The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 7, 1970 · Page 10
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May 7, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 10

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1970
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

Wave? . Across L/.S, Leased Wire to The Register „ LEXINGTON, KY. - Gov. Louis B. Nunir ordered State Police and National Guard, "with mounted bayonets and live ammunition," onto the University of "Kentucky campus Wednesday to enforce a 7 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. curfew. He said anyone violating-tl curfew "does so at his own peril." His action came after about 750 students ignored a 5 p.m. curfew that University President Otis Singletary had ordered in a bid to quell protests against the Indochina war and the killing of four students by National Guardsmen at Kent State University. •* In Illinois, Gov. Richard Ogilvy ordered 5,000 National Guardsmen to duty, half to armories near the University of Illinois campus at Champaign-Urbana, site of a clash between students and police. The other" half of the force was dispatched to armories at 17 different locations around the stale, including Northwestern /University at Eyanston. At the University of Illinois, at least three policemen and one student were reported injured, one seriously, and unknown numbers of demonstrators were arrested. No reports of injuries or arrests were available at Northwestern. Nationwide Turmoil From across the nation Wednesday came reports that the tidal Wave of anti-war turmoil was growing in intensity. At least 300 U.S. colleges were closed or crippled by student strikes. Anti-war groups announced they will go "angrily and ur- , gently" to the White House on Saturday to condemn U.S. intervention in Cambodia. "^Federal officials turned down a request for permission to hold a protest rally in front of the White House, offering instead the Washington Monument grounds. But the protesters said they will go to the White House anyway. Brushing aside the offer of the monument grounds, a spokesman for the New Mobilization Committee to end the • War In Vietnam said students THE DAY IN WASHINGTON O.C. REVISE TARGET FOR APOLL014 are prepared to stage sitdown strikes and face beatings and tear gas from police to show their, disapproval of the Cambodian military offensive. In California, Reagan ordered Gov. Ronald all state colleges and universities to close today through the weekend to avbid v trouble. Re x agah said the closing would allow students, faculty and administrators an opportunity to do, some thinking "away from the highly emotional conditions now prevailing on most campuses and time for rational reflection x to encourage all to disavow violence and mob action." There are 300,000 total students in California's 28 state colleges and universities. At Kentucky The troops were ordered to the University of Kentucky 18 hours after the Air Force ROTC building was destroyed • by fire and a student, Miss Sue Anne Salmon, 21, of Hopkins WIREPHOTO (AP) President Ordered a full-scale investigation by the Justice Department into the fatal shooting of four Kent State University students by Ohio National Guardsmen. '..,; Nominated J. Richard Lucas of Virginia Polytechnic In stitute to be director of the Bureau of Mines. White House Announced the President will hold a televised news conference Friday. Senate Passed, 78 to 3, and sent to the House a bill that would establish a government-backed corporation to operate the nation's ailing intercity passenger trains. Interior Committee approved a bill calling for $82.2 million for construction of schools for Indians. Foreign Relations Committe heard Treasury Secretary Davic M. Kennedy dispute charges by Senator J. William Fulbrigh that the Indochina war is ruin ing the American economy. Democratic leader Mik Mansfield of Montana urged i presidential commission be se Up to investigate the fata shooting of four Kent State Un versity students. Passed, 69 to 15, and sent t conference with the House $3.5 billion space authorization bill. Running a Blockade at Mankato An unidentified motorcyclist drives over one of a group of anti-war protesters on a street at Mankato, Minn., Tuesday night. The students had blocked a downtown intersection after a torchlight march and rally was held in front of the Federal Building. as a precautionary measure Wednesday as between 8,000 and 10,000 persons rallied on the University of Texas campus. At Texas, many^of the protesters carried American flags — a step that a spokesman said was designed to show that "true. Americans wave the flag for peace." In Washington, D.C., police three times fired tear gas at a crowd of students who were distributing anti-war leaflets students were killed Monday, angry members of the Students for a Democratic Soviety (SDS) called «on America's youth to join the "Ameri-Cong" and begin fighting in the streets. Several major universities, including University, Princeton, Tufts and Boston Brown, elected to dose for the remainder of the academic year. The board of directors of. the -Tand-disrupUng-traffie^on~a-|.Association_jD£ crowded suburban artery. The American University news office said about 75 students were treated for tear gas irritations in a make-shift first aid station set up in the university chapel. i .• • • Tear gas shells were also dropped into the first aid station's entranceway, the university spokesman said. At Other Campuses Oklahoma State University, 250 to 300 students held a quiet memorial service for the Kent State dead, and the university president ordered the school flag lowered to half- staff. / S e t o n leges, representing 900 colleges and universities, sent President Nixon a message asking him to "take immediate steps to reverse the growing alienation between the White House and the academic community." Women in Rally For D.C. Ballot WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) The national convention of the League of Women Voters rallied at the Capitol Wednesday in support of representation in Congress for the District of Columbia. After gathering in a Senate office building courtyard, the 1.700 delegate^ fanned out to House Voted down all efforts to strict use of U.S. troops Cambodia. re- ir Agencies talk to their congressmen. They carried petitions with 1.2 million signatures asking for the district's participation in Congress. The signatures were collected by local leagues last month. Pentagon announced a draf call of 15,000 .for the month June, the same as in May. Defense Secretary Meivi Laird said the aim of the allied forces in Cambodia is to destroy the enemy's base facil- By Thomas O'fotile © Th« Washington Post * WASHINGTON, D.C. - The pace agency has tentatively ecided to make its next Apollo light in November an'd to land n the moon among the same 'ra ities and get out "as quick as we can." Secretary of State William Rogers said he welcomed United Nations Secretary-General U Thant's appeal for an international conference on Indochina. Mauro hills the • abortive \pollo 13 flight was ^targeted or. While a crew has not been lamed, it is understood it will be made up of the crew originally named to make the Apollo 4 flight — Alan Shepard, Ed;ar Mitchell and Stuart Roosa. Shepard, Mitchell and Roosa have been training to land near the crater Ltttrow at the eastern edge of the moon's Sea of Serenity, but officials believe ~ they can switch their training with no loss in performance. When the question of returning to Fra Mauro first came up, names of the Apollo 13 backup crew were mentioned as crew members — John W. Young and Charles Duke, along with Thomas K. Mattingly, the astronaut who lost his place on Apollo 13 when he was found to have no immunity to a case of German measles he'd been exposed to, "That possibility was mentioned and circulated," a source said, "but it was never taken seriously." Agnew to Speak f In Nixon's Place WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) Vice-President Spiro T. Agnew will substitute for President Nixon Saturday at the official dedication of a ConfederaTe memorial carving on Stone Mountain near Atlanta, Ga. The President had tentative plans to travel to Georgia and two other states this week, but the White House announced Tuesday he was canceling them and would remain in the. Washington area all week.-.----The dedication ceremonies involve a 303-by-190 foot carving up Ideal priests' assemblies to advist themJrt the government of their dioceses, it was announced Wednesday. the instruction was given in a letter Jrom American John Cardinal Wright, prefect of the Vatican Congregation - for the Des Molnes R«gUt«r PaGC 10 Thar.., May 1, 1770 ' _ ^ Local Pfiests to Advise BtSnOpS clergy, to the presidents of VATICAN CITY (REUTERS) Bishops' Conferences around - The Vatican Ras ordered bish- the world. T)ps tlsftragftout the world to set TfisHetter—makes -ft compulsory for bishops to establish "Presbytery Councils" of priests which will normaly be only consultative .. but which may be given powers of decision if the individual bishop so wishes. YOUNKERS on the granite mountain east of Atlanta, depicting Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy, and Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. RACINESS TAX MANILLA. PHILIPPINES LONDON, ENGLAND — Sotheby's auctioned 50 works of art Tuesday night, raising $49,680 for the music school of American-born violinist Yehudi Menuhin. (AP) — A bill introduced in the (AP) Philippines House of Representatives would slap on extra tax on imported films showing "nude or undressed persons together in bed, sofa* or similar places." Hall University in County, Ky., was arrested on an arson charge. Kentucky students have been incensed since Tuesday's board of trustees meeting when about 250 attempted to enter the board room to ask official university protests against the 'In-, ,dachina,war. and 9nlyJ35 weje allowed inside. The Evanston .clashes began alter 200 students in the downtown fountain square demanded an American flag be flown at half mast in memory of the four slain Kent State students. Police announced the flag would be partially lowered, but Police Chief William MqHugh reversed the ruling and fighting began. The Champaign-Urbana violence erupted when pqlice attempted to scatter several hundred students who were blocking a driveway to prevent a garbage truck from leaving the Student Union building. Paul Poebel, head of the campus police said that the crowd, which, swelled to about 2,500, hurled acid at policemen South Orange, N.J., remained closed as about 30 students continued a sit-in at the administration building. Several hundred University of Oklahoma students jammed into the college administration building and closed it briefly. Students from Mapkato (Wis.) State College blocked the city's main intersection Tuesday night for over an hour. Wednesday they burned effigies of Mr, Nixon and Vice-President Spiro T. Agnew. About 40 University of Arizona students ended a sit-in at the ROTC building in Tucson under the threat of fines = and jail terms. National Guardsmen marched to the University of Wisconsin campus again Wednesday and, faced about 2,000 student demonstrators,. some chanting and shouting obscenities at the troops. Tear gas was used to break up the crowds of students who were blocking traffic on campus area.streets. - The University of California at Berkeley was hit with spo- radic'violence and 45 were arrested. There was an attempt to burn the naval ROTC building there. Mostly Peaceful Other campuses reported incidents of rook throwing, win dow smashing ana confrontations with police, but the main the demonstrations sity police headquarters. In Austin, Tex., Toe Texas capitol building was evacuated Shop the Singer took peaceful forms with stu- and attempted to storm uoiver* dents marching witb black armbands, lowered flags and can- deUght vigils. - ' . In Kent, Ohio* where the four ADVERTISEMENT Revolutionizes Denture Wearing Tbo nearest thing to Aavjng your owo teeta W powibta sow with » plastic CRUMB <H*»s«ry that aetu- •lly bold* both "opperi" and It's a revolutionary discovery called FIXODBWT, (or daily borne use. rtl-St ftk B.008,988) With jearar .dento*. fearer* mm.v **t •fiflir iatwli. with htttt ***** it*y m w\m* .^^T^Jfr^M^ fit form to elastic roeni- ig Aboorf.tbatdiock «o4 cbew%— bdtpi pro- tect gums from bruising. You may bite harder, eat {aater—egjoy apples, cora-on-the-cbb, FUODKNT nay telp you apeak more clearly* be tnorft at CMP.' The spocial rflpcfT-Mfat dispenser fete you spot FIXODENT with precision ... vtere needtd! One application way last round the clock. Denture* that fit an essential to bealti. 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