The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 20, 1924 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1924
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1924 THE TUTTfHTNSON NEWS, PAGE ELEVEN. 'fets-lt'Renmtt Corns Quickly MUSIC MEMORY LISTS READY Here Are the Selections for the Classes in the Upper Grades. of the Sky-blue Water, Cairn*. American; SI—Serenade, Schubert, German; it— Walti of the Flower* (Nutcracker Suite), Techaikowsky, Russians !S-Larg-o (New World Symphony). Dvorak, Bohemian; 24—Andante (Firth Symphony) Beethoven, German; 35—Traumercl, Schumann, German. , High School. . (t to J5 eame aa grades). ;«_+he Four Leaf Clover, Drowns!], English; 2"—All Through the Night, Welsh Folk Song; !8— By tho Brook, Paul Wetiger; 29—Echo Song. Mr llenrv K. Ulahnp. Enollah; 30—To a Water blty. MaeDowell. American; 31—The Bee, Schubert. German; 32— Danae Macabre. Salnt-Saens, trench! 33-rI'olonal»e Mllltaire, chonln, Polleh; 3«—Lullaby Jocelyn, Oodarrt, French; 35—lnvtallon to the Walts, Weber. Oerman: 36—Minuet In a. Paaerawkl, Polish; 37—4th F Minor Symphony 1 and 2, Tuchnlkoivsky, Russian; as— Concerto No. 2 C Minor, Rachmaninoff, Russian One tench of "Gtts-It" puts rem or esD.mii tela to sleep forever. Two or three drops ap. ailed to com or callous soon shrivels Ihem Into t loose piece of drad tissue that can easily be Keled off with fingers. There is no danger, lo bother, no guess work—just quick, sure and tleaslnR relief. "Gets-It" does not fall. Vour •tlsfactlon is absolutely guaranteed. Costa •st • trifle. E. Lawrence * Co., Chicago. Kertting Concert The music memory contest Hat for the schools has been completed by Miss Nell Cockey, supervisor r>f grado school music. Tbe list has been divided Into sections for the Various classes. Grades 3rd nail Issjnssj • _ 4th hare a list composed of 14 mini- [C,!,,. t*mrm PA* berg which are most popular and 1 v.«»rs» r w familiar to children In those grades. Grades 5th and 6th will Include the 3n; and 4th grade numbers and 12 other numbers. Tho list for the high school, Include the grade school selections' ftom t to 26 and lu addition 13 more. . Tho list Is ns follows: Grades 3 and 4. 1. Mornlnsr (Peer Oynt Suite), OrieK. Norwegian; 2—In tho Hall of the Mountain King (Peer Oynt Suite), Grieg. Norwegian; 3—Sweet and Low, Itatnhy, English; 4—Narcissus, Nevtti, American; E— Sliepertl's Hey, arnlng- or, Australian; 6—Funeral March of a Marionette, Gounod, French; 7—The Swan, Salnt-Raens, French; S—The Waiting Doll. Polillnl. Itnllon; 9—At Pawnlnrr, Cadnian, Amercan; 10— Spinning Song, Mendelssohn, German; It—Hark! Hark! the Lark, Schubert, Oerman; 1!, Al the Brook, Bolsdeffre, French; 13—Natareth, Gounod. French; 14—Cavutlna, Koff, Oerman. Grades B and 6, II —Golden Slippers, Negro Fplrltual; ' ~ ' ltustlcana, Mascagnl, Danube Walta, WEARY WOMEN FIND A BRACING INFUERCE IN c ^-Wrth THE USE OF FORCE TONIC ft-T S<llt]]e^f sUV sftfl'JQjUsfJ U—CavtUerta ttustlcRnn, Mftuca^nl Italian; 17—Blue Danu" Strauss, Austrian; IS—Death of Ana. (Peer Gynt Suite), Orley. Norwegian; IB— Anltra'a Dance (Peer Oynt Suite). Grlegr, Norwegian; 20—From the Land Good MWI for txpwtnt Mo**ra W HIN the Utile «• arrival fin « have that moment freer fxen euf- ferinc than you have perhape to> •rtned. An eminent ptirtlelan, exptrt In this edenee. haa shown the way. It wee he who ftret produced the (Treat rubbing prtjMtrmtiem eaUei ''Mother's Friend." Result* from the IN of "Mother** Friend" are proven by many •tartilnv tet­ ter* of testimony frees happy utera. "I can almoet ear my baby wm$ bom with* out pain/* wriUe a yoaaar mother who had need "Mother 1 * Friend." "Mother** Friend" t* ap* plied externally. It ha* been *eed by three ten ere* Hone of expectant mother*. Start win* it today, and meanwhile write to Bradflcld Regulator Co., B-A18, Atlanta. Ga.. for free valuable book contain In* Information ivery eapeetant mother ebould here. "Moth* «*• Friend'* Is told by all food drug store*. A 1 BETTER THAN CALOMEL Thousands Have Discovered Dr. Edwards* Olive Tablet* are a Harmless Substitute. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets—the lnbstltute for calomel—are a mild but sure laxative, and their effoct on the liver Is almost Instantaneous. These little olive-colored tablets are the result of Dr. Edwards' determination not to treat liver and bowel complaints with calomel. The pleasant little tablets do tbe good that calomel does, but have no bad after effects. They dou Injure the teeth like strong llquldi or calomel. They take hold of tbe trouble and quickly correct 11. Why cure tho liver at the expense of I ho teelhT CiJomelscmietlmes plays A GleaitlV MaSS of Hair havoc with the gums. So do strong * 1 »-•»»•*»* V liquids. It Is best not to take cal- : oir.ol. Lot Dr. Edwards' Olive Tab 35,. "r^nderine" does Wonders lets take Its place. , Headaches, "dullness" an* that f»>r Any Girl's Hair; lazy feeling come from constlra-' * tlon and a disordered liver. Take ' 1 Jr. Edwan.a' Olive Tablets when yon feel "logy" and "heavy." They "clear" clouded brain and "perk tip" the spirits; 15c and 30c The Arkansas Valley Interurban railway Is arranging for extra can to Hutchinson Thanksgiving evening for tbe Katherlne Kerstlng concert, in behalf ot the Bethany college Temple ot Music fund. Extra enrs will run from Wichita and Newton to care for the crowds coming from these points. "Katherlne Kersting's home is at Wichita," explained Phil Zimmerman, In charge of publicity, "But many Wichita folks are coming here to hear her eing, for they realise this la their last opportunity to hear her before she goes abroad." ZENITH Mr. and Mrs, Bort Stanley, MlU Nevll Meggy and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Darr and children spent Sunday at A. J. Darr's. Ora Thomas and family tpant Sunday with Bert Clothier) and family. Mr. and Mrs. Bert McComb, Mrs, Harry Hartnett and Mr. P. T. Sny. der motored lo Wichita Friday. Mr .and Mrs. Ben Clothier and 1 children attended church at St. John Sunday. Delmas Thomas took supper with Max McComb Friday evening, also Leona Stewart spent the evening there with Gladys Thomas who is staying there. Roy Ramsey got his arm broken while playing at school Friday afternoon, Mrs. Clareneo Sloan returned to her home In Trinidad, Colorado, Sunday morning after being here several weeks on account of an operation, SOUTH HUTCHINSON els, indicating a use of 2>i billion bushels during the year. From November 1913 to November 1314 there were marketed something like 35 million head of hogs and IB million head of cattle, from November H>23 to November l'Ji!4 the marketing; of hogs has been about 55 million head and ot cattle 23 million head. Fewer cattle and hogs will probably be marketed during the next twelve months than during the past twelve months. However, if corn Is fed as heavily as It was last year, the reduction In the nurohsjr of cattle anil nogs marketed will have to be anout one-third to leave a carryover of corn as large as for the corn crop of 1"13. At tho same time, tne supply of corn this year Is only about the same as that of 1913 Furthermore, the two short crop years, 1913 and 1901, came wnnn there were good sized world crops of wheat. The short corn crop this year conies in the face of a snort world's wheat crop. Later advance" are therefore to be looked forwar to. DIZZY? You need a Laxative Breath Bad? Stomach Sour? Clean your Bowels FARMING Beauty Mrs. Ola Kirkman Miss Margaret Pucket of Oklahoma City is visiting her ancle and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shirk. Little Thelma Parker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Parker, la ill with scarlet fever. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rannfng and daughter, Sylvia, also Pauline Mancho, motored to Kingman Sunday and spent the day with Mr. Hanntng'g sister. Mr. George Wildon who has been 111 for several weeks Is reported better. Grandma Reynolds who has been suffering from a bruised foot Is better. Don't forget the revival meeting at the Christian church. Every body Invited. Mlsa Thelma Curtlss of Wichita and Miss Hope Curtlss of Hutchinson spent Sunday with their cousins, Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Wall and daughter Edna. The Farmers' Co-operatle Grain Co., of Haven has had a very successful year, Ira M. Tuggle, manager of the company reports. The stockholders have voted a prorata of four cents a bushel on the more than a quarter of a million bushels ot wheat which has been bandied, and two cents on corn and on other grains for a smaller amount. Tbe officers of tbe company are U. Steelier, president; Henry Kranz, vice president; Wm. Schoepf, secretary and B. U. Raymond, treasurer. It now appears that wheat price has taken much ot Its seasonal slump from the blgb point In October. By far the more Important outlook now Is tbat for tbe late winter and spring months. Fred Houser, of the Moses Mills, at Great Bend, says that in his opinion the flour buyers who are holding back expecting drops In the market will do mighty well to buy now. Which ought to be encouraging to the man who has wheat for sale. Mr. Houser says that the exporters are buying wheat not only on the drops but also In the face of a ri3ing market. With Importing countries likely to have to turn to the United States for 140 to 150 million bushels more wheat than thoy have already taken, every bit of available surplus In this country will be needed. Bearing on the nearby situation, It Is Important to note that the bulk ot the big visible supply ot wheat In the United States at pres. ent has been accumulated at prices somewhat under present levels, and can be sold at a lower price than the present, under pressure from outside competition. How elective foreign competition will tx 1 depends very largoly upon whether Canada pushes her wheat to market rapidly before the close 01 navigation on the Lakes or holds back for next spring's market. Canadian wheat growers have so far, shown no disposition to rush their wheat to market this tall. Because of the low quality ot quantities of Canadian and European wheat, United States wheat of good quality in particular Is likely to show a good spring price ad The full significance of this year's short corn crop Is hard to realize thhs early In the new crop year. This Is partly because tho seasonal position ot the cattle ana hog market for the next month or two Is not likely to encourage the buying of corn by feeders, furthermore, there Is a tendency to anticipate still lower prices with the beginning of anything like a heavy movement ot new crop of corn in the next two or three months. - HEY WORK WHILE YOU SLEJJ- For Constipation, Biliousness, Headache. On the other hand, a longer distance view ot the corn market shows Its position to be almost without parallel. The email crop of 1913 plus the carryover of old corn gave a total supply of 2,584,960,000 bushels. A year later supplies un iarms were 80,046,01)0 busli- CASTORIA MOTHER:- Fletcher's Castoria is especially prepared to relieve Infants in arms and Children all ages of Constipation, Flatu lency, Wind Colic and Diarrhea; allaying Feverishness arisiiij therefrom, and, by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids tl. assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep. Judge Fifty Years Watch Your Daughter! Read What This Woman Says: Fort Scott, Kan.—"It is with pleasure that I tell what Dr. J'lorce's Favorite Prescription has done for me and for my two oldest 4,'lrls. I took it during expectancy vl th wonderful results. I can recommend it to mothers who Uavo tlrls Just turning into womanhood. I gave It to my two oldest girls. Functional disturbances was their trouble and It worked like a charm. They are now stout, healthy young ladles. I will always recommend ti» 'Favorite Prescription' to all who Rtiffer from feminine com- jilalnt."—Mrs. Ola Klrkman, care ot Fred Harvoy. A beautiful woman is always a well woman. Cot Mils Pr scrlptton In liquid or tablets, at any drug store, and soo how quickly you will have sparkling eyes, a clear •kin, vim, and vivacity. Sond 10c to Dr. Plerco's Invalids' Hotel, ?u£falo ( N. V. for trial pkg. tublets. Glrla: Try this! When combl. and dressing your hair, Just mols en your hair brush with a lilt' "Dauderino" and brush it throud your hair. The effect is startlinp You can do your hair up Irnnii dlately and It will appear twice as thick and heavy—a mass of steamy hair, sparkling with lite j and possessing that incompunible softness, freshness and luxuriance. While beautifying the hair "Dun- derine" Is also toning and stimulating each single hair to grow- thick, long and strong. Hair stops falling out and dandruff disappears. Get a bottle of delightful, refreshing "Dunderlne" at any drug or toilet counter and Just see how healthy und youthful your hair becomes. HIS DAYS AT HOME WERE SHORT s>£ < «r* !ft 9ft 3f> "Enemy Alien" Four Times Deported, Sneaks In Only to Be Nabbed Again :e Secret Of A Clear Skin Daily Use Of Cuticura Bathe daily with Cuticura Soap and hot water to thoroughly cleanse and stimulate the pores and aivt', tbe «-mple«lon a fresh, healthy glow. Assist with Cuticura Olnt-i menl whan necessary I Do You Need Help? Don't hesitate to call upon us simply because you haven't been sending us your bundle regularly—you'll find us just aa prompt and as anxious to please as thoug.1 you were one of our oldett customers. PHONE L^wis Molloway of Uloo.nlngton, has retired after 50 years' service, marrying thousands of couples. lie Is Hi; ""-vlvor of the famous Lincoln-Douglas debate at O.t-wa, III., in 18S6 and voted twice for Abraham Lincoln. Ho hae voted at 17 presidential elections . Fort Wayne, Ind., Nov. 20.—John I C. Schaedel, whom the government! still calls an "enemy alien," has como home again, probably only to be sent back to Germany a fifth time. Schaedel was Interned during the war. Then he was deported. He left a wife and four children behind. Another baby was expected soon. It was born soon after Its father left, but died soon alter birth. . Mrs. Schaedel took In washing to support herself and her little ones. Some weeks she made $10— most, weeks less. But the worry of It all provod too much for her. Her mind broke under the strain. She was in an asylum for the next year and a half. Three times Schaedel attempted to enter the United States. Each time he got caught. And each time he wna put on a boat Germany- bound. But the longing for him still persisted. A few weeks ago, he made his way to Mexico. Then he managed to get across the border. After five years, he was home again. A family reunion was held In Chicago. The Schaedels' happiness, how- To avoid imitations, always look for the signature of Absolutely Harmless - No Oniates. Physicians everywhere recommend i THAN WHISKEY FOR COLDS AND FLU The sensation of the d ug trade Is Aspironal, tho two-minute cold and cough reliever, authoritatively guaranteed by the laboratories; tested, approved and most enthusiastically endorsed by the hlgbost authorities, and proclaimed by thj people as ton times as quick and effective as whiskey, rock and rye, or any other cold and cough remedy thoy nave evor tried. All drug stons are supplied with the wonderful elix.r, so all you have to do Is to step into the nearest drug store, band the clerk half a dollar for a bottle ot Aspironal and tell him to serve you two tea- spoonsfulls. With your watch -n your hand, take the drinl. at om; swallow and call for your money back In two mlnuten If you cannot foel the distressing symptoms of your cold fading away like a dream, within tho time limit. Don't be bashful, for all druggists Invite you and expect you to try It Everybody's doing It Take tho .xmalncer of the bottle home to your wife and children for Aspironal is by far the safest and most effective, the easiest to talto and tho most agreeable cold and cough remedy for children as well aa adults. Quickest relief for catarrhal croup and children's choking up at night. (adv.) THE SOHAEDEb FAMILY. JOHN SCHAEDEL IS oEE.N IN THE INSET. ever, was short lived. Detectives I ous radical." But his friends pro- came and took John away. i test his radicalism consisted solely Immigration officers say he will ] In his protesting against the size be deported again. j ot his weekly wage, »17.50, when They picture hiui as a "danger- j last employed here. STROUD & BROWN 317 North Main Dependable Jewelry Merchants FAIR DEALING COURTEOUS ATTENTION A TRIAL WILL CONVINCE YOU HUTCHINSON FAMILY WASH LAUNDRY A. H. Tuttls, t*rsp.

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