The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 20, 1924 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1924
Page 12
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PAGF TWF.T.VE. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 20, 1924 Today' s Markets-Grain, Stock, Produce WHEAT LOWER IN CASH MARKET Decline of 1 to 2 Cents ant) Corn Also was Weaker, About Cent Down. Clilcnrn, Nov. 2rt.—Mnlc-riiil S'-t- iiariMi in prirofi ror wheat nnd fur other ^raln ns well took idace today n« soon ns trncllnc liegmi. Down turns in wheat n ,uotniinnH nt I .ivcr- lund nrtod n.« Iho rlih-f ilopri-n.ilnir fiiclnr. fin tin' dei -llno nf win -ill. valuer,, however, good huylriK developed owlnc, in some dojiroo to Biinmiiioenu -nt Ihat oNtiortK {if do- IHOHIII- wheat nru lurniiiK mil lo I'" much Ian ;t -r than iv.-in tzvnvntlly believed. Opening iirir -e*, which ranK'-d from 1'* to 2 U lower with lii 'C .?l .4!i"; to $1. MJH and Mny Jl .i '7'-, to |1.f,S. uoro followed hy ii deelded further drop find then flo -tgi-thluir or a reui:tion. SuluM-qtiontly a henri.-di C.IIIIKI i»ti rtfuc <\«!iuKUo from railroad MUIII-OR ultrui-ted eoiiKidnrahlo no- lire, and po ton (Mil Argentine, rains ..ii'l favnraliie rrjuirls iiiiont the yield !n Australia. Tho chum was lieaiy a* to ii'^c not lower, Dec. HM'% lo $1.-lli-" s nml May {1.5; !i to ji.ri7»;. (lenrrnl nrlllnc part, of wlilrll T.UH of ti force eliaraclor to Mop IO.SBP.", pulled down corn. After ovciiliiR tit "I lo 2 He off, May fl.-l tn $1.2-, corn miBKed a little innro and then showed power to rally. Later there were indications that •the country was offerlns fash <'orn mure, freely. The close was weak, 1H to net lower, May $1.2IVj to ?I. fitils slat-ted MI '.j lo 1 V»c lower, Mny ."S to D &»;c and continued downgrade. I'riivislnns -aero easier affected priniclpally hy weahness of Krain. Kansas City Cash Grain, Kansas City, Nov. 20.—WHEAT — Hcieipls 1 %cars; Iti-o lower; No. 2. dark hard -M.lpfel.5C; No. 3 tlurk hard Sl .44'0 l.r.f,; No. 2 hard St.-I2fil.:.4; No. I! hard J1.41#1.S»; !No. 2 red l.'>9; No. 3 red COUN—t'nchangej to 1c lower; No. 2 ivtifto JUti-TfUl; No. 3 white'i; No. 2 yellow }1.11@> Mi's,; No 3 yellow *I.10f<-1.10«t; No. 2 mixed $l.«l<sijl.09Vi; No. 3 lui.ved Jl.US.ff>?.i. OATS-Cmhanned: No. 2 white 63'ic; No. .'! white SL'HiC. RYK-51.21. 1IAKI.KV—83fflWc. K AFT1I', — J1.7i){M .*ri. JI 11.0 -MAlZIi—?l.S2Ti 1.S5. Detailed Sales. 1 iiitnileil sales In Kuniuia City toil a--": U'illJAT: 1 Dark—1 at 2 Dark— 1 at I.5C; 2 tit 1.52; 2 at 'i ; ) at J.St.'i; 1 at :i Hark—2 at l.f.2; 1 at l.olVi. 1 Hard: 1 at 1.19; 2 at'i; 2 at 1.-1S; 1 at l.tT'i 1 at,; 1 tit. ut i .-n 'i; 1 at i.-i 2 Hard: 1 at l.ailVj 2 nl l.l'.i; 2 at tit 1 .47 'i; I lit 1.47; 1 at l-tnij; 2 lit 1.46; 1 at 1.4r.«.; 1 at 1.45; 1 at 1.44. Smutty 3 Hard 1 at 1.4a; 1 at 1.121 4 Hani—1 at 1.44; 2 ct J.I2- 1 nt 1.11. 1 Mixed--l at 1.43«i. 2 Mlxt'il—1 al l.!'.i; 1 at. 1.44; 1 at 1.42. No. 2 Mixed—1, (1.2.3 Ki>. 1 Rtxl—1. I.".-'. No. 2 lied—2. I..'.."»; : No. I Red—1. 1.4'j; 1 I'.OIIN: 2 Yellow—1 at 1.12, MR. 2 Yellow—1 nt 1.16%; lot .1.10. 2 Whin-—1 at i.ll. 3 While—2 lit J,»!t, 2 Mixed—3 at l.ii!>. 4 Mixed—1 ut l.OS*;; 3 at l.OS'-j; * ill 1 .1 IS. OATS: 2 wliilr— 1 at r,iu. KAPF1U: 2 white—.1 at 1.70. :: uiiUu—l at l.r.s. ;: mixed —1 nt 1 .71. .M1I.O: 4 Jlllo—1 at 1.S0. HARI.KY: 2 Darley—1 at S3; Jiuuplo barley, 1 nt SO, Winnipeg Markets. Nov. whoat Jl.COU; Dee. wheat Jl .ir.Ti; Mny wheat :*1 .G1 ^i.. Minneapolis Markets. Dec. wheal jl.l7 r ;i; May, J1.53U, RANGE OF OPTIONS Furnitft«d By Grain Marketing Co, aiO Rorabauah-Wll«y Bul'dlng AT CHICAGO. Whcut. — Clopod— open MlKh Low Toilnv Y >-.Mfv I'-r . 1 ff% 1 -".l'ii I.I-'. l.i:i--» 1.11% .11:. v. l..'-s 1. •'••itd j.r,ii«-, !.:.:•>. 1 :.7 'i .Inly.. l.'.-l l.-l 'i 'd 1 .IIS 1 .RIH.J 1 K>% Corn. I . lis l.l.'.Ji i.i''.'.i J. is Mav. 1 ::::•% I .L 'I I.31-"-, 1.23 .Inly. 1 ::: I .-:•'M l.:'l;» ».:;>, Oats. PIT. . .r-n, .:.:: .:;:! ,r.i Mav. .'il ,R -H July.. Rye. 1 . 1 :i:'.i. 1 ni-'-, 1 .i:: 1 . 1 :::i-B 1 '!»: Mav. l.H'i 1. ::.;•-•. 1. :.:•>; 1.:::.*•» l.::7-\ July. ] j;l 1 1 ::i !.:•::>., l.r, AT KANSAS CITY. —Clnar : d— I>.-,-. . 1 i ;i 11':-, 1.11% 1.41'.j, 1.4T.'2 Mnv. 1.1:-'. II---, J. IS 1.4X !.»»<* .Inly. 1 I I.iini, LSI l.:lHa Corn, p-p.. 1 l '-'t l.l''*"« l.fiS'-i 1.10% M n . 1.1 r-, 11:.', 1.!:•/•» 1.1 :r-, i.i.">'-j • July. 1 :- I.IJ'.J J.l"-'-, 1 .16-8 Oats. May. .:->' .•*•* v .;>T% .r.s-% 1 at l.t«' 1 at 1.44; 1 2 at 1.43. 1 at l.l'.l'i; 1 at 1.4S; 2 1.2'J to 1.4 I. -I at l.r.11; 1 at 1.4S'i 1 at 1.•!:'.-',,; 1 at 1.43'i .; smutty. 1.3'J to 1.45. at 1.42; HUTCHINSON GRAIN Sates of hard and dark wheat one lo two cents lower; fair demand, with decline in future prices at the time made. Keceipln of wheat here today: 127; corn 1: barley 1; kaffir and 111 tlo 15. One week a .1^0 today S4 earn and one year ago IS cars. KecPipIs at various other terminals: Kallna 42; Wichita 51; Kaunas Cily 142; St. Louis (>>'!; Omflhn 78; Chicago 52; Minneapolia 2G2; Dululh 'J2X; Winnipeg 11SS. Sales hero today KansaB City hasU: The Importance of the Hutchinson grain market Is shown by the fact that the local receipts this morulUR were only II car3 less than the amount received at Kansas City. For several day '8 recently, the local receipts at Kansas City. For several days recently, the local receipts have run nearly as strong as those at Kansas City. Today 127 cars of wheat arrived at Hutchinson, while Kansas City only received 141. G. D. Estes, onu of the local Brain men states that the increase in rocpipts here Is due to several advaulam-s which the Hutchinson market has over the larger market at Kansas City. Tho freight rates from here to tho t! til f shipping points are less for one thing. Then to the northern mills like to gel I iho wheal they grind here because j they like fresh country run wheat I better than that which has been j held over in Iho big terminals, liy buying here 1 hoy save the two cent u bushel terminal charge. at 1 ,43 . 1.54. .1.47. PRODUCE MARKETS Kansas City Produce. Kansas Cily, Nov. 2U.—I'roduce urn -hanged. I-2JC!.S--Firsts, 5ec a dozen; seconds, ;!(!<•; Mi.'ecteil case lots 10 local buyers, 511c; storage, No. 1, 3So; extras, 42c. HL'TTEH—Creamery, extra, in rartons, 12ii41i.'; parking slock, 21c. HL'TTKIIFAT—33c a pound; premium for extra quality, 3c. Chicago Produce. Chicago, Nov. 20.— HCTTKK— Higher; creamery extras 44c". standards 41!ic; extia firsts -lute 42c. KOGS—1'unhanged; firsts 471 .1" 51c; ordinary firsts -lllif| lie; refrigerator extras 3Ufi;'.liVic; firsts 35c Chicago Potatoes, Chicago, Nov. 2U.— 1'OTATOHS — - draggy; market Minnesota sacked S. No. 1, Ji.005? Lower wheat and corn prices are expected hy grain men, unless more buying support is received. In some sections they have no corn for feed and in others there is a disposition to sell both their hogs and the corn because hog prices are too low as compared lo corn. Creecu led In the purchase of cash wheat at the seaboard yesterday. The hulk of the days sales which amounted to between (150.000 and 750,000 bushels went to that country. The wheat market la expected by some to mark lime around the present level but the genera) sentiment Is bullish and many grain men are confident that much higher prices will be seen before the close of the year. Trading rat her about steady; round whites I.' 1 .05. Chicago Poultry. Chicago, Nov. 20.—POULTRY— I'useltli'il; fowls 15{j20c; springs 20c; roosters 15c; turkeys 27c; geese lCc; ducks 18c. New stockings last longer It' ••ashed before being worn, or if th« too nails are trimmed closely. Clark Davis, Santa I'e division freight agent, denied the report 111 de yesterday, that the Sauta Fe railroad, would discontinue the shipment of carloads of grain to the llurchiiison market fc. rebilling to Pacific coast stales without extra charge on December 1. He explained that Ihe new ruling applied only to the Kansas City market. Quite a largo amount of the i '-heiu. corn; oats and grain sorghums received locally is being sold on the Pacific coast The partial crop failure in that, section of the couniry due to the prolong! 1 drcmtii "na .-i made it necessary for farmers out there to buy grain. California is usually one of the largest producing sorghum stales but this year Ural grain Is being purchased from Kansas. Oklahoma, Colorado, and Texas. , Foreign news 011 wheat is bearish at tin |..esent with resellers otferiiii: the Bruin at relatively cheaper levels. The world's supply oi bveadsluF's showed an of 63, SCU, 000 bushels in outiher. Kansas City Hay. Kausa.i Cily, Nov. "... -1IAY- ' iti 'C '-lpts I'.'.i car;; uii'b.ill-:>-d lo 50c I lower. i PKAlllIF--X.j. 1 $12 ..Wfjr .:il0; ! No. 2 $10.5I'I5(-12.00; No, 3 i'.'Mir j 10.lie. | ALFALFA--No. I $20.00-'.! 22.50; standard $1 T.5«ft20.00; No. 2 $1 l.5o -ijl'.'.O"; No. 3 J12.0UW 11.00. Cotton. New York, Nov. 20.—Cotton futures closed steady; Deieniher 23.0011 23.'JSc; .lanuiiry 24.2017 24.22c; March 24.52i.r24.55c. .Spot tjulut; mlUdUus IM.iWc. WALL STREET IS BUSY PLACE TODAY Enormous Volume of Trading In the Stock Market Again Today. New York, Nov. 20.— Excited trading continued In today's stork market with speculative Interest shifting lo iho oil and eastern railroad shares, which were In brisk demand throughout the session. Total roles i Tossed tho 2,000,000 share mark fur tho eighth time since election day, with over 50 slocks attaining new peak prices for the vear. New York, Nov. 20.—Slock, prices resumed their upward movement tit. the opening of today's stock market, despite a continuation of profit-taking In some ot the popular industrials and rails. Trading was again in large volume. Initial gains of a point or more were recorded liy Missouri Pacific preferred. Marland Oil. Frisco common, Hayuk Brothers and General Klectrlc, while Kansas City Southern, Chicago Groat Western Common, Ontario and Western, Iteplogle Steel and Fairbanks Morse broke through their previous high levels for tho year. Uecesslona of a point or so took place In United States Steel, R3publit: Sleel, Hadlo Corporation, Allied Chemical «nd Texas and Pacific, but the losses wero soon recovered when a brisk demand developed for the low priced rails, carrying iho general list to higher ground. More than a score of issues attained new peak prices for the year In the first halt hour, Norfolk and Southern standing out with a gain o. 4% points. Kansas City Southern advanced two points anil advances of a point or more took place In Union Hag and Paper, Inlornatloral Harvester, Rock Island, Peoples' Gas, Philadelphia and Heuding Coal and Iron, American Tobacco, Great Northern preferred and several others. Foreign exchanges opened steady with trading unlet. A Tremendous Demand. The swiftly rising tide of stock prices which was temporarily checked yesterday by an enormous volume of profit taking, gained Increased momentum today when a tremendous demand developed for the low priced Southern and Western railroad shares, a dozen of which attained now peak prices for the year on gains ranging from fractions to nearly five points. Tola! sales of all stocks In the first half hour exceeded 315.000 shares. Stocks Shoot Up. Norfolk and Southern shot up l^i points to 25% and Kansas City Southern 4 1 ,4 to 32. Others to break through their previous year's maximums were Missouri Pacific common and preferred, Western Pacific common and preferred, New York, Ontario and Western, Kansas City Southern. Hock Island. "Katy"' common, Chicago Great Western, Chicago and Knstern Illinois Preferred, Gulf Mobile und Northern, and Atchison preferred. Industrials ran into considerable profit taking but except for American Can, which sold oft nearly two points, good recovery was made by practically all active Issues. There were several new highs in this group also, the list Including International Harvester, Northwestern Peoples Gas, Iteplo­ gle Steel and Postum Cereal. Chesapeake and Ohio advanced more than 3 ?>oints and General Electric climbed 2'-;. Foreign Exchange. New York. Nov. 20.—Foreign exchanges steady; quotations in cents: . Great Britain demand cables 4.62%. Franco demand 5.25; 5.25 '.-j. Italy demand 4.33U: 4.33%. Belgium demand 4.82" 4.S2 1 /;. Germany demand 23.S1. Holland demand 40.12. Switzerland demand 18.27. Greece demand 1.78'A. Poland demand Czecbo-Slovakia demand 2.9914. 4.62%; • cables cables cables Call Money. New York, Nov, 20.—Call money steady; high low 2>,i; ruling rate 2K; closing bid 2U-; offered at 2%; last loan 2',i; call loans against acceptances 2\i; time loans firm; mixed collateral 60-90 days 3W3H,; four-six months 3'.i© 3 *i. Prime commercial paper 3Vi NEW YORK STOCKS. lU-jinrti-,1 by Jiun-s K. li,-nn>-tt & Mei Itnrabailgh-Wlley building, bv 'ire from .New Yurk.'Jlb-llcm .Nl-'eJ l-'"rp 1'nit. I-'iH-l .V Irnii Ou i-niill'le SiC ('aft Iron t'ipe Ou r.ulf Stut'-s Su-el Illi-at Noitlli'in Ore liepvd.liv. Iron & Sivct I: IS .Slid Otrp ( ... L' S Sl.-i-l I'urp I 'relL -rred .. i'ji't*i;i:Si A inn Smell lug ,t neflnliiB .. "11(1.1 I ''.'J't'C!" I'e ....... l':i:iuhnii Zinc K Lend ...... fhmu I'l'i-l'i-r - "ii (-Iiilc I 'uj'lf-T < '< I'-uU" Siuvvn-v In-l'l! Hii'll i-npl'i-r l\. 1HHH "It I'llppi-l- K.i\ l'ens I'l.lh I 'nJMHr CO oil.n: Himliili- l'"iis"ii-!atol MniiiiliO '01 l'l> - I'llelrie "0 <'" , r:i!|-AlUll l''-t Trills A I'nti-Amil I'ct .'^ 'J' '•!:'' run- nil 1'" riilllil-s IVUi'lcum i •n-.l. 11 * I '.1 Uin, ill lMl'0 sl'.'ilMill'l OH of N' -i'unl nil "t Calif .ihel! Union Oil Texas C'(i While F.:iK> l> It liAir.ltoAn.S: A T 1* S V llilVllllern \- lO'li f•'iiiudlnn 1'tictli-: KH.- Uy , iirciii. Northern Jty Illliniis (Vnliat Iv (? Suutli'Tti I.otilsvlll* .4- Nashville- .Mo rucltic Common. .,«....- Close . 4l'a .. :;*-?'e .. (14 Vi .III) .. 77 17' v 15'.. .... iK, .... 2l>i» ....ll'-'li :::: W> ,...1J."» .... SI -14 .... Mo T'li 'Mfi-- l'if-fprrfl<) N y cent mi Northcrii I'jiclflc I»(jnnf«yl\tmia ity llontlliiK Hy \l<n k Istiinii Hy Hmnlicin Hy st l. s i-' Uy SnmhiTn V:n-ltV Uy Union VitoifU; Hy (J.-iirrul Motnr* • SluMrliiiltiT Afotors Hup Motors IMiTi-p Arrow Ilntlsuii Molorit f'|i:iii.n<T Motors (ivi'rinn'l Motors Mm-k Trtu-k ln<» Kt'Uv sitrinudt'M Tire Co .... V S' }tn)»her IU> tJooilnfh I - .u\)bfr Co Ajax Unbhcr t:o Ainn-TM''rM MsiCHfto t *o AlHj* iMllllllHTH Mf(! Co Muxwrll Motors "A" Mttxwi-11 MotoiH "if' Nunli Motors Mfiou Motors - • • Stfwart Warni'i* Mftf i'o Sirotnl'Civ Curb <'n .......... TlniM'*" HfOJor lii-ai'liij,' ...... lNlU'SVriUAUS: Ainn Itffct Siwar AU-ohol Ainn Can Co Ainn Car & Voitnrtry Anm r.oeotnoilvo Wiilias)) "A" \tnn StfOl Kowmlrli'fi ........ A inn TV I ^ Tel Anm Toljiu'to A tnn ^Voolcn A-^i't'ui'i'rt Ury <loadu Monmomory wnrj J taU.twt n T-o<"otti<il!vo Continont«l Can Coooit. Cola Co f \'i v lit son CtiemK'i)! Co Corn I'roilncl!* U<iin\iiR ...... Kmnotifl T'lnyors l.a.°ky Concoloum Co Culmn Ainn Supiir ,-\nm Avr) Chnm 1 Mipont De Nein Anm A." pit alt Co fiVnoral CI'Ttri^ lntl Harvest or Co intl IViivr Co •••• j'nllnian Co Senvs Hocnu>:k WcMliiBhousc Elec & Mfs Cnltcrt PTUR Co Wool worth Kny .iPr (Julius) SUU Co . TP-: .HT'U . 7^ r "ii , tit'.3^ ! . 4:0* ' - "4*«: :&*\ • HV.i I . MS • . 41'.; 1 • i-v.-» : . nt'.. I :=i..: . Si- 4 I .11(1=1. . lOH . S'i'i . r.:»; • T7Ta . 3i',i> .170 . "i'.i . r.7 . I-i-v.- . 43 >A . Si ,152'i • lV2'. t . K . 4IH -J .1L ".H t .10:*, . a>'.t • 1- SVJ . 40-^ , . -W-lsj . 79 I . 2!"t . :-.s»i . ssu . 44 . B0 . ll'i • V<2-\ . 49 .274 .lOR . 4S% .t.15«4 .143'i, . 64Ji .lOS'i .n:i-'>i . 24li MOISTURE ON THE WESTERN KANSAS WHEAT FIELDS Drizzling Rain Past 24 Hour* In Western Part Wheat Belt WHEAT LOOKING FINE LIBERTY BONDS. Final prices quoted by the McNaghten Loan company today were: 3'iTo f 109.17-32 1st Vi% 101.21-32 2nd 4U% ltd, 3-;i2 3rd 4V, 101.11-32 4th 102. 1-3; V. S. 4 Vi To 105.11-32 Kansas City Llestock. Kansas City, Nov. 20.—CATTLE —Receipts 5,000; calves 1,000; beef steers and yearlings slow, lO'ffloe higher; spots up 25c; mostly short feds at J7.00ffS.0n; few loads of grassers to killers at ?5.50@li\25; she stock moderately active or steady to strong; canners and cutters i2.254r-3.25; butcher cows and heifers J3.50?/5.50: calves steady; practical veal top SR.00; bulk weak; native bolognas J.t.OOS 3.50; Blockers and feeders slow, steady; bulk $5.00<SJS.75; cows and heifers dull. S2.75S4.25; calves steady $5.00© 6.75. HOGS—Receipts S.500; mostly lOjilac higher than Wednesday's average; packer aud shipper top ?<M0; bulk of sales $S.90fi9.35; bulk desirable ISO to 300 pound averages $9.1009.33: light lights 25c higher; 140 to 150 pound $7.75'.C S.50:; packing sows 5S.355! S.60; stock pigs slow, JG.50fjTV.0i>. SHEEP—Receipts 2.500; lambs generally 25!?r35c, lower; practical top wooled skins $13.75; few head sorted from exhibition lot SHOO; better grades natives and fed lots mostly $13.35i(T13.75, clippers $11.40 61U1.65; sheep about steady; top ewes ?7.85. Chicago Livestock. Chicago. Nov. 20.—HOGS—Receipts 62,000; opened active-, Kuic loc higher: light lights and killing pigs 25ifr50c up; packers doing little; active shipper demand; top $9.75; bulk good and choice 230 to 325 pound butchers $9,507(9.70; majority packing sows ?S.S5fiS.10; 120 to 130 pound slaughter Pigs mostly $7.50@7.75; heavy weight hogs S9.40-i7.-9.75; medium yj.«agf 9.70; light $S.OO «5I9 .40. CATTLK—Receipts 12,000; most killing classes fairly active; fed steers and yearlings 15(p25c higher; weighty kind showing mo3t advance; several loads choice vear- lings $13.00; others J12.75W12.S5; few youngsters under $9.00; top weighty steers $10.50; average weight 1.500 pounds; buyers anxious for better grades weighty bullocks; many sales 75c or more higher than Tuesday's low time; short fed steers selling at $<!,00; reflecting least upturn; stoekers and feeders about steady; fat cows and heifers more active, lOfftlSe higher; canners steady to strong; bulls steady; voalers ZStiJaOr-, higher; packers paying upward to $9.50; weighty calves in active demand; mostly $7.00 downward. SHKKP—Receipts 27,000; very dull; no early sales fat lambs to packers; few to shippers at $14.00; generally bidding $13.50 or 251750c lower; fat sheep steady; bulk ewes fa.SOfT8.00. Wichita Live Stock. Wichita, Kan., Nov. 20.—HOGS— Receipts 900; looks 10e hiphor: prospective top $3.30; bulk JU.DSiJj; 9.25. CATTLK—Receipts 300 including 100 calves; slow and dull on all kinds; butcher cattle 25<ii 10c lower for week; bulls weak to 15c lower; veal $1 lower; canners and cutters 15(i.t25c lower; cattle slow and around 25c lower. Sunflower Produce. Heavy lions, 16c; light hens, Hie; springs 10c; sings 12c; Li -glioi'im and blackc, all weights 13c; old roosters 7c; turkeys, No. 1 lSc; No. 2 Sc; old trims J3o; ducks loc; geese Sc. KGCIS—Fresh, pel- doz. 40c. Locai Grain, WHEAT—ryuotod'by Wm. Kellj Mill) wheat $1.30. SHORTS—J1.66. IIR A X — $1.35. Swift 4 Co. TIUTTERFAT—No. 1, 33c; No. 2 30c. HHTTEIt—Creamery 40J|41c. JSGGS—Fresh, 40o. Subsoil is Moist, But the Surface Was Getting Rather Dry for the Plant. Hodge City, Nov. 20.—Intermittent showers and drizzling rain began falling In Dodge City and continued throughout th> day. Reports at the Santa Fo division offices were Dint a light rain was falling from Cimarron to Kinsley on tho company maiu line, and ns far west as Ness Cily on the Great Jleml-Soott City branch. The rain la welcomed by wheat growers, who have been reporting for the past week or two that fields ivero beginning to need moisture. The stib-soll Is moist for some distance down, but not to the extent It was last year. Farmers say, however, that tho weather has been decidedly favorable for the fleld3 this fall, excepting for moisture slightly below normal, and that the wheat plants are In better condition than they wero a year ago. when a cold fall retarded growth. Meade.Knn., Nov. 20.—A steady soaking rain has been falling all day and up to this time almost an Inch of precipitation. Tho big wheat fields of Meade county are showing wonderfully green and wherever you go on every hand will ba seen unmistakable evidences of the harvest of 1925. No hessian fly, chinch bugs or green bugs are to be found In Meade count. The acreage Is the largest ever sown In tho county and the prospect is by far the best. Dry In Pratt. Pratt, Kan.. Nov. 20—Although most c" the fall planting of Pratt county wheat Is badly In need of rain, no damage has yet resulted, and next year's crop promises to exceed tho 1924 harvest by 13 per cent. Such Is the announcement of C. H. Stlnson, county farm agent, nf- ter tho completion ot a preliminary survey of the fall planting. Last year, according to the farm agent, the planting was 92 per cent of normal. Early surveys indicate that present plantings are 105 per cent. Fly In Rice Wheat. Lyons, Kan., Nov. 20—Wheat growers in every part of the county are complaining of the ravages of the Hessian fly in the tleids. The continued warm and drj weather that has prevailed since sowing time has been favorable for the pests to lay their eggs in the tender young stalks and it Is said the infestation Is the heaviest In the history of the county. CATTLE SOLD FOR RECORD PRICE A Carload Sold for $20 per Hundred, but They're Prize Stuff. Kansas City, Nov. 20.—The champion carlot of Aberdeen-A.ngus cattle exhibited by W. E. and Carl Moss of Princeton, Mo., today brought the highest price for a carlot of cattle In tho history of the American Royal Livestock show—$20 a hundred pounds. Last year, tho clinmplonshtp load, Hero- fords, brought $17.50 a hundred pounds, (lie previous high price. Kansas and Wisconsin shared honors In Rerkslilro hog prizes. Lnure' Epoch, owned hy W. 1!. Ilalton ot Lnwrenco, Kansas, was declared grand champion boar In this division i.nd Silblrfa Gnft, exhibited by Mohr and Koepe, Bloomer, Wis., was adjudged grand champion sow. Championships in the Lincoln and Cotswold breed of sheep went lo Wisconsin exhibitors. The Lincoln championships for both ram and owe went to Richards and Richards of Lodl. Wis., and the Anoka farms ot Waukesha, Wis., won similar honors In tho Cotswold division. At the auction of prize fat cattle ot the American Royal, the first prke load of calves, owned by Han Casement of Manhattan, Kansas, brought $15.50 a hundred pounds. Casement's short fed cattle were sold at $11.75 a hundred pounds. The prlzo yearlings of tho Snl-A- Har Farms, Grain Valley, Mo., wont for $13.75 a hundred pounds. THE DAILY RECORD Building Permit.. A. F. Wiogana, 1307 li cast, garage, $50. C. P. YVtlly, U2J cth wut, cement block KiVrnge, S4H0. 7.Ion Lutheran church parsonage, fldrlltl.m. yen. tv. V'. Sclionholt7- l-:ast Sixth, garage for residence, $3,00(1. Births. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Bolyanl, It. r. ]). No. r.. Iiov. Nov. 5. Mr. una Mrs. Lemur 11. Colllln, 514 West Kighlh. >,-trl. Nov " 36" with Impunity, knowing it will be forthcoming because It bolongs to tho standard sizes, it Is not so In Germany, whore tho women nre ot more generous build, (iarmtin merchants knowing tho call for sizes 3ft and 38 will bo few, carry 42 and larger only and the 38 and 38 comes- under tlin special sizes that have lo bo ordered or made special. Size 42 Is the most popular slzo in Germany. Coffee Prices In a Sharp Break New York, Nov. 20. —Coffee prices today brnko 1V4 cents to almost two conts a pound, when Brazilian Interests entered the market offering concessions of a cent a pound below yesterday's quotations. Tho decline brought the price of coffee tor March delivery to 17.40 cents a pound, more than flvo cents below iho high rocord established on Nov. 11. SECURITY BENEFIT IN THANKSGIVING PARTY. Tho members of tho entertainment committee of the Security lleneflt association are making Plans for an entertainment noxt Wednesday night. The party will bo In the nature of a Thanksgiving affair. Study In Alcohol. First Inebriate — What'll von have? Second Inebriate—Who? First Inebriate—Tho gen-ieman with you. Second Inebriate — Thnsh not gen'leman. Thash me.—Life. TOO LATE To CLASSIFY BARNES SALVAOH~c3! " HJsedl T5ir«a 83x4: 33.X4: 34x4; prices ranse from U to }2; good used tubes ji encn. UAltN'K.S AUTO SALVA11E CO. ""-24 West Sherman, THREE lots lo trade for good car: Phone 3C.12J, after 7 o'clock. l-'OK KENT—Two nlct-ly furnl-slietl rooms for light housekeeping, with tiL l JllJ'". 00 _ w - 'st. Phone 175SJ. FOH SALE—Una power hav bimer; also fnt paiiou: ;a c „ ](,. pi", mi0 ,;fr,. THOKCiUailltKEI) Haned Hock CocK. erels; welch 74 lbs. r-uctl. Call at 407 West .Sherman. lTlono 27SUI. WANTEP—A dining room girl at Grace Hospital. Address V-ll. care i-.iH'nn. gin. ,\ov. u. —.. . , —r—.1 , . Mr. tm.1 Mrs. Clrovor O. Alexander. ' to l}„ * A i'b'~..? '* t ' r0K ' n conI l fur * «~ « <— - collar; 206 \\ est i>th. 3IS Second i-ast. bov, Nov. l.'l, Mr. and Mrs. C. b. Ileivett. SO East 17 th, a boy. Deed.. John A. reieison lo IL F. Collins. Ri, lot 11 oil 19 &• 20 bk (i Hutchinson Inv Co Sill mid Hutchinson Jl.OO. Suit. Filed In District Court. C. M. Williams vs. IL E. ItcKee, suit on note. Sume vs. llurrton State Bonk et al, re-every of money. In re: Apinal of Timothy 13. Harrl- gan. lier'd. Norwood Pnvles ve. Norma Davles, divorce. .11 in tile M. Horton vs. J, It. Horton. divorce. Trust Co. vs. John II. Smith et al, foroclo5iire of mortgage, Marrlaoe Licenses, John W. Johnsnu, T-9. Hutohlmon, und Nancy Jane IHinn, 55, Hutchinson. OasssSffasd! PHONE 4400 AND CALL POK CLASSIFIED AB BlirT. ?»3«Ss>K> laments, and appurtenances thereunt- belonging, or In ftnywbiQ nppnrtnlnlnu Snlil properly will bo sold under mil by vlrtuo of nil order of sale, issuei out of the District Court of Item County, Kansas, to satisfy a Judgini-n obtained In .aid Court, on the Kit! (lay of November, A. P. 1H24, at tie Hepti-mbev term of pnlil t'oui-t, bl ,1. C Krou.n nicnlnst Jnlne.i It. Moon and ltuliy A. Moore, Ids wife, for tin sum of Twentv-nno Hundred Pourleei anil ,12-11)0 Dollars, debt, together will cnst.'> of suit nnd Interest at the rati of l(l7o tier cent tier Milium, from tin dnte of judgment; nnd nt tho (am- term of 1,'ourl, In the snnie case- am on the smile day, the Defendant ant ihoss I'etittotier, fleorge Ifolloway Uecelver "f the Fourth Statu Palik and Hie Eourlli Slntc flank of Hutch tllsoli. Kansas, obtained Judgmen- ngiilnst .lames U. Monro and Kuby A Mnore, b).s wife, for tho sum o 537315.71! at S% from dato of judgment and a further decree of said Court charging said described real entati with the payment of eiald debt an< cost of suit, ns a lien thereon. Given under inv hand at mv offlct In the City of Hutchinson, Kansas this l'Jtb day of November, 19H4. JESSE LA.NCIFOttlJ. Sheriff of l'.eno County. E. T. Poote, Attorney for Plnlnlltf. dally-Nov 20-31 Sheriff's Sals of Real Estate. First Publication Oct. 23rd, 1924. Centra! Stale Punk, Plaintiff, vs IV. ZL Mnt-tln, et al. Defendants. No. 14,757. Public notice Is hereby given, thai on Monday, the 24th day of November, 1924. at 10 o'clock A. M.. I will offol nt public sale, nt the West door ol the Court House, In the City of Hutchinson. Kansas, and sell to the hlgliesl bidder, for cash In hand, the follnwbil described real emate, to-wlt: NE'i oi Section 11. Tu-p. 2i"i, Itange 6 Wost, Reno County. Kansas, together wit! all and singular the tenements, herldl- tiiments, nnd appurtenances thcreuntfl belonging, or in anywise appertaining Said property will l-.n sold under anr, bv virtue of nn order of sale, issued out of the District Court of Bent County, Ktinsna. to sntlsfy a Judgment obtained In /wild Court, on tit. 30ih day or June. A. II. 1922, at the April term of said Court, by The Central Stale Mnulc against IV. if. Afar- tin, O. II. Duke and O. lt.-iymond fot the sum of l'.tglit Hundred Seventy- three end S7-IO0 Dollars, debt, together with cosis of suit and Interesl at the rate of S per cent per annum, from the dnte of judgment: and n further decree of said Court, ohnrglnc said described real estate wllh the payment of said debt nnd cost of suit, ns n lien thereon. Given under rnv hand at inv office In the City of nutehlnson. Kansas this 21st day of October. 1921. JESSE T.ANWCVRO. Sheriff of Mono r-ounty. 15. T. Foote, Atty. for Pinlnflff. Thurs-Oet 13-!- John It. McAllister, 24. Nickcrson, I C-ll 1JLI.ND AD REPLIES A-10--I o-n—l " " " .!•-«—l and l-laia E. Ma.'-iov. 2e, Lyons Rnt.t. H.nsnn. 22, Monroe, Me., and Juanlta Puckett, 21, Oklahoma Cily. RECOVER THE LOOT IN $100,000 ROBBERY Gasoline Stocks j Show Big Decrease I St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 20.—Recovery of five ?10,000 liberty bonds said to be part of $100,000 loot obtained In a St. LouL robbery- was erfected here today with the arrest of dames ^.onnolly, a former Minneapolis newspaper man, police announced. New York, Nov. 20.—Gasoline stocks decreased lo the extent of 1,417,014 barrels during October, according to reports received by the American Petroleum Institute, | street and the bonds were found covering approximately 02 per cent i in his pocket, Edward J. Murnane, of the operating capacity of the i chief of police said. United States. Pipe line and tanki farm crude oil stocks east of the CREDIT MANAGER FELL Rocky Mountains decreased 335,000 ; DOWN ELEVATOR SHAFT barrels in October. j The dally average gross crude - Wichita, Kan., Nov. 20.—Injuries oil production ot the United States i sustained when he Sell three Btor- incroased 5,500 barrels-for the week ! ies down an elevator shaft last ended Nov. 13, totalling 1,94!,0.J0 ; night proved fatal today for Shlr- barrels, according lo the weekly j ley 1). Huffman, 33, credit manager summary ot the institute. (Daily ' for a large drygoods company here, average production, week ended i Huffman was moving office sup- E-l 1-3 .i-io—:i K-ll—2 L-9-1 M-s—2 CJ-9—1 it-10—3 S-10— 2 X-ll—1 V-7-1 RATES ON CLASSIFIED AOS For consecutive lnseriuna same copy. same- day. „, Minimum charge 1 Day — 1'er line i" 3 l>nys—Per line 1 Oav»— I'cr line . Days—Per line T' 6 Days--Per line J» 7 Days—1'ei line %i 8 Days—Per Una 27 10 Davs— per line • \i, . a Weeks—Per Una )fi Connolly w» S> arrested on the < g « Mon lh - P « iloe_•— -ij'V [0r *' » both papers • "' Nov. S, was revised, account inclusion of two pools not previously report, namely Wilbarger and Panhandle in North Texas, to 1,935,550 barrels.) Kansas Fields Show Decrease. The dally average production east of California was 1,311,550 barrels, an increase of 0,250. California production was 089.000 bar- piles from one floor to another In the company's building. How he came lo fall down the shaft, no one knows. He died at a hospital without regaining consciousness. RENO COUNTY ROADS IN SPLENDID SHAPE. The roads in the south half of rels, a decrease of 750; Oklahoma ! Reno county aro in better condi- showed a dally average of 514,300 i tion now than they have over been barrels, increase ot 11,(00; Kansas I before, according to County Com- SS.000 barrels, decrease of 400; | tnissiouer Frank Vincent, who with North Texas 52,550 barrels, In- 1 the other commissioners made an 1 crease ot 3,700; central Texas 103,-! inspection trip over the roads yes- C50, decrease of 5,100; North j terday. The county Is doing a Louisiana 00,150, increase of 1,300; ' great deal more culvert building CORRECTION OF CLASSIFHifJ AD ERRORS ^Tio News and The Herald will no! Do responsible for more than one in correct Insertion of any advertisement orderd foi more than one time. Error,, not tho fault of the advertisers which clearly lessen the real value of th* advertisement will be reclified only by publication without extra charge within FIV'B days after insertion. N' republication will be made when th* error does not materially affect l.h- ni.nn.iPtij i-uni 3U1 lo asnajnd lo os-nes I WORD AND LIME SCALE 5 Words or less i Lino 6 to 11 Words 2 Line* 12 to 17 Words 3 Lines IS to 22 Words 4 Lines 23 to 28 Words 6 Lines 29 to 33 Words 6 Lines ^4 lo 3-J Words 7 l..nes 40 to 45 Words 8 Lines 411 to SO Words 9 Lino* 50 to 53 Words 10 Lines For more than 10 lines figure 3 ttnet to *ach 111 words or fraction Thereof TELEKMONE ADS The News and The Herald will give careful attention to nil uda received over the telephone, but cannot guar, aiitce accuracy Sheriff's Sale ot Real Estate. First 1'lil.Iloatlou Oct. 23rd, 1924. Stele Tt.-mk of rlevnn. rlnlntlff, v A. B. tlorton. et a I. riefondants. No. 1K, 15(1. Funl'to notice Is herobv given, thai on Mondiiv. the C4tb dav of November 1924. at 10 o'clock A. M.. 1 will offei nt public .-de. at the West door ot llle Court Home". In the City of Illltc.h- incoti. Kansas, and sell lo the hlgliesl liiiMer. fop ... T.SII In hand, (he followltis (l'-scrllied re :1 l e.-tnte. to-wlt: The Ens' Half fl-;i:.> of the East Half (Eli) OI S*.-t!on T-'oie- ft! in Township Twenty- four (241. S.ntHi of Uiiiu'e Ten 110) West nf the r.lh t\ M. Ill Uelio Countv Stale of Kallins. mid containing IOC acre., more or !e.=s. together with nl' and slngiO'ir Ihe tenements, herldlla- rnenfs. (iii.l enpiirlen.-iuees therennti lietonclng. in- In eiiv,v!se anperlnltilng S.-ild tiro|ie,-tv wl" he so!,! nailer am' bv virtue of nn order of pale, issue*' out of Ihe Dl-trlct r-onrf of Item ('.-unify. IC-ins.-ts. to eatlsfv a judg cent obtained In s.iid Court, on lie '.'1st dnv of October. A. H. 1924. at Me Semetnher term of said Court, bv Th Slate flei-lr of Pleves. a roronralon r rlevnn. Kan«ns. jigulntf A. II. Ifarfo- arid Dal«v llr.rton. hi. wife, for tl- sum of J.l.4(1.-,.nn Oelu., tocelher wb' cosls tit suit ,-uiit interesl at Iho r«' of S per (---111 per omiUlll, from I' ,lalo of Indcn'.ciit. June 101b. 19';- ,-inii n furtlier decree of sah! Con- . el-ri--elec ?i\\i\ d'-serlPeil real estn* i-lth the oavnient of Bald debt ci l '-'t of eil't. as .1 Men tliereon. Cdven ii'ider mi- Iminl nt mv off- I* Ihe COv of llnlchlninn. Kan-" this 23vd dav Oclnlwr. 19"4 .TRSOU r.WfJFORt). S'-eeiff- of Heno Count- Hcttlneer llellleeer. Attornevs Mr Plaintiff. Thuri-O-H 2"' Sheriff's S.le of Real E.tate. Firs; i-ubllc.-iilon Ociober 23, 19:4 P...lwrt Turn.-, r-lsiiitiff, vs. F. ' Iliiuvau, Defendant. t'l'I'Mi- liotl.-e l.erehv given, tlv" on >i.."'l.-iy. Ihe 24tli day of Noverc her. l r C?4 at 10 e.'elnck a.m.. I wl" off-r '11 piililie eiile, nl IT"' West doo- Il"> eoil'-f 'iniiie, In Hie Cily ot Hnfeeinsoiv Kri'isiis. nnd sell to the hirle" t l.tdd.-r, for ensb !n band, the f-il-.i-.eil'™ 'leserlle-d nrolierty, to Wll' An iin.I'Vlded iine-tblrd Inteiem 1n r.d eCr "S of eorn locale.) an the 5Tt-'V O S'-'tl.-m :r.. Two. C3. Unnge 10 West end l:U Uu. If, U .S. .->f Wheat !o<vi!e< i-> 10- I'! I'levefor at Sv-lvin K'*---:ls. Al«o V'. (>. Tfclnv.-lti's Umll viile.l Interest lo and to more nr 0 = a . "f cmwine- u-i-, cited on i!i t . swi: or seeti^.i! KriPS'.s (Wheat ill Ihe elevator I he sold Mil'jeel: to a lirlor lien), e-lh.!' ivllh "II and singula-- Ihe tene im-nts l-.ei-l.ll1am.-nls. and apiinrle- iianeew tlieiniulo lieloncing. or In rip-'wf-e ninierlain'iMr. Snhi iirop.rrv v.lll l.e sr.Id nnd?r nnrt by virtue of en order of l.weued out of t'-e District C.-ei-l of iteno Countv. lC'ip«ns. to «fitlsfv of acres. Twp. -Itntv. tn •ro- LEGAL NOTir-E Arkansas 117,300, decrease of 3,800, gulf coast and southwest Texas 135,150, increase, of 3.900; eastern 100,000, no change; Wyoming, Montana and Colorado 84,450, decrease of 5,050. Daily average imports of petroleum nt Principal ports for the week ended Nov. 13, were 270,4118 barrels, compared with 288,000 for the previous week. Doily average receipts of California oil at Atlantic and ga" coast ports for the week ended Nov. 13, were 90,000 barrels, t. pared with 91,429 barrels for the previous week. There wero no changes reported in crude ol. prices for the major districts—mb.lcontinent being quoted at 75 cents to 51.25 a barre', according to the gravity of tli-j oil; Pennsylvania crude, Bradford district $2.83 a barrel, all other grades $2.75; gulf coast erudo oil, grade "A" $1.50 a '-arrel grade "IS" $1.25, and California crndo ranged from $1 to $1.40 a barrel, according to the gravity of the oil. CAUGHT WILD DUCK ON MAIN STREET Some people drlvo 30 miles or moi'o out to ibe salt marshes and slill ore unsuccessful in their effort to kill a wild duck, but Mack Huffman, clerk at the postoffico, caught a wild Mallard sluglo handed, at the corner of Fourth and Muln on his way down to work this morning. The duck had been crippled by some hunter and was forced to land on Main street. Mr. Huffman got out ot his Ford car and run lli» duck down. this year because of the law passed in 1923 requiring the county lo build all the larger culverts on the township as well as the county roads. Has Few Perfect Thirty-Sixes. Although an American or French woman who can go into a shop lu her native land and ask for "size Sheriff's Salo of Real Estate. First Publication Nov. Slltb, 1924. J. i". Krims, Pliilnlifr. vs. James It. Moore, et al. Defendants. .No. 15.320. Pulillc notice la hereby Riven, that on Monday, the 22nd dav of December, 1924, nt 10 o'clock A. M., I will o«er at public pale, at Hie West door of the Court House, In the City of Hutchinson. Kansas, and sell to the highest bidder, for rash In band, the following described real estalo, lo-wll: Lots Four ID, Five (5) and Six (G), 111 Monroe Street and I-'iflh Avenue Addition lo the City of Hutchinson, Heno County, Kansas, together with all and singular tho tenements, berldi- Today's Outstanding Bargains in SECOND HAND FURNITURE Large Size Walnut Vanity Genuine Walnut Chiffonier Late Style Metal Bed (Walnut finish) $100.00 Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet, $22.50 45-in. Oak Dining Table, $15.50. Good Oak, Medium Size, Library Table, $12.50. Acorn Gas Range (low oven), $18.00. Acorn Gas Range (elevated oven), $27.50. Whites Coal Range, no reservoir or warming closet, $10.00 Boss Oak 12-in. Coal Heater, $6.50. Boss Red Oak 12-in. Coal Heater, $6.50. Clipper Oak, 15-in. Coal Heater, $12.50. Phone 496 Ride the Elevator and Save. 23 South Main Inv of Whru.iry .VP 1921. :it th* Turner fii" , inst V. O. liTinvnn for fh» '>f t '*"M»* "J Tumi I 'M Twcntv-lwo ff in woy <-.-.nt. V'T iMinmn. from lh»» iff hi 1 1 n il cvfif. of ? u 11, iv R a \\ cn in tli" Ci»V TTtitfliinsrtn KftHSflP. tliU 21 st dnv ff O.Mo|ifr. Bli'-iiff of Hfno County. M. A. Ai-lninrrv Altoniry for T'luinttrf. tnn r-i)f>+ Rlnlntlff. vs. William C.-.!(».«. Vrnt nrc lip'-phv iK.''fIptl (twit yrm •»*tro, Tnn f**.<ilr*M T>ml If v<m <lo not 11'H, JI -t>"T'>ni"nt will h» f-ikf) stfrntn/tt r .-V"tW>ii rxlpt'nK tjetwpen yon anil the T'l^refove govern yoursplf nccffHI- INC,Y * PON SrrA ^^PIH. AttP'sfT <*'; IP 1 A. TMclu«»-fl l i' i n. C'r.rU nf tiio Dlstrift fVturt. Nnv. 1 <l*»v Ui'M .l Mrin-e to C'»n t ' , n'-.torR. ftU 1 ** «'F'l It" f'(»f*(*fvf*f? I".' tl" of f^im'nlss'oll^' Hoard HntHVipMnnT^T't'C citv'rw.r^'nffi?] ^ovr-ml-r •T .fh. Tf>'>|. f or - ---- M> t'n n of Jenii \vr>te*> c^rvlf ^•••i-nml Avf,. fr.-.nj TMIIPI St •n«t of Clrv.'l.inil. Tli-'.Mnt ii. ni. •>V Ift'M, for I'IO pi-.n^trn't". 5* on Fnnl t tn id! It "MaJneij nt ibtft nfff.'fi'of c\ty of MM niiun rlKlit t( 1MIIV bp Wn»-lt to TIP dono In rtPr-oi "Tt tltp j)V'iits TI ml «[)fi4 "U|c.'»Mnfi« nf MM> ciiv Knglni'i'r on ftlo in Mip f'lpfU'* A cr-rttfioil r-lu'.^U for J -.fl.on nrcoiiipHin' cacli hid. rfki-t nnv ;i»<l hi»i». 1 H.nt KP M hV\"/._. nty_f?lork : (Kirsf vuh)l«i>»tf S*ov*;(nh':r V.tih In ibi- J1utc»>*itison N- uw.l Notice lo Pronertv Owners. SotioAi In lirr^hv triv»Mi thnt f hi Ht.ard nf V'ominUslonnrs of ibu CHj of TlutPliln^ou, Kansnn. win m^Pt lr iiipir C-bambPra in Convention Hull. R' VM nYlnck p. in.. Vrlflay. Novt*mbe, flat. as ft >U >ar4l of KnuaM'/utlon to ailJnst niul enuiilfze n.fHPaiiinenia o] Ibo ^roiKTtlt'H liable for tho rnst ol (•urbbitf, KJjttoHnw nnd p/ivlne Hot-on^ Avfttuo Knst t'i'oin l'liim Ktmet to lfil fCOt i'tltit of ClovtibiTul Ktivot, " my band this IStU day of 10- a WAL /riSU JOKES, Mayor.

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