Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 9, 1965 · Page 26
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 26

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 9, 1965
Page 26
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WSUSS rfOrUT? ..M^UKJO Duiuvinvr ro^ f%ftt ^^ttr*"* . y Stfty 9, rWIRTY FOR RErTT nm« o! iraurimii offices very FMsWiaftl*. BMatlfilllv furtHfieif mtif ft** ,-.,. .»,,» „. OT parti Ciftntfer IKfC tllltr* Mel» on N. M*in. Fof in Bii-'iSi" P" J * c * w| Mort R«»lty, 4403 Main 7S2-4781 CLASSIFIED A/ove o /iee/ge ogo/nsf inflation. Prkes will never jbe lower, Buy o lot now in Eastridge Heights THE HOVE IS TO . FAIRFIELD ADDITION and The Locations That Offer The Utmost In Living MODEST IN PRICE .... EXCLUSIVE IN QUALITY Bell Real Estate Co. Inc. Dial 763-4441 REAL ESTATE LOANS • HOME LOANS Conventional F.H.A. G.f. Home Improvement • BUSINESS BUILDING LOANS First Federal Savings&Loan HOME OFFICE 4th & PILE CLOVIS. NJM. BRANCH OFFICE 2nd & ABILENE PORTALES, N.M. RIOT IOSMESS ntmr 79 1 FOR RENT efflM iptw, »»n ot ROME! FOR SAU 82 i* wlth fireplace. Fully carpeicd. FOR LEASE i »«tR, th ,!- .*•"*•!" AOKNCY 3-6515 3-4760. . HAMILTON R BUSINESS BtnMMNrt In Radio C'enter, formerly Holida ' 783-T59 HOMES FOR SALE WMB FOR 82 JOR SALE or 1'KAME hy owner, 2-hcd- room home, den And play room, comer I,H. 7M-.T/I6. FARMS * ACREAGE fOR SALE 89 \ AUTOS-TRUCKS AUTOS-TRUCKS ™«rfil .&' H ., 0( £ L .J llc ' 1 " on ' 3 h(>rt - so MI "' H f » r room, den and 2 baths. 2808 Harrison room with new p«tn> l t. nlro 7 87Z8 ?*'>. fenced hack yarrt and only $10 5m).' 3-BBDROOM HOUSE, carpeted, curtains j garage, work shop, TV Cable, would consider late model cur In trade. See at 515 Reneher 763-4019 -..-.. SHARP Ot ftfltrTV This 3 bedroom, nath & m home Is as neat as n pin. Has fenced yard, nice p.itio, payments only S94 per month. Someone will snnpS 'Si* on « "P li'lck. Call ,1ohn Arnettl 762-nnJ or Elmer Coffee 7fi2-OSfiO Clovls' Real Kstate Inc. FOR SALE 2-bedroom brick house on corner lot. Oarage apartment on rear, close in, excellent condition, 7B3-3319 ACREAGE, close In, priced for quick unlc. 4-BEDROOM on w. Tlerra Blanca $350 down payment. Office Phone 109 Maple 1 BWl'K OF Senior HlRh School, lovely .. FINISHING 3 ai^ hrlck homes In excliislve aiea. Too many nice feiiUues to list. Be sure to ate EUBANK SWACKHAMMER 160 A. Raw I,anrl In (,'ol.trnclo With 1 llTl;;»ll.l!l well. SSI) p.-t acre. FH i'i: OUTOF-STATE FARMS Us:, Ai'RK Missouri fn-'m '<!"'" f.'inn liinil. li'd ;wi.-« rii tlnnr. 1 M'i'v; \vftloi. \Vdl l mi '•••ililc- \ 'nuiint n<t o, ovey °»droom and den, brick vonner. IV OFPirf; nvtn .,!!?• . carpet » * drapes, t.ullt-ln oven and range. Chain link fence. 2. HiiMl.ld MH\\K '' h^e A(ir\<'v ' I -Mil i iin:t 711:1 muni ff"K g 'Ifc .. . nancng i/ desired. R. D. WOUXHlN(iTON U W. 4th oi BKAt ESTATE »nd I* M. Wo^d 78H-4815 ca " Ingroom and hall. The kitchen has ai-LBEDROOM Orlrk near Illch Scho.n nmi built-in overhand range, hulll-ln dkh-j .Tames Uicklcy. all pippin? kltrhi-n I " of cabinet snare. Assume; tile halhs, nil carpet and draped Fxlr-'i ",'?" °Jl y Z • vcnrs nld - Wmild '"de' ' nr Ing for In a 2-liH in fine., ni.luhh.n!:,',,ii newly decorated inside and cxil carpels' fenced easy financing KKK THIS ONK CL.USE IN LOCATION" for multiple milt' 1 ("Oil RAT.K hy owner: l.aree 2 hc.lroorr, house, 1 "i hnths. new rnniot wired f"i washer & diver, basement. garni;e wi'ti Storage room, inciuliR HI" Cnmeo. by l!,..-il:,,r. AUTO ACCESSORIES K * \ AITOMOIM r: Air • liinranfi-rt Srrilri- ,v OMtlins 7M (Mr, ( Imli AUTO WRECKERS" I/nhi of CLOVIS S HODY SHOP ACROSS K11O.M YI'CCA IMii'.'lvI.N AUTO TIRES h™ home and move In with no the established KH.A. loan on this qualifying. Call Neal Walls 763-5575 or Marie Dandrca 763-5235 Clovls Real Es• tate Inc. VACANT - READY FOR OCn'PANCY! Inviting family home with all the modern Conveniences!! Check this list against your wants: 3. .1 BR . 2 Bath 2. Double garage 3. A family Room spacious enouch for the WHOLE family 4. Carpet 5. Wood floors 6. Complete built-in kitchen 7. Utility Room 8. Large shaded pat.lo 9. Separate storage on workshop 10. Concrete fence 11. All brick 12. Air • conditioner 13. SUOO.on drapes 14. Pannelllng 15. Entry Hall is. Yard In! 17. 2 years old 1S. Built by Albert Jones 19, Near Marshall & Blckley •jn. Terms or trade You arc Invited to compare! J23.930 00 • Call owner at 763-7433. older 2-hedrnom close In WEST 19th lovely ^-hcdroom-new cnrpel and drapes, electric kitchen with dishwasher, beautiful Inwn and shrub* rhnm link fence, good corner lot, Gl and n»- thlng down. HIGHLAND School . 4-hedroom. double BnraRe. den and fireplace. Lively home r,I no down payment or would "con.iidei trade for smaller home near town. G. C. KENNEDY REAL ESTATE Axtell Sf. Dial 7flS-3l!56 MILr.FT? O.K. 11 HI-; siour: ?i «. iih -.1:1 :H 19fi2 ('HKVI(i)I.KT V-H. l'ni-:i 7H2--1 M , $52,53 per month. _ Sale Sate The«<? cnrn have lo ffo Ihls week, M. nialc- in .in offer on these ca 'lin Cnrvnir Monza am Coupe :>. •< chew n. -1 dr. Clean „ 'v/i cii'-vi.iint. -l door, 6 cylinder. $ow •:• ir:iil>\ f lonn. »•/ 'K.I iv.isc!. .; dr.or, hardtop, cleanest '* ic: Convertible, new t(JB I'lr.kup — 4 speed *^V-3, • C.>:; ;in u« or see at Clovli Body hon (CLOVIS BODY ACHOSS FROM VIICOA 1)111 VB.1M CLASSIFIED ' tpo SALE.. . MOTORCYCLE-BICYCLE "' 93 'KOll SALE nice 3 aisposal. garage. S;mdi« School nrei -j-V Hirnlshprt or unfurnished'e in- mediately inquire Pierce Mnrinc ,. O i> Inguiie 783-54U5 or 7KJ MKn ',, iifyt! (iOOI) Tllltl" Jl.'NE ; MARK IV AUTO AIR CONDITIONER : M!:n\i,isT §107 CA co.Mnj.Ti:; ^lo/.DU PLVS INSTALLATION: BOHEY STUDEBAKER rr-o i-;. 1st ,v xnn \v.\i.\i"r ctovis OM/&MM 1809 Axtefl PHONE 762-1828 Mandle Williams Harry Lymsn 7«.1-«nn Owen Williams 'WMic'o ^Arthur Mil hum 7B:)-.Mi7it LARGE RRICK-venir home recently" hunt Krounds over two lo(«. p\rHI<-n' iorwiMn near fniversity. S. M. 1'lnni.y PIS \\v-i loth St. Portales. New Mexico W. J. EVANS R'-nl 1. ntn WH A»t»ll PH. 783-MB7 1 "j.*'' •.mJAVID.-T WAlhlni; rtM.inrr In' Hljn sehiHil nnfl Ornrte I.-IKI..I. HIM » home N(»\V In »M:,SII.K.\ ||||,i< C«ll Hulter^ A Illnti C'nmt. Ci>.. Id.)' J741 of yonr fnvnritc ronltur i BY OW.\Krr~2~hikT~or til "SciiloT pier, ranee. I lip fi-.-ii-e and stmaV 2uUl (lorry Or. 'FOR SALE-" i'i<r."so : HOUSE TRAILERS 3-BEDROOM, LARGE utility room, double garage, large lot, J500 equity and takr up payments $64.50 a month. Call 76.1-, ,,. _ „, 6,')15 or see at 715 Hondo. I,™ 118 K ' Nlnth PH 7B2-4M1 '109 YALE - In the heart of IN- v-!i... : Extra Inrce hedrrums f ( u.ilii\ r-intn. tjon _throughoiit. spenr.ite ii;i;n\ r..,, FOR SALE by owner, extra nice ,1-bed room home 7fi2-lri.1S. Come see at 1707 Jonquil. CASH KA.MFV REAI/IOJt ('IX)VIS, N.M. Bov ,T!H Ph. I'O S.5H31 Mlo |'() 3.53-, f SALKSIjADY FTHKL 11VMAN I'O 3-5S.W SI'INKS KEA Ph. TSJ-irwi I-IK^ 100S RENCHKR 2 I^r,,.,, nnnrtmcn! Prlpii^ u, ^p'j Ml'K, CLEAN 2 l.pdr,..,m I'V^-P nen view School I'ir, !rf:,'« s>'i'n n ^ KK.M \f, SKItXU i: H. A. Rnotsrv 7^{, Jselt A J:illlh Snlnl/. ^<. iron s-vi. 1ll\\V .* MdHII.I. $\* i j ivr n\ i Pierce Marine 2595: bedro<>ms. 1 \ bath, family'i 3 BIG BEDROOMS, den, fireplace, carpet, i \'™ e - Wo l ' nn sh(lw i( "n.v'tim... r.-,, dishwasher, electric built-in,. baths,, CAN ' VOL"_ MAKE «m no ppr m . w(h r , BUSINESS"" PROPERTY by owner, near Sandla. 7B.1-S83 BY OWNER 3 BR house corner Lot on Main. G.I. Equity ini State 763-5450. WOULD YOU BUY A NEW HOME FOR ONLY S74.00 A MONTH? Sounds interest Ing doesn't it? Well that's rlTht— $7.1.on per month including taxes and Insurance. : The place Is Lockwood Addition. The I homes are three bedrooms. 1 hath, slngl.' : car attached garage, utility areas, plenty i of living and dining area and air condi-j lioner roof inn. There's plenty of fl.»ir' plans and beautiful elevations to choose from. Call E. L. Shryock 7fiS-«367 or Jack Rossman 763-9153. Clovis Real Estate Inc. ments" No qualifyinf; for sm;i;, ..... fnyment on .') bertroom brick J-'epc..,! liuilt-lns. Some carpet Variint. Yir.i ran move in tomorrow CJood lucaMn", K ACRES _ (,- v.-fi] _ ,-, n)1 |,. s fr ir|1 ,,., v limits \ mi. whet'l sprinkler in. I .,]. i G.xid alu.ttrc.piits. Hob Mortem, Iteallnr 7li:<-:iinK K. H. "Monk" llcirton 7r,;i (,I;T; Arthur Smith 7«:t-111:1:: Arlene S. ( leveland IteaHor 76:t-«: > i.l . JIO/i M.ihf» III. ",1111 BUILDINGS FOR SALE KXTKA G(KM) I'f-v-.r ii-: moved Portect for crrn!- s<i ft. \Vrvr, i.,. m, ( 'ipv Boat S^iDp 7i>:u,.t4j Motors \v. 7th I!,,.' CLASSIFIED 100: EXCHANGE REAL ESTATE TP.AI'E cqi: • •, :i - , •• (-,,"!"»" lale'rn';.•["' .<- ";...''.'/r'-'' •'•,-." TRAIiiRS AUTOS-TRUCKS UPHOLSTERY THIS MONTH ONLY 20% Off on All Material & Labor Clovis Mattress & Upholstery Co. 302 E. 1st 768-5234 CRT THE HOMK YOr HA'.T A' WAYS WANTED BLFOHK ITS 'U«> I..VI' This l.,\,el> ;i-bedi."irr 2 ha'-.. :•• car gjraL-r. r«r;.,.i, d,..-. ].-,•,;.' ,• • has cvlr.-is t'« ; ''»' l! '•••• i- •••;). "i i"- <ry detail. Easy !r, 1.,.% « •> j- j; A rni--:TP.Y I.IVINT; AT rr- i.r.~':- X ACREAGE FOR SALE 89 . u t itr.Ai. KSTATT i.<i\\s OLD (IK M;\V I'lUII'l 111 IT S FARM * RANCH . BT> t» 40 year Irrmv KEAL1-UB CLASSIFIED 100 CLASSIFIED, f XPERT SHARPEN/NO Tlif MAIS Thnma< 7«lS-44!tl FOR SALE Ir. Morose S lo's. lionsc l \ ba!h> far;. .•'.•'•! less than 1 year old. Ca!i no an»u-er c«Ji ::.'i.'i PAUL REAL ESTATE 517 y, MAIN 763-4401 irnnsfered make nr?er S,.|-., 'it SAWS... __ SCISSORS.. .MOWERS SKATES... ALL TOOLS E. 14th Tool Sharpening Retoorhing & Hard Surface Disc Grinding 1309 E. 14th Phone 762-0928 Says (']i:ui£;f' To FORD UKI; MI: S.-t- ti\\ fit I <ti:i> - \i i M — ~- u fimmmimmmmmmmmmmmimmmm I't HAVE to 50 Cars This or Next •• But LIKE To COMPARE OUR CARS WITH ALL COMPETITIVE MAKES FOR STYLING... QUALITY.., and WARRANTY! WAGNER MOTORS, he Your fine new home must have the absolutely right setting -- quiet, secluded, protected - io exactly compliment your family and your investment. Only in Jonquil Colony will you find such a soiling. Investigate today -- call your builder, realtor, or Jonquil Corporation PO 2-4541. The entrance lane to Jonquil Colony is at 21st and Sycamore Streets. the firniMTH. .!{)•. i '[ HAVK UJVKI.Y la 0-. niroly (>oiri.>r>il r;i-,ir i.'it 1 i: a; on hack vvinrh , Or-lv SI. 1 ) 750 Call ]OM-Y $?>;) ct.iv.i w choice relp)~. lvirr;.> n II . h . In over, and i«;^e LOM-'V v, ... carpet. 2 car Karate [.ant. v c ..-:•,-•. Cli3*els and mnie r.os^n !>i<i;1s f? t ; r»ard space ir. ire ki'.-hrr.. >IT-. nr F»rase Lnve.'v pa:.,j. a Urisraj-'l rci: tr«; ne*tlr,K ^*nd rtr&pes M.A, .-!,.--'; ir, Call Joyce Stone ;->|.;i,"iXi or T..J- i). ! SI M)AV and A* ItU UllUltS l-lluM M MKKIIS Jrrry 1'aul 16? 31»« Krvln Dunenji 7C.(-Ai1i Joyce stone IKKI.MI.I Juanltk l'«ul W-aihil •I Oramma grass i«nrh. (rood Glass &i wheat Is- •• i, j:;> Brim r»r|u U-! .ler. t !: ;snefl 'j li'i i smul. rfnia! OPEN HOUSE 2212 ECHOLS AVE. 1 to 5 P.M. TODAY! For Sale By Owner: B5ST HOME VALUE IN TOWN! 520 E. Pl\ month - \ :Ui:uit - Imperial SALES AND SERVICE 762^555 **' A «'• r, IJ.KI t. -!/ tiiiti(,AHi>N 114.-) S,,. H. Huilt-iri Oven \ I!:umr> Carpet In Living Itoun I'audcd J'ainil\ Konin • •>„ \ - t -,\\ |; :i i!| S »V .M:is<. r l'.,- ( |n.«,iii • Uri.-K Ituiit 115 W.4^ ^rum^ P03-3484 a/tf/ii// Ui> Oberthier Ret. 763 3637 CLOSING OUT MASTERCRAF1 LIVING ROOM The QUALITY is UP! The PRICE is way DOWN! SOME BEDROOM FUINITUIE & LIVING ROOM FURNITURE ON SALE • 4 Cout'hes Keg. $309 N'ow ^ 1 Couch Eej;. $368 Now 9 1 Italian Couch Reg. (180 KOW • liide A Bfd Eeg. $389 Now ^ .Uidr-A-Bed Beg. $329 Now • 1 Early America* Ilidc A Bed Beg. fW9 Now SHIPLEY FURNITURE I31S MAIN t CLOVIS UOWN ... 86 MONTHS LICENSED BONDED REALTORS 110 V/. GRAND AVE. 762-4779 lUrry Ounabry i« SIM Cannon Real Estate 113 Main 762-4575 THIS HOUSE IS BEYOND COMPARE AT ONLY $18,000. F.H.A. OR G.I. LOAN. PAYMENTS LESS THAN RENT. Built By DEAN BURCH i iv\\( i:i) RV NEW MEXICO Savings and Loan PHONE 762-2665 » car; wr'-sper cju!«t ,. ) . C4pat , t> . , uto 4jf 0 'ec-!:.::-;a! control. '" ia'ctj (i-'»-.inat( ..-'• iT-.orv cr 24.00Q SPECIAL Bonnie Men « <)sur«* (ulHirn. Mr* '4uilntt K»l|>li I full « ....... 76.1 Jl il M ........ ifcii,j;u 1tj!-ir:<i KlaemaB .......... 7«.i vr.i. Uuiuplirtj ............ CLASSIFIED 100 tint; ua lor cstirnule AUTO BODY WORK Painting — Metal Work ROTHWELL BODY SHOP 1811 W. 7tb 1)1 AI. I'O SS'>SO , -r r ; r BOYD'S COMPLETE SEAR BRAKE and FRONf-END Service TIBE iULLNG WHEEL HM.1MCCD AND OVEKIX>AJ> SfUINGS UUNBO »Unt SHUCKS Guanu>le«d Mtmiert Quick installation RADIATOR REPAIR New Radiator Cores Reconditioned Radiator* For All Cart & Trucks M W HUE SHOP U Vews Ui Ouviii 121 W. tiriMid fO S 4326 Quality Budget P SERVICE SPECIAL AIR CONDITION INSTALLED COMPLETE 2-1 MO. OR 24,000 MILE WAItKAMT a $1940 DOWN \L M *1O95 DOWN \L M CARS ; ) i; '<> (', COMPLETELY INSTALLED Any Aimerican Made Car or Pickup I; t!0 MONEY DOWN S10 PER MO. PHONE TOR APPOINTMENT.,. K&N AUTOMOTIVE AIR-CONDITIONING dl Ai:AMI ! I) S1.KVICK & I.\8T.%JLL.%T!OV 1924 GIDDING DIAL 763-6845

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