........ 52 200 Ward 1 .......... 40 231 Ward 2 .......... 31 'JO Ward 2-A ........ 34 104 Ward 3 .......... 25 135 Ward 4 .......... 23 153 Washington ...... 50 83 LITTLE JtOCK (AIM — County by county tabulation of the vote on the $00,000,000 bond Issue: Total Pe»s. PC'S. Rpt. For Afl'sl. 27 27 'Hi I 2250 27 2-1 23 20 <U> 31 21! M Total ........... 742 1,UU1 Cou"ty Arkansas Ashley Baxter Bent on Boone Bradley Cnlhoun Carroll Chicot, Clark Clay Cleburne Cleveland Columbia Conway Crtiighcacl Crawford CriUendcii Cross Dallas Desha Drew Faulkner Franklin Fulton Garland Grant Greene llcmpstead Hot Spring Howard ind'pd'ce Izark Jackson Jefferson Johnson Lafnyellu Lawrence Lee Lincoln Little Rivet- Logan Lonoke Madison Marion Miller •' Mississippi Monroe Montgomery Nevada Newton Ouachita Perry Phillips Pike Poinsolt Polk Pope Prairie Pulaski Randolph Saline Scott Searcy Sebastian Sevier Sharp St. Francis Stone Union Van Huron Washington White Woodruff Yell All Around Town •y T(M Star Staff .17 30 J5 3!) 2lt 21) 10 211 20 25 32 33 22 24 Hi 31 ;M 32 35 22 32 33 32 3d 3(1 35 52 32 25 20 23 21 17 22 37 39 23 20 43 3!) 23 23 22 2!) <10 III 21) 20 1(1 21 311 15 M 31 27 31 21 54 2!l 2li 25 27 3(1 20 4!) 47 14 34 2(1 Hi . 27 15 32 20 24 15 17 20 25 a; 32 22 1!) 10 30 34 29 12 35 10 32 33 215 31 30 2fl 4(3 31 111 Hi 15 21 17 21 31 25 23 12 43 !)05 209 7111! 500 491 251 092 574 31)0 21)1 3111 llllt 2IH!) 2022 (Hid J003 707 4I(> 1133 734 2040 frill 143 1357 000 lit) I 742 021 305 1132 453 007 llllil) 5IIII 225 1190 520 414 4<i(i 10(12 1070 1743 223 1127 30 2(142 10 «47 1!) 200 II! 2(5 3(1 13 20 13 Hi 21 35 15 20 2fi 2f. 15 52 23 21 1C, 21 2(1 Hi '10 35 14 32 472 603 1153 450 549 21(0 1020 371 1477 00!) 8450 423 30!) «66 321) 2137 •HI! 510 502 343 13(17 555 23)1) 1310 490 1003 I (153 155!) 2032 2750 15411 lilt;! 1 Ui-l 10113 ,I!M3 10511 1002 542 10(57 1540 1571 J437 •105 (5117 1115 12li I 113F ill? 3i>() 4DUU (Hi" Jim 2370 j i or 22% 52( 2002 571 r 1301 701 (17 432 75r fill: 372. 170' 70 07 220 J7(i fill 05 J02 04 3311 171 (tl (id J3li 217 70 253(i 110 11(1 14: (17 504 1004 4(14 714 4(15 3(1(17 770 2(i3l) ' 21X1 7115 1133 Totals 210!) 1910 OIJ'JUB 135739 Rambling about yesterday's election the thought comes to lisl Church by the Rev. Mr. mind that llempstcad, like the rest of the slate, really smashed not silent were the voters who would have had to one way or another Washington Ready for Celebration Pioneer Washington's 4lh annual July 4 celebration next Tuesday will be another feature in the Civil War Centennial observance. The program highlight will be enactment of Ihe roll call and mustering out of the llcmpstead Rifles on May 4, 18(51, the first local company lo answer Ihe Confederacy call lo arms. The enactment will be directed by Mrs. Elizabeth Horton, and carried oul by the Hope unit of the Arkansas National Guard with Claude Byrd in charge. A full day of activity has been flul jnsl cff(Jrl , h t(J planned by Mrs. Charles Hayncs, p ,., lh fh( , ni| I)ri7f , n|1 , 1G| . K(111|h . executive director of Pioneer Washington. A special invilaliitn is extended lo residents of Hope and Hompsload to celebrate July •i at Washington. Again this year a Trail Ride Arabs Line Up Against Iraq's Claim CAIRO (API Arab leaders were lining up today against Iraq's claim to the rich litllo sheikdom of Kuwait. President Carnal Abdcl Nasser's United Arab Republic came grab the oil prize on her southeast border. The U.A.R. announcement, combined with firm AUDI Arabian opposition to Iraq's claim, was expected to swing most of the 10-nation Arab League behind Kuwait Sheik Sir Special Meet of Legislature Is Necessary By JOHN R. STARR I'LK IJOCK (Al'l—Arknsas oler.s irjecled Gov, Orval E. ""aiibus 1 $(>() million const ruction ond proposal by about 2 to I 'uesday, bill the governor said to- lay he would still try lo put .cross a building program. He gave no hint whether the K;W plan would involve more than edi.slribulion of appropriations 'nnlalncd in Ihc now-invnlidated I'1.5 million omnibus expenditures aw. Fauhus has said previously Hint f the bond issue, were defeated, ic would ask the Legislature to ake care of I ho most pressing icd.s, notably at Stale Hospital, 'rom omnibus bill money. FauluiM also said a special' leg- slalive session would be delayed intil ome dale beyond July 10— lie lime he l.atl selected had tlio Hind plan bccn approved. And lie said that he knew some ime ago he was facing defeat in Tuesday's elect ion. With l.'.Mti of .2,201 precincts re- lorled today, the vole on the bond ilan was: For li!),i)OII: against 137,13!). The proposal carried only 12 of the 7r> counties despite vigorous personal appeals by Faubus. Faubus laid his political prestige on Ihe line, campaigning for (ho bond issue as if he were himself a candidate for office. He made five television .speeches and numerous personal appearances. How — even when — the Legislature will settle the problem was today's big question. Faubus' 1 now will have to call a special session both to rewrite Hie construction program and lo inappropriate surplus funds from the unconstitutional IDlil omnibus act. Faubus Indicated before the election thai the special session would be called in July if the bond issue was approved and rcappro- prialion of omnibus money was Ihc only duly, lie indicated he would delay Hie call if the bonds were defeated. Of 10 counties with institutions marked for bond funds, only Craighead, home of Arkansas Slate College, gave the bonds ft favorable vole. Madison County also approved I hem, Along with Conway, Crillenden, Lawrence, Cross, Mississippi, Sharp and Perry. Clark, Columbia, Drew, Faulkner, Jefferson, Pope, Pulaski, Washington and While were the counties with institutions which went on Ihe "no" side. Jefferson voted 3 lo I against. The bond money was allocated to the State Hospital, University of Arkansas, seven state colleges, the Children's Colony, the Blind and Deaf Schools ancl the Mclluo Sanatorium. Faubus fathered the bond proposal after the 1'Jfil Legislature refused to pass a soft drink tax to finance a $52 million issue .for the State jliypital, Children's Colony and institutions of higher learning. The Faubus family ^salvaged one victory from the slal'ewide defeat. The governor's son, Farrcll, 22, was elected state representative in Madison County. Farrell, seeking his first political office, defeated Essie Barker, .voters who cross country from Arkla Village | Abdu|luh As . Salim As . Sabah - s foo the hill at Emmet, lo Washmglon, is se t !dcfano f Jr oier Adcl dcfianco of Jr j Promier Abdcl there was. for July 3. Millard McCaulcy Q „, . K ' Moore. Burial by Herndon-Corncl ius will be in Columbus Come- the politicians and their machine! also speculation last niglU about okolonu will direct Ihc ride and • . . waiting for the County boxes i the future of Gov. Faubus . . . jj uc Booker will serve as sheriff. to come in one in the group of 'one suggested lhat ho might make! A complete tabulators in the Clerk's office his son, Farrcl governor while he published in Thursday's Slur. forecast exactly how each box moves on to the U.S. Senate seal went as il came in ... seems . . . Ihe only hitch is the Cover- things haven't changed too mu<:h nor might not be able to pull the Misss Crane, Miss Turner and through Thursday will, a lew' llnin-l llcr mollu , r . s fmll husbandi Wife of Former Hope Man Dies Mrs. Frank Lowthorp, wife of a former resident of Hope, died today at Malvcrn. Survivors include her husband, a s'uj and a dcrshowcrs in north portion this afternoon. High today mid UOs IOH* 90s, low tonight in GOs, high ! Thursday mid 80s to mid 90s. I Louisiana: P a r 11 y cloudy: through Thursday with no important temperature changes. A rcw I rancher Fred May, arrived Tues- ijirl, a ward of the slate mother's boy friend Johnny Stem- panatu in 195H, was admitted to Uirough Thursday wim no impoi- • ^^ tun! temperature changes A lew {, w . j)sljUi|e vokmlai . jly s . jk , Dl , bliowers near tlic Loabi LOW lo-, G , Edgren, assislanl medical lughl 02-72, high 'ihursday US-'JO. » THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Pr. f,»>Continued on Page Two and the same old boxes arc still "under Ihc influence" even though their own pockctbook could be strings so well statewide as he did in Madison County there was also some talk that perhaps the I involved so decisively did money men of Ihc State who pull sister. Services will be held a! jibe voters of Nevada ancl Hemp- the strings at elections might pick 2 p.m. Thursday at the Malvcrni stead show how they fell, it seems a new candidate after yesterday Methodist Church. I lhat Sen. Olen Hendrix, Prescott . . . anyway we'll see Mrs, Colemon Is Buried Tuesdoy , banker, farmer, stockman, landowner, clc. who nol only devoted much time but money as well to one thing is certain Mrs. Pickard, 80, of Centerville, Dies Tuesday Mrs. Florence Cofiekl Pickard, f uwait /? "^ted to any .. - . . . . f :irv nH mti a retired Hindsvillc school teacher who ran as a write-in candi* dale, 1 ,HO'2-(i7B. Loid Sadler, a Faubus appointee as chairman of the State Pardons and Paroles Board, was elected over Houston Mailed, Morrilton businessman, in a representative's race in Conway County. The vote .was 3.031 for Sadler and 1.1211 (or Araba's Radio Mecca ! Mallet. broadcast a declaration by Kins | Farrell Faubus won a seat va- Saud that "any mishap that befalls Kuwait affects Saudi Arabia and vice versa." Officials in Kuwait reportedly were told Saud was determined to use force if The U.A.R. does not accept the *"!'"'."'i logic of annexation," said Minis- program will be \ tor Qf stnt(J A1)dd Kadci . ,,. llem said in a broadcast over Cairo radio. Saudi Mrs. Inez aged 80, a lifelong resident of Compton who helps Dick Turnage Ccnterville community, died Tues- run the Clerk's office, is a mighty'day in a Little Rock hospital. pass Ihe bond issue, would now ! good person to have around when ; She is survived by two brothers, start representing the people who: tabulating election returns . . . a J. 11. and P. 11. Pickard of Em- elected him lo office . . . il occurs! lady called Ihis morning wanting'.met Rt. 1. three sisters, Mrs. C. Funeral services for Mrs. Lottie too thai representatives of the | to know how much this election E. Swindell of Texarkana, Mrs. Colcman, former Hope resident, local banks were significantly i cost thai data will have to E. 11. Weaver of Prescott ancl director. He said he could not cs- limatc how long she would stay. Miss Crane, whose father is Stephen Crane, Miss Turner's sec-j held yesterday at Mineral Springs. City government ... at least they lira! Committee . . . but it surely | Services will be held at 3 p.m.' won't cost as much as when can-, Thursday at Forrest Hill Church' tary action." King Hussein of Jordan lold Ihc sheik thai "Jordan will always work for the good of her sister stales and the Arab nation at large." K "forth 'cla'ims "hit"" "'ill ' Jraq . wnijnaildei . s ancl puljliL . who died in Little Rock', were!silent on the issue as well as the come from the Democratic Cen- Mrs. Jess Pickens of DeQueen. j '"^,i ( .Z ? thecouiitrv are be- !.„. J J 1 ..j »*' „! «-»„.' _„.„ : /I.'*., .rr,,.,,,..,,.,,,,,,! ,T* J,>«<.» »!,,»<• I .••») f'^ntmHtfn* l.»l ',i .^,,,.,.!,, ) C*),'t • 'if. ,C UM)! Krt h/il/J •!» '1 »> nt I t«<J |l *' Ulli V«a "J l»V IUIU1LL J «l V jond husband, has run away from i Herndon-Corncl ius Funeral Scrv-| didn't deny favoring the bond is-[won't cost .•several homes lor girls. 'ice was in charge. ;sue ... but Ihe ones who were,clidales ar< are footing the bill. ! by the Rev. Wesley ThomasoJi. hind Kassem's claim to sover- CoDtouea on Page Two caled by the resignation of Hep, Continued from page Three It's foolish to expect life to begin'ct -10 if yoy wenjt like 6Q when you were 20. _

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