The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 26, 1987 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1987
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

4-A THE BAYTOWN SUN W«diu»d«y, August 26, 1917 Bridge Cross word Puzzle ACROSS ( 1 Court ordtr 5 Who (Fr.) 6 Small bird lilriwirHabrida* island 13 Latt mo. 14 Qi-Mk chaasa 15 Novelist Ferbar 16 Made of (suff.) 17NMd 18 Grassy area 19Sa«ond | president , ;21 Haggard novel 22 Is ovarfond 24 Mad* cow - sounds 26Fa*l 28 Storias 29 Swiss lake 30 Advanced in yaars 31 Entertainer ._. Sumac 32 Rubber tree 33 Damp , • 35 Kingdom 38 Famrna fatala 39 Kiltod 41 Octana . numbers (abbr.) 42 Saa mountain 46 Civil War initials (abbr.) 47 Weekend- welcoming abbr. 49 Nail container 50 Mara handful 51 Take care of 52 Chemical suffix 53 Accumulated manar 54 Concert halls 55 Compass point 56 Paris airport DOWN 1 Manipulate 2 HorM shows 3: Inherent 4 Pagoda 5 Tobacco chew 6 Forearm bone 7 Detail 8 Defunct football league (abbr.) 9 Think logically 10 Engraves 11 Nude 19 Taking for granted 20 Tiniest 23 Proteinlike substance 25 Severe experience 27 Mild oath Answer tb Previous Puzzle NORTH *AQJ VKJI • JiJ *Q7SJ l-ta-tt WEST • A K Q 9'4 *AJ9 EAST * • -M * 10 8 6 4 - sounr *K7«51 ~ — *AQT<T5 _ *we *.*» ~~ Vulnerable: Neither Dealer: West West North East 1 * Pass Pass Pass 2 * Pass Pass 34 Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: • K WHO WANT* Wt».FJ«*T:f ALUV 00*> ®b« Daw* Orawa SMIB 1* 2» 4* NOPE! Afi A MATTER OF FACT, I FEEL LIKE t JUST FOUND AN OLD FRIEND MGMI.AJLf- TOU'U NEEP TMI3) THAT'S 6000, BECAUSE VOU AND/ MR.WOOPMAWS THAT "OLP FRIEND" ARE GONNA ING IN SOME TIME TO- 28 Thy 33 Depended 34 Bearlike 36 More ornamental 37 Prayer book 38 voce 40 Having a pile 43 Hawaiian instruments 44 Wishes:(si.) 45 S-shaped molding 48 Drug agency (abbr.) 50 What person (c)!987 by NEA. Inc Partner's carding is the best clue By James Jacoby Sometimes the bidding should give a defender a clue to the best defense. If the defender is oblivious to such a clue, he should then be guided by his partner's suggestions in the defensive carding. Against South's four-spade contract West led the diamond king and East played the seven. West continued with the ace and queen. East following with the deuce and eight. Declarer ruffed and immediately played a low club. Without much consideration West played the nine, and dummy's queen won the trick. Declarer now cashed dummy's A-Q-J of spades, came to his hand with the 10 of hearts and cashed the spade king, picking up East's remaining spade. Three more rounds of hearts gave South 10 tricks and his game contract. West should hope that his partner has as much as four spades to the 10. If that is the case, the contract can be defeated if West simply takes the ace of clubs right away and plays another diamond. If dummy ruffs with a spade honor, East's 10 is promoted to a winner. Ifi declarer pitches from dummy in order to ruff in his hand. East discards a heart and later makes a long trump trick. If West can't figure all this out, he should be guided by the fact that his partner was encouraging diamond continuations by his high-low with the 8-7-2 in the suit." A new book by James Jacoby and his father, the late Oswald Jacoby. is now available at bookstores. It is 'Jacoby on Card Games. ~ published by Pharos Books. © 1S87. NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN EEK • MEEK >by Hovt* Schn*ld«r AIUD 1HAT5 IHt EkJD 10 MDUR REGULAR AU^APYINJ PROGRESS WtNTHBOf gby Dtcfc Cavalli I TOLD >CU ABOUT MY •SHY'COUSIN HERMAN, DIDN'T I 1 ? ( HE WAS SO SHY THAT } ' HEWASALMO5' TWOYEARr Ot L». / BER3RE HE TALKED TO VA.NYBODY. ,'Vfi f*: BUGS BUNNY • by Werner Broi. PANCE, YOU VAOSMNTTS CANT HAVE AU THE FUN/ Astrograph ARLO AND JANIS • by Jimmy Johnton ASTM'GRAPH Bernice Bede Osol ^rthday Thursday, Aug. 27, 1M7 Past: experiences, both the bitter and the sweet, will give you the courage and fortitude in the year ahead to fulfill your grandest expectations. What you learned was not in vain. VIMQO (Aug. 23-S«pt. 22) Conditions that have a direct effect on your material security look promising today. Be on the lookout for an arrangement that benefits you financially. Major changes are ahead for Virgos in the coming year. Send for your Astro-Graph predictions today. Mail S1 to Astro-Graph, P.O. Box 91428, Cleveland. OH 44101-3428. Be sure to state your zodiac sign. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) The true mo: lives behind your actions toward others today will be charitable. Much to your credit, you may try to disguise your generosity. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-No». 22) A friend who holds you in high esteem will be diligently working on your behalf today without your knowledge. This person feels a sense of obligation. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-D*c. 21) Something you want to do today might seem unrealistic to the casual observer. However, you'll innately know how it can be done, and why. CAPRICORN (D«c. 22-Jen. 19) Make it a point to praise an associate today for something you may have played the major role in accomplishing. A. pat on the back from you will work wonders. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-F*b. 19) An old friend of yours can be relied on again today. If you need anything from a buck to a bicycle pump, go to this person first with your problem. PISCES (F«b. 20-March 20) If you are fortunate enough to team up with one whose goals are attuned to yours, what is accomplished collectively will be very impressive. ARIES (March 21-April 1f) It you are putting an agreement together today, negotiate with the knowledge that your counterpart is eagerly anticipating as many benefits as you are. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Your splendid sense of humor can be used effectively today to lighten the spirits of your co-workers and gain their favor and support. GEMINI (Mny 21-JuiW 20) The most thoughtful thing you can do today is to spring a pleasant surprise on your mate. If he or she has a special wish, see if you can make it come true. CANCER (Jurtt 21-July 22) Friends to whom you feel obligated socially:will have a better time at your place today than they will if you take them out. Besides, you'll enjoy hosting. LEO (July 23-Aufl. 22) If you want something back that you've loaned another, a gentle reminder could do the trick today. This matter has been on this person's conscience anyway. © UI7. NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. KIT 'N' CARLYLE ; by Larry Wright SNAFU* by Bruce Beattie MR.HIGH-AWD-M1GHTV, jUSTVHOTH'HtCKR) VOU THIWK VOU ARE? VOU LYlKXi OR ARE VOU REAUV THAT STUPID? DOVOUHOMtSTLVWPtCT AWVOMfc OVERMAN OF TURK TO THE GRIZZWELLS- by Bill Schorr Milt 5TDNEN My A^AV£to\C 5TACT U30W RZOM BLUHT FRANK AND ERNEST • by Bob Thav THEY HAP 7t> ON THAT PAY OF *WITCHIN6 Tb A <c v\ >4 I MM. MCN» AND LITTLE MISS™ by H«rgrM*«* * S«ll*rt \7 "You don't need that outfit, honey. We already have Halloween costumes for next year." CELEBRITY CIPHER CeteOrity Clpfwr cryptogram* w* cr«rt«3 Irorn quotations by famous people, past and present. Eaen WMT m th» dpnw stands lor another. TtxJf^s clue: S egutls L. • W N YOM O.USK Y Q Q S KO.B DXTM WL X OXFFMO, KQB YMUV YQ LMM MTMOK AOOlJSMF XL X UXWS. ' — X J O X D X F F X L B a C . PREVIOUS SOLUTION: "Om nice thing about silence is that it can be r«p«at*d." — Gary Cooper. 1»7 by NCA. me. 2S4 THEM WHY AREN'T WPPN(3, AAP.^ILLY ? )-> TNt BORN LOSCR^by Afi SanaMn

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