The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 11, 1918 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

tWSMOsSMV, Stiff WiMBlBB 31,1618. h - 81Eii@dl A<i » CLASSIFIED ADVI'TOTISINO RATH • • ONE CENT A WlinD BACH INbt.ll- • • TION. Abbreviations »«d series of In • • Hialn or numerals count «s one word. • • Under this plan classified advertisers • • can toll In advance the itxact cost or • their ail. News classified ads aro • • taken by phonv tor your accomm"da- • ton, and all bills are due and payable • the day following Iho date I • tlon. You can assist us materially if • • you nay tho collector promptly on pre- • • setitutton ot elatcmont, • All,. 1) 83 . . K K3 . U 84 . II S3 . I R3 . n 81 . II 8] . T 83 . U 83 . X 83 • 1 . .. 1 / OOVKJtNMRNT civil service examinaUdna Hutchinson In September. Government clerk, teacher, Inspectresn, research clerk, typewriter; salary 11200; 92000: experience unnecessary. IVdmen cleslrlnK goverh- ment positions write, for free particulars to J. C. Leonard (former civil service examiner). Kenols building, W<uii!'tl£'.on. 7-ia WANTtlD—Ladles In buy their new fall skirls, waists and phoes on credit, small payment dtm-n, balance ."He . n ivujt. Comer Commerce Co.. 17 * >\ Walnut. 11-Ct WANT10I1- ladles (o buy their new fall skirts, waists nnd shoes nn credit, small payment down, balance frOc a week. Comer Commerce Co., 17 & 19 N. Walnut. &-8t WANTED— I-ndlcs lo buy their mil suits coals nnd dresses, a small payment down, balance $1 it week. Comer Commerce Co., 17 & 19 N. Walnut. 6-61 WANTED -Ijadles lo buy their fall suits, t coats an»l drosses, a small payment i down, balance at 81 a week. Comer Corn- ;;;;;i)meicc Co.. 17 & It N. Walnut. 11-tit WANTED—MALE HELP. WANTKD— A competent Klrl for fieneral housework. No washing . Two In family. Hood wapofl. Mrs, VV. V. Morgan, SlKK-iUnn cast . 11-11 STORK MANAOKll This la a splendid opportunity for a ] WANTKD—Experienced...lady steno B raph man ,nol over 40 yeaiH who tma mieli-l the limit of his wlvanc , . ... „...„ ii veius of aeo, or, one with flour mill or rallrnad ex- roanW mini u, ,:' r ,) 0 .,>,T"..™„„,„.!pi.rtroco profcrrcd. Lambeo Flour Mm will be UI.nt .Ml only by ^\.^''!" S . ability. Peiwxtmwit .Hole experience pre- cmn], but tint absolutely have food health, luiibitloii .. li an rc^br dbo determine,! to vv-Ji-ll hard <«<» mentally and physically for self-develop, met State lnE e, reiiKious preference S. experience and salary .earned, all I which villi be treated confident ally Address o-st. j-u-,,-u-it WANTBO—Fathers nnd mothers to buy their boys school suits on credit, small j «»Vmeiit down, balanc.. 60c "a week. Youths Ions l«uils ""lis »1 »,weok. Lom ^ Commerce Co., 17 A: 19 N- Walnut. &-« WANTKD—Fathers and mothers lo b.iy their boys school suits on credit, small navmont down, hnlance 50c * ' Yo»li£ J" It* *1 aweok' Comer Commerce Co., 17 & 19 .v W.HIIUI. II n WANTKD—Men to buy their new fall nulls, 812.10 to MS, a small payment down, balance 81 n week btiuea * « week. Comer Ccmme.ce Co., 17 & JJ »• Wnlnut. 6 - 6t WANTI0H Men to buy their new fall suits, 8is.f,1 to 8JS, a small payment down, laiiu.iee 81 a week, bhoe-i ,;jc J wek . Comer Commerce Co., 17 k • •> -J- Walnut. li-si WANTK1V-A boy lo deliver and do general wurk about n greenhouse, tjno who can drive a Fold. Apply at S-l Lust lUh. 11-1'J WANTKD- Two men at A.T.ftS.K coal shout to shovel coal; steady employment anil (food WUBCS leall at shout, "-oi 3-tf eliable woman, no ,S. Umlas, phone t-tt WANTED—Waltresaefl, cook and laundry K<rls at I'ortland Coffee House; will open Wednesday . P-tf WANTl'Hl—Girl or old lady to do housework- . Light work. Call 316 W. Clh. rbune 2C99-J . 0-11 WANTKD—A girl for general housework, Mrs. Laura Iloes, 607 No .Main. Phone WANTI-2D—l'lano playea-; must be over 17 years okL P. W. Woolworth Co. 11-lt WANTED—Girl for gtineral house work, good pay for right party, l'honc 11804. 10-tf W A NT ED— A woman to work, mornings only. Call In person . 623 E 8lh. 9-If WANTED—At once, several young ladles, lnceda Laundry, 534 C East. 10-r,t WANTKD—Girls pver 16. Apply In per- aon. M»dcl Stea in laundry. 28-tl WANTian— A good Enlesliuly In milliner)'. Apply Mrs. E. It Ciemems. li-2t WANTED—Gill for general house work good wages . 1'hone 1575. 11 -2t WANTED—Woman to help In kitchen l''.Ur week, lleno llolcl I0-2C SS'A.VTKD— <I<>Oil girl or woman; general houseworlt . I'liono 37. 10 -tf WANTKD—We have positions for young and middle aged men. Tile Beheble Ca.wly Co. ULACKSMITH—Gotsl all around man at ' uneci til lo S7 per day. K. 1'". KUjliI,, Kun. WANTEl-i— Extra girls for Kair week. F. W. Woolworth Co. 11-lt WANTED—At Methodist Hospital, worn an for cleaning. 9-tf WANT EI i—A girl for general housework, l'honc 273-.I. 10-3t ,. Basy ®w Easy Pa ^ffiB @nate iii fttiirtf' SHRlUtAT*—4 rooms, lights, gas pump all In gbod aht.po with fifty feet frontage. I'rlco 11050.00. IJOO.OO ettBh, balance at 7 per cimt on payments . 6» C EAST—t rooms, lights, gas, pump, well built nnd brick lined between walls, $60 feet. Trice 8850.00. $100.00 ca«h. balance payments at 7 per cent. «3 NORTH MoNm 'W—6 rooms, li*hts. gas, well, CO feet, a bargain at $1200.00. $100.op cash, balance payments at 7 per cent. s HfX >M MODKIIN eolta^e 1-Sist Mli, well built and modern, ercept furnace, 611 feet . An excellent buy at $3 ,ow.oo. $50o .oo ensh and balance oh payments to sislt at 7 per cont lnb?r. , st. F.M1 TltADE—I dandy rental properties for live stock. Especially good and always rented. Tib® F®iffltai>ijfl IL<S)siim & Tironsft G® D Bra ]%d]© IPairlls.. Mvinff roam finished In onkNllnlhff room, kltctieft tind breakfaflt room white erwimel . J-Jnclos^) aiocp'tig- besides four nJcp bed rooms Jflnc biuo grass lawn and Bliiubs act out Clarape .An eicBaiTt home nt a reasonable) price. FOR SALE— MlSCeLLAMeoUSi -Con «*A POU SALE—Oak folding bed; -603 First Boat. 6-Gt POll RAI.B—Kox terriers . 1-hone 2832. 10-31 1 'OH SAL12—Small pony. Phono 3380-J. 8-3t AUTOMOBILBS. SECOND-HAND A0¥@MOBELIE§ Uuteainson Is the logical market for second-band- automobiles. rroapactlve huyers should watch this column for com. plete list of toarcaln*. FOIl SALE. One neo Truck Chaals, In tlret-ciasa condition,' four practically new casings and tubes. Anyone wanting a truck chasls can save money by looking this up. Three- quarter tot. slue. 1'. W. GUNNING, S-tf Sterling, Kan. COLE HOST Looks and runs like new; offered at one-half actual value; phone 790. 7-U FOU SAL KOR TRADE Studcuaker 30, Touring car ,ln good condition; Sell or trade. Inquire 17 1st West. Phono 243. •. 10-3t FOlt SAl.E^-1817 Ford roadster with extra body^tmd demountable rims; 24 Bigger -tkist ;phonc U1SW. Call at noon or after 6 p.m. 6-tt , RADIATORS Pionipt servioes-on repair work. O. K. lltn Rn.llntnt- Hu IK WnMhlnp.nn Auto Radiator Co, Phono H30. 16 South Washington, 2-U YOL'R chance to buy at a bargain, If takne soon. Keo or Ford, 16 model.. Nearly good as new. Phono 144(1. 10-tf FOlt SALE—llulck Ught Six: five cord tires. Detroit l-Jleclrlc Car Co., 18 So. Walnut. Phouc 3S4. 9-ir FOlt SALli—New Autp Tire tubes, Jo per cent off. Mayfield Radiator Shop, 117 South Walnut. 2U-tf FOR SALE—1010 Oakland six, run less than 7000 miles. Call 1467-J or 540-W. 11-lt WANTED-- Young man. exponence; uiarrit^l- carc News. retail grocery Address T -S4, 10-tf WANTED—Girl or woman for housework. Phono -6S2. 11-31 W A NT ED-—Girls; hour work; good pay. Swift £• Co. 10-ljt WANTED- -Cooper; slwidy work; a;iply Ballon Salt Co. plant ur down luwn otiloe. t WANTKD—Girl. 3-lt l ljiunilry. I Apply in pcrsun . Magic 8-61 W\NTI«I>-Mcat cutter at Purity Groce.-y ; WANTED-Experlenced waitress, Reno alM-Market, that unde.l3ia|.ua the ous.- | Hotel. 4-tf ness. 3 - ,u ! bX/tt SA Lli —Ford touring body and pair of lots; 14th West; phono 21-F-4. 7-13 FOR SALE—Ford Delivery Body Cneap 318 6th Bast . 11-13 ONE Saxon six, nearly now. 320W 13th. it-it FOR SALE—Fords. MrVey Livery. 8 tf FOR SALE—MISCELLANEOUS. W\NTEH— Boy between Hi and IS; apply In person. .Model Stwini Luulldiy. | FOR SALE—Good sound work and gentle fc«-t.| driving horse buggy and hanu»ss, J.iO.UO; l oito small tna.o In foal, sound and true, WANTED—Messenger buys or glrIs, Over i f<0 00 . onc yaur n n g UI1(i Holsleln heifer, It Willi wiie.-ls. Puslal I'eU-graph- 10-Jl >su . | wo sown and 11 pigs, choice lots on . - —" &o L»'ghorn lten.s Young and Keri-m strain. WANTED -Delivery b«y with, not, w|lh lhrw> muU , blrlla $60.00; Ten young golni; to school . l-ulu I'llarinao. "; cuckarcls $1.2i, eiu'li, iv young pullets . —— ; ... . ..... • each. Four blocks west of Wells Groerey WANTED-.Man to lire furnaces. Innul.e .s,,,,,,, Hul.-hnlsoii. Kans. 11 riialmers Hotel . s '- 11 , WAN rail-Man and boys at lllxlcr llot lining V.'oiks ^FOR^RENT -'rUJl^^ FOR RENT—Rouiii, rn'St:i-la.<s. i" modern home; desirable for tea'.'..-'": •;'<>>' I"*' ferrid; 012 Noilli Poplar; plwlie Ut. 1,-tr FOR RENT—Very desirable rooms with board; tingle or en suite; 21 East Sixth; phone 37. S-tf FOlt RENT- Nicely furnished modern bed room, close In. Phone Hi 'J'J after U p.m. I OK KENT—Sleeping rooms for college boys . 17 rtoulh Washington. »-U Fl7llNlSlTED ROOM will, prlvatu bath; ...lodern house Phono 3-1,5, _JlI and unfur- 10-11 ..BOOMS—To rem furnished *'--|.Uhed . 401 North Mai... v tsTRH'l'LY modern furnished room In family of l»»; phone 26113. . li-lit FOR RENT-Nicely lurl.lshed tv.o Indies. 203 A Ka»l • PuR SALE-Holsleln heifers. 25 pure- br.d anil rtgisteied. 50 very high grade, b.Mullfully marked . Many will fresnen s,K,n, Will sell choice, as many as you want. King o fthe Poutlacs and King Seg.s Poiiti.m breeding. Nonu better. F. L .Martin. 10-101 SECOND-HAND tlre-i and tubes, all sizes. We buy old casings. For guaranteed rODaJr work sec us. Mid-State Motor Tire Co., opposite Missouri Pacific depot, 9-tf HutchinBon Typewriter Co, ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Bargains in Rebuilt Machines. 607 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg. Phono 3(180. 23-U . STEAM. BOILER. We have a low pressure bollor for steam heating plant, will bo bold at a very low figure. See It at News Otlico. FOR SALE—Poland China boars, Shropshire bucks .and Jersey bull. Thus. Ball, Daxluw, Kaus. Phone Darlow 212. 0-14 (or UNI! 10-20 II. P. Titan tractor, New, , f never plowtd an acre. Can save you __L_ 8200.OO. 320 W. 13lh. 27-U FOR HKNT-NU'i-ly furntsluxl room fur- mn KA i.,3_ Uy emlro *M otTSSh' mice Ileal. I n.,.iu JHo. __" gnidc ewes, Fu-.l McMunuy; phono 20; FOR RENT -Sunn of rooms, phone ;i308. furnished 9-CI FOR .SALIS—s red hollers, bred. One MUDURN -Rooms. Elms, 128 First llnsl. >'cry gotaj yearling Hereford bull . One JVI Jl 4-11 whUefacj cow. F. K Martin. 10-11 MODERNulnlshid lO'.iiu 203 A East.-FOR SALE-20 sq. yds. best grado un- t;-ii. used c.»rk linoleum, cheap. £ee Davis, -- I Fo.itron Loan & Trust Co. 11-11 LIGHT HOUSJEKKEPING ROOMS. — ~-r* ~- FOR BALE—Breeding ewes; Ell Miliar, Foil RENT--2 llghi ho.wekicpiiig rooms,) eight miles southwest of Hutchinson. unlutnli.lied; one sleeping loom, lur- IllsheU; luinace heal; phone 32ii7\V 4i - tun 5-11 FOR .SALE—An exceptionally good gas FOR RENT - Two light housekeeping \ healer .Inueeda Lauudry. -phono 697. ..nimbi no olijeelion lo ciUldrell. Pllone I 10.31 8352-.I or call Hi W. Otb . FUR RENT—Modem housekeeping rooms 3;li 2nd west, 17-11. FOR RENT—RESIDKNOB 5. — FOR .SALE-Latest model Undorwood typewriter KUIW as n«- Phona 8707. ••just FOR SALE—Medium slxo gas heater. Good condition. , 105 West 9th St. 11-12 FOR RENT— Furnished 2 luid 3 room cottages. bOti Ave. east ,aiuj 607 Avo. l-'olt SALS—Cheup, drop head K Ea,at- Phono 14ba or 1990—. 11-lt I sewing machine . 406 6th East. FOR RENT—Furnished 5 room modern ' uott.'.ge, about Sept. 20. Plauo. 423 K. 8Ulh. FOU KENT—I room house ut 60S West lllli, 88.00. Cull ut llu West ath. Ampler". „____. u "" i.'OU HUNT—Modern, except furnace with sleeping gallery; phone 11)63 W. 7 - tf FOUllENT—818 West 8lh, 7 rooms and bath . Phono 1713-J. U-tf Jvill JUSNT—Oot. 1, to adults, 7 room lipuse. 423 Boat B. 8-tf TWO ROOM cottage wUwljr furnished. J21 W. 1 »L n -" FOR RBNT— WISCeULANBOUtJ. DFFIcjTToTreiit— OIM) sullo of offices for rent ttvuiluMi! Oct. 1, 1«J8. ifiaH Wtt- yJaal Uulldli .g, ij, W. Aleyur, n-U FOR RENT—BUiMlug miuable for suburban grtwer^, fQf W*t p, >$-(f •VOH ilKNT— i uufurnUlHxl rooms, UP- T stair*. Mil V e««t. Singer JO-12 FOR KALB—One horso grnln drill at 1020 6th West. C. It Itlck. 10-li FOR SALE—Good seed rye, $1.85 per bu; phone 93S-F-1; Itay Welkor, 711 FOR—Qoad organ uiul couch cheap. 718 2nd east. sanitary 10-13 FOR SALE —Heed baby carriage. Inquire 700 O Most. 9-11 FOIl SALE— Base burner. Phone UKVl-J, ^Ui West 6th . 0-31 FOR SAL13—Five horse power motor at Hess Feud Store . 10-12 FOR BALE—Mango peppurs. Phone 0, W. Christopher. FOR SALE-20 50-lb shoata. Feed Store. At Hess 10-13 FOR SALK-Now JieaHmd red rabbits. 118 1st east. H-tf. FOU aAJ^E-O A. of corn , Put O'Farreil. COO W .ao.^t U-2t FOR 8AJ.Fr-Four hole tsotik stove. 201 Clh west 10-31 FOU SAI .e— U«l he«er Cftit, Q. w. Chris- MOTORCYCLES AND BICYCLES. FOR SALE—1918 H.-D. motorcycle, 1916 side car; In good shape . For quick sale $23S.uo . 420 First WosL 9-ll-14-3t FOR SALE OR TRADE. FOR SALE OR TRADE" A square section of flue level land, Kearney County, Kansas .seven miles north Hartlund .In fine location. Sell or trade for sinuller farm, good property or goixl second hand automobiles. Price jll.ouu. Incumbrance, $5,000, i una four years. V o. E. BROwrr,- Kl-31 lvlngsdown, Kansas. l"OR SALE OR TRADE. LAND BARGAIN. 331 acres good wheat land of sale at $10 per acre under the market or would trade and tako in stock of merchandise In good lucatlon, located 3 mles north and 1 mlie west ot Spearville, Ford C'o., Kans. Call or wrtc owner G. U. Johnson Spearville .Kansas, 1-U. FOR SALE, KENT or Trade—7-rooro house, No, 15 Twelfth west; newly painted, • papered and revarnlshod; modern except furnace See or phone Cart Nelson, 627 South Main. 8-tf FOR SALE.OR TRADE—8-room aeinl- uiodern cottage, double garage . blues grasj. lawn, shade tree 60 ft. front, will consider smaller properly and difference. Phone 1612. ti-.r. FOR SAWS OR TRADE—Buick five passenger In first-class condition; will consider diamonds as part or all; cull phono 1632W or 11 South Walnut. 7 -tf FOU SALE OR TRADE—Three lots on Seoond, avenue east of Plum street for equity In house or lor good auto. Ask McNaghten. I-lione 15 4-tf FOR SALE -CITY PROPERTY. PRICES To ^urFToiT Soven-rotims, up to now $10,000.00 Six-rooms, strictly modern 3,600.00 Six-rooms, strictly modern - 3,tfJU,00 I'lve-rooms, on Filth, not modern 1,500.00 Five-rooms, modern except furnace 1,600.00 BIUNEY RKALTY CO. 127 "4 North Main. Phone 139 Suitable for heating plant fot store or shop. Will be sold very reasonable" Inquire at News office. !B(gi?<5 >iF<B Youa Several Hutchinson people have bought tholr Royalties of Wichita b.oko.-s and paid 20 per oent to 30 per cent inure than I was selling for at the tltno.* Ask about ENYART TAGIJB HARMON *\11 paying dividends. MuHtilh C @iai5}(B3r First National Building. FINANCIAL. MONO TO LOAN on city homes. Long terms on monthly pay raent plan. Farm loans. THE KINICLE AGENCY. Phono 2055. State Exchange Bank Bldg. 9-tf. DO YOU NEED $507 Private loans; on furniture, piano, ets. Easy payments.' 1 Sherman west. 1-tf . FARM LOANS? CITY LOANS? —ask McNaghteul First National Bldg. 10-tf LINES OF The Oertnans Have an Blaborate System In Nortbern rrotice. FIRST IS HINDENBURQ LINE And There Are Others in (he Rear of This That Arc For* midable, Too. CITY loans, any-amount. Newlln Manning Co. H0!i North Main. 7-5t LOST—Diamond ring, ^ carat, size 9^1 IWUals A. L. W., 500; Liberal reward. Phone 1031 or S00. 10-u NOTICE— MISCELLANEOUS. Psap@iFlbsDiiiiiniin| Phono 971-1V. li. G. DeAferiitt. 10-£ NOTICE—To real estate men; my property at 1017 No ih Madison u off the market. Jos. J. Beck. 7-11 C. H. JAMES, contractor and builder, Mans and specification furnished. Phone 39-F6. 9-tf. ROOM AND BOARD. EC®!}®]] ©®IlffiB@!a!l Undor now management ,ls now equipped to furnish board as well as rooms to Its patrons . Close to Santa Fe and Interurban depots and business district, ltfi 3rd Ave. east . Phone 2S67-W. 9-14 TWO ROOMS In, modern home; board it desired . Ono-l.aU block from car lino. Phono 992-Vi*. 'A 10-5t TO TRADE. TO trade Five room house in Partridge 160 acres western land for Hutchinson property. —Ask McNaghten. Phone 16. 26-tf. FOR SALE—Partly rtiodren homo on beat str.uL; C ruoms ,75 feet. Just what it cost ten years ago . Sell this week. Leaving city. Hxcuptional terms. Address R-84, News. 9-H BARGAIN SAI-J0—5 room modern cottage, fine condition, near Liberty school and North Alain, $2,409; phone 1306 7-ir 318 west 14th, St. new five room house, $300 cash, balance . monthly. —Ask. McNugu'en. phone 16. 26-W. FOR TRADE—Colorado potato land for stock of groceries or good auto. See G. W. Alford; phono 1921 3-tf TO THADK—:Valuable lots near Miami, Florida, for Junk cars tany kind). Call at 217 IS 3rd St. ll-4t POULTRY, FOR SALE—Brown Leghorn hens and other .clvi,ckens , 117 S.~ Washington. FOR SALK—Spring chickens, 80q per lb. 800 West 17th. Plione' 3911-W. lt-Ht FOR SALK—-Two story six room residence. 208 13th West. is. T.- Foote, Phone 840. ' 23-tf FOR SALE—6 room cottage nearly new, within lialf. block of car line. Call COa West Itli. 11 -at FOU SALE— 2housos, one six room, one 12 room. Call Mil B weal or Phone 2972. ' . . • U-U FOR SALK—I) Room modern house, nearly new, East Sevcuth. Telephone 1661. 6-tf FOR SALIS—Wight-room modem house, $2.5001 120 Fifth West. S-lf BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY* FOR SAWS—Restaurant; plenty of business; town of fifteen hundj-ed; roason for selling poor health. J. W. Ohaney, ' " , Colo. " ' Holly, 7-U FOIl SALE—Grocery and market.- Good business. Will reduce slock lo sun purchaser . Address U-81, caro News. 10-lf FOR SALE—Bes( cufe In state; address Nurrow Gauge Cafe, Elktiart; Kilns, ti Ot WANTED—TO RENT. WANTKP—Ton or twelve rooju tuodexii Isiuse, sullsjble for renting nut sleep. Ing rooms to rosptctalile people .Will pay Up lo $40,03 rent. Address UlUi, Waluut 8l„ Cu"«,vUle .Kj^uw*. W-J« FO USALE1—100 young cbJckeps. 308 W. F. I > 9-U POSITION WANTED—FEMALE, WANTED—Place" for gtrl to stay /or oompany and go to scnooL Phone 915- K-13. H-3t WANTBO—MI $$6 §,LlyAN BOUt.' WAT^rT^i >^s7x ^r^er»r^io«Sr^ ed to alfaUa, lirvnsdlately. , John T. Chrlsman, 211 cast First, Phone 3089. , • 6-tf WANTED—A used parley Ds,vWsop ino- torcyole with aids car; 1911 or If njodsl. Write or call, 13. flmjth. BurrtohiKas. ' 10-6t WANTED—Clean, brliht $4.00 per too dellvejea to Qux Board and Paper Co. lbs | LMILCH COW—Want a farm or near city to koep a mlldh oow on sbares, phono 109$. ~•"- U^lt WANTED— Tft rent typewriter. Pho'n.c good Underwood OH after 6 p. rq. W-Jt WANTED—To oootract your eemeol work, sidewalks a specialty. Call [77. TiW. WANTED—Second band- furniture. Furnituro Co FOR SALE.—REAL ESTATE. FPU HALE--K section, MPrton Co., 3 ml. Iio. Hi or Holla. 98 acres brokq, gaoa crw. a ii WHatroUor, .f ^tvmv Jt* With th^ Frcnrllf Aftny in trttdce,' Tuesday, Sept^ iO.—(tjy the Aasoct-' atod Press.)— The rapidity pt tho splendid operation that wrested Iho Initiative of tho battle from the Germans -and drovo them behind their defensive lines of 1917 to recuperate their forces and ruconstltute their shattered divisions is no longer Iho proper busts for calculating Iho spoed of progress. The Allies are now in front of obstacles that do not appear on military maps by which the general reader follows the changes ot the battle front. No maps show them in all their details but enough is known of them to reconstitute them In a general way. "The" Line. First is the Hlndenburg lino system of field fortifications which tho Germans built by the iorced labor of prisoners of war and French and Belgian civilians. It IUUB from. Lens southoaslward to the Aisne north ot Hhelms by way of Queaut, St. Qucn- Un, La Fere and tho St. Oobain forest. It consists ot an elaborate system ot trenches, multiple lines ot barbed wire entanglements, concrete positions for Artillery, block houses lor machine guns, shelters, for Iho Infantry and is furtner protected by flooded stretches ot country where the means were available for that purpose. A Second Line. The second line ot defense runs from the fortress of Ulle to the stronghold of AloU, generally parallel with the Hlndenburg lino, to the re gion north ot Hhelms and at distances varying from seven to twenty miles. From Soisaons north of Rheims, It runs southeastward, joining the old front north of 'Verdun and continuing from there to Pagny on (he Moselle river, south of MeU. There are secondary lines attached to this system notably along the Escaut river from Cambrai nortli between the valleys of the Olse and the Serre and northeastward from La Kere along/the Sulppe river north of Rheims. The Third Line. A third line of defense runs from the Scarpe river south of Lille, to tho Meuse near Sedan, then southeastward to the iron region, of the basin of 13riey, which it protects from the west and the soutli, and joining the second line ot Moselle. There are secondary defense works to the line also in the region of file V'ervins. A fourth l|ne, as yet uncompleted, Is Intended to furnish a further defense between the Escaut near the Belgian frontier and the Meuse at Civet. Each Line Strong. Each of these lines furnishes a strong refuge. The lines, also, offers to forces dwindling in numbers tho advantage of progressively shortening the battle front. Tho first of the lines already has been broken between Queant'and Drocourt. The development ot this success may determine the question whether the Germans can oblige tho Allies to revert to trench warfare. The enemy second Jines of defense almost touches the Hlndenburg line at Cambrai, Just below the breach the British forces have mado in it. If they aro able to join the two lines thero the Germans will still have an uninterrupted defensive position in which the second lino enters for only the distance from Lille to Cambrai, Jiolrfg continued to the Chemin Dos Daiinos by the Hlndenburg line. Clothing for Men And Women ON CREDIT A small payment t| « Ufnnlr down, balance <pi u nUCA LADIES' SHOES 60c a Week -COMER COMMERCE CO„JM 9 N. Waihut Kodaks, Films and Supplies E. E. BLOOM & CO., Druggists Agents Eastman Kodak Co. 305 North Main St. - Kodnks; Kltms and Supplies .. 3. 4., ' *!> *S» • 3> ^ • • ^1--^ ^ 3> 4> ABBYVILLE. . • <g> Mrs. John McKoown underwent an operation In tho Henrotin Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Her son, l)r. Chas. afcKoown is waiting on her and at the present writing she Is doing fino. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Porter Saturday, a baby girl. Miss Marguerite Cummings returned Monday from her western trip. Ohas. Dunn and Elmer Rumford left Monday for Wlnfleld where they will attend school. The young married folks class of the M. B, church gave a farewell party in the wayof a weinnle roast Thursr day evening at the home of Mr, and •Mrs, HerBgl Crislip's, for Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Mumma, who are leaving to make tholr home in thtuwestern part of the state. Those present wersi Mr. and Mrs. John Winder, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Ramsey, Mr. and Mrs. Ohas. Waddle, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dunn, Rev. and Mrs. Spear, Mr. and Mrs. -Max Poster, Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, 'M'lss Dorothy Mclvor, Miss Carey, Mr. and Mrs. T, Whetstone, Mr. and Mrs. Tlioa. Arbucklo, Earner Biiuifordi Mr. and Mrs.- U eclmurr and palsy :/ lf<OT Mmt The very desirable business .r,vi m at No. 4 N, MftlP for lease, lanugo of - Masonic Tejopls, Stanley who Is .teacher 6f the etnas. A receptloti- wa^BlvenAt tll<( home of Mr/and Mrs. Frank Dunn, Saturday evening, In honor of (hair son, Charles, who left Monday, for school. Games of ali klnds^wjcjre played and at a late hour -Mrs. "Dunn, assisted by Miss Josephine Martin served a very dainty lunch. Those present Were: Viola and Sarah Palmatler, Sarah and Oral llhinn, May Pike, Mae Stanford, Amos, Bessie and Wllbert Dunn, Robert, Lena and Alvena Slmms, Esther, Rose, Edllh, Emma and Carrie Billing, Geneva Porter, Cora Fountain, M'aonn Ulfkct, Uatvey Blrket, Lucille Rum-' ford, Floyd Rumford, Robert Cade, Leonard Brldgman, Melvln Ginn, Flora Mclver nnd llolon Mdver. All report a fine lime. Mr. and Mrs. Hussell Dunn and children from Sterling spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs. Wiley Dunn. Miss Har.ol Deck entertained her Sunday school class Saturday. Misses Mary art'cl/iraee Schwlttors left here Monday foTNickcrson where (hey will attend school (he coming winter. f • «• •S> EAST LINCOLN. « * « <J >^<|>4>*4.^>^>$. <i> <i> ® 4> <S Mr. Walter Davles ot Colorado, Is visiting his sister, Mrs. Tom Downs and also old friends. Mr.jJ. Doner bought a nice Holsleln heifer of J. O. McNew. ' Beatrice MclNew and Nina Robert son ft'ont to Nickerson Sunday to at tend High school. David Mills bought 120 head oi young cattlo last week. John Morgan sold his corn lo Jim Williams. Roy Smilh and family attended th Stoughten sale. Mr. John Downs spent Sunday eve nlng with Tom Downs and wife. ^ W. H. Scofleld nnd wife called on Mr and Mrs. Ora Ramsey Sunday af ternqon. Mr", and Mrs. Grpver Bowser spent Wednesday evening with Joo Kleins. - Mr. John Doner and wife sp3iit Sunday evening with J. O, McNews. Quite n number are sowing wheat Mr. Fred Vickers and family BPeht Sunday evening with W. H. Scofleld. •Mrs. J. P. Kieiu went back (o Rush Center to be with her sister Mrs. K. Bowers. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lyman spent Sunday with F. Y. Lewis and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McCarg of I.arned are viBtitlng old friends and relatives in this vicinity. Startling Novel Retital, THE NEW EDISON- The Phonogrnph with a Soul Tho nmsl t(?tnmUnbl? muftU-nl reeUnl over hcutfJ in itutclilnson waa given at the Mclhoiilst church' FHilky night, Ulen Jiails^n. doled Scotch bArltonc. slixnl bewido tho New lOdlmm (Thomns A. ]'>]}»on'B hlgheat dtvelupmont of tlui phonoeraith) ttnU filing with tt as it rn-cr«mtpd his voice with «uch fidelity thnt the. uctuiit volco could not bo dlstlnKi.I»h»1 from tho Hi'-L't-tvitlutL Most music lovers of Hutchinson w«*ro iireartil. If you were iwt, you tuny lu'flr tho only instrument that Rta«ds tho aupromA tent for a phono- ffmph or talking machine, at our store any time that suits your pleasure. THE ZINN JEWELRY OPTICAL CO. & Henry Zinn John Birchfleld John Culberson and Charles Harris, going from- this placu. Fred Collins left last Wednesday for fort lllley to lake up army duties, but we understand he will return home this week and will finish sowing his wheat. " ^ «> <3> VALLEY. 4 <5> «• «£• <3>^>«> <?! <$>^><&-<^<S><S>«> Mrs. George Carmlchnel returned Monday evening from Camp Funston. Mrs. llobert Ha,wlings entertained Monday evening in^ionor of her husband's 41st birthday. The guests were the members of chiss number three of which 'Mr. Rawllngs Is the president, and Mrs. Scroggins, Mrs. Adda Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Drlobelbis o 1 Hutchinson. Victor school will begin Sent. .10. The teacher, Miss Ruth Pasley wisher the pupils to I'onio to the school house Friday afternoon the 13th at 2 p. m., to seo what Books they need. On Sunday, Sept. 15,. there will bt an all day Christian liudeavor Itally with a bosket dinner ut the Pleasaul Grove church. There will'be specla 1 music und the district officers will speak. Everybody tnvlted. A large /number from hore-were ii Hutchinson Friday evening to bid farewell to the boys, Dojinell O'Nell ,J. <>, ^, (J. ^. ^> <J, ^, ,J, ^, ^, ^, * <$> »• POPLAR. . * * ' * i, (t. <$,,{. <i. ,J> <£. .J, ^, ^ ti,<§<$. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Newberry and son Rttytuontt took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Harry lCpperson, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Will Hodgson of Wellington visited relatives here lost week. Mr. and Mrs. Welcome•yOlass wl!l : entertain the members of the Poplar Social Club and their husbands Thursday evening, September 12: •" Mary Kppe'rson and Selma Oberg are attending school in Hutcblhsdn. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Dade motored (o Camp. Funston last Friday. , .. . Charles Ithem has entered the military service which addB another Btar to the flag of Poplar church. About 18 friends and relatives spent last Thursday with Mrs! . -Welcome Glass in honor of her birthday. The Whitaon family will move to Hutchinson Boon and they will be greatly missed in this community. Correction. In yesterday's edition of this paper ah error was made In iho statement of the .Kansas Central Indemnity Company In regard to the surplus of the Company-as the Company has ouar $11,000.00' surplus, instead of 41.100.00 as prtntod in addition to f 100,000.00 loans on farm mortgages and we, therefore, correct this error. KAINBAiS CENTRAL INDEMNITY CO. 11-lt Fresh Radishes, Fresh vegetables of all kinds at 1. Smith's Grocery and Market—radish- as, red and green mangoes, okra. tomatoes, yellow wax and green beans,, head lettuce, celery carrots, egg plan-, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, onions, cauliflower, cabbage, .hot poppers and potatoes. Phone 1600. 11-lt Notice. I will return to Hutchinson and re- sumo my practice Monday, Sopt. 10th. A. Ii. Coffin, D. r>. s, u-n •'MILITARY EXPERTS BELIEVE GERMANS WILL RETREAT TO THE BELGIAN BORDER

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