The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 24, 1931 · Page 12
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 12

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1931
Page 12
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-,-- -v... ~..-- TWELVE THE DAILY HEWS, rEKDKHCK. KP.. THTUMDAT. DECEMBER Z4, 1831. These Are My Jewels! LAW PLAN BACKED BY SEC. MELLON r i Adds His Appeal To That Of \ Hoover In Support Of Proposed Measure. : BORAH WOULD CUT PAY OF FEDERAL EMPLOYES Would Slash Ten Per Cent. From All Salaries Over S2.OOO Or $2.5OO. Mnzton IVc :3 --Secret-- Mel- tr. !i:s a?p**l for the reconstruction Snanc* ro--jrat.on tods.? u congressional cormrittee? speeded a ark , to get the Z«\ mMur-5 c-f ine econom:: rel.ef program reacy for cou- s!derat~-r. alV-r -r.t rece^ Endorsing w=e changes xAie s\ the Senate bani-ng jja-ioasaiitt** :n Pres- ; Ident Hcovers proposals for a *500.- i OOd.OGO cred.: corporator:, tat Treas- ; ary Secretary wrote to Cnaircian Nor- toeck. of the conim.ttee ! "The rEpr- piif'.ecc? cf s-ch an in- ; resources and enabled to deai -»;tii any ' weakness that mav develop In c'.ir credit structure. iho^J hare a reassuring effect en p:ib"-.c ccnn=;nce ina be » etuculatin; influence on the resumption of the- normal flow o! credit into ' the channels of b-jsmts* and con:- , Aged Man And Wife Shot By Firebug WiHe the caaintwcs on Capitol EotUawS on th* viau dostestic ; iegislaU'. c problem. CLti^ascs in con- ' gresional scti'-iment or. varied rclirf ' proposals VKC await.:;:; w::n a donti- . nant bipartisan Rroa? apparently in ' support of the major cn*2^-jres Proposes Salary Cats. ; In the of rncrabers o! Congress end aU federal Totters ;ct- aag more ti:an S2 COO annually icre | proposed today by Sen. Borah. Idaho. : Just how much such a cut would ' save tie government Bomb could sot estimate, but he said. ' Uie IROK lei- . jponaat thuriff for ^s to do r:xr i to | the budsrct aad we never can ; It unless TC cut drastically ex- Ke aaded: "It Is aH so^secse to say we can't. We can. I am :n favor of Segmnlr.K mth e-ery ledera: sa'jirr Rbo-re S2 000 or $2.500. Let us cu: 10 per cent. Of course, ·se cannot reach the federal judiciary." Tnere also was some doubt as to ' whether Congress could '-rim 'J-.c salary j ol the President. j The salary-cutting idea has been an- j tier consideration al£o by the Demo- [ crass who caiE" Jorirard vtsterda'- ^.ih i proposal to slash S30C OC-0 OOo" from President Hooker's budget recommcn-^ daticns for next year. i MANY PERSONS HURT I" Of Rriroad T,« Subnay. , XP-.X yori. Do; 23 - Nrcir: t^ro sc r;T.". A i r r i n j u r e d four so -· no In f-o- o:c ' sly : of ^j^S- ^^^ -tr/' W.-.A New Member X.vf r:r :-.r -r · t "" :. rl-.-.-.ti-, n \ L · · : M.' I .r Cn-.--:r. « ·-.- W."s MT n . i:-.-lx , .'c. Die.-: .n .'. '. '. H i : r ^ . - - . - - r. ~ . :rr . of '" .1 .- - * ' 7 - · ~ H :"i:;.T rlio-cs r'-ic 1 -·? !.-vr:..\l mcr- ("ontmar J. HENRY STKKI R HARRY HILLEARY T - _ - T · r f Mr .-:··" M-s. J Henry S:ce'r ;-;^' west of Eldersburg. C-.-r.v: -;·:·;. rr-:r. »!-..~h Mr ar.ti Mrs. Sicclc a::d Mrs. Staple's brother. Hirr;, H:.ii-ir. fled is a fire itArt'-d w h::e tnev nerr asleep. The elderly ' . . ·:-. c -_.·-. rsr .- forces from the t:;:;rc c' v .;p'.-c wrrc tto.:~ced when «hc: from ambush as they lcf-1 the house. They r^:r:rt -.crt c-f ·,v L..ic mer" to*-.rrl arc rcc?-,e--ns;. Military escaped the 1 * ul'.cts, which were fired by an utinown t a c:rl ".ir to hart CHRISTMAS MEETING OF UNIQUE CHRISTMAS do*, i .,,t_,ow -' ROTARY CLUB WEDNESDAY; c **» te "·» F - *° rth *-- » ' em Lights. REVISION OF WAR DEBTS NOW SEEN AS POSSIBILITY Nations Owing United States Reported Unable To Pay Amounts Due. I CLAIM THEY MUST HAVE PAYMENTS FROM GERMANY Committee In Switzerland Finds - Latter Cannot Be Expected To Meet Obligations. IS MOST UNLIKELY Unleas present tTwti the weather bureau for a ride, the only enow in Frederick Cbrfctoni Day i nil be the kind you buy in Use 10| cent store. Friday's temperature is ex- Jpected to TOO. 10 to 15 degrees abote i normal Skies are likely 10 be over i cast, pofisibly with y^^jnr^«i ligfrt I rain. Such was the reluctant predic- uon made Wednesday by UK weather Temperature May Be Abnorm- j m*^- *"» ohserrer has been m constant touch with Santa Glaus for more ally High Friday. NO FREEZING WEATHER Dee. 23.--UaVss st i Washington. Nick can pull red b«. tb«r* will be very little IT any saow lor Christmas. ; Sqaiatiag at Eastern tr* today R. :H. WdKbanan. iw«ber forecaster, ' couids'e see a snovfiafce for use coua- ] iry eut of Mississippi. For Use Test- than a week now, and it i* understood that a Btrennous effort was made by them to reach a more satisfactory arrangement. But general barometric depression. which Wednesday dominated the weather map of the United States and Canada, indicated thai there was co Washington. Dec. 33 --Drastic revl- ' sion of Europe's future aar deo". pay- iments t j the United S'ates became a ·strong probability tonight as the Am- j erlcan government completed ratifica- 1 uon of the one-year holiday already m j ! effect. j j Although no official would admit it. \ indications multiplied that the debtor ! nations would aot meet their obliga- ! lions on schedule. Congress having re! fused to provide for revision beyond tie : present year, temporary or permanent j I default seemed entirely possible. j I At Base!. Switzerland, an office! ; Brand ReB . ^ the ^1^.^, erening (committee found that Germany cannot ' su ,, Ior WOIEec Maggy Roufl espect to resume her reparations pay- j lhe m-liag skirt a^d snort j menw to ner neighbor nations at. the j vuSeA 'Beeves of dove gray j end of tee present holiday. It is these | :he . b ] ousc o isame nations which owe the United j g O i,i ec noral j States. Several of them already have ) indicated informally they cannot pay here im;«M Germany pays them. Officials would not comment in any ! way on the action at Base! or its pro- I bable result. President Hoover, signing ; Co To It, Santa! the resolution of Congress which gave j It's Christmas Eie, and Sacta Claus legal effevt to the year moratorium, said ; has Uttle time to stop or pause; in a statement tnat by us holiday pro- i for he It seems has lots to do. posal the American government had [ and many states to travel through. "averted a catastrophe." He said noth- ; ing about the situation now. jcoJd weather, no snow, no very good few triets out of his j weather nor yet any particularly bad weather in sight for Frederick Christmas Day. Cloudy skies with teajperatures- much above normal are predicted lor Frederick today. The lowest temperature this morning was about 4a · era »«'· o! the nation there isn't much j ksrees. This a-'teraoon a maxi- i yi prospect either. j mum of 65 degrees may be attained. ! Record high, semperaaires sent ther- : Tbe !ow Wednesday was 49 degrees jmometes in 'tiflfee-quanerB of the! acd ' tbc tj * b b " Degrees. The- mean ! country to as much as 20 degrees above | i«nperature for the mocth to date K j conaal today u a Tear of the afanor- ' now ** de 8rees or eight degrees above ! mally warm weather was drawing to a ! oo 1111 ^- t close. Tuesday's .22 of an inch of rain No tre^ weather was in evidence 1^!^^ ^verTLe'in^ Wednesday, The water level was increased to 24 feet, 10 inches overfi^tt. (except In a small part o! the ; west, and there was practically no snow ·en the ground sare in the high moun- ' caics. Confining his Christinas Day predlc- Wife: Henry, you thought I didn't ; tioos to the st akne. Weightman see you, tout I did. You kissed the maid. I said there would be no snow although j Hubby: But. darling, you asked me to rain might, fall In some localities in the j try to persuade her to stay another Ohio Valy. Lower Lake regions, tie j week. Tennessee district and Western Mary- \ Wife: Oh. Henry, te» me quick--did (she promise to stay?--Answers. Luf s Stuff I IHOOYER'S GRANDCHILDREN HAVING GAY CHRISTMAS '· POT Santa visits every home. I Crom down in Mexico to Nome. ! and even does some fr:endly chores i from Anywhere to Helsingfors. Toys To Be Sent Poor Children "** Of Idle Coal Miners. A very busy man is he and jus: as jolly as can be: and as he rushes to and fro. presents to bestow. Washington. Dec. 23.--The Christmas party of Peggy Ann and Peter Hoover today was the brightest flash of color In all of ho!:dayins Washington. President Hoover hirnsclf joined in the gayety--after he had signed the moratorium. Mis. Hoover with Peggy *?in and Peter received the 250 small guests. Loaded down with as many bright packages as their small arms could carry, the young sons and daughters of Washington's officialdom came through the rose garden sate. Their gilts were all for poor little boys and girls o' soft coal miners about Let's hope he may not be deterred, :n doing all that I've inferred-- ar.d may his travels bring new joy, to EVERY little girl and boy! --N*. A. LUt'BURROW. Wishing Our Many Friends A Very Merry Christmas Hurt By Accident. Forced from the road by another machine, an automobile driven by Clarence Criser. 31, Hot Springs. Va, upset on . Steiner's Hill, near the bridge, west of j Jefferson. Wednesday evening. Criser I suffered lacerations about the face and 'cam and badly injured r^ght hand. He J '-.vas taiea to the Frederick City hos- I p.tal by passing motorists to uncer- j go treatment. His condition was not! Qzlieted serious. The automobile was i C.C.CART\f ESTABLISHED 1868 U to R Morgantown, TV Va.. where the Society later hauled to Frederick for repairs, of Friends, that Quaier group to which i · the President belongs, is helping chil- | -^ that ^ popular song your daueh- dren through a. n-icter of direst need. | ;er is sm g IR e?" Christmas trees in the state rooni awaited the heavy load of gifts Generous were the donors. Some of the children carried! large basks-s to hold their offerings. Others were I helped by parents and r.urses with . packages too large for'e arms. The ·day »as so warm that almost all ar- i rived m na J hose, w:th bared knees. I but their g:fts were to go to iitile 1 tnounta^i children shivering in the ' cold. "Not in th:s Snder. house is isn't."--Path- 1 STOLEN AUTO FOUND _ Machine Of Charles W. Creaccr Taken ! AVednesdaf, I 1 Taking advantage of the holiday rash , * and crowds, a thief hopped into the _1 , 1930 Ford sedan of Charles W. Creager. ' * ' Woodsboro. parked between Second and ^ I Third streets on Mariet early Wecnes- t day evening and dashec away. Creoger ^ had parked the car there a short t:me | 2 earlier, while he ai:d h^ father . and ' i ' mother went Chrisizias shopping. He | ,, ! returned to the place where he had ] j I parked the machine with arms full of i-r r_dr.t Hrcvcr has ,-.ppo:r.tcd Rob- "Last - sht I C"* ^" O'cl^ ~bo^ c* S" i^u 1 M:nn , - v,, ·-, ^ ·· as :r.e Arcer-.cari rr:.-mNcr of ;hc Per- L-nposKble: I s-hojl. inarisrit Caart of Arc.Tit:cr. at i:ic her" Hag~ar. Olds -E-.J s'ccc'^c "-he la'.c Ho- "But *' land W. Boydcn of B^tor.. Xebcipalt^r. Zurich. . . Musical Program Marks Cele- JUIXSTJ. Va,'3. Dec. :3--Cader the . - _, ~ _. Northern L.shls from Setchisan to anese \\ ounded Carried From Scene Drat ' on By MemDe - s - ^~^^^^'^^^ Cmidrcn :n the states, envious of :r:r r.3rth«rn brothers arid sisters liv- r. unorr the iarr.e roof with St Nici. ··-lc of soph-sticv.fxi Alaska boys and Christmas packages only to find the car i Jap '1'C r*rcc-r:iv Rotiry iub was held n "··" 3"'v,c ar.d Grey rjwra of the Frar.- -^ S-ro:: Key .TO-.T: Wcdnrsday sfrcr- -.-^^r. Spoc-al rr^.c t", -Vrr. . '· Mr.- P Borers marsed t~- ; missing. i The automobile was fated by the I owner about 9.30 o'cl-ock parked at the .intersection of Marse^ and Church 'streets. Indications were '.hat it had J been nui at grca^ jp«d. It was un- 'daosaged. 1 Creager later tolc police i^t a nearby resident had seen an «n:-d-ent:5cd man leap into the machine about S 30 .o'clock and drive north or. Mar set. street He said the machine was locked ^r.d the th:ef must hare cb- taiaed duplicate fecys. r',5 w.o don't believe Santa .1^ ;rj :.V- Norili who fcnow r -.r as rood food i-t poor tran MOTHER LOSES SON To sr.S prepared for i? -^r. .ce-:occc St. Paul Is- r5 .i;r;«: of '-·;? P-- oolof-s. wh:c -o r.o'isi .'or thc.r f u r seals The i£- r.i ,,« ^. :.-o ^-.:sc:« of Bering Sea · .r.if»?tjt ar.d snow-cxTered. and ther- :-.': a tree of srjr descnpUoa w.thir. -r:ce=: 1 OX) rr..les. Syr::he::c ar.d lantation Christ - i.-; i-arrc carx-.- o-^^rrl Ssr-,a C"..^-: pjcards were c-:- Xlrs. 3;or-s Sry: nurr.brr was ' Scr- crj;e" by s-h :iy-- ar.d was fv/owc-.. ?"· Tha^" bv Miss?ne: Mrs Bower» · The B.r:hcav of a K.rsT ar.d -"** "-f** we: * bravely placed in the · v - .TCC:A: -- ^.-.cjl r.jrnbcrs were con- " i ~--cows ar.d plans mac* for a high .-·_^oi --.-,,- · Ar.^ra frcrr. the Roaln^ ho".:iay ·» tier, the isla-derj hapec a T.oUn bl_cs--^ bv Mrs. B^rlec. The »hcr. Alfvar.ifr Barsr.o: was .r. if.c W3.s rr.-:ch a7rirrca;od bv the ^ iile R'-i* 5 1 " American colonies. c ur- Tr^" 1 ', -s.'.rj were a-x^m^ -.Vi"-'d at :j-e p_=r.o 117 M_ss Margaret _ K-^r.' , r»-r._-;er«: v. -al C.-r^-rnis Carols.' S I- 'Warsr.ij s.r.A V-m^n X-cocfraus. i STICKLER SOLUTION T: .;' ;"na"h :." 3it'l-' . Jaj:ar.e«- soldiers are snown .- t-="'-=--- "nt ^..^ Ct'^ese lorct^ --ear ?a.;.;.pao, ."arr.os K'.l. 3rd was cha-rman I of 'he -rv--a-r. c^mrr..:t^ ?.r.d VirjrB ,' W Doub. cha^ cf :he mu*:c com, rr-.ttc-e. Guss-is «^re. W. R. Cj^key. i , Martinsb-jri. W V.i : Thomas W. Pe- i ' f*rs, C-jnibrrland; Dr. P V. Glasoc! GENECAL TOMATO ON W ,S B/IL TOLEDO wd 5EV1LLE are ihe r^. name* of Spannh crtf* that wrrf (widen Cpuri Refoses To Retnni Child Woman Abandoning Him. Bal:,m3rc. Dec 23 --A another"* rlea. r;ho?cei :n ccurl txiar ar.d Mrs. S- c ?.Iay Morrar: wi.l ret-r= to Porv- -ou-i. Va'Jt ryr scr. ar.d fac:r.? -.s pasr.b^itT she rr.i- ave l-;m -ack. A wr:: of habeiF rorpv^. cr. which a l-.ear^i-s was hex: toci^. ^as ccn»d af- Morgan, in the presenco of her boy. ·old the 5:0:7 of her '..fe--a. :al« of .-.ircsn-.p and c-. j »?r»:r.t^cr.t unfold- ei »s tears stnearr.eo cjon-n h*r face. The court, at :l-.e co=c.-js:-r. of t:-se wss.on. ordered the V,T. R.chard Nash Morgan. :o be sr.^en to :::· c.:j char.- and be cel.-.^erc-5 NTcr.iaT ;o the . wlxise :'ur-^d:ct.on wss r^og-~..^vd The habeas crrpus wt~_* a'^eA the boy had bscr. '-illesai:- -.s-.prtscr.ed ar.g The HENDRICKSON STORE AND ITS PERSONNEL Extend the Season's Greetings to All MERRY CHRISTMAS ^ I HAPPY NEW YEAR 1877 1931 Be"T: Has ih« doctor you're enc.\ged ' to nxr;ey? " ' Beatrice. Of coure. D.a TO: th^-.k I ] was src-tjing married for rr.v cca'ui^-- !

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