The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 23, 1932 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1932
Page 7
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THE D\ILY NEWS. FREDERICK, MD . MONDAY, MAY 23, 1932. SEVEN DRESS TO MATCH SKY'S COLOR f --""" Greenfield KlICHEfcl BT SISTER MART NZA 8crric« Writer Most hoas**n-«£ take much pride in an a"rac:-V£ and T*ell-e}.ii?;?«d kitchen, and w^se care as well as wise selection of utensils is needed if orcer asc efficiency are to be saiataiaed Baci isatenaJ froai Trnich the ranous «ri:?«n*=:t :s T«rte has :is wm special treatment aod tboald oe cared for »c- «rcnsg::y. IneJIigezit car* does amen to p-oiosg the life and usefulness of kitchen -j:«nsi!s and ss an effective wwanK wsrards economy. While certain inaie-rai are e«?*cia2y adapted to certain needs in cooking. aH arv.cleB Tn«t*.» from the same material require ifc* same general care, be they fryaig pass or muffin aiolds. A!;!m-T,rra 13 popular and n«eGS HO ·pocbC preparation to as ;i for use ss 'the fcitcben. It is available :a aiaa? .brands aad veighzc. The heavier the aseial she longer it Trill last. bjt all aluminaai wears well and is lisht so baad-e. Maay housekeepers objeet to the aeta: because so many foods stain jx. However, a carefol choice of sco-^r- ing powder maes it easy to dissolve and remove stains. Furthermore. certain T~«v-g of aluaii'jm don't NaeScea as readily ac others. Keep m sued that aak a the darkening agent for ai'iir.:- ntiai and care for :t accordingly. A neutral soap for washing, wood for scraping tha'f a. clothespin for cleaning and a wooden, spoon for stirring during oook^s) and \err fine sandpaper or steel wol steel wool for SOCKETS. trah thorough scaldis? aed wipag. w2l icep aluEUraa ut«c£:-s si excellent condition. Enamelware Chips Easily. KnamelTcare requires gentle handbag since hard inocis mnVe it chip. ither will the average enamelware sind intense beat ·xitaout checking, which leaos eventually- to chippms However, it has lit:"* tendency to discolor and stems are easily removed ··nth any good scouring powder. Wood muss be used for scraping and stirring in enamel~are. since metal scratches ice glare of enamel and makes dark eaks- Hot soapsuds, thorough scalding aad. drying keep this material at Iis best. If food sticks and bums, let the pan cool before patting -rater sn it. Then soak and scrate t3 the burned parucl-es -nth vrocKL If the burning -sras bad and some of the spots obstinate. icelt a small amount of fat slowly in tfce pan and scrape again. G.ass is popular for ovemrare and retraires so special preparation if it's one of ; :e brancs parrjeulariy con- G ! -e^:'-»'d. MI\ _'3 -- Miss M»xane Di\-5 sp»"it the lart w»«k-r:«l .n Frederic* -- Tbofw who issited Mr »nd Mr? 1 Jc^- P%M« SJn4»v wre Mr and Mrt J C-rd-n Daiy ~"xi dsaghter. ^^'^n 8 . ; o"« J^-t sni Gtcrw o' EUROS' ' ' C*^ Mr and Mr'' Archibald D»v^. ol ' GR EcI'- »"S ^ r a:i(i ^ I BUILDING I WITH DOLLARS - Mr M* rarr-.' \V F t . o? Gri Ech hoc*'' o-.or :h of F v d -- ? Few pleasures are more M ^ e real than that of seeing samh |% y^^ b an k account grow g. with regular deposits and :' the accumulation of inter : i * 1 i Mr and Xfr» G*x«r«:e \^'-i Mr asd Mrs -Tc-r;"r of Subscribe for The I , ; ATTENTION J THI Ntn IOME«T1C J Buiirjc Eler. Kffrifcrator J It now on I»»pl«T ta III* Weinberj wln- » low 119 N Mirkri »u*ri. f»r h*rt vbll*. $ ALBERT C. PALMER, Acnt. $ est. Start building with dol lars, and realize the satis faction of steady financial progress. Open an account with us now and make a deposit ev ». j| ery week. F.\D\ B \ D « 0 THOSE RELIABLE RADIO SEKVICC ROGER F. LIPPS txrtni KUJIO stu\irt UOVMC M I R ISC. 1'ITTXK.ES »VD RCFAIBS .·»· J»b Too SraitI--Xono T«» L«ri« if 'I Commercial Bank of Maryland | 3:2 SL ·vr5i?t At SMART BEL1IONTS S? RING MEETTX' John R Fel!. Jr. and Mrs Frecerici J or.nsor BY BETSY SCHCYLEK XEA Service Writer ·.e lef; ?.!_v= All:-? ce Pc.j'.er, Mrs Harry C C usaxs 3rd. M^s PC;-.- M :*·' l! When your children, j \ : like the buds of flow: 1 |i ers, blossom forth in ,-j 0 spring attire, just no- ij how much they 51 r; have grown in a year. Modish Studies in Blue -ind Gra. shade of b.ue Mrs. Cornelius Whitney scorned lookup at the s wore a gay sreen a bit of black hai omamentod green ribbon fancy, and Zooned anyyia::; r^c-.ed to Withstand tae stra.u of et- CUI 0 -, ue as her Beacon Hiii took; rir=: ol-r.-n .l_-i r pans.jn and coatract.on. Tne glass i a ^ s International Steeplechase Kand- :E«2sar.n5 cups, mixing botrts and mis- j^p and j, er husoaad's fleet-footed anc i cellaneyas dishes used In the kitchen famous Hcu-poise ·sron the Tobo^can will -wear better if they are immersed Handicap. ~Both Tere grand races, do*r in a par.fjl of cold water and brought »he \erdant trac* slowly :: the boiling pom:. BoS for 3ve or ten minutes. Let cool in the lax spring, didn t boasi its usuai gorsc- ous red and pink azaas a water. Wasi ia^ hot soapsuds, scald jge^ Another wee* aad o.c Bconc-..- and dry clear and satniag- If food sucis t 1 s^iwill look its youthful best, glori^-sl. H asaaliy soaS off- Discoloration ·Kill disappear with an application of steel Ttrool. Iron utensils are often co-.ered nr.:h a thm coating o' some sort of shellac Then shipped from the factory. This must b» remove! ar.d the iron "seasoned ' oefore using Firsi let the utensil stand for severs! nours in water in ·Rhica waso»ns soda nas been dis- s-o.^ei. \Vas~ .n *arm soapsuds ana dry. Then rua wi:h unsalted fat and let stand in a -K-arm oven for t*x or three hours and then heat to the snioi- ia«r point Let cool and ·arasn in hot S3£?suas, scald and dry. Rao well with fai for tno s^corc. i-me ana heat slow- 1.. im :2oryj?a":' m the orer. Wipe cS i-.e r-irpl'js fa" «ith a so!t. cr;an- colcrfui -K-ith its Japanese cherries do: by tne paddock, -ts dag-vrood ani £2- - ers. Spring Is In The Air--and the Clothes. The Turf arxi Field Cluo s :rc-r. - name .i.ni5^_. aijVt ?' ^^iC-St Probabl- ;..? smartest looking HO- d?ck ".as Mr^ Fredcr.''k Janrii^ri cla French mar.r.c ol u - ;i.srfrs 5"?."^r -_dt ccat srd a p *T** .iat 01 t ic Sa~-? faor.c. ^T^ a r" "' O:.i?r a.ue* ·,,esrers were Ma-P - _ . r Crsr.-r.;. -.Titn a fi::ed co^t -\. ; i -l.i oa:k and r-^'.ers of wiir:^ p.que Mrs P^lly Pot.T and Mrs G^ra'.d-ne L Hcdni^-d the Istter .n Alice blue Mrs ~ isrd T Wilson s sre a ve~y .:-nsi ;^pc cr. ir.c lo-.; c'.-a: anc a leather iiis ner 'i^t and; ^.-.-^-- ?T A .r. TM. snoTins in the PO;~.- MifT^'. ;a:i 'or-- .1 -- r o.j- ;a.: v r h for , - » r ·aore :..-^ c..*"s: l.t::" ".'.'. vith cirf an^. .1 iaiart saJc. :ii. i '-" ?'c ro r t»I bji.o:-^ up t.:; of ;.-ar th^ :--37. Mrs Henrv C3rne;:- ce r" erc S ·.» :irc ?. s" - blue and F-ipps V.IT* ha-.Ss.'oie broia leataor ih.te rtr.pcd 3»iS i^-rf in a DO'v r 13rd; · fide r'os.";i ndi'-:: I.-C-T l:cr chip. *-·-:*· Mr^ RT^--t M-Adoo had pamp- M.T Fra:.-; Hcr.Mr.o.- jj:t ^i* i from 01 laonc of ^P *a·'···· pray as n«-r sj-'-y Cal:fo-ni. p^r;.c ilar..- Ho":-aood, ^ai; and lizarr. Ma-- and Ce.-a Room- 1 -^f-i^ea to b- ..e e tnsi t:ie ^ur. cou'i ^311 botr. v.ore p.unp- the one the | jomo for tho opcninc of Belmor.t. Her 0-..-.C- bro^n. and Mrs. George U. Hari zra- C3s:um° ;^-ned e^prcsfly fitted ~- Itad thrffe-eyelet oifordi. in suede i for a gray cay The cnat a 5omt-nt- . .i cslfj-un. ' tine cut tna-, -Ra.=: srn -x. "n her trim M"re woni"r; sp-3^;ored coats or ' fcra'e. vias a sf fc.-^ pla.c b:ack. -with -jit; si'.'-ji fj- '.han didn t Alice isf.cral tones of gra'v H?r trimmed tne l.ghtcst tone of gray She wore a cross fos ^men -vearing 015 r.a:i i r::i f_r s'ole collar. T'er hat'scarf, too. and gray r.vo-strap sandals. made now. Make an h~ "a crd-v !| appointment today . . . f|i PHONE 799 jl Edmonston Studio a You Arc About It Get a Good Picture" J'rirre Nr-j;lson Bonaparte sas c? Prysler -ODiir.g smart mde«i in a js'ra-v hat fprirj g-cer ^j.t. with Ions coat Dry Agent's Job All It's Cracked Up To Be -Der a-d the ready to Tomorrow's Menu. Sreaifast Orange juice, croar.-. oa'-tec eggs trail bread reacted. n:.'nc coCee ij-jncnson' Cassero.e o: vegetablas, rye br-es-ci and cheese toasted sandwiches, s.:coa p^;eappZ«, cup cakes, mUfc, tea D^iner. Fi-et of flouiicer baked tjniatoes and on.ons. spaghetti tun- caix. ttuSed beet salad, sour cream rais.a p.e, d-lk, coffee. EXPECT 24 MORE VOTES Th-ey maie a, saaasnj;? success, c.d Us;*: Sam's cus-"=s of l.q.;or recer.:r Ar.i :.i^ D.^t^r" .-.1:75 ".-.:-,- -xy reasec; . Lor,d:-r.. Cor-z. Tha.'s a cr.anipagre o?"l« makirj tnat partirjlarr -- -.v S3.2ih PRE-SCHOOL CLINICS tend First Time Neit FalL Kooeerelt Forces Hope For Colorado And Utah. Wasaing^or;, Ma- "2--ConSdeat that Frarislai D. Hooserclts caoture of 106 delegates last ·» ee^ had demonstrated hi abJitr to -srard cff the influsnces j of temporary setbaclis. managers of I the Xes- York governors pre-conren- ! Being Conducted For Children To \t- tion campaign hoped this --eek to put! 24 more in his column. j This ·s-oul^i £i-re the leading cancl-) parents of ch-Idrcr -no ~..I cr.tcr rr .^ g oate for r'rs Deniscratic presi-cential j the pub^c scroc-U c." i.ic c--v an- ,,; ^?3 nommatior. 599 canren^ion vo-cs :f his ' county for the f-rst tur.c r.c- * Fa", ar; supporters claims to 105 in Pennsyi- i bemg urged to take t-ic-r chJdrer. ;o racia. and Ke-v York are incluced. r re-sch»l health conferences orc.m.;. There -woul-d De 171 short of the 770 scheduled voider ITS aiisp.ccs -f the reooired for the nom^iation. county tcai-h cepartir.ent C'_nic^ The 24 promised Roosevelt tn^ -K-ee's · xcre held in Frcder.Cv c-ty las' --ccr: by his catataign -s-orkers are divided j darine -rhJcb i^r.e 14-i ci-ldrer. -srere s follo~si Delairare. 6. Colorado, 12; | examinee There is a posioilit- of an unn-' Krwr-Tv.!!?." and *" th-s af-«r=rn ar.- siractsd deleeatt-on froai tne Sastcm i r,^^^ v^ «*- sc-ftu-o-d fc- T '.f' 1 -- stai?, bat the Rcoserelt leaders are: ^ ' ^ -fussclaT "cl^cs ~.l- - hel= ;t of OTercam-^s asv s'-di con- j at " rr iana ar.d in ths West After r.ext -a-eei , -^ T 3 -. 0 ,,.,,_,,, . 122 De=B^;rat.c delegates -s-^1 re- ! da i af-^'/v^j".* -O^.-CX-.T^ - ^ 3^0 to be selected. i Ai taT^GSC jiOOSS 3*B r"C3*123PG 9.77C t^2 clains of 1C5 in Psrrsylvania. and Ne^ Tors hold good at Chicago, Hxx E^S-^^--i£i ,1, #' ,'2^""~""'"r ' -^ -·V---- "" ^^^ ~ -- - £ . , r.oon of June 3. cmfeoera'c Memorial j da- A member of Cor-j-»^o is expect- | d ;·· ccl.'er ar. a r i»-" t is :. 1 " 1 Poolesvllle i Band wU! alav. J jd;e C;iar cs \V. Woofi- .-ard w.l! ar,d the gra-os cf the i Confederate soldiers and o:h«rs ·»-!! be stream w.:n fiovrers --Fran'v R Abbo proprietor, has ap- j shed to tr.e coun-y commissioners for j a 7r.e«a.l of his perm.t :o opera-* a lestaorant -aith dant^ns at Roma. Gar- d^ris on the Rocfcnlle pike, near Mont- ro~», for the jear which began April 15. ar.d the commsssoiprs hav» flxsl Tnurs- ! day afternoon a: 1 ·· c'oc-i for a h-'-ar- j ir.r on the app^cat.^i ir. tr.^ir office j THE PEOPLES FINANCE CO. LOANS PAY OFF YOUR BILLS . . . Do not hesitate to see us if you need money. It's our business to lend it to you. Quick service. S.trictly confidential, friendly and dignified. WE WILL LEND YOU UP TO $300 Peoples Finance Co. 15 N. COURT ST. (Mr. Sam in charge) PHOXE 1473 --A Lcense ·ras issued here for the ; i marriage of George A. Donhauser. 34. i of Glenwooc. and Mary Josephine Shull. j i 37 of Woodbine. ' DaysvIIle »-'z of of confi=ca:inr a Sion 000 car- r '"'· ar^-r_:t th- 1 s--.r.e -iral" Tips ! Da.ysr.lle May 23--AT. enjoyable birthcay partv Tias h"!c ft- Anr." Elirabcti Po^blc- on Saturtav 3"«-- noDn. uie occasion of her s ~;h birtr.- ; day She rccer^d rr^i-.r sifts Garr.'Df '.ancus klncis Ter-- "n'-^cd DT t i chJdren Hefreshmcr.^ »ere serioc G-if^tc -OTP- ?.IrE Th~x53r" Po~b v of TTr.ion Br.cge. Mr ?_rd Mrs O--^ R«cic'-:. ClarTre Recdick. r;.- H'*c Hcdcicic "\Ir arc Mrs G.'r^^r F'-bTe :ir.-= 3.13~rr. E?.rel M-,.- Isa- ·h: 3 OCO nrc ent in Bal:^r.crc S:~- r · t .UT 5-' Jrcav as u t.-.e s-uoenorav of c£ e Eackel GerrrEc Rice M-- E Icr: -. .--.- H-V3SL3S Mar1and. The P: v ^ M^s Ensma ^ Sts'er J.Sr ani Vasrr. '·: has started to slap :h- 1^'^. ~^^re ^^d^astet'^a-ack -^ I^Mer^ck ^^ '"*'' --~- r cert -ra' "'I,'-.a"::V ~*a-= :a '-" "'- Mar Bas* T-r""' E'er C-sr- arc Ads Frarc's r. .r. is.'o - - - - Vj, -,-^,^ -.C% G~3« P.ICS he O.;-rrp cs Srr.rh. bav.--a i _ - a RockTille .3. -j - F-..OT.r,r a. -J .-a-- ·-" E V '.V.-.-.- ·-- ^ c "-/?.Tr:r«*-- - ; - - .- ;, -- ^ac _-; ;,;;- ^prirr Frriac Chickrns ire fl 1 ! -on- order for ROCK YDS A-rrnne Cast "f ON TIME ·THERE'LL neTer be any quest tion about promptness of de- Irrcrv -when yon order your Ice from us. Rest assured it Trill be whenever you order It. PHONE 30 Hillside Coal Ice Co. * oa Water Street. COIL PRICES NOW Pi EFFECT o=37 73 short of t Wlta , age ch^clren ^"ho *vfl} be enro*.- thp scj5fxCs 0 « ,ee. .3 ' cess The Ch-jrch Street School heal'h * _ children exam nei 07 ir S C Se- Aannal Ma T Procession ' iacv ' Er - c °--^ "^'^ off.cer. The Norli The annusl iSa- pr'x-esslsn of S- 1 i^rket Street SchooJ confrr»r.ce. or. h--,. Qg--.^.. c^.TM-^ ^res reld Sun- "i^esday with 37 children e\s.ii^-.=d T s^-Taoor!" a* 3 o'cV*. The"?r-ws- ! ^ Dr ^T C Stcne, Carroll ounty. -as h»sOd by t-e crass-bearer ! **e WashAg-oa S'reet School crest acolytes, fcllo-xed bv the cXKSrea. , »=» Wednesday «tth 46 ch^drer. «- anshor-ers. alt-=.r b--»rs a~J clercy In- ' anuyd b- Dr. H. J SI *iher. and tii; side -he chjrch homage f as paid 'o ??-*--rs"ay Sc.-oo! r-.i.i- u r or. Thursday, the V T--in Mar?" cv la^irte flowers at "th Dr SUr.r as phys.- the f-ot*of h'r stutuc Trie MET cjsen i cian The public health rurs^ ar.d "ras Angela DO-VT ar.d r^r af^-dar-K ' parents a-^is'^d Pr'- " |w«re Mar,- M. '- a-', A i«a Sv :-. ' f f the 'I.n.cs. -..'.--, .^r ._ a. csrwct.;- -- th .c Tn^ Ccr/ral ^ a. 3 ly-ague "2.-s fire" T fijTcr than tre ?I;d- -:ar*.c :r--- vM-h dre- IA-- Burner, former Fre'-l- - »,- --ar C i r r to tne oocii.r.8 schxil n;x CHANGE--- TRY GARBER'S HEARTH BAKED BREADS French--Vienna Style and Eye. The Garber Baking Company j F4-. P E A R R E ' S Modern Pharmacy DRUG PRESCRIPTION SERVICE TELEPHONE 208 We carry only standard coals. Their quality cannot be surpassed.' Geo. S. Rodock Son Fifth St. at Pa. R. R. Phone 90S. YOUR FUR COAT should be thoroughly and espertly cleaned before putting away for the Summer. Dust and soil destroy, not only the lustre, but the pelt itself. Your Fur Coat Cleaned INSIDE and OUT. (Absolutely Safe) Only $3.50 Q U A K E R CITY FREDERICK'S OLDES1. BIGGEST AND BEST CLEANERS AND DYERS The BULOVA BAGUETTE "MISS AMERICA" The New Nationally Advertised Up-To-E-ate Ladies' Watch NOW ON SALE AT McCLEERY'S JEWELRY STORE 48 North Market St. Frederick, McL BEAUTirULt beauty is only one of the tilings these nexv spring designs of Arrr^trong's have to oft ST. Stop in at otir floor style sho-w, and let u* tell you all afaotit these tnoderrs good'housekeeping THE RUG STORE MTLLIXTX i BFMZ EAST PATRICK ST.

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