The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 20, 1934 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1934
Page 2
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PARK HEWS, Veteran Rail Employe Dies family here and it Tcxarkanau la- 5 HUGO MAN DIES AT ns former associates of Mr. » HOSPITAL THURSDAY are named as honorary pal!- : widow. Mrs. ftmr sons. puner*! Will B« Held At ProbaMj- Saturday Afternoon ; bearers- S arriving are his ; Rath Steward Ivey. i.^,*** wv-— | :'j,>hrs R. and Fred F, Ivey of Tex-j HUGO, Oklsu—Jobn \Varren. Ivey. 71 years old v«- ; arkan:u \v. J. Ivey of Dallas and \ former justice of the peace at Fort employe of the Texas and • EMgar L~ Ivey of Paris, four j Towrson aui school lan<i appraiser Pacific railwsy. died after a long i daughters Mrs- R. G. No\ye!l of j un< j er Governor M, E- Trapp. died Illness a: his home. ?S5 South ; Dallas. Miss Cthr ! Ivey of Shreve- | at ^ o'clock Thursday evening. lxi» ^r^srree.T^^^er^^oj.^u and *^~ ^thertne j ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ 'ifternoou at>c>ut 3:30 o CiOCrv- A ne .-aria furteral win be he'd Saturday morning at S:30 o'clock at Manton- L-a., and iJisses Kaiherine Daisy Ivey of Paris, beside seven grandchildren. Mr. Ivev son of New Store \ Evangelist Preaches Here r ]BeatfiCauS Man Here! On "TheSeven Churches" Mrs.J.D.Fry Fry Funeral cii&pei on Ciarksvi'Le street ..conducted by the Rev, C. Beckman. rr.irrlster o' K 'Presbyterian church. Burial wi! at EJyerg'feen cemetery, ar.d pallbearers Tvill be Lrouis Wuliams. Xyster Johnson. John Love. Sam Garland". 'W. F. Ste'.vart of and Pete Jackson. A number of friends of the rn in Oibson E- I county. Tertn.. March 5. 1SSS, ar>d rs " i oan^.e to Texiis as a young man b ^ ! - KlmrJcyea by the Te \ State hospital at Vinita where homas ar.d " suffered a stroke. Funeral arrange- j ' inputs £ " " j-.*--=--•— Sandwiches \Vitl Tasto Better When You V Much """" ' Bounced at noon, though tlie serv- i ice will be held here probably ~- *"~t>9~ \ Saturday afternoon. ci n v* *<**"• : ^ ^ ^ an an <2 ; His widow, two sons, John B. TOiosbo-o" "he" cinT^Vo"Paris 37 1 -ncL James P. \Varrea and a vcars "as- as car inspector. Losing { daughter Miss Clara. May Warr«n H:« r'eh; lee ir. an accident in the { survive, b^ide two brothers ^nd " - he co^-^ued I *«•<> sisters, J, H. and \\il! Warren ! Mrs. A. B. C- Dinwjddie-and Mrs. li. I* Gee of Hugo. He was a •» ; "*~i "i^-vtin O T ~ Kev. John XVan'cn* ,--v,,,,- C }, -i.-e^- r^a*- his home untu ; =• --"*-=•<-- 1 "~ ^--^ . .»«* v L.. ...c.v _. -- ; »ioneer Presbyterian preacher at ns;o:•: :he company as { on South rit en tension two vears sco. i Paris. Texas, \\jtl5 beverasres. ; =;:::•»; )>- sar>dw:ches. plain co I or drop cake^. They blend *r.~c easily served. B\ND CONCERT AT WADE PARK FRIDAY * Before an inerease'd croiard on I Thursday night, over tlie night be- ] fore at the. Sprihs«r-Jones revival. ] Mr. Springer, in hi* opening re-} murks said that before he finished I he. no doubt, would make many j people mad. He said that many • .people are like dogs in that when j a stone is thrown in tne midst of t tJbem ihe dogr that it hit will baric. ! year old drussrist. who died of t>"- Ile took as his subject. "The { Pbus fever Thursday afternoon at Seven Churches.'* and" brought out ] 3:50 o'clock at Longrview. was the fact that many people say that j Brought here for burial at Ever- the book of Revelation is a sealed ] S^een isenietery the funeral being book but God plainly says in the f arranged for 5:SO o'clock Friday first chapter, verse 3. that "Bless- ] afternoon at Emberson-Browned is he thai readeth." Many sym- » Roden funera! chapel LF.Fuston Passes Away The body <>t : ,I~ F. f'uston. 59 on South bols are brought out in this ma,rve- | lous way aad they are each ex-1 piained in the Bible. For example. Mrs. J, D. Fry died Thursday eventns at 6:45 o'clock at her residence. 377 .West Kaufman street, following: a stroke suffered earlier in the week. She is survived by her husband, veteran FrJsco railroad, engineer, two sons and three daushtes~!S, \Vard :Fry of Danville.. HL.' Freion Fo' of Sherman, Mrs. 'EL F. Harrell and Mrs, Fern Seiferman of Paris, and Mrs. Ertnel Thomas of Houston. The funeral was anonunced for 4 o'clock Friday afternoon at the residence on Kaufman ducted by the Rev. W. H. Jodie! Methodist minister, assisted by Re Ben F. Br gr. pastor of church. Pallbearers J.T -,'—»-- -w— --- — - -- —- r — "l^r > >-• "& T >* V\"51 Hi* m i ** 1 ^- * * -L*^"i* *' - *~»i \* *^ K-nj.f%. j***^*.^^* v, the seven cacdlesclcks are likened j ;' 0: f- ^ a ^ K ,lj ,- »-° t>osi°and I Bonham Street Methodist church unto the seven churches, the *«v-i «-«er^»wei^ J^A-^^ose - , wjth burfal &i tfce Od<J Fenowj usually represented i ~ v " 1 West AusUa «tr«*t. «h* has b«en *tt-« the n&tne of Sandra Sue. CONSTIPATION WITH DELICIOUS CEREAL AIJL-BKAN Brinies Relief on. en st^ars are us pastors. , £oj> many yeafs The Rev. Springer then went di- j ness here -^ a of LK>ngview. 59 years old. was cei^etery. in busi- havins I rectly into his message and cover- j ^ een connected with the Corner } ed briefly B1UE RIBBON MALT This Is the program, for the j bv the Paris i Day" L. B. HO\VAKI> R. H. Finney. njanagrer of J, C. As fnena ro friend 1 recomrnena For rhjs advice you'H tHsnk m The msli that's rignr Anc a deHght To tastes both plain and fancy Blue Riobon, yea ^ffill make you ssy Tnar l'ia a fortune An<^ you'll .agree It's properly The nation's bscgest seller \\-_eklv concert municipal band Friday *••«**=£ | Penney Co .. has annouGced the jappoinwnent-oC L. B. Howard ofj ^ id .. wfaea we ^ coarlin March, "Officer of ^- n»v-;Fort A\ onh. assistant manager or i , s S o'cloc-c at "A ao« Park. direction of Arthur JLAyton: the the seven church ages, j r> ru ^ store before movtng- The Kphesus church age had lost | i«ongvie\v about six months aso. I her first love. He inade> an appli- ? He formerly had a store of his own j cation to this-by comparing: the I i n -west Paris. I j-nodern husbands today in the cold { He is survived by hs.< widow, f \va>* that they treat pallbearers bein? Ed Castieberry. Harry IV&lker, Luther Rogers. D- B. Boss. G. A. Cheatham and Alton Miller, to *-' Mrs, Fry was ,ihe last surviving member of the family of the Rev. and Mrs. D. W. Cooley of Rucklin. Mo., but the first of her imsnedtate fumily to die. She was born at .Hail): descriptive fantasy. "Salome's Dance" (Tobanii; foxtrot. selection *ro:n the the local store. Mr. Howard lias i>«en with the J. C, Penney Co.. for the i>ast five years, h; inci scrape for tiicm. buy their wives. | Mrs. Zana Fuston. a son. Ray- I Buc-klin. Januar>' ?. 1S64 ar.d was morid Ftision of Paris «.nd a 1 married to Mr. Fry September 2~ iuffhter. 3Irs, Patr-ck Siaats ot here 3n 390fi from them candies etc-, but now we grumble and complain if they are 1 . ii , 5 1 not ready for church or if dinner _-e,"--- j j arlinsen. two srrandchildrca.. two j -Marceline. Mo., ar.d had made her isters and a brother living at home here ever since. , Look out for headaches, los» of appetite and energy, sallow com* plexions, sleeplessness. Frequently, these are vraraing signs of common, constipation- If neglected, your health may he impaired. Today, you can rid yourself of common constipation by eating a tempting cereal. Laboratory testa show that Kellogg'* AO^BRAN furnishes "bulk" and vitamin B tor aid regular habits. ALL-BRAK Is also rich in iron for the blood. The "bulk" in ALtr-BBAN is much like that found in leafy vegetables* Within the body, it forms a soft mass. Gently, this clears out the intestinal wastes- How much bet- is than taking patent sisters Nashville. Tenn., two brothers in Detroit. Mich., and one in Akron, Ohio. medicines! DEBERRY TO MAKE RADIO TAJLK FRIDAY^ selection fron: "The rligh- n" tdeKoven); march, "Our Oirctor OFFERS AID policy and methods of business j - D i u , 0< jv Nero. The Pesarnos as^ w<is \ Senator Torn I>e3erry of Bo- operatiou. ar>*3 backed by these ; t: .-. e ^g e when Roiaanism began, j ffata, -who ha? served two terms years of actual experience, and a.! --hen Coastantlne injected Chris- | in the Texas legislature, will an- irood record of achievement with j rianity into ail of Rome. But it j s-wer criticisms of James V. AII- the firm, is expected to be a valu- i v , ;is not many years after this an- I red. attorney general ar.d candi- able addition to the store in Paris. | ijj Roman paganism and false arid j date for governor of Texas, over according to Mr. Flnney. 1 corrupt practice in the Roman j radio stations tVFAA and KPRC at Ke i« married and has two | church brought about tota.1 Christ- 19 o'clock Saturday evening:. All Both ! la." darkness and this was on-e of I persons interested in the sruberna- ! T> \rr.HTKK is BORN i Two tablespoonfuls of ! Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Staples axe | *"& ^^ asa*&y overcome most 1 the parents of a seven pound i types c£ common constipation, f daughter, bc-rn July IT. at their j Chronic cases, -with each meal. U ' ' seriously ill, see your doctor. AlJ> BRAN makes no claim to be a **cnre- alL" Serve AU>BEAX as a cereal. 01 use in cooking- At all grocers. IE the red-and-green package. Made by Keliogg in Battle Creek. SUREBEST DATED SLICED BREAD Is proving: very popular Paris house wives because it is dated to insure its always delivered fresh to you. \vhtii A. S- Gt*th.rie, secretary of \Vildey Ledge, I OOF. read in The News of the accident in whicli daugiiters. a^ed 22 and nine. 3Irs. George Griffiths was killed ) he ^3 ^jrs. Howard have Ireen | tfc-? darkesr periods of history, j torial campaign are lnvi;ed to | and Luther and George Rowerton | q u lte active in cburch work.-beins I This is likened .unto Je2«bel Histers in. Mr. D-eBerry is also ex-j an £ Mrs, Luther Howerton were j hi embers of Baptist denomination. \ of the scriptures, wco was a viler"'pected to discuss the records of } ; -^j-iT-ec. he ^vired the secre" ! r^e lodge at Kock Springs, i askir-s what Howard was a siagrer in th*! wicked, harlot. Baptist church ? Next casie the Sardls age when o., • c >i O i r 01 ->, e Fir AMERICA'S BIGGEST SELLER assistance, if any, i O f ! xvas neeceo. a& leather Hcwerton • co 1 'g s. member of TTIIdey I-c-dse. ! ln | Thursday -evening' he received a \ — | r eply from Fred H^i.sen. secre- ! - j -£_—- O f Excelsior Lodge at Rock ;j I Springs, stating that the Hower- i I ; tons were coins: nicely. -Aere not || i seriously Injured arid that they j ! Yfjij-o belne Driven every attention- ' i some of Mr. Allred's opponents in \ his speech- Roman dark- ! to rhe world i QREGORY HATCHER IS HERE FRIDAY S \Vcrth. and he was a. dea- : Luther cazne < that church. Thev are liv- ' r.-.?^ and preached 57 West "U^ashing-ton street. •• ju^t::icauor> by faith ; I j mediately following this asre was — ' the great age known as the Phil- j ] adelphian asre when the revival | TV. Gre^orj- Hatcher of Dallas j fires s\vept over the world, ilr. | county. candidate for railroad | | ipnr.ser touched on the gr^at i commissioner, was in Paris FrS- I —-•. - \ preachers of the past- like .Moody | <fay in -"the interest of his candi- \ At The Lamar Jcxhn "Wayne, the ace of western i an^i Spurgi stars shows the stuff of which the heroes oC the otd iVest were made dacv. Mr. Hatcher's friends are The evangelist, then closed his = pointing: out the fact that he was • '.-ssase briefly with the Laodl- ? second in the race for this office f LETTUCE OABBA6E ORAHGES POTATOES NO. 1 RED 2 Heads ..9c Green, Lb....... 5c '•^ Dozen 27c 10Us.'..:19c Man From Utah/" which -, cean age in wh'ica we live «-hicn is | he Lamar zheairs Satur- years ag'o and claim that he j shows az the Lamar zheairs Satur- neither hat nor c^!d. Jestis ^id^^rves a place- on -the railroad ! | day. " s:a-cing at the door kizockins and, i tj Oar< t. Mr. Hatcher pled^s faith-; i From 'the opening scene which f therefore, is not on the inside. He j fcl ^.imir.l^tmtior. cf the law with' Fancy ionisiana YAMS Pound Encore SPAGHETTI 2 Medium Cans Saltana Plain OLIVES Quart Jar Red Pitted CHERRIES 2 No. 2 Cans WHEATIES, Cereal Package Blue Ribbon MALT 3 Lb. Can.. . Old Munich MALT 3Lb,Can.. shows "Wayae frustrating: a bank ; I robbery by some fast-shootins: and hard riding to the happy finale with Mar^orie Carter. "The ?Tlaii iProm IJtah." is brimful of the a.cticfn rhat -surestem fans crav». The story concerns trie adver- ttires of John Weston who is rele- ga-^d to ths dangrerons task of rounding tir a band of rode_ Joinin?; the ca.ns as one of thv;r , ' •the choir director, "has a.s*c.ed singers from all denominations to come early for their. p;a.'-e-in the choir. A delegation >vrrt Hugo was t>r*sent at the service Thursday "l§ht. A welcome is ^rsrended to alL sa:c that Jesns would not open the favoritism to none. i dc-or. but that if we would open it | t He would invite us to His supper, j „ . rycw 4T T TT' : T4^'ir '. Our churches, the evangelist said. i3lAK»HAi-L JLUOlL 5 :-e nuseraMe .and do not know it. i J5 VISITOR HERE 1 •y things for Christ'* one program. | j-^^o. Reuben A.v.Ha.11 of Mar-i the salvation of lost souls. | pha'I was in Pars*; Friday in the I ^5r. Springer said that he would | ^T^J.^*,; O f h;s' candidacy for as-i j kind, he xrabs off all the prize I zEoney- in the contests that *.r~ • his do-om Is to be- that c-f ot.-.-?r# i TV ho tried to win "asainst th* £-:e | of the b£,nd. Cheyenne Kent, ho i discovers the secret that 1 the of his predecessors an-;! i destroys t^ie crooked outfit, i A real rcdec with a.ll the trim - f in is gs is sta.g-ed. Takinia Ca.r,'jtt. | who for sr'.ven years v.-as the hoMer • of the R-oosevelt trophy embl'rma: tic of rodeo championships, offer,- { Uiis covered prise. continue to bring: a ms*;> re;a ' 5 soc j a:e Justin- of the Court of Civ- tive to this I>aod:cean church a=re j• ^ \ D r.<»al-> o^ 1 xh* Sixth Supreme IT? which we live. The Rev. Jones, ij.^jp " >,-.„ ^^^-^X =,T,0-_ ^^ restrict of Texas. $ Vftan? old ersity. and has had 24 years ex- :->rience In la-sr practice" and a.s :•: th.? ?«v*nty-f:rsr District at Try The NEW Ideal Bread *~--It's Twisted ASK FOR IT AT YOUR GROCERS Th* new Idea: Twist Loaf has «. finer texttire and a fall flavored wheaty taste thnt teases the appetite and makes you com* back for mor^ .... I5ou"t raiss ti'is new "Twi«t" loaf Try it to- cay! "IDEAL FOR EVERY MEAL" IDEAL BAKING COMPANY VA> LVEHP'OOL, BROS.* fr-r making: iced coffee use the amount of coffee reo h^t coffee- O' At The Plaza One word. To-svsah. TriE XET^vS: 5 - - vVe notice^ a statement 5n The ? . ' Xe-tvs a. few days EJ?O that accord- . i ins: to the tax record* that there : i --vere less than half a <5cc*rn doss }"' In ILainar county.. If there ^x-ere to ( j: be a thoroujrh investis?ation. made | Hit -would no doubt be fo-ucd that; 11 - the relief agencies of Paris a^e | tfia.n one hundred ; 8 O'clock Coffee LB, I9c Rich and Fall Bodied, Lb. Vigorous and Wlnev. Lb, 1 Lb Can Powder, 23 pacicage ......................... 17 c Swansdown Cake FIoijr..3Ic Instant Postum, sm. . . .25c Post Toasties. .lie Post Bran Flakes. . . lOc HIRES ROOT BEER EXTRACT 24c N. B.C. VANILLA BRIGHTON'S 1-Lb. Pkg. .. 18 PENN-RAH MOTOR OIL 2 QUART CT.JI . . . Guaranteed -« Can Extra Heavy . .$1-33 righted a.n<i va.Zuec. a.t So^.^yfl a ; de- year., brought fame and z"orti;&£ j to Sei: Sfemie 'wnts. dur:tii; pro-Ju;- 1 ~^ tlon of Pa-Tamo tint's rrieiod;--cvni- edy-rornance, "Shoo* th-s W^rks.' la which he is featured, revealed hois" iie a-CQiiirtd t,h»; cistinciiv-.' catchw-ord- The picture, also featuring Jack. Oakie. Dorotny L-'ell theatre. Several years a^jo, Twhri*; Bt_-ruie'i: now f&moiAis barid was piay:r:^ at the College lur,. Chicago, Sern;^ i -was call&d upon to intrtxiuc* ; --n • n^l, famotis Ofs i n';r ol ;t ra..ciii» I stable. | A* the colonel spoke, ht cot i tinually tised the expr*-.**.on ">'•/•*1 sah" for yes &ir," and Efrr-i": f s*rv«5<l the diii-ers" a-rriuserr • entirely different type of con ; Kern;*: thereupon d*vc-ic^*d f entirely <tiffer«*3t type of con : sation. using 1 a. sofr Southern c. I and landing up z. number T. P, THION. Tou Can Taste the Difference in Swrebcst Potato Chip* ^rt Tf«cm at Your Grocer 5c and lOc COUNCIL'S BABY TALK OF PARIS " NECTAR TEA K !?c Zf 29c St 9c Rajah SALAD DRESSMG Pint Jar 17c Raisin BRAN, pkR. 13s Upton's TEA, 1-4 Ib. 21c Sibd BACON, Decker's TaH Korn 2 Lbs, STEAK, Round, Loin @r T Bone Lb. VEAL CHOPS, 2 Lbs. 25e Sswen ROAST, Lb. Fresh Ground LPF M5AT 3lbs CHEESE. Texas, Ifc, lie Stew MEAT, !b -with th* His "ne won nirn of til's most lucrat;--- act* isi the Ur*lt«<5 iju i j "<"' lion* »aJ* * or r"<t.^i«Cf i^p-t ario on tij^; i.• I of a.n additions.* «*t.iar>' of § i. i I for *a,ch •w*ek3y broadcau^t. fow 1**^ ^^2 3..t a nix fame arid incorrse. j Ifi ""Ssioot th« Work*/" E»r:'ii!* | piat5 y & »:x song hil« by T,hf- : j j - m*-ic«Jy-wrtvinit ttarr.* of Ii;t;..r.i;»-r | j | and one on which 'h* hirr.w^f -t:ol- i h i<ii>t><i. '"A Prfj^-l of Chop-Su-ry J iJs * lac»' ijo a lot or 11 tvnsngr. a bit of crooning w.nd a. bn I i wf foollrtjif to h*!u a. i/air of lovtri! | into each others* arms. Everybody likes tbos«s choice roa«rts ar £ d stealcx cat frorr. oar choice white fac« baby cue. For quality 10 r*: a~r hone;* coat^i and pit i>arfec- a-way? DRESSED FRYERS, Lb.. SLICED BACON, Lb. BEEF STEAK, Lb, . . SMOKE BACON SQUARES, Lb. SALT MEAT { can, Lb, .... HOG LARD Pound WHITE SNAPPER FISH, Lb. CALVES -| IV TONGUES, Lfc. A 1 * •? Lbs BEEF «&ff, Not Too Little For Big Business SUGAR In Cotton IG-Lb. Bags 10-Lb- C*nc-.. FLOUR 48-Lb. Paru Sp«aa! TEA 1-4 Lb. Bliss PieBkHAM$,4!o6!l>.avg U 15c WATCH OUR WINDOWS FOR ADDED SPECIALS MKASURE COTTON" ACTtES t day by County Ag-f:nt C- M. K for m«a»arinff )ft«M! RH'*r county aer«tipe I«a»e<3 by sh« «ov*.rnm*n$ In th*' 2914 cotton r*?<Jij<*t*on cam- For « for r«- T *» ,,, A V Fiffalo iARKET POTATOES Red, 10 Lbs. 2O HONEY 1-U>. Block 15 GOLD DUST 5c Pkg*., 12 for... ASPARAGUS LJbby's Picnic, Can , VINEGAR EIko, Qt. Rolling Pin. 15 CHEESE Wisconsin, Lb. 18 3 2 Corn, Toma, St-rioar Bran-. Krnul, Honiioy. Tnll BUTTER scoco 8-Lb C«rtoi» .. 65 KARO SYRUP Red or "Wlute, Gallon .. CORN FLAKES Miller's 15c Size SOAP 5 Giant Bars Wnite or Yellow SALT 25-Lb, SOUR PICKLES Quart LEMONS Large, Juicy, dox. SOAP 5 bar* Camay or Palmolive, LOAF MEATS, ITALIAN Tomato, Special, Pickle, O A ** W Pimcnl 91

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