The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 11, 1918 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1918
Page 7
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'^'ff-r r » x jiff 1 *HE HuTdHlNSOK NEWS. PAOE SEVEN. BETTER BABIES Exhibit at Kansas State Hair is Always Interesting. MANY ENTRANTS ARB MADE tfariroerlta Jttu-JlivK mwrthe, dauebtif- of.Mr, arid Mrs, llttfcart Martin. Nina Maye Woodward, 26 month*, doughtcr of Mr. and MM. Homer R. Woodwwd, IMinton. Bivlilon B—Olau XV. lot* laVory KJmplB, SO months, dangh t*f of Mr. and Mm. Ailolph t>. Klmple, Lyons. Nellie Roso Jt«*Men, U months, daugh tcr of Mr. and MM, T. JV Ruchlen, Wlta dom. " Exhibition Will be Housed In Separate Building to, Ac comodatc Crowds. CHUftCH'FlNlSHED. father KAln Will fteturn tomorrow— Services Held Sunday. Father M, 1*. Kaln will return tomorrow from a*Beveral month's trip to Franco. The Grace Episcopal church has been stuccoed and the in terlor has been redecorated during his absence. Services will be held Sunday morning. The exhibit which never grows old in ititoreai at tho Kansas Slate Fair is tho Better BubleB department pre- nldefl_ over by Mrs. U. C. Layman, superintendent and her assistants, Dr. Louise F. Richmond and l>r. G. A, Dlasdel. Tho Judging "of the children by the staff of physicians 1H done from booths in plain sight of the Stale Fair visitors and any little defect is told tho parents und many a child has been savecW) from suffering through life by tho advice of men trained In special lines given freely at tho State Fair. Tho entrants are not all in but those who have registered so far include: Division A—Class I. Colin Cfimptwll, SO iiHMittw, Bon at Air. and Mrs. Harry CanipltQtt. DonuM A, Ci(tnlni-nlt, 20 months, son of Mr. ami Mrs. Hurry Cronhanlt. Km noth I'VlwunlH, lit months, Bon of Mr. and Mrs. 1* P. 13awards. William Uay llollowuy, 38 jr.ontlifl, aon or Mr. nml Mra. William Holloway. Uroil AlnxiuiUt^r Lander, 17 months, son uf Mr nnd Mrs. A. fl. launder. William lioyd Mnckey, 23 months, son of Mr. and "Mrs. Omi'lc« Miittki'y. IXumJd W. Mynn, 16 >nonth«, son of Mr. titul Mrn. Clinton Itynn. Thnninn Waller Btanvoy, 1€ months, bon of Mr, and Mrs. Cleveland \Y. fcHa- 36 morfWts, ChurUsa D. 3C months. Chin-leu D. Jay Morgan Heebo, 20 months, eon ot Mr. ajtd Mrs. H. 1). JVebn. Hobble ChrroU McConnell, 13 months, son of Mr. and Mra. Lyndon F. McConnell, Anllom*. Jwhn Howard Snfo, 10 months, won of Mi-, and Mr*. John Sat a, Halstcad. Division A—Clans It.* Donald Ht-x Buckle, 2ii months, son of Mr. and Mra. I&lwurd A. nuoklc, Stafford. Hohi-rt H- Uiwlsson, 2S months. H»II of Mr. and Mm. Hoy V. Davifi.soii, New tun. Ionian Hid(f«;war Kurr, 34 1-2 mnnlhs,' son of Mr. HJUI Mrs. N*orman V. Furr., Division A—Class 111. ' Uobfrt Clan "Aid^ry, -H montliH, snn nf Mr. and Mrs. Hubert ChuuiiL-cy Aril try,' Ht. John. llobtrt Willi* Brown, 40 month*, mm of Mr. ami Mra, Harlow Drown. • i (flRreneo M. Bi'lucon, 30 months, son of Mr; and Mrs, Cliirmce O. Briscoe Tbiwrtu> Dfirhrn Major, Jr., -14-months, «<»n nf Mv. inul Mrs. Thomas 1>. Major. Division A—Class IV. Harold (Vunnhrtl, r»"i months, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Campbell'. Division A—Class V. Allco Conwcll, 21 inonllm. duuKhtei* of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. CVnwvMI. Allen Lucll ("lift. 13 months, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Clarenoo Cllft. I>irt« l»ulsr Stewart, 21 months, dfliifrhtrr of Mr. and Mm. A. \V, Stewart.' C!a i horlno - M arte linnor, IS months, daughter or Mr. and Mm. Oils /.enor. Division A—Class VI. Junn 1S1 ljBa.bc th .Brisroe, 20 months, daughter of M r. and Mrs. CI are m:e G. BIIH«XW. llotti* Jean Hippie, 20 months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Klnyd Hippie. Maxim 1 I*«dtne Hohey, 2ft months, daushter of Mr. and Mrs. Hoy K. Hob«>y. Janet KathJeen Itoe. 28 months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert N. Hoc. Howulte Sel )M >rg, !tr» rnonths, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Sellberg. MoJMtor- HOIl, Arlun l>orothy Safe, 27 months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Snfe, Hal- strail. VhKlnia Boll Teter, 33 montha, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. D. Totcr. flladyn Mat J Ida Rmmans, 2S months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leson A, Wm- XlWiYA. lli'len Mflflo Whit want, thuiKhter of Mr. and Mra Whltwam, Sterling. Hazel Dorothy WhUwam, duiighter of M .r. and Mrs. Wliitwam, Slr.rilng. Division A—Class VII. Theo Kffon Touder. « months, daughter of Mi. iiad Mis. Boss C. Touder. Miixliit- lOdwwfrtH, 37 months, duughtor Of Mr. and Mrs. L K. lCdwards. (>all Verno launder, 42 mouths, da ugh- tar of Mr. find Mrs. A. O. ljandur. VlrginlrTAnn Wilson, 38 months, daugh^* tw of Mr. ajul Mi's. Hoy C. Wilson. Division B —Class IX. AVayn^ l-,dgar Huff, 13 months, son of Mr. and Mm. W. M. Huff, Claflln. Itobert Mon-is Hiwlt. M months, son of Mr. and Mrs. Uol&iul Forrest Brock, J!c- Crsekeii. Hamuel Orlffeth Pukrlon, 12 ; months, son of Mr. and Mrs. 1*3, 11. Dukelon. Ivdward Mullen Hayes, Jr., J3 monlhs \J son of Mr. and MJ'S . KdwarU M. Hayes, l^anKdon. William Herbert Lyman, 12 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. Huy.n:ond Lyman, Buii- to^. . Martin Wral*. Martin, 12 1-2 months, won of Mr. and Mrs. l^n Boss Martin. Baul ICurta SluUman. 24 months,-son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M, Stutsman, Conway. Wendall Phillip Voatch. 22 months, son -of Mr. and Mrs. D; E. Voatch, Si. John. William Bussoll I Ionian, 10 nionllia, son of Mr. and Mrs. WlUhun V- Homon. Division B— Class X. Hieba'-il Milton Copland. 31 months, son of-Mr, and Mrs. Cornelius CopuUuid, Haven. ' Jaim-s Slackoley Dukolon, 84 1-2 months, son of MJV ai\d Mrs. K It. Duke­ lon. Robert T«oon Huff, S6 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Huff, clnrlin. (Jeorge Oarroyn KoonU. 36 months, son or Mr. a^nd Mra. Orla Howard Koontz, Haven. Charles Mullein Light foot, Jr., 25 months, sou of Mr.: and Mrs, Charles M. L'flBfoot, Bawneo Book. Harlow HIdoii Noble. 3"l months, son of Mr. and Mrs. Porry O. Noble, Stafford. Division B— Class XI. Kurl Llndsuy 'J'ioton. 3*7 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lloyd Tipton, Bunion. Thiuip Daniel Willlarrfi, *3 montha. son of Mr. and Mrs.. John Jasper Willi aims, 1'itw nut 1 Boek. Division B— Class XIII. - IQsther -Virginia Copeland, 12 months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oornelluy B. Copolund. Kaven, Alice Jean DanlM?, 18 months, daughter of Mr. and -'>trs. Vernon DiUiiols. 1'uwneo Hoek. ' Km eg one Ed^AtdH ' Thoin pa *Jn, 24 months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert 1-- U. Y Thomp»(»n, Arthlffton. Huth lOlivabeth"' lima, 24 month**, daughter pf Mr, ami Mra. Cecil J. 1'lora, Buvmond. Ada Mae Jones, 10 months, daughter of Mr. and Mra. V. \V- Jones, Arlington, Cora 1'Yunels Kiuiple, 10 • mon'lhs, diiiighter of Mr. and Mrs. Adolph D. Klm- ple. I*yoiis. Ituth Irene Bau, 19 months, daughter of W and Mrs. Harvn Ran, lluven. Jtiyee Marie Siukwliarger, 22 months, daughter of Mr. u,n7j Mrs. Leonard 8now- barR'er, Holser. Margaret Kllen SlmmoiiB, 24 months, (laughter of Mr. and Mrs. John IS. Bim- ii ons. WHma" fBles, 10 montlw, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. lflttm J3. ailett, Alexandor. Matguret Buth, Mccormick, 13 1-3 monihs. fhiuirlitri' of Mr. and MTB ^. Jjcu i; Mtt:orniick, Wlndom. *] Division B --C )aM XIV. Lois paiih IJOVP . M montha, <U>ye;htW Of i Mi and Mrs. Chaxloa W. Love. , KHAKI BILLS ^1 A. B. Cklclwell, his received a letter from BMJor P. L. ijeintnon Ih which ho tells of the floe battalion of sharpshoptors ho has under him, He told of the report being told the hoys that when tho -Kaiser heard of the large amount of American soldiers being brousht over on tho big ships he said, "I'll send all of them back on one ship." WhAi tho 'American boys heard this story, one of them spoke up quickly and said, "YeB, and we'll have all that is left ot Uie German army to act as waiters for us." (ITEMS 0£ INTEREST ^, (TO RED CROSS WORKER^ Miss Eunice Shields leaves this evening for Ft. Houston, Tex., where sho will be stationed as a Hod Cross nurse. USING EXTRA DELIVERY. During To Care for Extra Orders Special Week Sale. The Purity Grocery and Market are "supplying hundreds of families with groceries In quantity lots this week. People are buying by the dozen, and case and securing a five per cent dls count on the already low prices that the Purity places on goods. Almost every Item is sure to -bo higher in price I his winter and now Is the time to buy a supply and save money. The prices are the. same at the Purity cash ur credit and many are availing them sieves of this sale, y - 11-lt 'SCHOOL FROCK FOR ' THE YOUNGER MISS Schopl days are at hand and the problem of what to wear during the bright fall days Is the all absorbing thing In the mind of the young miss. The one piece frocks which are HO universally worn now mako a rouoh more fitting costume for tho girl In hor early teens lhau the shirt waist and skirt. These fi-ooks have all of the good features that a school frock should. They are usually extremely simple, very practical and serviceable ^nd, last but not least, becoming to most glrlB at that flapper stage.' This one pictured Is a navy sorge and the young girl just entering high school Will think it very attractive because it looks more "grownup'' than ginghams and chainbrays. Moth- or. will like it also because it Is practical and In her eyes It Is a sweet girlish frock. Two clusters of harrow tracks trim the gathered skirt. A collar which Is scarcely visible In tho front but which attains rather largo proportions lo the back is made nf sat- ln v The belt is of srUn also and It Is beSded In a conventional design as Is the neck. ' Tho beads aro bright shades of red,and orange and add the final brightening touch to this dark dress. We wish to thank ouV friends and neighbors for their sympathy and kindness during .the Illness. an4 death of our mother and slsior, also for floral offerings. MltS. A ONES SNYDBK. MRS. H. B. OSWAiUD, QUBNN U>L|U1N. Automobile Suppllo, MA acoesiprles. fUnft Auto ftfePfr* "' w-»t PUN TO HAVE THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT EVEN BETTER Prof, and Mrs. P. J. ttabetkorn Working Hard to keep Up Standard at High School. One of tho doportments at the High School which Is receiving the most attention today Is that of music Prof, and Mrs. F. J. Haberkorn have charge of this department again this year and havo made extensive plan* toi< a year's work which promises to be Instructive and very interesting as well. Prof. Haberkorn Is Just now recruiting members for his orchestra. A. meeting was held yesterday tor Ihe purpose of talkint over the* plans And of organizing a High School Orchestra that will bo just ns fine and as capable as tho one last year. Quite a Inrge number^ of young men and women who graduated last year were members of tho orchestra and to start with this year, tbc organization •it was feared, might. l>e crippled. So far, however, there has been a wonderful response on the part of the younger musicians. Tho Glee Club held a meeting today or rather candidates for this club met and an organization Is being dls cussed that plans to bo bigger und bettor than preceding years. General Course. Tho general course of the study of music of. which all members of tho glee club and orchestra are expected to take, will bo worked up tomorrow. Other high school students Interested in music, ns a Btudy may elect to take this course. It is also planned to have singers upon which the mosc dependence will be- placed 1 in leading tho singing, grouped together in Ihe center' section of the auditorium. Heretofore ItAas been customary for the august bodx of Bonlors to occupy this section and all other classes have learned to regard it. as reserved. I3ut this ancient custom is to be done awny with and only Ihe leading songbirds will have this section. He IS PLEASED. Surgeon Gerti&al Gorgas Says the Health Is Fine. Paris, Sept. 10.—Major General William C. Gorgas, surgeon general of the United States army following an Inspection tour today of tho Paris military hospitals where Americans arc under going treatment, expressed to a representative of the Asoclated Press his satisfaction with the manner in which tho wounded aro being cared tor. 'Cheerfulness and commodious arrangements and the genuine spirit of hopefulness of the wounded in tho hospitals has been tho most impressive thing witnessed by me since my arrival in Prance," said General Gorgas. "It is inspiring to see the determination displayed by our men; they are filled with real spirit and there Is an atmosphere of happiness among them, although .they are Buffering from wounds. JTboy aro well taken care of and. tho work of tho medical department which I have seen so far has been above reproach." v - SCHOOLS CROWDED. 150 More In Schools Than This Time Last Year —1170 in High School. The city schools havo more than one-hundred and fifty pupils and students enrolled now than at this time ast year. The total enrollment at. the two junior high schools and tho si -nlor high school now stands at about 1170. There are sixty or seventy moro in the Junior High School at Sherman than there are room for. t will be necessary to remove at east seventy -five from Sherman perhaps the sixth and some of the other gradoR will be removed altogether. Two or three of the grades at Liberty are over-crowded, and a change In them will havo to be made. There will be a meeting tomorrow afternoon of lire superintendent of schools, and the pffccipa'ls ef the different schools to adjust the boundary Hues for the schools. \ 'i> <»• * <"» <S> <S> * INSTRUCTIONS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED AT LOCAL BOARD lit Regard to Pint Registrants to be Called in the Next Draft- sent by Cfowder. The following Instructions from Crowder were received from the adjutant general at Topelta by the local board here today' at noon. They are in regard to tho first registrants to bo called. The Instructions follow: "Under the authority of the act or Congress approved August 31st,- l£U8, Uie president directs that in calling and drafting for military service the persons who register September 12, 1918, or at any time thereafter In pursuance of tho proclamation by tho president dated August 31st, 1918, only registrants who on September 12th, 1918, shall have attained their nineteenth birthday and who shall not havo attained their Ihlrty-seventb birthday, Bhall bo cnlled for classification and drafted for military service until further orders. In nccol'danco will) section D2, selective, Bervlcc regulations, a day will hereafter be designated by the provost marshal when the mailing or questionnaires, shall commence and Instructions will then bo prescribed the lime within which questionnaires shall be mailed by local boards. In pursuance of this order questionnaires will be mailed by local boardR during the time to be hereafter designated only to registrants of tho ages here in before specified. Hereafter only the third edition of Ihe questionnaire shall be mailed or oVllvcred registrants. Know This' P«<ch Stones will make enrhon enough for one Ons Mask for our eoldfore. Bring them here—depcwltory in our lobby. MODISH HATS FOR AUTUMN HERE IN FASCINATING LOVELINESS SOCDETY GIRL HAS ECONOMY SWEATER; <S> $ Q <J> <j> 4> * PROHI'S FOR HIM. * 1 •-. « <^<S>*>^>4>4>^*<^4>4>*4> $> * * Albany, N. Y., Sept. .11.—Gov. Charles S. Whitman, who won the lle- publleat( nomination lor governor at the general primary last week also received the prohibition nomination according to the tabulation of tho prohibition vote complete with the exception ot Hamilton county today at ho office or the Secretary of Slato, Whitman's vote was 6,845-and that of Olln S. Bishop of Utica the prohibition candidate was [,,G02. MISSANABIE IS SUNK. Transport on Way to America Sent Down by a Sub. New York, Sept. IV-The British passenger steamship Missannbie, 12,- *<f9 tons gross register, and in tbo servicV of the British admiralty as a troop^traisport, has been sunk by a submarine In European waters, according to Information brought here by passengers on another ship. The Mlssanabte was returning to an American port. 6PECIAL MATCH SCHEDULED. Sims on Indfan, and Burnt on Harley, Will Race Saturday. A special match has been added to tho motorcycle races to be held at the fair Saturday. Sims wjth on Indian and Burns with a Harley have arranged a special mutch. - Serum for Infantile Paralysis. Writing in the pournal of the Amer. lean Medical Association Dr. H. C. Hosenow reports good results In tho treatment of infantile paralysis with a seiuni taken from previously infected with the disease, photographs are given showing rabbita in- foctod, with limbs badly paralyzed, and tho siamo animals a fow hours after treatment bopping about with un­ repaired extremities.—tfJew Vorki World. s New an,4 '•smart for' »»y • ttmbrella is a gold cjooK handle. Miss ivy Henderson in hex "hula hula" sweater. \_ The new sweater for tho up-to-date girl made its appearance in New York recently, when Miss Ivy Henderson, a young sqctely girl ot New York and-Chicago, went, on a shopping tour. Mtss Hendurson posed for the garment of the Hawaiian type and told the camera" man it Is entirely her own creation and that it is most economical. It can be work either by tho stout or Blunder motnbor of the female sex. The secret Is as she slated, inj the sash effect, and how tho sash ts draped. Tho upper part und sash are knitted very fine with- a--mesh effect, while the sweater Itself is of ihe course knit. It Is very effective ICUST SAVE GASOLINE. Conservation Necessary If We Are to Have Enough. .Washington, Sept. 11.—Fuel'AdraiO- Istrator Garflnld informed the senate today in response to the Lodge resolution of Inquiry that unless conservation are taken lmmedlatoiy ihero would, be a defict of approximately one miillnu barrels of gasoline at the end of the year. At tho rate of consumption In August hu estimated that there was only about one month's supply ahead. RUN INTO BY CAR. Floyd Smith Was Run Into Last Night By an Automobile. Floyd Smith is in the JHothodlst Hospital today as Ihe result of a broken leg, sustained from an automobile Occident lust night. Ho is improving and will be able to bo removed from the hospital In a'few. days. IJAMBORN SAYS: "Our 13ggest cigar sellers so far have been "Mapacuba" jn a 10c seller and "Havana Ribbon" which Bells tor lie. Try them for real merit but don t forget that we aim to carry all leading brands- If wo haven't what you want we will try and get it for you although there are a good many that cannot be secured." 3 North Main Bl. It CONTESTING ELECTlpN, Question of Sylvia High School Election Brought Into Court, ' Suit was filed yesterday by County Attorney Herbert Ramsey in the name of the state versus T. D. Marshall ct al In which tho question of tbo legality of Ihfl election held in January for the Bylvia. Rural High school is questioned. Brunswick Tire* and Tubes. King's Auto Supply, m South Main. The Beautiful Autumn Huts—New—Diffcrent- tinction—arc here in the widest selection. One cannot imagine their attractiveness— 1 they must be seen to be appreciated fully—the velvets, the silk and satin and velvet combinations—• each a picture—an individuality—a magnet of,admiration. , , A very broad selection of those Autumn Hats is to be had at $7.50, $10.00 and upwards—and every favored color dnd trimmiug is among them. -with such airs of dis- Children's Hats —Mothers will find tho selection to bo unusually charming mid- ^ els, possessing style and winsomonoas seldom found In children's headwear. An extra charge of 10c now bcinff made for special deliveries mode at tho pntron'a rf-qiuyit. Try to arninRe to have your purchases sent ou tho regular deliveries at; 10 a. m. i p. m. 4 p m.: Saturdays, at 6:30 p. m, DtRY GOODS CTO « « $ PICKED UP'ROUND TOWN, • * . • C. H. Hyson went to Turon on business yesterday. Constable Carrlngton went to Pretty Prairie yesterday on business, C. E. Elridge of Topcka was a business caller in tbo city yesterday. Miss Susio Hemple of llurrton has accepted a position at Ro'rabaugh- Wiley's. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Whittle .of'South Hutchinson are tho parents of a baby girl born yesterday. Mr. and Airs. O. S. Bateman motored to Inman Sunday ami spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. R, I. Hurgis. Charles,. Willard went to Ellinwood this morning. 'From there he will go to IIIB hunting lodge near Stafford. Frank Cook who has been In the .hospital at Halstead for tho past month, has returned and is very much, improved. A marriage ficense was Issued yesterday afternoon to Archie 1). Waters, US years, of Leon, to Miss Ida T: Fritz, 28, of Menomomle, Wis. Mrs. D. A. Vanon of Pretty Prairie, Miss Dcssa Coher of Kinsley, Miss Kate Harvey of Sterling, Mra. Gus Brown of Castleton, and Mrs. W. C. Barnes ot Buckltn were among the, out of town visitors in tho city yesterday. The Mitchell Aid Society will meet with Mrs. Will Newlln tomorrow afternoon. Paving is being done between the street car tracks at the corner of Fifth and Washington. Almost 5,000 automobile licenses hayo been issued HO far this fiscal year by Countyfjreasurcr A. K Noonan. Los year at total of 1,800 was Issued. . .PI P. HugheB we5t to Garden City today to check In a new manager to tako the place of a woman who has been having charge but who recently resigned. II. A. Tlce division superintendent of Dodge City and C. B. Smyor trainmaster also of Dodge JZlty were hero yesterday calling at tho Santa Fo offices. x Miss Faye Buckel of Stafford,: Mra. J. K. Mceks ot Wichita, Mrs. Will Townsley of Great Bond, and Mrs. B. S. Trostlo of Nickorson w<"ro out of town visitors in the city yesterday. Mr. and Airs. D. E. Rlchhart of Nickerson, Miss .losephino Martin of Abhy- ville, Miss Boo Madaues of Claflln and Miss Flossie Allen of Bison were among Ihe out of town visitors here yesterday, i. "Slander" at Royal. Blackmail, slander, herlncheg and finally happiness follow tho trial of Beatrix' thoughtless little lie and pome of tho complications worked out in tho picture aro amusing in the extreme. Among other things the hapless pair arc forced away by tho well- meaning family on a honeymoon cruiso «pbonrd Franklin's yacht, tho Galatea, qj»d only Beatrix' quick wit provides "tho necessary chaperones. Portraying Ihe rolo of the worst spoiled girl In America, Constanco Tnltnadge as Beatrix Vandnrdyke in "Scandal," (ho new Select production, gives an exceedingly clever study of tho pampered New York debutante, self willod and high tempered, but strangely appealing In her momenta of sweetness. The picture will bo shown today and tomorrow at 1ho Royal theatro and promises to hit tho high water mark in popularity. SENATOR OWEN COMING. Oklahoman Is to Make a Speech at th$ Kansas State Fair. Postmaster S- S. Grayblll received word this afternoon that Senator Robert. L. Owen of Oklahoma will come bore on Friday, Sept. 20, for tho Fair and—will mako u talk at tho grounds. Brick, terra cottu and copper aro popular colors. AMERICAN HEAVY ARTILLERY WHICH" HELPED TAKE SOISSONS 7 SOME OF THE HUNS GLAD TO ESCAPE FROM RANGE OF GUNS 1 r 1- ^ r-v U. S. heavy artillery south of &ois- sone and German prisoners. American hsavy artillery rendered invaluable aid in tho retaking of Soiasons by tho allies. The upper photo shows a battery of American 198 wju. heavy artillery guns occupying what formerly WBB enemy territory jut south of Soiasons. The deadly accuracy of the Runntri handltfig these big fellows terrorised, the German forces. Genasn yrisyaers Lake a j| ® COM- »v Ajtt'O <*4fa. during the drive were glad %o put of range of these cannon Jgwer photo shows U. S *4 to get j inon. The escorting through a French village German prisoners tsjun hy

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