Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 4, 1942 · Page 6
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 6

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1942
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

K-f TWELVE—THE MORNING AVALANCHE These becutiful new crepes ore called ' Snow Prints because that most perfectly described them . . . they are as soft and feathery as snow looks and the very small grain weav« resemble the texture of o soft snow . though their name is Snow the colorful new patterns ore designed for Smart Spring and Summer Wear . . . featuring tasteful sms!!..-, prints ... ask to see them ... the yard. / T * x *, s ' Wednesday, March 4, 1942 Pial 4343 For th« AYaionctie-Joufnd? —=^ ..• - <• •' -'^^ „„,, •_ Pial_4343, For Th« AYalondie-Joiifno? OH|c«y A™y SetsJJpTroMMt^ Restricted AreaslSrCoa^t Action Taken To Stop Espionage By JAMES A. SULLIVAN United Press Staff Correspondent SAN KRANCISCO, March 3— The Army today declared the western ha!f of Washington Oregon and California and the southern half of Arizona a military area from which enemy aliens and American-born Japanese will be ousted progressively to rid the Pacific coast of a potential fifth column threat. Created in the- most drastic step yet taken toward alien control, the area was designed by Lieut Gen. John L. DeWitt, chief of the wcjtern defense command, under authority granted by President RooseveH and the War department. It affected 140,000 enemy aliens and 70,000 American-born Japanese., California alone has 93,000 alien and American-born Japanese. Oregon and Washin*- ton have 27,000. ° Evacuation Order Later Dewitt emphasized the proclamation merely sets up prohibited and restricted areas on the coast and does not represent an order for aliens and Japanese-Americans to move out. Evacuation will be ordered later. He said immediate compulsory mass evacuation of all enemy aliens and American-born Japanese was not practicable, and that there would be no mass evacuation. DeWitt said the entire process would be progressive and gradual, aimed at clearing the vital district but avoiding economic hardship to the extent consistent with the military urgency which impelled the action. Splits Into Fourths DeWitt's proclamation split the four states into fourths. One fourth—the coastal areas of the three Pacific coast states and the southern border of Arizona—was designated prohibited zone A-l The second fourth, except for certain prohibited zones within, was designated restricted zone B. Together, these two fourths from military area No. 1. The third and fourth quarters of the four states form military area No. 2. There are to be no restrictions in area No. 2 except for certain established prohibited zones. After defining the zones, De- Wiit gave a glimpse of the procedure which would be followed in removing or restricting enemy aliens and Japan ese'-Americans from their boundaries. Concerns Five Classes AMBASSADOR'S WIFE HORIZONTAL Answer <o Previous FuizI* 1 Pictured first .lady of the Russian Embassy in the U. S., 14 Always. 15 Craze. 16 Above. 17 Orderly. 18 Heavens. 19 Network. 20 Vase. 22 Organ of hearing. 24 Born. 41 Exist. 25 Part of ticket. 42 Vegetable!!. 28 Australian 43 Crafty. birds. 45 Certified 30 Like. public 32 Compass point. accountant 33 Bachelor of ' (abbr.). Science 47 Lyric poem, (abbr.). 50 One of two 34 Cerium equal parts. 52 Freshman at West Point 57 Asteraceous trees. 58 Bohemian river. Orion. 60 Assist. 61 Arranged in 10 Neither. 11 Stove parts. 12 Celebration. 13 Without cost 21 She is the wife of the ambassador to the U. S. 23 Her headquarters are at the Soviet 2 S Concise. 27 Vegetables. 29 Ordinary. 30 Coal residue. 31 Health resort 34 Baby bear. -1 PowerTo Kill Riders Urged (symbol). 36 Scanty. 37 Predict. 38 Laughter sound. 39 Be seated. 40 South America (abbr.). 59 Star in constellation, of VERTICAL 1 Bill of fare. 2 State-. 3 Heads of college • departments. 4 Skill. 5 Printer's measures. 6 Body of water 7 Pertaining to the in ion. 8 Layer. 42 More pallid. 44 Bumpkin. 45 Smart. 46 Crushing blov, 4 3 Glen. 49, Descry. 51 Backward. 52 For. 53 Girl's nickname. • 54 Self. 55 56 Biblical name 9 Duct (anat). 57 Exclamation. He announced that future pro- clamations affecting would be concerned the with area five classes of persons, namely: Class 3—All persons suspected of espionage, sabotage, fifth column or other subversive activity. Class 2—Japanese aliens; of whom there more than 50,000. Class 3—American-born Japanese, of whom there are an estimated 70,000. Class 4—German aliens. Class' 5—Italian aliens.; •Being Apprehended Daily DeWitt said persons in class 1 were being apprehended^ daily by the FBI and other intelligence services. The evacuation program itself does not concern with them. "Evacuation from .military areas will be a continuing orocess," DeWitt said. "Persons "in classes 2 NEW New Shipment of Children's Slack Suits . . . tailored of fine Spun Rayon ... the slacks in solid colors," the tops in stripes fo match . . . age sires from 7 to 14 priced the suit. . . 2.98 and 3 Calien -and American-born Japanese) will be required by fu ture orders to leave certain criti _cal points within the militarj areas first. • "These areas will be defined and announced shortly. After ex elusion has been completed around the most strategic areas, E gradual program of exclusioi from the remainder of militarj area No. 1 will be developed." When that work is completed DeWitt said, German and Italian aliens would be next in line fo evacuation. However, . German and Italian aliens TO years of a°e or over will not be required -to move "except when individually suspected." Also exempted will be "the families, including parents wives, children, sisters and brothers of Germans and Italians in the armed forces," unless such removal is required for sp'ecific reason She Got Awqy—But He Has Proof in Picture FORT BLISS, March 3 (P, — Movie Actress Rosalind Rus=ell bent over the form ot sleeping Pvt. George A. Clary, her lips touching his ear. Then he awoke! But, of course, she xvas gone It wasn't a dream — as the picture in the Fort Bliss paper proved. The actress refused to let a photographer awake Clary, ill in the hospital when she paid the post a visit. Buy A Defense .Bond TODAYl You'll be delightfully pleased with the new SI. 00 crepe stockings . . . they are a beautiful 2-thread sheer crepe with a fonger lasting rayon top ... perfect for dress and for the business woman ... in fact an all around stocking .' . , try a pair . . . here ore the new colors . , , Tuli D Dogwood • Confetti • Croon • Sofale Without Charge a full $1.00 box of Individually blended face powder included with your purchase of other Ritz preparations . . . each box of powder will be color- blended to match your .skin . . . replenish your beauty needs and obtain your powder without charge . . . One box to a customer, please. ALL THIS WEEK ,„ „ 'By The Associated Prtssi WASHINGTON, March 3—Senator Vandenberg, Michigan Republican, proposed with Democrat support today that President Roosevelt be given the power to veto legislative riders to appropriation bills. Var.denberg told reporters that efforts of the Senate farm bloc— later aoandoned—to attach a parity price amendment to a $32,762 '37,900 military appropriations bill demonstrated the need for le"i>=la turn which would permit the president to knock out individual items or riders in money bills. Perfect Example This is the perfect example of ™? n ,? c ?£ sl1 * f ? r P 16 so-called item veto the Michigan senator de- His views were sponsored by Chairman - Van .Nuys (D-Ind) of the Senate judiciary committee, which has under consideration a resolution by Vandenberg ea)5i n * lor a constitutional amendment to accomplish this purpose. Vandenberg said he believed the goal could be reached by passage of a simple law by Congress,. but since there was controversy on this point he advocated taking both routes. , "There is no reason why the president should have to swallow some rider that has no business on a bill just because the appropriations measure must be signed" Van Nuys declared. Efforts Ar« Aband^^d Assured that the War a~nd Navy department would not make any purchases of government - held crop surpluses with the funds involved. Senate farm bloc members abandoned efforts to attach the parity price provision to the huge military measure before it was passed-yesterday. The president has said that it would be reprehensible to attach a rider which ought to be vetoed to a bill which could not be vetoed. Farm bloc members, meanwhile took consolation in 'the fact that the House appropriations committee had written into the regular agriculture department appropriations bill a restriction against u<=e of the administration funds of the Commodity Credit corporation to ! dIS P° se , of crop surpluses, which ' could depress the existing prices of farm products. Illness Jinx Hovers Over Lubbock Family Contagion had nothing to do with the illnesses which struck three times in the Alfred Adkisson family. Capt. Alfred J. Adkisson is believed still a patient in a hospital about 7,000 miles away in the Pacific war 7.r>na, His wife fs reprw- . - ering in West Texas hospital here following an appendectomy. Their three-year-old son, Bobbv j s convalescing following fracture of his left leg when he fell from a tricycle recently. Mrs. Adkisson was reported re- c o v p rins; satisfactorily Tuesday. The small son is being cared for by his grandmother, Mrs. W G Adkisson. at 1912 Sixteenth street! The family has had nn. recent word from Captain Adkisson, except for a letter which was de; a £fL ssveral wecl:s anci which told them no more than they Jearn- ed in a long distance telephone conversation Jan. 29. At that time speaking from the hospital, Capt. Adkisson said he had been a patient a month. and "it was his stomach, a member of the family said Censorship apparently prevented his giving details. Family members assume it was not injury sufiered in the war which- caused his nospitahzation, but they do not have definite information. TO VOTE OK BONDS AUSTIN, March 3. <S>) _ A 5600,000 bond issue to furnish funds for purchase of acreage which may be converted into an army airport will be voted on tomorrow by the residents of Texas' capital city. WHAT CAUSES EPILEPSY? A booklet containing tfia opfnionj of fim- ouj doctor* on this fnferesf/ng iubftct witt b« «nt FREE, while they lait. to any fttiw tinE to' tti« Educational Divijion. 535 Fifth Ave.. New Yorit. N. Y., D«pt.C15-42 r . -AdT. Just More Good Used Furnifure Values DINETTE—An extra good uied Dineilt j^^ — _^_ «» $15.00 ! LIVING ROOM SUIT — Five good used living A~ . _,_ room suiit V~4*5v up BEDROOM SUITS—We have iwo extra good £•);» r<A used suits s>35«5v TABLE TOP A^- -GAS RANGE v35VuO 10 New Slightly Damaged Porcelain .TOP TABLES— $3.95 $4-95 $6.95 HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE COMPANY 1212 AVENUE H. Reports Reveal French Civilians Aitacked Germans In Occupied French Territory (By The United Press) VICHY, France, March 3.—The ministry of interior today roveal- ed that French civilians had attacked Germans or German establishments in occupied France 230 times from July to Feb. 18. In that period, 5,390 persons were arrested in connection with the attacks, and, the ministry said, m 103 eases some or all the persons involved had been arrested Almost 13,000 raids were made "chiefly on French and foreign communist circles." Fourteen Attacks Listed The ministry published a Jist of H major attacks. _(N r or.e of the attacks had been FIRST BLUEBIRD REPORTED" OGDEN, Utah, March 3. UP) ^~ The report, considerably delayed of the first bluebird of spring was circulating hereabouts today. Phil Or'th, when he telephoned the newspaper, hastened to explain that he had waited the required 24 hours to comply with M^dn t l-\ n« l~.i.» .. ._ . _ * • weather bureau censorship. previously known outside : of France.) One was the bombing on Dec. 17 of the general headquarters of the German military police in Paris Another was the dynamiting of German army barracks at Po >- t Orleans, near Paris. CONSTIPATED? Shells of constipation ofton brinj »c«» T »tta£ bowel g«», sour sto.omb, bid bremiji, eo«t«3 ' i,.-' es.-. se«5neii. ADLEKIXA eBecBTelj bleodj 6 e«rmtn»- »t in « bolrel .. . . LJ1IKA todiyl JUCR J K A Mark Halsey Drug Stores.~Ady. DEFENSE JOBS OPEN Go.-fnirncot and Inisinesi denundinj; many more office workers ihin we can juppK New Condtnsed Secretarial jnd Accounting Courses quickly prepare for useful careers. . , . Box D, BUSINESS l.llbtmck. Abilene. Dallas COLLEGE fVfehfla Falli your Oft b y .THE less you see your car, "the more A,-; ; you do for your country! The longer you save your car's .parts; the longer . you save its rubber; the less you need gas and oil—the shorter the time will be until Victory is won! Travel by bus, it's cpnveninent, comfortable and safe. Travel-by bus: and help keep 'em rolling; keep 'em flying! America's fighting forces need'all the metal, all the rubber, all the fuel we can spare. Save your car. The bus will get you there. ... ROUND TRIP Excursion Fares ROUND TRIP LUBBOCK TO FT. WORTH ROUND TRIP LUBBOCK TO DALLAS ROUND TRIP LUBBOCK TO SAN ANTONIO ROUND TRIP LUBBOCK TO AUSTIN . ROUND TRIP LUBBOCK TO HOUSTON $7.50 $840 $12.50 $1340 » Subject to 5 To Federal Tax 30-Day Return Limit Texas-New Mexico and Oklahoma Coaches Joe Bowman. Mgr. Union Bus Terminal Lubfaock

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